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1  Other / Beginners & Help / [PSA] Don't trust the person you just met on the internet. on: September 13, 2018, 05:05:19 AM
If you check this out you'll quickly understand why this topic had to be created. Just open it in a new tab and carry on reading.

So sorry about that, but this is the best way I could think of to jump into this. Don't just go clicking on links willy nilly. I gave the example above so that you could see how easy it is to deceive someone on the forum.

So in all seriousness there can be severe consequences to trusting people on the forum. Some users create accounts with the sole purpose of either trying to infect your device, or even just to Phish your information. So here is my advice for avoiding these traps.

Use the "quote" button to inspect the link yourself. When quoting a post it will reveal the code behind the link, and you can be sure of where it is directing you. This still requires your due diligence when trying to navigate links. Just because you know where it is going doesn't mean it's safe. After you have clicked a link check the address bar to ensure you are where you want to be.

I tend to inspect all low rank members links before clicking because in the past I've seen many suspicious links. It doesn't end at the previous example either. This website has a detailed list of ways people are committing these cybercrimes.

2  Other / Meta / Post your recovery proof message here for verification on: August 20, 2018, 06:29:43 PM
This thread is an attempt to help people that have had their account hacked. There are a lot of threads out there, and I figured people could use the same thread to post the message and have it verified, the same way this thread has them staked.

Do so in the same way you would have signed the recovery message for Cyrus and Theymos as presented here: Recovering hacked accounts or accounts with lost passwords

Someone will come along and verify the message, and if you are wanting to link to your original account you can try using this suggestion. [Suggestion] For anyone who had their account hacked

Edit: This thread is meant to work together with my band-aid fix in the last linked thread of this topic.
The secondary benefit would be to have all signed and verified messages of hacked accounts in one place.
3  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] For anyone who had their account hacked on: August 20, 2018, 06:23:10 PM
First off this is a band-aid solution suggestion, to help hold maintain your reputation with a new account. This will in no way move along your account recovery, but I feel it is a better option than the recent suggestions of buying an account; which is a terrible practice on so many levels.

Secondly- This does not apply to banned accounts, you deserve your punishment.

First follow the steps found here Recovering hacked accounts or accounts with lost passwords

Now the parts you are not going to like. You need to create a new account, there is no way around it. Recovery is currently 8 months+, maybe longer I honestly don't remember seeing an account recovered.

  • Go to this thread with your new account and post a signed message, the same way you would have when following the recovery guidelines
  • In that same post ad a link to your hacked account
  • Someone will verify the message for you, quote it and post that it is verified
  • Place a text copy of the link to the verified message from the above thread in your signature space
  • You can update the signature space as you progress in rank, but due to newbie restrictions that is the best you can do for now.

Obviously this is not perfect, far from it. Some users do not need it, but there are accounts out there that have built up a reputation that is difficult to let go of. Especially in the Marketplace, it could help people continue to make sales or trades with users their original account had dealt with in the past. You will still have to explain to anyone you chose what the situation is and can tell them where to look for the verified proof that the accounts are linked.

Here are some other options. You can purchase a copper membership to lift some of the restrictions on Sig space, and posting images.
It would be nice to see the fee waived by Theymos, but I imagine that would require the same amount of work/effort as account recovery. So instead a fee reimbursement may be nice after the fact.

When discussing with another individual at some point these are some thought I had for afterwards. I think if an account is recovered, there should be some way of locking the secondary account and transferring any earned Merit and Activity to the primary account. This would be a one time option and up to the account holder.

Edited opening line
4  Other / Meta / Guess who has 2 thumbs and turned 1 today... this guy. on: August 17, 2018, 04:30:44 AM
I know it works better in person. I was torn on whether I should create this thread but it does reflect on the forum itself within the last year.

When I first joined it was initially to find out if I had been ripped off on a hardware sale. Like the genius I was I created an account solely to request the admins verify an email I had against a username.... oh to be dumb and naive again.

Truth be told I had already spent 3 months researching crypto and had already been mining for 3 months or so. The reason I didn't start here was because it appeared to be a steaming pile of shit.

Trying to find basic information was near impossible and a large number of posters seemed to be talking out of their asses.

Over the last year I think the forum has improved greatly due to some vigilant MODS and an active community base that decided it was time for change. The merit system has also helped move the forum in a positive direction.

This was my first experience within an online forum and I definitely had a lot to learn. Thanks to those that helped along the way.

5  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Why don't hardware companies educate people away from Bitmain on: August 12, 2018, 04:04:17 PM
I was recently wondering why more hardware companies haven't tried every method possible to cut down on Bitmain profits. This idea is a passive way companies could still reduce new miners from joining Bitmain associated pools. At this point in time the impact may be negligible, but the associated costs of this idea are also minimal. I can't speak for all companies but I know Canaan included a little thank you/setup card with purchases; but I feel it was a wasted opportunity.

If from the beginning those cards included an educational blurb about the importance of miner/transaction fees as well as pool fees; they could have steered people in a better(IMO) direction. I know that when I started mining I spent a lot of time giving away my BTC on a particular pool that was flashy and ran promotions that made me think I was ahead. I thought I had done enough research, but had the welcome card placed a simple example there I may have seen the light sooner.

I read that sometime this year Antpool, has one payout version that included transaction fees, but with a high pool fee. With that still being a downside an informed miner may look explore their options. I'm not expecting any manufacturer to outright endorse a particular pool, that's up to them.  It just struck me as something lacking from current hardware packages.
6  Other / Meta / Hacked account activity on: August 11, 2018, 03:48:53 AM
With the slew of hacked or locked accounts awaiting recovery should there be a mechanism to reallocate the temporary accounts: Activity, Merit and Smerit.

I'm not even sure I've seen an account recovered, but it is inevitable that some will be. It would be nice if these members could feel like it isn't time wasted. My thoughts are that if an account is recovered, the user will have created a temporary account to follow the steps for account recovery.

From here they can carry on being a member of the forum. Upon their account being returned, all stats should be merged including posts and feedback; but the first 3 are what most would be interested in.

Edit: A few things I forgot.

When the main account is recovered the temporary account has to be locked for any transfer of activity or Merit. Ideally the signature space would then be used to link the profiles. This could help with preserving post history, because transferring posts would probably be more hassle than it's worth. That would also be helpful in linking feedback.

7  Other / Meta / [Proposal] Ban the fools on: August 09, 2018, 03:09:15 AM
Clickbait... wait no this is serious.

I only recently started to look into auctions, and so far my first experience has been shit. This is because the user does not respect the forum or the community as far as I can tell. They don't seem the typical scammer, I honestly think they are just a fool.

They have attempted to run at least 2 auctions from what I can tell, and they end in a trainwreck.

The one I'm a part of, resulted in a PM asking me to make an offer, as they are not receiving the interest they had hoped for.

My proposal currently only relates to Auctions and collectibles. Obviously could be expanded.

If someone is continuously violating the board rules, can we issue them with a board specific ban. In this instance the user could still post their goods properly on the computer hardware board but would be prohibited from posting an auction.

This member isn't the best example but I feel some may still be able to participate in discussions at a decent level but should lose some privileges for up to 1 year.
8  Economy / Currency exchange / [H] BTC [W] Email Money Transfer CAD [Completed] on: August 07, 2018, 10:52:57 AM
For now I'm looking to see if I can find someone reputable to trade with, and we can discuss amounts and terms. I will generally be looking to sell between .02-.05 BTC

9  Other / Meta / Possible bug in stickied topics [answered] on: August 02, 2018, 01:45:32 PM
One of my topics was stickied and I try to keep an eye on it to maintain thread quality.

There is currently a post there, that is extremely poorly worded. So in trying to determine if it is a spammy bot, or just poorly worded I checked the post history, and noticed I'm able to delete the post from their post history.

Or at least am given the option, I haven't done so yet. I also haven't reported the post yet, because of this unique situation.

Anyone have any insight into this.

Here is the post
10  Bitcoin / Mining support / [Video] Tear down/ Component replacement Avalon Miner 841 on: July 30, 2018, 03:03:41 AM
Linked here is a video that will show you the steps required to replace any component of you Avalon 841. In reality their designs are so similar, that it is good for all models starting from the 721 series. Feel free to ignore the guy in the video calling it an 821 Roll Eyes. The outer shell has an 821 label on it, and I didn't notice the difference until my final repair.


Thanks to Steven Mosher with Canaan for giving me the opportunity. It was simple I was sent an assembled unit that was non-functioning; and was tasked with identifying the issue and performing repairs. I was provided with an After Sales Support Engineer contact from Canaan, Yuxing Wei. I was able to update Yuxing on what I thought was the issue and how I was going to proceed; he also confirmed with me when I had completed the repairs.

Shipment Contents

*Will update post with screen shots *

First test - Getting a baseline for your issues
I was able to log into the controller, and the unit was visible. Digging a little deeper into the API log it was apparent that none of the 4 hashboards were doing any work. There are a few different issues this could have been.
  • 4 faulty hashboards
  • A combination of faulty hashboards and faulty PMU's
  • 2 faulty PMU's  - Despite them showing proper numbers for voltages, there can be an issue with the actual connections to the boards.
So I began as deep in as possible, and replaced all 4 hashboards and reassembled the Miner. I do have footage of this, but felt the published video was of better quality while still showing everything necessary.

Second test - How to identify if the problem is a Hashboard or PMU  

This test revealed forward progress. I now had 3 hashboards that were operational, with MW3 still appearing dead. I was left with 2 possibilities:

  • The replacement hashboard was a dud
  • There was an issue with the PMU2 - Attached to MW2 and MW3

To identify the problem board at this point, I swapped Hashboard positions. I removed Hashboard MW3, and MW0 and swapped them. These boards both sit at the top position of the miner but are each powered by separate PMU's. So I am taking a known functional board and switching it's position with the problem board.

Doing this allows me to see if the board is the problem or the board position. After the switch if the problem is the Hashboard, the API log would show MW0 as dead, and MW3 hashing. If the problem is PMU related you will still see MW3 showing dead, despite there being a different functional Hashboard in that position.

In my case the issue was an issue with PMU2. This was confirmed by MW3 still showing dead.

Third test

Armed with the knowledge that the Hashboards were all functional, I replaced PMU2. This was a fairly straightforward replacement, but it did surprise me. Using the API log I didn't notice anything that tiped me off to a faulty PMU as all my "VI" and "VO" number looked good. It was only through the previous Hashboard swap that I was able to confirm this issue. So it goes to show that you should not jusmp to conclusions and take your time in identifying the issue.

After swapping out the PMU, everything is functioning as expected.

Identifying Parts

When changing out the PMU units I noticed that one side is marked with an "L" and the other is marked with an "R"

11  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Benefit of adding Octothorpe tag option on: July 28, 2018, 06:14:01 AM
It's pretty often you come across a topic, and within the first page someone has pointed out the similarity to other posts. Sometimes a topic is started with "Not sure if someone has posted this".

I figure it may be beneficial to give members the option to "Tag" topics or posts.

I don't know how hard this is as an ad on to the current system, but it could be done in a few different ways.

  • Start out with a few categories: Troubleshooting, Repair, Guide, Tips/Pointers, Custom-Insert here, Poll/Vote
This is a short list, I'm sure others can think of some to ad. The OP of the topic can select tags upon creating the topic, that they feel suite the material.

  • Same idea, but in this instance other members can then tag a topic or post how they see fit.
I would say OP could still have the option, but this allows other users to do so in their place should they not utilize the function.


Personally I favor the option where any user can "Custom". Over time the more people that start to tag certain topics or posts, it will give a wider range of words to search for and hopefully provide a more targeted search overall. Not sure of a potential downside, yet to allowing anyone and everyone to create Tags, but if we wanted to select a certain group to do this, they could get a fancy Badge.

This could also be a nice way of finding older responses, by maybe using Custom- Hell freeze if you want to know about BTCT and KYC.
12  Bitcoin / Mining support / PSU fan directions seem wrong on: July 23, 2018, 12:21:08 AM
For the first time I'm using 1600W psu's.

I have I a sorcerer from Canaan, and 1 APW3++

When I hook them up the fan starts drawing air in and exhausting where the output power cables are.

Maybe I'm wrong in this but that seems backwards, because they are essentially going to feed the psu exhaust to the miner, because of the cable length limitations.

If I'm right and both psu's are exhausting wrong, what could be the cause...besides having 2 with backward fans.

I am running them on a 220v circuit. I've ever run into this issue in that circuit with my 2400w psu's.
13  Economy / Service Discussion / That's how you set up a campaign, well done LoyceV on: July 16, 2018, 04:30:43 PM

So there's a lot of talk about how removing SIG campaigns would save the forum.

Looking at the rules and set up for this campaign I'd say this is the direction we should go. Great job setting up this campaign and the rules around it.

Lots of bright spots to name a few:
  • Earned merit requires to be accepted.
  • No minimum number of posts, and a lower maximum
  • Easy to understand rules addressing spam
  • And the bounty, which should scare enough people to keep them inline.

14  Other / Serious discussion / Where do you draw the line, Freedom of Speech/Misinformation on: July 14, 2018, 08:56:36 PM
There are days I have a hard time talking to people about anything of substance. It goes beyond the general differing opinions or being proven wrong; I'm entirely fine with that. I actually enjoy discussions with a differing opinion, don't mind being wrong but enjoy the chance to learn.

What gets me these days is the fact that anyone and everyone's information is given the same weight. This has been going on so long that people are losing the ability to think for themselves and be objective. I know there have always been sheeple that can't and won't think for themselves. Unfortunately there is a growing number of our population locking themselves into an echo type environment that doesn't introduce contradictory ideas.

This is particularly dangerous when said people begin to promote "gut feelings" or opinions as facts or proof. In turn they are more vocal in their arguments and if confronted with a debate tend to get whipped up into a frenzy. Once again to the point where they are only surrounded by the ideas that comfort them.

I've always been very much in agreement with free speech and that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just can't stand the fact that people have the opportunity to present their opinions as fact based; and are continuously given a megaphone and a soapbox directly to the world with little or no consequence. To me this leads society down a dangerous/deadly path depending on the information, and unfortunately stifles real science in the wake of more profitable opinions.

I'm not saying that these peoples voices need to be muted but that there needs to be consequences to promoting misinformation.

Crisis Actors in the US, a convenient way to dismiss people after a  mass shooting

The Anti-vaxxer

The ever so controversial "Hoax" of climate change
15  Economy / Reputation / I strongly believe this was a bought account... More than a year ago. on: July 14, 2018, 07:53:38 PM
I found user Aliman because of his Alt (suspected not proven) posting a reworked post of Aliman in one of my threads.

After looking through their post history I noticed that almost all of their posts are in the same thread within a few minutes of each other, sometimes quoting each other.

This led me to post 579/578 Page 29 of the post history, of Aliman. Prior to this I hadn't noticed any posts on the Phillipines board, and most of them were technical in nature relating to GPU mining.

After this they turned almost entirely to Sig campaigns and Air Drops.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / [Tips] Posting technique on: July 13, 2018, 09:58:45 PM
There are a few mistakes that a lot of Newbies make, I'm sure I had a few earlier on as well. This is a small list of ways to do things, and things to avoid.

Before I get to the small things that you can work on here are 2 that need to be taken very seriously.

Plagiarism is not tolerated. Quote all sources both internal and external to BTCtalk.

Strive for quality posts. You need to be aware of your limitations and post accordingly, if you can not put together a post in any language without a translator you have no business posting in that section. In addition to this if your post has no net benefit to the conversation it should not be posted.


Where do I type??

Review the below code for the example

[quote]This is where the text you have quoted appears[/quote]
 You need to type your reply text outside of the quote such as I have done here

Nested quotes are generally unnecessary and can make reading a thread painful, IMO.

Example provided so you can see what they look like. There are

With this conversation there is no need to keep all the quotes nested. To keep a board clean and easily readable, you can go in and remove multiple nested quotes by simply selecting them and deleting them.

[quote author=BiteByte link=topic=3238497.msg33953753#msg33953753 date=1522878326]
***SELECT FROM HERE***[quote author=DIXxX link=topic=3238497.msg33952812#msg33952812 date=1522876924]
[quote author=BiteByte link=topic=3238497.msg33944794#msg33944794 date=1522868415]
[quote author=DIXxX link=topic=3238497.msg33928296#msg33928296 date=1522854616]
[quote author=g0lden link=topic=3238497.msg33887346#msg33887346 date=1522812845]
[quote author=DIXxX link=topic=3238497.msg33820658#msg33820658 date=1522745047]
Greed of you people will be the end of Crypto...this coin looked promising, but whenever money starts appearing devs get into "fight" and leaving, splitting ect, no matter what coin is at sad

lol dude crypto ain't going no where - humanity ain't changed.  It was the same shit when the internet came out.  I don't even know what happened w/ the drama here, I just came for some info on the amd gpu mining, dont really care about the drama, shit will sort itself out.  Don't get too emotionally invested in one project though, tbh.  maybe except bitcoin ;)

and even that, should have a well diversified (but not over diversified) portfolio regardless of buying / trading / mining - from trading I learned not to get attached to a project .... it was hard to let go, trust me

and i ain't saying ravencoin won't be a huge project that changes the world, it very well may be, it's one of the more promising ones in my pov, but i've also now got my own set of indiciators i use to determine potential use case, market target, dev team, mining opportunity, etc

For me it lost its credibility...mining different things ATM. I am not emotional d00de :) just saying the obvious...there are fewer and fewer good projects. Shitty moves like these, whether they are doing it as strategy or on purpose, just goes along with global state mind of governments that crypto will be regulated and when regulation comes, you think they will let everybody participate like the case is today?? I don't think so...
[/quote]So you in or out?
 I succumbed to this thinking in 2010 with Bitcoin and have about 1-2k BTC on an old laptop or it's removed hard drive somewhere in this world - probably a dump

Unsure, not sure if pigeon being developed has something with this and will it turn into some messy thing, hope I'm way off...but, in general, I went into mining to help my sick brother who lost both kidneys with 34g, sold my car. Issue is I went in January this year, so I would be lying if money is not important for me, but I think it very much differs from greed that makes people do shitty things where people in a similar situation, for example, might end up screwed...I believe the tech can do amazing things, I believe in that...problem is rarely in tech. I will halve my efforts and hodl for time being
[/quote] ***SELECT TO HERE*** Aha. Yes that is a understandable an gives perspective. The bad actors in this space that show up continuously makes me wonder what they really get out of ripping people off. Nothing really... just cash that they will waste and temporary self satisfaction that they tricked someone out of money.
I don't think this is the case with RavenCoin and they have just had a speed bump with the community leader. If they left it as was I think it would have been worse and had more attacks about not doing anything to rectify it.

If you started mining RVN in Jan you will have a big stash by now. I started this with the risk of it not being worth anything for a year so just holding as well and happy with it. I was enjoying the community but just waiting for all the mining questions to go away :-)

Looking at the full quote above if you select between the from here and the to here section and delete you will be left with a single quote. You can also use this same select and delete method to remove unnecessary portions of any quote for your reply. This allows you to provide context to your reply without the unnecessary portions of the quote.

Quoting the entire last reply

This is usually unnecessary, should you want to respond to a portion edit only that portion into the quote. Doing so makes your posts look sloppy, and in instances of a rather lengthy post can make for a ridiculously long page. In 99% of instances you can easily edit out a large portion of the last reply as it will be directly above your post. Example found here unless edited.

More IMO

Myself if I am quoting a post that has an image in it, I will delete the image from the quote because there is no need to have the image reappear on the same page, IMO. This helps keep the thread length down by reducing the amount of redundant posts being requoted.

Generally there is no reason to quote the entire OP of a topic, this again just ads to the length of the page and can make for a terrible read. This is especially true in ANN threads, or  posts that are lengthy to begin with.

There are of course exceptions to everything but for the most part I find this to be a good general practice

Post content

The great wall

Please avoid this:
This is a completely nonsensical amount of writing I am putting together for the purpose of building a great wall of shit. A lot of times people with nothing noteworthy of being said will type and type and type to their hearts content. This is done in an attempt to look smart most of the time, and fails miserably because who really wants to read this. Granted sometimes this is done unintentionally because a user gets excited in their writing and doesn't take the time to preview the text and reformat. Either way the end result is usually the same a loss of interest by line 2... probably already happened here, so why am I still typing. Oh right because I really want to hammer home the point that a wall of text sucks to look at. What would be really crappy of me is to only include my tips and advice for solving this here, but I won't do that because I genuinely want people to learn. Maybe one day someone will have something useful I want to read and thanks to this post they will not cram it into a wall and I can cram that great well formatted read into my mind.
I have top ad to this as I had to format this better than most walls of text just to get the point across within the code board.Learn something new everyday. In this case that using the code option was pointless. I will ad that this is still fairly small to some of the great ones out there but I'm not going to continue scouring for massive text walls.

Now you can easily solve this problem in 3 steps.
  • You are not writing a college essay, so don't pad the post with words/sentences/paragraphs that are unnecessary
  • Hitting the "Enter" button once or twice to separate thoughts is a nice way to break things up into readable chunks
  • Get to the point, you don't have to say everything in one post. Understand you may wind up having a conversation on the topic so holding back some information is fine if it isn't pertinent to the post. There will be other opportunities to use it fluidly within the conversation

Multiple Posts

Please learn to use the edit button should you have something to ad, this is found in the top right corner of your post. You can also reply to more than one person, or point by learning how to format quotes properly. This is simple enough to learn so don't wait to be reported and make the MODS do it for you, as this is against forum rules.

Caps, Font and the joy of Preview

You have a great amount of leeway in the way you can format your post. When doing so use the preview button below the post to see how it looks. A poorly formatted post can mask even the best information. Examples of this are poor choice of color for they type, increasing the size of font to much. These issues and so many more can be solved by previewing and correcting the issues before posting.

Some users find all caps annoying, and can also be taken as you are yelling. Instead of using all caps why not try using the Bold option for that portion of the post. If you are planning on using this for a topic title because it may draw in more responses, you may want to either write a better title or come up with a better topic if you find yourself needing a gimmick.


This is a small note as many users post links as opposed to embedding images. If you do use the img code be sure to use an appropriate size for the image. Personally I select either small or medium when using the code provided by imgur.

See this post by Shazam!!! for self modifying image size.

All in all these are just some small tips to some of the more common problems I see. If you read the entire OP I would say reading up on using the BB code the forum uses as it opens up a lot of options for your future posting. This can be found under help -> posting.

17  Other / Meta / Calling all you data crunching analysts on: July 11, 2018, 08:00:15 AM
*Said with respect* Wink

So I came across this account sale thread.

Given the provided information,, especially the amount of Merit, what are the odds you guys could narrow down the potential list of accounts.

I am making an assumption that this individual has only received 17 merits. I believe this to be true because, and correct me if I'm wrong, the other option is 267. I think that Hero close to Legendary started with 750?? Can't remember where I saw that. Regardless these larger numbers of Merits received should make it simpler to identify the account.

Not sure what could be done regardless of how well the list gets narrowed down but it could generate a shortlist of accounts to watch to prevent a green trust legendary account from changing hands.
18  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Modify Ban form letter on: July 11, 2018, 04:03:29 AM
After the slew of topics created along the lines of "Why I ban" , "I didn't break no rules", "Only try to contribute to forum"

I'm guessing it's a general form letter that gets sent out once a Ban is initiated, so could we just ad a few things.

1) The word Permanent when it is.

2) The offence with a reference link or the quote. As well as a link to the broken rule

This will at least make it easier to squash these topics once started, or to investigate in the case of the user who was framed.
19  Bitcoin / Mining support / First time/Small miner reference for getting started. on: July 10, 2018, 12:45:01 PM
If you are wanting to start mining here is what you need...and what you need to know

This is written for home miners/small farms, but can be used as a guideline for most operations. Use this post as a reference for what you need to research, or what questions you need to ask before jumping in.

What you need to mine can be broken down into the following categories: Hardware, Electricity, Location, Internet connection, Information

This quote by CK is a great launching point to the hardware requirements. It can be found here.

Mining BITCOIN is done exclusively with dedicated BITCOIN mining hardware based on ASICs - . You CAN NOT meaningfully mine bitcoin today with CPU, GPU or even FPGAs. Bitcoin difficulty adapts to match the amount of mining done on the network and has reached levels trillions of times too high to mine meaningfully with PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, webpages, javascript, GPUs, and even generalised SHA hardware. You will not find software in this section to help you mine bitcoin in this absurdly inefficient manner in this subforum. It would cost you thousands of dollars in electricity per year to earn only a few cents in bitcoin. Even if you combined all the computers in the world, including all known supercomputer, you would not even approach 0.1% of the bitcoin hashrate today. Any discussion outside of ASIC related mining, except in the interests of academia, will be moved to the altcoin mining section. There isn't any point attempting to mine bitcoin with CPU or GPU even in the interests of learning as it shares almost nothing with how bitcoin is mined with ASICs and will not teach you anything


Asic Miner: Here is a list of the companies currently manufacturing Miners for public purchase. Each one has their Pro's and Con's it is up to you to do your research and decide what is best for you. A few points to consider while researching are: efficiency, reliability, warranty period/policy, power draw. Each company has a different way of handling warranty repairs, depending on your situation and the policy repairs can become cost prohibitive. I will touch more on efficiency and power draw in the electricity section.

Canaan, Bitmain, Ebang, Halong, Pangolin, Innosilicon

Power supply: You will need to purchase a power supply to run your miners. You will find ATX and Server grade PSU's, the latter being preferred for mining BTC.
When it comes to selecting a PSU purchase something with a capacity 25% higher than your miner is rated to draw. This will have you operating within the 80% rule.(explained further in the electricity section)
EX. Miner draws 1000 PSU should be able to provide 1250W.

Auxilliaries- Avalon miners require an external controller, 1 per 20 miners. You may have to run additional fans for intake and exhaust depending on your location.

PSU's can be purchased large enough to run 2 Miners; or the opposite 1 Miner fed by 2 PSU's. Ensure the PSU you have selected will have the correct amount of PCI-E connectors required to operate your miner(s)

You can also find an large supply of used miners and PSU's. Again it's up to you to do your research as these often are a no return transaction.

Electricity- Follow all local codes and regulations

This is the number 1 factor in whether mining is right for you. As discussed with Miners being a 24/7 machine drawing power those costs will make it cost prohibitive for some people to mine. You need to be aware of what your costs/KWH are and run the numbers. This will be done in a profitability calculator. This is just an example of 1 there are many out there.

(Miner usage in KW)*(Hours run per day)24*(Cost/KWH)=Cost per day to operate (ideally less than the FIAT value of BTC mined)

The second part to the electrical requirements of mining is the available service; written for North America. You will need to figure out the amperage you can spare, what circuits and receptacles you have in place, are you setting up on 220V or 110V. You will need to make sure that you have the right cord end for your PSU to match the receptacle, picking the wrong one can cost you a few days of mining if it has to be shipped.

If you can try and set up on a 220V circuit for 2 reasons. You will pull half the amps, and it is more efficient. Doing so requires 2 breaker spaces in your panel. Breaker sizing will depend on how many miners you plan to run. Here is the formula for calculating amps.


Here is where you will bring the 80% rule back into play by sizing the continuous miner load to 80% of the breaker rating. 12 Amps on a 15 Amp breaker, 16 Amps max on a 20 Amp breaker, 24 Amps on a 30 amp breaker.

If/when you increase the amount of miners you are running you may want to look into PDU's, as opposed to more receptacles.


This is something that is often overlooked to the headache and frustration of many would be miners. These machines are loud and hot. You essentially have an electric heater that also uses an industrial fan to keep it from melting itself. This space will need to have the electrical requirements as discussed previously.

So make sure you have a space that is well ventilated with a plan to exhaust heat, and bring in fresh dust free air. I say this as using AC to cool the room will eat into your profits and may even make mining unprofitable. The noise issue is a consideration you can sort out depending on whats available. (garage, basement, remote building)

Both of these issues can be handled with hosting, which is further explained in the information section.

Internet connection

Some miner setups have the option to use wifi. It is advisable to use a wired connection where available. This will provide a more stable connection and ensure you are submitting the expected amount of shares which is directly related to your payouts.

Please note that mining uses a negligible amount of bandwidth, and will not affect your other internet usage.


You can use this information in this post as a good baseline to get you going. In addition to this you will want to research network difficulty; this readjusts every 2016 blocks to maintain a 10 minute block time on average. While this can go down it generally increases.

Solo or Pool?

You can solo mine but this is essentially a lottery even as a large scale miner. Should you chose this you can check this out as a starting point. [∞ YH] 1% fee solo mining USA/DE 250 blocks solved!

Odds are most of you will join a pool. I will only say that it is in your best interest to mine at a pool that pays transaction fees (miner rewards). Then you will want to consider the fees associated with the pool. When it comes to these pools you want them to be larger enough that they are getting at least 1 block every Difficulty adjustment period. Larger pools will offer smaller rewards paid out more frequently, and vice versa.

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Recently I've found myself reporting off-topic, low quality shit posts in an Ann thread I follow. Then I found myself wondering If I had already "Reported to Mods" a couple posts.

This got me thinking, once a post or thread has been reported can we either take away the button, or mark it as "Reported for follow up". I know there are times where a thread may be reported multiple times to be moved, and I'm sure some posts as well. Not knowing myself how these appear to Mods, this may prevent multiple reports and streamline the process.
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