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Author Topic: ETICA - USE CASE blockchain [POW] [SHA3Solidity] [ETCHASH]  (Read 246 times)
Sialton (OP)
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August 22, 2023, 05:25:50 AM
Last edit: August 22, 2023, 05:45:47 AM by Sialton

Etica Protocol - A Use Case Blockchain

We're thrilled to introduce you to the Etica Protocol, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to transform the landscape of medical research through decentralized and collaborative efforts.
We believe that true innovation should be accessible to all, free from undue influence and proprietary barriers. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you dive into this revolutionary project.

Useful Links to Get Started:

Main Website:
Community Paper [must read]:
Official Wallet:
Guides to Get Started:
Understanding Tokenomics:
Source Code:
Blockchain Explorer:
Etica Pool Code:

The Etica Protocol: A Community-Driven Project
  • No VCs
  • No Initial Coin Offering
  • No Leaders
  • No Premine

The Etica Protocol is a Proof-of-Work (POW) blockchain designed to revolutionize how medical research is organized. It operates as an open-source protocol that rewards collaborative research efforts. The blockchain comprises two essential components: ETI, the token that rewards research, and EGAZ, the coin that secures the blockchain and covers transaction fees. Both ETI and EGAZ can be mined.

Etica is at the forefront of constructing a decentralized framework designed to facilitate the advancement of medical research. The operational paradigm is structured as follows:

Initiation of Research Proposal: A research proposition is submitted by an individual onto the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), either through a personal node or by utilizing the dedicated platform:

Participatory Voting Mechanism: Stakeholders engage in a participatory voting process, wherein they express approval or dissent towards the proposal by employing the ETI token, which can be acquired through equitable mining practices. The voting procedure can be conducted via the graphical user interface (GUI) wallet or the online application accessible at:

Proposal approval and reward. If a proposal receives sufficient support (above the 50% threshold), participating researchers are rewarded for their efforts.
In addition, the participants with the most votes also receive rewards.

In essence, Etica's decentralized ecosystem fosters a collaborative environment for medical research through the judicious utilization of cutting-edge technologies and a transparent incentive framework.

Key Features:

  • ETI (Token) Mining Algorithm: Sha3Solidity
  • EGAZ (Coin) Mining Algorithm: Etchash
  • ETI max supply: 21m(9y from now) + 2.61% per year
  • EGAZ max supply: Tail Emission in 2 EGAZ per block
  • ETI block time: 10 Minutes
  • EGAZ block time: 15 Seconds
  • Blockchain has been in development since 2018, Launch Date: April 17, 2022


Why Etica Matters:

  • Addresses Funding Challenges in Medical Research
  • Promotes Collaborative and Open Research
  • Eliminates the Influence of Private Funding Interests
  • Removes Intellectual Property Barriers
  • Empowers Token Holders to Shape Research Direction
  • Aims to Accelerate Medical Discoveries

Etica is a blockchain and platform for funding medical research. It also produces rewards for those who evaluate proposals and vote on them or otherwise participate in Etica. These can fundamentally change how scientific research is incentivized, opening a new world of patent-free, open medical research.

The mining of ETI will then stop (in 10 years) and the 2.61% of inflation will be used to reward researchers and voters.

Grant proposals are grouped by disease on, and then users (holders of ETI) can vote and get rewarded for correctly participating. In the long term, will be only one of potentially thousands of websites connected to the Etica blockchain. Potentially, instead of having science locked in journals with paywalls, We could have websites directly connected to the Etica blockchain, without restriction and free of any patent. To that extent, the Etica blockchain can be called a permissionless decentralized science journal.

If we go back to the main problems (TLDR):

  • Big money problem: Etica provides a new additional decentralized funding system for medical researchers to use. We are not naive, most people will act in their own interest. Good and evil people will come to Etica but what is different is that Etica is not under the control of the incumbent of the system that chooses the pace and direction of research according to their vested interest.
  • Poorly designed studies: It will be important for the community to select quality and not flashy research. In fact, the token holders have a collective interest that Etica maintains its value. If the network globally accepts useless proposals then the network is going to become worthless. A key part of the Etica system is that the token holders have a responsibility to get the best proposals rewarded so that people keep increasing the amount of work they do for each proposal and create a healthy open source ecosystem.
  • Replicability problem: Etica's main aim is not to solve this problem, but open science contributes to more replicable science.
  • Peer review: Peer review is incentivized on the Etica platform and can be a way to earn more ETI, this means researchers can be paid to peer review. Voters that make the curation work are rewarded with 38.2% of the ETI research rewards. Token holders will not necessarily be scientific experts on everything, but we can imagine different ways people can get informed on proposals and share information. They can use earned ETI to finance expertise and do quality peer reviews.
  • Paywalls: All Etica proposals are public and free to read, as well as easy to access.
  • Intellectual property: Etica removes intellectual property which is costly to medical research and human rights.

Exchanges, DYOR:
Currently we're looking for the new opportunities!

Telegram Group:
Discord Group:
Reddit Community:

Etica Protocol presents a solution to longstanding challenges in the field of medical research. We invite you to explore our use case blockchain, engage with our community, and contribute to the evolution of medical science. Together, we can foster a more transparent, inclusive, and impactful research ecosystem.

Best regards,
Member of Etica protocol.
I make articles, videos, help new people in the project, but I hold less ETI than some inactive members of the community. If this article was helpful, any donations would be greatly appreciated:
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August 22, 2023, 05:37:35 AM

LFG - This project could bring great changes to a heavily patent abusive field Smiley
Sialton (OP)
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August 22, 2023, 05:39:46 AM

As a fact: the Google co-founder invested more than a billion dollars in research on Parkinson's disease, but did not get the expected results, he later admitted that open-source research will always outperform the private approach. I took Brin as an example, and there are many more rich people who donate money to this. And Etica ALREADY has a fully built infrastructure for open-source research...
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August 22, 2023, 12:24:19 PM

More than one year project  Roll Eyes 

There are more than 3.3 million blocks on the ETC algorithm.
Sialton (OP)
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August 22, 2023, 02:10:22 PM

Yes, but the Mcap is 170k$. This is the most undervalued project, I made this post to bring the attention!
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