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1  Bitcoin / Mining support / Run three S9 off of two APW5 PSU's? on: December 14, 2017, 09:36:58 AM
I currently have two S9's running off of one APW5 each, using 240V supply. There are a lot of extra PCIe connectors free. From what I can tell, it should be fine to run a third S9? It appears all that matters is that each hashing board is on the same PSU, but both boards don't have to be. Anyone doing this?
2  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Chicago Area - 48 Block Erupter USB Sticks on: January 25, 2014, 05:48:18 PM
The PSU I was powering them with died and I don't want to buy another. Looking for $15 each. Want to deal with local if possible but if someone wants to buy them all, I'd ship.

Also make offers if you are interested. I may go lower in order not to deal with eBay.

EDIT: Since someone else asked:

I can throw in the 49 port hub if someone buys all of them at once. However, there are some burn marks where the 24 pin ATX connector goes in. That is why I'm not bothering with a new PSU or hub.

I THINK the hub itself is fine and it is only the PSU that is bad, but I can't say for sure. Half of them were still hashing and the other half were lit up but not doing anything.


Don't worry about the USB sticks being bad from the PSU dying. I have a whole second hub full of them. I'll sell the ones I know work from the second hub.

Pictures here:
3  Bitcoin / Mining support / Unreasonable error rate? on: November 09, 2013, 11:36:19 PM

I just got my 30 GH/sec BFL miner today. You can see in this screen shot the 30 GH/sec as "BAL 0" and the 60 GH/sec one as "BAS 0". The number of hardware errors from the 30 GH/sec is far beyond the amount from the 60 GH/sec.

Is this thing dumping way too many errors, or is the 60 GH/sec one just really good?
4  Bitcoin / Mining support / [SOLVED kind of] Tweak Raspberry Pi to handle a lot more USB devices? on: November 02, 2013, 01:13:59 AM
EDIT2: So the rpi-update did get it to see all devices and it was running full speed. However, I kept an eye on it and the hashrate slowly crept downward. Eventually it had dropped significantly enough where it wasn't worth running it on the Pi. The general consensus at the Raspberry Pi forums is that it just cannot deal with that many devices.

EDIT: Sorry, for the waste of space. I found on the Raspberry Pi forums to run rpi-update to make sure the Pi has the latest firmware. Once I did that and rebooted it, it started seeing every single device and is mining away. Now I just hope it doesn't lock up on me.

I have ~97 block erupters, two Avalon based BitBurners, and one BFL SC running. I bought a Raspberry Pi to run it all.

First I tried MinePeon and it simply did not see all the devices. No big deal, I wanted to put a full Raspbian install on anyway but MinePeon was faster to get up.

I installed Raspbian and built cgminer from source. It runs fine with half the Block Erupters and the Bitburners but locked up on me in the middle of the night. I started it all up again only with more Block Erupters and it just doesn't seem to see everything.

I built cgminer on my Xubuntu laptop and plugged all the miners in the exact same way and it has been running rock solid at ~100 - 105 GH/sec. I want my laptop back though!

Any suggestions? Does the kernel perhaps need to be rebuilt with different options since the default maybe doesn't consider that many USB devices?
5  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Fuse size for Block Erupter 49 port USB hub on: October 29, 2013, 12:10:59 AM
So I just got one of these from BTC Guild and it doesn't have a fuse in it. It appears to be using blade type fuses like cars use, but I don't see anything on the board indicating what size fuse it should take.

Anybody know?
6  Other / Beginners & Help / How are you getting USD out of BTC now? on: June 05, 2013, 04:29:44 PM
I used to just use Mt.Gox -> Dwolla when I needed some cash. What are you all using now?
7  Bitcoin / Hardware / Ars Technica has a BFL miner on: May 09, 2013, 05:00:20 PM
8  Bitcoin / Hardware / Check your thermal paste on BFL FPGA's on: April 20, 2013, 01:29:31 AM
Yeah, I know the first few replies... blah blah scam ASICS... blah blah whatever.

Anyway, for anyone that has a BFL FPGA, I always thought I just got one that wasn't a great performer. It has always done the stock speed, but ran really hot.

The fan on mine started making terrible noises so BFL sent me a new one. While I was taking it apart to replace the fan, I figured I may as well put new thermal paste on since I have a giant tube of it. Well, to my surprise there was NONE on there. It looked like the heatsink was just put directly on top of the FPGA's. I put some paste on, mounted the heatsink, and it now runs at the second fastest firmware they provide, and it does it about 20C cooler.
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / Facts Based Thread on: January 30, 2013, 06:53:23 AM
I know this is asking for a lot, but I noticed the mods have finally locked down. I'm not asking for censorship (I'm all for every piece of evidence either way), but could we get a sticky with known facts that is updated without all the speculation and BS?

I'm invested (not as much as some) and don't need to go through 20 threads of who said what. It would be nice if we had one place with facts posted as they happen. Only a mod can do this and only a mod should start that thread.

Then all the speculation and bickering can just continue in other threads. I have no problem with this, in fact I think it is healthy. I think with BitCoin everything should be heavily questioned.


Avalon -
1. Jeff Garzik has received a working miner from Avalon. Jeff's box has 3 modules and mines around 66 GH/s. He has mentioned some issues with rebooting, but also acknowledged that they may be due to his external environment(I missed where he said this had been resolved). Either way, incredible results. The power usage appears to be about 620 watts:

This is all based on Jeff's posts, but I don't see any reason at all to doubt them. If you have evidence otherwise, please post. I'm taking this as "fact".

2. Bitcoin Foundation has posted a video of a 4 module machine doing 89 GH/s:

I would assume they would not be lying (and in fact will).
10  Other / Off-topic / Help getting my BFL single going [FIXED] on: May 05, 2012, 07:25:35 PM
I just got my single today and am trying to get it running. I currently use cgminer 2.4.0 for the two GPU's in my system. I can't seem to make this single work.

The single is powered up and the PC (Win 7 x64) recognized the device as a serial port (COM 3).

cgminer was launched with my usual settings (pools, etc) but I appended "-S 3" at the end. This doesn't seem to detect the single though.

Am I missing something? Thanks!
11  Bitcoin / Mining support / Two cards, same settings, radically different hash rates? [solved] on: June 24, 2011, 05:53:37 AM
I have two 6970's currently running at stock speed. Using GUIMiner, I am getting around 360 - 370 Mhash/s on one card, but only around 310 on the second card. Both are using "-v -w128 -f0". Any ideas why this would happen?

EDIT: Tried a good old "fix it all" reboot, and both are now in the higher range. Very strange.
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Does higher difficulty = lower Mhash/sec? on: June 15, 2011, 04:11:10 AM
My two cards were doing about 109 Mhash/sec but now are only doing around 83 Mhash/sec. Is this due to difficulty level, or should I be looking at something specific? Possibly drivers etc?

13  Bitcoin / Mining / Best client for GTX470's? on: May 19, 2011, 04:28:57 PM
Hello, I just started with BitCoin mining and am having a hard time figuring out the best client to use.

I'm running overclocked GTX470's and am looking for the best performing client. Looks like most people here are using AMD cards and the advice leans towards those. Any suggestions on getting the most speed out of my two cards?

I'm also running a i7 960 @ 4 GHz. I'd like to get the most performance out of that as well.

Thanks for the help!
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