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Hello friends!

I am creating this post to ask for help and advice.

I learned about Bitcoin back in 2010, but a computer was too expensive for me then.

In 2017, I studied how Ethereum mining works, took out a loan and put together a small farm.

I lived quietly, but then I met a girl who eventually took my apartment and car (And I had to return to live with my parents.

Three years later I got married, we took out a mortgage on the apartment. But later I was fired from work, where I killed my back and knees(

I started to study cryptocurrencies again, but all the options without investments give very little money.

Now my wife says that she is tired of me being poor.

But I canít get another job due to health problems or they just tell me ďWeíll call you backĒ and silence ((

I read a channel where people have thousands of bitcoins that have been preserved from old times.

Even 1 bitcoin would solve all my problems, I would close the loan, get divorced calmly, and not listen to screams and swearing every day(

I am almost 40 years old, everything I had, everything I saved, everything was taken by my ex-girlfriend.

At current prices and times, I will no longer be able to save up for an apartment.

My life is a real hell(

I wrote to Vitaly Buterin, Nick Spanos, Justin Sun, the hacker Gummo, but only Vitaly answered and told me to buy Ether and thatís it(

But there is no money(

I understand that without money you are nothing, but I donít know where to get it(

I dream about a Suzuki Jimny, about a trip to Iceland, but I understand that life is not endless and may end, but dreams will remain so.

After all, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin so that people would help each other, and corrupt banks and officials could not take anything.

Guys, I am writing from the bottom of my heart, without deception, my life is really a mess and I donít know how to find a way out(

Maybe someone can help?

I'm very tired... from hopelessness, from the thought that every new day does not bring relief... I don't know what to do next ((

After all, itís just money, but with its help you can make the life of one person on Earth a little happier....


My advice is not much, stop complaining, and never look at other people's achievements as regrets
everyone can and can have happiness as long as you can be enthusiastic about everything and have principles for progress and success
If you only complain and look at other people's achievements without innovation, you will always stay where you are without any progress

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Here is my advice for you, don't get worried about your past, focus on the present and the future plans you have, if you have money, then you can achieve most of your dreams and become more successful in life, people also think about how they can live up with someone who is not going to be a liability on them, you can really start from somewhere with bitcoin investment, had it been you had invested and hold ever since your first experience in crypto, you couldn't have been broke anymore by now, but all you can do is in fixing up the future by investing now and hold, when you make it, even those that have left you will by then be regretting.

Quote from: OlegChernenkov on June 11, 2024, 11:30:01 AM

After all, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin so that people would help each other...

No, it was created for financial independence from third-parties - not to give out money to "less fortunate" aka lazy people.

Playing on peoples emotions is a very evil thing to do.

Maybe instead of cyber-begging you should try invest this time in getting more knowledge ? it costs nothing.

If I gave every beggar a dollar, today I would be a beggar myself.


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