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1  Economy / Gambling / MegaDice - Play Instant Bitcoin Dice & Be Part of the Bankroll on: April 02, 2015, 12:28:18 AM
****Sept 1st, 2017 Update****

SatoshiDice is now under new ownership with instant deposits and withdrawals, on our new provably fair system.

We also have something special in the works for those of you who remember the original Satoshi Dice.
For now, please play with confidence on our provably fair site:

2  Economy / Games and rounds / Satoshi Dice update & 0.01337 bonus for everyone who played for more than dust on: March 28, 2015, 05:18:11 AM
Tech update & 0.01337 bonus for everyone who made a bet.

Today we launched a version which makes bet processing take 10-20ms instead of the previous 100-900ms, and a bunch of other site performance boosters.

We feel so sorry for all users who didnt have a good experience at Satoshi Dice, hence we will credit everyone who deposited (more than dust) and placed bets on the site. It Doesn't matter how big you bet or how much you deposited - The 1337 bonus is for everyone.

All users who previously made a deposit on get a 0.01337 bonus credited to their account.

How to get the bonus? simply visit Satoshi Dice with your last used private secret and look at your balance.

Good luck

________  ________  _________  ________  ________  ___  ___  ___  ________  ___  ________  _______            
|\   ____\|\   __  \|\___   ___\\   __  \|\   ____\|\  \|\  \|\  \|\   ___ \|\  \|\   ____\|\  ___ \          
\ \  \___|\ \  \|\  \|___ \  \_\ \  \|\  \ \  \___|\ \  \\\  \ \  \ \  \_|\ \ \  \ \  \___|\ \   __/|          
 \ \_____  \ \   __  \   \ \  \ \ \  \\\  \ \_____  \ \   __  \ \  \ \  \ \\ \ \  \ \  \    \ \  \_|/__        
  \|____|\  \ \  \ \  \   \ \  \ \ \  \\\  \|____|\  \ \  \ \  \ \  \ \  \_\\ \ \  \ \  \____\ \  \_|\ \      
    ____\_\  \ \__\ \__\   \ \__\ \ \_______\____\_\  \ \__\ \__\ \__\ \_______\ \__\ \_______\ \_______\      
   |\_________\|__|\|__|    \|__|  \|_______|\_________\|__|\|__|\|__|\|_______|\|__|\|_______|\|_______|      
   \|_________| ________  ________   ________|______________  ________  ________   ___  ___  ________          
        / __  \|\_____  \|\_____  \ |\_____  \     |\   __  \|\   __  \|\   ___  \|\  \|\  \|\   ____\        
       |\/_|\  \|____|\ /\|____|\ /_ \|___/  /|    \ \  \|\ /\ \  \|\  \ \  \\ \  \ \  \\\  \ \  \___|_        
       \|/ \ \  \    \|\  \    \|\  \    /  / /     \ \   __  \ \  \\\  \ \  \\ \  \ \  \\\  \ \_____  \      
            \ \  \  __\_\  \  __\_\  \  /  / /       \ \  \|\  \ \  \\\  \ \  \\ \  \ \  \\\  \|____|\  \  ___
             \ \__\|\_______\|\_______\/__/ /         \ \_______\ \_______\ \__\\ \__\ \_______\____\_\  \|\__\
              \|__|\|_______|\|_______||__|/           \|_______|\|_______|\|__| \|__|\|_______|\_________\|__|
3  Economy / Games and rounds / Daily 0.5 giveaway on: December 04, 2014, 11:17:04 PM
45 mins left of today's leader board. We're giving out 0.1 BTC for each daily leader board (Roll with biggest win, Roll with biggest profit, Unlikeliest winning roll, Longest Winning Streak and Unlikeliest Winning Streak)

At the time of writing the prize for Longest Winning Streak and Unlikeliest Winning Streak is 0.1 but the page displays 0 so you have a great chance to win the Longest Winning Streak easily!

Previous winners can be seen here (warning for slow loading time, we're correcting this asap).
4  Economy / Games and rounds / Free 0.01 for everyone and 0.75-1-25 BTC for leader board winners on: November 05, 2014, 06:44:46 PM
Global Bitcoiners,

Satoshidice is back with a brand new website & system.
The site now offers: Session based betting, daily tournaments, free BTC givaways,
maximum data availibility and a lag free experience.

To celebrate this fine event, we give the first 1000 accounts 0.01 bitcoin. For free.

In other words - 1 million satoshis - in your account, just by visiting
Why not try it yourself, right now.

So far, satoshidice has been used for randomizing 6,332,632 bets and has payed out more than 4.3 million bitcoins.

Satoshidice automatic daily competitions - What is this?

Most won (Current payout: 1 BTC) 5 hours remaining
The account who won the most on a single bet wins 1 BTC when the timer runs out.

Most profit (Current payout: 1 BTC) 5 hours remaining
The account who got the highest profit from a bet, wins 1 BTC when the timer runs out.

Unlikliest win (Current payout: 1 BTC) 5 hours remaining
Feeling lucky? The account that manage to roll the lowest possible number before the timer runs out
wins 1 BTC.

Longest winning streak (Current payout: 1.25 BTC) 5 hours remaining
The account who had the most wins in a row without a single losing bet, wins 1 BTC when the timer runs out

Unlikliest winning streak (Current payout: 0.75 BTC) 5 hours remaining
Same as longest streak, with the exception of also considering the cummulative difficulty of the entire winning streak.

Less than 5 hours remains for todays payouts. Due to the short timespan, its most probably very easy for anyone reading this post to rake the coins to your own wallet. The competition will be very low.
Payouts occur automatically and all you have to do, is to be the number 1 on the leader board - or boards.
5  Economy / Gambling / We'd like to recognize Mooshire as an outstanding community member /s on: October 31, 2013, 10:44:02 PM
We received this wonderful and supportive PM from Mooshire just now. Our response to him includes his own quotes we stumbled upon from another site's chat room earlier today...

Thanks Mooshire for being such an outstanding member of the community  Wink

Hello, is the promo over yet? I assume not because you haven't posted that it's over and since nobody can access the server right now. Hope you get it back up. Also, I replied to a support email. Good luck with fixing it!

Hello Mooshire,

<Mooshire> Good, made half a bitcoin off of SD's promo.
<Mooshire> Currently sitting at 5.82 and some odd invested
<Mooshire> It's only availible outside US, but I gamed it a bit.
<Mooshire> I switched from switzerland to netherlands to britain
<Mooshire> doog: I just made half a bitcoin off of silly SD promo.
<Mooshire> All I had to do was make new accounts and free gambling lol
<Mooshire> I'll have to game it a bit more then.
<Mooshire> Yeah rann, i'll just ask when it starts working.

You're the reason others can't have nice things.

6  Economy / Gambling / Satoshi Dice Tribute - Fast and Fierce Social Dice Gaming on: October 31, 2013, 12:48:23 PM

Launch Status: ONLINE

Dear Beloved Bitcoin Community,

After much adieu, the Spirit of Satoshi would like to humbly announce her latest incarnation, Satoshi Dice Tribute.

She has watched with enthusiasm and pride as several other Dice operators released worthy and interesting games over the past several months – sites that innovated upon what Satoshi Dice had pioneered, and brought new value to BTC gaming community. The Spirit has not been idle. Today, she observes many of these advancements, and brings some more of her own to the community, in the quest for the perfect Dice game for us all to play while fiat crumbles around the world.

Satoshi Dice Tribute

Main Features

  • Beautiful new interface
  • Huge, instant payouts
  • Session-based
  • Bets are instant (they do not occur on the blockchain)
  • Zero-confirmation deposits
  • Comprehensive player statistics
  • Live social chat
  • Multi-language support
  • Provably fair, with user-defined client seed support
  • “Mood” system
  • Full API (have fun developers!)
  • Tribute system (details below)
  • 1% of gross earnings donated to Sean’s Outpost charity

What is Tribute?

Tribute brings social competition to Satoshi Dice. In real time, the three highest ranked players receive a piece of every bet placed by every other player. The ranking formula is confidential for now (and we may tweak it as we observe real use).

There are three Tribute positions:
  • King – Receives 0.1% of every bet placed by every player on the site
  • Lord – Receives 0.05%
  • Jester – Receives 0.02%

You’ll notice you have a rank as soon as you place a bet. Your rank determines whether you acquire a Tribute position. The top three players, in real time, achieve Tribute. Tribute holders can be knocked out at any moment, and rankings are entirely reset every day at midnight GMT (though the Tribute earned is kept forever).

What are “Moods”?

You will see references to “moods” in various places. The Spirit is not yet revealing details about what this is, but it will become increasingly important in the future.

How do the accounts work?

Satoshi Dice Tribute accounts are “session based.” When you first play, you’ll be asked to enter a Bitcoin address. This is the address your winnings will be sent to when you withdraw.

You’ll be given a Session Key – DO NOT LOSE THIS. The key is your password to access your session.

Sessions are perpetual; you can leave Bitcoins deposited in your session. You can also create a player name and track your career statistics.

For security, withdrawals of Bitcoins can only be sent to the Bitcoin address entered when the session was created. Funds are returned to the player’s BTC address after one month of inactivity (a protective measure in case players lose their Session Key).

Are bets provably fair?

Of course! Satoshi Dice pioneered provably fair gaming and Tribute uses a robust verification system so players can check that each bet they place is fair. Further, players are able to provide their own client seed if they wish.

Is the original Satoshi Dice gone?

Nevar! The original is now called Satoshi Dice Classic, and operates just as before. The site has been redone with a few new requested features.  Classic and Tribute run separately, and bets placed on Classic do not affect player rankings or Tribute stats.

What if I have questions?

Post them here or email the Spirit directly at support(@)satoshidice(.)com


The first 1000 players who lose 0.1 BTC from their wagers will have 0.1 BTC deposited back in their account (ie - roughly $20 of risk free gaming!).


Click here to play Satoshi Dice Tribute
7  Economy / Gambling / A little teaser... on: October 28, 2013, 12:55:22 PM
See you all in a few days Smiley

8  Economy / Gambling / Betcoin fraud... This is just getting ridiculous on: September 25, 2013, 10:26:09 PM
People have been posting the last couple days about Betcoin and their scummy, fraudulent behavior.


And now we have this gem:

This is just getting ridiculous... Come on Betcoin, only two days after we reveal that you ripped our verbatim Terms and Conditions from SatoshiDICE (not to mention stole all the other copy as well) and are proven to be faking bets on your own site and likely DDoSing your competitors, you pay for a press release titled, "Shift to Ethical Bitcoin Gaming - BetCoin ™ Leads the Charge Towards Responsible Gambling Adoption by Bitcoin Casinos"

The best part...
A recent phone conversation with Emily Flitter of Reuters confirmed that BetCoin ™ Dice and BetCoin ™ Circle are both working very hard to ensure full compliance to their terms and conditions, and the relevant legal regulations, and to guide their customers in the direction of responsible gaming, as BetCoin ™ aims to help educate its players as well as entertain them. A senior spokesman responded to Emily's concerns, "Some other bitcoin gambling sites unfortunately do not have terms and conditions

Betcoin copy and pasted SatoshiDICE's T&C's as their own, and then puts out that press release?  Cheesy  Betcoin's T&C's:  (see the exact same at SatoshiDice, plus most of the site copy)

BetCoin ™ is further securing their place at the top of the bitcoin online casino market, all the while continuing to promote responsible gaming and bitcoin education in general.

This is amazing  Tongue

9  Economy / Gambling / SatoshiDICE and SatoshiCircle under sustained DDoS... who could it be? on: September 19, 2013, 04:13:05 AM
Dear community, if you can provide any information about this matter we would be most grateful.

SatoshiDICE has been under sustained DDoS for over a week now. We've confirmed that SatoshiCircle has been suffering the same. Are there other gaming sites that are under heavy attack over the past week or more? Please PM me if so.

There have not been any extortion messages or demands.  We believe we know who is doing it... though we do not have proof. What new BTC gaming operator has come out with both a blatant clone of SatoshiDICE (copy and design elements ripped straight off the site) and a blatant clone of SatoshiCircle within the last month? What operator has been lying about usage statistics while simultaneously sending out numerous well-crafted Press Releases claiming innovation and market dominance to gain attention? Who could it be?

A line has been crossed here and we are working to remedy it. We regret and apologize for the interference suffered by our players throughout this episode. If anyone within the community can provide information on this matter, either through private PM or publicly in this thread, we would be very grateful.


PS - Note that we do not suspect either Just-Dice or PrimeDice whatsoever, both run by esteemed individuals who have been great innovators.
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