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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / US 2020 Elections data, polls and bets on: September 27, 2020, 04:54:36 PM
US 2020 Elections

3 debates with first in just two days,  Try to post any relevant data, link, tweet that could swing odds.    I'm finding some pretty surprising polls still but I dont believe in the absolute accuracy of polls, they are more of a gauge hence why the more data we have the better.


Bit of a straw poll this one, influenced by the target of the email.  Alot of those traders receiving the email must be republican is my take from that one because it would seem biased but still interesting to see.

More composed data showing a Biden win though again I'm not seeing a sample size, etc.  My simple strategy is to take the underdog bet while either side presents as such, 37% odds for Biden would be worth taking without too much thought.
2  Economy / Digital goods / WTB Amazon Prime users - Twitch Prime Subscriptions on: May 19, 2020, 12:31:29 PM
Anyone with a spare Twitch prime sub want to sell it to me ?    I figure theres alot of people who dont even use it because they dont watch Twitch, anyone who uses Amazon and has the prime signed up especially annually can use this for a benefit on other websites including Twitch.     Amazon owns Twitch so the reasons why are very simple.

I will pay 0.00025750  BTC for this month, probably quite a lucrative market.   Make a thread and post here and I'll be your first customer Smiley
3  Economy / Speculation / Video news on Bitcoin, a thread for links on: November 23, 2019, 07:03:32 PM
No alt coins just (recent) video links for Bitcoin news , macro economics, market dynamics, trades and opinions is fine.
Bitcoin falls to near 6-month lows. Is a bigger crypto crush ahead?
2,946 views•Nov 22, 2019
First one for an example, with a copy and paste of the title and details for convenience

Videos can propagate very fast, it gives a good summary of the common view across a population not just a specialist community like this forum.  Now BTC is out in the world, the view from a wider angle is probably quite important to recognise I guess and it plays into market sentiment, etc.

Only post with a link for a video please, just so the thread is compact and some kind of collated resource for quick reference.   I see trading videos all the time so this will be useful, as of course the market moves and people change their minds very quickly also.
4  Economy / Lending / expired request on: August 21, 2019, 07:46:00 AM
5  Economy / Services / Translation services in English, Spanish and French on: June 23, 2019, 08:27:26 AM
Ive decided to make a basic thread just to make it known I can offer translation services in English, Spanish and French for anyone looking to convert texts between these languages and willing to pay for the time to do so.     
   The level qualified would be degree and experience in teaching French and also fluent 1st language in Spanish, English; with access to proof reading if grammar is a concern.

Of course crypto is accepted payment as is the preference of the purchaser, just ask or mention your desire to discuss further details.
6  Economy / Speculation / Line in the sand {thread for price predictions} on: February 17, 2019, 02:50:50 PM
I want to make a thread for people to post a graph and a fairly brief prediction along the lines of 24hr higher or lower.      I'll quote myself for an example, looking for a close above this price to be more bullish on action that follows.
I cant be sure this price is as significant as I'm drawing it in to be but just for the record, I'm interested for predictions like this.  

Post / Link a graph and prediction or just vote in the poll
.    I'll try to reset the OP poll sometimes to gather just the short term feeling on the forum

Looking directly at the price right now, it appears to be negative but its also seems to be trying to combat the 50 day moving average if we move to a higher time frame.    
So the sharp move up and back down is confusing but I think also it could be more obvious in a positive trend if it can rise to about 3700 and confirm this level before continuing higher.

Its not certain what it will do but I'd count that as pretty positive short term, its potential to beat the recent negatives

Daily bars

15m bars

I'll draw a line in the sand, I want it to close higher then 3589 in next four hours
7  Other / Meta / Merit Source application - STT on: November 02, 2018, 07:18:52 PM
I'm running low on merit such that I can only give 1 merit occasionally and I've meant to apply for a while so I'm putting in an application.    I try to be biased to the lowest ranks and newest members, literally going from zero to 1 even makes all the difference I think to peoples outlook on posting correctly and with a good topic whenever possible.

I'm not trying to judge anyone exactly or even especially agreeing with their point, I'm really looking for those who put out a well structured paragraph or post.  Alternatively a great idea or a programmer who is greatly involved in Crypto I would also want to acknowledge even if not a big poster exactly.   The lowest ranks will appreciate the percentage gain most so thats generally who I pay attention to on the question of merit or not.

Some people claim that Bitcoin will revolutionise the world of centralised systems and on the other side some people think that bitcoin is related to criminal activities. But what is it really about Bitcoin that has led all of us to pay attention to it? For decades we have been fighting for the alleviation of poverty but with the current financial system in order, it is a dream to make everyone feel inclusive especially the ones who have been ignored by the  current banking system for a long time. It's time to let the people know that they have this revolutionary technology in their hands that could end their search for “how to alleviate poverty”?
Bitcoin has the potential to do that. Poverty is mainly caused by these three phenomenons:
Hyper Inflation
Financial Exclusion

-Hyper Inflation
Inflation occurs when fiat notes are floated in the market but are not backed up by value. Hence hyper inflation is when the prices increase to an uncontrollable level. Bitcoin are limited in number. When the amount of currency being floated in the market remains limited, there are least chances of inflation and almost none for hyperinflation.

Corruption occurs when a system lacks transparency and efficiency. Bitcoin uses a decentralized peer-to-peer transaction system where every transaction is recorded in the system and no transaction can be made without being verified by the mediator (miners). Blockchain consists of an ongoing chain of blocks that act as ledgers for every transaction. These blocks are there for ever. The records can never be deleted or tempered. This process ensures transparency and enhances reliability.

-Financial Exclusion
Financial institutes, specifically banks,  at present provide a lot of useful services but with high interest rates. These services then become meaningless or unattainable for the middle class people and impossible to avail for the poorer. Hence the poor are never able to attain any of the banking or financial services due to high rates of interest. Bitcoin has a solution to this as well. Bitcoin do not require you to pay any high interests or transaction fees to avail financial services. You simply join in and have a software wallet (or any other as there a number of different wallets to keep your money). You just need to pay a very little fee on transactions otherwise no charges. Hence poor people are not excluded from the system.

The best part of bitcoin is that it doesn't stop anyone from utilizing it,  like internet or a radio. It has no limitations to its implementation.

After recent changes to the merit system, I am trying to do something useful and contribute to the forum. And this is what I collect, hopefully it will change my merit.

This is an article about that, a gambling disorder in most young people
As stated in the article, experts and analysts know the causes and issues that lead to gambling addiction, they have clearly spoken about the dangers, consequences, and effects of gambling on the nerves and health of a person then there is a series of methods to stop that. But we are still here very clearly, the number is still increasing significantly every year, it has no signs of diminishing, even rising dizziness.

And the problem here is I want to ask why that happens? All the information is complete but people still can not solve the gambling addiction problem, the analysis is useless or our greed still dominates all.

Please let me know your opinion on this issue and if you have enough power, what would you do to solve this

This person almost asks for merit but since I'm only giving 1 of the 30 required for the next rank I dont think its too extravagant to encourage the idea of putting effort into posting.

Money is literally the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on humanity.
Its only purpose in recent history has the worlds self appointed dictators to divide and control the people.

Considering we are all inhabiting the same planet and all born with the same inalienable rights (natural law), those who seek to be our betters and control us should be cast out of civilized society.
We can live without money if people are willing to cooperate.
In fact it is already happening in communities around the world (See Ubuntu Contributionism - Michael Tellinger)

People often say it sounds great but how would it work?
Well, the Ubuntu movement has not only shown it can, but has created a blueprint mapping out the "how" to liberate humanity from the debt slavery that is money.

There is no reason that anyone on this planet should suffer or go without the basic necessities and creature comforts of life.
It is the greed of a few who seek to hoard our resources for their own personal benefit that makes life miserable for everyone else.

These sociopaths are known. Once more people need wake up to their crimes against humanity and this planet, the sheer momentum of the masses will wash these same evil dictators and their mindless horde of order followers from our world.

The post is very well laid out for a newbie and examining what we take for granted is a reasonable argument regardless of whether I agree with all conclusions stated.

Someone who put effort into charting the data from dozens of other forum members, deserves a merit imo.

What does bloomberg know? They've probably got a grip on less than 10% of the total usage of bitcoin. The number of reported bitcoin payments in stores is probably not even close to the number of unreported bitcoin transactions. That cannot be a valid argument against bitcoin.

Koreans are not the only ones in the world to use bitcoin, so that's not going to have much of an effect on prices. There are lots of other countries who have huge populations (USA, Russia, Turkey, India) that are becoming more active in bitcoin. We can't say it's over until it's actually over.

Watching the markets closely and I find it interesting that while BTC has been trending up slightly over the past week, the majority of other alts are down or just wavering...could this be why BTC is trending up? Everyone is focusing on that? I thought it was interesting as normally we see everything move in tandem together but this time I'm not sure whether to invest in any alts given they seem to be going their own way...

I think the waves will continue until maybe November of December... then is will break UP.

Or well, will see...

This is just a simple post but the trends drawn fit well and I think its a good post, actually still relevant 3 months later seems like.

One common perception was that having a higher POS will give better return. However, looking at buzzcoin, gokucoin etc, where they give you 100% per month or even more, their value also fell quickly. The coins can give you supply but they also must have a market of demand, that is also why ethereum is very careful about changing over to proof of stake and they have decided to delay this conversion to a later date.

From what I've heard about bitcoin, as well as currency values, such as Dollar / USD, Bitcoin prices are fluctuating or up and down. Importantly, the price of Bitcoin is more fluctuating than the fluctuation of the US Dollar. Thus, if we want to buy Bitcoin, it is important to understand what things can cause the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices. If we want to invest Bitcoin, it is also important to understand these things. By understanding these things, we can buy Bitcoin at a low price. And also, can sell Bitcoin with high price. And the factors that influence the rise and fall of bitcoin prices that I know are.

1. Bitcoin Security Factor
related security factors, in the year 2014 ago, there was a massive robbery in one of the Bitcoin buying and selling place in Asia. The event made the world's public doubt the security of Bitcoin. If the world's public doubts the security of Bitcoin, Bitcoin's demand will decline. The decrease in Bitcoin demand will be followed by the decline in Bitcoin prices.

2. Community Perception Factor
Perceptive factors also affect the price of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin gets a better perception, Bitcoin's demand will increase. Followed by the increasing price of Bitcoin. Conversely, if Bitcoin get a bad perception, Bitcoin prices will go down. These perceptions include how perceptions of the ease of using Bitcoin, the perception of how future Bitcoin prices are and the perception of how much profit Bitcoin invests. For information, several years ago, Bitcoin was so synonymous as a means of exchange for buying illegal goods. Over time, these perceptions begin to disappear.

3. Official Bank Recognition Factor
Some countries do not recognize Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. If the central bank recognizes Bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment, Bitcoin's demand will surely increase. Bitcoin's increased demand is followed by higher Bitcoin prices.

So few things that affect the bitcoin price according to what I know so far, if you have any other reason, what's wrong with explaining it, I'm sorry if there's a mistake, and thank you.

Now that you mention it...this has got me to thinking...

That moment of realization that the social contract you believed yourself to be a party to was an illusion all along is not an easy one.  Allow me to elaborate by way of an, only very tangentially related, anecdote.

As a young man I was working construction.  I was a ucking hard worker.  Busted my ass.  We were screwing down floors in a subdivision when I developed acute carpal tunnel; woke up one day unable to button my pants or do really anything involving my dominant hand.

Was denied any workers comp, not even sure why, I was young and unschooled in advocating for myself.  It sounds ludicrous today...but I really thought the system had my back.

I was very much unable to work at anything I was qualified for at the time and funds became very short.  At some point I needed that last $100 in my bank account to eat, and by "eat" I mean a box of dehydrated spuds and the big handle bottle of Pace picante per week, plus what I could bum off friends and pick up after 1:00AM at the convenience store for $0.25/about to expire cancer burger.

So my social dislocation moment came when my, long awaited, tax return check arrived, a very much needed 4 digit godsend of liquidity.  I rushed straight down to the bank, up to my favorite teller... ... be informed that as I no longer had an active account the instrument from the federal government in my hand was not actually redeemable.

It was hard at the time, but in retrospect I am very glad that I learned this lesson at a young age.
8  Economy / Invites & Accounts / 3 year old Steam Account with many games - 0.0055 BTC on: July 26, 2018, 09:03:49 PM

Im looking to sell a steam account with many games attached, I've been approached by a buyer who wants the URL only hence this thread.

I'm willing to transact just the URL on a non hassle transaction basis via bitcoin of course.

I will list the games available on the account later, they include PubG and CSGO which is many years old and MG rank.

Let me know if interested.  Cool   Please check my trust for sales history with steam account

I've sold the URL for the account separately as buyer is an extremely high steam level and just wants to add that to his collection  Grin    
The games library for this account is quite massive but the main ones I play are CSGO and PubG.

I'm not bad at CSGO but PubG I'm awful at so far though its a very good game, I might also be selling my graphics card later and it requires at least a half decent card, say a nvidia 960 or better would be ok I think.
I've sold a steam account before on this forum previously for GTA 4 in that case with additional games listed but this time I have included in the library far more games for people to play.   Please take a look and decide if this suits your shopping list.  Let me know any questions or requests for details.

This is of course a STEAM account for the service provision of these games in full, nothing is a demo its all the full games playable.

Asking price is 0.0055 BTC

9  Economy / Reputation / HEROcoin (PLAY) - Missing ICO allocated Tokens on: February 06, 2018, 07:49:11 PM

Ive asked around where best to start discussion on an ongoing payment failure by an otherwise seemingly successful ICO:
 This thread is for the discussion of missing tokens from a ETH token ICO fund raising that occurred.

Partipants were promised payment and after the ICO had closed, terms were introduced to exclude some.    No tokens were paid and no ability to resolve the problem after 14 days was allowed for.     Suggestions have been made such as Bitcointalk forum itself be paid these tokens as a charitable donation if KYC legislation prevents proper payment to individuals as was scheduled.    

Iam a legally valid individual, registered to vote and able to prove my identity.   Shortly after the blog posted below I passed KYC at Bittrex and can easily do so with any financial institution yet HEROcoin refuses to pay what it had promised during the ICO.

I'll do what the ICO failed to do and update this opening post and thread title as more participants are able to contribute their information on the ongoing failure

The current status of the CEO or COO are unknown,  a blog post was made here end of November :

10  Economy / Currency exchange / Im a seller on Local Bitcoins since 2013 on: November 23, 2017, 03:20:32 PM
Primary currency is Sterling but obviously also crypto
Im a seller on Local Bitcoins since 2013 and a long term forum poster here but have not really advertised on that Iam willing to sell Bitcoin on demand so Im just correcting that mistake in a small way by starting this thread for anyone interested.

If you require liquidity I can also deal Valve steam items to some extent especially CSGO keys and gear, Steam games and keys along with POS coins, computer parts are a possibility.  
 I dont deal loans or credit at this time                      _
I dont advertise or deal 24/7 but Im around quite often and for a few years now a regular poster here and elsewhere and if we deal regularly I'll add you as trusted to enable further access.

  Especially if you are an older forum member I'm hoping to make buying selling a little bit easier then it might be otherwise, let me know if I can help out   Smiley
11  Economy / Services / Goldmoney referral split on: January 09, 2017, 02:25:55 AM
Noticed this company is offering a referral split and a bonus for new deposits.  I'm happy to refer anyone on request and split whatever bonus is paid between us to help your first deposit.

The main limit seems to be deposit must be made in 7 days of registering so feel free to check it out first and contact me via this thread.    The account features a link to a mastercard for deposits which helps make it more practical then many small gold holdings
12  Economy / Digital goods / Xcom enemy within and unknown, Payday and many other games on: August 30, 2016, 02:00:12 AM
 0.015 Bitcoin / $7.5

Same as my last steam sale, another unused account as I have many this time featuring Xcom pack.   A very good game but I have now completed it though there any many player made expansions I could play and multiplayer but dont have the time especially.

Please dont let these games goto waste  Cry and buy this from me

My last games sale thread -
13  Economy / Digital goods / GtA4, Left for Dead 2, Payday, Sniper elite 2, 26 games = $5 on: July 28, 2016, 04:12:38 AM
Seems an ideal Steam account for some multiplayer but I never use this as I have others and I mostly play CSGO.   dont let it goto waste.  Cry

send me a message if you are interested, should be a very straightforward sale

14  Economy / Digital goods / WTS Reddit account on: June 17, 2016, 01:34:01 AM
1 link karma
2,200 comment karma

5 character name.

PM me for further details with a rough offer

15  Economy / Gambling / on: November 30, 2015, 10:04:07 PM
Worth mentioning is this site that allows the use and trading of bitcoin against gaming items and professional games.   You can bet which teams will win in a match for in game items or Bitcoin which can be quite profitable if you know your game well and can predict team performance on the day.    Covers a few different games, counterstrike is the one Im mostly interested in but its also DOTA, League of legends and Smite.

Check it out if you have items on steam to sell or trade as its easy to use for that outside of betting.   I have no connection with them apart from being a user of bitcoin there and here Cheesy
16  Economy / Digital goods / Steam account, 12 games. 2 really good ones, others ok, value $100, sale $13 on: November 19, 2015, 02:45:36 AM
 Ive played Xcom tons as you can see but I havent used this account for 6 months.   Looking for $10 , Bitcoin, BLK or possibly even steam items

This is my own personal account, just a one off sale.  Not used, its cheap because theres no official way to sell these games when you finish them.   Ive posted here a very long time now and will continue to do so, I hope trust is no big issue on this $13 value.  Obviously I will hand over and verify your email change to your security control and so on.
I have CSGO at DMG rank for a similar price but I still use that account.    You can check the profile and account before final sale I will give details so you can login, theres no bans just a simple account sale by myself as I want to get to GTA 5 and so on

17  Economy / Digital goods / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & Distinguished master guardian Ready to Play on: October 16, 2015, 04:56:21 PM

Account ready to play straight away pre levelled to distinguished master guardian for convenience.   I'll take payment in mBtc or csgo skins, keys if preferred
18  Economy / Digital goods / CS-GO - Master Guardian Elite on: September 10, 2015, 07:25:16 PM
New account with  12 mm wins.   Clean unused account ready to use for those that want a smurf to play with their friends at this level.

Let me know any offers by pm, if I agree I'll respond by pm and this thread.   Skins, keys or bitcoin is fine.

I also have similar steam account available, same rank 90 mm wins with silver breakout coin and bloodhound if you prefer
19  Economy / Services / wrong section on: September 10, 2015, 05:16:10 PM
20  Economy / Digital goods / Steam account - XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack on: September 03, 2015, 01:28:55 AM

Its that package, Ive also added a few other games over time which I will list later but its mainly just Xcom games

Very good game, Ive completed and now I want to sell even though its possible to install a special 'long war' free expansion which Im tempted to do but its already a big game   My main account is under id sabrett.

I'll list more details, my steamrep or whatever else needed.  Happy to deal with traders and any who wish to facilitate a sale here.
 Im open to offers and I mostly play CSGO so will take keys or skins or BTCTC of course !
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