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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Funding project development through slot gaming token on: July 17, 2021, 03:27:31 PM
I know some casinos have in the past created their own tokens to raise funds. Sometimes offering discounted fees, or other benefits for using the token on their site. The project I looked into is different.

The pitch at launch is that once the network they are building on goes live that this token will serve as the only means for participating in their deflationary odds based slot based game. This was created by a launchpad platform, and all prizes are in the form of their launched IDO's. The project is set up in a way that it isn't a money generator for the launch team but to support the ecosystem - I think this is aminly through buying and using launchpad tokens as the prizes.

I found this interesting as I was already invested in projects that were linked. I wanted to see what the gambling community thought. If you aren't already linked to these projects in some way does this sort of game interest you? If one of the prizes was a project you were interested in are you more likely to "invest". To make it a bit easier, currently they are on the ETH network, and plan to go live when Cardano mainet in launched. Not to say something similar couldn't be used on differnt networks.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Kevin O'leary is the gift that keeps on giving. on: April 05, 2021, 08:18:22 AM
I normally wouldn't dream of ridiculing anyone getting into crypto. I'm much more likely to assist or something, but this guy is just so F'd every time he opens his mouth regarding BTC.

A few years ago, he kept going on about how he wanted to buy a house or property using BTC. Decided not to because the price was to volatile and you could never peg down the exact amounts, and he had to put up guarantees. It was the stupidest attempt to sound intelligent in n interview for people who knew less than he did. Go figure peak time after a spike could be volatile, I still don't really believe they actually gave this a shot.

Now he's moved on to only buyingBTC that is clean, mined with clean energy, and not from China. What a joke, I think he truly believes that BTC stays as 1 entire coin and that there is no mixing and mingling of sats as transactions are done. I'm actually kinda glad if it helps ensure this dude misses the boat a bit more.

It's funny as he has a great quote about how 99% of people who have bitcoin don't understand how it works.

Go back just 2 months and he was sitting there calling BTC a nothing burger. Such a gem. Not to mention he was trying to "ICO" tokenize a hotel in 2018.

Good thing Fiat  Wink is clean.

3  Economy / Reputation / Sportsbooks - Industry Standards, our importance and inflated sense of authority on: February 24, 2021, 08:03:35 PM
I've been meaning to address this for several months. I have been reluctant to create this topic myself as I'm not a punter, nor do I enjoy taking on the house. My habits don't really matter here. I also made this in reputation as this is where these issues end up, here or as a scam accusation.

My goal here is to provide clarity for the community, accusers, defendants and activists. There will obviously be some grey areas but I would like a rando to be able to read through this and then have enough understanding to look at a scam accusation, or feedback and have a sense of the nest steps to be taken, or even whether there is any credibility to the claim.

The initiative is to bring together allmost voices who have a vested interest in online crypto positive sportsbooks/casinos. There are a lot out there and new ones popping up each day. The end of 2020 and the start of price action brought a lot of scams and accusations both false and real. This presented a few problems.

- There is very little recourse for a wronged party to go after some of these businesses
- There are a lot of people attempting to take advantage of these businesses - This brings some false positives
- Some of the BTCT community thinks we have authority or power over these businesses
- KYC - as a term is tossed around as if it's a scam in itself, when used as a tool by the businesses
- Failures in writing, reading and understanding the TOS
- Selective scamming is a real possibility
- Lack of information given to the public to protect business "scam" busting techniques

The list below will grow or shrink with input. I would like it to contain any and all standards we know of or can expect when these cases arise. Maybe this will also allow some of these platforms to see possible points of concern that can be removed or addressed in an attempt to improve their PR overall.

Current standards I am aware of

- Amounts deposited (less any previous withdrawals) are returned to a "customer" who has been found in violation of TOS.
- Usually subject to certain requirements before being released for withdrawal - AML
- Conversion rate should be known at time of deposit, if converted to FIAT on site

- Don't be surprised if your no KYC site asks for KYC documents at this stage. The vast majority of these cases have to do with prize size, withdrawal amount and/or timing in relation to deposits. Some times this is KYC as you have been flagged for possible TOS violations. The other side is it can be the beginning of an exit scam and/or selective scamming.
- Received amount should be known beforehand. Including conversion if from FIAT, as well as transaction fees for the network.

Account Investigation
- If they ask for KYC, you have no choice but to provide it.
- A VPN is probably going to result in your account being investigated, and/or could be against TOS.
- I don't know the threshold for being flagged. If flagged for investigation BTCT can't do anything to change that. You still have to comply with their requests.

**Self- moderated to maintain discussion and quality. Any deleted posts will be quoted and moved to a thread yet to be created.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Treat newbies right - Teach them and sell to them at the ATH on: January 08, 2021, 03:56:58 PM
So my title isn't false in any way but it's not the whole story. I recently had the opportunity to assist 2 people with their first time buys and holding plans. Each case ended differently but had similarities throughout. First was a coworker who had heard about it before but only considered it say August/September, the second a longtime friend who has heard me talk about it for years when we get together.

The overall similarities were funny as they both got serious-ish around the 12K price mark and then went radio silent on the subject during most of the recent run-up. The co-worker did buy himself a ledger as that's what made him most comfortable longterm, about a week before the data breach announcement. That was funny, either way I got him set up on a platform I use to buy sometimes so he could jump in whenever he was ready. Onboarding was nearly painless except his bank flagged his first transaction and was hold/blocking it without details being given to him or the recipient. Apart from that he got in for something around 32K and bought the dip at 28K - got lucky as he happened to be going into work and as a new holder was obsessively checking price.

Second friend is busier runs a company so when he got back in touch I said it would be fairly easy to get him crypto, but did he have a wallet downloaded yet. Obviously that was a no, but easily remedied as he had at least looked into Electrum as I suggested. So he took care of the install, then over a phone call I walked him through the features of the wallet and answered whatever questions still lingered. In the end he wanted to make his first purchase and I gave him the same platform option as the first guy and also offered to sell some of my coin. He put out a FIAT range and I chose the smallest denomination. This was last night around 39.5K.

I figured I'd share this story as I imagine a lot of you have been in or could be in a similar situation given the current climate. It can be tough not to get overly excited and/or let our opinions influence a newbies final decisions. For each of these people I gave them the same information about wallets and basic pros/cons lists. I also pointed them towards info for their own research. I made sure to point out the importance of protecting their seed phrases and back-ups, as well as making sure they are familiar with any recovery process. Then each time I demonstrated a transaction or some other functionality with them to get through that first hurdle. Finally we talked about price. In both cases they expect some sort of drop, but it hasn't happened yet so they wanted to start their first buy and will continue to grow their holdings over time. This made their journey easier for the moment as it was pretty much done, they know how to accumulate more and how to sell if they need/want.

You will likely have the opportunity to help a newbie. Each situation can and will be different but try to remember you should use your experience to help, but not influence. Everyone should get there in their own way, and you can help them do so in an informed and safe way.

Also I did introduce and sell a friend BTC at the ATH  Wink
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Please be careful reaching out for trades on forum on: December 27, 2020, 09:03:27 AM
Not that the Forum is universally safe. There are scammers here and they will do anything to get your funds.

For the love of whatever you believe in though, do not take your communication off forum. I get it this can be annoying to try and PM here if your account is fresh with the time limits in between PM's. The work around is hammering out all the details in the thread by posting back and forth, and saving any personal information you don't want to share for PM.

Telegram and Discord are insanely welcoming to scammers and make it so F'n easy for them to pretend to be somebody else. There legitimately is no rush to get the trade done immediately, I get it the price is pumping right now, but don't let the FOMO drive you into letting your guard down.

The biggest advice I can give you is our reputations on Bitcointalk, only go that far. Not everyone actually uses all these platforms popping up, and scammers can easily name squat on them as they know this forum is a honey pot.

Please keep your funds safe this Bull Run, and take a second to breathe and make sure everything is on the up and up. Beyond that use respected, tried and tested forum escrows on forum as well. Legit users don't scoff at this.

This can't be stressed enough I feel like I've said these same things countless times so I wanted to say it again here at the source of the most likely to get scammed.

I am not immune.

Just to add. Do not put any other contact details directly in your posts. Telegram ID, Email, Discord contact. Why you might ask. Anyone who reads it can then contact you pretending to be anyone they want. reserve this information for PM's
6  Economy / Reputation / @sempak Please say more about how this works... I do exist by the way on: December 23, 2020, 06:47:03 PM
2. Adkinsbet's customer service are not really helping the users. They are not handling it professionally I believe. Other day the user Steamtyme wrote some good  suggestions. Here:
I will suggest Adkinsbet owner/admin to talk to their customer service team and give them proper training. Or maybe hire some people who are indeed experienced in handling customers bad attitude, are able to take the heats - at least make the customers happy when they are unhappy.
Not everyone is gullible here, Royse777. Many people will believe your stories, however I can see a very clear connection between your message and that of "Steamtyme"
I don't think I need to say anything else about how this works Wink

So as to not go off topic I've created this thread. Why? I saw my name, and felt possibly fictional.

So just to clarify the user Steamtyme does exist in some sense. The quotation marks seemed to leave that up for debate.

Let's hear it @sempak, as I'm fairly confused what you are going on about. Are their flaws in my logic where adkinsbet was previously concerned? Was I wrong in calling out how legitimate customers had been treated??

Or, were you just not sure I truly existed?
7  Other / Meta / Do we not nuke - Brand New PM spammers?? on: December 13, 2020, 08:32:29 PM
Title says it all really. I received the PM in question on December 6th, it was a spammy fake Gunbot PM with a promo code. Similar to what is discussed in the link, same code anyways.

I reported the PM, and left it in my inbox, as sort of a reminder/notification. I rarely report PM's so I'm fuzzy here, on whether or not a nuked accounts PM's even get deleted in the same fashion as their posts would.

Even more confusing to me is, how the account is still alive and kicking today, sanjogita123

I don't know if there is a better way to prevent the spamming, apart from maybe not allowing Brand New no post accounts the ability to PM users apart from Admins.
8  Economy / Reputation / Oh, ma Gawd...Another Nullius thread - Steamtyme hates your privacy on: October 24, 2020, 02:34:03 AM
In Defence of Privacy

What else do I need to do to make sure you don't think badly of me?
Nothing. You are doing nothing wrong. Any negative feedback you receive would get sorted in a very similar fashion to the last instance.

Don't worry about what people think, and definitely don't go changing just because someone on the internet thinks you could possibly be infringing on someone's privacy by offering them the chance to answer questions. It's not like you are forcing people into this or combing through post histories to create a profile for individuals against their will.

My advice ignore this feedback. Even the threat of negative doesn't fit with what negative feedback is for. Should you chose to take an unhealthy obsession in Lauda and dedicate your days to trying to find out who they are, it's not against forum rules to seek out information. Are we tagging anyone who researches Satoshi? No.

The worst thing you can do, is change who you are and how you act in an attempt to please everyone.

In sum, not only do you not respect privacy, but you are even against anyone who does.

This is a cypherpunk forum, where the reasonable members value freedom and respect privacyIt was Lauda’s ethos.  It is also one of my own strongest principles.  Although unfortunately, there can be reasons sometimes to seek information about people who did something to deserve that, I would never pry into forum members’ personal lives out of mere curiosity.

By your example:  If Satoshi’s friends expressed a concern for his privacy, then you should respect that, and back the fuck off!

Speculating about Satoshi based on public information is not analogous to my above question.  If somebody was fishing for The Real True Secret Story from people who were more or less close to Satoshi, then that would be a matter of grave concern to me.  Satoshi does NOT deserve that!

I didn’t pry into Lauda’s details, either—even though she was my friend, and she trusted me sufficiently that she probably would have leaked some info to me.  I didn’t ask—not seriously, never; and not at all, besides our long-running joke interrogation over whether she is male or female.  And that is one good reason why she trusted me.  On the flipside, I would have given her my full dox with KYC ID, selfies, and fingerprints if she had asked!  She never asked anything.  Never pried.  Not a curious cat, in that particular aspect.  Superlatively trustworthy.

Disrespect for privacy is untrustworthy—both in general, and most specifically on a forum where most of the members want to be more or less anonymous.  Really, Mr “Steamtyme”, do you want people digging around about you?  Do you want for people to “offer the chance to answer questions” (!) about you?  What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

I am a privacy activist, and I hold my principles consistently.  As for you, if you dislike respect for privacy, I suggest that you stop bugging the forum, and retreat to your true home on Facebook.

Don't forget your cape. Oh what luck the only defender of privacy has come for me, the anti-privacy incarnate.

Sorry to disappoint but the tales you are weaving are really doing you a disservice. I get it your anonymous internet friend has left you and there is a void. Maybe this is your path to grieving with the anger and lashing out I don't know... don't really care as a matter of fact.

You're right there are a lot of people here who have done a bang up job protecting their irl identities. There are hundreds more who value their irl privacy. The fact of the matter is though, every single person who has ever posted on this forum has given away a private part of themselves. You know why?? This is a public fucking forum, not Lauda's personal diary. So forgive me if I don't give a shit that someone who built up a "celebrity" type of reputation has peoples interests peaked by dropping a farewell bomb on the forum.

Lauda could have accomplished a much more private departure by simply departing. Drop a message down the old Batline from the Cat cave to theymos and privately had their account locked. So many private options it's almost unreal. Then there's the friend who is trying to stop people from doing perfectly normal things, but can't stop posting in, and as a by-product bumping the thread itself. Then gets upset when someone suggest getting it locked, possibly preventing it from becoming a spam megathread. Pretty sure Lauda hated spam as well.

Now discussing the forum and it's roots. Forum principles are heavy on the freedom, and definitely come with the message about how important ones privacy can be. I can't speak to the individuals who arrived near founding or their motivations, but the freedom aspect is easy. It's interesting how freedom to oh say ask questions, or inquire or speculate about someone, goes out the window as soon as it touches on your insecurities around privacy. The key here is people are responsible for themselves - this includes the level of privacy they maintain, the reputations they build and how they conduct themselves. Lauda made choices, including building a reputation they parlayed into great business opportunities for themselves. They also made choices to remain secure and unlinked to an irl personality, to a great degree I imagine, as there have been countless enemies attempting to unmask them. So if anyone ever unravels the mystery of Lauda it will have been through the cats own actions.

I don't know if your trying to threaten me mister privacy advocate. Thing is I'm not going anywhere, I would have ignored you long ago but the repeated threats around the misuse of the feedback system keeps me around. I clearly stated in my answers that I was blissfully ignorant to how poorly I guarded my privacy, but it also wouldn't have mattered. I have made decisions that have given up details about myself in the interest of trading and building relationships. So just because I made those decisions doesn't mean that I do not respect the privacy of others. That doesn't mean I am going to impose my opinion, beliefs or values on others, they are mine to internalize and live.

Someone may one day decide to dig into me, maybe they will call me Mr. Steamtyme, and I'll joke that's my dads name. Then I just imagine awkward silence as they realize I'm not that cool.

On the flipside, I would have given her my full dox with KYC ID, selfies, and fingerprints if she had asked!
I am a privacy activist, and I hold my principles consistently.
All while discussing an individual who may have been compromised in some fashion.

You do you, I'll do me. You can continue to draw false conclusions about me and what I write I don't really care. I will however not allow you to use me to derail an individuals thread. Oh and seeing as you consider me untrustworthy, just place ~steamtyme in your trust list, neutral feedback could also be reasonable.
9  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] BTC and ETH [WTS] CAD PP or EMT on: October 15, 2020, 11:20:29 PM
Hey looking to deal in CAD (Canadian dollars) either sent through PP or EMT. Looking for BTC and ETH. Post here or PM if you are interested in dealing.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Get F'd Bots, My first Poker refund on: October 08, 2020, 05:51:14 PM
Boom so not sure how many received a similar email to myself but ACR has banned 10 Bot accounts they tracked over the last 6 months or so. Boy did they get owned Roll Eyes

The short of it is here. 10 accounts, ACR provides refunds up to 25,000$ per bot based on their winnings. So if a bot wins more than that you only receive a percentage of what you would be owed. Total being refunded 249,997$ So for simplicity sake I say at least one of the bots was a terrible failure not being able to get over the 25K threshold Tongue

Flip side of that is that more than likely one or more of these bots made off like bandits earning well over 25K in their short stretch. What do they care because they likely have pulled most of the winnings off the account long before they are discovered, quite easy with BTC withdrawals.

In the end I was excited to see myself get back about 1/12th of my average buy-in Cry 
It's funny I recognized the name but would never really be able to place the game or circumstances.

I do get why my refund is what it is and am not actually bitter. It's nice to se transparent action being taken, but it still feels like the crooks win more often than not in the poker world. With punishments really only ranging from confiscation of funds, and a ban. What good is that if they have already pulled out a ton of winnings.

Side note to this shortly after I felt something strange was going on in a final table situation I found myself in on a different site, whether semi collusion between long term felt friends or something else. I brushed it off at the time as I was being overly paranoid. Looking back even if I was being paranoid I wish I had sent an email to support. Worst case I'm wrong and they truly do play that way, or I might have saved others from running into the same situation as myself.
11  Economy / Reputation / Use your skills and patience; but do your fucking research. on: September 24, 2020, 02:44:41 PM
While I am writing this in regards to a specific case this is a universal request. It's not uncommon for DT members to pick up the cause for a scorned member of lower rank and help elevate their case for community attention/warnings. The problem lies in anyone jumping to conclusions and acting on that before attempting to fully understand the entirety of the situation. I think it's a pretty good idea if there is suspicion but aren't sure to open a topic for community involvement and information gathering. It's completely different to open up an accusatory thread on limited or wrong information and/or just fling accusations to see what sticks.

Now I am writing this based on the  information I have at the moment, which includes a retraction post, now unsupported flag, removed feedback.

User Tedfrost essentially faced the worst scenario for trade/escrow. Attempting an honest trade, facing attempted scam and then being accused and judged as the scammer.

The scammer recruited a scambusting DT member to pick up their cause and Ted loses it and the forum is essentially dead to them now. This isn't about the level of activity the account has. It's minimal and at first glance doesn't seem an account worth saving or having. Hell it resembles a million accounts that do come here to scam, limited posting and only looking to trade, a gift card being one of them of all things.

Not the point. They were an account that was here, making use of the forum in their way, and now doesn't even see the value in coming here for that. They weren't here spamming away  or solely here for earning, they came here to help move crypto along using it in their way.

The damage is done, so I'm guessing this should just be a learning experience for the entire community. Let's not get lazy in researching things before labelling people's accounts. I'm not sure what JollyGood did in the end, but simply editing the post, and locking it from discussion seems to be the least one could do and almost feels like sweeping it under the rug. At a minimum I hope you sent the account a PM, expressing your sincerest regrets.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Taking Profits/Stacking Sats on: August 24, 2020, 08:53:16 PM
I'm not looking to become a day trader or anything like that. I just want to find the best way to capitalize on spots if I time it right.
I'm anticipating some run-ups and I'd like to be able to take profits without placing them in added volatility. Now I haven't paid much attention to stablecoins in the past but it makes sense to use them in this way.

I'm keeping a portion of my coins on Binance... I know the risks but these are funds I want to trade with. If I feel either of these coins enjoys a run-up that looks like it will retrace I want to sell off and convert to USDT, hold that until I see it retrace, or convert to more BTC.

I'm not interested in setting up a bot or getting into margin trading or really anything else more involved than what I describe above. Any tips or advice on a better way is welcome.
13  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / I don't see Bitmains supply issues improving on: August 21, 2020, 02:26:03 PM
For a long time it's been clear that they really only care about commercial size clientele. They'll still sell us gear but it's more like we should appreciate the privilege. With all the infighting this year has already been a shitty time to order and wait on gear from Bitmain, and late 2020 early 2021 will likely be similar.

Here is a public announcement of 8K S19 pro's top be delivered in 4 batches starting January 2020. This is one client that is being public about their orders, I can only imagine this is being replicated by others as well.

8K miners at a price of 17.7 Million = 2212.25$ per unit.

This article has a better description of just how hard Riot is going at this. I wonder if they are also waiting on some of those orders that are expected this year:
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / It's F'n happening ----- Polk VS. Negreanu HUNL Grudge Match on: July 30, 2020, 04:39:41 AM
I can't say I've ever really been to invested in "Celebrity Personalities" Sports/Entertainment.. never really cared. This though I have to admit has peaked my interest huge.

So 2 all-time greats are going to throw down out of, I guess what you can call Hate and Spite... I'm pretty sure that covers all feelings they have for each other... maybe disdain. If you need background on them just punch their names into google and there is 4 years of back and forth jabs. Some are hilarious.

What really kicked this off was Doug Polk putting out a solid and eviscerating dis-edit video on Youtube - It's now taken down no surprise. In  response to a minor petty shot Daniel Negreanu took at him on twitter. So much of this over the years truly. Then Joe Ingram got into it on his podcast a bit and decided to prod a bit and try and get these two to settle it finally - He's getting tired of covering them lol through Twitter.

Then you have it today. A bunch of back and forth and what looks to be some terms firming up nicely. In Polks favor I might add

200$/400$ Heads up No limit Hold'em

2 Tables online

Side bet of 100K-300K

These terms are just what I grabbed from their twitter a bit to get the scope of the back and forth. It could change.

I do think Polk antagonized Daniel to playing HUNL, as that is what Polk is known for. If I'm not mistaken he's considered the GOAT of that format. Turning a comment Daniel made about being the MJ of poker into a jab about him not being willing to play HUNL.

HUNL - Heads Up No-Limit
15  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Post halving life - What are you doing with the farm? on: May 22, 2020, 12:33:41 AM
For me it was an easy decision and plan to implement. First opportunity I had post halving I shutdown my M20S - annoyingly as it sat idle for so long. Then a day or so later when we broke our 10 degree weather I shut down the 2 M10's that are running. I'm giving them and my now full cost utility meter a nice rest for an epoch or 2. While I let Diff and price find some sort of balance that works for me. The m10 is at this moment not profitable for me to run, which was expected. I have 9 days off coming up so it's great timing for a little TLC, and garage relocation.
This will be a first as I'm usually trying to do this in a rush minimizing downtime for the sake of a few bits. The agenda is take the fans off and blow out each miner, none are reporting any operating errors so I won't bother going deeper than that. The M10 that's down will get a PSU swap and hopefully that solves it's issue.

Like I said my decision was easy, I mine out of my home and have no contractual obligations. Hell even if the M10 remains unprofitable for me, which I do not expect, I can always run them in the winter. They are the perfect units for that.  That's not everyone's case some have land and infrastructure built around mining and others have hosting deals which may no longer be profitable. It's not like reliable vacancies were easily available so not all host sites offer a great rate. So where do you fall and what are your plans?
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Bitcointalk Poker Series format discussion - Let's keep them all in one place. on: May 12, 2020, 06:37:36 PM
This is just a landing page topic to discuss changes and preferences for the tournament series already running on SWC. I will Self-Mod this thread to keep the discussion relevant and between participants. This is separate from discussing specific tournaments and hands.

Hopefully doing it this way will allow us to gather all the ideas in one place and if we can come up with a consensus or majority whatever works best, then we can ask for changes. I would also like to suggest we make changes to a series before it starts and let it run it's course before requesting any other changes.

Bring it all. Seats at the table, Starting chips, Level duration. I thin k there has also been some debate about the overall tournament schedule and point system.
17  Other / Archival / Bitcointalk Poker Series format discussion - Let's keep them all in one place. on: May 12, 2020, 06:34:30 PM
This is just a landing page topic to discuss changes and preferences for the tournament series already running on SWC. I will Self-Mod this thread to keep the discussion relevant and between participants. This is separate from discussing specific tournaments and hands.

Hopefully doing it this way will allow us to gather all the ideas in one place and if we can come up with a consensus or majority whatever works best, then we can ask for changes. I would also like to suggest we make changes to a series before it starts and let it run it's course before requesting any other changes.

Bring it all. Seats at the table, Starting chips, Level duration. I thin k there has also been some debate about the overall tournament schedule and point system.
18  Economy / Reputation / [ChipMixer] Assistant(s) to the Campaign Manager - Urgent meeting on: May 11, 2020, 01:14:33 PM
It has to be said, and somewhere you can really speak your mind. It's become really clear really fast that the ChipMixer campaign is failing to meet desired quality standards. You know there is really only one person to blame. Darkstar has failed in their duties as regional Campaign manager as evidenced by it's run of a mere 156 week run... fuck me really... nevermind facts be damned.
The ship is clearly sinking and all you plugs you all have plugs for the holes. So please drop it all here in one easy to manage location to be sure it's seen and implemented. We wouldn't want these gems getting lost in a sea of useless applications for open slots. The only way to move up from Assistant to the Campaign Manager is to showcase how clearly superior you your genes and your managing style are. So drop it all here, we want your opinion on how shitty the selection of past participants has been, how poor their posting habits are along with what really counts as a forum contribution. Drain the swamp, and keep it clean - You've seen it DS sure can pick'em so help make their mind up by telling them who is the worst. Real clutch that one as there is clearly no thought into past posting habits or feedback, just a good old dart and a blindfold. 

Now for anyone who wants to jump into this right at the top you can showcase the flaws at work here. If you know you were the best for the open slot speak up. Don't be a sucker and congratulate the successful candidate no no; you're the cream of the crop not some wimpy beta begging for the next spot. This was your spot and everyone should know how bad of a decision it was not to accept you.

I urge everyone to come forward before theymos has to step in. I'm pretty sure he's already reached out to ChipMixer to solve the problem, he can't resist settling these sorts of things. I'd hate to see him take measures to fix us in the same way he turned around yobit. We might not survive as I get the feeling we aren't even 1/10th as worthy.

19  Economy / Currency exchange / [Have] USD PP [Want] BTC LTC on: February 24, 2020, 10:41:42 PM
I have 100 USD to send as FF via PayPal and am looking for a 1:1 trade for BTC OR LTC. Post here or PM and I'll get back to you
20  Economy / Reputation / Trust system - Feedback - Flags - intent - ideology by theymos - Deleted Posts on: February 23, 2020, 04:02:38 PM
This is where you will find posts I delete from this topic Trust system - Feedback - Flags - intent - ideology by theymos
I am serious about keeping that topic clean and free from discussion for clarity sake. I won't be bringing all posts here to be preserved should individuals wish to create a topic for discussion, but if I think you put in some effort or it isn't just a repetitive post that you or others have already wedged into many discussions before. I will put the quotes in Code, and will mark them by the date I delete them.

Feel free to discuss my method here, but not your posts or idea. Create your own thread or go discuss on-topic in the original topic in meta.

Deletions from Feb 23 2020.

[quote author=LoyceV link=topic=5222059.msg53887841#msg53887841 date=1582356219]
[quote author=Vod link=topic=5222059.msg53887612#msg53887612 date=1582352720]
If I were to create a type 2/3 flag against OGNasty, who is guilty of stealing 500 bitcoin cash from the community, I think I would probably be banned.   (He did return it [u]after[/u] he got caught).[/quote]
Although off-topic here, I've been wondering about this when I read your negative feedback:
[quote author=theymos link=topic=5202391.msg53225546#msg53225546 date=1575154523]
The result of the liquidation of 500 BTCs' forkcoins was:
   14.272715 from BCH
   6.818999 from BSV
   0.442951 from BTG
 = 21.534665 BTC[/quote]
OgNasty didn't steal this, nor did he "get caught": the Forkcoins on the treasurer's address were public knowledge, and I don't think a treasurer should have decided on this without theymos asking for it.

That said: I don't think you'll be banned for creating such a Flag (I've seen [url=]much worse Flag abuse[/url]), but I would consider it Flag abuse nonetheless: you're not a direct victim here, so you're not allowed to create a type 2/3 Flag on this subject. And even if a victim would have created a Flag, type 2/3 Flags have to be withdrawn once the victim has been made whole. I don't expect such a Flag to get (net) Supporters.
My advice: [url=]let it go[/url].
[quote author=truth or dare link=topic=5222059.msg53887874#msg53887874 date=1582356663]
Theymos is not the best person to quote if you would like a forum where

* members are treated equally and with consistency

* free speech is not destroyed under threat of undeserving red tags for voicing an unpopular opinion

* high level scammers on DT can not make red tagging removal deals

* to make sure people are not afraid to bring to light scams where the scammer can ruin their account with red trust

* prevent all the infighting a contued contempt for the abused trust system

* prevent red tags destroying competing legit business or destroy legit completion for sig spots

* preventing dilution and devaluing legitimate direct example of financially motivated wrong doing with warnings about
lemonade, daring to whistle blow on scamming or swearing at someone

I mean if a computer scientist thought he'd start up a boat building business and his first 3 ships all immediately filled with water and are now sitting at the bottom of the ocean due to terrible design and implementation

why publish his " definitive guide to building boats" as if that is the best way to build your boat?

Kind of are some materials,  just join it together however you like. If it looks more like a ship than a squirrel then you're all good to set off for across the 7 seas.

Better to encourage users to use it in way that ensures the entire board is not placed in danger and their free speech is not crushed.

For a sensible guide on how to build a boat that floats and keeps you safe then visit tecshares and join his objective standards guild.

Theymos skill set is programming. I don't think he should be experimenting with systems that require many other skill sets to have a chance of coming up with anything near optimal for the forum.

This thread is advocating using the System designed by a single entity and following the views of a single entity there is nothing decentralized about it other than who is using this design and advice to leverage their own personal gain. That only requires it being decentralized to the first handful of members that manipulated and colluded themselves into power first. Once they were entrenched no further need for any "decentralization"

How not to design, implement and advise people how to use a trust system.

Delete the tagging and sharpen up level 1 flags.

This is not intended as a discussion since the problems are insoluble until the above changes have been made.

No offence to theymos he is a computer programmer and systems admin. He can not be expected to build complex systems requiring multiple skill sets and multiple long term tests optimally first time.

Hence why schooling people to behave in says that have proven to result in insoluble and serious problems is simply not sensible.

The guide on The op is not sensible.

My ideology of creating a boat that floats should not be conflated with my advice to drill huge holes in any surface that looks like it may repel water. Just so long as the reader is clear on that.

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