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1  Other / Meta / Is there such thing as a malware that would make me automatically post? on: January 13, 2020, 03:31:15 PM
I am not sure whether to post this in Meta or Reputation, since it just suddenly happen without my control.
Please read my feedback.
I didn't really post that whatever scheme that was.
I was thinking of that something might have triggered this.
I already edited the post and the thread title, but you can see the original post from my feedback and I'll delete it within 24 hours.
Post is in here, but I already edited it:

PS. I never visit "Investor-based games".

Update: I also archived the threads after I locked and edited it because I am gonna delete the thread. I also insert the Archive link that tvplus006 made as reference to the feedback he wrote to me. I don't know how would this help for my case, but it can be used as a future reference or investigations.
2  Other / Archival / Please delete, I didn't post this. on: January 13, 2020, 02:31:43 AM
Edit. I don't know who got access to my account, but I'll delete it within 24 hours.
3  Local / Altcoin Announcements (Pilipinas) / [TUTORIAL] Paano ibenta ang iyong token/coins sa mga exchanges? on: July 14, 2018, 06:52:51 AM
Para sa mga nalilito kung paano ba nila ibebenta ang kanilang tokens after nilang makuha ito sa mga bounties, sundin lamang ang mga steps na ito. Ang exchange na aking gagamitin bilang halimbawa ay EtherDelta at ang token wallet na gamit ay MyEtherWallet.

1. I open ang iyong MyEtherWallet sa

2. Sa isa pang tab, i open ang Etherdelta -

Upang mai import ang iyong MyEtherWallet sa EtherDelta, gawin lamang ang sumusunod:

    3a. Click ang Account


    3b. Click ang Import Account


    3c. Hihingiin sa iyo ng site ang ETH Address at Private Key mo


    3d. Kunin mo ang iyong ETH Address at Private Key sa iyong inopen na wallet sa MyEtherWallet site

    Ito ang iyong ETH Address

    Ito ang iyong private key (click lang yung "eye" icon para makuha mo yung mismong key)
    Paalala: Huwag mo ipapaalam sa iba ang iyong Private Key!


4. After mo iimport ang iyong MyEtherWallet sa EtherDelta, hanapin ang coin or token na nais ibenta dito.


    Halimbawa, AION tokens ang balak kong ibenta


5. Bago mo ibenta ang iyong token, nararapat mo muna ideposit ang iyong tokens sa EtherDelta smart contract. Click mo lang yung Deposit Tab at i enter ang amount ng tokens na nais mo ibenta. (aking naideposit na noon ang aking AION tokens kaya meron na agad amount na nakalagay sa aking EtherDelta Smart Contract ayon sa imahe)
    Paalala: Sa pag dedeposit ng mga tokens, kinakailangang may minimum kang .001 ETH para sa gas fee. Mag laan ng sapat na ETH para sa
     iba't ibang transaction na iyong isasagawa sa EtherDelta.


6. Matapos mong ideposit ang iyong tokens sa EtherDelta Smart Contract, tumingin ka sa mga Sell Order sa Order Book. (nakaindicate ito bilang mga green bars)


Ang Sell Orders ay naka ayon mula taas hanggang pababa na nangangahulugang nasa pinakataas ng Sell Order ang matataas na rates ng iyong maaaring ibenta.

7. Click mo ang rate na umaayon sa iyong kagustuhan o estratehiya sa pag tatrade. Aking pipiliin ang pinakataas bilang aking halimbawa.



8. Ilagay sa "Amount to Sell" ang tokens na iyong nais ibenta, tapos click "Sell Order". Asahan ang kaunting fees sa pagbebenta ng tokens. Bibigyan ka ng TXID upang malaman mo ang status ng iyong transaction o pagbebenta.


9. Hintayin mo dumagdag sa iyong ETH balance ang iyong naibentang tokens. After na dumagdag ang iyong balanse ng ETH sa EtherDelta Smart Contract, maaari mo na itong i withdraw sa iyong actual wallet.


10. Matapos mong maiwithdraw ang ETH mula EtherDelta Smart Contract hanggang actual wallet mo, maaari mo nang i alis o iout ang iyong na import na MyEtherWallet sa site kung wala ka nang nais ibenta pang tokens. Gawin lamang ang sumusunod:

    10a. Click Account sa top right corner at click forget account


Paaalala: Huwag maging gawain ang mag iwan ng masyadong ETH o kahit na anong token sa exchanges.

Happy Trading mga kabayan! Cheesy


4  Other / Archival / bad suggestion on: May 13, 2018, 03:51:27 PM
5  Other / Meta / Applicability of Reporting users? on: May 06, 2018, 05:11:23 PM
I managed to stumble upon a user that is posting only in the Off-Topic section for the rest of his post history. User's post and activity count is already at 28 which is already near for ranking up to Jr. Member rank but all of his posts are ALL in the Off-Topic section. Is it applicable to report these kind of users?

PS: I bookmarked the user's profile, just in case.
6  Economy / Reputation / Merit Abuse? (Alts or An agreement was made) on: May 02, 2018, 03:36:01 PM
Good day!
I had just recently checked the recent merits sent and this 5 merit sent caught my eye.

Ingramhb receiving 5 merits from a one-liner generic post from glandulaHewq:

Now it extends to glandulaHewq receiving 10 merits from  zhouyc in different ANN threads from making just a generic to simple review of the project's site and whitepaper - 5 merits - 5 merits

It extends even more to zhouyc receiving 11 merits from shixd8899

13 merit from  yeyz600

24 merits from xzhybbs from just a generic statement

yeyz600 receiving 30 merits from hdd3go from 3 different threads - 10 merits - 10 merits - 10 merits

yeyz20171031 receiving 34 merits from  007eminem

These two red colored usernames raises the flag even more, judging by their close-related usernames. Most of these or all of these users are Chinese. There are more merits sent to other Chinese users  but these are what I suspected the most due to the amount of merit sent isn't really applicable to the posts. I believe they're doing "Fixed Merit Scheme", where they're sending merits to the users that is equal to the minimum merits needed for the next rank.
Kindly check.  Wink

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Dark Net users as the new Threat? on: January 29, 2018, 10:09:01 PM
I think almost most of us already heard about the Bitcoin trader that was forced to give his Bitcoin over a gunpoint. It is quite scary that criminals are now also Bitcoin as their sort of "money" although it isn't stable to be. Now this made me think of something even larger that could possibly be a potential threat to  all of us. From government banning to these robbers, I'm starting to think that even those people dealing with illegal things from the dark net could be also the potential threat to all of us including those hackers that could just track you with your IP within seconds. I still don't have an experience touching the dark web, because it is really risky but I learned few things about it such as the Silk Market, snuff films, other things that are unimaginably messed up. Since Bitcoin is now growing and a lot of investors are already putting their money at risk in the cryptocurrency including all of us, will these people prove a real threat for all of us? I am not trying to raise a fear here, as I am just curious what could possibly be a threat for us aside from the government that tries to ban cryptos.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Conducting a Study/Proposal for Bitcoin on: January 26, 2018, 02:34:00 PM
For all the users that are also teachers and students out there, I'm starting to think if the proposal of the Bitcoin in schools would be feasible. In Economics class where the basics are being taught such as the law of demand and supply that is also connected to Bitcoin in its price behavior although it is kind of unstable and we can't depend on that law that much. I already heard that some schools were already accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment in tuition fees. Since the awareness of Bitcoin isn't that kind of evaluated at some countries like mine, I am planning to conduct a feasibility study in Bitcoin as part of its development. It could help educate a lot of millenials earlier about the future of technological finance and economy. I am really pleased to hear/read everyone's opinion about it.
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