LTC (scrypt) Cell miner


I've forked ssvb's cell-miner and with some small tweaks made it a bit faster.

Everyone who needs it can get it on

I've Used PS3 (Slim) firmware 3.55, OtherOS++ installed, debian ppc 64 bit.

miner makes around 45 kh/s running with 7 SPU-threads (kernel parameter for enabling 7. SPU is on) consuming ~70-75 Watt
well , have fun

Servus shakti 8)

nice to hear from you again with such wonderful news  :) Keep up the good work!

I managed to get a copy of your old repo at before you deleted it and replaced it with the new one.  ;D

This (old) version works fine* (~45 kh/s) and only this version was a fork of ssvb's miner if you are honest. The actual version in your (new) repo is a fork of pooler's miner including ssvb's cell optimizations.

I am also able to compile this new version but it actually gives me nothing more than a "Bus error" if I try to start it.
spu-gcc just gives me a warning that it will ignore the #pragma unroll in scrypt-simd-helpers.h at line 170 and 4 warnings about unused variables.
Based on our last chat I assume you are using the latest version of spu-gcc which seems to be 4.6 on debian sid.
I tried to compile it with gcc 4.4.6 and spu-gcc version 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6.2 - always the same problem: "Bus error"!
However ssvb's and your old version compiles and works like a charm with all compiler versions! So I am quite sure I have all dependencies installed. (e.g. libspe2-dev) I also have the "full/real" libjansson package installed with aptitude.

I really have no idea what is going wrong on here... Any ideas?! Any hint?! Any help is highly appreciated!

PS3 Fat, CFW 3.55, debian sid, geoff kernel (2.6.39-gd49d156) for the ability to enable the 7th SPU...

By the way:
- Does spu-top show anything for you if the miner is running? Over here, it does not!
- Does the timeout for automatic booting a selection in petitboot work for you? Over here it also does not!
- Does petitboot show you a "System going down" message for a few seconds _before_ it boots into the specified kernel? Over here it does, however it did not show this message with another CFW... You are running the rebug 3.55.2, right?
- Could you get rid of the mysterious kernel panics you were mentioning last time? I only run into a kernel panic on exiting (Strg+C) the miner with the original debian kernel (all versions) on all miner versions. With geoff's kernel I do not have any panics at all!

By the way: If anyone is interested in a "HOW-TO get minerd running on a PS3" just say it and I will give my best to write and publish a HOW-TO!


* I noticed about 1-2 times a day that one of the SPU threads just stops working and starts flooding the console with 0.00 khash messages... do you noticed similar behavior on your PS3? I wrote a simple watchdog script to manage this problem by checking the console output and restarting the miner if necessary....

I uploaded the watchdog script here:
1. Download
2. Edit pool details
3. rename it to .sh
4. make it executable
5. place it in the minerd folder
6. fire and forget
7. ... (wait & watch)
8. Profit :D

 Hello guys,

I know this thread is 5 years old but i'm actually wondering if cellminer (any version) is able to mine Monero?
I didn't fine any alternative altcoin miners for ps3.
Can anyone light me up?

also, can't find the original post by ssbv

Consider that I already know it'll be low but just want to win a bet with a friend (mining monero on ps3 is possible)

thanks for your reply
nice day all


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