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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / RCoinUSA will be absorbed by WORM - Let's get rid of some liars! on: November 12, 2019, 06:33:52 PM
Hello everyone, I have some interesting news for those of you who hold RCoinUSA. I don't make posts like this often, so when I do, it's best if everyone listens

A few years ago I was asked to make a coin for someone, which I've been doing for a very long time, so that's nothing new. However, I have recently discovered the true intentions of how these people treat innocent users, and guess what.. I'm not liking what I've seen. So instead of just saying fuck it and letting some scammers get away with fucking over innocent users, I've decided to step up and use my current position to do what I can to steer people away from these idiots

So I would like to invite (most) users of RCoinUSA to join us in the WORM Blockchain! You are invited to participate in a one-time, short-term opening, swap from your worthless RCNUSA to an active, maintained blockchain in WORM. There will be a swap available to the innocent users in this unfortunate situation for the month of November. When this is finished, there is a good chance that I will use the original code for RCNUSA to both disable the future of the blockchain, as well as erase the past of it; transaction history will be entire over-written to prevent these morons from fucking anyone else over with work that I have done in the past. Don't want to swap? That's fine, but you are accepting the fact that your coins will either: a) become even more worthless than they are now, or b) they may or may not just completely disappear from your wallet. Please note that all current and past wallets will be compatible with my 'network update' when the time comes. If I post new wallets, you would be smart to use it, but if you do not update, it doesn't matter, the old ones will work even worse than the one that I post to end this

I'm sure you have a few questions, so let's just hit the major bullet points:

  • Exchanges will NOT be swapped; you must contact me directly to send your RCNUSA to me and receive WORM in return
  • There will be 1m WORM set aside to welcome new users to our blockchain; swap rate will be 0.00014285 WORM to every 1 RCNUSA sent
  • This will be an option only for the month of November! You must send me a PM with your WORM address, I will reply with an RCNUSA address for you to send your coins to, and you will receive WORM to the address provided

I understand there will be some frustration and confusion, but if you want to complain, take it to the people responsible for this problem, which has ultimately led to this decision. They have lied to both you and I, but the difference with lying to me is that I do not take bullshit lightly and am in a position to rectify this situation for myself, as well as innocent users that have been fucked over by lies and bullshit. As far as I can tell, there are really only a few people that are making the decisions which are affecting people negatively, and I will start with the main culprit:

  • Robert Thomas Fletcher III ( | - Known for skipping out on debts and peddling lies and bullshit to suck even more innocent users into this situation; this is your main moron who is also so stupid that he doesn't even control the premine he is selling you people. In fact, he skipped out on server bills and doesn't even have a backup for the wallet lol
    Quick example of Robert Thomas Fletcher III using clear deceit and spreading lies and bullshit to innocent users: - This is one dude that is pretty fuckin sad, wouldn't you say?
  • Still need more information? Sure, let's do a little more! There's also this little story that is quite interesting: - Seems as if lies, fraud, and deceit are a common theme with this winner, wouldn't you all agree? Because of this, among many other failed attempts at swindling users, on November 22nd, 2008, he was arrested and spent 6 years in pre-trial detention center for fraud and other related issues
  • Is there more!? Oh come on, of course there is! But I think this is enough for now to get the point across. More people and additional information could also be added the longer he takes to straighten things out for those innocent users being affected by the treachery of this, and I use this term lightly in this situation.. 'man'
  • There are other people who will be added to this list once I have gathered enough information to get my point across regarding them, too. If you are involved in this situation or this coin, just know that you will not be forgotten, nor will the actions you have taken be forgiven. Make things right for people, or I will make things very, very wrong for those of you that are involved with perpetuating the lies and scams; you know who you are and you know what you need to do

'Ewwww Spots, you sound so salty' - Do I? Or is it maybe a little bit for thinking I was doing a friend a favor who was making deals and arrangements for this fraudulent 'human being', but really it's more about protecting people at this point than fixing my own situation. WORM has a great idea, great community, excellent wallet, and a solid plan, so I am, fortunately, in a position to help out here. We have some extra coins left over from the Dev Fund for WORM, so much of our community is ready and eager to welcome some new users into our plan! WORM has staking already active for months, it's working great and very easy to do, with Masternodes and Smart Contracts already in the coin, just turned off for the time being (Masternodes will be turned to active in Q1-20, with Smart Contracts following later in the year). Holders of RCoinUSA are actually in a very good position to get something out of nothing, rather than biting the bullet and letting liars and scammers get away with another victory

The WORM Thread is still very barebones as we ramp up to get ready for 2020, but the links and wallets are available here for now: - Again, it's kind of a weird, in-between time for WORM, so it looks a little worse than it should, but I'll be getting around to the cosmetic shit soon enough to make it look prettier. There is also a new domain being launched in early 2020 with new branding and an entire new look to open the shop with fresh inventory and renewable supply. Each time I've opened the store, our entire inventory sold out too quick and we needed more time to expand; this time we've expanded about 4 times in advance so hopefully this is the last of the downtime that we will ever see

Sorry this happened to everyone who holds RCoinUSA, but on behalf of your new friends and community.. WELCOME TO WORM!!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / New Crypto Podcast | The Wormhole #1 is available now on: April 07, 2019, 10:19:56 AM

Hey everyone! So I've decided to start a new crypto podcast. The first one is about my coin, WORM, and what is changing with the new blockchain. I'm interested in possibly speaking with other devs or other interesting people in future episodes. If you're interested, let's talk! This first one is rough, uncut (they all will be uncut, no editing), but it's my first time doing something like this. So if you are looking for more exposure and have a legitimate project worth talking about, hit me up. I'm going to be selective in who I talk to, so if you're running some bullshit ass coin then you can fuck right off. Don't be scared to message me, though, the worst I can say is no, right? So the first one is up there and available now (it's 42 minutes.. I know, it's long, but I had a lot of info to get out to people). Hope to hear from some of you soon.. if nobody is interested, then I'll keep doing them solo, that's no problem, but I'd prefer to help out other projects that are doing good work or innovating. I'll be aiming to do at least one per week. I've been in crypto for over 8 years, 6 of which were spent on here. I am not anonymous, everyone knows who I am and is aware that I know what I'm talking about in this space, so I figured I would do this to spread more information to everyone. I know this first one is rough, and most won't be like this, but it was about the coin that I am developing, so it needed a lot of info all at once; I know the first one sucks if you're not involved in WORM, but if you are, it is very worth listening to

Thanks and I am looking forward to where this takes us!

The Wormhole #1:
The New WORM Thread:
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] WORM v2.4 | Pure PoS | Dynamic Staking | Masternodes | SMART CONTRACTS | on: April 07, 2019, 07:16:23 AM

Daily Giveaway

There are now random daily giveaways!

To be eligible, all you have to do is have a wallet with more than 10,000 WORM in one address

One lucky address above a balance of 10k will receive 1000 WORM for free! So keep your eyes peeled on your balances every day and you might see one of yours be 1000 WORM higher!

This will be happening, on average, once per day!



PLEASE NOTE: The code for Masternodes, Smart Contracts, and Tokens are in there, but are not yet activated

OP is being redone, thanks for your patience

Signature and Avatar Campaign

Anyone who is Hero or Legendary and wants to get in on the sig campaign, use the code below and send me a PM so I can get your name down for weekly WORM (amount has not yet been determined, but it will go up every week you have the sig in your account). I'm thinking something like 500 WORM for Week 1, 600 for Week 2, going up 100 every week. What do you guys think about that? I wanna start it kinda low to incentivize people to keep it on there long-term

If I could get a Senior Member to try it out, too, that would be super helpful; I'm not sure if that rank can use all the color and stuff or not, yet, I might have to make a different one for you guys

[td][font=Arial Black][size=4pt]
[/size][b][size=8pt][url=][color=#569459]🏬 Store[/color][/url]    
[url=][color=#569459]📹  Mealworms YouTube[/color][/url]    
[url=][color=#569459]📊  WORM Block Explorer[/color][/url]    [/size][/b][/font][/td]

[td][url=][color=#569459][size=28pt][font=Arial Black]  🐛  [/font][/size][/color][/url][/td]

[td][center][url=][b][font=Arial Black][size=17pt][color=#569459]W[/color][color=#5D9960]O[/color][color=#649E67]R[/color][color=#6BA46F]M[/color] [color=#7AAF7D]T[/color][color=#81B485]h[/color][color=#89BA8C]r[/color][color=#90BF94]e[/color][color=#97C59B]a[/color][color=#9FCAA2]d[/color] [color=#ADD5B1]o[/color][color=#B5DAB9]n[/color] [color=#A6D0AA]B[/color][color=#9FCAA2]i[/color][color=#97C59B]t[/color][color=#90BF94]c[/color][color=#89BA8C]o[/color][color=#81B485]i[/color][color=#7AAF7D]n[/color][color=#73A976]t[/color][color=#6BA46F]a[/color][color=#649E67]l[/color][color=#5D9960]k[/color][/size][/font][/b][/url]
[url=][color=#569459][b][font=Arial Black][size=8pt]Trade WORM on CoinExchange[/size][/font][/b][/color][/url][color=#569459][b][font=Arial Black][size=8pt]  |  [/size][/font][/b][/color][url=][color=#569459][b][font=Arial Black][size=8pt]Trade WORM on NovaExchange[/size][/font][/b][/color][/url][/center][/td]

[td][url=][color=#569459][size=28pt][font=Arial Black]   🐛  [/font][/size][/color][/url][/td]

[td][font=Arial Black][b][size=4pt]
[/size][size=8pt][url=][color=#569459]😎  Verified on Minds[/color][/url]
[url=][color=#569459]🐦  Follow on Twitter[/color][/url]
[url=][color=#569459]💬  Join us in Discord[/color][/url][/size][/b][/font][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]          [url=][color=#569459][size=10pt][font=Arial Black]Discord[/font][/size][/color][/url][/td][/tr][/table][/center]

Same deal for Avatars. For now, this one works:

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Nucleon (NEON) | PoW Masternodes (x11) | INTERNAL SENTINEL | v2.3 OUT SOON on: October 31, 2018, 04:16:47 PM





NEON Wallet Downloads

NEON Source Code

NEON Discord Server

NEON Bitcointalk Thread

NEON on Twitter

NEON on YouTube

NEON Block Explorer

NEON Mining Statistics

NEON Masternode Statistics

NEON Shared Masternode Hosting



Developer Note: You will not be required to use third-party software such as Python and/or Sentinel, to run a Nucleon Masternode. Nucleon is the first coin to feature Internal Sentinel, which is hardcoded into the wallet and automatically run and will be fully configured for you.. inside the wallet!

  • 8 minute block time with 2MB blocks
  • X11 Mining Algorithm (CPU/GPU/ASIC)
  • Instant transactions using InstantSend
  • Decentralized second-tier masternode network
  • Superior transaction anonymity using PrivateSend
  • Dark Gravity Wave difficulty adjustment algorithm
  • NEON now uses VRX/Velocity difficulty retargeting
  • NEON is the first to implement the DNA Retargeting System

In addition to traditional Proof of Work (PoW) rewards for mining Nucleon, users are also rewarded for running and maintaining special servers called masternodes. Thanks to this innovative two tier network, Nucleon can offer innovative features in a trustless and decentralized way. Masternodes are used to power PrivateSend, InstantSend, and the governance and treasury system. Users are rewarded for running masternodes: 90% of the block reward is allocated to pay the masternode network. Masternodes are resposible for processing both PrivateSend and InstantSend. Masternode owners must have possession of 100,000,000 Nucleon, which they prove by signing a message and broadcasting to the network. Those coins can be moved at any time, but moving them will cause the masternode to fall out of queue and stop earning rewards. Masternode users are also given voting rights on proposals. Each masternode has one vote and this vote can be used on budget proposals or important decisions that affect Nucleon. Masternodes cost money and effort to host so they are paid a percentage of the block reward as an incentive, which is 90% of the Block Reward

PrivateSend gives you true financial privacy by obscuring the origins of your funds. All the Nucleon in your wallet is comprised of different inputs, which you can think of as separate, discrete coins. PrivateSend uses an innovative process to mix your inputs with the inputs of two other people, without having your coins ever leave your wallet. You retain control of your money at all times


  • PrivateSend begins by breaking your transaction inputs down into standard denominations. These denominations are 0.01 NEON, 0.1 NEON, 1 NEON and 10 NEON – much like the paper money you use every day
    Your wallet then sends requests to specially configured software nodes on the network, called “masternodes”. These masternodes are informed then that you are interested in mixing a certain denomination. No identifiable information is sent to the masternodes, so they never know “who” you are
    When two other people send similar messages, indicating that they wish to mix the same denomination, a mixing session begins. The masternode mixes up the inputs and instructs all three users’ wallets to pay the now-transformed input back to themselves. Your wallet pays that denomination directly to itself, but in a different address (called a change address)
    In order to fully obscure your funds, your wallet must repeat this process a number of times with each denomination. Each time the process is completed, it’s called a “round”. Each round of PrivateSend makes it exponentially more difficult to determine where your funds originated. The user may choose between 2-8 rounds of mixing
    This mixing process happens in the background without any intervention on your part. When you wish to make a transaction, your funds will already be anonymized. No additional waiting is required
    Note that PrivateSend transactions will be rounded up so that all transaction inputs are spent. Any excess Nucleon will be spent on the transaction fee

    IMPORTANT: Your wallet only contains 1000 of these “change addresses”. Every time a mixing event happens, one of your addresses is used up. Once enough of them are used, your wallet must create more addresses. It can only do this, however, if you have automatic backups enabled. Consequently, users who have backups disabled will also have PrivateSend disabled

By using a two-tier network, Nucleon is able to quickly confirm transactions much faster than most other networks. Traditional decentralized cryptocurrencies must wait for certain period of time for enough blocks to pass to ensure that a transaction is both irreversible and not an attempt to double-spend money which has already been spent elsewhere. This process is time-consuming, and may take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour for the widely accepted number of six blocks to accumulate. Other cryptocurrencies achieve faster transaction confirmation time by centralizing authority on the network to various degrees. Nucleon suffers from neither of these limitations thanks to its second layer network of masternodes. Masternodes can be called upon to form voting quorums to check whether or not a submitted transaction is valid. If it is valid, the masternodes “lock” the inputs for the transaction and broadcast this information to the network, effectively promising that the transaction will be included in subsequently mined blocks and not allowing any other spending of these inputs during the confirmation time period. InstantSend technology will allow for cryptocurrencies such as Nucleon to compete with nearly instantaneous transaction systems such as credit cards for point-of-sale situations while not relying on a centralized authority. Widespread vendor acceptance of Nucleon and InstantSend could revolutionize cryptocurrency by shortening the delay in confirmation of transactions from as long as an hour (with Bitcoin) to as little as a few secondsBy using InstantSend, Nucleon is able to compete with other, more mainstream technologies such as credit card and PayPal payments without using a central authority, thus keeping the reality of decentralized financial security a reality

Nucleon has a unique Block Reward Structure that has never been seen before. Not only will it slowly trend downwards to ensure inflation does not get out of control, but it will also feature larger blocks on the way down to provide miners an incentive to keep their mining rigs on the network. By using the x11 mining algorith, Nucleon welcomes the use of ASIC mining to ensure long-term network security on the blockchain. By encouraging ASIC mining, Nucleon hopes to entice users to keep their rigs on our network with interesting block rewards that will reward everyone involved from users to miner to Masternode hosts. The general trend for Nucleon blocks will lower rewards by 1 NEON per block, but it is not a straight line down. The formula used will create blocks with a bump of significantly larger rewards on the way down ensuring longetivity with interesting rewards, while also controlling inflation by focusing on a consistently downward trend

As a long-term solution to retaining miners, Nucleon will never have a reward that generates less than 1000 NEON per block; there is a hard-coded failsafe that ensures 1000 coins is the lowest possible reward for any block, no matter what!

The Nucleon Development Team is comprised of some of the most experienced developers who have been involved with cryptocurrency and related services for many years. Not only are we all extremely versed in this space, we have also worked behind the scenes for many of your favorite coins and sites! The team is a collaboration of five people who have been writing, editing, and forking code such as coins, mining pools, online and offline graphics such as wallet designs, websites, and logos, services like web wallets, block explorers, payment processors, and tons more; if crypto has it, one of us has done it! All of this experience and collective learning has lead us to each other for Nucleon and we are all very excited to continue working on a dedicated project together. Nucleon development is lead by iGotSpots and Nashanas. Web services like mining pools, block explorers, and masternode sharing programs are run by g420 and pjcltd. Wallet layout has been designed by Zoras. While it sounds weird to use psuedonyms as your faithful team, most of us are not anonymous at all and are very easy to identify. We are here to service the Nucleon community and our goals are exactly the same: provide the best product and the best user experience possible to each and every single user. Whether you hold 1 NEON or 120 millon NEON, you are our main focus. We look forward to interacting with the community and taking every suggestion into consideration to better improve the experience and returns for you, the individual user

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON

stratum+tcp:// -u NEON_ADDRESS -p c=NEON,m=solo




NEON Website




NEON Wallet Downloads

NEON Source Code

NEON Discord Server

NEON Bitcointalk Thread

NEON on Twitter

NEON on YouTube

NEON Block Explorer

NEON Mining Statistics

NEON Masternode Statistics

NEON Shared Masternode Hosting
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Nucleon (NEON) - Web-Based Mining via Forum (Not based on Post Count) on: October 09, 2017, 03:33:16 AM
Domain has moved to


Join us on Discord
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / 🐛 HealthyWormCoin • Temporary 2017% PoS • CLOUD STAKING IS BACK!! 🐛 on: March 16, 2017, 07:56:33 PM

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm way too overwhelmed right now with doing all of this at once, so I'm going to simplify things a bit. The situation is this: HealthyWorm needs to expand, and we need to do it yesterday. It's getting a lot bigger than I expected and things need to change. However, this opens up a new opportunity for any users who are looking to join in

Starting this weekend, I will be moving 100,000 WORM from the premine into a separate address. These coins will be broken down into chunks of 1000 and will be sold for 0.05 BTC each. These coins will be held and staked by me until the end of May. At that point, all users will receive their 1000 coins. This is the important part.. every week, you will be sent the amount that staked from your 1000, meaning you will receive roughly 350+ WORM every week (paid every Sunday with the sig, avatar, and social media bounties), and at the end of May you will also get the original 1000. Consider this Cloud Staking 2.0 as I have set up a dedicated server to run this wallet. It is equipped with custom-written software and scripts to maximize staking returns higher than any of you are able to do. The speed with which this combines and optimizes block sizes is incredible and will be online 24/7. The wallet will be backed up on a stand-alone backup that will continue to stake with the same method if the first fails temporarily for any reason and will be automatically activated within milliseconds of an error

A lot of you have been following me for quite some time and know that I do very well in everything I do. However, in my personal life right now I have a lot going on outside of my business. We are not ready to go public with the details, yet, and I'm not sure if we ever will, but it has affected me deeply and slowed down my progress. The reality of the current moment is this: HealthyWorm needs to expand and we need to raise a small amount of capital to cover the rest of the costs

If you want to join in on this, the process is simple. Send me a PM saying you want to join and I will reply with a BTC address for you to send 0.05 BTC to enroll. When you send the coins, please send me another PM (or include it in the first one and be done with it) containing your WORM address for the weekly payments, as well as the initial 1000 sent at the end of May. There is no limit on the amount of spots you can buy, but only a max of 100 spots will be offered for this round. The first week will receive a few extra days of staking since I am going to start it a little early for the people who get in first.

Many people used Cloud Staking when I offered it in the past. It was one of my most successful endeavors and we had zero complaint tickets in more than six months of operation. I really hope you guys consider joining in. This is a very rough time for me both personally and professionally, but I would like to keep things moving as quickly as possible. The more we get out there, the faster we can expand and get more customers, meaning more liquidity, meaning higher returns for all users as we will be able to do more promotions in new target markets

Thanks for considering, I hope to hear from all of you very soon - - Spread it around, please

HealthyWormCoin Thread:
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / 🐛  HealthyWormCoin  •  Sig/Avatar  •  Temp 2017% PoS  •  FEATURED CURRENCY  🐛 on: March 16, 2017, 07:24:30 PM

Superworm Breeding Guide

Mining Pools




8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Merry Christmas on: December 25, 2016, 11:22:01 AM
I'm sure the mods will move this sooner rather than later since I posted it, but Merry Christmas to all you altcoiners. I never really cared about the other sections of the site so fuck them, you guys get the post here

Anyone who sees this before they move it.. I hope you have a good holiday season and 2017 is better for everyone than the abomination of 2016 was

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Joyous whatever it is you happen to celebrate.. to all you grimy fucks!
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Promotional Consideration provided by on: October 09, 2016, 08:39:40 PM

MODS: This is a COIN - Stop moving the topic to Marketplace when this is a launch thread
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Promotional Consideration provided by on: September 12, 2016, 01:04:18 AM
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / CUBE/PROMO Twitter Campaign on: September 11, 2016, 04:44:42 AM

Twitter Campaign

Getting started is easy and only takes a few quick moments
1) Go to
2) Click Create New App
3) Enter anything for Name, Description, Website ( if you want)
4) Create your Twitter Application
5) Click Generate My Access Token and Token Secret
6) Set Access Level to Read and Write

The four things needed are:

Under Application Settings:
Consumer Key (API Key)
Consumer Secret (API Secret)

Under Your Access Token
Access Token
Access Token Secret

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same as all of the web apps that ask for access to tweet on our behalf, I am simply having you guys set it up manually so you understand exactly what will happen. We will not send original tweets from your account!! This enables read and write access to the associated Twitter account. This does NOT give access to Direct Messages. I will not view any information or read your tweets. This will simply retweet and favorite tweets sent out by @PurePoS

To avoid initial spam, I recommend retweeting one of my recent tweets. That way it will only use new messages instead of spamming a bunch of old ones first

Please include your CUBE and PROMO addresses when this is all complete and set up, as well as your @ handle on Twitter. Promoters receive 50k CUBE and 5 PROMO weekly, sent out every Sunday

CUBE Information: Bitcointalk Thread
PROMO Information: FreeStaking Blog
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / WARNING - Bleutrade not processing BTC withdrawals on: September 02, 2016, 04:22:47 AM
Been waiting for nearly 4 days now for two separate BTC withdraws. No response to 3 tickets
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / C-CEX locking working wallets. Are they staking or just incompetent? on: July 28, 2016, 04:41:17 PM
Could it be they have decided to start staking user balances and cannot process withdrawals, so the wallet is locked instead..? Seems likely in the current scenario

Stay tuned to this weekend - I have a feeling a post about their current situation may pop up there soon  Wink

Will unlock as needed for updates; no need for discussion today
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / C-CEX flat out stealing a SIGNIFICANT amount of money by locking out of account on: June 30, 2016, 07:04:59 PM
Yesterday in C-CEX chat, I informed users that I, indeed, made FLOZ for Bobsurplus. Collette then banned me from chat. Keep in mind, this is the same moderator that openly trolls and incites users to use community bans to keep his position as a biased mod and not lose it by issuing illegitimate bans himself

I opened a ticket demanding he be removed as a mod for these games that have been going on for well over a year or I would start spilling the beans on what actually goes down with the programs they are running. I'm sick of the trolling from mods, I don't mind it from users, but Yuriy has people in positions they should not be in and it's ruining his site, many interesting coins (not just mine). Just look at the volume drop they have seen since the chat got overrun

My account is now locked and I am unable to access a significant amount of Bitcoin and altcoins. Yuriy and I were friends for a long time, so I trusted that C-CEX was a safe place for me to keep this much. Stupid, yes, but I don't care about the massive amount of Bitcoin worth of BTC and alts in the account, I care about the powerplay and attempted theft. I say attempted because the amount we are talking is worth me paying as much as it takes to get it back; this is far from over

Yuriy, you are flat out stealing from a user who will not allow you to do such a thing. The legal cost for others to get it back for me is far less than the amount that you have stolen. Unlock the account immediately, I don't care if you keep me banned from chat, but if you do not unlock the account, you are blatantly stealing user funds

My coins and account have now been held hostage for over 24 hours while they demand I apologize for what I said. This will not happen, because every word of it is true. This issue needs to be settled immediately. There is now a ticking clock of 24 hours from now for me to have access to my own funds. I will not hesitate any longer (it's been over 24 hours now since you have stolen my money), and will begin the process of notifying you via other means on Monday morning. I will also call in every favor I have with writers, journalists, and all forms of media that I have built up over my many years of entrepreneurship. This issue, if unresolved, will be at the top of every search engine for C-CEX searches from now until the end of time. We were friends for quite a while. You gave me a lot of information. You and your 'company' are not as hidden as you think you are. Unlock the account immediately and this thread disappears. I am leaving crypto, I do not have anything to lose to win this battle. You have everything at stake, are you sure you want to fight this? I do not care how much damage it does to me because I've got one foot out the door anyway; you do not. And you and I both know you need this site to go well. If you continue this charade, I will never stop; I have all the time in the world

This is not a battle you want to fight. You will not blatantly steal this amount of money from me because I hurt your feelings about a member of your unorganized and disillusioned staff members. Unlock it now, I'm done playing around

Thread will be locked because there is no need for discussion, but if I do not receive access to my coins, I will continue to update this thread daily on whether or not I have received access to my own money
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What would you like to know? on: June 29, 2016, 07:29:41 PM
As many of you know, I'm leaving crypto very shortly. I have decided to burn as many bridges as possible since I do not care about the repercussions. I won't answer everything because of time constraints, but I'm putting together an audio version of the things I think people should know. Post below or PM me if you don't want it public and your question may be answered. I won't say who asked what, but if I think it's an interesting answer, I will include it. I already have quite the list, but I may shorten it if the stories don't come out that interesting

If you talk shit, it's self-moderated, so it's just going to get deleted. This is your chance to have something you've wondered for a long time answered without fluff behind it

What do you want to know?  Wink
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] SPOTS - The iGotSpots Super-Coin.. what more do you need to know? on: June 01, 2016, 08:21:47 AM



17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Vote NOW in Twitter Poll for who the Altcoin Community supports for US President on: February 02, 2016, 02:10:40 AM
I'd like your opinion on the Democratic Candidates:

Let's do one for the GOP too

Interested to see if it agrees with the Iowa Caucus
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] SPOTS - The iGotSpots Super-Coin.. what more do you need to know? on: January 01, 2016, 03:30:27 AM



19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [BUILD]        CoinBuilder ICO Exposed        |        **** BUYER BEWARE **** on: December 14, 2015, 10:54:37 PM

Whatever that newbie account was talking about, me having a sold account, is plain bullshit.
Look at the thread he links to.

It talks about a HERO account with 2844 posts on July 6, 2015.

Now look at my profile, today. That's right. 2704 posts.

This has nothing to do with my account!! I dont even have that amount of posts

Now stop the bullshit on my topic or GTFO. It clearly proofs some of you are to stupid to breath.
It takes 30seconds to read something and compare that information with the reality.

Exit fud now!

Six months is plenty of time for hero to legendary. It's easy to lower post count by deleting posts, which you seem to have done in the link below. Care to address this post of yours? Deleting mistakes don't delete quotes that happen before you notice  Wink

ok, I have very old addresses that I still use, so ok, I will sign an address more than 3 months old.

just serious bidders and buyers. will provide to the winning bid all the info.  

I'm going to assume that the OP goofed and this is the account for sale.

I do not believe Yuriy from c-cex was aware of this when he posted the ICO. I believe he was also deceived and lied to, as he was seeking the truth just as hard as I was today

So before we got into a chat on Skype, you mentioned that these posts were about selling yet another account, which means in addition to your main 'alt' account, you happened to have two Heros just chillin. I'm sure they were not bought accounts to put something like a big gambling signature in or anything. Penny chasing at its finest, really.. So let's cut to Skype now  Wink

[1:33:18 PM] *** added iGotSpots, Tarmi bitcoin ***
[1:33:19 PM] Hi here
[1:33:30 PM] Let's make sure everything is all right
[1:33:39 PM] And don't kill this ICO
[1:33:44 PM] Or stop it if it is all scam
[1:33:58 PM] iGotSpots: What name were you trying to sell? If you can PM me from, or prove you had a second name that fits those numbers I will delete my post
[1:35:01 PM] I don't know a reason of iGotSpot's hate Smiley But if he is fighting for truth - I just want to make sure he is right or not.
[1:35:12 PM] I think he will bring apologies if he is wrong. He is good person.
[1:35:24 PM] iGotSpots: It's not hate, i just don't like bullshit
[1:35:33 PM] ok ok Smiley
[1:35:34 PM] iGotSpots: yes, if i am wrong i will delete post and say i am satisfied
[1:35:51 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: It's hate.
[1:35:57 PM] Smiley lol
[1:35:57 PM] iGotSpots: dude
[1:36:00 PM] iGotSpots: yuriy knows how i am
[1:36:05 PM] iGotSpots: i hate like 3 people
[1:36:07 PM] iGotSpots: you are not one of them
[1:36:17 PM] wait, let's keep conversation in reasonable manner
[1:36:26 PM] no abuses, just facts
[1:36:31 PM] iGotSpots: i am taking your pm as true
[1:36:36 PM] iGotSpots: just tell me the other name you tried selling
[1:36:49 PM] iGotSpots: prove it was yours and im good
[1:37:12 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Look, my secondary account has been sold using trusted escrow in all confidentiality. So i'm not able to tell you what account is was, nor can i send you any PM from that account.
[1:37:27 PM] iGotSpots: you have to see how bad this all looks..
[1:37:32 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Don't seek for proof about my secondary account, seek for proof for this account
[1:37:46 PM] iGotSpots: i am, thats why i posted a quote you wrote on that name
[1:37:49 PM] iGotSpots: and then deleted
[1:37:52 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Like i told you in PM, find any BTC address i posted, i'll sign you a messafe
[1:38:09 PM] iGotSpots: ok hold on
[1:38:25 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Now i truly get the reason why coin devs use new accounts for creating a new coin
[1:38:46 PM] iGotSpots: well dont try selling accounts and it wont matter
[1:38:50 PM] iGotSpots: nobody ever thinks im not me
[1:39:00 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: You really are as bad as people make you look.
[1:39:00 PM] iGotSpots: listen
[1:39:00 PM] iGotSpots: im not mad at you or anything
[1:39:04 PM] iGotSpots: i actually like your coin
[1:39:07 PM] iGotSpots: ask yuriy, i said it earlier
[1:39:16 PM] iGotSpots: calm down lol
[1:39:23 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Look at my topic
[1:39:30 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: people already leaving because YOU post on it!
[1:39:32 PM] iGotSpots:
[1:39:39 PM] iGotSpots: yes and if i post i was wrong it will mean a lot more
[1:39:44 PM] iGotSpots: i will even go in c-cex and say it
[1:40:04 PM] iGotSpots: theres one of your first posts
[1:40:31 PM] iGotSpots: wait that might not be yours actually
[1:40:53 PM] iGotSpots:
[1:40:55 PM] iGotSpots: theres one
[1:41:01 PM] iGotSpots: 1EZYXWqYKFLHh5MPNK3gC2QC5Gyg6xUGif
[1:42:43 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: The first one i can use to sign a message if i'm able to export my private keys to a wallet, no problem.
[1:42:56 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Now, i wont sign YOU a message. I'll sign one for this exchange
[1:43:09 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Do what you feel you need to do
[1:43:19 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: i'm removing your posts and leaving this conversation.
[1:43:20 PM] iGotSpots: you can be as mad at me as you want i dont care, im trying to protect the 'investors'
[1:43:26 PM] iGotSpots: dude
[1:43:30 PM] iGotSpots: calm yourself
[1:43:34 PM] iGotSpots: we are both on your side..
[1:43:58 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: No we're not.
[1:44:12 PM] There is easier way. Do you controll that address?
[1:44:19 PM] iGotSpots: we are trying really hard to help you here..
[1:44:19 PM] I can send some dust and you just send me it back ok?
[1:44:22 PM]
[1:44:24 PM] now it's 0 balance
[1:45:53 PM] iGotSpots: if you start deleting posts you know im going to make a thread with this whole log..
[1:46:04 PM  iGotSpots: its best to settle it here and let me post apology if im wrong
[1:46:36 PM] iGotSpots: i dont know why you think im against you
[1:46:38 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Do whatever you like spots. Your extortion methods are having no influence over me.
[1:46:40 PM] iGotSpots: i like your idea..
[1:46:44 PM] iGotSpots: extortion what are you talking about
[1:46:47 PM] iGotSpots: i dont want anything from you lol
[1:46:51 PM] Let's go back to reasonable speaking
[1:46:54 PM] iGotSpots: dude, calm down
[1:46:55 PM] Just facts please
[1:47:10 PM] So what about that address?
[1:47:10 PM] iGotSpots: you wanted me to give you a btc address to sign, i did, now youre mad?
[1:47:22 PM  iGotSpots: just end this now and sign it or do the dust send with c-cex
[1:48:12 PM] As I understand - that address posted long time ago by that account and it will proove it was not sold right?
[1:48:26 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Why on earth do i need to explain myself to one of crypto's biggest scam artists?! What's the deal here?
[1:48:30 PM] iGotSpots: yes that was one of his first posts
[1:48:33 PM] iGotSpots: on this account
[1:48:50 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Yes, but i'll confirm when back at home if i have the address in my blockchain or electrum account
[1:49:05 PM] Ok. Let's wait for it. Thank you very much.
[1:51:13 PM] What about deleting that message and not posting anything untill we find out?
[1:51:46 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: I'm fine with his message
[1:51:52 PM] iGotSpots: it wont matter its already quoted
[1:51:58 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: He's just trying to find out what account has been sold
[1:52:03 PM] iGotSpots: yes
[1:52:06 PM] iGotSpots: listen tarmi
[1:52:08 PM] iGotSpots: for real dude
[1:52:14 PM] iGotSpots: i dont give a shit if its sold or not
[1:52:23 PM] iGotSpots: i really dont care, i assume everyone i talk to is a fake
[1:52:35 PM] iGotSpots: and i especially dont want to hurt yuriys business
[1:53:06 PM] I'm not fake !!!
[1:53:15 PM] I'm Yuriy!
[1:53:24 PM] iGotSpots: yes i know but if you host ico's for sold accounts and fake names you know what people say
[1:53:28 PM] iGotSpots: thats all we want to avoid really
[1:53:34 PM] yes - that's bad
[1:53:37 PM] so let's find out
[1:53:50 PM] iGotSpots: we just want people to be who they say they are, thats all, no drama is needed
[1:54:05 PM] iGotSpots: whatever you are mad at me for in the past doesnt matter, work on this first then hate me later
[1:55:04 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: Sure, i'll just start a new account and relaunch the thread, problem solved. And then you wonder why so many people get scammed around. Dev's should almost be affraid to use their real accounts
[1:55:27 PM] iGotSpots: you are taking this the total wrong way
[1:55:41 PM] iGotSpots: i want you to be who you say you are, legendary coins are good..
[1:55:54 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: It has your name on it, it's over now.
[1:56:01 PM] iGotSpots: what are you talking about
[1:56:06 PM] Tarmi bitcoin: You + Keyzer in one thread
[1:56:11 PM] iGotSpots: stop being evasive
[1:56:14 PM] iGotSpots: i dont even know who that is
[1:56:17 PM] iGotSpots: nor do i care
[1:56:36 PM] iGotSpots: you call me a scammer but we are trying to stop people from faking..
[1:56:38 PM] *** Tarmi bitcoin has left ***


You need to run home to get control of your wallet? Cool, that's a totally acceptable reason for needing some time, right? No reason to call me a scammer the whole time because you're being backed into a corner.. It's all good, though, stress is a bitch, I get it

So we waited for an hour..... then continued waiting.... During this time, you'll notice a flood of FUD and scam talk about me in c-cex chat from the usual suspects in a case like this. I wonder if the seller of the account took a while to get your message.. BUT FINALLY, came a confirmation of an address that was hand (Skype) delivered by a well-known.. um, character, around these parts. For this, we venture to the land of waffles and meat helmets to meet the brother of someone we have all come to.. be aware of, I guess, who has been passing the time talking shit about me with the troll squad on c-cex while the seller took his sweet ass time getting back to him

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, this brother.. where were you while we had a Skype conversation hours ago that could have nipped this entire thing in the bud? First this account was held by you the whole time, you just needed to go home and find the keys. Sure, that's reasonable enough, so we waited.. (I should add, that between the time of you needing to go home to confirm your account and the actual message, you have not changed IPs on your multiple names on Skype; you aren't fooling anyone, but it's interesting how you can 'be' in multiple places at once), and finally a few hours later it comes! Your brother must have met you at your house, because he was also using the same IP to send the message confirming that you controlled the address. This is very easy to confirm with publicly available information from Skype

It's been a long afternoon of waiting for you to come up with evidence that I was wrong and I know it's getting late in Belgium. Instead of continuing with the rather entertaining story I was planning to write, I will just sum it up like this instead..

So here we sit, my speculations of this situation. Use it how you will, my crypto-friends:
  • OP is a suspected sold account, however, a message has been signed to an old BTC address, but for the following reason:
  • I believe Bitspender (the one who is stealing your BTC) is still in contact with seller as it took many hours to accomplish this simple task and self-posted proof by OP shows account was for sale
  • It's rare that someone doubts who a legendary is and when asked to prove long-term ownership during an ICO, gets very hostile
  • If someone asks who a 'known' user is, we have no problem showing that. For example, nobody doubts that I am iGotSpots

TL;DR.. This puts me in a really awkward position, because I really don't want to harm c-cex's reputation or income; I really like Yuriy and want c-cex to succeed. Their platform is excellent and works well, responds fast, but he gets a bad rep from people like this taking advantage of his good nature (if you guys have not had a chance to speak with @Support on c-cex, I highly recommend it). So the real question that I've been struggling with for the last hour or so is whether or not I tell people that this is really just another ICO from Bitspender.. I think I'll keep it quiet for now and just leave it up to you guys to draw that conclusion for yourself

I do not believe Yuriy from c-cex was aware of this when he posted the ICO. I believe he was also deceived and lied to, as he was seeking the truth just as hard as I was today
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Primality | Bonuses for Mining | Low Hash = High Reward | High Hash = Rare on: October 06, 2015, 05:22:53 PM
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