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1  Economy / Securities / High Growth SaaS on track for 100Mil/year in 3 years looking for investment on: August 27, 2018, 03:32:14 PM
A software as a service for B2B clients in the marketing space.

  • Recurring revenues
    Growth rate of thirty per cent
    Over 300,000 International and 15,000 USA based leads in database
    Highly scale-able web app

Trademark and strong brand recognition leads to approx 8 inbound leads monthly.

Numbers correct as of 14.55 UTC Revenue BTC13.79 Cost of Goods BTC8.04 profit BTC5.79

Improvement plan

  • Reduce Churn
       Better customer service
    More cross-selling
    Cold calling customers on list
    Add direct crypto payments
    ?Potential Marketing token ICO?
Investment could be via tokenote or counterparty

Option one ILP. Investment in BTC,ETH or other crypto is used to issue FLAT(providing a tradable and voting rights) with a
contract recorded on the blockchain. With up to 40% of profits to be issued to the holders of loan (could be BTC,XRP,ETH,LTC) would depend on the legal side. This has the advantage that investors share in the success of the company in proportion to their investment.

Escrow would be the company itself via tokenote/counterparty if all investors are approved and willing to go this route.

Option 2, would be a 20% return (calculated on fiat, but payable in crypto) This would be on revenue rather than profit, so less share in any upside but less risk as paid regardless of profit.

Option 3, either of a or b, with an investment in fiat, and returns in crypto.

Looking for total investment of circa 40BTC (This could be a pool of up to 98 people) +myself and one other.

What will you spend the money on?

Social Marketing
Lead Follow up
The big one- buying the business

To avoid time-wasters and tire kickers, I'd really appreciate interested parties, signing a message here and state the amounts they are considering.

Likely Objections

Isn't there risk? Of course don't use money you can't afford to lose.

What about collateral
The collateral would be the underlying company itself and its assets.

Should this not be in the loans sections?

No, because it wouldn't meet the requirements for fungible collateral

Why don't you just get a loan from a bank?

Their are no banks here which will lend base don the business income(I understand this is different in the USA) and I do not have the salary to fund this purchase on my own.

What about Escrow?

I'm open to it , if a realistic approach can be suggested. Perhaps a trustworthy forum member can collect and hold in a multisig wallet, returning crypto funds if anything goes wrong with the deal.
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Theory geocolored coins for mass adoption? on: June 27, 2018, 04:03:58 PM
the problem

Companies selling products for crypto, need to know where residents are located for sales tax purposes,.but a lot of crypto people are reluctant to hand that info over. Credit cards encode that info in the transaction itself


Coloured coins are  normally used to represent assets, but this is just data. Instead create a wallet that uploads a rough location (country,state) to coins that are mined or received. This allows the Bitcoin wallet itself to handle the passage of needed info, without needing to reveal ID or detailed data.

This could be handled as an alt, but coloured coins would build on the network and hopefully be useable as just ordinary Bitcoin, when needed or dealing with those not using that tech.
3  Other / Serious discussion / Angel investing and crypto on: June 25, 2018, 12:39:11 PM
I'm posting this here because the context can lead to invest here elsewhere. I was stunned to read in another thread of an investor from London who invested in a ukranin startup..apparntley between a trusted forum member locally to act as escrow and someone trusted to fly there and validate a lot of the angel investment risk was reduced.

Given there are capital scarcity areas and Bitcoin is borderless , as well as having a lot of relatively high risk investors, I think there is a real opportunity to combine the best of Bitcoin with the best of angel.investing and create a revolution in funding. Think capital as a service on the blockchain.

I'd love to hear thoughts on this. I'm currently imagining a DAO on eth yo provide governance voting etc, with funds controlled by multi Sig probably BTC.
4  Economy / Services / [For hire] turnkey licensed ICO(EU) on: June 25, 2018, 10:23:00 AM
Have lawyers, kyc specialists,coders (solidity and asic, marketers in EU jurisdiction.
For full ICO package (excluding US citizens prices.
Approx 12 BTC

PM with details of your crypto roadmap for full quote.
5  Economy / Securities / Crypto Bonds/Stocks on: June 22, 2018, 12:21:11 PM
Saw this on the subforum text and was curious.

How is a crypto bond/stock different/better or worse than an ICO token? Would you buy a crypto bond? Would you want repayent in BTC (or at leats denoinaed in BTC/Your Favorited crypto) Have you brought or sold one? If so why/why not?

What about SAFT/SAFEs and convertible bonds?
6  Other / Serious discussion / Asking for a signed message on: June 21, 2018, 01:50:49 PM
HI. First off a little context.

I'm getting a lot of interest in my services (Great!) However the reason I gave up freelancing was because people would claim to be interested in hiring me (and have sufficient funds) lead m down a rabbit warren of extensive q&a, only to find out that they didn't have the money. Now bitcoin with the ability to sign and  verify message should allow an easy way to verify people have control of a wallet with enough funds. However people seem reluctant and non forthcoming.

I see two possibilities
1) They are lying and don't have the funds. 2) I'm asking in the wrong manner and they think I'm trying to impersonate them rather than verify they do own the account. So how do you  or would you ask?  Is there any kind of common term used in the crypto community? Please stake your signature? Send a verifiable message to me? Prove ownership?
Escrow is a good solution once an agreement has been made. Although I suppose in the case of a no fee escrow they would only lose the transaction fee. However it seemed to me that it might be too large of an ask at an early stage where I just want proof of funds I can worry about will they pay later (if they don't have the money they won't pay at all) Even if they send the money into escrow and then it gets sent back to them they will lose network transaction fees twice. Staking a signature is free though I used a 0 btc account for my post in the stake signature thread.

I'm not opposed to escrow  at all, in fact I think iot is a vital part, I don't get where that impresison is coming form. I want a signature as well. I staked mine and I'm not a buyer. Yes, I do want a fee, not a service that's why I'm selling not buying.
7  Economy / Services / FOR HIRE DEV Below Market Rates) (approx 554,836 NLG/6.82BTC) on: June 21, 2018, 11:32:35 AM
I'm looking for a project to join/start coding with

I've mostly done backend, imperative and embedded coding so I'm interested in solidity, as well as ERC20 and NEO work. I find the idea of tokenised assets and( while asic like coloured coins)  for these sorts of projects, I can consider part payment in the token (Provided sufficient asset reserves are available)

I prefer payment in Gulden/NLG Due to the quick transaction times and high liquidity locally, however I'm very flexible on the exact crypto. I'm happy to discuss escrow and a retainer.

I can be available during your timezone or overnight depending on your location.

Serious projects only, I'm not interested in future tokens apart from as a bonus. Why not get most of

Feel free to PM me for more info if you meet the requirements and what to discuss privately.


Thanks, everyone for the response. I will get back to everyone eventually, but if you want to jump the queue place the fund and name of crypto in the subject of your PM eg. job @100BCH then stake your signature in the main pm, so I know you really do have the money.
8  Bitcoin / Project Development / Project badly in need of work on: June 18, 2018, 12:20:39 PM
Is there a project that badly needs to be implemented and for which it would be easy to raise funds?  Say one that would yield around 36k over a year. Funds could be sent to a multisig and then used to pay for development.
9  Other / Serious discussion / Would you go to Wyoming? on: June 17, 2018, 02:13:44 PM
With the recent exemption on ICOs run in WYoming (My ubnderstanding is the state law applies over SEC if you don't sell across state lines. Would you go to Wyoming to buy crypto in person?

I'm wondering if the only way for a US citizen to join am ICO was to physically go to Wyoming, if anyone woukd do so.

Yes, tokens can be sent anywhere but, the organisers may only be able to.sell them. (At least to us citizens in one state) I'd suspect if the ICO was popular enough there would be locals or people who would travel tokens in person and then resell theml.
10  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Great real estate (Office Investment) in London O.I.R.O. 2484.9 BCH on: June 17, 2018, 02:04:15 PM
Price in crypto, changes best to check open bazaar shop if you have it.

Offering an assortment of independent office studio units of a reasonable size, this energizing new plan in the well known London Fields territory of Hackney will be of awesome enthusiasm to the developing number of outline and media organizations making this piece of East London their home.

Arranged a short distance from London Fields Station between the recreation center and Mare Street in territory of continuous recovery with outstanding plans, for example, the form center at Hackney Walk and the bars and eateries of Broadway Market on the doorstep. Gransden Avenue is a 10 minute stroll from Hackney Central Overground Station (right now being emphatically suggested for consideration in an East London augmentation to Crossrail 2)

Unit 19 is an independent unit masterminded over Ground and Lower Ground floors. This is the biggest unit on offer in the plan, extraordinarily separated from alternate structures on the eastern side of the advancement. Units will be conveyed fitted out with cleaned solid ground surface, underfloor warming, kitchenette and private W/C offices.

The units will be of interest to speculators, with rents right now assessed at around £30 per sqft in the zone reflecting gross beginning yields of 5% at the asking price.

Pictures and payment availble via Open Bazaar.

11  Economy / Securities / Finding Investors. Any Ideas? on: June 17, 2018, 01:22:15 PM
I don't have friends and family who are suficently wealthy to turn towards. So I'm hoping I can get advice on here.

If I wanted to buy a comany at 200k with 40k profit (SaaS) currently running unattended. A 200k loan with repayment at 10% would be good, or as another option a cut of the profits(liek the merchant advances in the USA), sadly not available locally. What would you suggest?

Crypto at least means that multisigs allow for expenses to be agreed upon by all parties(albeit with volatilty issues) while Estonia allow sfor anyone anywhere to sign accoutns, and can let investors control accounts (with Ä in them).

If I could increase the growth rate (translation and localisation, would be a good start) then I could provide more of a cut to the othe rpartner. Since it is currnetly automatically ticking over, working on growth locally (full training provided) could allow an invesotr to make an easy return for very little effort.

I've tried locally, and grants etc. There simply isn't anything.

By running unattended, I mean the vast majority of it is automated, while your correct it can't run 100% on its own. Think 4 hours a week.or less. I wonder of anyone's here would want to buy the company for themselves  (I could be a broker and take a.cut for arranging it) In this case the escrow would be the company itself, for instance one could establish a jv (llc like) which would then own the company.

quote author=Hamphser link=topic=4485209.msg40331130#msg40331130 date=1529264640]
$200k loans would be hard to find out unless if you do give out some reasonable collateral then it is possible.

Not a loan. an investment

The investor doesn't have to be on here, but this is the one place, where I expect people working with others that are not physically close or were not initially but were.willing to move when funded.

"Better off finding someone In  your locality" That assumes there are any investors
quote author=Hamphser link=topic=4485209.msg40331130#msg40331130 date=1529264640]
$200k loans would be hard to find out unless if you do give out some reasonable collateral then it is possible.

Not a loan. an investment.

"Better off getting an investor in your locality"

This assumes there are investors in every locality

That's simply not true, don't take my world for it.
Take a look at maps of how capital is concentrated, there are localities where there simply is no local capital and foreign investors won't invest. Now if there is one investor on here you can reach form wherever you are and zero investors in your locality. No matter how hard they at to convince, your still better off pitching to the one here simply because they exisit now this might not be the right place.for this sort of thing, but this is where I except there to be people knowledgeable in the subject. It's not to different to doing an ICO at the earliest stages. In fact if it wasn't for securities laws you could do an ICO in which the purchasers take a percent of your future profits.

It looks like Zealand is the person I need to talk to for advice. Thanks!

Having read Zealand's update it looks like he/she got member to fly some 1500 miles to meet him/her, they then provided a trusted point of contact for investors in their capital rich area (london)

I think there is a real chance here to build something amazing with this community and that shining example.

It could be expanded by using trusted members as escrow  (one could potentially use multisig wallets as well to track expenses and allow them the investors to have some control although this has issues with the volatile cost of crypto.
12  Economy / Service Discussion / Feedback on open bazar requested. on: June 15, 2018, 08:38:06 AM

Has anyone used open bazar? What was your experience? Any major issues with it? Is there an eth version?
13  Other / Serious discussion / Question for the crypto rich 're angel investing. on: June 13, 2018, 10:59:40 AM

So I wanted to find out why crypto rich don't go in for angel investing.

The risk profiles between early crypto investors and angel investors are similar. Investing in startuos directly  (for shares/bonds) would give non crypto diversification and avoid the need for the crypto holders to convert. Would allow for startups away from traditional investors for access capital  (Why does location matter?)  It doesn't seem to factor into ICO projectsnans crypto allows for decentralised organisations well as well allowing for easy pooling and diversification of investments 10 people putting 1k each into 10 projects still gives each project 10k whole reducing the risk of any one failing.

It suprises
14  Other / Serious discussion / Phased ICO on: June 12, 2018, 12:30:13 PM
Would it be better to replace the ludicrous amounts of money raised by ICOs. Just like how start-ups spread there rounds over weeks, months and years. That way at the time of the second round we would be able to see what (if any) progress was made.

 We could reduce the amount in to scammy ICOs since each one would take less as a proportion, any scam could be identified at an earlier date when less crypto has gone in to it. Perhaps we should adopt the city approach and design our own decentrlised regulation "blue book on the blockchain) before governments step in with their regulation.
15  Other / Serious discussion / Crypto revival instead of ICO on: June 11, 2018, 08:48:21 PM
What crypto if any do you think deserves and needs new life that a team could bring into it. Are there many out there, with an active community of users/holders but without the core team anymore. How would you propose funding development if the main team are gone?
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / ANN{Upcoming TGE) CRUD^16 aka CRUD on: June 11, 2018, 06:49:38 PM
Announcing CRUD16** Token

The main TGE

The Team


ETH ONLY. Private Placements  now closed

However will add some links here for those who insist (you should use escrow, contact to discuss)

Images kindly hosted by

[Fund My Lifestyle
Okay, so Iím being a bit of a cheeky money here, but it is an apt description of my attempts to get anywhere in life. It takes money to make money, is a trite but true saying, so Iím just going to print (Crypto) "Money"

This a token that does not actually do anything, though you can burn it at the adress below of course.


Borrowing against my future

Well if the banks can mortgage our collective futures, through the credit system then force the government to print money to back up there 1s and 0s  then tax us to hell to pay for the bankís credit, why canít we just do it ourselves and cut out the banks?  In fact Iím going one step further, since I will be using hexadecimal strings not binary!

How am I borrowing against my future?

I will be accepting the tokens, that I have issued for ETH as payment for my services (1 CRUD = 1 hour labor). As, a bonus  I will also provide a lot of pictures of all the nice things, I buy with your crypto so you get to live vicariously via photograph, this is all Iím promising you. This is not an investment

10% will be reserved as first round bonus.

[b]Poorly labelled graphs, that look pretty cool go here ][/b] (Can we add Lambo on top of graph?) -Ed

THis is what I would be spending the money on roughly.

In pointy, badly labelled graphs we trust!

(Obligatory Fast Cars in space images go here)*gxP53ge9OfM3HP3rX-vu8Q.jpeg&


When Moon?

After Orbit, Before Mars

Can I Hodl?

Yes, but it would be entirely pointless, your supposed to use the tokens (This is not an investment)

How can I use the tokens?

Just send the tokens to ďodd Job BobĒ at the address below, who will d an odd job for you (max 1 Hour) nothing illegal/immoral/perverted


What sort of job?

All sorts. Skype/Whatsapp consults, Website buildingetc.

Can we trade them between ourselves?

Well they are ERC20 tokens, so I suppose you can.

Wonít you just keep the tokens and issue them again for more ETH?

(*Suspicious Silence*)

Are you an idiot?

Idiot... savant thank you very much (I was tested)

Why didnít I see the first 15 versions?

This is the first.

Then, why does it say 16?

Because there are 11 kinds of people those who get binary and those who donít.

I donít understand you, what are you saying?

Donít worry that is because I am very smart. Iíd have to be to make my own cryptocoin, right? I mean itís not like any random person off the street could do that. Trust me, I am very smart

What is the point of this?

Stick it to the banks, Man!(Also I like how ETH can be exchanged for cash)

Donít you mean man or woman?

No, I seriously doubt there is an actual woman asking this question( No Waifu, and VR donít count, I donít care how lifelike they look.)

I live in my momís basement

Thatís not really a question, but good to know

No, itís the intro into what I want to ask is can you crypto-tokensie my good boy points, for me, so I can trade and mint them with all our bargain-basement gloriously bearded future lambo owners.

There are only two people ďgloriously beardedĒ and I doubt you are that Brian or that Chuck.

Why would anyone buy this coin?

Because Blockchain? B-B-B-Blockchain! (Itís decentralised)

Can I buy Lambo?

Yes, buy at your local toy store (Use fiat) you wonít be making any money with this crypto, let alone cast die toy lambo money.

How do we know you wonít stop accepting the coins and run away with the ETH?

I plead the fifth

I love the idea, but I  hate how small the cap is most cryptos have a much larger pool. Can I arrnage for large amounts via a private  crypto address.

Iím sorry, like all prudent and cautious businessmen I only undertake large value monetary transactions in haphazardly chosen Dutch restroooms , ideally with a skeevy individual from the red light district occuping the adjacent stall. When are you next in Amsterdam?

What is your favourite lambo color?

Invisible pink unicorn(like the best crypto)

What crypto you like best?

Unobtainable ones.

Wuy u FUD?

Why you want to buy CRUD tokens?

Are you just salty-no coiner?

No, I am ďhodlingĒ some Eth and will probably buy NEO and some others with a portion of the proceeds if this somehow gets funded.

Why you holding, if you hate crypto?

 I am a masochist.

I sent too much coin, due to eating hostess cake at the same time

Hahaha Iíd say SFYL but Iím not.

Can, I get a refund.

NO! If that was an important feature you should have used some kind of reversible transaction issued by a central authority, rather than crypto. Iíd say SFYL but Iím not sorry.

Why you no sorry for our loss, I had my rent in crypto?

Iím also a sadist.

What do you think is the best thing one could do with crypto?

 Bend over and shove your private key where the sun doesnít shine(I may well if this gets funded, I think we best end this q+a now, you donít want to know any more)

**(Completely Redundant Useless Digits^16) Token also they are well... crud
 (It Means CRAP)

17  Other / Meta / If I get banned on: June 11, 2018, 05:18:48 PM
 Shocked it's probably because the mods didn't get my sense of humour. I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just joking about how we are perceived and giving the thread some character.
18  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Various property real estate on: June 08, 2018, 12:23:54 PM
Hello. I am in contact with a number of people in the UK who are intrested in selling their property for crypto.

Can accpet BTC,ETH,LTC, Gulden and others. A range of prices availble form around 12 BTC up towards 530 BTC. Escrow is of course accepted. If you are interested contact me with your budget and requirements,
19  Economy / Services / Sourcing UK/Europe) property (real estate) pay in crypto on: June 08, 2018, 12:19:57 PM

I can help put you in contact with a vendors willing to sell their property for crypto , (subject to legal KYC/AML) so you don't have to convert to cash if you want to buy a property with your mining rewards etc.

Most start at around 12 BTC, and have a variety of sizes and locations. PM me or post here with your requirements if you are interested.
20  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Address from signature. on: June 06, 2018, 05:46:27 AM

Is there a way to find the public address from a signature? Either from the forum such as the stake your thread which ties account members to their accountd. Now I would like to look at the transactions of each account member, but I don't know how to get that information from blockchain explorer because I don't know what their public address is, do I need to know the adress sepratley or can I work it out from the signature somehow.
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