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1  Economy / Micro Earnings / Lookinf for good BTC or LTC faucethub faucets on: June 07, 2018, 03:48:02 PM
Hello guys,

I'm looking for faucets with the folowing features (all of them):

- instant payout to faucethub
- in BTC or LTC only
- no short link
- only one captcha
- claim timer don't matter much
- no cpu mining
- 'decent' earning (I dont want a 10 sat / 1h)

An example of what i am lookinf for is this:

Do you have anything that matches all the criteria above?

Thank you Smiley
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / My selling strategy : need criticisms on: May 14, 2018, 12:54:51 PM

I'm a very modest miner with 4 graphic cards, 2 on ETH and 2 on BTC throught nicehash, nothing fancy Smiley I'm thinking about a selling strategy for my mining income and I welcome criticisms and comments.

I'm not the best at economics and it may be heavily flowed, that is why I need you. Note of interest: I believe in crypto so I'm long-term bullish.

My goal is obviously to make the most money possible out of what I mine but also play it safe to avoid loosing everything in case of BTC's price tanks too hard. I was thinking to follow these rules:

  • Keep 50% of what I mine and HODL to it. Selling some of it by small increment from time to time if BTC keep rising. (Like sell a bit when BTC reach a new high at least > 3k the last high)
  • For the other 50% that I mine:
    • My lowest selling price is 9000 euros. If/when BTC is under that price, HODL. Under that price i'd rather eat electricity cost and consider it a hobby/gamble (same reasoning for ETH)
    • If BTC is high enought, my idea is to put a stop sell order for 33% of what I have to sell at 10% below the current price. 33% of what I have to sell at 15% below the current price and the last 33% at 20% below the current price.
    • If BTC price increase, I'll slowly relist my BTC at the price that matches 10/15/20% below the new max price.

The other alternative I see would be to sell at or around market price every week what I mined. My strategy has the advantage of getting me more money if the coin price increase. In case of a decrease, I control my loss and do not lose more than 10-20% of the current price.

I welcome any tips / idea and criticisms about my risk-management plan to sell my mining income ! How would you guys approach the situation ?
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Minable offline coins? on: February 22, 2018, 01:19:59 PM

Are there any coins that can be mined offline? I could mine at work and can install w/e I want on my computer (mostly) but I don't want to install something that IT could spot easily when the review network log (connection to mining pool might get attention really fast :p)

I know mining at work might not be the best idea but i'm curious about this Smiley

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Best settings, Undervolting cards for ETH + SIA mining ? (gtx 1070ti / 1080) on: January 16, 2018, 06:14:31 PM

I'm currently dual-mining eth+sia on two different computers. One has a gtx 1070ti and the other a 1080.

I'm trying to find the best parameters to get a good hashrate on both, while also reducing heat/noise/power consumption. And lastly, since the computers are also used for gaming and day-to-day usage, I'd prefer if I do not have to change the cards settings whenever I stop claymore to do something else.

For now, the cards are set up as:

power limit: 70%
memory +700
core - 400
temp ~68 and fan ~60
eth: 24.7 mhs
sia: 850 mhs

power limit: 70%
memory +500
core 0
temp ~68 and fan ~60
eth: 30.7  mhs
sia:  650 mhs

I'm fine with the temperature of both cards but would like to reduce the fan to reduce noise and reduce their power consumption a bit if possible (w/o lowering too much their has rate).

Here are my questions:

1) I could not reduce the core clock of the 1070ti w/o suffering a heavy loss of hashrate (in both sia and eth). I don't really know why it is because it seems that the card should be able to handle it even at -400mhz). Any idea why ?

2) I couldn't find a definitive answer, but do core clock matters for SIA mining? I did not find much difference between a -400 settings and a +100 for my gtx 1080 for example.

3) Regarding undervolting. Isn't the power limit factor supposed to already take care of it ? If yes, is undervolting a bit really useful ? If no, kind of undervolting would you suggest for these cards? Would it affect my gaming sessions much ?

4) Any tips ^^?

Thanks everyone !
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / 2 hour SMA much lower than reported hashrate, could use some tips :) on: December 21, 2017, 04:02:31 PM
Hello guys, i'm fairly new to coin mining. I've read a lot and been mining eth since 4-5 days now. I've got a gtx1080 (no OC), win10 and using claymore 10.X atm. I'm mining for nanopool. On the software i've got a hashrate steady of around 19/20 Mh/s. I've had a few issue of the windows freezing (known issue for cmd/win10) and I solved it recently so these drops of reported hashrate should not happen anymore.

My main issue is that my 2 hour SMA and submitted shares has been declining heavily since 24 hours and I cant find the reason why. I haven't changed my settings. There is no apparent error message on the claymore window, nor on the log. My 2hour SMA seems to average around 10 Mhs instead of the roughly 20 i should get. My internet connection is flawless (and has been for a few years) so this should not factor in. My GPU is stable at around 60/65 degree and fan at around 40%.

My GPU load is around 50% since I use the option -ethi 0 (to be able to play video games while I'm home, I do not change the setting while away). That is the only "unusual setting" I used, alongside a tempreature control one ( -ttli 75) that I may remove if needed since the GPU temp seems to stay below or at 65 most of the times.

I updated windows, nvidia drivers, made sure I had 16gb of page files on windows. What puzzles me is that I did not change anything since when I started to mine and It worked fine as you can see in the graph below:

At first I had a 2H-SMA close to my reported hashrate and since a day it had plummeted to half of what it was. I know RNG is a factor with only one gfx card but over 24 hours, it would be very bad luck if that's what it was about.

What do you think it is related to?

Since my GPU load is around 50% could this be because the -ethi 0 option ? With or without it my hashrate in claymore stays around the same, wihch is wierd since my gpu seems to be working way less than without the option. But then again, it worked fine for two days with that option....

Any help will be greatly appreciated Smiley Thank you !
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