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1  Local / Altcoins (Hrvatski) / Polkadot (DOT) Staking on: June 12, 2021, 07:28:04 AM
Pošto nemamo temu za Polkadot staking možemo ovdje pisati o tome.

Imam nešto DOTa na Ledgeru pa kad već ima mogućnost da se radi staking direktno preko Ledger Live zašto to ne iskoristiti umjesto da novčići samo stoje na uređaju i skupljaju prašinu.

Polkadot ima nešto što oni zovu slashing. U biti ako validator kojeg odaberete ne igra po pravilima (pokuša napasti mrežu, bude offline, itd), dio njegovog stake-a će biti oduzeto (slashed) a mreža oduzima i dio stake-a od svih korisnika (nominatora) koji stejkaju kod tog validatora.

Da li je neko od vas stejka Polku preko Ledger-a ili Polkadot-js novčanika i kakva su iskustva?
Koje validatore preporučujete i jeste li iskusili slashing na svojoj koži?   
2  Economy / Gambling / List Of Crypto Casinos with The Best Faucets on: June 05, 2021, 06:22:58 AM
Faucets are an excellent way to try out a new casino or a game without investing your own money. Instead, players can get some free coins for solving a captcha or a similar easy-to-do task. Of course, you won’t get a lot, but just enough to take your favourite game for a quick spin.  

I manually checked popular crypto casinos to provide the Bitcointalk community with a good source of free faucets. I searched if they had a free faucet or not. The results of what I found can be seen in the table below.

I have not checked any crypto casinos with negative feedback on Bitcointalk, so I am sure more could have been added to the list. If you know of a good gambling platform with a free faucet, feel free to share that info in this thread. I will include it in the table, but only if the casino doesn’t have a negative reputation.

Let me know if this thread can be improved in some way.

Name|Faucet Amount|Requirement|
BetFury|0.00009900 BNB and 0.00000089 BTC|Wait until the appropriate box is full to claim the faucet|
CryptoGames|0.00000050 BTC|Once every 3 minutes, and if the account balance is 0|
FortuneJack|0.00000523 BTC|A dice faucet claimable 5 times a day only if the account balance is below 10 sats|
freebitcoin|Up to $200 in bitcoin|A random reward in bitcoin every hour|
Bitvest|Up to 50 million tokens|A random token reward can be claimed once every 90 seconds|
Jacksclub|0.0005 JCC tokens|If the balance is below 0.0000001 JCC|
BitKong|2 tokens worth ~ 0.00000050 BTC|If the account balance is 0|
777Coin|0.001 mBTC|Once a day after every post in 777coin's giveaway thread|
Bit-Exo|0.01 BXO + (0.01 * user level)|Once every 5 minutes, up to 10 times a day|
WINDICE|Progressive faucet|Play 30 minesweeper style games per day to unlock faucet rewards|
OneHash|0.000001 BTC|A dice faucet claimable once every minute|
Trustdice|0.000001 BTC, 0.00002 ETH, and 0.025 USDT|If the account balance is 0|
Casino Doge|Depends on availability. I received 0.172 DOGE|Claimable once per hour|
Luckydice|1 coin worth ~ 0.00000025 BTC|If the account balance is 0|
Cryptoskull|0.00000500 BTC|Once every 30 mins|
MintDice|0.00000010 BTC|Once every 3-5 mins|
Blockchain Poker|50 sats in BTC or 100 sats in BCH/BSV|If the account balance is 0||20 TWG tokens|Can be claimed up to 30 times/day if the account balance is 0||Progressive 7-day reward system which starts at 0.01 USDT on day 1|Visit every day to claim a part of the 7-day rewards streak. Enabling 2FA is a must.|

* For more information about withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal limits for crypto casinos, please check out my other thread, Withdrawal Fees and Withdrawal Amounts on Crypto Casinos.
3  Other / Meta / How to stop wallet shilling? on: June 02, 2021, 08:47:31 AM
It becomes tiring seeing certain members shilling the same crypto wallets over and over again. I know of two individuals who do it, sujon5 and 415jeremy, but there are many more for sure. I wouldn't care if the shillers created their own topics and discussed whatever software they want there. Still, they keep spamming threads started by other people adding little value to the discussions. Their only goal is to advertise the ORWN (spelt wrong intentionally) wallet.

Honest users read those posts and think that's an excellent choice for a wallet, when there are many better options in reality. Most of the posts these two users write are one-liners stating how they store coins in the wallet, bought a coin securely, or highlight some of their features.

I hate seeing it. I can ignore the users, and I know not to use wallets like that, that's not a problem, but newbies who come here to find help and use the forum for the first time are the targets of these shills. I was wondering if the post is an obvious low-quality shill and advertisement, will such posts be deleted if reported, with reference to Rule #22:
Advertising (this includes mining pools, gambling services, exchanges, shops, etc.) in others threads' is no longer allowed, including, but not limited to, in altcoin announcement threads.

I used to find how many times they mentioned ORNW wallet within their posts. Just have a look:
4  Other / Meta / A question about unsolicited PMs on: May 30, 2021, 09:35:13 AM
According to Rule #29 in the Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ, sending unsolicited PMs, including but not limited to advertising and flood, is not allowed.

I am interested in the forum's interpretation of the term unsolicited. It's something you haven't asked for, but are the rules really that strict? How do you make business connections and collaborations with other members on the forum privately if you can't send an unsolicited PM? If I don't want to state my intentions publicly, why can't it be done via PM?

A few examples:

- If I want to advertise a service, is it against the rules to PM that member on the forum and asking if he/she is interested in working with me?
- Is it ONLY against the rules if I send 5, 10, 100... PMs with the same content to multiple recipients. That would then be considered flooding.     
- If someone sends me a PM saying: "Cool site. If you want, I can advertise/write about it on my blog for a fee", is he breaking the unsolicited PMs rule?
- If I see a gambler who posts excellent tips on the forum, and I PM him saying: "Do you want to cooperate and join forces in finding value bets"? Can he report me for sending unsolicited PMs, and am I breaking the rules? 

I could think of more examples, but I am just trying to determine where the admins draw the line. If I were a dipstick and reported such PMs of people willing to offer or use a service or got reported myself, what actions do the mods take?
5  Economy / Speculation / What Effects Did the Tether Reserves Breakdown Have on Bitcoin and The Market? on: May 20, 2021, 08:30:18 AM
Elon Musk and his negativity about bitcoin’s non-eco-friendly mining process gained plenty of media coverage this week. But something else happened a few days ago that certainly affected the whole market.

The stablecoin Tether published a report that shows their entire reserves breakdown until 31 March 2021.

This is how it looks:

We know that Tether has claimed that all of their USDT tokens are backed by actual cash deposits. Throughout the years, they have changed this claim to say different things, though. Looking at the pie charts they made public, we can see that their whole reserves aren’t backed up by cash and cash equivalents.

Cash & Cash Equivalents & Other Short-Term Deposits & Commercial Paper” take up 75.85% of their reserves. But how much of that is actually backed up by cash? According to the chart, only 3.87%.

The biggest reserves of over 65% are commercial papers. This category should represent some type of securities. According to the source, a similar type of commercial papers was part of the problem that led to the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers, which signalled the beginning of the financial crisis of 2008.

Wall Street investor Caitlin Long, who has defended Tether many times in the past, was critical of Tether’s choice of assets to keep as reserves. If Tether wanted to keep the risk for users as low as possible, she believes that government bonds would have been a much better choice. The commercial papers introduce a credit risk that could result in USDT no longer being pegged to the USD. Instead, Tether went for “commercial papers” to profit on the interest rates. According to the same source, a 1% interest would net the company a profit of $582 million annually.

If that is true, Tether makes money with the funds users invest when they buy USDT but leaves all the risks on the users by keeping inadequate reserves.

What is your opinion on this?
Is Tether cancer we have to get rid of for bitcoin and the crypto market to have a prosperous future?
How big of an impact do you think this Tether disclosure had on the recent downtrend of bitcoin and the whole market?

6  Other / Meta / What Would Be Your Reason to Leave Bitcointalk? on: May 18, 2021, 09:31:05 AM
Bitcointalk has seen many of its old-timers leave and never return to the forum again. There are many reasons why people make such decisions. Still, dissatisfaction with something that happened on the site could be one reason to give up on it.

Forums as mediums for discussions aren’t as popular among the new generations any more. Social media and platforms like Discord or Telegram have significant communities nowadays. But forums still have their charms. And Bitcointalk will always have historical relevance as the place where it all begun.

A study conducted in 2019 shows Americans prefer to use discussion forums in search of reliable information. 88% of all respondents replied that they are members of online platforms. 72% believe that forums share much more trustworthy and reliable information compared to social media.

With all this in mind, I have created a poll. I am interested in finding out the reasons you would decide to leave Bitcointalk and never return here again. You can vote for more than one of the given options. 5 votes per user is the maximum.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / The Cricket Match-Fixing Scandal on: May 12, 2021, 08:39:47 PM
Cricket match-fixers is about an 18-months investigation carried out by reporters from Al Jazeera about a match-fixing scandal in cricket in 2016-2017. I haven’t heard about this incident until now and watched the documentary for the first time this morning.
An investigator went undercover pretending to be a businessman looking for insider information about fixed cricket matches at the highest level. The Al Jazeera reporter met a member of an underground match-fixing syndicate in a hotel in India. The entire meeting was videotaped with hidden cameras. The individual is a member of D-Company, a crime organization involved in drug trafficking, illegal sale of weapons, racketeering, human trafficking, and illegal gambling and match-fixing. 
Al Jazeera discovered that the crime syndicate collaborates with many players from various cricket national teams. The gang makes bets that the players on their payroll will underperform in specific game segments known as overs. It’s possible to bet on the total number of runs in those overs. The players get bribed to bat badly so that the criminal organization can profit from making bets that the total number of runs will be below the score offered by the bookies.
This type of match-fixing can be successful with just a few players from a particular team. Every time your player bats, he will perform according to the instructions given to him by the criminal organization. The final outcome of the match doesn’t interest the syndicate.
The reporter slowly builds his trust with the organization because they believed that he was a serious investor looking to make huge profits. He was introduced to other match-fixers who are ex-cricket players who played for their national teams. They told him that players request on average $70.000 to fix an over/under in a cricket match. The elite teams receive up to $1 million. 

How do the games get fixed?
A fixed match is confirmed on the day it’s played. The organizers tell the reporter that players are advised to make a signal that the fix is on. The sign is agreed before, and it can be anything. The player puts on a pair of sunglasses or a headband, he takes a pause to remove or fix his shin pads, etc. When the syndicate sees the sign, they have final confirmation the player will do as agreed. The match betting then starts.
They explain to the reporter that they are dealing with a small number of wealthy businessmen who use the insider information provided to them by the criminal organization to make up to $1.5 million per match.   
In a different kind of scheme, the match-fixers discuss how they bribe groundsmen to manipulate the cricket pitch to be better suited for either bowlers or batsmen. If the pitch gets “fixed” for bowlers, the batsmen will get ejected more quickly, and the match won’t end in a draw. One team will win. The betting syndicate lays a draw and bets against the game ending in a draw.

Matches that were fixed
On 16 December 2016, a test match between India and England began. A few players from England were bribed to fix this match. The Al Jazeera reporter paid the syndicate member $60.000 to receive information on what markets to bet on for India vs England. On the day of the fix, the investigator received a call with details about which over to bet on. The deal was that the batsman will score below the total offered by the bookies. The prediction comes true.
A match between Sri Lanka and India was fixed on 26 July 2017 by the groundsman. The pitch was manipulated to suit batsmen. The pitch was intentionally made hard so batsmen can get more hits and record more runs. The betting syndicate placed bets on over runs for the first team that was batting. A different match between Sri Lanka – Australia was fixed oppositely. The pitch was prepared to not favour batsmen, so they would have difficulties hitting the balls properly.
Watch the rest of the documentary where the syndicate members provide details of how they plan to fix an international cricket tournament in Dubai with members of all teams owned and controlled by the mafia organization.
Have you heard of this betting scandal before, and what is your opinion of all this? 
8  Economy / Reputation / My 30 questions for theymos on: May 05, 2021, 03:51:58 PM
Ever since I saw zasad@’s thread [Interviews] with Bitcointalk members, I wondered why there was no interview with theymos, our administrator. I figured zasad@ probably asked him, but theymos simply ignored him.

I concluded that zasad@ shouldn’t be the only one to get ignored, so I PMed theymos, worked my charms and asked to do an interview with him. And guess what…? Nothing! Being a stubborn bastard, I tried again after a few weeks, but I added circa 30 questions in the PM this time. Still, theymos didn’t reply back.

After a few sleepless nights, I came up with something else. I will use the freedoms that theymos gave us and force him to do something he clearly doesn’t want to do. It’s only fair, I think. Smiley

Below are My 30 Questions for theymos.
I have reasons to believe that LoyceV will leave the forum for good if theymos doesn’t come through. That would be a massive loss for the forum, and theymos is the only one who can prevent that.
Let’s make our own profile of our admin based on the information we can find on him and the things we already know. We can help him and answer the questions in his name. 

DISCLAIMER: Parts of the OP might not be entirely accurate. Take it with a grain of salt and relax.    

•   Who or what is theymos? What is the significance of your username?
•   Why is theymos the administrator of Bitcointalk? What makes you the perfect admin, and how did you get to where you are now?
•   Which part related to bitcoin interests you the most?

•   How much of the daily moderation work do you carry out personally? Deleting posts, merging threads, and stuff like that?
•   When it comes to banning members for breaking forum rules, who from the team is the ultimate ban-hammer, and who is more likely to give users a second chance?

•   Does theymos own any altcoins?
•   Several years have passed since the introduction of merits and trust flags. Are you happy with how these systems operate today?
•   Is there anything you wish you had done differently on Bitcointalk?

•   If Satoshi came back tomorrow, do you think he would be happy with how we use bitcoin? What about the forum? What would he think of it?
•   Is theymos a vengeful person? Do you hold grudges against people?

•   What do you think of all the drama and the bickering on Bitcointalk?
•   What is your opinion on altcoins in general?
•   Do you believe that DeFi has any future, or is it a hype that will soon pass?

•   What is going on with Grin? The last thing I read is that there was a 51% attack on the network.
•   Has theymos ever done KYC on an exchange, casino or some other third-party site? And what is your opinion on an increasingly present requirement to perform KYC verification?
•   Do you miss certain members who left the forum, and which ones would you like to see come back?

•   If you had the power to decide what would be introduced/changed/removed from Bitcoin, what would you do?
•   Do you believe bitcoin can one day become a currency for day-to-day use with the help of the LN or some other scaling solution?
•   It is my personal opinion that Bitcointalk would be a better place if proven scammers would be banned. Tell me why I am wrong?

•   Does theymos speak any of the languages which have a local board on the forum?
•   Has theymos ever invested or been part of any ICO in the past?
•   Has theymos ever been scammed on bitcointalk?
•   How has bitcoin/Bitcoin changed your life for better or worse?
•   Are you interested in mining, and have you ever done it yourself?

Some quick This or That questions

•   Music or books?
•   Movies or the theatre?
•   Fast food or healthy nutrition?
•   The mountains in the winter or summers by the sea?
•   Smartphone or a computer?
•   Most importantly: ass or tits?
9  Economy / Gambling / [Table] Withdrawal Fees and Withdrawal Amounts on Crypto Casinos on: April 27, 2021, 06:03:10 PM
Several elements make up the perfect crypto casino. Having low withdrawal amounts and preferably no transaction fees are two crucial features. In this thread, I have made a table showing the minimum bitcoin withdrawal amounts on popular crypto casinos and how much they charge their players for bitcoin withdrawals.

You will notice that some casinos are highlighted in either green or red colouring. The sites with the lowest withdrawal limits are in green, and those with the highest are in red. The casinos with the lowest withdrawal fees are highlighted in green, while those who charge the most are in red.

This is not betting advice or recommendation on what platforms to gamble on. Do your own research before using any of the mentioned sites.

- If you notice any mistakes, feel free to comment, and I will correct them.
- Casinos with negative trust ratings were not considered. Relatively new and unproven platforms likewise.
- All data was taken from the official websites, either the payment pages or based on the information given by customer support.
- The order of the first 10 casinos is based on BTCGOSU’s Top GOSU Bitcoin Casinos in April 2021.
- Both casino withdrawal fees and bitcoin network fees were considered when calculating the total withdrawal fees.

Name|Min. Withdrawal Amount|Withdrawal Fee|Supported Altcoins|
Stake|0.0005 BTC ~ $27|0.0002 BTC ~ $10|ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, XRP, TRX, EOS||0.001 BTC ~ $54|0.00055 BTC ~ $30|USDT, ETH, XRP, DOGE, TRX, LTC, BCH, SUSHI, UNI, XLM, ETC|
BetFury|0.00005 BTC ~ $2.7|0.000075 - 0.00025 BTC ~ $4-13|ETH, BNB, TRX, USDT, BAT, UNI, SNX, DOGE, LTC, DAI, etc.||0.0005 BTC ~ $27|0.00035 BTC ~ $19|ETH, BNB, BUSD, CAKE, BANANA, TRX, XRP, USDT, USDC|
CryptoGames|0.001 BTC ~ $54|0.000051 - 0.000255 BTC ~ $2-13|XMR, GAS, ETH, BCH, LTC, ETC, DOGE, DASH|
BC.Game|0.0013 BTC ~ $70|0.0006 BTC ~ $32|ETH, XRP, USDT, DOGE, TRX, LTC, LINK, DOT, XLM, EOS, etc.|
FortuneJack|0.004 BTC ~ $216|Free|LTC, XDG, ETH, ZEC, TRX, DASH, XMR|
Bitcasino|0.001 BTC ~ $54|Free|ETH, LTC, TRX, XRP, USDT, ADA|
Sportsbet|0.001 BTC ~ $54|Free|USDT, ETH, LTC, TRX, XRP, ADA, SOC|
Rocketpot|0.002 BTC ~ $108|0.00006 ~ $3|ETH, DOGE, LTC, BCH, NEO|
ROLLBIT|No min. Must be more than the withdrawal fee.|Depends on network congestion. ~ $4 at the time of writing|ETH, LTC|
Duelbits|~ $50|Depends on network congestion.~ $5 at the time of writing|ETH, LTC, DOGE|
Roobet|~ $10|Adjustable. $9-21 at the time of writing|ETH, LTC|
freebitcoin|0.0003 BTC ~ $16|0.00006089-0.0002588 ~ $3-14 at the time of writing|-|
Cloudbet|0.0001 BTC ~ $5|0.00054240 ~ $29 at the time of writing |BCH, ETH, USDT, USDC, LINK, DOGE, DAI, LTC, DASH|
Betcoin|0.0005 BTC ~ $27| ~ $15 at the time of writing| ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, BSV, DASH, XMR, USDT|
Betnomi|~ $40|Depends on network congestion. ~ $50 in some cases.|BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, USDT, ZEC, TRX, XRP, ETC, USDC|
CoinRoyale|0.001 BTC ~ $54|0.0001 ~ $5. Royalty members: one free withdrawal/week|-|
Bitsler|0.00025 BTC ~ $13|0.0003-0.0006 ~ $16-32|ETH, XRP, LTC, USDT, DOGE, ETC, BCH, EOS, XLM, TRX, etc.|
Bitvest|0.0012 BTC ~ $65|0.00012 ~ $6|ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE|
bustadice|0.0001 BTC ~ $5|0.00005004-0.00026271 ~ $2-14 at the time of writing|-|
Jacksclub|0.00122 BTC ~ $66|0.00022 ~ $12|BCH, ETH, DOGE, LTC, XRP, USDT, TRX, JCC||0.00118 BTC ~ $64|0.00053-0.00068 ~ $29-37|LTC, DOGE, ETH, DASH, BCH, XMR, XRP, ETC, XLM, ZEC, USDT|
Winz|0.0001 BTC ~ $5|Free apparently. I can't confirm it. |BCH, ETH, LTC, DOGE, USDT |
BetChain|0.001 BTC ~ $54|Free|ETH, LTC, USDT, BCH, DOG|
BitKong|0.0005 BTC ~ $27|0.0001-0.0005 ~ $5-27|LTC, XRP, DASH, DOGE, ETH|
777Coin|0.001 BTC ~ $54|0.00025 ~ $13|-|
BetBTC|0.001 BTC ~ $54|Custom fee range between ~ $1-68|-||~ €15|Unknown|-|
BetHash|0.02 BTC ~ $1098|0.002 BTC~ $109|ETH, TRX, EOS, IOST, USDT, HASH, HPOINT|
Bit-Exo|Unknown|0.0004 BTC~ $21|DOGE, ETH, LTC|
Bustabit|Unknown|0.0000579-0.00030394 BTC~ $3-16|-|
VIPGame|0.00035 BTC ~ $19|0.0002 BTC~ $11|ETH, USDT, TRX, DOGE|
WINDICE|0.00030027 BTC ~ $16|Max. 0.0003 BTC~ $16|ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, XRP|
2CRAZY|~ $20|~ $14 at the time of writing|ETH, LTC|
OneHash|0.001 BTC ~ $54|One free withdrawal per week|-|
AceDBets|0.002 BTC ~ $108|Free|BNB, USDC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, ACED, SBX|
Primedice|0.0004 BTC ~ $17|0.0002 BTC~ $8|ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, XRP, TRX, EOS|

*Last updated on 5 June 2021

Casinos that charge the lowest withdrawal fees:

1.   FortuneJack
2.   Bitcasino
3.   Sportsbet
4.   BetChain
5.   AceDBets

All withdrawals are free of charge!

Casinos that charge the highest withdrawal fees:

1.   BetHash - 0.002 BTC ~ $109
2.   BC.Game - 0.0006 BTC ~ $32
3.   Duelbits - ~ $31 at the time of writing

Casinos that have the lowest withdrawal amounts:

1.   PLAYBETR - ~ $0.20
2.   Cloudbet - 0.0001 BTC ~ $5
3.   bustadice - 0.0001 BTC ~ $5
4.   Winz - 0.0001 BTC ~ $5

Casinos that have the highest withdrawal amounts:

1.   BetHash - 0.02 BTC ~ $1098
2.   FortuneJack - 0.004 BTC ~ $216
3.   Rocketpot - 0.002 BTC ~ $108
4.   AceDBets - 0.002 BTC ~ $108
10  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / Bot za obavještenja od LoyceV on: April 20, 2021, 01:22:30 PM
Zadnji bot kojeg sam koristio za obavještenja kad neko citira moj post ili spomene moje ime bio je Piggy-ev @mention notification bot - now with Telegram.
Pošto taj bot više ne radi, LoyceV je napravio svoj bot krajem 2019 a prije dva dana izašla je nova verzija ovog bota. Ko je koristio prvi bot morat će opet da se prijavi u novoj temi.

Ovo je prevod i kratko objašnjenje kako se aktivira i koristi taj bot.
Tema za novi bot se nalazi ovdje:

Informacije o botu:
  • Obavještenja se ne bilježe u stvarnom vremenu. Bot se ažurira 6 puta u sat vremena.
  • Orginalna najavna tema se provjerava samo jednom u sat vremena. Za bilo kakve promjene vaših postavki trebat će određeno vijeme prije nego se prikažu. Kada neko napiše novi post, ponovno se skenira cijela tema.
  • Prikazuju se samo obavještenja iz prethodnih 7 dana. Starije notifikacije će biti izbrisane.
  • Ako ste se tek prijavili, opet ćete primiti obavještenja iz prethodnih 7 dana (retroaktivno). Promjene vaših postavki utiču i na starija obavještenja .
  • Ako vaše korisničko ime ima znak "$", uklonit ću ga prilikom pretraživanja (ovdje možete pročitate razlog zbog čega).
  • Bot provjerava samo needitovane postove. Ako se vaše ime pomene u naknadno editovanom postu, bot to neće zabilježiti.
  • Bot ne razlikuje mala i velika slova. Bez obzira da li neko napiše "Pmalek" ili "pmalek", obe varijante će se zabilježiti.

Kako se prijaviti?

Prijavljujete se novim postom u ovoj temi:

Kopirajte i zaljepite sljedeće, ali broj kojeg vidite na kraju adrese zamjenite sa svojim User ID.

Sačuvajte taj link jer će se na njemu naći sve vaše notifikacije.
Nakon toga otvarate code tag gdje unosite svoje postavke. Stavljaju se User ID od korisnika.

Ovo su opcije koje možete urediti i mijenjati u code tagu:

1.Ignore user:
Ovdje ubacite User ID od korisnika za koje ne želite da primate obavještenja kada vas citiraju ili spomenu.

2. Ignore topic:
Stavite Topic ID teme iz koje ne želite da primate obavještenja.

3. fullquotes or justlinks
Odaberite "fullquotesorjustlinks:fullquotes" ako u vašim obavještenjima želite da vidite cijeli post gdje ste spomenuti/citirani.
Odaberite "fullquotesorjustlinks:justlinks" ako u vašim obavještenjima želite da vidite samo link od posta gdje ste spomenuti/citirani.

4. Prikaz najnovijih ili najstarijih obavještenja na vrhu stranice
Naredbom "order:oldestfirst" na vrhu stranice pojavit će se najstarija obavještenja.
Naredbom "order:newestfirst" na vrhu stranice pojavit će se najnovija obavještenja.

Svaka opcija zahtjeva novi red.
Maksimalan broj opcija i redova je 50

I na kraju primjer kako izgleda moja prijava:

Ako se budete prijavljivali za obavještenja, to naravno radite bez korištenje quote taga kao u primjeru iznad.

Da pojasnim:
  • Pod "ignoreuser" sam stavio svoj User ID jer ne želim da dobijam obavještenja kad citiram svoj post ili upišem negdje svoje ime.
  • Izabrao sam opciju "fullquotesorjustlinks:fullquotes" jer želim da imam pregled kompletnog teksta gdje sam citiran a ne samo link.
  • Komandom "order:newestfirst", na vrhu stranice bit će mi uvijek najnovije notifikacije.

A ovako izgleda stranica na kojoj primam obavještenja:
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / What Feature Do You Look for In Slot Games? on: April 15, 2021, 07:24:14 PM
Whether we like it or not, slot games are some of the most popular games in casinos. That is the case with physical casinos as well as online casinos. Some of the reasons why they are so popular are that they are simple to learn and play, and they offer immense payout potentials and jackpots.

In this poll, I’d like to know how this forum’s players select which slot games to play? What feature is most important to you?

•   The RTP percentage determines the average return to player rate of a game. The higher this rate is, the bigger the possibility to earn profits.
•   Volatility varies from slot to slot. Low volatility games offer regular wins in smaller amounts, whereas high volatility games pay less frequently but in larger amounts.
•   Free spins and bonus games. Slots with wilds and scatters award players free bonus rounds with increased potential to profit. Some games also offer an expensive buy feature that gives you straight access to bonus rounds.
•   The more paylines a game has, the more winning combinations are available to the player. But more paylines also equal higher stakes.
•   Progressive jackpots can earn players returns of several million dollars. But to be eligible for the highest payouts, you are often required to play with maximum bets.
•   Each game developer has his own unique style, design, and interface for his games. Are the graphics, designs, and layouts something essential in the slots you play? 

When I play slot games, I like to try my luck with low to medium volatility games with RTP rates above 96%.

You are allowed to vote twice and select two features you like the most.
Please keep the discussions clean and on-topic.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Cars That Can Be Purchased with Bitcoin on: April 10, 2021, 06:42:47 AM

Tesla made plenty of headlines recently when they announced they’ve made it possible to purchase their cars with Bitcoin. But this company was not the first to offer customers payment methods in cryptocurrencies. I have listed various other dealerships located mainly in the United States which have started accepting crypto payments as early as 2015.

Let’s see what kind of cars you can buy with bitcoin, and where:

NAME: Carriage Auto Group
OFFER: Nissan, KIA, Mitsubishi, and Mazda.

ABOUT: Carriage Auto Group is located in Georgia. They are a car dealership with over 25 years of experience in selling new and used cars. They started accepting bitcoin payments in 2015. Brands such as Nissan, KIA, Mitsubishi, and Mazda are on offer.

NAME: Lamborghini Newport Beach
LOCATION: Orange County, California
OFFER: Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Chevrolet, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes.

ABOUT: A Lamborghini dealer from Orange County that’s been in business since 2010. They sell new and pre-owned luxury cars. In 2017, they announced that they have started accepting bitcoin payments for their vehicles on their official Twitter feed.

NAME: Bitcars
LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland
Supercars, luxury cars, bikes, motorhomes, Off-roaders, Oldtimers.

ABOUT: Bitcars is a car dealership website that sells luxury cars and Oldtimers for bitcoin since 2016. Besides cars, it’s also possible to purchase bikes, motorhomes, and yachts. They made a post on Bitcointalk announcing their car dealership services in 2018.

NAME: Stephen James Enfield BMW
LOCATION: Enfield, London

ABOUT: Stephen James Enfield is an English car dealership that sells brand-new and used BMWs to customers in the UK. They made an official statement on their site that they also accept bitcoin payments.

NAME: Michael's Auto Plaza
LOCATION: East Greenbush, New York
OFFER: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, Ram, Subaru, etc.

ABOUT: Michael's Auto Plaza is owned by the Rubinchuk family. They have been in the business of selling used cars in the state of New York for 15 years. Bitcoiners have the option to purchase vehicles from this store with bitcoin.

NAME: Bob Moore Auto Group
OFFER: 18 different car brands.

ABOUT: The Bob Moore car dealership is located in Oklahoma. They own 15 stores in the state and sell 18 different brands of cars. In 2019, it was announced that the company will start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

NAME: Classic Recreations
OFFER: Custom-made Mustangs.

ABOUT: This company is located in Oklahoma and specializes in recreating and restoring various Ford Mustang models. Since 2018, they have been accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their custom-built cars.

NAME: Post Oak Motor Cars
LOCATION: Houston, Texas
OFFER: Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Karma, and Bugatti.

ABOUT: Post Oak Motor Cars operates out of Houston, Texas and offers new and pre-owned Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Karma, and Bugatti luxury cars. Crypto holders are welcome to pay for their new car with bitcoin.

NAME: Carriage Nissan
LOCATION: Gainesville, Georgia
OFFER: Nissan

This car dealer offers new and used Nissan cars and maintenance services. Bitcoin holders have the option to pay with cryptocurrencies.

LOCATION: 24 stores across Japan
OFFER: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi

ABOUT: IDOM Inc. is a car dealership that specializes in the sale of used cars. In December 2017, they introduced bitcoin as a payment option for purchases up to 100 million yen, approximately $888.000. If successful, their plan is to expand and start accepting bitcoin payments in 550 subsidiary branches across the country.

NAME: L’Operaio
LOCATION: Setagaya, Nerima, and Aoyama in Japan
OFFER: Mercedes Benz, AMG, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Lamborghini, Maserati, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Jaguar, Peugeot, Citroen

ABOUT: L’Operaio sells pre-owned luxury cars in Japan. On 1 December 2017, they added bitcoin as a means of payment. The company will accept payments up to 200 million yen in three of their branches across Japan.

There are many other individuals and sites that accept crypto, but I tried to filter out legit dealerships that have been in the car sale business many years.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Stake vs Bet365: The Live Streaming Battle on: April 05, 2021, 09:46:34 AM has some of the highest quality sports streams in the betting industry. I use them often for various reasons, both for leisure and professionally. is relatively new in the live streaming field, so I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to compare these two services and see the pros and cons of both.

I will compare a few different things:

•   The number of matches and the live streaming offer.
•   The quality of the streams.
•   The accessibility of the streams and how easy/hard they are to work with.
•   The design, layout, and graphical representation of a live match.

Accessibility of the Stream

It’s very similar to get to the streams on both platforms. Both sites require the player to be logged in to access the live streaming feature.


After logging in on bet365, you click on In-Play matches on the top left and select the sport you want to watch. If a live stream is available, you will notice a play icon on the far right. Clicking on a match opens it in the corresponding bet365 in-play match centre.

If you click on the streaming icon, a stream with match information will appear on the right. A volume slider is present to adjust the sound. It’s also possible to open a new window with an adjustable screen for the stream.

Alternatively, you can click on the Streaming button from the sport selection on the top to view a list of all matches that are streamed live at that moment.


On, you need to click on Sports > Live Events from the box on the left to display all in-play matches. Select the sport you are interested in, and if there is an available live stream, you will notice a play icon next to the result. 

Clicking on the streaming icon opens up a new but small window with the stream. The player can move the window around and place it where it suits him better. It’s possible to adjust the volume, but the window size can’t be changed, and there is no full-screen feature.

If the player clicks on the match instead, he will be taken to the selected game's match centre, where he can watch a bigger stream.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, there is no clear winner in the accessibility department. They both seem equally good to me. Bet365 seems slightly faster when browsing and switching between matches, but that’s not enough for a win here.

Live Streaming Offer


This is what Bet365 says about its live streaming feature:

bet365 streams thousands of events every year, bringing you top sporting action including games from Europe’s top domestic Soccer leagues and Grand Slam Tennis tournaments, as well as EVERY UK and Irish horse race.
Only available to eligible customers. To watch live sport, UK racing covered by At The Races or Racing TV, US racing covered by At The Races or Indian racing covered by BetRadarAV, all you need is a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. To watch any other racing that is not UK racing covered by At The Races or Racing TV, US racing covered by At The Races or Indian racing covered by BetRadarAV, you must place a qualifying bet of at least Ł0.50 win or Ł0.25 Each Way (or currency equivalent) on your selection(s). This applies to single and multiple bets. Minimum stakes apply to Tote and other pool betting.

Bet365 streams games from some of the most popular football leagues in the world: German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, and many other leagues and sports.

On Sunday, April 4th, I checked the available streaming offer on Bet365 between 21.00-22.00 CET. Here are some details of what was on offer:

•   bet365 showed a total of 14 live football streams and 66 matches from all sports.
•   bet365 had live streams of the Spanish 1st and 2nd league matches and the French Ligue 1.
•   bet365 requires depositing money in a player account to watch live streams, or the player has to make a bet on the match.
•   bet365 streamed all 9 MLB baseball matches live.
•   4 basketball streams were running on bet365 at this time.
•   An Austrian handball match was streamed live.
•   There was a good offer of Esports and Table Tennis live streams.

I took a 2nd quick look at the live streaming offer on Monday 5th at around 10.00 CET.
This is what I found:

•   43 live events were available on bet365.
•   3 of those were football matches, but the majority were Table Tennis events.


This is what Stake says about its live streaming feature:

Live Streaming on Stake has taken yet another step forward, as we have increased our live streaming offering to include elite and premium sport, available to all punters.

With over 170,000 events per year; headlined by the Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, ATP Tennis and more, experience the smartest way to bet your crypto on Stake. 

170,000 live events, including:

The best Soccer leagues, cups and International fixtures from around the globe
ATP Tennis
Chinese, German and Greek Basketball leagues
FIVB Volleyball
T20 Cricket
PDC Darts
Much more!

According to the source, streams the UEFA Champions League, the German Bundesliga, and major ATP tournaments, just to name a few.

On Sunday, April 4th, I checked the available streaming offer on between 21.00-22.00 CET. Here are some details of what was on offer:

•   Stake had live streams for 3 football matches and 14 in total from all sports combined.
•   2 soccer streams were from Brazil, and 1 was from Ecuador.
•   No Spanish or French matches were streamed.
•   Players don’t have to deposit to their account to watch streams. They are immediately available after logging in.
•   No MLB baseball or basketball matches were streamed live last night from 21.00-22.00 CET.
•   An Austrian handball match was streamed live.
• had an excellent offer of Esports and Table Tennis live streams.

I took a 2nd quick look at the live streaming offer on Monday 5th at around 10.00 CET.
This is what I found:

•   10 live streaming events were available on
•   Not a single of them were football matches, but 5 were Table Tennis streams.

Final Thoughts

Bet365 had a more comprehensive offer of live streams (66 and 43 on bet365 compared to 14 and 10 on when I checked.
All of the world’s TOP 5 football leagues (except the English PL) can be streamed on bet365. Stake only streams the German Bundesliga. The share volume of streams for other sports is also greater on bet365. This is clearly a point for bet365.

What I like about Stake is that they offer live streams for the UEFA Champions League. Bet365 doesn’t. But overall, Bet365 is a clear winner in my opinion in this department.

The Streaming Quality 


Bet365 streams can run directly on the site or in a separate window. When they are in a new window, the player can click on the highlighted button below and activate a much bigger screen if he wants.

Stake live streams can be opened in a separate window, as explained previously. This window can be moved around your screen at will. It’s a better experience when you open the match in Stake’s match center, where you can view a larger screen.

Final Thoughts

The playback experience on both sites is excellent. With a good Internet connection, players won’t experience freezing issues or crashes.

When I compared the delay, I found that bet365 is always ahead of Stake. At best, Stake's streams were delayed by 2-3 seconds compared to bet365, but in some cases, this delay was up to 10 seconds. Whenever you reload a Stake stream, the delay is different. Sometimes it’s 3 seconds; other times it’s 5, or even 10.

Here is a head to comparison of both streams running for the same match on 2 computer screens:

Because of the delay and no option to increase the live streams window, I see bet365 as the winner in the streaming quality department.

The Design and Available Options for A Live Match


When you open a match in Bet365, this is the standard layout you see:

You have various betting markets in the middle, a 2D representation of ball movements on the right, and the most critical stats underneath. Clicking on the different tabs, like Goals, Free Kicks, etc., allows you to see the positions on the pitch from where those events happened. The summary tab below the pitch shows a timeline of events, such as goals, bookings, substitutions, etc. There is also a lineups tab that shows all players called up for the match.


When you open a match in, this is the standard layout you see:

Like bet365, you have the betting markets in the middle with the stats and 2D representation on the right. Stake's data features head-2-head results, league positions, and a textual live ticker for the entire match. The button on the far right below the pitch shows tactical lineups of both teams.   

Final Thoughts

Both platforms offer a wide range of stats and a similar layout. I prefer the way Stake looks over bet365. It seems better built compared to a simpler style used by bet365. I like that Stake offers textual commentary, which is a feature that is missing on bet365. Bet365, on the other hand, offers adjustable sound alerts for events such as goal, cards, corners, subs, etc. Overall, I think is the winner when it comes to design and layout quality.

Feel free to share your own thoughts and comments.
14  Other / Meta / Is it time to change some negative trust ratings to neutral or delete them? on: April 01, 2021, 03:27:21 PM
This has been discussed multiple times in the past. It's about the trust ratings left by members who are no longer with us. Members who have either passed away or left the forum for good. Whenever a topic like that came up, the OP usually suggested deleting the negative rating altogether. That would then create controversy about which ratings should be deleted and which should be left.

I don't know if theymos can change ratings from negative to neutral. How about altering or deleting only those ratings which would undoubtedly have been changed if the member was still alive and healthy. Especially if we consider that the ratings by other members were also changed for the same issue. One example are members who get tagged for having their accounts hacked. DTs usually add a negative rating, but this rating is later changed to neutral when the account gets returned to the original user.

I found a few examples of trust ratings that are no longer valid and meet the following 2 requirements:

- The problem and reason they were given have been solved/handled.
- Other members who wrote the same feedback changed/deleted their ratings as well.


The negative feedback that was given by Zepher to SwingFirst. SwingFirst had his account hacked, so Zepher tagged him. Zepher sadly passed away, and his account remains tagged.
But the tag was supposed to be of a temporary nature as Zepher pointed out himself:

@OP - I have tagged your account with a temporary negative rating until such time as you regain access to it.

Once you do, shoot me a PM from both this account, the hacked account, along with a link to this thread, and I will happily remove the rating.

Since SwingFirst proved ownership of his account, Zepher's rating is no longer valid. The problem has been solved, and the rating should be removed. suchmoon and Lauda withdrew their ratings, and bones261 added a positive one to counter the negative by Zepher. In my opinion, neither the positive rating issued by bones261 nor the negative by Zepher should stay. Both of the requirements I mentioned earlier were satisfied.


The negative feedback that was given by TMAN to Best_Change. We still don't know what happened with TMAN, but the fact is he hasn't logged in since March 2020. In January 2020, he left a negative rating to Best_Change because of an ongoing scam accusation. In the meantime, that has been handled, and other members have either deleted or changed their ratings to neutral. The only negative that remains is that of TMAN. Again, both of the requirements mentioned above were fulfilled.


The negative feedback that was given by Zepher to Rux. This is a different issue than the two above, but one that still warrants a 2nd look.

In 2017, Rux made a post writing:
wanna buy my account? Smiley
It was written in a thread where another user wanted to buy a Bitcointalk account. Zepher tagged him for wanting to sell his account while Rux claims that it was all a bad joke. suchmoon rewrote Zepher's rating after he was excluded from DT, but that rating seems to have been removed, and I can no longer find it.

owlcatz wrote that he was a close friend of Zepher but believed Rux after looking into the case. His response was a neutral rating. That means he believes the account was not sold. Vod also added neutral feedback stating that the account could have been sold.
I was a close friend of Zepher. I believe you after reading the threads. I'm sorry, but even if someone gives  you a green trust, it will still show his yellow as long as he remains in DT2. Don't worry about it.

Zepher was a bit over-protective of the forum for a period of time, and he did it well. Sorry you sort of ended up being collateral damage over joking, but sarcasm isn't recognized in writing really. Huh

Cheers! Btw, I have a yellow mark too, but I wear it with honor! Grin

Edit - left you a neutral, hope it helps. Just stay out of trouble and don't leave, that's silly. Tongue

In this particular case, 1/2 requirements are satisfied. There is no proof that Rux didn't sell his account, but there is also no proof he did. He is therefore innocent until proven guilty. Everyone else left neutral ratings or removed their initial negatives.

These 3 cases have one thing in common. The negative ratings that TMAN and Zepher left are the only negatives that those users have.
15  Economy / Services / Avatar and Personal Text space for rent on: April 01, 2021, 11:22:23 AM
I am offering my Avatar and Personal Text space for rent.
The price is negotiable. Offer me something.
Payment mode: Bitcoin

I write between 30-50 posts each week in various English boards and the Croatian local forum.
I have earned 1466 merits (and counting) and I am the newest member of the ChipMixer campaign.
I wont be advertising any illegal services or known scams.

16  Other / Meta / Pre-Legendary VS Legendary Merit Stats on: March 24, 2021, 05:24:58 PM
Question for legendary members:
Have you received more merits while in the process of ranking up from your initial rank (when the merit system got introduced) or after you became a legendary member?

Some members believe that legendary users don’t need any more merits because they have already reached the highest rank. I have to admit that I had a similar viewpoint. If given a choice to merit a post of a lower rank user and one of a legendary member, I would most probably merit the user with the lower rank. Of course, it goes without saying that the post is merit-worthy. Other reasons why legendary members get fewer merits could be because some pay less attention to the quality of their posts, thinking they can’t go any higher anyways.     

This is not the time to discuss why merits are needed, why they are important, etc.

There are different kind of legendary members on this forum. Some got the required airdropped merits and reached the rank immediately when the system was implemented. Others ranked up from lower levels, and a small group of quality posters went legendary, starting out as newbies.

When you look at your stats, how many merits did you get pre-legendary and how many as legendary?   

Big shout out to DdmrDdmr at this point. I PMed him before starting this thread asking if he has resources, I and others could use.

Thanks to his Merited profiles Google sheet, it’s possible to see what the initial rank of a user was when the merit system came out. You can see how many airdropped merits each member got. From there, you can calculate how many merits each Legendary user received while ranking up and how many he got as a legendary.

In the Merited profiles Google sheet,
-   The field startedwith shows how many merits a user got airdropped.
-   The field probableInitialRank shows which rank the user had when the merit system was introduced.

This is how it looks in my case:
I started as a hero. I got 500 merits during my ranking cycle to legendary and 940 merits as a legendary member.

This would show that my initial idea that legendary members receive fewer merits after they rank up is wrong. How do your stats look?
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Has stopped presenting Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin? on: March 20, 2021, 07:28:26 AM
While I was writing another post, I visited and noticed a change on their website. When you click on the Buy Bitcoin button now, the site doesn't try to trick the users into purchasing Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin. It automatically selects Bitcoin as the asset you are trying to purchase. If you want Bitcoin Cash, you have to manually find it on the list.

They also changed the names of the coins. In the past, Bitcoin was referred to as Bitcoin Core, and Bitcoin Cash was either just Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.   
What caused this change of heart? I doubt it's the good nature of the site owner?
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Riddles and Brain-Teasers for Bitcointalk Members (Newbies – Members) on: March 18, 2021, 04:19:23 PM
I am trying to come up with some entertaining ways to engage newbies in learning some basics about bitcoin, crypto, and online security.

I came up with the idea of creating stories and riddles about ways in which people can lose their coins or have them stolen. I hope our youngest forum members will find them interesting to read and discuss what went wrong. Hopefully, that will teach them how to properly secure their assets and not repeat the same mistakes as the unlucky individuals in these made-up stories.

If there is enough interest in the topic, I will add new stories regularly and handout rewards in the form of merits to the quickest and most-complete answers.  

Riddles and Brain-Teasers for Bitcointalk Members (Newbies – Members)

Local Rules:

•   This thread is intended for users of Newbie, Jr. Member, and Member rank.
•   Everyone else can freely comment, give suggestions, or propose corrections. Still, I would like to ask you not to answer the questions and give our beginners a chance to participate.
•   If you have suggestions on what kind of riddles and stories I should post next, please PM me.
•   To prevent the possibility of abuse, I WILL NOT merit a newbie whose registration date is after a riddle was posted. Your account has to be older than the date of the problem you are solving.
•   Pay attention to the stories, check the pictures, and links to solve the riddles.

This thread will have two statuses:  
•   Open for all ranks
•   Open only to Newbie – Member ranks

When I post a new story, the thread will be in status: Open only to Newbie – Member ranks. It means that only users ranked newbie, jr. member, and member can post. When the thread is in this mode, this picture will be visible in the OP:

If nobody manages to solve the problem after a couple of days, I will change the status to: Open for all ranks. In this status, members of all ranks can take part in solving the problem. When the thread is in this mode, this picture will be visible in the OP:

Current thread status: Open only to Newbie – Member ranks

Riddle #1
Riddle #2

Riddle #3
Riddle #4
Riddle #5
Riddle #6
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Betting Experiment #2: Chasing the Draw on: March 15, 2021, 09:14:06 AM
This is my second betting experiment which I call Chasing the Draw. A few weeks ago, I wrote about My Football Gambling System: A Betting Experiment. The idea there was to bet on draws when your selected team plays at home and on them to win when they play away from home. Just like in the first experiment, I haven’t played with real money. This is just a compilation of the team’s results to show what would have happened if you were betting in this way.

I selected six football teams: Two from the French Ligue 2, two from the Mexican Liga MX, and two from the Spanish Laliga 2.   

The selected teams:

•   Paris FC
•   Sochaux
•   Santos Laguna
•   Atlas
•   Sporting Gijon
•   Ponferradina

Why these teams and leagues?

I picked the teams positioned in the 5th and 7th place in their respective leagues when the experiment began. The idea was not to bet on the favourites because they win most of their matches. These leagues are some of the most evenly-contested competitions where many games end in draws.

I took screenshots of the league tables when the experiment started.

Ligue 2 – France

Liga MX – Mexico

Laliga 2 – Spain

The betting system

These are the rules for the Martingale system I applied:

•   Every time my selected teams play, I bet on draws (X).
•   If the bet losses, I multiple the stake by 1.5x for the next match. ($3.00 > $4.50 > $6.75, etc.). I continue multiplying the stake money until my selection wins.
•   When the team draws, the cycle restarts with the initial stake amount.

Why these selections?

Draws in football matches are very common, and the odds on these outcomes are generally rewarding. I initially wanted to try this system by doubling the stake every time my selections lost (same as in my 1st betting experiment). But Trofo suggested that it’s a good idea to increase the stake by 1.5x instead. This allows for better bankroll management and less money invested.

Are there any risks with this system?

As you will see in the team results in the 2nd post, you may experience over 10 losses in a row. In that case, you’ll need enough money to continue playing the system. If the winning odds aren’t high enough, you won’t register any profits even if your selection wins. That’s because you are increasing the stake by 1.5x and not by 2x.

How I choose to bet, and what profit/losses did I make?

•   My initial stake is always $3.
•   In the 2nd post, you will see a complete overview of each team’s results during the 2020/2021 football season. This includes the opponents, the odds for draws, stake money, and final results.
•   A profit/loss count is posted after every round. All odds were taken from a local live score
•   I think they use bet365 as a reference for their odds. The good thing is that the odds on crypto bookies are higher than on bet365 and many other fiat bookies.
•   All posted odds are from and show the X betting selections, respectively.
•   All results were taken from that site and compared with official stats at,, and

20  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / LoyceV "Show All" Scrapper on: March 10, 2021, 08:35:59 PM
Mislim da o ovom alatu nije bilo riječi na našem lokalu pa ću ja da ga predstavim.
Orginalnu temu u Meti pokrenuo je LoyceV i nalazi se ovdje:

Kada kliknete na bilo koju raspravu, npr. Pregled Bitcointalk Signature-Ad kampanja, sigurno ste primjetili da možete kliknuti na "All" da bi čitava rasprava bila vidljiva na jednoj stranici. To je korisna opcija ako tražite neki svoj post ili neke ključne riječi gdje možete izvršiti pretragu preko CTRL+F.

Ali ako tema ima previše stranica, opcija "All" nije dostupna. Dobar primjer toga je naša lokalna tema Novosti koja trenutno ima 85 stranica.
Da bi ta ili neka druga tema postala vidljiva na jednoj stranici, može se koristiti LoyceV Show all scrapper.

Način upotrebe

1. Otvorite temu koju želite da prikažete i kopirajte njen Topic ID. Topic ID je onaj broj kojeg vidite u linku od teme. Npr, topic=901589.0.
2. Potrebno je da sljedeći link ubacite u novi post bilo gdje na forumu:
3. Broj na kraju linka (5102296) zamjenite sa Topic ID od teme koju želite da pogledate (901589).
4. Link se more ubaciti u novi post, ne edit nekog prethodnog posta.

Poslje toga je potrebno sačekati da scrapper pokupi temu i kreira je. U zavisnosti od toga koliko stranica ima, to može potrajati i sat ili dva. Kada se stranica kreira, možete pobrisati link ako vam smeta. Link se može ubaciti u novu temu koju otvorite u Archival podforumu npr koji nije toliko bitan.

Evo primjer kako scrape-ana tema Zbirni topic za davanje merita za kvalitetne postove izgleda:   

LoyceV tvrdi da je potrebno sačekati 10 sekundi + 7 sekundi za svaku stranicu koja se scrape-a. Gornja granica za scrape-anje je 500 stranica.

Kome ovo djeluje previše komplikovano, može koristiti i
Isto tako ubacite Topic ID, vaše korisničko ime, i ključnu riječ/riječi ako želite da izvršite pretragu na osnovu tih riječi.
Ne znam koliko je precizan i da li je u mogućnosti da pronađe sve postove na osnovu unesenih podataka.     
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