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1  Economy / Services / Looking for partners on: June 20, 2022, 05:24:44 PM
Hi folks, I am Baoo from Upgrade Designs .

We are looking for partners to cooperate with our company and help us in order to take a shortcut way to achieve our future goals.

If anyone interested, please contact me via DM or Telegram


2  Economy / Services / ⚡Upgrade Designs [Web Design & DEV, NFT, Banners, Stickers, ANN's, 3D,Videos..]⚡ on: March 17, 2022, 04:29:36 PM


3  Economy / Goods / SELLED on: March 17, 2021, 04:18:02 PM
The classic C.E.O. type portrait of Dorian Nakamoto ( 30x40 cm, Oil on stretched canvas ) .

Price: $400 BTC  ( With shipping )  .

Escrow if it is necessary ( Hhampuz or SFR10)

Best Regards,
4  Economy / Services / ⚡LOGOS, AVATARS, STICKERS, ANN THREAD, BANNERS, ANIMATED VIDEOS and more...⚡ on: November 12, 2019, 10:41:22 PM


5  Bitcoin / Project Development / Business intelligence and Blockchain on: January 05, 2019, 09:41:57 AM
Hi everyone, I am thinking to start a project related to Business intelligence and Blockchain maybe like a fusion between both of them.  

So I need an advice from someone who has a good knowledge in these fields.  

Have a nice weekend to everyone.

6  Economy / Services / DELETED on: August 22, 2018, 09:35:38 PM
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Graphic motion designer ( Creating video ) on: July 07, 2018, 03:05:33 PM
Hello everyone, I am graphic motion designer and I can make Animated Videos for  your project (ICO..)  , website, youtube ( like, intro, outro) and anything else  ,  with an acceptable price.

For more information Contact me.
8  Bitcoin / Project Development / How to take a shortcut way for the success of your project? on: June 18, 2018, 03:00:20 AM
Hello guys, it is certain that every owner of project want the success in his/her business (like, ICO related to Blockhain technology .. ect )  , but many of them  do not know the basic ways to bring this success closer. Plus, some fail in the first attempts and unfortunately  they believe that the main reason for this repetition failure  is the absence of a good strategy, idea, team and  other excuses , so this is  a misconception.

I want to share with all owners of projects something very essential and necessary, it can help to get a shortcut way for the success, it is regrettable that many do not know the importance and value of this thing in our lives.

One of the most important things in our life is " The trust ", It can facilitate the success of many goals in every field and without it, you will face many obstacles that lead to the failure and significant losses.

Firstly, what is the meaning of trust? because many do not understand it well.
I will explain it in another way and vision.

Simply, the trust is the speed and the cost. I will explain these two things through an example, and it will be as the following.

When you have a project ( ICO ) , and you have chosen a big team. So when there is a  trust between you and this team, then there will  a great speed and the cost will be  very weak.

And when there is a lack of trust (or no-confidence) ,  then there will be a slowly in the speed, and the cost will be very high .
That's mean, when there is a confidence , every action or work will be achieved in a quick  and good way, and  there will be no cost ( Very low percentage of losses, or no losses ) .

And when there is no-confidence, every work  will have  a bad difficulties and a great slow to achieve the tasks, and the cost will be very high, that's mean, There will be obstacles and losses  that may lead to the failure of the project .

"A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other"
                                                                                                                                                       -Simon sinek

Cheers,  Grin
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / What are the useful tips for beginners? on: May 28, 2018, 10:11:30 PM
Hello guys and gals , it is certain that the field of trading is very profitable, but regrettably, I have seen many beginners start in this area without any knowledge of the basics. In fact, this class always fails and lose a lot of money because of their hastiness or rashness.

So, according to my experience, I want to give some useful tips, and hope they will help everyone, and will be as the following :

1- Read and learn the basics of trading:

-I think the best way to start understanding this field  is by reading books related to digital currencies,  but unfortunately, the issue that many people  read only the first pages of the book, then they stop.

"The more that you read the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go "
                                                                                                                                                            -Dr. Seuss
I suggest some books, and they will be as the following :
Cryptocurrency: Beginners Bible:

Mastering Bitcoin for Dummies:

Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing

-Learn how to analyze and deal with different situations ( pump, dump ..) in a smart way. Plus,  try to help yourself  with yourself, Do not complain and ask for help from the others, because no one is in your place. And even if you fail in the first attempts and lose a lot of money, then It is not the end of the world.
Believe me, learning from failed experiences will help you in order to improve your next choices, and you may start to gain a significant proportion of money.

2-Stay away from media news:

Media are always manipulating traders through some false news and even the social media (Twitter, Facebook..), They may even control what happens in the market (crisis, jump), in order to achieve the interests of some (the capitalists) and regrettably, many believe the information and fake predictions.
" Do not be a sheep and act like a wolf "

3- Be patience  and  try to be brave , not afraid:
The field of trading is profitable when you are patient and not hasty like many, and of course you must take advantage of the opportunities intelligently.
Fear is one of the most important obstacles that lead to losses, especially in difficult situations (big crash), like, panic selling...

IMO, Courage is by taking the risk, especially when there is an unexpected event (Big drop).
"Big risk, Big gain."

Cheers,  Grin
10  Bitcoin / Project Development / What are the obstacles that lead to the failure of the project? on: May 15, 2018, 06:33:29 PM
Hello guys,  many fail to achieve the  success  of their projects ( Like, ICO ..) , despite that they try again in  many times through different attempts, but unfortunately there is always the same result ( failure ),  and  they did not even learn well  from the  failed experiences and find the reasons that led to a repetition and multiple failures.

" You will never find the solution if you do not see the problem "
                                                                                                     -Gilbert k chesterton

According to my experience, I want to give some obstacles which may lead the failure of  project, and they will be as the following:

1-Psychological problems:
" 80% of success is psychology and 20% is mechanics"
                                                                                        -Tony Robbins
So when you have a good strategy and do not have the appropriate psychology, then you cannot achieve  this strategy in reality and successfully. 

The psychological problems (like, the internal conflicts)  are the most pervasive thing in many people, unfortunately, they lead to many bad consequences ( Physical and mental ).
Plus, negative thinking is the biggest example of that issue, and that causes to a negative  energy inside this category of  people.

2- The  fear:
It is true that fear is something inside everyone (physically) , so we cannot remove it , and it is a good thing in order to move away from some harmful things ( scamming..) but sometimes it is bad thing especially when we cannot start new adventures  , and  all of this due to the fear of what will happen in the future and  the  consequences of that.

3-Lack of self-development:

Learning has no limits , and knowledge is the most essential thing for success in any field , but unfortunately, many people  believe that they have learned their project area  very well, But after that  this category will be  surprised  especially when there will be  some technical problems which may lead to the failure of their goals.

In my opinion, everyone who wants to success their ICO  project or something like that field, must learn  Blockchain  technology very well, because it is very useful  and may it will help to take a shortcut way for success.
"knowledge is potential power" .
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / What you should do when you lose most of money? on: May 06, 2018, 11:07:49 PM
Hello guys, there are always financial losses in the field of trading and this is a normal thing, but unfortunately there is a  category of traders does not accept these losses.  Plus, the not acceptance of the truth may affect them negatively like, psychological problems, stress .. and even on the next choices in trading, but this leads to a multiple and consecutive losses.

In fact,  the first and most essential thing to surpass the loss is "The acceptance of the truth"  and then you have to  " deal with it " in a good way.

Trust me, if you learn from your mistakes, then you will earn what you want.

I learned something very useful and I want to share it with all.

These are the 5 steps to make a financial profit (especially after a big loss) and even achieve your goal, they will be as the following ( like a plan)  :

Step 1 : What do I want to achieve? (Vision)
For example:
I want to earn 2 BTC within a year.
Step 2 : What is their  importance to me? ( Value )
For example: It is important to me because I am poor and I want to help my family in many things.

Step 3: How will I achieve it? ( Methods )
For example: I must have many strategies in each event ( crisis, pump )
Step 4 : What prevents me from achieving it? (Obstacles)
For example: time,  unexpected event, the fear , weak of self confidence...

Step 5 : How do I know that I  have achieved the success? (Measurement)
For example: ..

When I see 2 BTC in my wallet before one year.

Good luck to everyone . Smiley
12  Other / Beginners & Help / How to overcome fear in each field ( Trading, Project.. ) ? on: May 02, 2018, 12:05:24 AM
I have learned something  in psychology and want to share it with everyone , and  hope it will be useful.

Fear is one of the biggest problems or obstacles which everyone faced in many fields ( project (ICO) , Trading ( cryptocurrencies).. )  and  It is negatively affected on  people and leads to failure and bad consequences.

In fact,  fear is something we feel it  inside us,  so it is something "physically", this means that when you fear, your heart will quickly beat, sweating , blood pressure...

There is something like fear (physically) , meaning that this thing is the same of  what we  feel it  because of fear ( inside us ) which is "Excitement" ( quickly beat of heart , sweating, blood pressure)
And we cannot remove those things, due to they are  inside us.

But there are 3 steps leading to change "the fear" to become "Excitement" and they will be as the following:

Before everything you must understand that your mind do not differentiate between positive and negative thoughts, and It is  only implement what we think in reality. So your mind is the only  one who achieves fear and Excitement.

Step 1 :
When you feel scared, then you have to close your eyes in 5 seconds,  and you should try to forget everything and Do not think about anything , because after  5 seconds you can give a new message to your mind.

Step 2 :
 I will explain this step  through an  example , When you have a  fear of starting a new project (ICO ) , and then after the 5 seconds ( Step 1 ) , simply, you must close your eyes again, and just  imagine good things (like, Imagine that your project will succeed, and you will earn a lot of money, you will be a businessman/woman..).

Step 3 :
Tell yourself some things that can motivate you, like that :  I am excited to start my project ( try to repeat it many times ) .  And after that ,  you will have  a positive energy (+) inside you.

When you will achieve  those steps, your mind  will think you are excited and not afraid.

Hope that everyone will follow those steps.

Best regards,
13  Other / Meta / Post the proof of your hacked account here on: April 24, 2018, 07:21:31 PM
Due to there is a ton of "  Account Hacked " threads. I suggest to be all the proofs for the owners of those accounts right here.

Simply, you must use this template (  By Theymos )  with the appropriate proof and then, post it in this thread.

My account <account> has been hacked/lost. Please reset the email to <email>. The current date is <date>.
<insert address here>
<insert signature here>

Here is the unedited post where I posted that address: ...
I sent that address to someone in a PM with PM ID#...

( Do not re-post it )

Be patience. And please, do not send PM many times to  Administrators . 

Hope this move  will help Cyrus and Theymos to check all the proofs.
14  Other / Beginners & Help / When your project fails. on: April 20, 2018, 11:15:26 PM
When you ask the owner of project  : Why your project failed? , and his answer is always like this way : I do not have enough money , I have  chosen the wrong partner, I do not have contacts... ( Excuses ) .

Unfortunately, many of them do not accept the truth of failure ,  and depend through false excuses ( Lies ).

I will  suggest some tips to bypass the failure of project, and they will be as the following:

1- Accept the truth of what happened to you:

You must accept that your project did not succeed. Trust me, it is normal that  you will make a ton of mistakes in your life. But you should learn from them in a quick way, because that will help you a lot in your next steps.

2- Read, Feed your mind ( knowledge):

You may have failed because you did not have enough knowledge in this field.
You should always learn new information, technologies (like, Blockchain ).
Reading and learning, improves your degree of creativity .

In addition to that,  it is unfortunate that there is a ton of negative ideas, news.. in the whole world.
So you have to get away from all these things and sometimes you have to be isolated from this negative world and try to feed your mind with positive and useful things like reading books...

"Every day stand guard at the door of your mind and feed it something good "
                                                                                                              - Jim rohn

2-Forget the failure and re-start again:

You must overtake the failure of the first experience with positive thinking ( optimism).
Do not give up in the first attempt,  and nothing is impossible, if you make a great effort  then you will  achieve your goal  ( project  ).
Maybe you have to try new things in your project , because that would lead to new results and do not try to repeat the same mistakes.

If you succeed , you will repeat  the same of it .
If you fail, you will learn new things, and will become smarter than before.

Improve some things in your project , and try again , again and again ... Until you reach to  the successful.

Good luck to everyone.  Cheesy
15  Bitcoin / Project Development / How to choose a good partner for your project? on: April 14, 2018, 12:54:53 AM
Some believe that the secret of a successful project is the individual work, and unfortunately, this is a wrong belief.
For me, the partner  is necessary to facilitate the success of any business , is someone who has a good knowledge in some field which you need it, and he/she can  help you to improve your strategy in order to reach your goal in a shortcut way.

But how to choose the appropriate partner?
Before everything,you should know what you want ( the skills , experience ...).
You must know the nature of the partner which is appropriate for your business and understand the person's goals.
Believe me, the nature of a person rarely changes. In contrast, Goals and ambitions may change when there is a  new event or situation.

On the other hand, you should avoid the negative thoughts or  questions. ( Can they help me to do this project?, Will they do this work  in a  long period? ...)

So after you choose the right partner(s)  for your project, How your behaviours should be towards them?

 1-Be a leader not a boss:
The leader is one who helps his partners in many things and does not abuse or pressure them.
Fixes  the errors.
Hears the opinions of others, then gives his idea.
He/she always close to his team.


(*These two tips are related  to the first point* )
2- Do not order, just ask:
The majority of people do not want orders, so the best thing is to ask , I will explain this point through this example:
When you order your partner through this way: Do this thing within 24 hours. Find a solution for this problem.
Then, he/she may change with you and become uncomfortable for work , and you may lose him. It will be a great loss for you, especially when he/she have unique skills.
But when you ask him like this way :  Can you help me to do this thing please?
Can you  help me to find a solution ?..

Then, He/she will find himself comfortable with you.

3-Motivate your partner:
Motivation is the most essential thing , and it will be by giving positive energy (+) to your partner  , then He/she will give a great effort to help you in many ways and this lead to  improvement and  development in your project .
And negative speech must be avoided   because it will lead to negative energy (-) .

" One hand doesn't clap"

I hope these tips will help everyone.
Have a good weekend guys.  Cheesy
16  Other / Off-topic / For the dreamers on: April 10, 2018, 01:21:58 AM
This speech for  dreamers :

Everyone has a big dream, but unfortunately, the majority of people fail to achieve it in reality,  and many die  and their ambitions and goals become buried with them in graves, due to their fear of everything ( reality, present, future ..) and weak of their self confidence which is  widespread in many of them, and they cannot even solve the small problems because of their stupid excuses ( like,  I do not have money, my environment is bad ..)

Hey dreamer,  you will only live once,  nothing can stop you and of course you will face many crises ( many failures )   in your life, but you can overcome all of them. Just believe in yourself, and if you fail , It is not the end of the world , just change your behaviour, improve your self through the creativity,decisiveness....

Do not forget these tips  :

-Your mind is a  miracle, just use it smartly. 

-No one is better than you.

-Do not waste your time through stupid things and trivial.

-Do not let the fear kill your dreams.

-Start, and do something remarkable.


When you have only death or success ,  what will you choose?   Wink
17  Bitcoin / Project Development / How to make a successful project? on: April 07, 2018, 12:12:35 AM
Hello guys, it is unfortunate that many people fail to achieve and succeed their project ( like, ICO ...) , and  many stop in the first attempts  ( especially when there is a big failure) and become disappointed.

According to my experience, I want to give some steps to succeed any project, they will be as the following:

Step 1 : Focus on your goal ( project) because your energy will go to him:
Focus on what you want, not about what you do not want, and  when you say to yourself that you will make a  successful project (  there become a positive energy (+) inside you), then your focus will follow your  thinking.

Step 2 : You must have a futuristic vision for what you want:
The futuristic vision pulls you to your project, and helps you in achieving the best , also when there is no vision , there is no hope to succeed.

Step 3 : Choose the right map ( strategy, plan)  and the appropriate teacher :
The map may change in each situation but with that  you should search for a  teacher who have a good knowledge on the field of your project because he/she can  help you to take a shortcut way to achieve  your goal.

Step 4: Overcome the  fear of failure and the internal conflicts:
One of the biggest obstacles  which leads to  project failure is the psychological problems.
And fear is one of the most widespread problems in many people ( fear of what will happen in the future, like that , Will my project fail? , Will I lose a lot of money? ..) and to overcome this issue, you must resolve the internal conflicts,
Firstly, you must know the internal conflicts that exist in youself (  like,  your focus on negative thoughts  )
Secondly, you must organize your life by choosing the most important things or goals for you, which helps you to  achieve your dream ( project).
Thirdly, get starded.

What do you think guys?
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / 5 steps for traders on: April 05, 2018, 01:06:31 PM
Hello everyone, due to this crisis I see that many traders are afraid about what happened in  the market  and some of them wondering like that, Is this the right time to buy or sell ? What should I do ? ...

I know that this period is difficult for everyone, so I want to advise every trader who is scared , confused, and  hesitant... :

1- The only one who can help and save you is yourself:
If you help yourself, then you will not need any advice from others.

2- You should see it as it is ( the loss )  , not worse than it is :
Do not complicate it, the problems ( losses ) exists in all fields, but when you do not give it a big size, then you can overcome any issue.

3- You must accept the truth ( Big fall), and deal with it ( intelligently) :
Things always change, but you must always adapt to each new situtation.

4- Take the right vision about the whole situation:
You must have a global view of the market, and  the situation must  be studied well.

5- You must give more  than you expect to receive :
When you give a great effort and do not even think about the result , then you will achieve what you want or more than it is.

Hope these tips will help everyone.

What do you think guys?
19  Other / Meta / An idea to eliminate shitposters on: April 02, 2018, 09:57:58 PM
Due to the existence of a widespread problem in the forum which is  " the shitposters"  and always present in signature campaigns, also their only goal is to make money in an easy way.

So I suggest an idea and probably it will be  a temporary solution to this issue.

In each signature  campaign there will be  a manager and  a  " controller " ( elite people) , and the mission of this controller is  to monitor the posts  of each member of the campaign  before the paydays and giving a percentage ( % ) on the quality of posts and some behaviours ( like,  posts in megathreads..).
And for example, If someone takes less than 60% , then he/she will be out of the campaign and without payment.

I propose that the moderators will choose those controllers.

In addition to that, anyone who wants a signature campaign for their project ( ICO ) , he/she should look for a manager and a controller.

What do you think guys?
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / The basics of profit in trading on: March 28, 2018, 10:33:14 PM
Hello, some believe that  trading is an easy field to make a huge profit, but when they start in it,  all their previous views change, especially when they lose their money in the beginning.

For me, according to my experience in trading,  before starting in this field you must learn and understand the basics, they will be as the following :

1- You must learn how to read the market smartly:
Maybe you need books ( like, cryptocurrency the trading bible..) to learn more about cryptocurrencies ,   you should also learn how to analyze the different situations ( dump and pump..).

Be careful: Do not trust in the news by the media, because they  are always manipulating the traders through some fake expectations.

Important information: When you read one book  in every month, then after 2 years you will be in the TOP 10 of the most successful man/woman in that field.

2- Strategies and tactics:
You must deal with situations through strategies  and tactics ( Plan A, Plan B) .
"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat "                  
                                                                                                                                                              - Sun Tzu

3- Take the risk:
In my opinion, the risk is essential to every big profit, and trust me, when you  play it always safe,  then you will earn a  little money in trading.

4- Be patient:
 You must to control yourself, and be patient, especially in difficult situations like, big crash.
"Patience is the key of success ".

Good luck to evey trader  Grin  .
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