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Author Topic: How do you invest your bitcoin?  (Read 8630 times)
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June 09, 2015, 09:46:47 AM

Is investing in the bankroll of a dice site (like Just-Dice) worth it?
If I left 0.1 BTC in there overnight, what should I expect to have when I wake up the next morning?
The avg interest people can expect get depends on the bankrolls size in relation to the avg daily betvolume on the site, but if we for example look at a situation with a daily betvolume of 10 times the size of the bankroll with a 1% house edge and a profit disturbution of  80% to investors/20% to site owner then one can expect something like 33.9% yearly profit on the initial investment if one left the whole investment in the bankroll at the site for a full year and 29.2% if one withdraws profits regularly.
Maby it could be a good portfolio choise to have something like 10% of ones capital in a dice site if it would have bets in BTC and perhaps 1-2% if it runs on some other digital currency.

These rates re based on your own experience or what?
The actual win/loss one gets from investing in the bankroll can vary a lot if a big whale comes in and bets huge but if a site only has a lot of smaller bets the return will be closer to the expected value.
The 80/20 distrubution is what justdice had when they operated with betting in bitcoins, the house edge is usually 1% or close to that on most dice type sites i think. The size of the bankroll one should be able to see on a serious site the, the same goes for statistics on daily betvolums so one should be able to do such type of calculations for the sites one may be interested in investing in.

Basically the higher the total bankroll is in relation to the daily volume the less profit/yearly interest(as a smaller percentage of your coins is used for each bet) is to be expected.

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June 09, 2015, 01:15:42 PM

I've recently got into Bitcoin and I really like it. I can see its benefits for everyone. I use it for purchases when available, but I am also trying to find a good way to invest. I'm not interested in cloud mining. Any suggestions?

Bitcoin is experimental, but you say you have some bitcoins, therefore you are already a high risk speculator.

I will assume then, that you are interested to invest into high speculations investments.

There is an abundance of high risk speculative investment opportunities.

Which one you chose is up to you.

I would need to know more about you, to try and figure out what might be a better investment for you.
There is alot of different questions I might ask you.

Are you investing all by yourself?
Are you a part of a group of investors?
Are you a talented programmer who can make things happen?
If you are talented programmer who can make things happen, then that opens way more doors for you to invest, with much greater chances of success to gain on your investments.
If you are a part of a group of highly talented programmers, then you have an even greater chance of gaining on your investments, if you all work together as a group.

Or, do you just want to invest your btc, sit back and wait and see what happens? This is a very high risk way of investing nowadays in crypto. I think this type of investing is very likely to lose money nowadays.

So, tell me/us more about yourself, and then I might be more able to find what I think you might like, but ultimately the decision is yours about what you invest into.

So what do you bring to the table? What can you add to any investment?

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