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1  Other / Off-topic / Seriously they want my account? on: March 06, 2016, 08:53:10 PM
Dear FanEagle,

This mail was sent because the 'forgot password' function has been applied to your account. To set a new password click the following link:



Username: FanEagle
2  Other / Off-topic / What if angels and demons are just aliens? on: October 30, 2015, 07:20:20 PM
Evolved light shape where they can pass between certain bodies or beliefs?
3  Other / Off-topic / Which Distro should I use for regular use? on: October 22, 2015, 08:40:36 PM
Mostly to browse internet, emails, messaging,maybe converting files(adding subtitles maybe)
But remember, it is important that I will install it on a USB 3.0 so it must even go fluid as possible.
4  Other / Off-topic / [smartphone]why it does that to me? on: October 14, 2015, 06:12:35 AM

It mostly happen when I load pages on Firefox,it never happened on chrome,should I get worried?
5  Other / Off-topic / Do you think your password is strong? Ask it to reality! on: October 13, 2015, 03:09:03 PM
Do you need a severe and rude computer that will evaluate your strong password?
This is for you.
OFC it's a joke site, but still, if you don't like website that says oh great job and whatsoever... Tongue
6  Other / Off-topic / What should I do in this case? on: October 05, 2015, 11:49:07 AM
Ok, see me, a person inlove with his girl
she tell you that she's going to have an important and hard surgery(not that BS that girls do nowadays to look like dresses on a stick)
she even wrote a will.
Problem is:
1)You are from Europe, she is in America.
2)Even if you decide to visit her, you can't because of this:
a)You will soon get an answer for a job, in case the need you to talk almost immidiately from taking part of the teamwork.
3)what should I do to make her really know that i'm with her anything happens?
4)How should I react?

Cause I cried but this won't help me or her.

What's your guess?
7  Economy / Gambling / [Unofficial]Dragon's Tale Discussion, Jackpots, Events,strategies. on: September 30, 2015, 01:42:29 PM
I'm a bit shy, so don't eat me.
This game is been love at first sight for me, so, I think it deserve a sort of an almost official thread where to put stuff in it.

The legendary guy that betted on the monkey and won 124 btc this year in a single hit Aston, asked me to say to you all(I'm GreenNode ingame), to tell you this:
Happy HappyDay people!
There are actually 2 tourneys that you should play today if you are both primary and belong to Bai or Jing, one is for smoking, higher it pays, more you win, while on Bai, more your drink pays more you win!
If somebody from DT wants to add something you are welcomed here to do so.
8  Other / Off-topic / Who's a Doctor's Who fan? on: September 28, 2015, 11:21:14 AM
I'm so excited for the new season Smiley
the first episode intrigued me, didn't understood the final of the episode... but later on I understood, I so damn love time paradoxes.
9  Other / Off-topic / which is the most suitable programming language? on: September 15, 2015, 09:35:24 PM
In term of easy to use,fast to learn, learning curve...
10  Economy / Gambling / Do you like italian Lotto? I offer it on: September 14, 2015, 08:44:28 PM
Ok, this is my idea:
Escrow accepted.
1)Fee for play is 8% of the amount you play
2)I take 5% of what you win for amounts more than 25 euros, and for less I take 2%
3)If it's a large amount >250 euros, I will ask you if you want them via bitcoin or skrill
4)Since italian lotto is 3 times a week, you can pick when to play, preferably 24 hours earlier(so pay when decide)
5)You can decide any amount to be selected, let's say you bet 2 numbers on a single wheel, you can say ok 70 cents over 2 numbers and 30 over the single number in position 3░

Now the rules.
90 numbers, 10 wheels + 1 addictional wheel.
You can play on all the 10 wheels(but the prize is /10) or you can play on a single wheel.
5 are the numbers drawed, and you can compile a ticket with a max of 10 numbers for that single wheel or for all the 10 wheels.
Like, you can bet 1 number on a single wheel for example, and if you get it you would win the equivalent of 11 euros less the fees in bitcoin.
Let's make a more tempting example, you bet number 33 in 3░ position, and the draw says 18 57 33 21 90, you would win the equivalent in bitcoin of 55 euros less fees. isn't it amazing?
If you need screens for how much you will get paid I will provide them soon, if someone is interested.
11  Other / Off-topic / Funny question: What your name band would be? on: August 20, 2015, 09:55:25 AM
If you were the boss of a metal group, which name would you choose?
I already have mine:
Broken Intestine. Roll Eyes
12  Other / Off-topic / Are still Encrypted file safe? on: August 16, 2015, 04:16:22 PM
After seeing on a blog that police broke in a CrypticDisk, Datalocker and Acer one, are the other encryption software like the descendants of TrueCrypt safe from these kind of attacks?
After the finalisation of TrueCrypt I'm doubtful to use such software because of the ease those department can do such "miracles" to find your password and see what's inside.
Sure, I'm not hiding (or hided) nothing to worry about, and nor using it after the closure of TC, but it's still put me a question, should people do like for "brainwallets" like passwords with more than 30 chars (even if for brainwallet is still useless) or people should invent a new encryption method like an AES descendant?

Yeah I'm always a bit paranoic even if it doesn't touches me,but because I like to feel myself protected, like, remember those nasty malwares that encrypts your stuff with a password unless you pay them? something like that, but like, better to know all the files I will store one day for my legacy will be protected. or like, my secret diary(which everyone loves to spy to know your weakness and stuff)

Or maybe i'm just being super paranoid. What's your guess?
13  Economy / Gambling / Formal request on sport betting on: July 21, 2015, 11:30:38 AM
I dont know but seems like nobody wanna accept my idea of betting on sport entertainment like wrestling.
I know you can't bet on every weeks appointment, but at least the PPV events.
I would be happy to bet for those stuff.
14  Local / Annunci / [CGN] |KolschCoin CCEX Votazione al 2░ posto | 3 Exchanges pronti on: July 01, 2015, 01:03:22 PM
Traduzione spagnola


Ordini di birra mancante pu˛ essere rimborsato
o rimandare al servizio postale .

a quel punto pagati cgn`s ~0.24cgn per Bottiglia   = 2.5CGN o 0.0025 BTC di rimborso

Info per i cittadini degli USA .....
Il tuo paese non permette l'invio di birra. ,

CCEX pagina della votazione  2░ posto CGN Kolschcoin

Ricompensa del blocco Ŕ ridotta a 0.01 CGN per Blocco ~ Totale rifornimento attuale della moneta 2950 CGN. prossimo halving in 30 giorni

Visita Cryptocointalk per CGN gratis
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Follow & Retweeta

Windows Wallet -QT
Source - Download


Vota per CGN=

Casino | Gambling | Dice Games=

Mining Pools :


Follow & Retweet @Twitter

ComunitÓ & Forum-Threads:
Bitcointalk Ann Thread


contatta: Till Noske
Bitcointalk: Tillkoeln

Come puoi ricevere la tua birra.
Se non hai intenzione di visitare la germania o cologne
ti spedisco io la birra..

Il tasso fisso di cambio Ŕ il seguente :

0.24240000 CGN  in " 1 Bottiglia K÷lsch Beer 0.5l  "

Algo : X11 PoW/PoS
Monete per blocco : 0.04040000
Tempo per il blocco : 62 Seconds
Diff. Retarget : Every Block max 20 % +/-
Maturazione della moneta : 58 Blocchi
Halving del blocco : ogni 41760 Blocchi
Blocco : 1 Premine => 415.18575000
Blocco : 2 - 41760 | 0.04040000 per blocco
Blocco : 41761 - 83520 | 0.02020000 per Blocco
Blocco : 83521 - 125280 | 0.01010000 per Blocco
Blocco : 125281 - 167040 | 0.00505000 per Blocco
Blocco : 167040 - 208800 | 0.00252500 per Blocco
Blocco : 208801 - 250560 | 0.00126250 per Blocco
dopo il Blocco 250560 = 0.00100000 per Blocco
Proof of Stake :
PoS Start al Blocco 696
EtÓ minima della moneta : 12 Hours
EtÓ massima della moneta : 36 Hours
PoS tempo del Blocco : 20 seconds
PoS Diff. Retarget  del Blocco: ogni Blocco
Staking :2 % all'anno

K÷lschcoin / Kolschcoin / CGN
Seduti di fronte alla TV e scolarsi qualche birra, magari una o forse 2 son troppe
chiedermi di fronte a me se qualcuno in questo mondo ha mai scambiato delle monete che sono sostenute dallo sviluppatore in Amber o Urea o qualsiasi altra cosa.

Cosi l'idea naque, perchŔ non la birra? A tutti piace, la consumi velocemente, la sistemi, per lungo tempo e la porti in giro in modo semplice in giro per il mondo.

Kolschcoin[CGN] sostenuta dalla birra.

cerca su Wikipedia ti darÓ pi¨ info sulla K÷lsch .

< K÷lsch Ŕ una birra della specialitÓ locale di Cologne (K÷ln), Germania. E' chiara con una brillante colorazione chiara, ha una prominente ma non estremo sapore,ed Ŕ meno amara della lager comune...

Quindi ecco l'accordo

0.08080000 CGN  in " 1 bicchiere  K÷lsch Bier  0,2l "  

Questo scambio Ŕ possibile solo alla birreria di Cologne.
Esistono pi¨ di 40 differenti birrerie localizzate nel centro cittÓ
e ognuna di essere merita una visita
E per essere sicuri, la tua seconda o terza birra sarÓ pagata da me.

1. ) Non ha senso bere una sola birra
2. ) Sei daccordo che non ha senso spedire un solo bicchiere di birra in giro per il mondo.


0.24240000 CGN  in " 1 Bottiglia K÷lsch Birra 0.5l  "


Coin Spec / Premine  / Algo / Ticker /  things to know.

per primo le lettere in grande potrebbero essere in rosso .

Premine : 415.18575000 CGN

per me, il mio portafoglio, per mio utilizzo = 207.59287500 CGN

gli altri 207.59287500 coins saranno usati per cose comuni
che potrebbe necessitare di un lancio di una moneta che sopravviverÓ a lungo.

207.59287500 sarÓ diviso nelle seguenti giveaway
,Servizi e cose di pubbliche relazioni
Estender˛ il valore di questa moneta con un BTC dei miei.


Cosi sarÓ_
207.59287500 CGN + 1 BTC  totale 100 %

Exchange = 50 %   Max 5 Pagamenti da Exchange dopo 7 giorni
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5 settimane , ogni settimana il  0,4 % diviso su 2 persone
sarÓ scelto da te e forse, pagato da te.

regole ?  non necessariamente.  fai parte di questa comunitÓ
fai rumore, sii interessante, o dý qualche barzelletta

mandami un pmo fai sapere alle persone del perchŔ dovrebbero esserci dei pagamenti nelle tue tasche.

Algo : X11 PoW/PoS
Monete per blocco : 0.04040000
tempo per blocco : 62 Seconds
Diff. Retarget : Ogni blocco max 20 % +/-
Moneta maturata : 58 Blocks
Halving di blocco: ogni 41760 Blocks
Blocco : 1 Premine => 415.18575000
Blocco: 2 - 41760 | 0.04040000 per Blocco
Blocco : 41761 - 83520 | 0.02020000 per Blocco
Blocco : 83521 - 125280 | 0.01010000 per Blocco
Blocco : 125281 - 167040 | 0.00505000 per Blocco
Blocco : 167040 - 208800 | 0.00252500 per Blocco
Blocco : 208801 - 250560 | 0.00126250 per Blocco
dopo Blocco 250560 = 0.00100000 per Blocco
Proof of Stake :
PoS inizia al Blocco 696
EtÓ minima della moneta : 12 ore
Massima EtÓ della moneta : 36 ore
PoS Tempo del blocco : 20 secondi
PoS Diff. Retarget Blocco: Ogni Blocco
Staking :2 % per Year
Nodi :

RPC Port: 22345
P2P Port: 22346

in diesem Sinne

Sch÷nen Abend noch und viele gr0▀e aus K÷ln

Originale in inglese:
15  Economy / Investor-based games / Tired of Ponzi games? Invest in real people! on: June 24, 2015, 06:50:53 PM
[Not accepting investors for now]
Hi, welcome to my thread.
What I'm offering is a simple opportunity, I don't guarantee 150,250,350% profit instantly like ponzis claim to do, and most people get burned by it.
So, isn't it better to make someone work for you? if you think it can work good for you this idea, I'm your man.

What I can offer?
Well, from 50 to 100% of invested amount, and I'm being honest with you, if I see I don't feel it i'm gonna succeed or more than X I can't go, I will give you back the amount I reached.

Are you trying to scam me?
Absolutly not, I'm here to help others.

Why I should trust you and why I just not gamble them Myself?
Good question, this is the point. On certain sites I get requests(sometimes on regular basis from people) that they call me for help, because they don't feel lucky, or fear to lose. This is when I operate.

I heard you call it "your magic", so are you just gonna make disappear my money in the wind or run with them?
Absolutly not, as I said, I'm here to help, not to put my reputation on risk. If you wanna give it a try, try it, if not, it's ok, I'm not forcing anyone

Final question: If you are so good with this method, why don't you do it with your money?
This is the question people often asks me, and they are right, why don't I just be selfish and do it only for me? because I'm too good with others, and I expect karma will notice me for all the good actions I'm doing for others.

Investments are from 0.01 to 0.5 BTC or equivalent if there is a website that accepts your coin you are offering(like FJ)
If you are still interested, send them here 1RouLDXonrmKZMH4dNg21p6mkMNGTujGd

Thank you for reading. Any question,doubts or anything please ask.

Edit: I deleted a "not" because it was unnecessary.

People that sent me money:

mib Amount 0.01 Done

Vasilich Amount 0.01 Done

joel_ Amount 0.1  Done
16  Economy / Lending / Question about a loan without collateral on: June 17, 2015, 05:18:14 PM
In the past 2 years i worked so hard in this forum, and now look at me, almost Legendary.
I just wanted to know, how much I could ask for a loan without collateral?
I'm undecided if taking a loan or wait a couple of months since I need it for a small project of mine.. so that's why I'm asking Smiley
17  Other / Off-topic / I'm tired of GMX! on: June 10, 2015, 11:07:29 AM
I can't understand, why they not improve the friggin security... They breach inside my email like if it's butter!
Now I have to search where it was my secret stuff to answer and grrr... I bet my password is somewhere online.
18  Economy / Services / [Hiring]Ghostwriter for a Bitcoin Casino Review Website on: June 09, 2015, 08:16:09 PM
Do you know a lot of casinos and how Bitcoin things works? Then you are in the right place.

-Know about how casino works(like odds, house edges, bankroll management )
-Know about Bitcoin works in all common aspects ( general basic security, cold wallets...)
-Know about how Provably Fair works.
-Quite good writing skills.

What I need:
-An article with about 500 words or more.

If you are still interested for details, send me a PM!
19  Other / Off-topic / I have a question about GPG on: March 17, 2015, 02:11:32 PM
Ok, i had this nightmare about people impersonating me to do bad stuff... so i woke up and furiously searched about gpg and found a couple tutorials that teached me fast how sends messages and decrypt.
Problem comes when I searched for someone very recognized on this forum gpg and found weird about not a true pgp code but the key.
Ok then, I searched how import it in gpg4win and successfully did it, giving me all the infos about that public gpg, the issue I found is the difference between the key the program offers me for any key I have and the one I found on site.
Let me be more effective: the key ID I have is 8 lenght, meanwhile the key id of the person I won't say it's on bitcoin-otc and that key is: 16 lenght
Now, where the hell they come from the initial 8 chars because the key the application recognize(perfectly I must say) it only sees the last 8 chars.
Did I missed something or the 8 chars identifies even the bitcoin address somehow?
It's the only thing that comes in mind, and if that's the case, how can I add it to my keyID? is it referred to the optional comment the application talks about?
20  Other / Off-topic / [Question]How to install in dualboot Linux and Windows 8/10? on: March 15, 2015, 04:34:43 PM
I've read about the new fancy system Windows wants to use istead if the infamous mbr, the gpt.
I also red there are issues installing Linux after Windows is installed or something like that.
Can someone brief me a little about this gpt partition system and how successfully install both systems without big issues?
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