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June 22, 2014, 09:55:59 PM


Before we begin please add the following links to your favorites: (Main URL)

Our Facebook page :

Our Bitcoin web site is only in French at this current time, however it will be available in English soon. We are hoping to possibly finish this weekend, or this up coming week.

I would like to present to you, my team's Bitcoin project. We are a small team that is based in Québec, Canada. I'll try to explain in as many details as possible, so you could understand what our web site is all about. Our history, our team, our expansion, how our company works, and any future improvements.

Be part of the evolution of this project. The more Québecoins is successful, the more time we will have to spend on improving Québecoins. I'm hoping to relieve myself of my current job and be full time manager / programmer of this project. To keep expanding and release new features and new games.

Once the money starts to flow, we will be able to hire more customer service agents to be available for our members in the chat, answer member e-mails as well as setting up new draws for them.

Once this project can sustain itself, and I have the personnel to help me I wish to hire some game developers (in many different fields, of that domain) to implement BTC related WebGL 3D games into Québecoins. To make 3D lottery mini games and maybe a surprise game with some form of progression to it.

We will keep adding features, new games, widgets, templates and much more to Québecoins, whether you choose to partake in my project or not. So why not come and take part in the birth of Québecoins and provide your ideas during the development phase and be part of the foundation! Like many web projects .. Our development may never end :p
Marian and I came up with the concept of this project back in June 2013. Back when 1 Bitcoin was worth approximately 160$ USD, if I remember correctly. I started programming and setting up the project on my personal fileserver ( that now redirects to

When the BTC price rocketed around 800$. Let's say that was the motivation I needed to persevere! I cooked up the name Québecoins in early Novembre 2013, we want to support our province Québec and also support the Bitcoin.
I took about a 3 month break when China chose to ban BTC and make its price drop to around 430$ for 1 BTC. Everything was programmed and tested, except the system for Bitcoin withdrawal didn't have the withdraw functions available.. so paying winners was hard... motivations was missing... Bitcoin was low...

Then the Bitcoin USD value came back up close to 600$ for 1 BTC. I took up programming again intensely and got some extra motivation by choosing to make a full chat client, chat server and chat channel services based off of old projects I've done in the past using mIRC socket programming. Now that I have over 15 years of experience with web programming and professional web programming experience, I feel that I can make a much better chat system now than I have ever made.

Note that this project was visually designed by me at first... I made the system work... and put things visually into place like I though looked "OK" and after I had Martin keep my main idea and he improved it. So the point here that I want to get to is... Not all pages have been redesigned. We will have to open polls to ask if you think a page is ok or if we should update the page design for a given page.

(Roles in order of importance for the given staff member)
-> Me, Jonathan : Tasks : Project Lead, Programming, and a little bit (/alot) of everything
-> Martin : Tasks : Graphic Design, Marketing, Tester
-> Marian : Tasks :  Moderator, Tester, Project Planning
-> Mike : Tasks : Moderator, Tester, French text editor
-> Fanny : Tasks : Moderator, Tester, Marketing, Project Planning, Customer relations, English text editor
-> André : Tasks : Moderator, Tester
-> Ismaël : Tasks : Moderator, Tester
-> Benjamin : Tasks : Tester
-> Samuel  : Tasks : Tester
-> Mathieu  : Tasks : Moderator, Tester, (Maybe programmer if in time he is needed and still accepts.)
English link for more info on our team : (if not available check back real soon!)
French link for more info on team :

We currently offer 3 to 12 (or more) choices of BTC lots. These lots run on average for approximately 1 month or until it has reached 100% completion, and at that point we would begin the draw.
You can deposit any amount of BTC into your Québecoins wallet. But if you need to withdraw, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC. So if you deposit less than 0.01 BTC you better win!! Smiley

Once your deposit is approved (after 3 confirmations), you can wager as little as 0.00000001 BTC and go as high as you want, to a maximum of 80% of the total amount required. No one can own 100% of the chances!
All chances purchased by users will not have any BTC transfer fees associated. You simply deposit your funds once, and you withdraw from within your Québecoins wallet, there are absolutely no fees to do so. (Some exceptions could apply, terms may be subject to change without notice.)

In order to initiate the draw, the total BTC required must be met and a Québecoins staff member must confirm the completion when it has attained 100% or higher. *No draws are completed without human validation.* It is our goal to ensure that our members receive their winnings at all times, and this is the best way to guarantee the safety of your wallet and funds, as well as monitor the quality of our service, all the while keeping absolutely no wallet passwords saved in the programming. Another example of this, is if the total required BTC amount is locked in as "final" and the value of Bitcoin drops dramatically before we can deposit the winnings...We won't be able to proceed with the deposits at that time and we will have to return the funds or extend the draw depending on the current situation.

Note that a draw can be delayed for several reasons, for example, let's say a draw was completed too quickly, we will then be able to increase the required BTC amount as well as the total jackpot, and the winning lot will also be higher as a consequence. However, the majority of the time we will be monitoring the jackpots until it is at 100% completion and finalize it as soon as possible in order to have a new one started in its place. We may on occasion participate in the draws in order to get the ball rolling, but we prefer to have as little involvement as possible in these draws.

A  Québecoins moderator will then authorize the system to begin the randomized assignment of winning numbers to participants, based on the percentage in regards to the amount they had wagered in the lot. Once this request is sent to the program,  each participant will receive an email containing their randomly generated numbers. Two hours after the winning numbers have been sent and participants have been notified , the moderator will follow up so they can "roll the dice" if you will, which is a command sent to the program to begin the process of randomly selecting the winning number from the pot, which contains the aforementioned numbers.
Please take note of the information below:
We assure you that none of the numbers are assigned manually. *All numbers assigned are randomly generated*, the final winning number as well. Upon request, the code used to randomly generate the numbers, and that randomly selects the winner of the jackpot from the pot of previously generated numbers, can  be provided as proof of this statement. However, we do request a signed agreement confirming that this code is not to be used for any other reason than personal confirmation or validation. If it is discovered that you are displaying or sharing the provided source or information with others, without having first obtained a written consent from Québecoins, necessary measures will be taken to rectify the situation.

Québecoins guarantees that all our draws are 100% randomized. There's no denying that it can be influenced by a participants total wagers on a given lot. It all depends on how much percentage you have in chances to win the lot, your chances will increase according to the amounts wagered.
Québecoins will never claim a lot. Any rewards that may have been recieved by our moderators or administrators, regardless of the reason, are always given to our winners. If a Québecoins moderator or administrator participates in a draw and wins, the winnings will be added to an upcoming draw as a first wager. If our staff were to win again, we would follow the same procedure (which in turn gradually increases the funds in the lot), until a participant wins the jackpot.
Within the two hour waiting period of the winning draw, Québecoins may conclude that this timeframe doesn't need to be respected and we can choose to:

--> Begin the process immediately to pull a winning number and complete the draw. During and after this two hour delay, the randomly generated numbers that had been sent to each contestant will be available for consultation by clicking the view participants button on the BTC WAGERS page.

This will allow users to consult the numbers generated if they hadn't received or had the opportunity to see their winning numbers by e-mail. They can also view the numbers of other participants from this page as well.


--> Québecoins may be obligated to cancel the draw entirely, however Québecoins will avoid canceling draws at all costs. To avoid canceling a draw the Québecoins house may:
   Add a wager to complete the remainder of the required amount.
   Reduce the required amount to the current amount obtained and have it drawn.
   Cancel if it was too unsuccessful. When a draw expires and has not attained the required amount, we may reduce the total amount required to equal that of bids received. If the amount is too low we will have to cancel the draw and refund 100% of all wagers placed in the lot. It would be preferable if we were to avoid a surcharge of applicable transaction fees in comparison to the lots awarded to our winners.

Next a Québecoins moderator will validate all our BTC account balances, if no errors are found, the moderator will then complete the transfer of the lot to the winners private Québecoins wallet where he/she can withdraw from their Québecoins wallet to anywhere they desire, as long as is online and connected to If Blockchain fails to respond to Qué at any given time in regards to a request made, for example the new exchange rate, Québecoin BTC wallet withdrawals will be disabled until comes back online, during which time we will be regularly sending requests to Blockchain every 10 mins.

If for any reason one of our BTC balances is incorrect (which should never happen, tests have been conducted to ensure this doesn't happen, however the possibility is always present), the moderator (if needed) will contact an administrator. The administrator can correct the imbalance by retrieving the missing funds from Québecoins' wallet. The shares Québecoins obtains from the draws may be smaller or greater than the expected amount as a consequence of  an imbalance. To correct any erroneous balances, Québecoins will never reduce the amount of the lot. We will correct the situation on our own terms. If the opposite were to happen, and an overflow of BTC is found in one of the accounts, the additional BTC will be automatically claimed by the Québecoins house.

A chat system is being implemented with integrated BTC support. So we will eventually be hosting chat games involving betting or purchasing with BTC. The chat and web site are 100% custom made.

The upcoming chat system is inspired by IRC (mIRC), multi channel support, default channel set by specific web pages, channel operator support (Channel user modes : sop, op, hop, voice), channel registration available. So any unregistered channel can be claimed. First come first serve. A channel registration is then only released and made available after prolonged inactivity from the owner (+ six months) and no successor is available. The highest ranking user on the permanent operator channel list to claim the owner channel permissions will receive it if uncontested. If the owner specified a new owner by e-mail or in chat with us, we can then pass the permissions without delay to the requested user. Free chat rooms will be available and managed by our users but they will have ads. Payable BTC channels or official rooms will also be available without ads.

-> Finish up JRChat Client, Server & Channel Services code
--> Fix logout message bug
--> Fix safari big "Can't post the ' caracter" I dont like Apple. So we may skip this bug... might call a vote.
--> Finnish JRChat commands
---> REMUSER, MODUSER, JOIN, PART, KICK, BAN, GLINE, (many others commandes but not required before I put the JRChat avaliable for current BETA users.)
--> Finish Drawing's games
---> Fix popup display
---> "See participants" popup pagination bug and display incomplete,
---> Fix with Martin's help the "See participants" popup and "Buy chances" popup
---> Redesign the main homepage to be merge with the "How it works" page. So users know how it works in 1 page off the bat.
--> SEO Improuvements TO ALL PAGES
--> Fix Internet Explore V10-11 : Chat visual bug, defaukt chat channel not displaying because height is not set to container. Only affects IE... Because of future Chrome / Firefox only features that we want to add (Like WebGL) Internet explorer may be completely/partialy unsupported.
-> With Martin's help make one or more english and french ad banners for A MARKETING COMPANGE
-> LAUNCH A MARKETING COMPANGE to get new users, Facebook and or Google
Around this phase we will recruit new channels operators and they may be regular québecoins users or new staff members. If a user show's that they are responsible and trustworthy, they can be granted operator permissions on official Québecoins channels. On official Québecoins channals only the Québecoins staff will be granted Super operator accèss.
Phase 2 :
--> Plan a new based web or based chat mini game. Based on an instant win or lose prise...
--> Programm, then alpha test, then beta test and put online Game project 2
Phase 3 :
--> Plan a new based web or based chat mini game. Based on an instant win or lose prise...
--> More info in due time.

So the Québecoin's team hopes you choose to support us and come place some wagers on our available lots.
Note that our current jackpot prices are low amounts to get things going. The more people are active, the higher the jackpot will get!!!

Thanks for your time Smiley and see you at :
In English : (if not available check back REAL SOON!!)
In French:
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