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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / IS THIS A JOKE? on: August 31, 2017, 11:26:30 PM
Unlock the waves thread asap  Angry Angry

what moderator failed to read is..

report this post to another mod
2  Economy / Services / Need bitcoin supported VCC on: June 17, 2017, 05:57:42 AM
I am looking for a trusted VCC provider where i can fund my account using bitcoin. I want to purchase some service from online where i was instructed for a card payment only.
So if anyone can recommend me a trusted source, i'll be thankful to him.

Thank you
3  Other / Meta / Lot of member,sr,hero multiple account on: June 01, 2017, 11:41:19 AM
I have found a serial bounty abuser who have more than 30 high ranked Bitcointalk accounts and already earned more than $$ millions,from both social and signature bounty.I have proof for all this account linked with some big hero members, i'll now post everything perfectly as i have no experience how to report a multi account.

But before i proceed, i need immediate access to Tass final bounty spreadsheet

jamalaezaz is the manager who only have the access to this spreadsheet, and i do feel that he could probably manipulate the spreadsheet for his own greed.

From the start, remember this quote that will help you in the last moment
My ETH Adress: 0x2F6692c67E99031C2e3EE3b220023e2c3cf7e256
My btctalk forum Profile link:;u=549786;sa=summary
Blog -  NO
Twitter   -  YES @USarukon
Signature - NO
Translation - NO

Username: frendlist (u=874791) is an alt of prikitiw (u=549782)
Proof: both posted this same address 0xE22C15BbAD9D9136e29F38499E5313387a45016F
and here

prikitiw (u=549782) again posted another eth address 0xBE36D7b8AA25DC6a962ce165B3e1a9A7Fe80831e here
That same address was posted by gorokill (u=860526) in here

I did a search with this eth address in some bounty spreadsheet and i found  edgless twitter campaign sheet here  

address 0x961cb08Bd9f0E2091129C274d0670066D78BB480  posted by user mooccowmoo (u=864589)
same address posted by user bassbity (u=864585) here

this both 2 accounts are connected with the previous one,proof ,wait.....

User nagasaking (u=864590 ) posted this 0x17f60Ac27A0206eD059001C66d1E97897c85f425
here  and
user maskeffec (u=860531) also posted the same address here

also this both 2 accounts are connected with the previous one,proof ,wait.....

User tessaphin (u=860537)and user swifer (u=874789) are connected
Address: 0xE3C31b294862A3f67Bd2456542e46F864f08eB42
Link posted  and

both this accounts are connected will all previous,proof, wait..

user polyballz from ethbits thread
Bitcointalk Username: polyballz
Bitcointalk  Profile Link:;u=864588;sa=summary
ETH Address: 0x513BD9BeE5D4F22c77e61F024c3960551E41aeD2

His twitter @rahmadtroll linked with edsgless twitter bounty with this address  0x773C347Fe3A8216FA0C86Df5459fB0EA4e7EAD5C
Sheet no. 2177  
Now do a search with this address in the edgless spreadsheet 0x513BD9BeE5D4F22c77e61F024c3960551E41aeD2
sheet no. 282 land me on twitter@dilemamisss

Now search all this addresses in edgless,Lunyre,EthBits,Encryptel twitter bounty sheet and you'll never find the same Bitcointalk users that have owned the same twitter handle.I can understand twitter account can easily bought from this forum,now did you remember this posts that guy earned over 4 BTC from edgless twitter?

now match this
address with the top part of this post.

0x2f6692c67e99031c2e3ee3b220023e2c3cf7e256 address belongs to user $crypto$
check how many transactions he got in this address,

All waiting proof is here....
This all eth address that received bounty were sent to user $crypto$, Now you can tell me that edg token can be bought from this forum, i would not ask for the trade proof, and i do admit a lots of trade could be made within 5-7 minutes and that shouldn't be enough to proved that all Btalk accounts are linked to each other.
alright, so did you mean this all same user also sold their Lunyre token to user $crypto$ ? isn't strange that people who sold him edg token that exact number of people also sold their LUN to the same user $crypto$ ?
Okay , another strange think, why they all have same activity as post count?check there last login time, most of them are enrolled in SONM signature campaign.

User shillfudder andreibi scambust all of them are connected to each other,
check their eth addresses and search them in etherscan.

I will update more later today as i am so tired now.


Check the sender addresses and match them from the start of this OP.
All edg moved to this wallet 0xDD11b698DC519fFEf24a1eaE394f94e15E6406fF  and then moved to bittrex

Now lets track LUN token

User frendlist (u=874791)  or  prikitiw (u=549782)  sent LUN from this address 0xE22C15BbAD9D9136e29F38499E5313387a45016F  to 0x1a9bff16d2ab8596f641657c007cc70a0646aaf2

prikitiw  or  gorokill sent LUN from 0xbe36d7b8aa25dc6a962ce165b3e1a9a7fe80831e to  0x1a9bff16d2ab8596f641657c007cc70a0646aaf2

mooccowmoo or bassbity sent LUN from 0x961cb08Bd9f0E2091129C274d0670066D78BB480  to  0x1a9bff16d2ab8596f641657c007cc70a0646aaf2

$crypto$ Sent LUN from his address 0x2f6692c67e99031c2e3ee3b220023e2c3cf7e256  to this address 0x1a9bff16d2ab8596f641657c007cc70a0646aaf2



EthBits twitter campaign:
Lunyre twitter campaign:
Edgeless twitter campaign:

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