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1  Economy / Services / Question on setting up E-Wallet for e-commerce online shop on: November 18, 2013, 02:21:42 AM

I am planning to setting up an e-commerce website that sells digital goods soon.

My questions are what types of wallet to set up?

If let say it is Bitcoin QT or some other Wallets how do I sync them to my e-commerce site? Do I need a software or plugin so that they can 

issue a bitcoin address automatically  for the customers to pay me in Bitcoin and at the same time captured and received the payments in

my wallets.

When I meant sync or Link is when someone make

a  purchase from me and make payments in Bitcoin , how do I set up the wallet? and accessed and received the bitcoin?

Do I need a wallet that can generate bitcoin addresses to send me the bitcoin and I have Full accessed to this bitcoin.

Kindly please let me know.

Thank You

Eve Smiley
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / Who get 100% Refund on Avalon Asic Chip Group Buy? When YiFu gave 100% Refund. on: September 04, 2013, 05:44:43 AM
Was very Sad and Surprise when many of us Never get 100% Chip Refund when knowingly Yifu gave 100% full refunds. So
please lists down the ones who gave 100% Chip Refund and who did not and an extra charge 5% or even 10% or 15% for
being greedy and selfish.

We need this data so in future you know who to sign up for future group buy.

100% Full Refund Lists:

Those who charges us 5% to 15% lists of Group Buy Leaders:
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / Where are the KnC Miner Asic Chips? Where? Will KNc Ships On Time? on: August 30, 2013, 01:48:12 AM
Everyone is freaking worry where are the Knc Asic Miner Chips? Knc news are , PCB, Slogan, Price change for Nov, New Mercury Miner, Incentive program, and other non essential stuffs.

But they Never touch on the subjects of the where about and status of the Asic Chips? Where are there? Where are there? Sam is spending time at bitcoin conference and other events, but no news on the Chips?

They never touch on cgminer ? So what should we do?? Wait for a Miracle?
4  Bitcoin / Hardware / Where is Labcoin? Did they vanish after the IPO, NO updates and NO news? on: August 26, 2013, 01:20:12 AM
As the saying goes, when they need your money they will come Begging, after they got your money, they couldn't bother with you. They were no updates and theswede and Sam was missing in action on the securities and custom hardware thread. Did they run away. ? THanks to you all for the money now the can go enjoy themselves after the IPO.
5  Bitcoin / Hardware / Bitfury Chips delay to late October 2013 delivery. Another Avalon? on: August 24, 2013, 06:48:09 AM
Bitfury Chips were delayed  From August 2013 to late October 2013 delivery. Is it Another Avalon in the Making? I am sure even late October will not guarantee they will deliver. All the newbie get suck into all the sweat talk in their group buys. Never Never join any group buy. Beware they are part and parcel of every unethical scams.
6  Bitcoin / Hardware / xCrowd Who are You? Are You Using Escrow to Cover Your Identity?Extra charge 11% on: August 20, 2013, 03:27:21 AM
We do not know who there are? No information about the owners and investors. Is a BIG RISKS, don't be greedy and waste your money on them. They charge an Extra 11% so their prices becomes $7.32. Only newbie posting on their thread. Most of the old timers knows this could be a Scam.

Here is the only information we know of this Abdi? Who is he? a 23 year kid on the block?

Since it is so easy to earn 1% or 2% from providing escrow services, they will turn a blind eye if anything goes wrong with your order. Do they release the funds only after you received and run the miner for the next 72 hours to your satisfaction or escrow will be release immediately after the miners are shipped? Would Abdi Mahamud submit his Passport and Driving License to John K and

A little background on the founder:

NAME: Abdi Mahamud

AGE: 23


abz123uk (2009 -2012 Twitter and eBay)
rat1on1990 (2008)
Ironicarm (2009)
miggni (2009)
rat1oN (2009)
Amelioratr (2009)
ratman (2009)
Nordstrom (2008-2009)
Niles_Touch (2008)





Currently loctaed in Leicester, UK
Originally from Birmingham, UK
Company Registered at the following address
2 City Arcade
Birmingham, B2 4tx


Master of Engineering (MEng) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering - De Montfort University (2008-2011)
(Seems a bit short for a Masters)
Golden Hillock School (2001-2006)
(High School)


2011 - Present
Executive Director, Founder - Terra Group FME
Stealth Mode.

2011 - Present
Co-founder - Sophia Jennah Ltd
(Also from Facebook page he was the "Former Director of Procrastination")

2009 - 2010
Sales Executive - ITSec Pvt Ltd
Information Technology & Services

2009 - 2010
Sales Executive - Logoinn
Graphic Design
to be updated

2008 - 2009
Assistant Marketing Manager - Ameliorate Group Ltd
My role is to provides support for the Ameliorate Group to achieve its business objectives and strategies. The primary role of the Assistant Marketing Manager is to oversee the planning, creation and post-analysis of promotions; evaluate the unit, sales and gross profit productivity of new and carryover products; provide direction on new product needs; and provide marketing support on special programs and market-specific requests.Responsibilities* overseeing all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities* establish marketing strategies to meet organisational objectives* evaluate customer research, market conditions and competitor data* Assist in implementing the organisations marketing plan* to help manage the Marketing Department budget and deliver all marketing activity within set budget* managing correspondence with media and advertising outlets

2007 - 2008
Project Manager & Sales Agent - E5 Design studios
As the Project manager I was an integral part of delivering rapid growth to E5'snew business venture : WebLines Media. I was also responsible for direct marketing, establishing brand awareness in the online market and generating both individual and corporate leads as well as face to face selling.

Chief Marketing Officer - Ameliorate Group Ltd
My role is to provides support for the Ameliorate Group to achieve its business objectives and strategies. The primary role of the Chief Marketing Officer is to oversee the planning, creation and post-analysis of promotions; evaluate the unit, sales and gross profit productivity of new and carryover products; provide direction on new product needs; and provide marketing support on special programs and market-specific requests.


* overseeing all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities

* establish marketing strategies to meet organisational objectives

* evaluate customer research, market conditions and competitor data

* implement the organisations marketing plan

* to manage the Marketing Department budget and deliver all marketing activity within set budget

* managing correspondence with media and advertising outlets

Owner - Ameliorate Group Ltd



Yatedo Profile (Similar to Linked In)

eBay Feedback

Sophie Jenna Ltd. (Muslim Women's Fashion)
7  Bitcoin / Hardware / Please don't Buy Butterfly 28nm 600GH/S they will NEVER Deliver! on: August 19, 2013, 04:24:05 PM
They Scam and they sucks money and deliver vaporware. Stay Away and Stay Clear.

Today you buy will only see your miner end of 2014 hopefully.

Don't waste your time on them, they are other better options available.
8  Bitcoin / Hardware / Can your Asic Chip Vendor Guarantee Delivery Time? If NO Please Don't Buy! on: August 19, 2013, 03:04:11 AM
As of these current time All the Asic Vendors have not meet their delivery dateline and promises. Butterfly over a year late in delivery and Avalon 3 to 6 months late and many have not received their miners and the asic chips.

Now we must issued an ultimatum to these vendors that if they cannot Guarantee on time Delivery we will NOT Buy from them. Difficulty is raising by the day for non delivery.

Their claims of how superior their chips were are irreverent when they can't deliver.  If they can't deliver on time, they are no better than calling them a Scammer and Scumbag that cannot delivers.

Signs of a SCAM:

1) No to very little communication after receiving your payment

2) Hardly any updates

3) Updates that not reverent to purchase, example instead of talking about chips progress they divert to casing and psu stuffs.

4) You write or called them but they don't reply your calls or emails

5) They ONLY accepts Bitcoins.

6) They gave excuses and reason for the delay

Solutions / Suggestions:

1) Must have weekly updates on the Asic Chip Production progress: a) Date of Tape Out b) Mask and Wafer delivery date c) Chip delivery date

2) Must Accept Paypal / Visa and Master Card

3) They must reply to your calls or emails within 24 hours

4) They MUST have a Guarantee Delivery Date with a Specific dates example November 10th, December 20th etc..

5) If within a month towards delivery date but with limited progress or no updates you can cancel order and get refunds within 24 hours

6) Suggest to go for vendors that can deliver within 1 month after you place the order. Asicminer is 2 weeks if not mistaken.   
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / If they don't have Stocks Available " Please Don't Buy " "No More Pre Orders" on: August 16, 2013, 06:23:29 AM
They are 2 many scams and vendors breaking their promises on pre orders, so don't, don't and DON'T BUY Pre Orders.
10  Bitcoin / Hardware / Will You believe YIFU will ship out All the Avalon Chips by end of next week? on: August 10, 2013, 05:55:08 AM
I don't believe they will shipped out all the Avalon Chips end of  next week. Anyone dare to bet they will shipped out All of the chips end of next week?? by and before August 18th 2013??
11  Bitcoin / Hardware / Don't Buy Any Miners and Asic Chips with No Guarantee of Delivery and Money Back on: August 09, 2013, 03:12:29 PM
Please Don't Buy Any Bitcoin Asic Miners without any Guarantee of Delivery Time and without Money Back Guarantee Protection. Don't Buy them when Bitcoin is the only payment available!! They must accept Paypal and Visa, Mastercard, Discovery Card and American Express!!
12  Bitcoin / Group buys / DO NOT JOIN ANY GROUP BUY !! Beware Don't Join any Group Buy!! on: August 05, 2013, 10:18:06 AM
They Will Not Deliver
They Will Not Deliver on Time
You may only get your product 3 to 4 months later
Avalon Chips are 2 Months Late
Bitfury Chip will be late
Buttertfly Chips will be very late !!

Don't Make the Promoters Rich. !!

13  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Why is everyone trying to sell the USB Asic K1 Miner??? on: July 20, 2013, 12:44:27 PM
What is the point of buying a USB Miner knowing very well you will never recover your investments!!

Be smart and don't into their sweat talk and empty promises.

You will NEVER RECOVER your ROI  !!!

It is not  worth even as a collector item!!
14  Other / Beginners & Help / How Does Mt.Gox determine the daily high and low on: June 01, 2013, 08:51:23 AM
Hi, Sometimes I wonder how does Mt.Gox determined the daily exchange or trading rates? Do they have a Special Formula? For this volume this is the rate today etc.. hope someone will share. Almost every traders used Mt.Gox as the basis for trading.
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