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1  Other / Meta / REPORT for MERIT. Save your nice Report records, here! on: November 23, 2019, 03:07:59 PM
edit: I might offer a modest amount of Merit to lower ranked members who can present an impressive amount of reports and/or anti-spam efforts.

While we are anticipating a (possible) Reporting/Spambusting profile medal, I figured, let's give the members of this community a possibility of showing off with how much they've been reporting already - by analogy with tbct_mt2's "Save your nice Merit records" thread, of course.

I know it's a long shot compared to many mods and Spambusters on this forum, but I'm actually more proud of this record, than any Merit record I've had in the past. At least, it gives me an incentive to do something back for the forum (and to be totally honest, I simply hate spammers, so I'm also doing it for myself).

So I reached a nice number of reports, about 40 minutes ago exactly on this forum's 10th Anniversary. That's just brilliant! Smiley

Today at 14:25:38:

You have reported 2500 posts with 99% accuracy (2425 good, 27 bad, 48 unhandled).

Sorry, I only made a stupid copypaste instead of a screenshot. I didn't really think it over. Cool

So guys, keep reporting, and post your nice records in here!
2  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / Hoe zou het nog zijn met de ICO's? on: June 05, 2019, 03:19:46 PM
Misschien is ondergetekende de enige met dergelijke onderdrukte gevoelens, maar heeft er nog iemand anders heimwee naar die heerlijke maalstroom aan ICO's van 2017-2018? En dan maar uren stoppen in het zoeken naar een mooi project dat als investering kon dienen, je afvragend of je je niet liet meeslepen door een of andere belofte die uiteindelijk banale scam bleek te zijn.

Om een lang verhaal toch maar af te ronden - want anders kan ik nog uren doorgaan: hoe zit dat met de ICO's? Hoeveel van die beloftevolle projecten zijn uiteindelijk uitgegroeid tot heuse bedrijven?

En de vraag is meerledig en ook een beetje stout van mij: welke van die ICO's hebben nu eigenlijk echt voordeel gehad van het gebruik van blockchain - en ik bedoel: een voordeel dat een niet-blockchain-bedrijf niet zou hebben gehad?

En tot slot - omdat ik sowieso steeds op zoek ben naar interessante investeringen: welke lijken jullie de meest veelbelovende ICO's van het moment en de nabije toekomst?

Ik houd zelf Bitwings in het oog. Evenwel tot op heden nog geen cent erin geïnvesteerd (voorlopig private sale).
3  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / Mobile trading met app on: February 21, 2019, 10:36:23 AM
Iemand enige ervaring met traden via de smartphone? Welke app gebruiken jullie? Is het veilig? Behoud je je eigen private keys?

Lijkt me makkelijk om het echt op zak te hebben en "on the road" te kunnen inspelen op trends, waar ik nu nog te veel vast zit aan de weinige momenten waarop ik 's avonds eens voor de PC kan gaan zitten. En dan moet ik vaststellen dat ik net een of andere mooie pump of belangrijk nieuws heb misgelopen en dan maar blijf vasthouden aan het veilige hodlen...

De info van QuadsPoker heeft me nieuwsgierig gemaakt om het zelf te proberen.

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Rewarding bounty hunters with EQUITY SHARES instead of tokens on: January 28, 2019, 09:48:02 AM
An interesting evolution:

Looks like the DataBlockChain/ project had some issues with their 2 bounty campaigns. It made them decide to change the initial campaign project, which was "the usual" token payment. They have decided now to reward bounty hunters with equity shares instead of tokens.

This means you have to fill out KYC, send a copy of your selfie with ID and even fill-out a tax form (!!).

I am not sure what to think of this evolution. Could this be a new step in bounty campaign rewards? What about user's privacy protection?

Also, these guys are really dancing on the limits of legality. If you're promising people to pay them tokens, you can't just go ahead and change the rules along the way. Even the most radical of libertarians or anarchists will agree that the principle of "pacta sunt servanda" is the basics of any system or society.
5  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / De grote "Crypto Quo Vadis" thread on: November 27, 2018, 07:14:13 AM
Ik had graag eens gehoord welke visie de Nederlandstalige community heeft op de toekomst van crypto en het verdere verloop van de prijs. Ik tracht met aandacht deftige topics te vinden op de Engelstalige threads, maar veel verder dan de usual spam en ongefundeerde voorspellingen gaat het niet. Dat hebben we dan weer voor op de Engelstalige fora.  Smiley

Nu zouden we natuurlijk met z'n allen het liefst de prijs de lucht in katapulteren, maar met hoop alleen zullen we er niet komen. Iemand enige visie over de oorzaken van de actuele crash? Enige toekomstvisie, zelfs al is die negatief?
6  Other / Meta / Merit against spam: reward spam reporters & punish spammers on: November 14, 2018, 06:37:12 PM
As I have reported before in this thread, I've continued to report spam posts on a daily basis. It sucks. You feel like cleaning other people's houses, but without being paid for it. It also feels like you're losing the battle cuz every time you clean out a thread, there's new spam the day after. My respect for the mods who do this constantly has been grown even huger since.

Keeping in mind how many - if not all - spammers only do this only for the signature bounty campaigns, I (modestly) think I might have found a way of using the Merit system to actually get rid of new spammers as well as to clean the threads from the spam that's already there, and I believe it might even be quite simple to implement.

This idea no doubt needs to be refined, and I am quite curious to hear the other members' opinion about this.


For every 500 reported posts, which are evaluated and confirmed as "Good" spam by the mods, users get 1 Merit.

To avoid inaccurate reports (meaning posts that are not actual spam and are qualified as "Bad" non-spam posts), the user only receives this if his accuracy is at least at 99%. If he goes lower than 99%, he loses his number of reported posts and firstly has to continue reporting to get back to 99% from which the counting to 500 restarts from zero.

At the end of this post, I explain why I believe the system should be so severe.


You know those 1 Merit Junior Members? You know those long-membership Full and Senior Members who post nothing but shit? Does "You sir project very unique I follow" ring a bell?

I say: hit them where it hurts most.

Every time 20 posts from a member have been rightfully reported (meaning 20 posts qualified as "Good" spam by the mods), those members lose 1 Merit.


- It would be appreciated by those good-willed Newbies and Juniors who are actually trying to do something useful for the forum, even without necessarily posting rocket science or Nobel Prize in Literature quality, to get a little bit higher in rank. You just can't expect people who are new to crypto, to post HQ topics and replies but at least they can earn some Merits while they are growing and learning. The reward would be nice but not disproportional, because if they wish to grow in rank, they will actually need to report 500 posts which is A LOT. So they will be helping to keep the forums tidy whilst being discouraged to post spam for which they risk to lose Merit again.

- It would be appreciated by those good-willed higher ranked members who are always wondering if it wouldn't be better to get a life, instead of spending hours reporting spam on their favorite forum. At least you'd feel like you're not doing this for nothing. Yes, that includes myself, too Roll Eyes. (don't worry, I will continue to actively report even without Merit Cheesy)

I believe nonetheless that it would especially help newer members, as the reward decreases "relatively" while your rank grows.

Let me use an example to make myself clear:

I have now over 1000 reported posts with 100% accuracy. To me, this would mean 2 Merits, which is nice but modest for a Full Member and even more modest for higher ranks. To a Newbie or Junior Member, however, this is huge, and their participation and involvement in the forums would increase.

- It would be appreciated by those good-willed higher ranked members (this also includes myself), who have been searching endlessly for those lower-ranked good-willed members "who most certainly are out there and deserve to receive sMerits but can't seem to be found nonetheless". Of course, these low-ranks will still be able to receive sMerits for their high-quality posts, but this extra "Spam Reporting Merits" will at least guarantee them a bit more visibility and credibility.

- It would be appreciated by those good-willed mods who do not like to ban people easily. The system would not "kill" or "ban" members but these members would be forced to respect the very minimum low-level requirement of participating in the conversations in a normal people's way to be able to receive Merit and participate in bounty campaigns.

- It would be appreciated by those good-willed members who do not want bounty campaigns to disappear but hate spam nonetheless. Indeed, you've guessed it: this also includes myself. This system would not only clean the existing spam posts, as these would be reported and deleted by the mods. It would also avoid new spam as you risk losing Merits every time 20 of your posts are accurately reported as spam.

- It would be appreciated by those good-willed members who do want to learn more about crypto or other subjects on the forums: by reading, scrolling and reporting spam, you also get to see interesting replies and OP's.

- And to those goldseekers who don't care about interesting topics, involvement or participation, and who came here only to get bounty signature money we now could say: you are most welcome to this forum and can stay a Newbie forever, but if you want to get a higher rank, you'll have to get your hands dirty and work for the forum by reporting spam.

- Keeping the numbers high and the accuracy demands very strict will avoid making a whole new level of Merit accumulation by members who are trying to report posts untruthfully.
7  Other / Meta / Shouldn't bounty managers clean up spam posts in their thread ? on: September 26, 2018, 05:52:38 PM
Disclaimer: I do not claim that bounty managers are spammers! Wink

So I've been spending the past few days cleaning up some bounty threads by reporting several messages as spam. ALL of them were accepted with a 100% accuracy rating. I am talking especially about these two types of posts:

1. "you are great sir you project i see great future go to moon you have my support".

These come mostly - but not always - from Newbies without Merit, or from the infamous 1 Merit Junior Members. No doubt some of these come from fake accounts, especially if their activity is 1. Cool

2. Bounty campaign updates for campaigns that finished weeks and even MONTHS ago!

You've seen these things before, surely:

WEEK # 17 (21/09 - 27/09)
Twitter Link: XXXX
Likes and Retweets:

Facebook Link: XXXX
Liked and Shared Posts:
3. and so on...

They are part of the bounty game, so I suppose we just have to live with them. But continuing to post these horrible things, while quoting themselves from the weeks before that, not only weeks but sometimes even MONTHS after the campaign has ended, can only mean two things: either you don't care enough about this forum and the campaign to just read the OP from time time. Or you're a robot.

Some examples are this (ended August 15th). Or this (ended July 31st). And this (ended 4 months ago, it's even marked in the thread's subject but people still post updates). Sigh...

Suddenly it occurred to me: what the heck am I doing? Cleaning up someone else's mess? My respect for the mods on this forum who have to try and keep these threads spam-free has only grown bigger... Sometimes they really must have the feeling the situation is hopeless...

I have nothing against bounty management or against bounties - heck, I am participating myself, so I would be a huge hypocrite if I would have a problem with them. Some managers really make the effort of adding "ENDED" to the subject thread, but that doesn't help against robots. I just think the amount of spam in the bounty threads could be seriously reduced - and the forum mods could be relieved from a serious part of the spam cleaning - if this responsibility would be delegated to the bounty managers. Same goes for translators of bounty threads.

My gentle suggestions:
1. Keep your threads self-moderated.
2. Clean up nonsense posts.
3. Clean up bounty updates once the campaign is over.
4. Close the thread as soon as all bounties have been distributed.

If the bounty managers were to take this responsibility, it could also create an indirect but nonetheless very important extra advantage: it could largely improve the quality of the bounty campaigns, and at the same time reduce the number of fake threads. Cause if you are responsible for keeping your thread clean from spammers and robots, you might think twice before opening yet another fake or spam airdrop or bounty thread.

If you've read some of my other posts, you'll already know that I don't like to impose rules. But bounty managers could for instance keep their thread self-moderated on a voluntary basis for anti-spam reasons. At the same time, it could also give their campaign and their management skill an extra credibility boost.

In a nutshell, bounty managers, forum mods, forum members and even crypto-project leaders and teams: everyone could profit from this!
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bloomberg: Dutch company Flow Traders offers crypto investments on: July 05, 2018, 04:57:49 PM
Finally we are getting some good news in recent days. This one also. News just came in. Dutch trading company Flow Traders goes for it:
9  Other / Serious discussion / Thorough analysis: Terms&Conditions & Privacy on crypto exchanges !BE WARNED! on: June 13, 2018, 06:02:56 PM
I keep this topic self-moderated FOR ANTI-SPAM REASONS ONLY.

***MOST RECENT UPDATE: 2019/04/25: NEW UPDATE FOR MERCATOX 3. and BINANCE 2. and 5. and minor changes/updates to BINANCE 3. and 4.***
***MOST RECENT UPDATE: 2018/12/02: NEW UPDATE FOR CRYPTOPIA 3. 4. and 5.***
***MOST RECENT UPDATE: 2018/10/25: NEW UPDATE FOR COINEXCHANGE 1. 2. 3. and 4.***

I am not an IT wonder professor or a rocket scientist, but I've got quite a bit of legal experience. I've used this to do some research in the last weeks to make a somewhat deeper analysis of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY of some popular exchanges. Most of the times it was really boring - the usual stuff, trying to limit liability as much as possible - but I discovered some really funny formulations and Kafkaesque errors, too. From a user's/customer's point of view, am I the only one who finds some of these results extremely disturbing?

I think we really need to create a community-made code of conduct. Check my OP from some weeks ago. I honestly think this idea deserves larger support.

KuCoin came out as undisputed number one when it comes to trustworthy, solid terms of use, finding a perfect balance between customer rights and liability, whilst fully respecting our privacy. On the other side of the spectrum, I am not sure who should win the price of worst user protection, but I think CoinExchange is one of the strongest contenders in this category.


1. Terms of Use:

- You are responsible for this, you are solely responsible for that etc. They are liable for nothing and you have to respect all their rights, such as copyrights, property rights etc.

- They can kick you out if you behave in a way they find "inappropriate or unlawful". No definition so this is pure arbitrariness.

- In case of conflict, they will settle "by means of negotiation". If no solution is found, it will be settled by "the Court of the principal place of business of the Service". It is not marked where the principal place of business is to be found. In case you're interested: they are based in London. I had to do a search and found the information on the (official) UK Companies House: click here.

- They can change, stop, suspend their services at any time, even without notice. They are - of course Roll Eyes - not liable for doing so.

- This is probably a copy-paste text, because there's actually a hilarious error in this text - point 8 Limitation of Liability: "The Company, its affiliates or its partners be liable (directly or indirectly) for any losses or damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, general, special, compensatory, consequential, and/or incidental, arising out of or relating to the conduct of you or anyone else in connection with the use of the Service." They are actually saying (in bad English) that they "be liable". Sadly, it's probably only a typo, so don't get your hopes up of getting any rights out of that. Smiley

2. Privacy Policy:

They have the right to take your name and e-mail address and pass them on to other parties as well as governments. Etc.

3. Adding coins / ICO:

The information about adding coins through payment or by voting, and even the adding of ICOs is clearly marked on its site.

4. Coin Removal Policy:

I did not find any info about this, but feel free to let me know.

5. Fees:

Mercatox communicates clearly about its fees for trading and withdrawal.



1. Terms of Use:

I think they invented or copy-pasted most of this stuff themselves. I'll remain polite and say it sounds pseudo-legal. It's some kind of legally-sounding text, formulated in a bit of an amateurish way, sometimes even contradicting themselves, probably in an effort to try to dismiss as much liability as possible. Wink Or maybe they were afraid of copyright claims for copying other people's Terms of Use. Cool

- You are responsible for this, it is prohibited to that etc. Again, the predictable terms that they are liable for nothing and you have to respect all their rights, such as copyrights, trademarks etc.

- They can terminate or suspend your access to the exchange at any time, even without notice and are - again Roll Eyes - not liable for doing so. They can do this for any reason! In that case, they also "reserve the right to remove or delete any information that you may have on file with us, including any account or login information".

- They can remove any content that does not comply to the terms "in their judgment". Again pure arbitrariness. By the way, if they do remove something, you consent to that removal. "Yes Sir, we removed your content, and the terms say you did consent. We are the brain police." Funny stuff. Grin

- In case of conflict, the laws and courts of the State of New South Wales (which is not a country but a state in Australia) are applicable. Hereunder, this had already been confirmed thanks to the help of BTCtalk member xtraelv.

- In case of conflict, "the statutes and laws of our state" will be applied. And conflicts will be solved by "the federal or state courts". Nowhere is it mentioned which state that is, nor which state's courts. Maybe I have been in the legal business for too long, or maybe I simply have a bad sense of humor, but I find this hilarious. Did some research. Not too much, though. Didn't find where CoinExchange is based.

2. Privacy Policy:

And there's finally a page with a privacy policy (again). Looks ok. Nothing spectacular, and as you read above, you will be protected by the privacy laws that are applied by the State of New South Wales.

In their terms, CoinExchange claims that "Your privacy is very important to us". However, if you hit the link to their policy, you are transferred to a blank page which mentions only the text: "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

Taking the above into account, we now already know we actually consented to the removal of the privacy policy. LMAO.

3. Coin Acceptance policy:

Clear information about how you could apply to get your coin or tokens listed on CoinExchange. There's also more technical information about the supported platforms on CoinExchange.

Coin Acceptance policy:

It gets even funnier. First they claim to have high standards (coins concerning "innovations" and "science, humanity and the environment"), but next to that, they "also believe in letting the free market sort out which coins should thrive and survive". Oh and lastly, "We also accept paid listings". In short, they'll just list any crappy coin.

4. Coin Removal policy:

"Coin halts and delisting’s from will be published in the News section of the website and a notice will be placed on the top of the currency market page." They have also created a separate page where upcoming delistings are published, which can be easily found in the basic Menu on the website.

However, once again, if the terms say delistings will be published in the News section, they have to publish it in the News section and not on a separate page. Sigh.

Coin Removal policy:

On the same page, you will find their Coin Removal Policy. They claim to leave you 30 days at least. They also say that "All coin removals from will be advertised in the News section of the website and on Twitter." This means that if you are a long-term hodler, you have to check regularly if your coin is not being delisted, to prevent it from being lost to you forever. Moreover, there has been no removal announcement in their News section since 2017 and their Twitter account has been suspended for several months now. Nonetheless, several coins have been removed since. So these coins have been removed in a way that is in conflict with their own conditions.

5. Fees:

The applied fees for trading and withdrawal are clearly marked.


1. Terms of Use:

- The same good old non-liability formulations.

- The terms of use have "the legal effect as a legal contract", they say. However, it is nowhere marked where you should go, should they not respect their obligations. Well, I know, they have no obligations, right? You're the only one who does! I mean, I do understand that exchanges do not want to be responsible for the mistakes of their users, but at least have some dignity, respect these people who are your customers and want to have certain rights and certitudes without risking to be kicked out or suspended "at Binance’s sole discretion, without any prior notice, for whatsoever reason, and Binance shall not be liable to you; however, Binance shall have the right to keep and use the transaction data, records and other information that is related to such account". So yes. They have rights.

- They ask you to "refer to the company and license information at the bottom of the website of Binance for the information regarding the operator of Binance". I do not see this info at the bottom of the website, but maybe that's just me.

- Finally, watch out, because: "Binance shall have the right to delete, at the same time of suspension or termination of services, information related to any un-traded coin tokens that you have uploaded to Binance prior to the suspension or termination."

2. Privacy Policy:

The content and reasons of the collected information are clearly stated. Binance "will not disclose or provide any personal information to third party sources without review from our legal case team and/or prior consent from the user". Understand well that the "and/or" means they will not necessarily ask for your prior consent, if the legal case team says 'go for it'.

Looks quite kosher to me. Binance will not share your private info without your consent. That's good news.

3. Coin Adding Policy:

No conditions found. You have to fill in a form to apply.

4. Coin Removal Policy:

No info found. Feel free to let me know, should you have any.

5. Fees:

The fees are clearly marked for trading and [deposit/]withdrawal. [There's also a chapter about fee structure in the support pages, which is about the same as the information on the general "Fees" page.]


1. Terms of Use:

These are by far the most acceptable Terms of Use I've seen during my research, and I believe KuCoin is setting a standard which should be the absolute minimum for any exchange. In a nutshell, the standard liability and non-liability formulations. In general, your account can only be suspended or terminated in case of agreement breach. "In the event of termination, KuCoin will return any Funds stored in your KuCoin Account not otherwise owed to KuCoin, unless KuCoin believes you have committed fraud, negligence or other misconduct".

KuCoin settles disputes through arbitration, which will be passed on to the "Hong Kong Court of International Arbitration". I do prefer private institutions, though.

Nonetheless, Kudos for this, KuCoin.

2. Privacy Policy:

I was very surprised to see that here also, your rights are well respected. No personal info will be shared without consent. Even the application of the brand new European GDPR is mentioned, so these policies are perfectly kept up-to-date.

3. Coin Adding Policy:

No conditions found. A form needs to be filled in by applicants.

4. Coin Removal Policy:

No info found.

5. Fees:

Fees are clearly marked on their website.


1. Terms of Use:

These Terms of Use look regular and acceptable. IDEX also settles its disputes through arbitration in Panama courts.

2. Privacy Policy:

You'll find the privacy policy on the same page as the Terms of Use. Nothing shocking here either. Your rights are well reserved and no info will be shared without your consent. No info about the European GDPR thought, which is probably the only detail that made KuCoin the winner of my analysis.

3. Coin Adding Policy:

You can find a PDF document online, containing the guidelines for new coins. A form needs to be filled in by applicants.

4. Coin Removal Policy:

No info found.

5. Fees:

Fees are clearly marked on the bottom of their website. You only pay for trades, but you have to add a gas fee for each transaction.


1. Terms of Use:

Only a very short Disclaimer on the website. As it is a decentralized exchange, it is probably useless to add EtherDelta to this list. There is no risk of some group or owner running of with your coins by abusing their terms of use.

2. Privacy Policy:

Since EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange, based on a smart contract, you probably haven't shared any personal information with this site. Nonetheless, if for some reason you did, I did not find a privacy policy.

3. Coin Adding Policy:

No conditions found. It's decentralized. If you know how to do it, anyone can add one.

4. Coin Removal Policy:

Idem dito.

5. Fees:

Gas fees for transactions are clearly marked on a separate Reddit post.


1. Terms of Use:

Very detailed legal definitions, probably to avoid any interpretative discussion. Courts of the British Virgin Islands intervene in case of a dispute. Looks normal and regular.

2. Privacy Policy:

Everything you need for the protection of your personal info. There's an extra mention that even internally, your info is only to be used by employees who need it for the exchange.

3. Coin Adding Policy:

On its support page, Bitfinex says that "Several factors go into our decision-making process when considering adding a new token to Bitfinex. Some of these factors include user requests, shareholder interest, market capitalization, token design parameters, and a thorough assessment of the token's development process; including, but not limited to, the team behind the coin and their strategies for solving technical and nontechnical problems.

We continue to monitor these factors and make prudent decisions to keep our customers' best interests in mind."

4. Coin Removal Policy:

No info found.

5. Fees:

Maker and taker fees are clearly marked on the website.



1. Terms of Use:

- recent updates confirm your rights as protected under the New Zealand Consumer Laws. Terms have become more transparent, containing a glossary with legal definitions, as well as a link in case you consider filing a complaint.
- liability definitions and limitations have become more transparent as well; following their clause 12.1(d) their liability is limited to 5000$ (which, I'd say, are Kiwi dollars, not USD).

2. Privacy Policy:

Looks fine and transparent. I do not know New Zealand's 1993 Privacy Act, but I suppose it contains all necessary protection to not have your home address and mobile phone number published on Times Square's billboards. Also, another link is available for filing a complaint in case you feel your rights have been violated.

3. Coin Adding Policy:

Cryptopia offers several Coin Listing Services. Under Support, more information can be found about the demands and conditions to get your coin listed. The info is actually very detailed and also includes info about swaps, airdrops, forks etc.

Cryptopia has its own system to add and promote new coins, called "Paytopia".

4. Coin Removal Policy:

"(I)n most situations we will give at least 30 days notice via a Help Centre article, market and coin info notice and an email sent to all holders of coins in delisting status 4-weeks, 2-weeks and 48-hours prior to a coin being fully delisted." All pending delistings are clearly marked on a separate page.

Cryptopia aims to announce the delisting of a coin by e-mail to all of its holders at least 1 month before its delisting. All pending delistings are clearly marked on a separated page.

5. Fees:

Cryptopia has added a link to the trading and withdrawal fees, which can be found on the bottom of Cryptopia's website.

I had to go the Help Center to find out which trading and withdrawal fees are applied by Cryptopia.



1. Terms of Use:

These Terms of Use look regular and acceptable. Interesting to know is that - like very often - your account can be suspended or terminated "in appropriate circumstances and at our discretion" (I am not sure if both go together Cheesy), however: "Upon termination, you must provide details for a valid bank account to allow for the transfer of any currencies credited to your account." Meaning you will not lose your coins if they do.

Further on, the usual liability (or should I say: non-liability) disclaimers and warnings. In case of legal disputes, the courts of the Australian State of Victoria are competent. FYI, the company's name is NEX Markets PTY Limited. You'll find more info about the company in the Australian company register.

I must admit that I am impressed with the fact that there is a clear "Make a complaint" information page.

2. Privacy Policy:

Privacy policy is quite clear, containing also more details about what kind of information is being saved about the users. Further on, Australia's privacy laws are applicable. As a European, I am a bit surprised to see the phrase "We reserve the right to charge a fee for searching for and providing access to your information." I have no idea if Australian privacy laws allow charging a fee for accessing your information. I am however 100% sure that this is not allowed under the European GDPR.

For privacy freaks (like me), there's also a detailed Cookie Policy available.

3. Coin Adding Policy:

No info found (yet?).

4. Coin Removal Policy:

No info found (yet?).

5. Fees:

Fees are clearly marked on the bottom of their website, for crypto and fiat money, since Nauticus also works with fiat.

Feel free to ask if you want me to screen any other exchange for you. Also, let me know should there be any errors or updates in these exchange's policies!
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Newbie checklist: how to DYOR (and recognize scams from miles away)? on: May 31, 2018, 06:48:07 PM
Especially for all new members who would like to know more about the (in)famous "DYOR" expression. Where to start, what to look at, what to follow etc.

The one and only (short and easy!)

Just follow this short list to get a serious indication of a project / coin / ICO being real and not a scam:


- if team members are known, check their profiles and experience
- if team members are anonymous, check if there's a specific reason why they remain anonymous (for ex. because it's an anonimity coin). If there is no reason: consider it as scam unless proven otherwise Smiley


Do a follow-up of the development on social channels. WATCH OUT for fake Twitter accounts (make sure you are on the correct account - double-check the name Shocked)!!!

Has there been no significant news of development for 4 months? Stop kidding yourself then.


- from an investor's point of view: most of the time, the higher the supply, the lower the chance of extremely high prices. But exceptions exist of course, especially for really good projects, which might take giant leaps, even with a rather high supply. Exceptions are however... errrm... exceptional. Cool
- from an anti-scam point of view: a high supply could mean a malicious dev is planning to drop a high amount of the coins he created himself on the market. By the time you realize that he is dropping his coins, he'll have run off with the BTC you paid for his scam coins, leaving you without BTC and with a big bag of his useless scam coins.


Man... Honestly, I think it's over. Airdrops are soooo 2017 and even back then, most of them were just dropping useless or scam coins. Or the airdropped amount is so low, they are not worth the effort. Or they want you to put something on your Facebook or Twitter or ... and then it's actually not an airdrop but a bounty. They just call it "airdrop" to lure people in.

Personally, I've not participated in any airdrop for months. It's a free country of course, but I would not waste my time on them. Should you decide to participate anyway: NEVER EVER send coins yourself to receive an airdrop and NEVER EVER give your private key to anyone.


- check how many followers: on Twitter, FB, BTCtalk threads and so on. In most cases: the higher the support, the more lifespan is guaranteed.
- check how many (decent) exchanges are selling this coin: good liquidity means you should be able to buy this coin as easily as you could sell it. You have to respect market prices, of course, but you just don't want to risk being stuck with a coin.


The most important thing. Just another payment coin? Just another gambling project? Real estate?

I mean, is it really an interesting project which has something new to offer? Be realistic and ask yourself:

1. Is this what we (or some - enough people to keep it alive) are waiting for? Gap in the market? Interesting project?
2. Does the fact that the project is created on the Blockchain create an added value?

Don't forget: NEVER INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. If it looks to good to be true, it's not true.
11  Local / Off-topic (Nederlands) / Smart home / smartify your home: iemand ervaring mee? on: May 20, 2018, 10:29:08 AM
We worden tegenwoordig constant om de oren geslagen met allerlei "smart" toestellen, de ene al nuttiger dan de andere. Heeft er iemand ervaring mee? En zijn er toestellen bij waar je echt niet meer zonder kan?

Ik heb bv. pas een paar wifi-stekkers gekocht op Aliexpress. Lijkt me nuttig voor GSM-laders, of allerlei toestellen die niet in het contact moeten zitten wanneer je niet thuis bent. Moet ze nog ontvangen, maar ik denk dat dat een meerwaarde zal betekenen. Ik overweeg ook een thermostaat te installeren, maar dat zal pas voor het najaar zijn. Niet echt nuttig in de zomer en intussen dalen de prijzen voor die toestellen nog wel een beetje. Smiley

Maar ik zie niet echt het nut in van pakweg een smart bureaulamp of zo. Ik kan echt wel zelf op de schakelaar drukken hoor... Voorlopig lijkt zo'n luidspreker à la Google Home waaraan je commando's geeft ook nog niet echt nuttig voor mij. Integendeel, ik vind dat Google al over genoeg informatie van mij beschikt.

Heeft iemand ervaring? Is het echt nuttig, of is het (voorlopig) eerder een leuke gadget?

Thx voor alle info!
12  Other / Serious discussion / Code of Conduct in Exchanges: The Crypto Constitution (+ Terms of Use screening) on: May 12, 2018, 03:09:17 PM
The world of crypto has become a billion dollar business with millions of users buying, selling and speculating on the new crypto-exchanges. No explanation needed to know that this is a VERY lucrative business.

Keeping in mind that Satoshi created his Bitcoin to put an end to the power monopolies which were resting in the hands of governments, banks and corporations, I am having the feeling that many of these crypto exchanges have formed a new group of corporations. Lately I've been reading quite some complaints about people who find themselves scammed by exchanges. Someone even suggested some of the exchanges are owned by whale groups. I have never been scammed but some actions clearly feel as unlawful practices which we have no choice but to accept.

I AM NOT SAYING THESE EXCHANGES ARE OR ARE NOT ABUSING THEIR POWER. What I am saying is this: should they want to abuse their power, you have no rights whatsoever.

My libertarian heart is bleeding when I am saying this, but: we have a lot more legal protection and rights against governments, banks and corporations, than we have against some of these exchanges.

I think we, the users, should stick together and create a Code of Conduct, as a kind of "Private Constitution", let's call it "The Crypto Constitution" or "The Crypto Code of Conduct", leaving the possibility to any exchange (voluntarily) to undersign this Code of Conduct. This Code should contain our rights as users/clients/investors.

I am thinking of the following suggestions:

- clear rules about how and where exchanges publish their fees
- clear rules about how to sign up and how to sign out
- clear rules about our privacy protection
- transparency about how and when new coins can be listed
- transparency about why and when existing coins will be delisted, and a minimum amount of time before delisting
- transparency about the owners and (possible) shareholders of the exchanges
- clear rules about what independent institution or which person will take a legal decision in case of a conflict or a discussion
- etc.

The institution or person who judges in case of a conflict, could be a court of law of a country. Personally, as a libertarian, I would suggest the creation of an independent private arbitrator institution, which could then be (voluntarily) accepted as judge by both parties in case of a conflict. If possible through the Blockchain. This could even create a whole new Blockchain industry. In the future, the Crypto Constitution could maybe even be expanded for ICOs and other crypto projects, so that these arbitrators could even be used for conflicts in ICOs and so on.

We all have read and understood the terms and conditions of these exchanges we've been using for months and even years now, telling us what we can and what we may not do. It's about time we stood up and ask them: how about OUR rights?

Screening analysis of terms and conditions of some exchanges

I did some research in the last days to make a somewhat deeper analysis of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of some of these exchanges. Most of the times it was really boring - the usual stuff, trying to limit liability as much as possible - but I discovered some really funny formulations and Kafkaesque errors, too. From a user's/customer's point of view, am I the only one who finds some of these results extremely disturbing?

KuCoin came out as undisputed number one when it comes to trustworthy, solid terms of use, finding a perfect balance between customer rights and liability, whilst fully respecting our privacy. On the other side of the spectrum, I am not sure who should win the price of worst user protection, but I think CoinExchange is one of the strongest contenders in this category.

I split up this thread and posted my findings in a new thread: you can read my detailed screenings of Mercatox, CoinExchange, Binance, KuCoin, IDEX, Etherdelta, Bitfinex and Cryptopia in this thread. Feel free to add your own suggestions and comments if you want me to screen more policies and terms & conditions!
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Still so many scam coins on: May 10, 2018, 06:22:55 PM
How is it possible there's still so many scam coins moving around.

I'm not even talking about useless coins (I won't give any names cuz that would lead to shilling and FUD'ing) but real scams like ETHD or XMRG or BSN etc.

Many of these, by the way, are supported and traded on CoinExchange. I like that exchange less and less.

This year, some serious projects have really taken off, which should be an extra motivation to start looking for decent coins instead of investing in those risky crap coins.
14  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / Merit in Nederlandstalige community on: May 02, 2018, 11:19:21 PM
Meine Damen und Herren  Tongue

In een van de threads op het Meta-forum las ik vandaag dat de Nederlandstaligen bijzonder weinig Merits aan elkaar uitdelen. Dit in tegenstelling tot de Russen, Turken, Indonesiërs, Filippino's, Fransen en Duitsers die elkaar vlotjes met Merit belonen.

De verklaring is volgens mij niet ver te zoeken: wij Nederlandstaligen zijn allen vlotjes meertalig en kunnen dus zonder probleem deelnemen aan de anderstalige threads, zonder al te veel op ons "eigen" Nederlandstalige forum te moeten rondzwermen.

En zo wordt onze sterkte (meertaligheid) op slag onze zwakte (geen onderlinge Merits).

Ik ben erin geslaagd een bescheiden pakje Merits bijeen te zamelen. Ik zal deze graag aan jullie uitdelen. Het zijn er weinig, maar alle beetjes helpen. Als je hieronder een van je interessante bijdrages op dit forum post, zal ik er na lezing graag 1 van mijn sMerits aan schenken. En mind you: wat mij betreft hoeft het absoluut niet in het Nederlands te zijn. Het zou hypocriet zijn want ik post (en lees) zelf quasi enkel in het Engels!

Dit is alles behalve een miss-verkiezing maar we moeten in ons kleine taalgroepje (dat dan ook nog verdeeld is over minstens 2 landen) al vaak genoeg het onderspit delven als minderheid!

Laat maar weten en ik hoop dat mijn suggestie navolging krijgt!
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bastonet [BSN] coin swap... Real project or not? on: May 02, 2018, 12:12:32 PM
So suddenly dev has woken up. Coinexchange will be automatically swapping by the end of this month:

And its Twitter account is also alive.

What to think of all this? It seemed like a dead or scam project to me...
16  Other / Archival / Meta Merit Subboard (The Dungeon) on: May 01, 2018, 07:15:42 PM
At the moment of writing, 19 of the 40 titles on the first page of the Meta board contain the word "Merit". (I deeply apologize for adding one to that list)

Therefore I modestly launch a proposal to add a subboard about Merit in the Meta board.

Informally, we could call it "The Dungeon": it would probably be packed with Newbies and Juniors whining and begging for Merit, as many of them don't seem to have any raison d'être without them damned Merits!
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Panic sellers, please head for the exit (and don't come back) on: March 15, 2018, 10:57:56 PM
Dear Panic Sellers,

If the news about Google Ads and Facebook, as well as bubble-bursting warnings from "respectable" institutions such as universities, economists, banks, opinion makers, investors and governments have convinced you to sell your coins,

If you let yourself be influenced by the messages and actions from these corporations and governments,

You have not understood a single thing about Satoshi's libertarian dream of decentralization and liberty and cannot cope with the responsibility that comes with these liberties. You were only hoping for some quick profit to sell for fiat... Now that you're losing dollars, you are crying all the way... well... to the bank.

I hope you got out completely and never will return, because I am convinced you are as big a threat to Satoshi's dream as the corporations and law-makers that convinced you to panic sell.

PS: To my fellow believers: HODL.  Smiley
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Cryptobanks on: December 30, 2017, 09:12:58 PM
What about the cryptobanks guys? Change Bank (CAG), Hawala Today (HAT), Bankera (BNK), etc. They seem to be doing fine on the markets. HAT very little supply. BNK still in ICO phase but CAG just launched its app today so this one seems to be well advanced in development.

Did any of you invest? What about the futures of decentralized banks? And what about the value of the coins?

And does anyone have anyone experience already with their actual services, I mean, not purely for speculative reasons?

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The famous MyNXT wallet on: December 23, 2017, 01:57:56 PM
Oooooh so MYNXT is closing down.

It's just great they have NOT sent any e-mail about this. What would have happened if I had found out next week?
20  Local / Alt Coins (Nederlands) / [ANN] Hawala.Today | IFS | P2P CASH-CRYPTO | !!! COINSWAP NU ACTIEF !!! on: December 03, 2017, 02:47:43 PM


's Werelds eerste Real-time P2P Crypto-Fiat Currency Exchange

De naam Hawala.Today vindt zijn oorsprong in het antieke Arabische geldtransfersysteem. Maar in tegenstelling tot dit systeem, waar de derde partij een andere persoon is, gebruikt Hawala.Today een escrow die handelt als onpartijdige, neutrale uitvoerder van de transacties. Ons objectief bestaat erin het publiek een betrouwbare en eenvoudige manier aan te bieden om crypto-fiat currencies te converteren via een P2P platform, gebaseerd op de vertrouwde Ethereum blockchain.
Gebruikers zullen een verzoek kunnen versturen, aanbiedingen krijgen van mensen in de buurt, en kiezen welke aanbieding ze aanvaarden. Eenvoudiger wordt het niet!

Een van de essentiële troeven van Hawala.Today is het doel te creëren waarbij elke standaardgebruiker de mogelijkheid krijgt om crypto te kopen met de betaalmethodes die voor hem beschikbaar zijn. Op dit ogenblik zijn er niet veel alternatieven beschikbaar die snelle en goedkope conversie-mogelijkheden aanbieden voor het verhandelen van fiat-cryptocurrency. In de meeste landen zijn de klassieke financiële systemen niet erg flexibel of aanpasbaar. Hierdoor blijft een groot deel van de markt op zijn honger zitten.

Met de smartphone app van Hawala.Today zullen de gebruikers versteld staan van het gemak waarmee zij nu toegang krijgen tot cryptocurrency. De sleutel van onze visie voor Hawala.Today ligt in het feit dat je je tokens kunt omruilen naar cash, door simpelweg iemand in de buurt te zoeken en een ontmoetingspunt af te spreken, in een paar eenvoudige stappen. De app zal tegelijk dienst doen als jouw account op de P2P exchange. De app zal ook het beheer van wallets en currencies, logs, je profiel en de toegang tot de exchange toestaan.


Naam: Hawala Token
Symbool: HAT
Decimalen: 12
Contract Address: 0xc3972ac283b3a7a56125674631a5c254f7f373cf

Oorspronkelijke supply: 2,500,000 HAT
Air Drop: 1,000,000 HAT


Wat maakt Hawala.Today zo uniek? Het klopt dat er nog enkele andere projecten bestaan, die gebaseerd zijn op een model met een fiat-cryptocurrency exchange. Maar het model van Hawala.Today’s is ontworpen om te kunnen werken met een zo beperkt mogelijke, of zelfs helemaal geen technische kennis.

Ontdek - "Discovery Mode"

De app gebruikt een "Discovery Mode" om handelstransacties in de buurt van de gebruiker te zoeken. Vergelijk het met het zoeken naar een ritje met Uber. Schrijf je verzoek en verstuur. De eerste biedingen verschijnen op je scherm en je kunt verdergaan om je deal uit te voeren, of annuleren. In twee eenvoudige stappen leg je de transactie vast over een beveiligde P2P exchange.

Cash Card

De Hawala Cash Card zal het voor de gebruiker mogelijk maken HAT tokens te kopen met fiat currency. De gebruiker zal de code in de app ingeven en het bijhorende bedrag aan HAT ontvangen. De Cash Card zal beschikbaar zijn zoals mobiele prepaid kaarten, in de gewone winkels, wereldwijd.


De Hawala Wallet zal je toegangskaart tot je crypto tokens zijn. Je zult alle ERC-20 tokens kunnen toevoegen, naarmate de app verder wordt ontwikkeld. Je zult een "On Demand" wallet kunnen toevoegen voor Non ERC-20 tokens. Alle adressen van je tokens zullen worden weergegeven op de hoofdpagina van de wallet en je balans zal in tokens zichtbaar zijn, evenals in de equivalente waarden in USD, GBP of EUR.

AML / KYC Screening

De gebruikers van het Hawala.Today platform zullen onderworpen worden aan verificatie volgens de AML- en KYC-standaarden. We willen dat dit project een succes wordt en geloven dat we waakzaam moeten zijn en proactief moeten handelen. Enkele geverifieerde gebruikers zullen tokens kunnen verhandelen met een waarde die $600 overstijgt.


Hawala zal het Incentive for Stake-algoritme integreren om een organische vraag te creëren voor een massale overstap, waar houders incentives zullen verdienen van 15% tot 7.27% in het finale 10de jaar. Er zullen nooit meer dan 7,000,000 HAT beschikbaar zijn.

Total Initial Supply (Totale Oorspronkelijke Voorraad) - 2,500,000 HAT



Het uitgetrokken budget voor marketing en promoties voor het eerste jaar is 250,000 HAT. 25% hiervan zal worden verdeeld tijdens een voortdurende bounty campagne. De campagne voorziet bounties voor de volgende activiteiten:

Enkel het formulier invullen, biedt GEEN GARANTIE op een bounty.
Alle inschrijvingen worden nagekeken en enkel de deelnames die overeenkomen met de regels, worden beloond met de voorziene HAT.

OPGELET: Nagekeken bounty rewards tellen vanaf 19 december. Deelnames voor die datum krijgen de voordien afgesproken bedragen.

YouTube (30 video's)

Super Quality – 100 HAT per video
Good Quality – 65 HAT per video
Normal Quality – 30 HAT per video

1. De video moet een originele bewerking zijn
2. Je kanaal moet minstens 50 abonnees hebben
3. De titel van de video moet "Hawala.Today | P2P Crypto-Fiat Exchange" bevatten
4. De video mag op eender welke manier over Hawala.Today spreken, zolang de info correct en eerlijk is

Schrijf je hier in: YouTube Bounty Form

Artikels (100 artikels)

Super Quality – 30 HAT per artikel
Good Quality – 20 HAT per artikel
Normal Quality – 10 HAT per artikel

1. Moet minstens 300 woorden bevatten en een originele bewerking zijn
2. Moet minstens 2 grafieken bevatten, en een link bevatten naar de website –
3. Mag in eender welke taal geschreven zijn
4. Artikels mogen gepubliceerd worden op Reddit/Steemit/Hackernews/Medium en gelijkaardige platformen, evenals jouw website of blog
5. Moet publiek beschikbaar zijn
6. Het artikel mag op eender welke manier over Hawala.Today spreken, zolang de info correct en eerlijk is
7. Eén persoon kan maximaal drie keer deelnemen

Schrijf je hier in: Article Bounty Form

Sociale Media (1000 posts)

Post Likes / Vind ik leuk-beloningen:
100 Likes – 3 HAT
250 Likes – 5 HAT
500 Likes – 10 HAT

Post Shares / Gedeeld bericht-beloningen:
100 Shares – 3 HAT
250 Shares – 5 HAT
500 Shares – 10 HAT

Schrijf je hier in: Social Media Bounty Form

Signature Bounty

Verzeker je ervan dat je het formulier hebt ingevuld, alle periodes voor de signatures beginnen te lopen vanaf het ogenblik waarop het formulier werd ingediend, zodra je profiel vernieuwd is. Indien je niet in aanmerking komt, zullen we je verwittigen. Zoniet mag je je signature bounty als geactiveerd beschouwen.

Beloningen (eenmalig):

Member - 5 HAT
Full Member - 10 HAT
Senior Member - 15 HAT
Hero/Legendary - 20 HAT


- Enkel Member en hoger gerangschikte gebruikers kunnen deelnemen aan de Signature bounty.
- Signature bounty moet 1 maand behouden blijven, alvorens HAT wordt uitgereikt. Op die manier vermijden we dat gebruikers hun signature verwijderen nadat ze de bounty ontvangen hebben.
- De signature mag op geen enkele manier worden gewijzigd. Er zullen GEEN Bounties worden uitgereikt voor gewijzigde signatures.
- Je moet een PM sturen naar Hawala.Today zodra je de signature aan je profiel hebt toegevoegd. De periode van één maand begint te lopen zodra je de PM stuurt (op voorwaarde dat de signature geldig is).

Schrijf je hier in: Signature Bounty Formulier - Uitgesteld tot na de Coin Swap


Vertalingen (20 HAT per vertaling)

Arabisch -
Russisch -
Indonesisch -
Chinees -
Kroatisch -
Frans -
Italiaans -
Vietnamees -
Filipijns -
Nederlands -
Spaans -
Hindi -
Turks -
Zweeds -
Roemeens - Gereserveerd
Duits - Gereserveerd
Japans - Gereserveerd
Perzisch - Gereserveerd
Portugees - Gereserveerd

Komt jouw taal niet in de lijst voor? Laat hieronder een bericht achter met een "Reserved for <language> translation". PM ons de vertaling. Alle reservaties zullen gedurende 7 dagen vastliggen.



Momentum is een speciale bounty voor de community-leden van Hawala.Today’s. In totaal zullen 10 leden verkozen worden via een stemprocedure. Deze leden zullen "Mentors" worden genoemd, en zullen door de community worden uitgekozen voor hun bijdragen tot de groei van het netwerk van Hawala.Today. De verkiezing zal elke maand plaatsvinden, vanaf januari 2018, een maandelijks zal één Mentor verkozen worden.

10,000 HAT (1000/Mentor)

Meer bounties zullen hier geregeld geüpdatet worden...



1,000,000 HAT van de oorspronkelijke supply werd beschikbaar gemaakt voor de Air Drops, die in vier rondes worden uitgedeeld. Elke ronde heeft een onafhankelijke cap- en verdeelprocedure.
OPMERKING: Informatie per ronde zal geleidelijk worden bekend gemaakt.


Air Drop

Alle tokens zijn uitgedeeld.

De HAT tokens werden in drie categorieën ingedeeld – Low, Mid, High.

LOW – Deelnames met nieuwe wallet adressen. Wallet adressen zonder activiteit zijn verdacht omdat het waarschijnlijk om een tweede wallet voor eenzelfde persoon gaat. We hebben geopteerd voor een beperkte drop voor deze groep.

MID – Deelnames die alle verificaties hebben doorstaan, maar die geen lid zijn van onze Telegram community. Deze deelnemers zullen het standaardbedrag aan tokens ontvangen.

HIGH – Deelnemers die lid geworden zijn van de Telegram community voor het afsluiten van de registratieperiode voor ronde 1. Deze groep zal een bedrag ontvangen dat hoger ligt dan het standaardbedrag.

***** Bezoek om de airdrop distribution sheet te lezen *****

Tijdens het verificatie-proces hebben we 10.000 inschrijvingen verwerkt. Elke inschrijving werd nagekeken en alle verdachte inschrijvingen werden uit de drop verwijderd. Uiteindelijk bleven iets meer dan 3.000 registraties over. Onze belangrijkste doelstelling was eerlijkheid tegenover de community. Er waren verschillende inschrijvingen waarin vergissingen werden gemaakt, en waar de leden ons eveneens contacteerden. Onze aanpak bestond erin de correcte geüpdatete inschrijving te accepteren als deelname.
Ook hier waren wallet adressen zonder activiteit. In alle vertrouwen hebben we een beperkte drop toegestaan, voornamelijk omdat de andere ingevoerde informatie overeenkwam met onze regels en voorwaarden. We beseffen tevens dat we nog specifieker moeten zijn en trachten dit nog te verbeteren.


Air Drop

Deze ronde is beperkt tot de community-leden op TELEGRAM

Om te registreren, zullen deelnemers een formulier invullen. De verzamelde informatie zal gebruikt worden in het verificatie-proces en geldige Telegram-leden zullen de airdrop ontvangen.  

Registratie BEGINT - 26 OKT 2017
Registratie EINDIGT - 29 27 OKT 2017
Airdrop BEGINT - 5 NOV 2017
Airdrop EINDIGT - 7 NOV 2017


Je kunt checken of je naam op de lijst staat: HIER

Een van de grootste uitdaging in Ronde 2 waren meerdere inschrijvingen. Er was een overvloed aan scammers die gebruikersnamen van Telegram-leden gebruikten, en de enige manier om dit alles na te gaan, was manueel. Aangezien de hoeveelheid met meerdere of dubbele inschrijvingen zo hoog was, hebben we een lijst opgemaakt met inschrijvingen die we tot op heden hebben gecontroleerd. Iedereen werd verzocht de lijst met zijn wallet-adres te verifiëren en admin op Telegram een PM te sturen. Velen hebben ons geantwoord en hun inschrijvingen werden gecorrigeerd. Iedereen kreeg drie dagen de tijd om te controleren. Sommige mensen waren niet op tijd, en dat spijt ons. Maar om alles eerlijk te laten verlopen, moeten we ons aan de regels houden.

- RONDE 3 van de Airdrops is LIVE

Ronde 3 drops zullen uitgereikt worden aan de top 1000 wallets voor de hoeveelheid HAT die ze houden. Er zal geen registratie vereist zijn voor deze ronde.

De gebruikers zullen een hoeveelheid HAT ontvangen in de vorm van een percentage van de hoeveelheid die zij reeds bezitten (1000 wallet-addressen)

EINDDATUM - 15 Nov 2017
Disclaimer: Wij behouden ons het recht voor elk wallet-adres met verdachte activiteit uit te sluiten.


Ronde 4 Airdrop zal enkel worden uitgereikt aan de top 250 wallets die HAT bezitten. Net als in ronde 3 is er geen registratie vereist en behouden wij ons het recht voor elk wallet-adres met verdachte activiteit uit te sluiten

Snapshot van de top 250 HAT wallets zal worden gemaakt op 1 DEC 2017

... volg ons op Telegram en Twitter voor meer info.


EtherDELTA (klik hier)
IDEX (klik hier)




Je vindt ons terug op onze sociale media:





OPGELET - DISCLAIMER: De vertaler heeft geen enkele band met dit project. Wijzigingen en updates in de voorwaarden worden niet rechtstreeks of onmiddellijk aan de vertalers gecommuniceerd. Hoewel de vertaler probeert steeds de meest actuele gegevens te vertalen, kunnen er dus verschillen ontstaan tussen de vertaling en de originele Engelse tekst. Bijgevolg dient deze vertaling enkel als indicatie en duiding bij het project en zijn enkel de voorwaarden en bedragen genoemd in de Engelse tekst van toepassing. Je vindt de meeste actuele condities op:

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