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1  Other / Beginners & Help / [INFO] Video resources for newbies getting started on: November 12, 2019, 12:40:12 AM
I am going to use this thread as a final landing page for all video resources I create regarding the forum. The idea here is to help newbies get started on the right foot starting out in the forum. There are also some things that may be of use to veteran forum members. There are plenty of pitfalls that members fall into and it is my hope that these videos will help you avoid them and become productive members of the forum.

Getting started with a new account - This video covers account creation, finding the rules and understanding stickied threads.

Post formatting - This video covers using the edit button, as well as trimming quotes.

I am going to lock this topic as it is only intended as a resource. I will do my best to bump it daily to keep it visible. Here is the thread where I launch new videos for review, as well as take suggestions and critiques.
2  Economy / Reputation / Flagging User Azlaxe for Identity Fraud on: October 30, 2019, 07:11:35 AM
Here is the Quoted post, that I stumbled upon in a necrobumped thread. As you can see they are clearly attempting to sell Identification and/or bank accounts. This is deserving of a Newbie warning flag. Flag created here #926
Are you looking for a bank account to buy? Don't worry because you have come to the right spot, simply contact me via email or via whatsapp +19293601865 or

Here's the price list
US bank account with online access cost $100
UK bank account with online access cost $100
Chinese bank account with online access and credit card cost $160
Spanish Bank account with online access cost $100
Singapore bank account with online access and credit card cost $160
Malaysian bank account with online access and credit card cost $160
US and UK bank accounts with online access and credit card cost $200

Passports and drivers license from UK and US are also available for $100 each.
All payments should be made prior the service in bitcoins. Contact via email and I will reply in minutes.
You can also send me a quick message via whatsapp +19293601865

3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Opinions on Upswing Poker tutorials or Lab? on: October 29, 2019, 08:42:59 AM
Like the title says, I'm looking for peoples opinions on the courses offered or even the Subscription lab. These courses aren't cheap but I've been toying with the idea of dropping a few bucks on 1 or even registering for the lab to up my game a little. I've been a recreational player for a few years, and have had good runs and bad streaks like most. I know I've been lacking in my study and discipline, so I could definitely benefit from a few specified tutorials or the general lab, more likely. Researching things I've seen if I contact them I can also pay with BTC, as Doug is a fan of crypto. So I could theoretically pay for it out of my savings/hold bag.

I'll add that I'm aware some people sell offer them at a discount on the forum but I'm not that trusting.
4  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / 50 million from investors to create a massive mining farm in Texas on: October 19, 2019, 08:48:27 AM
So I had this Layer1 story pop up in my feed the other day and it just sounds overly ambitious. I think the article mixed in their future(likely unattainable) goals with their short term goals of becoming a large US based mining company using renewable energy(Wind and Solar). All the stories have conflicting information, but the linked article appears to show they have at least 100 MW at their disposal via the transformers in the image. They talk about purchasing power from Solar and wind farms, and developing new technology to cool miners in Texas.
The weirder parts about this are that when they launched in 2018, there was no plan for mining disclosed, and that they are planning in the future to become a chip manufacturer, "to control all aspects of their operation". I don't think there is anything in it for US based miners from what I can tell. No talks of hosting or selling hardware if they did become a chip manufacturer, nothing apart from attempting to move a larger percentage of the Network hashrate out of China.
Personally I can see them getting a facility up, but beyond that it's a hard sell.
5  Other / Meta / Newbie welcome video - 2nd video -Post formatting posted for review on: October 18, 2019, 10:06:01 PM
So I've considered doing this for a while, the hold back was I have next to no experience in creating this sort of content. Either way I decided to just run with it and put together my first of several planned videos. This one is titled Creating an account and getting started

Let me know what you think this was the first time I've used screen capture, and the editing was definitely a learning experience. Love it hate it, anything in between I'm interested in your feedback. I'm also looking for things I may have missed or topics for future videos, as I'm sure I haven't thought of them all. I do mention some planned ones in the video as well.

Edit: So Noddabawts first topic was deleted. Not surprising as was useless in it's current form, at least they weren't nuked. I wasn't able to link it in on the project before work this evening, but they will be making a much better first post second time around in another video.

Videos after suggestions Getting started with a new account

Rough cut videos - Post formatting
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Misconceptions about Bitcoin and Altcoins on: October 11, 2019, 12:16:58 PM
So I'm a big fan of learning from ones mistakes and thought this could be applied in a different way. Everyone here started out with no knowledge of crypto and had to pick things up along the way, unfortunately not everything is useful, factual or complete. So I thought why don't we all take a minute and share some of our past learning moments, or misconceptions that once figured out were a "lightbulb" moment.
The goal here and reason for this board is it could be a fun and informative read for newbies to pick through. Best case scenario someone learns something, worst case scenario everyone points and laughs at your folly. Kidding, you won't see people pointing.

Consolidating inputs... huh, that's a thing?

So I'm going to start off. This still rings out in my head when I consider that I overlooked an opportunity to have adopted BTC much earlier. When I look into something I tend to dive in, multiple tabs open of explanations on the same point to try and encompass a full picture. Sometimes though, you find out later on these people weren't well enough informed themselves. I took a pass on carrying on with BTC, as I assumed TX fees would become astronomical with each additional transaction your BTC was involved in compounding infinitely without relief. Essentially the concept behind calculating fees and consolidating inputs, was lost and not properly conveyed through these articles. In my mind BTC would fail, as eventually those BTC would have so much history attached they would cost more to spend than they were worth.

Obviously a few years later the explanations had become better, and I realized that my particular issue was easily resolved. It still took me a while to figure out the best practices for this and I will link to a thread that covers it well. [OCT 2019] Fees are low, use this opportunity to Consolidate your small inputs!
7  Other / Meta / Temp Sig Bans please - For a new kind of Campaign on: October 02, 2019, 06:30:27 AM
Now before people show up with their pitchforks calling for a forum wide Ban, or rotten tomatoes because they lost their job this week. I would like to request Temp Sig Bans for anyone on the Banned list.
List of banned participants in the Cryptotalk Campaign

Nothing crazy, or go crazy what do I care. This will help in clearing a lot of Sig spam from the forum for one. - The rest of the benefits really are for anyone trying to identify current spammers, or assist in monitoring this campaign. By imposing a Sig ban on these members peolpe will no longer have to double check over and over if they are on the list. It won't interfere with anyone not spamming the forum strictly for the money. Thoughts?
8  Economy / Service Discussion / Crypto-Bridge Just sprung KYC on everyone today - No notice given on: October 01, 2019, 09:42:32 AM
Edit: here is my post detailing how I ended this for myself. I am linking it here to add support to the Flag I am creating.

Just putting this out there for anyone who may be using or was considering using Crypto-Bridge. I have some coins there so I really have no choice now but to submit to their bullshit no notice call. I really should have seen this coming when they made all US clientele perform this earlier in the year. I'm just amazed how it was rolled out, I found it in another random Discord Channel. I guess I'm just a bit miffed at teh fact that they are complying with laws in countries that don't concern me.

They previously allowed anyone outside the US to operate without KYC, so what's the difference now. Either way, I guess I'll have to fill it out eventually but I'll wait until I've seen it in action for a couple days. Sure as shit not letting them have my coins, just because they've changed the rules. I also wouldn't really give a shit, if they had provided some notice.

Starting October 2019, all users are required to submit user verification to use CryptoBridge.
The 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive requires users to submit verification of their identity to continue using CryptoBridge.

Proceeding with this requirement will redirect you to our partner, Fractal. Upon completion, full functionality of your account will be restored. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures that your privacy is protected at any time.

Find more about KYC in our blog.
This is the message you are greeted with once you attempt to log in to your account.

Introducing user verification
Oct 1, 2019 | News

Since CryptoBridge entered the market, we are on a mission: Thinking decentral. Both in a technical and in a jurisdictional sense. While we still strive to present new challenges for international financial regulation, we are facing the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) and will adjust our gateway services to pave the way for CryptoBridge moving forward.

Therefore, starting October 2019, all existing and new users are required to submit user verification before continuing to use deposits and withdrawals, to protect customers and CryptoBridge from being held responsible for any illegal intentions or money laundering activities. Introducing AMLD5 not only creates a legal status for crypto assets, it also enables them to become viable and legitimate financial networks. It also facilitates the listing of security tokens on CryptoBridge.

We are working closely with our partner Fractal who stores all user-submitted data with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance measures in a European data storage facility. GDPR holds personal data privacy to significantly higher standard than any previous national or international legislation and sets the bar very high for the handling of private data. Consequently, CryptoBridge does not have access to any user information other than their UUID associated with a successful completion identity verification. Personal information is not shared unless there is a court order mandating to release it. You’ll find more in depth information in our privacy policy.

We are looking forward to release an even more efficient and faster identity verification process in the upcoming weeks.

This is the Blog explaining it, note it was published October 1st. They are so F'd on this they don't even have a decent system for KYC up and running. Going to be a few weeks for a streamlined process; might have been niuce to announce it then implement it when the process was ready.
9  Economy / Service Discussion / [Review] - Novablock Mining Pool on: September 27, 2019, 05:58:04 AM
This will be an ongoing review of Novablock Mining pool. You can find their Pool thread here on Bitcointalk. I am only reviewing their Bitcoin mining operation. I am receiving a 0 fee mining experience for 30 days while I conduct my review. I will update OP throughout the month, I plan to compare it against ViaBTC for earnings and general experience. I am currently testing out their NovaPPS+ system against PPS+ at ViaBTC.

Getting Started
Go to
To begin mining with Novapool you need to create an account. This is fairly straightforward and standard practice across most of the main pools. The username you select will also be the beginning of you miner worker names if you plan to point multiple machines at the pool.
Once you have created your account you will be able to assign your wallet payout address. This can be done by selecting the "Rewards" tab along the left hand side of the page. Scroll to the bottom and input your desired address.
You will be able to come back here and review your daily earnings. On this point I am going to request a better breakdown of the block reward portion awarded.
Initial miner setup

This was straightforward, the mining URL's are found on the Dashboard top left. The pop up window contains 3 addresses, I would also like to see an example of naming workers here, for simplicity sake. I did have to look through the help section before I found the reference, as I wanted to be sure it was available.

Through an error on my end I found a minor issue. I forgot to use a "." to name a worker. This then was no longer pointing to my account, but did still connect to the pool. It was a few minutes before I realised the error, as the worker never appeared in the Dashboard. I tested it again today to be sure.

Ease of use

Again it's very straightforward. You can easily set worker and hashrate alerts in the event a miner drops out or underperforms. The site also displays projected earnings/TH/day in several locations; including the pool stats page on your dashboard. I would like to see if that takes into account the pool fee of 3.5%. 2.5% until the pool reaches 2000 PH

A nice feature available on the homepage is reviewing profitability of most available hardware for the last couple of years. It works like a profitability calculator by allowing you to input your utility costs and see your potential daily earnings by machine.

They also offer additional features and monitoring such as an App, which I will be trying out in the coming days.

As I said this will be an ongoing review. I have had my machines pointed there for about 36 hours. I will begin doing price and earning comparisons tomorrow. This is just my initial findings and experience.

Edit: Here is the post I will track all reward comparisons. I have linked a basic spreadsheet showing my calculations for earnings.
10  Other / Meta / How often do you send PM's? on: September 26, 2019, 06:26:12 PM
So I've been wanting to create this topic for a while as it seems people vary widely on when, how, and why they chose to PM or not. I've held off as it seemed for a while the use or lack of use of PM's seemed to be an issue and I didn't want it tied to any one instance, as that's not why I'm creating this thread.

There are always disagreements and misunderstandings between users, or even the perception of injustice based on personal opinions. I've never really seen the benefit to creating an entire thread when a simple PM could suffice. This can easily clear the air a lot of the time without bringing in the peanut gallery, which more often than not can aggravate the situation. It makes total sense if you've attempted to reach out and receive no response or if someone is defaulting and no longer communicating.  I personally prefer to PM users for a variety of reasons, some could have been threads or topics some definitely not. 
  • Instead of posting @whoever if I want to draw their attention to something
  • If perhaps someone is being called out or questioned on something but isn't a part of the thread yet
  • When something seems off to me
  • For opinions on people without dragging them through the mud first
  • For advice on something specific and/or just to chat
  • To notify some of trust list changes or reasoning
  • hammer out the details of a deal/trade before posting the agreed upon facts

I guess it just boils down to personal preference, that and some people love to grab the popcorn and watch the fireworks. Perhaps a bit jaded in my perception as well but sometimes it just feels like a way to get a couple more posts in that week.  So I'm legit curious as to the what and why of your PM usage.
11  Other / Meta / [Request] Out of Smerit, top it up..... on: September 25, 2019, 06:02:40 PM
 No don't do it.

I'm not out of Smerit, but wanted to put this out there.
It's not uncommon for some out there to exhaust their earned Smerit, even sources run out from time to time. We need to understand this is just the system at work, not necessarily a flaw or reason to request theymos intervene and add to our bank. On top of that I don't feel people should then merit these people solely for them to earn half as Smerit, in lieu of theymos making them a source or them receiving their next merits organically. Most of these users will earn merit on their own rather quickly anyways, but are either: impatient, afraid to forget the post, or uninformed of other options as linked below.

I just feel the optics on this are so askew, it's hard to look at sometimes. Merits still seem like a hurdle to a lot of members out there, by design the system shows members  various ways to excel succeed and bring value to the forum. This can then promote this sort of behavior of just wanting to award merit to others but having non themselves. Early on these sorts of requests where met with claims of merit begging, and go earn your own.

Now this is different from a merit source application. That is a position that is needed and there is no issue with awarding merit, they are generally well put together and researched threads.

So I'll toss this out there, next time you see someone in a situation with no merit to award direct them here - [self-moderated] Report unmerited good posts to Merit Source .This way the posts can still be merited and the system can work as designed without needing/requesting Admin intervention. If they have not already done so you can also direct them to apply to be a merit source following the process laid out in Merit and new rank requirements
12  Bitcoin / Meetups / Going to my first meetup on: September 19, 2019, 03:27:52 PM
So after tonight I will hopefully have attended my first Bitcoin meetup, well all crypto likely. It's in nearest large city about 2 hours away and it's taken me nearly 2 years to make it in for 1.

I made a decision about 4 months ago to go to a different groups meetup and that was a mistake. It was more mining focused but they cancelled, left the event advertised, and wasted a good deal of my time lol.

I don't reallly know what to expect, the organizer is actually the guy who sold me my first hardware, always had a good chat with him. So i'm hoping for more or the same.

I'll update on how it goes. Figured I would share, let me know if you've ever attended these types if events, what it was like, the good and the bad
13  Economy / Service Discussion / Shakepay - Buy/Sell BTC and ETH using CAD on: September 13, 2019, 06:55:01 AM
I recently got around to using Shakepay -, they have little to no presence here so I thought a discussion thread was in order. Starting off with a few general details about them.

  • You have to register and perform KYC - There is the ability to auto-verify
  • Buy and Sell BTC or ETH
  • Fund your account with CAD using Email Money Transfer or Wire Transfer
  • No fees on the trade, funding or withdrawal
  • They have a referral program - 10$ for both parties if they buy 100$ in crypto

My personal experience is pretty funny. I failed the auto-verification, it was based on your profession and it was a limited list. I then must have submitted a blurry photo when doing the manual verification because that part failed. I then stopped trying for months because I believe at the time I was trying to sell some coin and found another method. Fast forward a few months to last week, I resubmitted a photo and was approved without issue.

I used the EMT for funding my account and it was instant. Took a matter of seconds to buy my BTC and the withdrawal to my wallet was smooth. I will definitely be using it again. When I used it I had to use the App for my purchase, but they have updated the website and you can do it online as well apparently. I haven't tried it out yet.

My downsides are that they do not offer the ability to buy or sell a small amount of crypto without KYC. I would also like to see another coin or two added to the list of trade-able cryptos.

Feel free to PM me if you want to use my referral for the 10$, or find someone you know using Shakepay and use theirs. Which is what I should have done

14  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / What and why? When your pool begins to fall behind. on: September 05, 2019, 08:17:01 PM
So for a few years now there have been the massive (I call them corporate) pools operating. They often ran with a PPS method and catered to people who wanted to see instant rewards and/or daily payouts. Short story is they kept more of your BTC for this. Time kept moving along and with it the Network Difficulty has risen as well. This puts some of the smaller pools and their miners in a spot; it starts small but gets worse with every increase in the Diff. You eventually fall behind and are no longer expecting to find a block within the 2016 blocks of that period.

There are lots of miners who have left shares on now dead or dying pools. When did you make the decision to either jump ship or hold your breath and why? I think the cutoff right now is a ~38 PH pool for you to expect 1 block in 2016.

While I love the idea of a bunch of smaller pools operating on the fringes, I just don't think it will viably survive into the future, especially with more mid size pools popping up providing other options to the Bitmain pools. Final thought if you were on a smaller pool if there seemed to be a movement towards consolidating into pool X, would you or would you just move into one of the large pools?

For me personally I've hit that point I told myself I would begin to make decisions. I believe I am slowly going to begin migrating some of my hashrate. I do still believe that at some point the hashrate may climb back into the safe zone, but I want to hedge my BTC earnings out a bit while Diff is still climbing slowly.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Twitterarians can you weigh in. Does @Bitcoin support Bitcoin again? on: August 20, 2019, 09:28:36 PM
I don't use twitter, and really only check anything out if an article or post points me that way. I did find this interesting though it's about the twitter handle @bitcoin essentially whitewashing it's prior support for BCH.

I remember them a little, but always chalked it up to the same propaganda machine as promoting their somehow original and true Bitcoin. That's another million previous threads though. I personally can't tell what changed there, but it almost seems like someone snapped and is just enjoying playing up a game for now.

It would be nice to see well known resources... if you can call them that, using the Bitcoin name to be just that a resource.
16  Economy / Currency exchange / closed on: August 11, 2019, 01:43:09 AM
Just thought I'd throw this out there. I'm looking to grab 10 LTC if you have and want to trade let me know. I have BTC to offer up. I'm a little ties up at the moment but will check back to see if anyone is interested. Feel free to PM or post with your offers
17  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Whatsminer M20S 65 TH model on: August 01, 2019, 11:21:53 PM
Unit is located in Canada. Has been hashing for 3 weeks no issues and is stable at 65 TH. Mutually agreed upon escrow is accepted at buyers expense if requested. Will ship with original packaging, power cable not included. Not in a rush to sell this but thought I'd float the idea out there.

Asking price - 5100 USD
Shipping included - Within North America - Will ship within 2 business days of payment to myself or escrow, due to scheduling.
Accepting -  BTC or LTC for payment
Buyer responsible for any duties imports or taxes.

Images are available or you can see this topic where I reviewed the gear -

I reserve the right to cancel sale anytime before a deal has been made, or to refuse offers from individuals based on feedback.

Price reduced to 4050 USD. Shipping is still included. All other details are the same, as quoted above. Miner is still operating normally.
18  Other / Meta / [Feature Request] Personal Notepads on: July 29, 2019, 03:09:08 AM
What I'm looking for is just an on forum personal notepad with all the features of a post. I'm not sure how hard this is but it could serve the purpose of a better draft system for people creating original content or larger formatted posts. It could be a place to paste links to posts/topics or any other resource or reference you want to keep for the future. You get the point it's whatever you need it for, and it's a personal notepad. I know on a few occasions I've hated relying on the current draft system to reload a post I'm working on or going back through them to find the best format after trying several out and previewing. That's just one example, there's numerous posts or topics I like or reference I lose track of sometimes, it would be nice to have a list of links when I need them.

I bring this up because I personally use the forum from 3 devices and switch between them regularly. I'm sure I'm not the only one so this has the benefit of following my account wherever I log in so I can pick up where I left off. It would also be beneficial because it's there until you delete it, unlike a draft of any sort that is gone after 100 (previews,posts,messages). I get that it would take up forum resources and I don't really know how that works. If it's limited to the same capacity as a regular post, would it have the same impact as an account creating a single post? If not it could always be limited further, and I imagine there are many people who wouldn't see the utility in this feature for their forum use.
19  Other / Meta / Formatting issue - Difference between preview and posted content on: July 12, 2019, 04:30:49 PM
So I have been trying to put a little more effort into my formatting  for certain posts - Reviews,Guides, Informative. Last night was such an occasion I created this review but had to wipe some of my attempts at formatting the text and images using "table" and "columns".

I created this topic in archival to showcase how the post appeared when I originally posted it, and the second post shows a screencap of how it displayed in preview. I'm not positive why this happens; I assume it has something to do with how the post displays once posting members profile appears on the left side. Apart from that it displays properly when I look at it from my list of previously created topics, from my profile.

I'm also not ruling out that it may be the way I was attempting to format the post resulting in the images being squished. If it's not that though it seems there is a difference between the space allotted for preview, as opposed to posted content.

Link to Archival reference post
20  Other / Archival / Example -Preview to post on: July 12, 2019, 03:22:33 PM
Edit Solved the problem this was referenced for using this

This is a review of my experience with the M20S 65 TH miner by MicroBT. This miner is built using 12nm chips and comes with a built-in PSU. I have allowed it to run monitored for a few days to get a good baseline for power consumption. The average temperature for the environment would be approximately 27 degrees Celsius.

Real Performance VS. Advertised Performance

This model boasts an advertised efficiency of 48 W/TH or .048 J/GH @ 65TH +/- 5% drawing 3120 W +/- 10%
Real world tests came in within spec as can be seen above. I am seeing 65 TH @ 3232 W giving us an efficiency of .0497 J/GH

This is a pass for the M20S model, it delivers as promised.

Ease of use

It doesn't get much easier to set up than this. You are responsible for 2 connections.
The first being the network cable which connects to Ethernet port.
The second is the power cable. The miner requires a cable with a C19 connector on the power cable.
I used a 12 gauge cable rated to 20 amps - Pictured is the supplied cable
Note you will need to ensure you have a circuit within spec for the PSU.
This means a minimum line voltage of 200V and maximum of 260V.
Confirm your particular models specs as PSU's may change.

Login and Configuration
Once you've accessed the miners IP on your network you will log in using these credentials - Username - admin, Password - admin.
Select the "Configuration" tab and then select "CGminer Configuration" from the drop down menu. Here you will enter your preferred pools information as provided by them. There is a power mode tab - Low Power function is not available at this time. I will update this if it becomes available.


This Miner is louder than anything I have run before. Using an App on my phone I received ~ 68 db near the miner on the inlet side. Readings taken from the Exhaust side were spiking as high as 78 db. A more accurate meter would be useful, but if you want to use this in a residential environment you need to consider sound proofing. It can be done as evidenced by my setup, but I would not recommend running this in a residential or home capacity without a plan for the noise.

Packaging and Physical Specs

The miner arrived in standard packaging for MicroBT miners. I saw no damage and everything felt secure as I tilted the machine to listen for loose or damaged components. It is larger and heavier than the M10's but overall has a similar appearance. See images below for unpacking.

Advertised Specs
  • Hashrate - 65 TH/S +/- 5%
  • Power Consumption - 3120 W +/- 10%
  • Efficiency - 48W/TH
  • Size: 39cm Length x 15.5cm Width x 24cm height
  • Weight - 10.75 kg
  • Operating Temperatures - -5C - 35C
  • Power Specs - 200V-240V  ** MicroBT English site rates up to 300V. I will seek clarification.

Note about the Built-in PSU - Advertised is the P21 PSU, mine appears to be a P20 model, which I will inquire about.

Manufacturer: MicroBT -
Distributors: PangolinMiner - ; Whatsminer -

My personal opinion - Overall I am pleased with this miner, and would buy another of the M20 series. It delivered on spec, and on days that have gone above 30 degrees Celsius I haven't had any issues. I am disappointed that it didn't have the Low Power mode available with this batch, and hope it will become available. On the warm days I mentioned it would be nice to have the ability to change the power mode.
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