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Author Topic: [ANN]Kinetex Network Ambassador Program Pre-announcement  (Read 190 times)
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Ambassador Program (link in bio)

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May 12, 2023, 06:00:10 PM
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Kinetex Network – Gateway to Multi-chain Liquidity

Blockchain is an innovative technology that enables a decentralized, transparent transfer and storage of data. This technology is valued for enhanced security, which it achieves by distributing control over information across numerous computers instead of relying on a single authority or organization.

In recent years, blockchain technology, particularly crypto-related developments, has drawn significant interest from tech giants and financial institutions that started investing in the technology and creating their own solutions. As a result, the number of blockchains increased considerably, revealing many issues the industry needs to resolve to ensure its further growth.

For instance, Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest blockchains, were not ready for this surge in popularity and struggled to provide sufficient scalability. Scalability problems have led to network overloads and high gas costs, making crypto assets inconvenient and inefficient. In an attempt to solve these problems, hundreds of new networks began to appear on the market, simultaneously highlighting another critical issue, a lack of interoperability between blockchains.

Additionally, the majority of dApps and DeFi services could not achieve the level of user-friendliness, which centralized apps and platforms offer, requiring a deep knowledge of blockchain technologies from users and thus hindering the adoption of crypto among the masses.

Lastly, regular hacker attacks on validators and pools compromise the industry’s security and soundness, deterring both new crypto enthusiasts and experienced users from DeFi services.

Kinetex Network

The Kinetex team has been working in the blockchain industry for many years, actively participating in the development of cross-chain technologies that can increase interoperability between networks and promote blockchain to the masses.

The team’s work led to the creation of the Kinetex dApp. It is an innovative product with two modes: Kinetex Aggregation and Kinetex Flash. The first mode aggregates liquidity among hundreds of protocols and unites them into a single point for easy access. The second mode is a new generation of the Kinetex dApp that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs instead of third-party validators, addressing major security issues, and allows users to make swaps directly with market makers.

Another Kinetex innovation is Kinetex Gasless, a new solution that simplifies gas payments. With Kinetex Gasless, users no longer have to worry about storing multiple native coins for paying gas and can enjoy using DeFi services as never before.

During its work, the Kinetex team has connected with many well-known DeFi projects and received grants from the most prominent crypto giants, including 1inch, Telos, and Polygon. Moreover, Kinetex Network has been audited by PeckShield, one of the leading blockchain security companies, to ensure that it is as secure as possible.

To support the launch of Kinetex Network and grow the community, Kinetex DAO has voted to create two incentive programs.

The DAO Programs

The Kinetex community has been playing a crucial role in the development of Kinetex Network from the beginning. Therefore, it was important for the first members and initial contributors to continue working closely with new members of the community and expand their role in Kinetex DAO by building a truly decentralized and inclusive organization.

With these goals in mind, Kinetex DAO has adopted two incentive programs: the Kinetex Network Ambassador Program and the Kinetex Network Testnet Program. The Ambassador Program is designed to grow the community through various media campaigns, and the Testnet Program is focused on debugging the system through collective testing.

To make sure that people learn about the Kinetex DAO Programs in advance and that there are enough rewards for all willing to participate, a dedicated whitelist is going live today!

Hurry up and get whitelisted for one of the most ambitious ambassador programs in the crypto industry!

Stay tuned for future updates regarding the DAO Programs by following Kinetex Network on Medium and other social media platforms.

Rewards & Becoming a Part of Kinetex DAO

Members of the community collaborated and developed numerous tasks, including creating media content about Kinetex Network, sharing the project with other communities, helping new users, testing Kinetex Network and Kinetex Gasless, and others. Our growing community hopes everyone can find something they will enjoy doing and contribute to the development of Kinetex Network!  

For completing tasks, you will receive experience points (XP) and different Ambassador levels.

To reward participants and give voting rights to the new Kinetex enthusiasts, a unique NFT collection was designed. The collection is limited to 30 000 000 NFTs for both the Kinetex Network Ambassador and Testnet Programs (15 000 000 NFTs for each Program) that will be distributed according to the number of participants and their experience points.

These NFTs can be collected, crafted into higher-level Stones, staked to receive DAO voting rights, or used to delegate votes to other participants. This way, the participants of the DAO Programs will not only help the Kinetex community and earn impressive rewards but also receive a chance to become a part of Kinetex DAO and make a real impact on the project!

Additional rewards include NFT avatars, extra experience points, early access to the testnet of Flash Mode based on Zk proofs, Gasless Infinity Stones covering gas in available networks, and a great opportunity to get a discord role in the Kinetex Network team!

The Kinetex community is looking forward to changing the world with you! Participate in the DAO Programs and become a part of Kinetex DAO!

The Kinetex Network Ambassador Program - Join now!

Kinetex Network: Website | Kinetex dApp

Twitter | Telegram | Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube | Discord

The Kinetex Network Ambassador Program - Join now!
Kinetex Network: Website | Kinetex dApp
Twitter | Telegram | Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube | Discord
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