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1  Bitcoin / Legal / Cryptsy Lawsuit (class action, join the party if you want) on: October 13, 2015, 04:58:16 AM
In case you're totally out of the loop, I made a post in "scams" about how Cryptsy arbitrarily locked me out of my account, changes the password and kicks me out after I initiate withdraws, then ignores me when I try to contact them, et cetera. Then, about exactly a month later, the Coinfire article is published about federal investigations and purported violent/terrorist connections. About this time, I was also receiving private messages about Cryptsy using account verifications as phishing material, and I had personally been told by Cryptsy that they thought my SSN was incorrect, revealing/strongly suggesting/indicating their attempt to use my SSN illegally.

So, I am suing them. If Cryptsy stole from you using similar methods(or another Skye Bonow type case), and you want in on the case, you can either post here, or PM me your handle and amount Cryptsy stole.

Soon, I will email you with the contact info, and what you'll need to send to my lawyers to join the case(even if you have as little as your handle, name, the amount, and how and when they stole your coins briefly summarized- this may be enough).

You can send this in yourself, or get a service like LegalShield(about $30 a month, legal and notary service, will draft and process legal documents on your behalf), and then have them send your info directly to my lawyers.

This way, you can piggyback off the bigger class action case here and have a much better chance of getting your $ back.

Alright thanks for listening, and no Cryptsy trolls please, save that entertainment for the main post in "Scams". This post is for those who are tired of the BS and want their money back. Thanks all
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 07, 2015, 10:40:45 PM

So I'm suing Cryptsy. If you can't withdraw your coins, feel free to add your name to the lawsuit. We will win this.

I've got some pretty disturbing news to report about Cryptsy which I believe is going to cause the site to go full-Mt. Gox, very very soon. If you have any funds at that site, I urge you to read this post, you will thank me later.

They've stolen a huge amount of cryptocurrency from me, but unlike other victims of theirs, I meticulously recorded data which proves their direct theft of my funds, coordinated deception, conspiracy, and direct lying regarding my account. Unlike other victims, between what happened and my Data logs(which I can prove are authentic) vs. what they have said(thinking I did not have such data logs), I caught them in a series of coordinated lies/fraudulent statements through a series of support tickets and emails, indicating that Cryptsy directly stole my coins and then covered it up.

I'm not talking about weak system security or negligence, but direct, outright deception and fraud. I think one of the criminal charges which will come up for Cryptsy as a result of this case will be criminal conspiracy, since the process of theft indicates a coordinated cover up/deception plan.

Essentially, Big Vern = Mark Karpeles.

Higher ups in this Fraud Conspiracy run by Cryptsy include: Jim  aka: “Jshock” Customer Service Manager and BitJohn Chief Operations Officer are/were directly involved in perpetuating this fraud/theft. This is in addition to several support and verifications staff, including someone by the support name of “Horus”, who I demanded a real name from, he responded “John MacPherson -- I am not hiding behind a fake support name.” (I am nearly certain John MacPherson is indeed a fake name.) His email signature is “HorusDirector -CryptsyCanada Head of Anti-Fraud and Investigations -”. Also, I am US based so Canada should have nothing to do with it.


1) Cryptsy arbitrarily, blocked, then deleted my withdraw requests from their records. [bT]hey then bypassed all security measures to change my PW and withdraw my funds, without my request, consent, or notification- while continuing(still now) to avoid either confirmation/denial that these events have taken place, and deleting/tampering/altering my login/withdraw/ request info.[/b]

Cryptsy claims even with correct(and unchanged) UN and PW, logging in from a pre-approved whitelisted IP, with 2-Factor Authentication PIN, and email 2FA confirmation for withdraw- they claim they still have the right to block my withdraws and that I must verify to withdraw.

2) On August 28, my ID verification was granted and my support ticket was closed. On Sept 2, they revoked my verified status and informed me via email.

3) As I was actively receiving “support”, Cryptsy staff changed my password without my consent, and without notifying me(bypassing ALL the security measures mentioned above), between my successful login on Sept 1 and Sept 2. On Sept 2, I noticed I could not log in, at which point I replied to my support ticket email and asked : “ Did you change my password for logging in???”. Cryptsy stops responding to my support ticket and refuses to answer the question.

4) Then, between Sept 2 and Sept 7, after dozens of back and forth's with support, they claim ignorance of why I cannot log in- continuing to avoid my question of “ Did you change my password for logging in???” . Of the excuses they give for my lack of ability to log in they say: (a) I need to log in from the whitelisted IP[I did] (b) They claimed I used an incorrect incapsula/captcha [there was no captcha in the first denied attempt, and in the subsequent attempts I did enter the correct captcha.]

5) September 5, support tells me the only way I can access my account is if I change my password. Yes you read that right. The same password that always worked until Sept 2.

{Cryptsy refuses to state up front what data/criteria are needed to change a password, they won't say because they want to ensure the criteria can never be met by me. I would guess/assume the criteria would include having some combination of the original pw, login pin 2FA, using a whitelisted IP to confirm, email 2FA. Meanwhile, they had changed my password between Sept 1 and Sept 2, bypassing any/all of these security measures which they are asking me(the account owner) for. They never informed me of the password change, and refused to answer my direct question about it when I confronted them with the question.

6) On Sept 6, I was told by BitJohn, the COO ,that there are no records of any login or password change attempts between my Sept 1 login and unsuccessful logins on Sept 4. At this point, I had already told them that I was going to sue if they did not solve the problem and give me my $ back.

Cryptsy deleted/removed/tampered with the login attempt logs, erasing all activity between my last successful login(Sept 2), until Sept 4.
ALL login/PW change/withdrawals on Sept 2 and Sept 3 were deleted from their system. I was informed of nothing, and all changes to my account were made WITHOUT MY REQUEST, CONSENT, OR NOTIFICATION.

I tried logging in on Sept 2 (as I have said, the first time I noticed I could not log in) and also Sept 3 a few times, all while in contact with support. I have the email confirms to prove this. Cryptsy erased these records, as well as the password change, from their records.

7) I have asked Cryptsy directly several times if my funds are still in the account. They continue to ignore the question. I can only assume that when they illegally changed my password after my last successful login on Sept 1, they withdrew the funds from my account(Again, bypassing all the security barriers they demanded from me, and which I had in place to prevent exactly this.-2FA for logins and withdraws, and my one IP which they admitted was a whitelisted IP at the time)

Then, they deleted these records (Sept 2-3) to cover their tracks.

Cool Cryptsy still refuses to confirm or deny that they changed my PW, deleted records, or that any funds are missing/withdrawn from my account between Sept 1 and now. They also refuse to confirm or deny how or on what grounds they removed/bypassed my security measures(2fa,whitelist, et cetera) for both PW change and funds withdrawal.

9) Cryptsy also refuses to put these security measures back on my account(withdraw confirm 2fa, et cetera). If they claim in court that the funds are still (as of now, Sept 7) in the account and not withdrawn during the Sept 1-Sept 7time period- Know that they removed all security measures, so that Cryptsy can withdraw funds from a non-approved IP, without informing me, in the future. I have specifically requested(since 7-11, and now) only the whitelisted IP(otherwise, what is the purpose of a whitelist?) may log into my account and withdraw funds. They've arbitrarily removed my whitelist without reason, and refuse to re-implement security measures, essentially locking the door and then leaving it wide open to be stolen by Cryptsy staff.

10) From my same IP, I opened a totally separate Cryptsy account back in 2013, then I also opened several new/totally separate accounts in late August when my withdraws were blocked. Today I tried to log into these completely separate accounts. ALL logins for all these Username, Password combos were denied with the message “bad username or password”. JUST AS WITH MY MAIN ACCOUNT DISCUSSED HERE, NEVER DID I ONCE REQUEST A PW CHANGE ON ANY OF THESE ACCOUNTS, NOR WAS I EVER NOTIFIED OF A PW CHANGE ON ANY OF THESE ACCOUNTS.

ARE YOUR FUNDS BLOCKED at Cryptsy? Try withdrawing now and see what happens, post your story here:
- My personal guess/estimate is that you have about t-30 days until Cryptsy completely jumps ship Gox style.
- Some ways they will block your withdraws: 1) saying you have a wrong destination address 2) preventing you from trading into other coins to make withdraws from that coin 3) leaving your withdraws as “pending” indefinitely, then canceling the request and wiping the records clean that any request was made. 4) Getting notification within the site that your withdraws have been approved, but some of the transactions never go through. In my case, when I made 3 withdraw requests on 3 coins, they all registered as confirmed and approved, the first went through and the other two were blocked. Check to make sure your withdraw actually made it to the destination address.

Open Message to Big Vern, CEO: Return my 5824 DASH and 19,552 NXT by sending to my confirmed, authenticated withdrawal addresses of : DASH: Xc3owNZf65UHZiWRvXdqzEPmNK9YJ3Z3xo , NXT: 17004580999606687589.

There is much more, bizarre and outrageous evidence /proof of Cryptsy's guilt yet to disclose.
3  Bitcoin / Electrum / Problem Accessing Imported private Keys in Electrum on: August 15, 2013, 12:25:22 AM
Hi, I just successfully imported a private key from a paper wallet to Electrum, but I cannot figure out how to access the balance and spend the  BTC. The balance currently shown in Electrum is the balance of my default Electrum address. When I click around the imported address, I can't seem to find any option for actually doing something with this address rather than just looking at it sit there in the "Imported" column.

What to do?
4  Other / Beginners & Help / What is a "signed message" how/why to send one w/ bitcoin? on: August 11, 2013, 12:16:44 AM
Hi. I am having trouble understanding a concept which seems to be second nature to many Bitcoin users, and that is "signed messages". My current understanding is that it occupies some fuzzy area between sending a Bitcoin and sending a digital letter which is known to be from you.

There is a practical reason why I ask this question, but the general question is obviously useful for reasons other than the reason I am asking.
I bought some ASICMiner shares, which I had sent to cold storage( a paper wallet). Now I want the SHARES transferred(NOT BTC imported) to my Electrum address.

Now, to do this, as I understand it, I need to send Friedcat a "signed message" authorizing the share transfer(which he then manually does) which somehow indicates that I am not just some goon pretending like someone else's shares are my own.

How do I do this? Conceptually how does the concept of "signed message" play into me needing to do this? How does it work?
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Trading(not mining) Profitability Calculator and LTC EMA crossover ifo on: August 07, 2013, 06:22:19 PM
Hi all, this post is for traders  Smiley and about looking for two specific, but EXTREMELY useful points of information, and I'm sure someone here can point in the right direction.

1) There is a site which calculates the most profitable way to exchange one crypto to another on an exchange(you can choose  BTC-e, Gox, and perhaps others). It's not a mining calculator or a super obvious site like cryptocoincharts. It had a cool tag line on the site like "the most profitable solution isn't necessarily the most obvious" to indicate the programmers correct assertion that sometimes its more profitable to xchange in a roundabout way going through Russian Rubles or whatever. I am kicking myself in the face  EVERY DAY THIS WEEK for not bookmarking the site, and now I desperately need to find it! Again the site has nothing to do with mining calculation or overall cryptocoin valuation, just simply tells you the best way to get from X to Z on BTC-e or the xchange of your choosing.

Need to refind this site ASAP!!!

2) Some of us like to trade on the EMA crossover for Bitcoin, and find that successful. I'm simply looking for LTC trading info which displays the 10/20(or whatever parameters you choose) crossover. But, where can I find this info without constructing it myself?(NOT going to happen. I know this info is out there).  In case you were wondering, for this information on BTC I use "butter bot" which even trades for you, but simple having the info available for me to make a decision on with LTC would be massively, massively, helpful.

Find what I'm looking and I'll toss u a tip!

6  Economy / Goods / Will trade .5 BTC Casascius coins for physical Litecoins! on: August 03, 2013, 11:24:53 PM
I have some of the soon to be discontinued .5 BTC Casascius coins. These are poised to become a real collectors item. I would like to trade for physical Litecoins. We will negotiate the amount and exchange rate. We will use escrow and registered mail with insurance to ensure safety for both sides. Let me know if you have some physical litecoins you'd like to trade! Please also link me to the site with all the necessary specifications about the Litecoins.
7  Economy / Securities / ASICMINER shares transfer? on: July 26, 2013, 07:48:39 PM

So, I needed some ASICMINER shares transferred (from one address I own to another I own) for the first time and I emailed Friedcat a few days ago, and he has not responded. Am I supposed to do something else? Also, what's to prevent some random person from emailing Friedcat and fraudulently transferring my shares to his BTC address? Is it in Friedcat's ledger that ThrillHou has X shares because the person I bought those from told him that?

Somebody Halp I need my BTC now and as we all know here, time is money!
8  Economy / Services / Looking for web developer in BTC business on: July 02, 2013, 10:34:23 PM
Hi Bitcoin Community,
I am starting a Bitcoin relevant website, and therefore need some web development for hire. You would be working remotely with myself and with my other developer, who will take care of the visual design/graphics aspect of the site, while you will take care of the back end functionality. (I tell you what to do, she tells you what to do, you do it, and I pay you)

(Very) Generally speaking, the site is roughly analogous to craigslist style functionalities. In fact, much of the code could probably be ripped from CL(or a clone) and altered slightly. 

Relatedly, I am also appealing to the Bitcoin community to help me wade through potential  scammers who will inevitably reply to this post… Cry
Know any honest and able web programmers who you can recommend???  Tongue

Oh yea, and I will pay in BTC. If interested, reply here or PM me.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Altcoin exchange search? on: June 12, 2013, 03:39:54 AM
Is there a comprehensive way to search for Altcoin exchanges?

My problem is that I left some coins on an exchange which I now can't recall. The exchange had TRC, BQC, and I think perhaps WDC. That should narrow it down, right? I think the exchange itself had the word "bit" in it....

 In signing up for a few exchanges I forgot the one where I left my coins . Halp! Cry
10  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / ASICS 101 for dunces? on: June 10, 2013, 10:35:29 PM
So, in trying to learn more about ASICS and their impact on the world, I went to the asic wiki page, and got immediately lost in technical info.

I get that ASICS do one thing really well. In this context, that thing is solve SHA-256 hashes. Some say Litecoin is “immune” or “resistant” to Asics. Why? What is different about scrypt which makes it so? And ultimately, can you speculate on the downstream impact of this in terms of coins and their prices as a result of mining impact?
11  Economy / Securities / Difference between core activities of Butterfly, Avalon, ASICMINER? on: June 10, 2013, 09:30:27 PM
Each of these entities appears to make ASICS, mine Bitcoins, and sell mining equipment to end users in varying degrees. What are their core differences, both product-wise and operationally? Also, I’m already in ASICminer, but what are some good ways to invest in Avalon and Butterfly?
12  Economy / Securities / ASICMminer shares secure storage plan? on: June 10, 2013, 09:26:53 PM

So, I’ve recently invested a sum of money in ASICMINER direct shares. So far, I have all of these shares on one paper wallet address, which I have in secure cold storage. I realize I probably should have divided my shares among several wallets, but hindsight is 20/20. Because of the security issue, I want to avoid redeeming the private key, unless I do it once and then quickly resend to new cold storage, or something equally secure. I’m deathly afraid of any “change address” issues, as I will somehow F that up and lose a ton of $.

Should I just have Friedcat transfer/divide my direct shares amongst a few wallet addresses which I have in cold storage? Will he do it? Then I can redeem smaller amounts at a time.

Maybe I can get around this by using software to manage multiple private keys. I need something more user friendly than QT at this point, for which I couldn’t figure out how to import/export a private key. Whatever it is must be as low risk as possible. I’ve been wanting to use Armory but it requires 6 MB of RAM which I don’t have.
I could see myself importing my one wallet with all the ASICminer shares to a secure client, but not sure which one to use…Also, when a wallet is imported from cold storage to a client, does that somehow move your funds to a new private key???

Part of me says "just wait 6 months and some software will come out which makes this a no-brainer", but I need to know how to take care of this  securely given the current limitations. I can't afford to take any chances on this one.
13  Other / Beginners & Help / What can we know about a person on on: June 07, 2013, 12:43:41 AM
I realize that privacy is very important to most users here, so I cautiously want to ask what we can know about other users. For instance, I want to know who Friedcat is “IRL”.  What can one ask about without being nosy/invasive? Do people speculate on his identity like Satoshi? Or, is his name publically known?  I realize the chance of him being a scammer are very, very , low; but what can we know? What is our best evidence of who he is?(as much as we need to know without being unnecessarily  invasive)
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Trouble using core functions of message board: HALP on: June 06, 2013, 10:52:09 PM
I’ll get this out of the way: yes I am a shameless newb. This is the first message board I’ve ever really cared to use, and like many people my brain works differently than the mainstream causing me to be unable to figure out how to get around on these boards. Maybe a kind soul could drop me a minute to save me a few hours of frustrated anguish. ..In the spirit of Bitcoin.

1)I can plainly view my email address, but I wanted that to be private.  I am not sure if only I can see it or if it is in public view. How do I make sure it is private?

2)I don’t think the Watchlist is working properly for me. I have clicked watch on several boards, and yet these topics never show up when I click “Watchlist” under the login time info. What am I missing here?

3)How do I follow specific members? Or keep a database of profiles I am interested in so I can click to see what they’re up to?

4)How do I get my profile picture up? I saw only one post about this, and the instructions didn’t work for me, or perhaps there were missing steps in the explanation. This last one is no big deal of course, but I want my avatar!Any help would be appreciated. I think a response would likely benefit future newbs as well.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Explain the concept of "hash" "hashing" and "hashrate" like I'm five. on: June 05, 2013, 06:17:35 PM
Where I come from, hash is something you eat for breakfast, or smoke on a breezy summer afternoon.

Can someone explain the hash concept to me? Also, I've seen/heard that people desire an "even distribution of hashing" across miners, and I wonder what that means/why.

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