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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / ∞💰∞【ANN】【IITO】Escrow Platform with ESC9 protocol ∞💰∞ on: April 02, 2018, 09:19:34 AM

This is an offer for you to participate in a new type of ICO. We are calling it an IITO - Infinite Initial Token Offering.

The IITO start period will be known, but the end period will depend on the amount of funds collected at each stage. Thus, the IITO EscrowBlock will be terminated after the acquisition of all tokens on offer at each stage. During the IITO, companies and individuals investing in the EscrowBlock initiative will pay for distributed tokens through payments in cryptocurrencies or fiat.

IITO has a defence with a long period of establishment. It is the "Control time". The "Control time" is defined as 1 year. If at the end of this period the first stage is not fully funded then all proceeds will be refunded automatically, except fiat payments, which will be refunded manually.

This new type of ICO, IITO, will protect investors from over-foundation and will save money if the initiative does not get fulfilled.

What is the aim of the project?

The aim of the project is to create an EscrowBlock escrow platform for the Ethereum network blockchain. Such a platform can work as an independent environment, or be integrated into other Smart contracts  (see whitepaper), to provide escrow services as part of any other projects. The team will start the project on Mainnet Ethereum blockchain and then make a fork for providing an independent service.

Video presentation

How it will work?

Any token holder will be able to create an escrow contract for a transaction under the ESC9 standard. Such escrow contracts will be able to protect the deposit of one agent and the object of acquiring another agent from unpredictable circumstances.

If the terms of the contract are not executed by any party, then such contract is frozen and transferred to one of the arbitration bodies of the EscrowBlock network. The bodies themselves are not elected in the literal sense, appointment to this post can only be made if you own a certain number of tokens and on this basis voting by the owners of the tokens is for that purpose. Decisions on a disputable issue related to escrow are made through confirmation or cancellation of transactions. If such a decision is made there will be an explanation of the decision, if the counterparties involved in the transaction do not reach consensus, then the arbitrators may decide to transfer the decision to the higher-level for disputed contracts and it can arrange an anonymous vote among the token holders. Anonymous voting or a higher authority may decide in favor of one of the counterparties or in favor of withholding the deposit in full and blocking and canceling the ratings of the counterparties in the system. Anonymous voting is only an extreme measure to resolve disputes between counterparties.

What is the stage for IITO?
1. Development of ESC9, specifications and testing of the basic model in specific markets (up to $40,000).
2. Development of the hierarchy of multi-signature arbitration wallets, deployment of the entire functioning system on Ethereum Mainnet,
preparation for launching its own Ethereum-like network block for an independent transaction environment (up to $100,000).
3. Development of the programing part of the EscrowBlock system and interface for the main software platforms (up to $200,000). The beginning of the offering of tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.
4. Development of libraries for various programming languages ​and frameworks (up to $500,000).
5. Development of a system for working with deposits in different blockchain networks and payment gateways (up to $1,000,000).
6. Development of a system for the rental market (analogous to Airbnb) (up to $4,000,000).
7. Development of a system for the freelance market (analogous of Upwork) (up to $6,000,000).
8. Development of a system for the market of cross-border cargo delivery (up to $8,000,000).
9. Risk Coverage Fund ($10,000,000)

The sum of each stage doesn't mean that this amount must be spent on this particular stage. Any unspent funds will automatically go to the next stage.

Why are you conducting an IITO. Can you do the project without this?
Yes, and we will do it. But we want to gather the basis for future investment. As you can see, in our roadmap we will develop many services and we need to have the foundation for the next steps because any real business cannot be in profit right from a start. Also, we don't want to have only a few owners in the face of big institutional investors. We want to develop the decentralized platform with the aim to bring the significant benefit in the Crypto World. Any institutional investor will dictate their own rules and we want to avoid this.

Distribution of tokens
  • Among users: 66%;
  • Stored to receive dividends in EscrowBlock: 30%;
  • Incentive campaign: 4%;

Referral program
Yes, and we will do it. But we want to gather the basis for future investment. As you can see, in our roadmap we will develop many services and we need to have the foundation for the next steps because any real business cannot be in profit right from a start. Also, we don't want to have only a few owners in the face of big institutional investors.
We want to develop the decentralized platform with the aim of raising capital in the Cryptoworld. Any institutional investor will dictate their own rules and we want to avoid this.

Team tokens
Due to specifics of the IITO, not knowing when we will be fully funded, the team will receive cliff/vested tokens after each stage. Cliff period = 1 year. Vested period = 1.5 year.

Bussines model
EscroBlock services will get a percentage after each deal (usually it will be 1%). Any holders of the tokens will be able to get dividends in proportion of the profit from Escrowblock services.


Konstantin Viktorov
The founder and technical director of the project EscrowBlock. More than 14 years in the field of information technology. He created from scratch or participated in projects for large companies such as Aeroflot, TELE2, Velcom, Upwork, Toptal, etc. He has experience in building from scratch highly loaded real-time systems, the experience of creating software in different programming languages for different spheres of human activity. He has a bachelor's degree in the field of physics of magnetic phenomena.

Kevin Hollands
Founder and highly qualified investor in the markets of cryptocurrencies, real estate and construction. He has more than 20 years of practical experience, a huge track
record in project management. Kevin manages all aspects of investment, including strategic management of companies working in the investment and construction business.

Short 1st stage explanation

On page presentation

Table of the main information

WhitePaper url:
Logo url for media:
TokenSale address:
TokenSale code:
Token address:
Token code:
Smart contracts:
Team url:
ICO Url: or
One page presentation:
Start date:02/04/2018 12:00 UTC
Finish date:TBC
ICO Supply:100 000 000
Max Supply:110 368 000
Start bonus:20%
Asset title:EscrowBlock
Token/coin Title:ESCB
Symbol Title:
Accepted currencies:BTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, more than 70 cryptocurrencies + credit cards and wire transfer.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / XRED Wallet - a user-friendly secure wallet on: October 19, 2017, 03:36:23 PM
XRED ICO Wallet – a user-friendly secure wallet

XRED is launching the XRED ICO Wallet platform for security and ease of transactions and management. It has a dashboard for everything you need in order to manage the trading or holding of your XRED tokens with account administration features. It also includes the feature to receive dividends.

With a slick color combination, the XRED ICO Wallet platform is carefully designed with user friendly GUI and is engineered to be safe and secure.

The XRED ICO wallet will be available on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices, in web-browsers and Chrome Web Store.

Let’s take a peek at the ICO Wallet interface

1. Secured wallet with OTP (one-time password) feature for confirmation. Bank standards.

The wallet requires logging in once with OTP (one-time password) feature to confirm your identity for authentication. We use bank standards to ensure the security of your account.

You can sign in with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter in addition to logging in with your email and password as a client. Please register for an account the first time you log in by clicking the blue button “Don’t have an account?” below the sign in button.

2. KYC profile for auditors

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is part of the requirement for us to check your identity before issuing ICOs for compliance and auditing reasons. You are not required to fill in the information to invest initially, but it is better to fill in all fields. This is because we will be able to have an opportunity to claim information later.

3. News of projects

XRED delivers fresh and on target news right into your ICO Wallet application under the News section. It could be progress of the ICO that XRED has made or market news that might impact the trend of real estate development or value of cryptocurrencies.

4. Buying tokens during ICO

Buying tokens during XRED ICO is simple, after logging in, you can tap the Dashboard button. The options to make transactions are right there. There is updated currency information of ETH, BTC, USD and EUR on your screen. You will also see the token amount you currently have on the account. Along with this information, there are four tabs to buy or transfer tokens, to make exchange, to receive dividends and to vote.

5. Exchange other cryptocurrencies on ETH with an aim to participate in ICO
The ICO Wallet can also allow you to exchange other cryptocurrencies to ETH when you want to participate in the XRED ICO.

6. Transferring tokens after the ICO
XRED’s ICO Wallet can also allow you to transfer tokens out after the ICO. This ensures that the XRED token will be more stable in price compared to other tokens.

7. Claim dividends button

Every year, XRED will issue dividends to token holders. This will be conducted through the claim dividends button.

Ethereum wallet has an integrated mechanism of dividends distribution, which includes a button “Get the dividends”. Dividends will be accrued quarterly every 3rd week of January, April, July and October, although due to the nature of real estate development and construction the first dividends will not be provided until earliest 2019.

You can click the “Get the dividends” button to receive the dividends when it is available. If you do not click the button, all the transactions will be completed by XRED during the last week of January every year.

8. Voting area

You can vote in a pool for making decisions exercising your rights from holding XRED token.

9. Notification from Administrator for urgent events and announcements
The ICO Wallet will also inform you about urgent events and announcements for you to see in the app. From the app, you will know where the new development site is, when there is a pool and the voting results.

10. Full transactions list by Crowdsale address. Maximum transparency

The transactions are listed under Transactions tab where you can see all the historical information of your transactions, including: TxHash, Block, Age, From, To and the Value.
Want to invest in XRED token? Visit the website at and find the XRED ICO Wallet at the upper right corner of the website.
3  Local / 媒体 / 金色财经称虚拟货币属于虚拟财产,纳入民法的保护对象,而民法总则2017 on: October 03, 2017, 04:00:09 PM
4  Local / 媒体 / 有人用加密货币购房,价值$60,000,前景看好 on: October 02, 2017, 06:10:44 PM
TechCrunch的Michael Arrington直接用加密货币在乌克兰买了房子,是在Cyberledger记录的交易,价值$60,000,房子产权的证明还是纸上记录在案的。

5  Other / Off-topic / Pun and Inside Joke for Cryptocurrency and Martial Arts Lovers on: September 22, 2017, 12:51:01 AM
I talked to my old friend Jackie Chain in China recently, and got some great advice for Chinese Kung Fu.

Me: What do I do to get rich so that I don’t have do Kung Fu with an empty stomach anymore?

Jackie Chain: Firstly, prepare small cookies for me and micro-chips for your pet ants since you mind so much for them and they mined so much for you.

Me: What about myself? I’ve got to do Kung Fu and be successful like you.

Jackie Chain: Here’s my token advice. Block chain with others’ staff.

I thought. Hmm…just like how Jackie did in movies.

Jackie Chain: Cybersecurity staff in a real estate cryptocurrency fund team like XRED, who write smart contracts that protects your security and your property. XRED is different from other ICOs, you are essentially owning a piece of the real estate you invest in and a say in the foundation. They even put money in your wallet for bounties you hunt through sharing without hurting anyone.
Here’s their campaign with blockchain technology and cybersecurity staff: Your token is XRED! Your success is our overwhelming success! Your wallet is forever yours! Our commitment is far beyond token!

I welcome fans for me and my ants.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [ANN][PRE-ICO][BOUNTY] X Real Estate Development (XRED) on: September 15, 2017, 12:57:14 AM
XRED Bounty Program

The amount of distributing tokens for the "bounty" program
In our White paper we have declared that 2% of the total amount of issued tokens will be distributed by a "bounty" program. We have an Escrow agreement, and as stated in our documents all funds will be returned, if during pre-ICO and ICO we do not reach our 1.5M$ target. Our total cap will be 65M tokens. There are several conditions, we will assume the volume for the bounty program the sum of 2% of the total cap. The sum for the bounty program equals 1 300 000 tokens. All boy program tokens will be distributed dg the 2 weeks after a successful ICO.
Social media and referral program (35%)
455 000 tokens for this part of the bounty program. To participate in this opportunity you need to share a referral link by social media networks to add into bitcointalk, signature, etc. When 3 new members are attracted by your personal link you will get 3 tokens. If someone from the attracted participators purchase tokens, you will get 5% of this purchased amount.
XRED Foundation support in online discussions (10%)
130 000 tokens for this part of the bounty program. To participate in this opportunity, you will need to create media posts on forums (for example; bitcointalk) and other social networks, with a description of the ICO, then you have to send the link to the discussion into one of our channels and we will evaluate how many tokens you will be rewarded. Our decision will be based on reached views, counts of comments and other metrics.
Translations to other languages on Bitcointalk (15%)
195 000 for this part of the bounty program. To participate in this opportunity, you need to translate our documents and landing page to one of our official languages. (German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean). If you are a native speaker of another language that is not listed please contact us, we will decide whether to translate or not to your particular language.
For special support (40%)
520 000 tokens for this part of the bounty program. To participate in this opportunity, you can offer us your services in audit open source code, the writing of media posts and articles for mass-media. If you have a platform with a large amount of traffic, just place an article about our ICO and you get tokens from the "bounty" program.
Undistributed tokens
If for some reason parts of the "bounty" program has undistributed tokens. This part of the program will be divided proportionately with the other parts of the bounty program. It will mean, for example, that for special cases we will add 300 000 undistributed tokens for the referral program, so for each participator you will get 3no tokens and for 3 new members you will get between 5 and 7 tokens.
Use our widget to participate!

On the website there is a widget for claiming tokens and tracking your progress for the bounty program.

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Countries that give legal status to or not banning altcoin on: September 12, 2017, 07:59:59 PM
I read in the news that "Several countries around the world have fully regulated digital currency trading, including the Philippines and South Korea. Other territories, countries, and blocs that have issued legal status or not banned Bitcoin and Altcoins include the European Union, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and others."
From here, we can start to make a list of countries, territories and blocs that give legal status to altcoin or not banning altcoins. The Google Docs Excel file with the list is here:

If your country is not on the list, please feel free to add. Comments are welcomed. Thanks.

European Union
South Africa
South Korea
The Phillipines
The United States
8  Local / 山寨币 / [ANN][PRE-ICO][BOUNTY]XRED房地产开发 (X Real Estate Development) on: September 10, 2017, 04:30:06 AM







  • 6月1日 -  项目开始,发展初始想法并确认实施的可行性
  • 7月1日 - 开始建MVP(最低可行产品)
  • 8月10日 - 公告,准备预售和ICO
  • 10月16日 - 预售结束
  • 11月1日- ICO
  • 2018年第一季度 - 基金开始参与第一个房地产发展项目
  • 2018年第四季度 - 拓展进入2个国家






  • 在用户群中: 86%;
  • 由XRED基金购买: 12%;
  • 激励活动: 2%;


奖励计划更新了。以下为更新后内容。 Smiley 我们收到了大家对我们之前奖励计划的提问,为区分第一周内的第一天和第二到七天的奖励百分比。有些人觉得这样容易混淆。我们在活跃成员中进行了投票,并做出了更新这个计划的决定,这样能让您更容易理解也更受益。

  • 预售期: + 40% 额外代币;
  • ICO第1周: + 25% 额外代币;
  • ICO第2周: + 20% 额外代币;
  • ICO第3周: + 15% 额外代币;
  • ICO第4周: + 10% 额外代币;
  • ICO第5周: + 5% 额外代币;
  • ICO第6周: 0% 额外代币.


Kevin Hollands(凯文·赫兰兹)是XRED和KGH建筑公司的CEO。他是一名有着30余年房地产实际经验的资深专家。KGH公司的项目因超高质量装修和老道的投资眼光,将普通中价房转变为奢侈高价住宅。凯文将会把他总共12个的个人住宅项目投进这个基金,这将产生每年10,0000美金的总收入。这也将确保XRED基金会在一开始就有收入。

XRED的首席技术专家Konstantin Viktorov(康斯坦丁·维克托洛夫)有着12年IT经验,为多家大型公司,例如俄罗斯航空公司,TELE2,Velcom,Upwork和Toptal,建了高负荷实时系统。他有着丰富的区块链技术和信息安全经验并持有物理学位。

房地产律师/顾问John Llewelyn(约翰·卢埃林),一位富有20余年经验的,以结果为中心的房地产律师。约翰有着优异服务、专业见解,和卓越往绩在案,专注于含有复杂技术的房地产财产交易。在个人公司有着合作伙伴程度的经验的同时,也在房地产公司有着广泛的经验,他对房地产商业领域有着深刻的理解力,并是一位值得信任的顾问,多年来为伦敦和英国房地产市场带来脚踏实地的建议。

特许测量员和建筑成本顾问,Richard Barnes(理查德·巴恩斯)是在商业,住宅,零售和余暇工业有着20余年经验的工料测量师,由皇家特许测量员协会监管。理查德会执行可行性计划,给出建筑费用建议,准备工料报价单,费用计划和预算成本。他将为协议中的标书所定规格提出建议,控制工程的标书和协议,并将活跃地参与项目管理。








  • 众筹将从两个多重签名钱包展开(一个开发者钱包,一个社区钱包)
  • 价值150,0000 美金的有条件转让契约,如果在ICO预售和ICO时没有达到目标总数,所有ICO筹款将原路返回
  • 基金创始人和预售ICO中的成员的最短生效期(Cliff period)为3个月,授予期( vested)为6 个月。
  • XRED代币持有人年红利,也就是CEO已投资生成的财产将为每年$10,0000美金
  • 作为XRED代币持有人所拥有的投票权和影响决策的机会


9  Local / Бизнес / [ANN][PRE-ICO] Фонд X Девелопмент недвижимость (XRED) on: September 09, 2017, 04:29:18 PM
Первый криптовалютный фонд для девелопмента и инвестиций в недвижимость.

Новаторское предприятие для криптовалютных инвесторов. XRED фонд предлагает революционный способ доступа к глобальным инвестициям в девелопмент недвижимости и получения дохода от строительства с гораздо меньшим риском и непревзойдённой безопасностью.
Используя технологию блокчейн, фонд может снизить стоимость и увеличить скорость транзакций с усиленной защитой персональных данных, что позволит инвесторам войти в мир девелопмента недвижимости без необходимости покидать свой дом или работу.

Как видно из приведенного ниже графика, средняя цена продажи недвижимости в Лондоне имеет постоянный рост с 1995 года, несмотря на краткосрочный банковский кризис в 2008 году. Рынок недвижимости продолжил свою тенденцию к росту, сделав вложение в XRED солидной инвестиционной возможностью.
Этот факт вместе со стратегией управления фондом развития и инвестиций подчеркивает основы нашего бизнес-плана.


Дорожная карта
  • 1 Июня -  начало работы над проектом, разработка идеи и возможности реализации
  • 1 Июля - начало работы над MVP (продукт с минимальными возможностями)
  • 10 Августа - анонс, подготовка к предварительной продаже и ICO
  • 16 Октября - конец предпродажного периода
  • 1 Ноября- ICO
  • 1ый квартал 2018 - участи фонда в первом строительном проекте.
  • 4ый квартал 2018 - присутствие в двух других странах.

Предварительная продажа
Предварительная продажа доступна ограниченному кругу лиц до 16 Октября, 2017.

Добавить в календарь

ICO будет доступно с Срд., 1 Ноября (2017) 00:00 UTC по Птн., 15 Декабря (2017) 00:00 UTC


Токены XRED - это умные контракты на основе Ethereum, которые позволят Вам получать дивиденды и участвовать в голосовании. Исходное количество токенов установлено на уровне 65 000 000 и может быть потенциально изменено в зависимости от текущих рыночных условий. Цена покупки одного токена установлена в 1 доллар США.

  • Среди пользователей: 86%;
  • Оплачивается фондом XRED: 12%;
  • Программа поощрения: 2%;


  • Период предварительной продажи: + 40% бонусных токенов;
  • 1ый день: + 25% бонусных токенов;
  • 2-7 дни: + 20% бонусных токенов;
  • 2ая неделя: + 15% бонусных токенов;
  • 3ия неделя: + 10% бонусных токенов;
  • 4ая неделя: + 5% бонусных токенов;
  • 5ая неделя: 0% бонусных токенов.

Кевин Холландс является генеральным директором XRED и KGH Construction. Он является застройщиком с более чем 30-летним опытом работы. Прошлые проекты, завершенные KGH Construction, превратили жилье средней стоимости в роскошную, высокодоходную недвижимость с улучшенным ремонтом и условиями для сдачи в аренду. Кевин разместит в фонде XRED свой собственный личный портфель недвижимости состоящий из 12 апартаментов, что позволит обеспечить ежегодный размер дивидендов в размере 100 000 долларов США. Это гарантирует, что фонд XRED начнет свою деятельность с прибыли в первом же году.

Технический директор, Константин Викторов, имеет 12-летний опыт работы в области ИТ, создавая высокопроизводительные системы реального времени для таких крупных компаний, как Aeroflot, TELE2, Velcom, Upwork и Toptal. Он обладает глубокими навыками в технологиях blockchain и кибербезопасности и имеет степень бакалавра в области физики.

Адвокат по недвижимости / консультант Джон Ллевелин. Высококвалифицированный юрист, ориентированный на результат, с более чем 20-летним опытом работы. Джон имеет проверенный временем опыт предоставления высококлассного обслуживания для высокотехнических сделок с недвижимостью. Имеет опыт партнера в частной практике, а также на уровне совета директоров в компаниях, занимающихся недвижимостью, он прекрасно понимает мир бизнеса в сфере недвижимости и является надежным консультантом, который много лет работает в этой области.

Специалист по оценке стоимости и строительный подрядчик. Ричард Барнс работает более 20 лет в коммерческих, жилых, торговых и развлекательных секторах недвижимости. Подчиняется Королевскому институту дипломированных геодезистов. Ричард будет проводить первоначальные технико-экономические обоснования, давать консультации по стоимости строительства, составлять сметы, планы затрат и бюджетные расходы. Он также будет консультировать по тендерам, осуществлять контроль за работами и проводить консультации по контрактам.

Все члены команды здесь

После того, как ICO будет профинансировано, XRED приобретет первоначальные площадки под застройку в Лондоне, которые будут разработаны для дальнейшей продажи. Мы будем внедрять технологию Blockchain для удаления ненужных и дорогих цепочек взаимодействия, оставляя бОльшую прибыль для распределения среди наших инвесторов через нашу систему токенов. Осуществляя строительство и девелопмент, мы стремимся достичь 15-20% роста прибыли на каждом участке. Возврат инвестиций для инвесторов будет составлять 75% от всей прибыли.

Также доступна программа бонусов для стимуляции, которую вы можете просмотреть в нашем проспекте. Для получения дополнительной информации посетите наш веб-сайт по адресу

Этот ICO переопределит будущее индустрии недвижимости и обеспечит удобство инвестиций, безопасности и прибыльную отдачу владельцам токенов.

Ключевые преимущества
  • ICO будет запущено из двух кошельков с мультиподписью (первый кошелек для разработчиков, второй для сообщества)
  • Соглашение об условном депонировании 1 500 000 USD, если эта цель не достигается в период предварительной продажи и  в период ICO, то все платежи будут возвращены обратно.
  • Период "утёса" для учредителей и участников до ICO будет составлять 3 месяца, срок полномочий 6 месяцев.
  • Ежегодные дивиденды для держателей токенов - портфель CEO уже будет генерировать $100 000 в год
  • Держатели токенов будут иметь возможность голосовать и влиять на решение фонда

Главные документы фонда XRED

Социальные каналы
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][PRE-ICO][BOUNTY] X Real Estate Development (XRED) on: September 09, 2017, 02:31:46 PM
XRED: The First cryptocurrency fund for real estate development and investment.

A groundbreaking venture for Cryptocurrency Investors to join XRED in our revolutionary new way to access global investment in Real Estate property development and generate income with far less risk with added security.
By using Blockchain technology we can reduce the cost and increase the speed of transactions with unsurpassed protection of personal data, allowing you to enter the World of real estate development without having to leave your home or workplace.

As you can see from the graph below, the average property selling price in London has had consistent growth since 1995, despite a short term Banking Crisis in 2008. The property market has continued its upward trend making XRED a solid investment opportunity.
This fact, together with a strategically managed development and investment fund, underlines the fundamentals of our business plan.


  • June 1 -  beginning of work on the project, development of the idea and possibility of implementation
  • July 1 - beginning of work on MVP (the minimum working version of the product)
  • August 10 - announcement, preparation for pre-sale and ICO
  • October 16 - end of the pre-sale
  • November 1 - ICO
  • 1st quarter of 2018 - fund's participation in the first development begins.
  • 4th quarter of 2018 - established presence in 2 more countries.


Pre-sale is available to a limited number of individuals before October 16, 2017 and is limited to the amount of funds raised.


The ICO will be available to purchase from Wed, November 1 (2017) 00:00 UTC to Fri, December 15 (2017) 00:00 UTC


XRED tokens are smart contracts based on Ethereum and they determine your decision-making power by using your voting rights. The initial number of tokens is set at 65,000,000, subject to potential change based on the current market conditions. The purchase price of one token is set at $1 (USD).

  • Among users: 86%;
  • Purchased by the fund XRED: 12%;
  • Incentive campaign: 2%;

Smart contracts


We have a new bonus structure in place now.  Smiley The below is updated. We have received questions regarding our previous bonus structure, with distinction of bonus percentage between 1st day and 2-7 days in the first week. Many found it confusing. We have had a pool from active community members and we have made a decision to update this structure to make it easy and better for the community.
The new bonus structure will be:

  • Pre-sale period: + 40% of bonus tokens;
  • 1st week: + 25% of bonus tokens;
  • 2nd week: + 20% of bonus tokens;
  • 3rd week: + 15% of bonus tokens;
  • 4th week: + 10% of bonus tokens;
  • 5th week: + 5% of bonus tokens;
  • 6th week: 0% of bonus tokens.


Kevin Hollands is the CEO of XRED and KGH Construction. He is an established property developer with over 30 years of practical experience. Past projects completed by KGH Construction have turned medium value housing into luxury, high value real estate with superior quality renovations and skillful financial insights. Kevin will put part of his personal residential portfolio, totalling 12 apartments, into the fund, generating a gross income of $100,000 PA. This will ensure that the XRED fund starts with an income.

The CTO, Konstantin Viktorov, has 12 years of experience in IT, building high-load real-time systems for major companies such as Aeroflot, TELE2, Velcom, Upwork and Toptal. He has profound skills in blockchain technologies and cybersecurity and holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics.

The Property Lawyer/Consultant, John Llewelyn. A highly experienced, results orientated property lawyer with over 20 years in practice. John has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service and expertise, specialising in highly technical property transactions. Having partner level experience in private practice as well as board level experience in property companies, he brings great understanding of the property business world and has been a trusted advisor, providing solid advice in the area for many years.

The Chartered Quantity Surveyor & Building Cost Consultant, Richard Barnes, has been practising for over 20 years working in Commercial, Residential, Retail and Leisure Sectors. Regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Richard will carry out initial feasibility studies, give construction cost advice, prepare bills of quantities, cost plans and budget costings. He will also advise on specification and control tenders for works and contract advice and will also be actively involved with project management.

All members here


Once the ICO has been funded, XRED will purchase its initial site(s) in London to be developed for sale. We will implement Blockchain technology to remove unnecessary and expensive chains of links, leaving greater profits to distribute to our investors through our token system. By carrying out construction and development, we aim to achieve between 15-20% gross profit on each site. The returns to investors will be 75% of all profits.


A generous bounty program is also available which you can view on the White Paper. For further information please visit our website at

This ICO will redefine the future of the real estate industry and bring ease of investment, security and lucrative returns to the token holders.

Key benefits

  • Crowdsale will be launched from two multisig wallets (first wallet for developers, second for community)
  • Escrow agreement on 1 500 000 USD, If this target amount is not reached by the pre-ICO and the ICO all funds will be returned
  • Cliff period for founders and pre-ICO members will be 3 months, vested 6 months.
  • Annual dividend for token holders - CEO assets will already generate $100 000 PA
  • Voting and opportunity to influence decisions as token holder

XRED Foundation documents

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