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1  Economy / Lending / [FILLED] Seeking .1BTC Loan on: May 15, 2014, 03:47:23 AM
I have a hard drive about to fail, and I need to buy a drive to back everything up to. I am about .1BTC or ~$50 short. I will repay the .115 within a maximum 40 days (giving myself some room here because cryptos seem to be rather volatile at the moment.) though if I have it sooner, I will repay it sooner. Repayment will come primarily from my mining rig, with 2 6970s, a 5830, and a 6950, which I have in RMA right now. I am also owed some money by a friend, and I have some computer hardware I could sell in a pinch if needed.

I have good rep on the forums here, and have done several loans in the past, all without issue:

2  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS/WTT] GPUs on: April 05, 2014, 10:22:24 PM
I am looking to sell or trade two GPUs. One is a 5830 Sapphire, with a broken fan. I have a 120mm desktop fan on it that I have spliced into a molex fan connector. The connector has passthrough, so this would be a good card to use on a powered riser, as you can plug the riser molex into the passthrough. It stays at 80C with a 940MHz OC.

My other GPU is an MSI 6950 Twin Frozr 2. This one runs at 920 MHz OC at 1.150V and stays under 90C. It has a higher leakage ASIC (though a very good heatsink), and would also be a good candidate for liquid cooling. This one is capable of unlocking to a 6970, however I have not done much testing of it. I will ship it with the stock BIOS, as I make no guarantees about the unlocked one. The fans on this one buzz. They have been running fine like this for a while, but I do not make any guarantees on them. It may just be as easy as oiling them to fix them.

I am looking to get $80, or $65 with a prepaid medium flat rate label, for the 5830. I will also ship the shroud, and the broken fan with it.

I am looking to get $130 shipped, or $115 plus a medium flat rate shipping label, for the 6950, which is a ways under Ebay prices, and less than I paid for it not that long ago.

I will take $200 shipped for both.

I am also looking to get reference blower style 5850s/5870s/6950s/6970s/6990s/7950s/7970s/7870s/7850s/R9 270(Xs) if you have any to trade. I prefer a 6990 or reference 6970s above all.

I accept BTC/LTC/VTC.

I will escrow at your expense, as my trust here should be sufficient for you to send funds first.

EDIT: Pics (Sorry for the shitty quality, the camera on Samsung tablets are among the worst I've used.) :


5830 from the side

6950 front

6950 back

Proof of ownership

Link to the album in case retards break the images again in the future...

EDIT: Lowered prices.
3  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS Bitfury H-Card V2.2 on: March 22, 2014, 08:34:20 PM
I recently purchased a bitfury V2.2 Hcard with the intention of hooking it up to my computer via USB data+PCIe power. Apparently this is not the model that I thought it was. I wish to sell it for the price that I bought it for: .23BTC I will go to .21 if you provide me a shipping label for a medium flat rate box.
4  Economy / Lending / [REPAID] .6BTC Loan for GPUs 10% Interest on: March 15, 2014, 06:31:52 PM
I am requesting a .6BTC loan for 45 days to purchase more GPUs, repayment to be 0.66BTC. I have recently found a possible good deal on a pair of 6970s. Repayment will come from my 4 GPUs that I already have, two 6970s, and two 6950s, plus the two 6970s that I wish to buy soon. I also do some work for cash in the real world, and I have some computer hardware I can sell if needed.

I have done several successful loans in the past:

I also have a fair bit of trust from several dealings here.

EDIT: Changed interest rate.

KWH and I worked out a loan for .25BTC, with .28BTC to be repaid in sixteen or less days.

Loan Repaid.
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] MrTeal Chili Miner - Looking for .4-ish BTC. on: March 11, 2014, 12:15:36 AM
I have a MrTeal Chili miner that I purchased from Nachius that I am looking to sell. It does 30GHs sitting next to (not in it) the really hot exhaust from my tower. If it were places somewhere where it was room temp it would probably hash 1-2GHs faster, and if you felt like adjusting the heatsink, you could probably get it up to 34-35GHs.

I'm looking to get around 0.4BTC from it, but I am open to negotiation. Escrow or sending me the BTC first is a must unless I have dealt with you before or if you are well-trusted around here.
6  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] Antminer U1 x3 and possibly hub. on: March 05, 2014, 05:08:02 AM
I have 3 blue-heatsink Antminer U1s for sale. I am looking to get around .275BTC for the miners. Escrow is a must unless you are well known, and/or possibly if you have dealt with me previously. I also have a powered (4A adapter) 10 port USB 2.0 hub made by Rosewill. I'll let it go for .05BTC. If you buy the two together, I'll sell it .31BTC shipped.


USB Miners are sold! unless the buyer ends up falling through. Hub is still for sale. I do have 2 pms expressing interest in it.
7  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Manualy Editing Transactions on: February 04, 2014, 12:49:11 AM
Before I start, this is not on the bitcoin mainnet.

Using a modified client, I sent a tx that will never confirm (under any circumstances), however, the wallet is convinced that I no longer own those coins. How do I go about editing that transaction out of the wallet.dat? I've been searching for hours to no avail. The closest thing I came to were some Oracle db utilities, but all I could find was the documentation, no download of any sort in sight.

This is rather important. I'll pay whoever is able to provide me with a solution 1 LTC or equivalent BTC value.
8  Economy / Lending / [FINISHED] .35BTC Loan for GPUs 10% interest on: January 26, 2014, 05:23:36 AM
I am seeking a .35 BTC loan to pick up a pair of 6950 GPUs to double my scrypt hashrate.

0.385 BTC will be repaid within 45 days using profits from my scrypt rig which you can see hashing here: This will be doubled with the two new GPUs. (I also have one 6950 RMAed)
Repayment will also come from my 3 antminers I have hashing: I don't mine at any one pool with them, as I mine altcoins with them, however, I can point them at a pool of your choice for a few minutes.

I also do some handy work for cash in real life.

As for collateral, I have a Steam account with a few hundred dollars in games, and hundreds of TF2 items, and those trading cards, which I can leave with a reputable escrow agent.

9  Economy / Lending / . on: January 23, 2014, 10:02:30 PM
I am rescinding the request in favor or re-writing everything, and requesting a different loan.

I wanted to wait until I paid my previous loan off before requesting another:

I am requesting a 0.41BTC loan to buy a chili miner. The loan would be repaid in 45 days with 0.415BTC. I will repay with the profits from mining with my GPUs (900KHs, soon to be 1400KHs again when I get my incoming card in there), 3 antminer U1s at 2GHs each, and the 30+GHs chili I will be buying.
Proof of GPU hashrate:
Proof of antminer hashrate:

I have a decent post history and trust here, and I also have a hackforum profile going back a couple of years: If you want proof that that is indeed my profile, send me a PM there, and I will respond. As for collateral, I have a steam account with a couple hundred dollars worth of games and tons of TF2 items and a bunch of steam that I can leave access to with a trusted escrow if needed.

I recently used a loan to buy a my antminer U1s, which went well, I will try and post pictures of the units themselves tonight, however, for the moment, here is a screenshot of the bfgminer window:

Before that I had a loan which I had the lender repay early from collateral, you can check my post history.

If you're still cautious, I can give you my personal phone number if you are trusted enough yourself.

EDIT: Lowered amount, I figured .81BTC was a long-shot, however, I still want to get a chili, so I halved the loan amount, and lowered the length.
10  Bitcoin / Group buys / [Guaging Interest - Group Buy] Avalon ASICs on: January 18, 2014, 09:10:18 AM
I am gauging interest of a group buy for Avalon's 55nm ASICs; for things like Klondikes, and HEX 16B miners. There is another, however, they don't take BTC, and want you to bank transfer to them. If there is sufficient interest, I will start a group buy. We need to order at least 2500 chips. I am thinking of a minimum of 10 chips per order, at .0085BTC per chip, plus shipping, which seems fair considering my personal effort, and shipping supplies, which you will not be charged for, just the shipping itself.

Thoughts? Feedback?

EDIT: I would discount orders of sufficient quantity, say .008BTC at 100+ chips.
11  Economy / Lending / 0.05BTC LOAN on: January 16, 2014, 12:40:07 AM
I need a .05BTC loan to buy a couple of antminers. I will repay from my earnings from those, as well as from my 900KHs (soon to be 1350KHs) scrypt rig, which I mined at a multipool with. I can provide proof of hashrate: the sample size for that statistic seems to be rather small, however, it hangs around 900KHs. The loan will be repaid in 30 days. You will be repaid .055. If my forum trust is not enough for the loan, then I can leave a Steam account with about a dozen games in escrow.
12  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 6950 or 6970 preferrably Twin Frozr 2 or 3 on: January 14, 2014, 09:45:35 AM
I am looking to buy another 6950/6970, as I had one recently die. I would prefer a Twin Frozr 2 or 3, and will pay slightly more for it. (So it matches with my other one.)

As of right now, I will pay $115 for a 6950, and $125 for a 6970, add $10 if it's a Twin Frozr 2/3. I will pay $15 for shipping. I will be using prices, unless BTC drops significantly. I reserve the right to refuse to buy from anyone for any reason. Escrow is acceptable, though it should go without saying, we would both have to agree on the agent. If we do not use escrow then you send first unless you have more trust than I do. If you send first, the BTC price is locked in in the final purchase agreement price, and you will receive the same amount upon arrival of the card no matter how much the BTC price fluctuates during shipping. I am willing to negotiate on the price if you are willing to test some things with the card before shipping it out, so I have a better idea how it performs.
13  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS 5770 on: December 21, 2013, 04:10:49 AM
I have an MSI 5770 HAWK with one fan missing. It still cools just fine, though it is slightly louder than one with to fan, and mines at 200KH/s. I am looking to sell it for around $50 in BTC or LTC. Maybe another coin. PM me or post offers.
14  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB GPUs on: December 21, 2013, 04:06:08 AM
It seems the 2 5830s I offered on, and the 7950 I offered on are not going to happen. I have space for two more GPUs. Ideally I am looking for a pair of either 5830s or 5850s, or5870s, or 6870s, 6950s, 7870s, or a 7950-non-XFX capable of doing atleast 630KH/s, or a mix of the above. I am looking to spend anywhere from .2-.25 BTC on this, maybe to .28. PM me your offers.
15  Economy / Lending / Need a .1 BTC Loan (Have collateral) [REPAYED] on: December 21, 2013, 12:40:09 AM
I need a .1 BTC loan for a pair of GPUs (they will add 600KH/s). I have 5 LTC for collateral (worth a bit more than the BTC). I'd rather not trade it in right now, as I am waiting for the price to go back up. In the meantime, I have 900KH/s (plus the 2 new GPUs, so 1500KH/s) of mining power (scrypt obviously) which I am mining DOGE with as I type this. I am also owed 2 LTC by a friend, and I have $230 coming in the mail. You will be paid back .11 BTC in 30 days.

EDIT: I've been informed that this might possibly fall through, as someone may take the whole lot. If this happens, I will send the BTC back.

DOUBLE EDIT: Changed request to .1 BTC. I found some more I had in another wallet. One of these days I need to consolidate all these wallets. Also updated the collateral amount and payback date to reflect this.
16  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] .445 BTC on: December 16, 2013, 05:06:38 PM
I'm looking to sell .445BTC for $400 in cash. I am fine with John K. or Salty Spitoon escrow (thought not required if you send first, or you are incredibly trusted), we split the fees. I recommend you film yourself putting the cash in the envelope, and I will film opening it and taking it out. Please only take my offer if you know how to send cash via mail. I prefer not to do signature confirmation, as I am not here when the mail gets delivered, and the post office is closed when I am able to go down there.

EDIT: I'll pay postage.
17  Economy / Digital goods / WTB PayDay Wwolfpack DLC on: November 24, 2013, 09:36:10 AM
I am looking to buy the Wolfpack DLC for Payday The Heist on Steam. You will buy it for me as a gift. If your rep is sufficient, and you are not using a purchased account, I will send 3/4 payment first, then upon reception of the gift, I will send the remainder. If you are not of sufficient rep, I am willing to send 1/4 payment first, and 3/4 upon reception. You can also use escrow and we will split the fee. I am also open to other payment arrangements.

I will pay the BTC equivalent of $12 according to coinbase. (The DLC costs $10)

Thanks for looking.
18  Economy / Lending / [CLOSED] Seeking a 10.6 BTC Loan on: August 25, 2013, 08:11:50 PM
I worked something even better than an Asicminer blade out with someone I know in person. Thanks for the advice (and positive criticism) everyone.

I am looking for a 10.6 Bitcoin loan for the purchase of an Asicminer Blade Erupter here. The interest rate shall be 10 percent.

I know that I am new here, so I am willing to provide proof of my residence and identity, and any other assurance of repayment that I possibly can, to serious lenders. Before I provide any information to my identity or residence however, you will be required to prove that you have enough Bitcoins for the loan, and are serious about the loan.

I am also willing to use a reputable escrow service in a manner that makes sense if the lender so desires.

The methods and terms of repayment, to be negotiated before the loan:

1: Upon receiving, setting up, and testing of the blade to ensure that it is in working order, I shall point it to a worker at a pool agreed upon by both myself and the lender with a way for both of us to monitor the revenue generated by the miner (i.e. by screenshots, screen cam, joint log in, or another method negotiated before the loan) until the loan plus interest (11.66 Bitcoins) is paid off. The lender shall also pay ten percent of the income to myself in order to cover the electricity costs of operating the machine. In the event that ten percent of the income is not paid to myself in a given month, I shall redirect the miner to my own account at a pool of my choosing for five days in order to pay for the electricity usage for the month, before pointing the miner back to the pool originally agreed upon.

2: Alternatively after receiving, setting up, and testing of the Blade I shall point it to a pool of my choice and holding, and pay out to an address (minus ten percent to cover electricity costs of operating the machine) that I have proven that I control, until there is a total of 11.66 Bitcoin held at the stated address, which shall then be paid to the address provided by the lender. I can also pay to the lender what he is due from the address no more than twice per month. This is the preferred method.

After successful repayment of the loan, both parties are encouraged to leave positive feedback.

In the event of a default on the loan, myself and the lender will talk over how to proceed. As collateral, I have a functioning Desktop computer with an approximate value of $1000+ (Less the Hard Drives) of which I will provide proof of ownership to a serious lender along with my proof of residence and identity.

All exchange of personal information shall take place through PM, Skype chat, or a reputable escrow service. Myself and the lender will also share contact information which at the least includes a Skype contact and personal email account to contact each other at in case of issues. A mobile phone number is also preferable.

All exchanged personal information is not to be shared with anyone else for any reason, at any time, except in the event of a potential scam committed by one of the parties, in which case the information shall be shared only to the extent necessary to recover losses, or establish good faith once again.

If you wish to add any terms, we can negotiate them.
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