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Question: Poll: What is the best solution to the coming Scrypt ASIC problem for DigiByte?  (Voting closed: April 28, 2014, 05:02:08 PM)
Do Nothing - 38 (21.6%)
X11 Algo - 43 (24.4%)
Scrypt-N Algo - 52 (29.5%)
Multi-Algo (MYRAID) - 19 (10.8%)
HEFTY1 Algo - 4 (2.3%)
DOGE/DGB Merge-Mine - 5 (2.8%)
LTC/DOGE/DGB Merge-Mine - 10 (5.7%)
Other Algo Merge-Mine - 5 (2.8%)
Total Voters: 176

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Author Topic: Poll: What is the best solution to the coming Scrypt ASIC problem?  (Read 4683 times)
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April 30, 2014, 05:46:09 AM

ASICs are making coins centralized, that is the real problem.  The answer is to start over from scratch with a completely new system.  Lots of 2.0s are trying, none have succeded yet, but I think there is a chance for a coin to come up with a POsomething that will be better than what is currently offered.  If If If we have to stick with centralized mining pools then I guess multiple blockchains that are merge mined, but that is kind of just trying to make a broken system less broken.
We feel a multi-algo approach that allows Bitcoin ASICS, Scrypt ASICS & GPU's to mine is the future!

Does this mean adopting the myriadcoin algorithm or making a completely new one?

I don't know much about myriad but I don't believe that it can be mined by all asics and gpus...seems like a good choice...can't wait for more news
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May 03, 2014, 01:52:51 PM

Thanks for the great summary on the first post. Was looking for something like this.

By the way, one question I have. What is the estimated timeline on Scrypt ASICs coming out in full force?

More than likely by June/July they will be here in full force.

Thanks. Smiley

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August 08, 2014, 04:23:03 PM

My vote goes to Myriadcoin.

The multi-PoW system allows users to mine competitively without ASICs (Qubit, Skein, Groestl)  while allowing those with ASICs to mine as well (SHA256, Skrypt). The difficulty is adjusted separately for each algo allowing every algo to remain profitable.   

Furthermore their merge-mining platform will allow their blockchain to secure other coins that are vulnerable to ASICs.

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August 08, 2014, 04:52:04 PM

Everyone shut up.. i am the smart one here !

i was thinking of bring this up the other day.. seems like the community is asleep and going to get steam rolled..
i have been saying right from the start that scrypt asics are going to tank scrypt coins and idiots just argue and give me dumb excuses..
they prob have pre-orders and can't want to dump on unsuspecting idiots.. like exchange guys selling mining shares LOL
as usual people bs like crazy to line their pockets..

it's called supply and demand.. if we have a super short period where all of a sudden 100x more scrypt coins are being dumped
and yes they will be dumped.. people have bills to pay ..You don't get a gpu roi unless you cash out
then what happens ?
Well morons have have argued with me for ages that this is going to make scrypt coins 100x higher in value
and that is the dumbest thing i have heard yet and everyone is saying that.
i was surprised to see this topic and someone agree with me, i am still stunned.. finally we have someone speaking that isn't a fucking moron lol

I got me mostly Vertcoin and i am mining X13. <-- did not see any x13 stuff in the Poll list Wink

I did not vote because i want the voting option
- Anything but scrypt (to mine / trade etc)

what would happen if went and dumped 500,000 Bitcoins on BTC-E ? Is that going to drive the price to 10 grand a coin ? lol
asics turn garbage into gold ? oh really ??  Roll Eyes
go look at coinchoose at the list of SHA coins and tell me how awesome they are and how popular and high in value they are..
spoiler alert: they aren't.. they are all fucking garbage no one wants anything to do with.

forking is a good point too, i keep forgetting about that.. this is when the Exchange(s) are going to have step up (and coin dev's cloners)
AND START notifying their customers.. hear me Cryptsy ?

And yeah maybe it will end up good for Litecoin itself but there is far too many scrypt clone coins diluting the market / scene so.. shits going down lol

are you all finally waking up ?

i dumped my scrypt coin holding way back when i seen scrypt asics coming and the whole time since i seen no one agreeing with me..
nothing but dumb excuses at to how they are going to make scrypt coins worth a fortune..
and supply and demand dictates saturating a market is not a magical way of making a rare thing less rare and worth far more
that is just pure raw stupidity big time !

I vote who cares.. just pick something else than scrypt lol


i was 100% right.. as always Wink

FUD first & ask questions later™
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