achieve sybil attack resistance using an existing distributed asset: domain name
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The idea is simple. 
Each node must have a valid domain name.
A node is randomly selected to mine a block.
Using an internet asset to create a decentralized and energy efficient cryptocurrency.
Quote from: pwn8 on March 31, 2023, 01:39:12 AM

The idea is simple.  
Each node must have a valid domain name.

If the solution were so simple, it would have implemented a decades ago. What stops a node from having multiple domain names? You have only replaced proof-of-work with proof-of-domain-names.
nothing. nobody has implemented this idea before because maybe it is not "decentralized" enough.
That is the idea, more domains more voting power.
Proof-of-domain system.
If any programmer is interested in building an energy efficient cryptocurrency, in line with the idea of the internet, and more decentralized than the proof-of-stake mechanisms please give us feedback
This is a bad idea - the domain name "economy" is based on the name itself being valuable, if suddenly just having a domain would be valuable in itself, you would see billions of domain names registered the instant it goes into production, probably by some non-US country administration that can register any amount of domains they want in their TLD for free.
just limit the tld to .com and a few others
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