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1  Economy / Currency exchange / $100 PayPal for BTC on: December 16, 2017, 10:27:22 PM
I have $100 in PayPal I want to unload for BTC. 1:1

I have a verified, business PayPal account so you don't have to worry about me 1) going through the pain to complete a chargeback, and 2) ruin my account's reputation with PayPal.

Your PayPal account must be able to accept PayPal USD and any fees in receiving PayPal are on you.

Message me if interested.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Investment program looking for new ideas on: December 03, 2017, 03:54:42 AM
After closely watching a failed investment/Ponzi scam on this site, me and two buddies (the "brain trust") are sitting here with some drinks and a spreadsheet talking about what made us successful for 35 months straight. We have some ideas but we'd like to hear your ideas for improvement as well.

Before I give the bullet points, you should know that we have been investing together for basically three years. We have known each other for longer than that. Anyway, we each make $20-$30 USD profit per month. We are each investing our original $500 each month on the 15th. We've broken-even maybe twice but never experienced a principal loss. We had one month with a HUGE gain but that was simply luck. We purchase discounted gift/prepaid cards and sell them at a premium. We have systems in place to minimize our risk by 60%+. We never lose our original investment but our profit does vary from month-to-month. We don't guarantee a profit percent per month but we do guarantee the original investment 0f $500 (between the three of us, we will cover it for the members if all else fails.) Our average profit is $20-$30 per month, per member. We think our system is good but we're looking for ways to improve. What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong?

- We keep each investment group limited to 20 people
- Each person invests $500 (.05 BTC right now). No person can put in more or less
- Everything is converting to USD at the time of transaction
- Everything is paid out in USD
- We think a $10,000 total investment portfolio is financially healthy for one investment group. (Better said, we can easily cover $10,000 between the three of us.)
- We have a policy in place on how to purchase and sell gift/prepaid cards
- We don't purchase a gift/prepaid cards greater than 80% of value
- We have mechanisms in place to immediately cash out/sell the cards we accept before sending BTC (the 'you send first mentality'). We zero out the specific cards the moment the other party accepts and we send BTC. We even use escrow with success.
- Sometimes we buy BTC for PayPal USD (with a profit margin, of course)
- We have zero nuisance/scam complaints. Everyone receives their BTC; we receive our cash value
- Payouts to investment members are on the 14th of the month in USD via PayPal
- Paul is the payout guy (for the record)
- Reinvestment is on the 15th of the month (none of us remember why we picked the 15th. We think it was because of Rob's pay cycle, but we really don't remember. Rob's not here right now because he's dealing with his oldest son's death on Monday.)

As I mentioned there are three of us here. Josh is the one sitting here thinking we could be more profitable. Your thoughts?

[Personally, TraderMJK thinks we don't need a flat $500 USD per person and can accept any amount per person with unit valuation. I do believe in the $10,000 total pool for the group. Paul thinks it's too much work for him to pay out.]
3  Economy / Currency exchange / Your BTC for PayPal USD on: November 30, 2017, 02:08:45 AM
*** Over the past few days I have converted a large amount of BTC across several platforms and have run out of PayPal USD within my safe zone. I am locking this thread. I will start another thread when I have more PayPal USD to send. Sorry for the inconvenience. ***

Chump Change Master

You send BTC and I send you PayPal USD
($20 USD maximum per transaction)

Here's how it works:

1. I will not deal with time zone delays, therefore I'll only make trades when we are both live on this site. No exceptions.

2. Send me a message with the amount of BTC you'd like to sell.

3. I'll tell you how much PayPal USD I'll send. (It will never be 1:1 -- I'm in this to make some extra coin for my group.)

4. If we both agree, I'll send you the BTC wallet address.

5. After you send BTC, you must send me the txid and your PayPal address.

6. I'll watch for at least two confirmations. (Please note. that in some suspect instances, I'll reserve the right to wait for the BTC to hit the actual wallet. Also note that I can't control how fast your BTC transaction passes through. This is why we both need to be pour a coffee or tea beforehand.)

7. After I see two confirmations on, or the BTC hits the wallet, I'll send you PayPal USD to the PayPal address you provided.

8. We both live happily ever after.

First and foremost, I reserve the right to deal with, or not deal with, any transaction. You'll know this before you ever send BTC.

I also need to keep this straightforward and real. We're practically talking small change here.

Will you work with newbies?

Yes. But remember, I believe newbies may be required to wait six minutes between private messages on this site.

But you are newer here?

Yes, I am. As an outsider I've spent hours reading through the 'currency exchange' and 'lending' posts to get to know the site, the players, the scams, the tricks, etc.. I registered and still spent hours reading. Just because I'm new on this site doesn't mean I have no clue about BTC, Paypal, online or international transactions.

What do you do with your day job?

I manage financial decisions for a nonprofit organization that helps people.

I'm going to flag you as a scammer!

Feel free. There's nothing here that wreaks of scam. I'm willing to do other-party-first, or escrow, transactions. I really have no desire to have my 10+ year PayPal business account locked for stupidity. $20 is a drop in my bucket...I can't get to the corner store for $20. By the way, I've read enough posts here to know that negatives are inevtiable...I can almost predict who will leave them based on your post/feedback history. So, flame away. Quite honestly, from what I've read, noone takes your bitterness serious anyway.

Do people always need to send BTC first?


Are you willing to work with escrow?

Yes, of course! I'm more than willing to work with escrow from someone listed here:

Please note that you need to do all the work to get your BTC to the escrow agent, and you have to pay for any fees.

Do you tip the escrow agent?

Yes, I do.

Who pays any PayPal, escrow, or other fees?

You do.

How much do you charge?

It depends on the market day. I have a formula I use. I can tell you that I seem to closely parallel ChangeAm with my BTC>PayPal USD rates. I'll let you know the amount I will send via PayPal USD when you message. I'm not responsible for any PayPal fees you get charged.

Why should people discount? Can't they just use an exchanger?

They're welcome to. I'm tying to make this quick and painless without having to register accounts, upload IDs, etc. It's my personal opinion that those who do 1:1 are more likely to do a chargeback on you. No one does this to simply be nice.

Why use you for BTC>PayPal USD?

I'm mainly setup for low-balance people who want to quickly exit BTC, or to clear out a wallet/account somewhere. Sometimes it's easier to do this than transfer to another wallet or absorb high fees. I've worked with eight Facebook groups, but a member in one of the groups pointed me here as an opportunity a few weeks ago.

Do you work with other cryptocurrencies other than BTC?


How do I know you aren't going to chargeback?

Quite frankly, you don't. But I won't. In the United States, $20 is not much. I spend that just leaving my front yard these days.  A chargeback is definitely not worth the hour I'd spend dealing with some foreigner ("Joe") at PayPal in order to initiate a chargeback. If $20 USD is huge money in your country, then don't bother working with me. I can't deal with your anxiety over chump change.

May I ask you to make a special exception to any of the above?


What if I provide the wrong PayPal account or send to the wrong BTC wallet?

Mistakes happens; however, that's on you. You send to the BTC wallet address I provide; I send to the PayPal address you provide.

What if you make a mistake?

I'll own it and make do on it.

If PayPal won't let you send PayPal USD to my PayPal account for some reason will you refund my BTC?

Of course...less a .0005 BTC fee. So be sure your PayPal account can receive PayPal USD (from the US) before requesting a deal.

Do you care if my PayPal is new, unconfirmed, etc.?

No. Just make sure the PayPal address you send is correct. The rest is on you.

What if PayPal puts a hold on my funds?

Contact PayPal. It's not my problem.

Will you send PayPal 'friends and family'?

Yes, I always do. However, while it's free for most, I understand there may be fees in other places. Those fees are your responsibility and I won't take that into consideration.

What happens if I send you BTC without messaging your first?

On behalf of me and the cat, thank you for your donation from the bottom of our chump hearts.

Why are you doing this?

I'm actually spending the time helping a nonprofit (NGO/NPO) group that I'm part of. All of the profits go to them. Over the past year I've helped them raise more than $5,000 USD through a variety of BTC transactions. So, yes, I do this as my volunteer offering to that organization.
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