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1  Economy / Reputation / SBF-Ross Ulbricht on: January 25, 2023, 04:34:31 PM
The line between people ending up in prison for long time or just not is so thin in a world of scams, being open minded etc...
Curious , do you think one deserves prison more as the other, one doesn't deserve prison? Both should be there? None should?

How do you guys think about what they did and should or shouldn't they belong in prison?
2  Other / Off-topic / Most used acronyms on BTCT.... on: February 09, 2022, 06:48:27 PM
I would like to make a list of the most used acronyms on this forum....

Give some of the best and i'll put them in a nice list

3  Economy / Speculation / Summer dip?!, December price outcome? ---> JOIN and guess the price GO! on: June 26, 2021, 08:07:17 PM
Mods: theymos gave permission to keep this topic in Speculation. Please don't move it.

Summer dip, December 7th Game

what will the price be on December 7th  ......  00.00 CET  December 7th "2021"

The one guessing closest to the end price of that given date..... Wins 0.077BTC from me  (⬅ winner takes that price )

-You can give your price prediction until: 10-07(July)-2021  13.00 CET

-to participate you must HAVE 250 EARNED MERIT and at least 100 ACTIVITY

-(once the price is on the LIST, it cannot be changed anymore, so think deep very DEEP before adding on Roll Eyes )

-BITSTAMP PRICE to be clear!!!

I want to reach persons who cares to share there thinking reasoning, could be enjoyable for more people to read and maybe learn from... So to participate there must be somekind of effort why the price is chosen...

---> As I hope some fellow sources are not gonna let some good effort, thoughts, TA, reasonings  go by unnoticed... Grin

^I like this photo which crossed my path and want the game a bit following the ?  Cool

I also want to protect some peoples guesses so therefore more MERIT needed. I want every member to have 2% margin for there guess, so it can't be closely "surrounded" by other guesses.

See LoyceV's post for the fine print.
4  Economy / Speculation / My speculation games summed up.. ANY ideas?? For something NEW?? on: May 26, 2021, 07:54:14 PM
Not for sure but could always happen at random...

So I summed up my previous games THOUGH!!! I made some more games, like 2 or 3 I cannot remember exactly, those games where released in the WO thread itself cause I didn't know there where any more threads etc at that point (yeah total n00b at that point).

So if anyone can find those pages where those games started "thats merit worthy for completing this thread and piece of history" imho...
I think the game involved guessing the date when we break ATH...

below are those I could find if I did correctly  Roll Eyes Cheesy
(2 games in this one game, one of them ended this year, the game started in 2018)  Roll Eyes

Now what I wanted to do is showing all the games and how they worked before and let everyone come with various of ideas for a new game later this year (probably) ...

The better the idea the better the chance it happens.

Probaly next game will be required of having higher merit ranks 100 or 200, good or not?
5  Other / Meta / speculation freeroll game issue, moved topic, deleted posts..WHY????? on: May 16, 2021, 11:11:21 AM
Some very annoying things ....

I opend a thread in speculation, this topic is about what willl the price be at a certain date, there is some reasoning and TA and speculation etc...
Then I ask everyone with enough merit etc to put in there guess what the price wil be and the closed one get a nice price in btc, so its a freeroll no one needs to pay an entry...

I opened this specific game with some speculation over the price in speculation boards... Mainly cause i,m mostly active in those boards and wanna attract those members specificially (have made some limks in otrher boards as well cause the whole comunity can join)
Then in the thread I always give some updates and repost the list, this is easy for me and for new joining members.

My question, problem at this moment is ... Why is there a mod always moving the topic to gambling, it isn't gambling for first its a freeroll where I give away a price as generosity to the community (though I like to attract the people I interact mostly with for first, the are the speculation board members, and those dont always look into gambling threads) Then again everyone can join !!!

Second problem why is there a mod always deleting my posts in this thread, its annoying AF, its just some list updates to keep things easy and organised...

Am I wrong??

6  Economy / Games and rounds / A member LIST .. What do we speculate the price will be this summer JOIN IN on: May 13, 2021, 06:19:47 PM
Summer Game

what will the price be on June 21th  ......  00.00 CET  June 21th "2021"

The one guessing closest to the end price of that given date..... Wins 0.077BTC of me  (⬅ winner take that price )

-You can give your price until: 19-05(May)-2021  13.00 CET

-to participate you must HAVE 30 MERIT and at least 50 ACTIVITY

-(once the price is on the LIST, it cannot be changed anymore, so think deep very DEEP before adding on Roll Eyes )

-BITSTAMP PRICE to be clear!!!

*Wanna make this Summer game a little more interesting and HOPE for those that ADD a price for the game to provide some kind of thought/reasoning why to be around that price....., the ones that are able and can make some TA about there price..... would be very much appreciated as well.
So a reasoning (things that are happening....) or a TA or combined. Cheesy

---> As I hope some fellow sources are not gonna let some good effort, thoughts, TA, reasonings  go by unnoticed... Grin

Lets hope the Summer will kick off with a Bullish mode  !!!!! and let one participant of the game be rewarded with a nice slice of BTC !!!!

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ADD YOUR PRICE, and if any questions just ask, THX and enjoy.
(*)behind a given members price = ----> that the member provided TA or thoughts on his chosen price range.

ALSO... NO PRICES BEHIND THE $ SO 50,000 is OK, But 50,000.66 = not

7  Economy / Collectibles / Auction on: April 27, 2021, 06:09:00 PM

Just for those who might miss it...

^Just a f***ing cool piece of artwork imo

Goes live May 4th
8  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / Knaken ??? on: February 24, 2021, 07:38:48 PM
Vraagje... Iemand toevallig enige ervaring met exchange?

Is dit legit? Iemand van de oprichters of eender welk was bij een kennis van mij op het terrein

Moest iemand het kennen of iets over kwijt kunnen, THX op voorhand al.
9  Other / Politics & Society / What do you guys think about MOVIE-TV politics?? on: January 14, 2021, 10:02:55 AM
I think atm its just to crazy for words that in movies or series to be "political correct" ... Actors cannot play a person from other origine, in every movie there has to be a coloured person involved or there have to be some gay or lesbienne involvement or whatever... If the story line doesn't necessarily need something, then they still put something in the mix to avoid discrimination etc ... Getting so annoyed by those things like WTF
Only one example of many many...

But grease banned from streaming services because of: Homophobia, slut-shaming and racism

Or like in the Avengers end game, when its so obvious that in the end the group of woman had an apart and special moment (extra feminism in those Marvel movies) and many other points in those movies...

Or like in Belgium there is a new version of Big Brother (not really my thing) But I noticed, 10 people in the house which are 1 Arab, 1 Chinese, 1 Black, 1 gay guy, Lesbienne woman, Vegan, a very overweight etc all in a group of the first 10

"Of course that is on purpose, otherwise it is not politically correct"

"that so to speak, a mirror of society. But in a population of 11 people, there were no such differences" imho

Am I wrong or is getting movies and series and TV being to much corrected by politics and discrimination etc, imo opinion its losing its free will to bring movies as how they want ... I don't mind whatever people to participate in movies if the role is there, but at the moment I don't like whats happening ...
10  Economy / Reputation / 3 year OLD game-return 24,777 BEST MEME contest, 15,000th post ;D on: December 25, 2020, 01:12:12 PM
Today on Xmass day it could be that a game of mine will be crushed and finally won.

A long long list of people have given a PRICE prediction of when 24,777 would be taken, now 3 years later we are extremely close of taken that price.

I would like to make a small contest for most creative MEME maker of the forum.

So the meme must be about a few thing

-how do I feel, the price is pumping so i'm happy, its xmass etc so best time a year
-then a 3 year old game has caught up with me and will make me have to pay .25 btc (which is the most valuable asset of thing in life)... So i'm happy but kind of sour I have so send some precious... so there is some bitternes and sourness  Undecided Roll Eyes
-Cheers, best meme will be contested and chosen by the forum. Will also be rewarded with some merit (most important, originality, Humor ....)

So a happy moment, caught up by something old, thats ruining the moment, but also not ruining cause the moment is still happy  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Best MEME please ...........

The game was live from page 18812 on the wall observer, currently page 27796 WOOOOOW;topicseen#msg26767496

start of the game and end list of everyone that had played this free-rol

By the way, this also is my 15,000th post of the forum, I hope I have contributed and added some positivity in my time of being around here...

Cheers and merry Xmass to all of you  Grin

Also about the game list.... the end date was on 25-12-2017

Would be crazy if its ends on the 25th as well

Also the best meme end at new year, then the most popular  ones will be chosen till there are 7 left, then we vote....

Only peeple with at least 10 earned merit can participate on voting

11  Economy / Reputation / End of year awards on: December 11, 2020, 03:49:43 PM
Just a fun topic...    (known by posts by the user)  Please give a maximum of 3 names

A few awards and recognitions for some useful and less useful members

Gives also a good indication of who's way of thinking we can "follow" (always DYOR of-course) ... But we can off-course who surely not to follow... 

1st Award ...
Who made the most bad decision this last year

2nd award ...
Who made the most trolling posts of the year

3th award ...
Who made the most useful TA of the last year

4th award
Who was the most creative member of the last year

5th award
Who was the most useful new btctalk user of the last year, most incredible newbie (new guy)

6th award
Who tried to made the biggest scam on BTCtalk

If there are some more awards to ADD let me know asap THX         

Please just give

1 then names

2 then names

3 ""

4 ""

5 ""


12  Economy / Collectibles / Massive collection for set if someone makes a good bid :) on: July 25, 2020, 01:14:48 PM

Includes many kialaras, many gold coins, platinum coin, silver coin and full as short rolls, same for copper, also 2018 prototype silver roll only one made, silver card, manypolymerbit, cold keys etc

Please make some bid's that makes sense PM me or write in the topic.... all are mint condition

Most items also to be viewed in this topic
13  Other / Off-topic / Create your own portrait !!! on: January 09, 2020, 01:37:11 PM
So I just have a small drawing where I filled in some names I thought suit the person...

For me its mostly just trolls, bitcoin-cash-sv or alt-coin shills, the very minority of the forum.

A place/category where normal behaving BTC'ers not wanna belong at.

----> Empty portrait

----> My portrait

Doesn't necessarily has to involve member-names could be anything or any text or any lines if suited with the pic Cheesy

14  Economy / Speculation / Halving, who's closest with actual Nrs TAKE A CHANCE on the LIST !!! on: January 03, 2020, 12:41:18 AM
HALVENING!!! <----- Bullish or bearish

Lets get something rolling.

I would like to award a winning price of 0.125BTC to the person that gets me the closest price of BTC at April 1st exactly measured at 22.00h CET

So the price of BTC a bit before the upcoming halving event

Few rules required to participate;

-Must have at least 25 EARNED merits.
-Must have at least 50 activity
-Mainly cause of o_e_l_e_o we found a new way to chose a price (been voted here
 We will guess prices in boxes of 50$ ranges, looks as follow

 first is first and the price that will be picked has to be a nr for example like it starts from 0 and counts up


 ^chose a box instead of a price valid from 0 to 1,000,000 just write it in the format that is given here and follows the count.

 So a member will be allowed to chose a price with his own 50$ range, a taken box is a reserved space not to be taken again.

 I will also ask when the game opens and someone takes a guess, to write it as shown in this post...

-once the price is on the LIST, it cannot be changed anymore, so think deep very DEEP before adding on Roll Eyes

-As this is a game purely out of generosity and in good spirit for the forum and precious community we have, I do hope that playing members do share there TA approach or share there thought of thinking why they chose the price they picked. Its nice for others to read and maybe discuss while the game is going, good writings will not go unnoticed...

*<--- will be written behind members name that gives TA or shared they thought why that price range the chose.

Please do read the OP, so it won't go wrong all the time with prices.....--->>> chose in BOX-FORMAT Cheesy

If any questions please first ask GL to all!!!!

I also chose to LOCK this thread ...
Normally wanted to open the game in here, but there was already some discussion around the game and maybe could be misleading etc I hope you guys understand...   Again GL to all!!

15  Economy / Reputation / Offended, or who gets easily offended... on: December 30, 2019, 08:43:57 PM

Which person could use these the most?? everybody please post 3 names, who will come out most??

Who are the members offended very easily.... Still have to think my own picks...
16  Economy / Speculation / Speculation LIST involving the "HALVING" !!! NOT HERE NOT HERE on: December 29, 2019, 03:45:33 PM
This game will open somewhere in January at a random time and date, I only wanna share a heads up now that this game will be a bit different.

One rule I already gonna give and that is that when a member gives a price then a space of 25$ up and 25$ down are not available anymore for other members guesses, so everyone has a range of 51$ at least (so if no one is close then it still is the closest one)
Small example when I predict 7777 then that price guess covers:  7752-7802 and only 7803 and more are available or 7751 and lower are available.

A second rule I do wanna apply is that an account needs at least 25 merits, as these games are mostly for longer contributing forum members, so if some are short a bit, then still there are at least some days maybe weeks to earn some....
Also there most be some recent activity.

I will also have a side question probably ....

More news and stuff and rules will be in the OP when the game is open... (It will mostly mean people can't get very boxed in and no one have to wait to put in there price last minute)

Open for questions or ideas as well.

17  Other / Beginners & Help / As new members, take it easy and go step by step on: November 24, 2019, 02:51:07 PM
A small, accurate BTC tail how Micg handled his business Cheesy

*So, as many have experienced the pressure of BEARS and FUD.... Price going down.... Yeah, I was as most of the people just running away, dodging bullets, seeking more and more advice etc     (sometimes at wrong places.... so don't easily take every news or advice for granted and always keep doing research)

*After more learning about BTC and its fundamentals and gaining some good advices.... an important moment occur, fear of price drops, running and the thought of dodges some losses went away (with dodging I mean every red dildo fear and every bounce-back relief.... just the wrong way of living it)

*While many still getting chased by FEAR of losing a dime..., though there long enough in the mix to have learned and understand its just the market being runned on supply, demand, buying and selling etc nothing new to see anyway

*Now, time to take it easy and rethink strategies while newbs still getting chased by the market the should embrace Cheesy

*Find some moments to relax, having a drink, observing the market from a distance but keep staying invested and HODL with much more confidence..

*While the shit show keeps going, I will not fall into financial emotion cause of losing FIAT net worth as I learned 1BTC = 1BTC no matter what happens, and thats where my future is based on, so keep watching the newbs getting chased and rekt by FUD and BEAR attacks.

*I have witnessed and saw people getting rekt, I told many about BTC and clearly said to studie and learn, not thinking its a get rich quick scheme, some have listened and even while losing in FIAT terms they believe stronger as ever (that are new born strong hands), I have people seen losing money whiteout understanding and doing it all wrong, and I have seen people who are HODLing and being up... So all kinds of people I do know, most important is do not be the ones losing a lot whiteout any understandings and do not think its a get rich quick scheme!!!!

*Always keep your mind on the game, don't get fooled by market behavior, don't get played, don't end REKT

*Instead be prepared with good knowledge and understanding why to buy BTC when it dips or to buy BTC whenever its possible and comfortable with the live style you currently run.... (Always keep living the live you have and don't go on only bread and is too short to forgo!!!)
If so then HODL with me and other committed BTC-HODLers and drown the FUD, BEARS and whatever they try to scare some on-knowing people Cheesy

Bottomline as a new person involving himself with BTC, just start with the most easy part of buying some and learn how to store it on the safest way......

Then start learning every day cause there is always new stuff to learn, and when your able to understand why your buying and HODLing whiteout being affected cause of price movements yeah thats the moment you becoming a true BTC'er !!!

18  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / Maandelijkse updates voor btc on: November 09, 2019, 06:39:43 PM
Ik ga beginnen vanaf Juli dit jaar al dateren de mails van Augustus 2017, maar laat ons niet zover terug gaan Roll Eyes


De afgelopen maand heeft de Bitcoinprijs zich geconsolideerd rond de 10 000 USD. Na de hevige prijsactie van afgelopen maand is dit positief, na enkele groeispurts en hun correctie lijkt een nieuwe steun gevonden van waaruit de prijs terug positief momentum kan verderzetten. Altcoins blijven zwarte sneeuw zien en de meeste maken nieuwe laagtepunten tegenover Bitcoin. Onze beslissing om slechts kleine allocaties te nemen zorgt ervoor dat hun impact op de portfolio beperkt is. De fundamentals voor Altcoins zijn altijd al wankel geweest en het lijkt dat de markt dit nu ook na jaren vertraging wat meer lijkt in te zien.Het first-mover advantage van Bitcoin en de all-round veel betere fundamentele eigenschappen maken het de motor van de door ons verwachte volgende cryptocurrency groeibeweging.


Als we kijken naar de prijsactie van Bitcoin was de maand augustus er één met twee gezichten. Een sterke stijging om de maand te starten.
Deze appreciatie kende een  terugval vanaf het punt waar de prijs eind juni/begin  juli ook een terugval had.

Dit impliceert dat er in deze prijszone een neerwaartse druk is op de prijs. Dit is niet verrassend na een quasi verticale prijsstijging sinds 1 april.

We eindigden de maand op bijna exact hetzelfde prijsniveau als we gestart waren. 

Dit maakt dat we tijdens de zomermaanden een zijwaartse beweging van de de prijs hebben gezien. 
We verwachten dat de volatiliteit tijdens het laatste kwartaal weer zal toenemen.

Voor de altcoins in onze portfolio was augustus weer een donkerrode maand.  Er lijkt op dit moment weinig tot geen  interesse te zijn voor de zogenaamde  alternatieven voor Bitcoin. 

Naast de prijsactie houden wij ook rekening met fundamentele zaken die invloed hebben op de prijs van Bitcoin.
Zo zal Bakkt op 23 september zijn langverwachte futures contracten beginnen aanbieden die het voor  grote financiële instituties makkelijker moet maken om te investeren in het ecosysteem. Voor zij die hier graag wat meer over willen weten kan ik het volgende artikel aanbevelen:

Wij kijken ook naar eventuele macro economische ontwikkelingen en een eventuele correlatie met de prijs van Bitcoin.
Zo volgen wij de handelsoorlog tussen de VS en China op de voet alsook de strubbelingen in Hong Kong aangezien dit op termijn een positief effect kan hebben op de prijs van Bitcoin.


Het derde kwartaal van 2019 is afgerond. Voorafgaand aan dit kwartaal hebben we een van de sterkste kwartalen gezien in prijstoename in de geschiedenis van Bitcoin. Ergens is het dan ook niet onlogisch dat we een correctie hebben gezien tijdens het afgelopen kwartaal. 

Als we kijken naar de prijsevolutie van de laatste drie maanden zien we dat de prijs een zijwaartse beweging heeft gemaakt wat wijst op een equilibrium tussen kopers en verkopers in de markt.
Echter heeft de prijs de laatste week van september een daling in dubbele cijfers gekend. Tussen de piek eind juni en de huidige dagprijs zit een verschil van 40%. Dit is significant maar het is belangrijk dat we alles in perspectief bekijken.
Bitcoin is nog steeds de best presterende asset in de wereld in 2019 met een rendement van +100%.
Ook hebben we in de voorgaande cycli gezien dat correcties tussen 30-40% in de opwaartse spiraal niet uitzonderlijk zijn.

Dit valt te verklaren doordat investeerders met een beleggingshorizon op korte termijn hun winsten willen realiseren. Dit geeft een negatieve druk op de prijs aangezien het aanbod de vraag op korte termijn overstijgt.

Wij willen nogmaals benadrukken dat onze visie gebaseerd is op de lange termijn. Als passief beheerd fonds willen wij vermijden om de ultieme appreciatie in prijs mis te lopen door kortstondig onze blootstelling aan de markt te verlagen.

Wij blijven steeds op onze hoede mochten er signalen zijn dat we een nieuwe bear-market ingaan maar we willen absoluut geen emotionele of impulsieve beslissingen nemen. Een bekend gezegde van beurslegende Warren Buffett is hier op zijn plaats: ‘’Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful’’.
Wij zien de prijsdaling van het afgelopen kwartaal als een opportuniteit voor velen om hun blootstelling aan de markt te verhogen.

Op het vlak van macro-economische ontwikkelingen zien we dat we wereldwijd op de rand van een recessie staan. We belanden in een recessie wanneer de economische groei 2 maanden op een rij negatief is.
Het wordt interessant om te zien hoe Bitcoin als niet-gecorreleerde asset gaat reageren in deze nieuwe economische omgeving.
Bitcoin is namelijk ontstaan in de nasleep van de financiële crisis in 2008. Nadien hebben we gezien dat centrale banken wereldwijd hun balans hebben vergroot door geld te drukken en schulden op te stapelen.
Hierdoor zijn alle assets die gewogen worden tegen de munt van een land zoals vastgoed, aandelen en ook Bitcoin enorm in waarde zijn gestegen. Een zogenaamde asset inflatie.

We zien dat de reactie op een eventuele recessie de centrale banken doet teruggrijpen naar dit fenomeen van het printen van geld en opstapelen van schulden. Aangezien dit nog geen voorgaande kent wordt het afwachten hoe meer risicovolle beleggingen zoals Bitcoin gaan presteren.

De verwachting blijft echter dat we in de loop van 2020 een nieuw hoogtepunt zullen bereiken.


Na de sterke daling van de prijs op het einde van september zagen we een zijwaartse beweging van de prijs voor een aantal weken. De volatiliteit kende een sterke daling.

Een daling van de prijsschommelingen gaat vaak vooraf aan een sterke toename in deze schommelingen. Dit bleek ook nu weer het geval. De derde week van oktober viel de prijs meer dan 10% gevolgd door een enorme prijstoename van meer dan 40% op 1 dag. Dit is de 4e grootste stijging op 1 dag in de historie van Bitcoin.

We proberen niet steeds een reden te zoeken waarom de prijs zo een sterke stijging heeft maar in dit geval is er wellicht een direct verband tussen een nieuwsfeit en de appreciatie van de prijs.

De Chinese overheid bracht via Chinese media een bericht naar buiten waarin Xi Jingping (president van China) het belang van de adoptie van Blockchain technologie voor China onderstreepte. Dit kwam als een grote verrassing aangezien China tot op heden maatregelen nam om de ontwikkeling van zaken omtrent Blockchain technologie af te remmen.

Wanneer de inwoners van een land met meer dan een miljard inwoners een nieuwsbericht te zien krijgen waarin hun president positief spreekt over een nieuwe technologie zal dit automatisch interesse opwekken bij een deel van de bevolking. Zeker in een land waar de censuur in de media enorm hoog is.

Op de korte termijn wordt zo een nieuwsfeit gebruikt door marktparticipanten om de prijs naar een hoger niveau te tillen. Wanneer de storm omtrent zo een nieuwsfeit gaat liggen zal moeten blijken of het ook effectief de vraag naar Bitcoin en alternatieven doet stijgen vanuit China.

Op macro economisch gebied zijn er de afgelopen maand ook een aantal ontwikkelingen gebeurd die invloed kunnen hebben op de prijs van Bitcoin de komende maanden. Afgelopen woensdag heeft de Federal Reserve (centrale bank van de Verenigde Staten) zijn rentevoet opnieuw verlaagd. Dit met de bedoeling om de economie te stimuleren. Een verlaagde rente zorgt ervoor dat mensen sneller een lening zullen aangaan en het geld op hun spaarboekje sneller zullen uitgeven. Deze beslissing stuwde de S&P500 (Aandelenindex met 500 grootste Amerikaanse bedrijven) naar nieuwe hoogtes. Dit toont aan dat de belegger zijn appetijt voor risicovolle beleggingen opnieuw hoog is. Dit is het economische sentiment waar een risicovolle belegging als Bitcoin nood aan heeft.

De waarschijnlijkheid dat de correctie vanaf de tijdelijke top van eind juni ten einde is lijkt ons zeer groot.
Dit alles geeft ons goede hoop op een sterke afsluiting van 2019 en de maanden daaropvolgend.
19  Economy / Speculation / Monthly updates and thoughts about the market on: October 07, 2019, 01:03:04 PM
The third quarter of 2019 has been completed. Prior to this quarter, we saw one of the strongest quarters in price increase in Bitcoin's history. Somehow it is therefore not illogical that we have seen a correction during the past quarter. If we look at the price evolution of the last three months, we see that the price has made a sideways movement, indicating an equilibrium between buyers and sellers in the market.
However, the price has seen a double-digit decline in the last week of September. There is a 40% difference between the peak at the end of June and the current daily price. This is significant but it is important that we look at everything in perspective.
Bitcoin is still the best performing asset in the world in 2019 with a return of + 100%.
We have also seen in the previous cycles that corrections between 30-40% in the upward spiral are not exceptional.

This can be explained by the fact that investors with an investment horizon want to realise their profits in the short term. This puts a negative pressure on the price since the supply exceeds demand in the short term.

We want to emphasise once again that our vision is based on the long term. As HODLers, we want to avoid missing out on the ultimate appreciation in price by briefly reducing our exposure to the market.

We are always on our guard should there be any signs that we are entering a new bear market, but we do not want to make any emotional or impulsive decisions. A well-known saying from stock market legend Warren Buffett is appropriate here: "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."
We see the fall in prices in the past quarter as an opportunity for many to increase their exposure to the market.

In terms of macroeconomic developments, we see that we are on the verge of global recession. We end up in a recession when economic growth is negative for 2 months in a row.
It will be interesting to see how Bitcoin will react as a non-correlated asset in this new economic environment.
Bitcoin originated in the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2008. We have since seen that central banks around the world have increased their balance sheets by printing money and accumulating debts.
This means that all assets that are weighed against the currency of a country such as real estate, shares and also Bitcoin have increased enormously in value. A so-called asset inflation.

We see that the reaction to a possible recession makes the central banks go back to this phenomenon of printing money and accumulating debts. As this is not yet known, it is waiting to see how more risky investments such as Bitcoin will perform.

However, the expectation remains that we will reach a new high point in the course of 2020, or before?? Roll Eyes
20  Other / Beginners & Help / Correct and polite behaving on the forum.. could lead to nice things THX theymos on: October 03, 2019, 10:24:50 AM
A small part of my experience on BTC-talk.

My date of registration on this forum = July 14, 2017, 02:41:47 PM, as this is my very first registration on a forum.    (Just to show I'm a late registered member on the forum, and a lot can happen in less that 2 years .... )

As many do know i'm not the most advanced online living person and the most I know from being on a forum, writing posts, having some computer skills (still very poor computer skill) are coming from being on BTC-talk.

But what I do have to say is that from my time being I have read from all kinds of people, I have read the most kind persons, the most polite persons, i have read BTC-related the most helpful and bullish persons, also I have read BTC-related person who are bearish or didn't support BTC (NOcoiners) but still in a polite way, then of-course I have been reading the worst as well from being extremely annoying, spamming, talking nazi sh*t, talking real bad stuff etc... Don't fall in those last groups of members ...

As newer members you can have your opinion on the matter, but please write with common respect as we don't know each other and we are all RL persons just talking to each other.... and don't let the worst of yourself come out Cheesy You can easily insult others and I don't think thats what should happen.

We all have very different reasons of writing here (I think I write a bit of myself in here, but as I say some come here to try and learn, some to share there knowledge and help others, some for both, some for trying to make some money, some for sports and gamble things, and of course some to spread FUD and spam the place Again please don't be the last mentioned group....

Probably when people start writing in here notice they will start as a newbie and are able to rank up over time (this will require amounts of activity from being active on the forum and require merit, earn those if another member award it towards you, can come from good content or when someone respects your opinion etc).... for many its a goal to become Legendary but keep thinking thats only a rank on the forum, don't let this discourage yourself from writing content and learning from very knowledgeable people on this forum, cause there are plenty of those.... the merit that one can earn and activity will come over time, don't be bothered to much with that (just stay a bit humble and kind towards the other people in here, cause existing members do take this place very serious as this is a great community, so join with respect)

Now besides of my start of being here and besides of learning in here.... I have been writing with some extremely kind and fun people that I respected and got respect from .... From a few years of writing even some friendship was born (Yeah I know online friendship...), but indeed as I remember a member on a topic I write on made a joke/statement like "Mic this are non real persona's" or something "they are nothing like friends...", You will NEVER meet those people!
Of-course I have proven that specific member he is wrong (as he was with a lot of things he approached me with, like I wouldn't pay a prize a awarded etc), but as I was saying I have met with at least 15 people from this forum IRL where I do believe some real friends came out of and who I will keep seeing IRL more as that one meeting I had with them... If people are kind and have a mutual respect for another some nice things can be build on that. I do have a lot of people I know IRL and I didn't need to search for friends etc but from writing long periods also some kind of friendship happened and i'm glad with that.

So I really have to thank Theymos for creating this amazing forum, cause it attracts the people of the BTC community who are amazing people...

(Of-course at all places we will find the rotten F***s as well but don't let them discourage yourself of building your own important things in life)

Besides of myself, I know a lot of other members have meet up IRL as well and I think its amazing, places like this gets BTC'ers together and thats a good thing !!!!
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