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Author Topic: P.S.S.U. (Please Spoetnik Shut UP)  (Read 637 times)
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September 15, 2014, 08:09:55 AM

2 quotes, 2 different coin, same Bullshitter, Spoetnik is a loser that has nothing to do but attack successful coins (Dogecoin and Monero)

Dear, Doge Fanboys and cheerleaders,

Your crappy shitcoin is nothing but a crappy clone of any one of the 100's of other scrypt clones
with an icon as it's only unique feature and redeeming quality.. which is just a picture some guy found online and used.
The dev / douche aka: coin cloner, could not even be bothered to create a new meme.jpg for his Coingen coin lol

i hope anyone supporting this coin gets cleaned out and loses all their money bad !

Doge coin is a scammy crap clone coin that is damaging to Bitcoin and the entire Altcoin scene.
When major news outlets online report on Bitcoin news and they start including news about Doge
it make Bitcoin look bad.. i can see clearly people who are not even in crypto are disgusted by this crap scam coin.
Never mind the guys like me who have been at it for a while and watched many other shitcoins like this come and go..

i just can't believe how "that" one Monero topic and usually others are bumped here 24/7

that can not be a coincidence lol

so that leaves what ? super mega ultra hardcore spammer advertising.. that's what  Roll Eyes

i am growing tired of trying to tell them their antics are just going to turn people off the coin.. they just don't get it :/

I repeat the facts just for you. Every big player in Bitcoin supports Monero, all of them, and all of them strive to see it thrive. You better get used to Monero posts otherwise you might have a mental breakdown (are you having one already?). Monero is what Bitcoin always wanted to be and not a single shitcoin could ever possibly reach. Not far in the future you will be posting on Monerotalk, when XMR is what BTC is now. The #1. Everything will be traded /XMR.  Neglect it now, put your head in the sand now, close your eyes now. You will see the truth later because there is no running away from that day.

Have a good day you troll

ok so uhhhh one of your big time supporters the other day said it was a clone coin from Cryptonote.
so.. when you say..
Monero is what Bitcoin always wanted to be and not a single shitcoin could ever possibly reach.
I have to laugh LOL
Bitcoin wanted to be a CLONE COIN ?

Please stop Spoetnik, you are a shame for yourself and this forum, no one reads your wall of text other than to have one at your costs.
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