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41  Local / Pilipinas / [TUTORIAL] Send Bitcoin to Multiple Addresses in One Transaction Only on: April 26, 2019, 08:21:57 AM
Alam mo ba na pwede ka makapag send ng Bitcoin galing sa iyong wallet papunta sa madaming iba't ibang wallet sa iisang transaction lang?
Ibig sabihin, isang transaction lang ang gagawin mo at isang transaction fee lang ang babayaran mo.

Advantage ng pag gamit ng ganito?
-Less transaction fee
-Less hassle

May lima kang kaibigan na gustong magsimula gumamit ng Bitcoin at gusto mo sila bigyan ng unang Bitcoin nila.

(Pawang mga kathang isip lamang ang mga ginamit na mga karakter sa larawan)

Mangyayari ay isang transaction lang ang gagawin mo, di mo na iisa-isahin mag send.
Mas makaka tipid ka na sa fee at less hassle, dahil iisang transaction lang gagawin mo. Gets?

Dahil alam mo na kung pano ito gumana, tuloy tayo kung pano ito gawin sa iyong wallet.
Note: Hindi lahat ng wallet ay pwede sa ganito, ang alam ko lang sa ngayon na pwede ay ang Electrum, Bitcoin Core, Trezor, at Armory bitcoin wallets.

Electrum Wallet
Trezor Wallet
Bitcoin Core Wallet

Sa Electrum deskop wallet:

Pagka bukas mo ng Electrum Desktop wallet mo, Tools>Pay to many
Step 1:

ito makikita mo at sundan lang yung nasa picture.

Step 2:

  • 1st
    Ilalagay mo mga BTC address sa Pay to na field mga papadalhan mo ng Bitcoin.
    Next line lang pag dadagdag ka ng bagong address. Make sure may comma ( , ) ito after ng address para sa amount na gusto mo e send.
    <wallet address>,<amount>
  • 2nd
    Description lng ito about sa transaction mo sa Electrum wallet mo, di ito makikita public.
  • 3rd
    Fee: Ikaw mag dedecide kung ilang fee ang gagamitin mo, sa electrum nag su-suggest siya kung ilan ba minimum or maximum. Pag gusto mo mabilis ma send, go ka sa pinakamataas, pwede ma adjust yan.
  • 4th
    Bago ka mag send:
    Always double check yung mga nilagay mo na address kasi baka mali or may kulang ka, or mali yung amount na nailagay mo.
  • Import CSV file.
    Pwede ka gumamit ng Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file pag import ng mga addresses with amount na gusto mong e send dito.
    Pwede ka gumamit ng Microsoft Excel para dito, save mo lang as CSV file.

    Column A: Wallet address
    Column B: Amount na gusto mo e send.

DONE! Easy as 1,2,3.

Sa Trezor Wallet:

Halos pareho lang ang process ng pag send sa iba't ibang wallet.

Step 1:
Connect mo Trezor mo at pasok ka sa dashboard ng wallet mo.
At punta ka sa Send na tab.

  • 1st
    Click Send tab.
  • 2nd
    Add recipient:
    Dito mo na e aaddd ung mga address na pag sesendan mo.
    Pwede ka din dito mag import ng CSV file.
  • 3rd
    Select ka ng desired fee mo, mas mataas mas mabilis e confirm ang transaction mo.
  • 4th
    Send na!
    Always double check your entry! Make sure tama mga nilagay mo.
Tapos na! Easy as A,B,C! Mas madali sa Trezor kompara sa Electrum.

Sa Bitcoin Core Wallet:
Open and connect ka sa Bitcoin Core Wallet.

Then go ka sa Send tab

After that, you can fill na ang mga fields na required: bitcoin address, amount, etc.

Makikita mo sa arrow na green, pag gusto mo pa dumagdag ng mga receipents just click "Add Recipient".
Tapos dagdag lang yan another field, makikita mo sa square box na green.


Eto ang example na transaction gamit ang pag send sa iba't ibang address:

May alam ka pa ba na ibang wallet na pwede mag send ng bitcoin to multiple addresses? share and post it below!

Sharing is caring ♥

P.S. : Ang mga nagamit na mga bitcoin addresses para sa mga example ay hindi ko pag mamay-ari.

Re: How to send a transaction to multiple addresses? -BitMaxz
Re: How to send a transaction to multiple addresses? -LoyceV
42  Other / Beginners & Help / [GUIDE] How to Create a Strong/Secure Password on: April 16, 2019, 07:19:39 AM
loading image
For every website that we are using especially those required a password, mostly are our email, crypto exchanges, forum accounts, social media accounts, etc. are requiring to make our password strong and secure. Did you follow them? or did you create a password that is too short? Common passwords? Well, that is bad practice. By using a strong password, it will help our accounts more secure against hacker over the internet.

We need to know first some example passwords that aren't advisable or very common one.

A. All of these passwords are very common and you should not use it!

B. Never use passwords that include your personal information such as:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Your address
Reason because why you should not ever include some of your personal information on your password because it will be an advantage on the hacker if he/she know some of your personal info, he/she can easily guess your password by using them.

C. Never use common Substitutions:
  • D0gH0us3
  • W33kdays
  • IL0v3D0gs
Using of these kinds of password is really obvious, like D0gs , you just replaced the o with a 0. It can easy to brute force attack, just by replacing some common characters with some numbers or letters.

Creating your strong passwords
Since we already know what kinds of password that shouldn't be used, we can now proceed now on creating a strong and secure password.
  • Make sure your password is long,
    mix of  capital/small A-Z alphabets,
    0-9 numbers,
    special characters such as &^$#
    Like S5#A$B1dpqzM^UMk , but this is very hard to memorize.
    How to memorize these kinds of password? :
  • The sentence method:
    This idea of this method is you will create a password from a random sentence or any sentence created by you.
    You will take every first 2 characters on each word from the sentence "I Was Born At 2:35pm In The Country Of Germany"
    Result:  IWaBoAt2:InThCoOfGe

  • Using Passphrase
    Passphrase is consist of multiple words, the randomness of every word for creating a passphrase makes it strong.
    "Dog in the dark" -  Word make sense and it is grammatically ordered.
    "hulk touch adjourn omega" - Don't make sense phrase, not in grammatically order.
    You can use this password by capitalized every second character of every word, adding a special character between the words.
    Like hUlk&tOuch$aDjourn@oMega -
    You can use the Sentence Method here, for example, taking every first two characters of every word, capitalized every 2nd character of the word and adding random special characters.
    "hUlk tOuch aDjourn oMega".
    Result :  hU#tO!aD*oM$

  • Using random password generator,
    Also, wouldn't feel comfortable using an online tool like Avast to generate passwords. Much more comfortable using an offline tool to generate passwords like a password manager eg. With KeyPass, you can generate strong passwords in 2 simple steps.

    Step 1: Select dropdown box
    Step 2: Select the strength required of your password
    Note: You can also customize what characters are allowed / disallowed in your passwords when they are generated which is handy.

    Lastly, using password managers also solves the problem you mentioned of passwords being "hard to memorize".

    REMOVED the Avast Random Password Generator, since I found that the offline and open-sourced one is much safer.

  • Password Manager
    Using a password manager will help us to ogranize our different password on different website. I will suggest to use, this is open-source project and free.

    Steps on how to use KeePass password manager:
    1st, Download and install the KeePass, you can use the portable version or the installer.
    2nd, Once the installation is done, you will be asked for the master password and the location path for the KeePass KDBX File (.kdbx) where you can use that as your backup.
    3rd, Fill up the fields.

    You can just easily copy/paste your password in different entry you made, by just double-clicking it on password field. Password will paste on your clipboard and will automatically delete after 12 seconds.
    *Make sure you save your database of KeePass safe and remember your master password on the database*
    Thanks whotookmycrypto and OmegaStarScream for this.

    Android Version:
    I just found an android version for password manager/password generator which is also open-source and you can use it offline.
    The good thing here you can import your database file from your KeePass in windows. They are almost the same.

    Read/write support for .kdb and KeePass 1.x.
    Read/write support for .kdbx and KeePass 2.x.

  • Do not share your passwords to anyone.
    Be careful who you trust, never share your password.
  • Use a different password for every account you have.
    Just like on different crypto exchanges, don't use only one password for every exchange you have.
  • Always create long passwords.
    The most recommends password contains a minimum of 8 characters  or 12 characters
  • Never upload your passwords to the cloud.
    Avoid storing your passwords online, like storing it on some file hosting services.
  • Always use two-factor authentication(2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA).
    This will help your account more secure, since before you can log-in on a particular website.
  • Be careful on Phishing websites.
    Even how strong your password is, once you fall in phishing website, it's useless.

Some discussion here Creating strong password..

You got any ideas creating our password strong and secured or any tips? feel free to add by posting it below Wink
Filipino Version: Gabay sa Paggawa ng Malupit at Ligtas na Password

How to create a strong password
How to Create a Strong Password (and Remember It)
How to Create a Secure Password
[must read]Tips on creating a secure password[important]
43  Local / Pamilihan / [GUIDE] Sekretong Malupit sa Pag Benta/Bili ng BTC sa! on: April 04, 2019, 03:38:28 AM
Disclaimer: I do not promote and also not an employee of  any company will be mention below.


May natuklasan akong the better way and much profitable na pag convert to PHP ng mga cryptocurrency na listed sa Dahil sa sobrang taas ng spread ng buy and sell ng, itong paraan na ito ay makakatulong sa atin para mas malaki ang ma cash out natin to PHP.

Ito ay ang Coins Pro, isang digital currency exchange na pag mamay-ari din ng, kaya napakadali lang mag cash in/cashout using your account.

Left Image: Ito makukuha mo pag diretso mo convert ung BTC mo sa
Right Image: Ito naman makukuha mo pag ililipat mo pa sa Coins Pro yung BTC mo at e coconvert to PHP.

Lets assume na may account ka na at may laman na ito na BTC.
First, need mo mag log in sa Coins Pro: (Login with

Second, let's deposit na ng BTC, pwede ito siya via your account. (NOTE: Hindi lang BTC ang pwede gamitin dito, pwede din ang ibang cryptocurrency na listed sa, as of now ang PHP pairs ay BTC-PHP, BCH-PHP, ETH-PHP, XRP-PHP)
Transactions between and Coins Pro are all FREE, no block fee for every transaction except sa trading fee sa side ni Coins Pro

Just deposit your desired BTC amount.

Third, dumating na ang iyong BTC at makikita mo na ito sa available balance mo, (check mga naka square na red).
Execute na natin ang trade, please pakitingnan ng sa picture, nalimutan ko mag screenshot kaya nagbago ung mga order book sa buy orders.

FILLED, bali may fee lang na PHP11.38 so, magiging balance mo na now in PHP ay PHP7,573.07.

Fourth, Cash Out na tayo sa Coins Pro pabalik sa (You can also direct to withdraw sa bank kung ayaw mo na idaan sa
After that, ilalagay mo ang amount ng PHP na gusto mo e withdraw at may CONFIRMATION sa iyong email address. Just confirm it and wait for it.


NOTE:: Naka depende din ito sa mga sell order books sa Coins Pro, pero mas makaka gain ka talaga pag sa Coins Pro ka mag cacashout to PHP kompara sa diretso, malayo talaga difference nila sa SELL.

It take not more than 10minutes! You saved PHP198.69 for selling 0.0295BTC (2.62%) for that,
Pag diretso mo yan convert sa, wala kang PHP198.69 o 2.62%, eh pano pag mas malaki pa jan yung i coconvert mo to PHP? Edi mas malaki din yun, sayang pa yun, pang merienda pa yun Cheesy.
Pag mas malaki yung kinonvert mo na BTC to PHP edi mas malaki din na tipid mo  Wink.

May ibang user ng na di pa pwede gumamit ng Coins Pro, dahil siguro ito di kayo naka pag sign up dati or nagfill up for waiting list nung nag e-mail ang coins sa mga email address na naka register sa niyo.
Pero may chance ka pa para makagamit ng Coins Pro, just join for Waitlist ng Coins Pro here : ,

Follow this:
Wala ka pa siguro sa waiting list.

Kung wala pa, kailangan makapag submit ng form.

Disclaimer AGAIN: I do not promote and also not an employee of any company mentioned above.

44  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Multi Signature Wallet on: March 20, 2019, 02:40:19 AM
I want to ask if there are any possibilities that anyone can track connected wallet addresses in one Multi Signature Wallet?
Because in Coinomi wallet, there is an option that you can create multiple bitcoin addresses.

For example, I have my Wallet A bitcoin address created for savings for my new car, and the Wallet B bitcoin address is for savings for my new house.
Are there any ways that anyone will know that Wallet A and Wallet B are connected together with just one owner?
45  Other / Beginners & Help / [GUIDE] Use this for identifying Scam/Phishing Websites & Exchanges in Crypto on: March 20, 2019, 12:59:56 AM
Common victims of scam or phishing website over the internet are the beginners in crypto. There's a lot of bad people nowadays are taking advantages to our newbies.
There's a lot of people that first impressions on crypto are scam/fraud or full of scammers, they are wrong, it's on how they use crypto or how they treat it. Even how powerful technology nowadays, we still need to think twice, we need to ask questions if there are any suspected things you saw on the internet.
To avoid these kinds of scam or phishing, we need to learn and explore things. We should know basic securities of surfing into the internet.

Look at this chart by Google, every year, Phishing sites are increasing. (This data is for general Phishing sites, not only for crypto)

A very simple tips on how to protect yourself and your funds:
1. Bookmark your crypto sites.
Use those bookmarks and only those. Don't type in the addresses by hand.
2. Do not trust random URLs.
Do not trust communications, addresses, or URLs sent via private message. Always verify information with a secondary source.
Don’t click any link related to anything crypto, money, banking, or services like Dropbox / Google Drive / Gmail in any email ever.
And if the scammy clickbait was simply too irresistible for you, don’t enter any information on the page.
Never enter your private keys, passwords, or sensitive data on a website that you were sent via message.
3. Turn on 2FA for everything.
Go do it. Right now. Quit your excuses. Choose Google Authenticator over Authy. Don't use your phone number. Then, make sure your phone number is NOT tied to your Google account (look in privacy settings). Turns out, you and your BFF Mr. Hacker can "recover" access to your account via that number, completely destroying the point of 2FA.
PS: MyCrypto is client-side, meaning 2FA won't do anything in our case. 2FA is for ensuring the security of your password on a server.
PSS: Don't forget to cold store your backup words for these 2FA things. It's a huge pain when your phone goes for a swim and your entire life is 2FA'd.
4. Always verify that the site you landed on is legit.
Especially if you are about to enter your private key or download an application. What is legit? A service that people have used for a decent period of time with good results. If the URL has been registered in the last week or the site "just launched," err on the side of caution and avoid it for a while.
5. Lastly: Use your brain.
Think for a moment. Don't assume—ask. Don't blindly follow—question. If something doesn't seem right, if you feel like the luckiest person on Earth, or if you find yourself pondering, "I wonder why I haven't seen this on Reddit yet," there is likely a reason.

These are the list of browser extension/websites that you can use to prevent these kind of danger browsing the internet:

1. Metamask- Browser Extension
This extension is also an ethereum wallet, but this extension can help you to detect a scam/phishing websites by just installing this in to your Google Chrome/Mozilla browser. MetaMask is an extension for accessing Ethereum enabled distributed applications, or "Dapps" in your browser!
Mozilla Add-ons

I tried to use Metamask extension in Google Chrome and visited a Phishing Website and look at what is the result!

You can use this website to report or check every website involved in crypto. An easy-to-use report function helps us identifying all the current scams so we can add them to the database.

Link for reporting suspected scam/phishing website:

3. EtherAddressLookup Chrome Extension

Most common uses:
  • Linkify Ethereum Addresses
  • Block you from malicious domains
  • History Checker
  • Twitter Trust Badges

There's also "Bookmark your favourite domains" and "Custom RPC node", but I haven't tried that. For more info and detailed descriptions visit their website. The last three features given above are really helpful, I can say based on experience.

1. Block you from malicious domains : They have a record of blacklisted domains and if you visited one, you'll see this:

2. History Checker : You can check your browser history anytime (last 500 only), this helps in checking if you've visited a site before that has been recently blacklisted. Just go click "More Settings" in your EAL Extension and you'll see all the details there / perform the action.

<image here> check the quoted post

3. Twitter Trust Badges : They are providing 3 types of badges in twitter. I'm seeing this, but I chose to provide the info and images they have provided [source here >Twitter Badges]

     a. Verified/Whitelisted : This means CryptoInfluencers or EtherScamDB have whitelisted your Twitter ID.

     b. Blacklisted : This means the account is an imposter or tweeting in way to scam or phish users of their funds.

If you want to report a domain via EAL - you'll be redirected to etherscamdb too.
Also thanks to riritsurya1202

4.Cryptonite - Online Identity Protection
Only 30 Days free trial if you don't want to pay  Embarrassed
This browser add-on is the most effective security and compliance solution for protecting your personal identity across every channel including the web, email, cloud, team collaboration and social media.
How the visual indicator works:
✔️ Green Shield = Safe
✔️ Black Shield = Unknown so proceed with caution
✔️ Warning Page = Dangerous

Thanks to whotookmycrypto for this.

5.Malwarebytes Browser Extension
This kind of extension is more likely the same with Metamask/EtherAddressLookup extensions. Creator of this extension has also software for anti-malware. This extension is also good for preventing to access some websites contains malware, link for mozilla add-ons add-ons

This is where Malwarebytes Browser Extension can help you:
Protection from tech support scammers: Blocks browser hijackers, and browser lockers, which are used by scammers to drive victims to call centers that use scare tactics to sell expensive technical support (that you don’t need).
Read more here:

5.Brave Browser - Mobile and Desktop
Here comes one of the best project of crypto, created by the Basic Attention Token(BAT). This is quality browser, not only for desktop but they already have on Android and IOS. This kind of browser is also the best for Adblocker, such as different ads about crypto, which some are lead to a phishing website or scam websites. If you hate ads, then this browser is good for you and bonus you can get rewarded for browsing.☺

♦Browse up to 3x faster
♦Block ads & trackers that follow you around
♦Get rewarded for browsing

Read more here:

How to report suspected phishing website?
You can use the Report Phishing Page of Google
Or if you discovered phishing website about crypto, you can use EtherScamDB

6.Email Phishing (Be aware)
As what I experienced before, I get randoms emails from some email address (most are imposter of exchnages).
Be aware of those emails that include a phishing link that includes a link contains phishing site.
Like this:




As you can see, it contains suspicious email as seen by the image.
(most of that kinds of emails can be found on your spam folder of your email)

Just always check every link given to you by e-mail.

Do you have more information or tips about phishing/scam websites? feel free to post it below.
Let's help our newbies to be free of scammers/hackers in the cryptoworld..
46  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Sending Ethereum on: November 20, 2017, 03:53:58 AM
Is there any way to be not tracked the sender/receiver of ethereum when sending ethereum to  other wallet address?
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