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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Real SCAMS are getting crowded out by fake "So Called Fake Scams" (Thoughts?) on: March 26, 2018, 11:59:18 PM
The term Scam is being used and thrown around so much these days that it has lost its value.  Things that are not actually scams are being labeled a scam.

Lets define the definition as

"A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value."

Real Scams in American History

Bernie Madoff
The Nigerian Scam

Things that are not scams but are being labeled as scams

Late with sending airdrops or bounties Huh
Changing the terms of an agreement
Not honoring the terms of agreement

Although these last two things are not ethical at all they don't classify as a scam.  Business do this all the time.  This is why we have courts and two reputable businesses will end up in court over the other reputable business not honoring the terms of the agreement. Both have their reason's why.  However the losing party of the agreement is not considered or called a scammer.

The biggest one that really pisses me off is when an ICO gets sold out before the person can buy into the ICO, and they have a 2 year old temper tamptrum and start calling the ICO  scam.  "It was a scam because it was a gas war and people paid $200 for gas and they did not put a cap on it so that everyone could participate" to which I say STFU and sit down.   Angry

It just really bugs me so much that Real Legitimate scams that should get more attention are being drowned out by people crying wolf about scams.

Anyway let me know what you guys think?
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