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Author Topic: A coin that will make your travel easier with the incorporation of future  (Read 131 times)
Astmonero Coin
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December 28, 2017, 05:10:04 AM

Welcome To Astmonero Coin

Astmonero is the coin that will make your travel easier with the incorporation of future in the traveling structure.


Astmonero coin will be launched in the year 2017 with a simple goal in mind. This was to help and integrate the whole travel industry. With the implementation of a cryptocurrency that will be accepted all around the world. This will end the use of FIAT currency or conventional currency for all your travel expenses. The travel industry right now is over a trillion dollars and has a regulating body for every country. This regulating body imposes duties and certain fee on the transactions made through money which increase the prices for everything for a basic traveler.


For millenniums now humans have traveled all around the globe for different reasons, sometimes for expeditions to find new places on earth, sometimes for finding new habitats for more conducive lives according to the climate conditions. Mostly just for the fun of it to see new places, cultures and meet new people. Travel always has and always will be an integral part of the human evolution as it provides perspective to the bigger canvas of life and nature in a whole. Today people travel all around the world for two very simple reason that is either business or pleasure. But this travel has increased exponentially with the incorporation of online payments and bookings bringing a all-time high in the travel and tourism business. Countries all around the world are promoting their tourism and prowess to lure customers to their country and increase the foreign trade to their countries. Companies have opened all around the world through which we can book our tickets and hotels and travel at the set date we want. This industry is booming in every aspect that we know and everyone is running to catch up with the pace of this growth.

Why Choose Astmonero coins?

We at AST (Amalgamated Seamless Travel) Monero have a dedicated team working in one of the most booming industries in the world. We are one of the very few coins in the market that provide you the ease to access a cryptocurrency as FIAT (or conventional currency) anywhere in the world. This is all managed through the powerful blockchain that AST Monero offers to its customers making every transaction that goes through our system transparent and fast.

ICO Details

We started with a simple goal in mind. This was to help and integrate the whole travel industry. With the implementation of a cryptocurrency that will be accepted all around the world. This will end the use of FIAT currency or conventional currency for all your travel expenses. Giving your travel the ease with all your transactions recorded on the futuristic blockchain technology.

Pre ICO:
Nov. 8th to Nov. 30th, 2017

1.2 Million Token Offer
1 AST : $0.8 USD

1st Phase:
Dec. 1st to Dec. 7th, 2017
2.4 Million Token Offer

1 AST : $1 USD

2nd Phase:
Dec. 8th to Dec. 14th, 2017

3.6 Million Token Offer

1 AST : $1.2 USD

3rd Phase:
Dec. 15th to Dec. 21st, 2017

4.8 Million Token Offer

1 AST : $1.4 USD

4th Phase:
Dec. 22nd to Dec. 28th, 2017

7.2 Million Token Offer

1 AST : $1.6USD

Technology Used

Proof of Work
AST Monero is one of the coins in the industry that has used the Proof of work principle making the coin the most adaptable for use in the travel sector. Also, it can be mined globally by miners.

Features of the Astmonero coin
The Astmonero coin will be one of the leading coins in the travel industry cause of the unlimited features that are provided with it. We shall discuss all the features that it will get in the ever evolving travel market.

Travel cash
This is one of the major features that the Astmonero coin offers to its customers. Travel cash is a concept that allows the customer to use the Astmonero coin as a FIAT currency via global acceptance. Astmonero coin aims to collaborate with exchanges around the world to have the option to use their cryptocurrency in places where conventional currency is accepted. This creates a market holding for the coin which has a positive impact on the value and the global attendance around the world.

Hotel and flight bookings
Astmonero coin will not just help you in making seamless and transparent transactions with the help of the blockchain. This coin is a solution for all your travel related problems. Astmonero will work on the principle of a travel company but with its own cryptocurrency. In the near future, Astmonero coin will make all your bookings for you may it be travel or stay in any part of the world. All the transactions will be made in your cryptocurrency which will be recorded for view on the blockchain. This removes the middleman from the booking process which saves you the money that is charged as commission. Also, all the transactions will be made with a minimal transaction fee which is way less than what the banks charge for such transactions.

Cab and taxi
We do not just provide travel bookings and stay but also take care of your travel through any means of transportation, which simply means that Astmonero coin will also provide the facility of booking cabs and taxis anywhere in the world. You can also pay for these taxi’s in Astmonero coins. This feature provides the traveler the ease of travel in any city of the world. You do not have to travel by a guided bus to places that you do not want to see and explore the country on your own terms. This feature also helps domestically if you have to book a cab also. We will also collaborate with domestic taxi services to provide our services and accept the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency as a better and a more safer way of transaction.

Rewards Points
We also offer brilliant packaged deals with the purchase of the Astemoreno coin. You get reward points on your travel through the use of Astmonero coin which keep on adding to your account and can be used whenever needed. You will receive reward points on every transaction that is made and recorded on the Blockchain. These reward points are not Astmonero coins but parts of it that can be used in specific areas and also can be redeemed for Astmonero coins.

Integrated travel packages
Astmonero coin will provide a complete range of integrated travel packages around the world. This feature will help the customer to plan their whole travel itinerary and make full payments through Astmonero coins. You will be able to make all the bookings and payments using the astmonero coins that will have a lasting impact on the hidden costs and fees included while making travel bookings even if it is done by a travel agency. Also, we will have our own packages that can be purchased by using our coins directly which will be a fast and a farther secure method. Everything will be included in the package with no hidden costs or loopholes.

Global acceptance
This is one of the major features that make the Astmonero coin different than any other coin. We will have collaborations with all the major exchanges and agencies to make not only foreign but domestic travel affordable and easy for every customer. Astmonero coin will create a stable market for its customers where they have the control to use their cryptocurrency with ease and total acceptability. Cabs, flight, trains, busses, hotel reservations etc, these are some of the applications that would be taken care of by Astmonero coin, Creating a steadier market for the travel industry by giving it a stable blockchain platform for functioning.

Stable Blockchain
The blockchain is an ever evolving public ledger called as blocks, these blocks are interconnected and secured by encrypted data.  Each block comprises of an algorithm as a link to a previous block and transaction data. Our blockchain is resistant to any modification of the data. A blockchain is peer to peer online ledger that can record transactions between two parties in transparent way. All the subsequent blocks have to be altered to make changes to the blockchain if one of the block is altered. A blockchain has a decentralized work structure.  This makes the Astmonero coin blockchain suitable for the recording of events, identity management, transactions, accommodations, travel itinerary etc. our blockchain works on the proof of work principle and
the miners have to mine Astmonero coins for receiving rewards. This mining process makes the hash algorithm even stronger making the blockchain far more stable and stronger.

Astmonero coin would be the most stable digital asset. This is because of the unique features that have been incorporated like travel cash, cab bookings, integrated travel packages, global acceptance, evolving hash algorithm and a strong blockchain. Apart from all this the Astmonero coin has the technology that will not let the price of the coin drop even cause of market fluctuation, In turn bringing stability to the markets. The markets are somewhat plagued by a stagnant work structure. Astmonero believes to bring stability to the Travel market by providing a stable blockchain platform to a market that is booming. With the blockchain we can decentralize the structure handing freedom to the travelers. The technology that has been developed by Astmonero coin is stable enough that it will bring a considerable change in the travel industry which will be noticed and appreciated globally, making the coin known just the word of mouth. The Astmonero blockchain will be a standardized way to make transaction for the vast travel industry. The vision we have is to transform the market to use the blockchain technology for a better work structure and provide transparency in the system. Astmonero wish to provide a safer and transparent work structure. In turn increasing the investment in the coin and creating a far more stable market standing for itself.

One of the most important features of the Astmonero coin is the transaction method. The system will be based on the blockchain which is an open network. Where everyone can view the transactions made by others, In turn making the transaction process transparent and accessible to all for consideration. This will keep the travel industry transparent with no hidden loopholes or transaction fees. Use of the blockchain gives us a clear picture of all the transactions which are made on the network. Making every user aware of the transactions made but keeping the personal information of the user secure at all times with the public and private keys or signatures provided.


2016 Q3
- Conceptualization.
- Acquiring a Software team.
- Assemble a Professional Team.

2016 Q4
- Ideate the wallet
- Research and Development Phase.

2017 Q1
- Blockchain development
- Legal Mitigations

2017 Q3
- Events & Seminars
- Whitepaper completion
- Investor meet

2017 Q4
- Launch Initial Coin Offering
- Testing of Astmonero Wallet and coin
- Global events for Crypto Enthusiasts

2018 Q1
- Distribution of coins
- Listing on multiple Exchanges
- Promotion

2018 Q2
- Occupying Majority Markets
- Collaborating for expansion of Astmonero coin

2018 Q4
- Global reach and Expansion
- Evolving blockchain to handle greater responsibility

Symbol - AST.
Technology - POW.
Algorithm - SCRYPT
Total ICO coin offering = 19.2 million Tokens.
Reserve for Promoters - 4.8 million Tokens.
Total coin circulation= 24.0 million USD.
Exchangers - BITTREX, Liqui, Yunbi, Cryptopia,,,,, Mercatox, Tidex, Gatecoin,
ICO Affiliate -
Level     ICO bonus
Self        15%
1st         10%
2nd        5%

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December 28, 2017, 05:13:29 AM

I wish you suces, sound promising !!

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December 28, 2017, 05:18:37 AM

Your dates are all in the past but you post today? Is this ICO over or did you mean 2018?
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December 28, 2017, 05:33:03 AM

algo Huh Huh

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December 28, 2017, 05:54:10 AM

did you forget that december will be finished ? you are still posting pre ico expired

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[url = / index.php? topic = 2885446] ANN Thread [/
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December 28, 2017, 06:01:57 AM

did you guys just came back from the future?
the post seems to be late, 2017 is almost finished.  Huh
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December 28, 2017, 06:05:16 AM

Whats the algorithm?  Huh

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December 28, 2017, 08:52:30 AM

Call algo ... plz

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January 07, 2018, 02:00:49 PM

ASTMonero  sounds good what is the total supply ?
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January 13, 2018, 12:19:25 PM

The tourism industry is in general an interesting market. But I'm sceptical if a coin "only" for tourism would succeed. That would need a wide market acceptance. How do you plan to gain that? Do you have any partners?

And which blockchain technology do you use?
Astmonero Coin
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January 15, 2018, 07:37:37 AM

We are using POW technology & Algorithm as Scrypt.
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