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Author Topic: Regarding a scam accusation in my trust which i feel is unfair  (Read 1329 times)
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November 10, 2013, 03:12:49 PM

This thread is in regards to a scam accusation i have in my trust feedback.

it was made by canaryinthemine.  i may be wrong but i firmly believe it was a revenge attack on myself.  although it was left a while ago i only noticed it now due to the red line under my name Warning: Trade with extreme caution!  which i believe was due to a change in the trust system see here

I had bought a over 50 miners from him previously.  then came the day when voucher distribution was announced for 0.10 per miner plus 0.05 shipping and handling.  i paid him that day and provided all the necessary info that he asked me for.  i also immediately asked him for a shipping quote internationally and asked him if some of that 2.5btc (0.05 x 50) i am paying for shipping and handling could go towards my international postage which is fair.

i did not get a responce for a few days until i wrote in the forum that i had pmd him.  all i got was a short snappy answer recieved thanks. i had no mention of shipping prices.  it only takes him a minute to write to me a shipping quote and he would know what it was as he had sent thousands of parcels international before including my own previous one for the same weight.

then he announces that he is taking a nice holiday.  which meant he would only be back on tuesday 3 september 7 days after i had paid him.

i felt this was dishonest as i was losing a lot of money as i sell on ebay.  (even if i mined i was losing a lot).  i had paid him and i estimated a 3 day shipping and therefore did not purchase other miners to sell.  Little did i know that he was going to mess me around.  i felt that i had given him the btc and now he had no pressure on himself and he could do whatever he pleased.  I therefore left him negative feedback and clearly wrote that he ships orders but he is delaying mine which is causing me a loss and is not fair and honest. that was the only way i felt that perhaps i could get him to speed it up. the feedback details that i left i feel were  honest and correct. i was hoping he would rectify the matter similar to sveetsnelda and i could then proceed and remove the feedback. instead he just abruptly told me to have a nice life and am banned from doing business with him.

again as i believe he took a revenge attack and left me negative feedback stating i did a scam  and he wrote abused the feedback system.

according to my understanding i have not abused and what i wrote was correct it but i am only human and i may be wrong.  i have removed his bad feedback in any case.   But i do believe that his negative feedback is wrong for two reasons.  firstly the feedback says he risked 7.5btc which is incorrect as i was the one risking it.  a quote from the website 
"Risked BTC amount is money that the person could have stolen or did steal. For example, if you do a currency trade where the other person sends first, your feedback for them would have 0 risked BTC and their feedback for you would have risked BTC equal to the BTC value of the trade."
secondly i have not done any scam and what is the point in the trust system if any time i feel i have been treated dishonestly the other party can just leave me negative feedback say i am misusing the trust feedback.
I have tried to resolve it peacefully with canary and even apologized to him for the issue but he is not relenting.

therefore i am posting this here as kindly advised  to by tysat.  please can anyone help me

you can see the pm's in this link (one link is the pm's i sent to him the other is pms he sent to me)
you may need to use the zoom in function at the bottom right of the image

you can see ..

where canary says he is going on holiday and will only be back september 03 tuesday

where canary says all who sent their funds and PMed info as requested before 4:30 AM this past Thursday got their shipments out

where people had similar issues to me dealing with canary

sveetsnelda   see here


a quote of the feedback i had left him.  (i removed it in order to try and peacefully resolve the issue)
"dear sir. i have sent payment to you on 27 august. i asked for shipping price to abroad as instructed in your pm. i have asked you for this numerous times. I only recieve 1-2 word answers and not related to this subject at all. i know you are busy and generally fulfill orders but why do you have to treat me like this. all it takes is two minutes to write me shipping price and it could have shipped with the rest of other peoples shipments. I am losing a lot because of this (for various reasons). I am at your mercy and it is not fair to delay expecially as you are saying you are now on holiday! Will i recieve any compensation for this. "

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November 10, 2013, 07:50:18 PM

a quote from a similare issue

you did a hit job on me... that's the effect of your actions. 
I provided you with an explanation and refunded what you asked for.
You provided me with one/two liners until you eventually blew up and said I was "bullying you".  No, you didn't refund what I asked for.  You refunded what you felt was appropriate (which is more than what others in the group buy paid if they created their own label...  which didn't even exist in the thread when I made the purchase).

  without stating exactly what you want, you left the feedback you did and I'm sure you are enjoying yourself... whatever.  what goes around comes around... I do not wish to communicate with you as I stated. enough already... go enjoy the fruits of your labor and leave me alone.
...without stating exactly what I want?  I stated it so many times and in so many different ways that you eventually made fun of me for being so verbose.  I couldn't have been more clear.  Here is a quote from one of my PMs:

This is how it appeared from my side, and I asked for clarification.  A return at this point doesn't solve anything.  A return means I pay even *more* money for the mistake of over-paying you.  Try to put yourself in my shoes and wonder if you'd be upset/confused and asking questions.

If you're still confused as to where this is going, I want you to either:

a.  convince me that I'm misunderstanding something and that I didn't actually pay more than your other customers in the same group buy (put your customer at ease about it)
b.  send back the rest of my coin that was overpaid.  Shipping didn't cost BTC0.5.  It was 1/3rd of that.


I do not wish to communicate with you as I stated. enough already... go enjoy the fruits of your labor and leave me alone.
This basically sums up your attitude/behavior in most of your PMs, and it earned you a negative trust rating.  You took my extra coin, can't communicate, and refused to communicate.  If you're truly done with the situation, move on with it and quit telling your other customers that it was a "hit job".  If you make an inaccurate accusation toward me, I'm going to defend myself.

I've been on this forum for years, and I've witnessed plenty of fraud.  It's my duty as a buyer to report on my transactions -- both positive and negative.  Once again, if your transaction with him was smooth -- great.  Post it.  If someone does something that makes me not trust them, I'll post it as well.

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