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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Russia to start bitruble - will be first government sponsered cryptocurrency on: September 19, 2015, 06:55:19 PM
So it begins ...

"Bitruble, a new Russian cryptocurrency, will be issued and circulated under control of Russia's Central Bank. It is expected to compete with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies."

see here

This is something I expected eventually , if it ends up happening I wonder what the impact will be on bitcoin and all other alt coins .... 2016 will be here soon and obviously they did not just consider this idea and announce it today.....  the plot thickens indeed
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / VIRCUREX -- STAY AWAY -- I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER on: June 25, 2015, 10:44:03 PM
Thankfully the amount of coins lost was so small it is not worth a mention but I am posting just in case someone actually may use /trust this exchange so they do not get ripped off.

I used Vircurex a few number of times since their 'hack' a while ago with no issue.

Now I got robbed , withdrew coins and never got them also they don't answer if you contact them.

It has been nearly a week so stay the fuck away from there.

I have it locked out of the hosts file on machines i use now.

If they had at least replied to my inquiry , even if they said they were looking into it and never sent the coins i would have given them a chance.

But now I shall add them to the list of places where I will never EVER trade coins again and am launching my own personal investigation into the people who run it since they are bound to turn up again.  I would never trust them with anything ever again. 
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What is the best way to support your favorite alt coin - voting closes june 24 on: June 10, 2015, 01:20:17 AM
What is the best way to support your favorite alt coin

I left out starting your own pool and things like adding code to the coin since this is beyond the ability of most people and not realistic.

Still I am curious.  My opinions are running a full node and mining the coin are the best ways to support a coin.  ANY COIN

But what do I know ??  I welcome all votes, opinions, and post below if I missed anything I should have allowed as a vote !!

With all the brilliance buzzing around this forum I am sure we can find the real answers !!   Grin Grin Grin

edit 1: poll runs for 14 days
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How to be careful and avoid scams in the wild west of the alt coin scene -part 1 on: May 30, 2015, 04:00:21 AM
Let me say first that I am not an enemy of alt coins.
I am involved with several alt coin projects some of which are actually quite successful and have run a few things myself in the past with 'limited' success or challenges which I learned a lot from.

I was a 'guest' to these testosterone filled forums for a long time (how long I honestly don't remember) since I used to just pop by when I heard something big going on.

I really only joined one day before I launched my own first coin project so I could post in the alt coin forum. The all male crowd was always a turn off to me even back to the days when minerd seemed like the most amazing innovation ever.  I always thought bitcoin was a great idea but never thought it would ever have come as far as it has .... If I did I would probably be a member of the inner elite few who mined a lot early..... but that is another story for another time.... I have no regrets.

Even years ago there was a lot of bs around. After all in a public forum when people can say what they want you can expect a certain amount of 'static' or 'junk' among the normal honest discussions, remarks, bad jokes, and some very brilliant posts that I have learned many things from.

Today the level of outright lies and also what I suspect are 'shills' or people running extra accounts to make threads longer and longer seems to have reached a level higher than the number of alt coins released ever.

What did the guy in Apocalypse Now say 'It piles up so fast you need wings to stay above it' ?

I have decided not to name or shame any specific coins or developers.  I will speak in 'general' and you will have little difficulty finding many examples.  I am not out to slam anyone in particular. I do believe there is a lot of great work going on but it can be lost in the shuffle of endless scams.

The purpose of me starting this thread is to:

1)  State my opinion on the general dishonesty I see in the alt coin scene in particular the projects that have self moderated threads and even more particular those with self moderated threads AND proof of developer ratings. 

2)  By not moderating this thread allow those who feel differently than I do to voice their own opinions or concerns or offer proof I am wrong.

3)  Encourage people to do their own research and if you are not qualified to do your own research (read code on github, test code ect...)  suggest a few things to look out for.

Here are some facts. If you think I am wrong please do post the evidence in this thread.

a) None of the current proof of developer or similar 'services' that exist do anything more than 'say' they checked someones identification and other information. They do not review any source code nor do they have qualifications to do so. They use unsecure methods like e mail or skype instead of secure measures like a signed pgp key or a signed (bitcoiin or other) transaction. Their work is not published using pgp or any other known secure verifable process.     

b) Self moderated topics have a place in the forum but if you are starting a coin a self moderated topic allows the 'moderator' or person who started the topic to delete posts they don't like or posts that are critical of the project. 

c) If you release anything open source on github either a cryptocurrency , a miner, a video game, anything else......anyone in the world can review your code and compile and test the program to see if it does what it is supossed to do and how well it works and also if it does things it is not supossed to do.

d) It is possible for someone to launch a coin (or other open source project) and 'release' wallets or clients that do not match the code that is 'called' the source code on github in such a way these 'rogue' clients will still work with the network.

e) It is possible for someone to launch a coin (or other open source project) and begin the network running rogue code that is never released on github or to the 'public' while the published source code and builds are different but will still function on the network.

f)  An 'honest' project that is released to the public can only expect to move so fast. If a coin is ninja (quick)  launched and there are 3 pools at launch the pool operators had to have the code before launch or the pool would not be ready.  If the pools are available an hour later (or longer) that would be more expected. This may be ok as long as the pools did not start mining before the official launch.

g)  Maintaining a network (over time) is an expense and also can be a lot of work. If a network has no 'nodes' to connect to it will not function. IRC has banned bitcoin and alt coin clients for years so when a coins wallet has 14 connections they are all ip to ip direct connections only.

h) No matter what is said in a launch thread the purpose most people code and launch alternative coins or pay someone to do it for them is with the hope of making bitcoin or money. As time has gone on the methods employed have become more and more sophisticated but usually the intent is the same.

i) A majority of people who mine coins are also doing so with earning profit in mind.  Most people cannot see any other reason they would ever mine a coin unless it was going to personally benefit them in some way.

j) A small few in number of what I would consider legit and trustworthy developers (people who can write code from scratch and design original or different features vs. someone who can just clone a coin) actually disagree with my opinion and have been rated by one or more services.  In my eyes it gives these non-legit 'services' fake credability. 

Discussion and more facts:

There was a coin release (just one example here of many of what kind of money these schemes bring in ) that was sold at an ipo at a popular exchange months ago and sold out making way over 400 bitcoin. It promised several features/ideas. Proof of developer gave it the highest rating possible and the coin (still now) has a self moderated topic on this forum. It never delivered the features promised and although it is still traded on more than one exchange not long after launch it was heavily dumped. So in my eyes those responsible basically robbed well over 400 bitcoin in an operation that took a few days time and a couple fancy posts and with souce code cloned from other coins that anyone who can clone a coin could have deployed in a few hours or less. 

Some people feel that if a person is not smart enough to protect themself or if someone gets ripped off , screw them, they deserve it or it is ok.  This 'Caveat Emptor' idea is how I used to look at things myself.  I still sympathize with those who feel like this.  One thing that started to change my opinion was when I noticed some people who cannot read code but want to invest in alt coins actually believed this proof of developer concept meant something.  It means nothing.  Zero.

Just because someones identity is known or they are 'endorsed' by another party who is supossed to be qualified to offer such an accolade is no guarantee they are honest or competent.  They could still plan a dishonest project like the one I just described (and believe me there are more like this than I can honestly count - some appear more successful than others)  with the sole intention of never delivering what was promised and walk away with a nice amount of btc/money for doing absolutly nothing. 

Suppose they are actually honest.  What if the new innovation they want to sell to the masses fails or they fail to code it. What if it breaks or has vulnerabilities.  It is possible but I personally have yet to observe what I consider a 'legit' project as an ipo.   I have never invested in any. I did look at a few and thought ' wow that seems like a cool idea' .... but I never was convinced that anything real took place until I actually saw it work. 

So what do you do ?

Avoid a project with a self moderated thread. What else can I say.
If no critical remarks are on that thread in these times in this forum something is wrong and it can be the most legit project ever and people will still probably say some negative stuff. 

If not self moderated and you are not able to examine the code post to the thread and ask for someone to look it over and answer your questions or to show you where 'specific' things are.  Never be afraid to ask questions. If the developer answers you great but seek opinions from others also when possible.

Do not think that a project that is only has ten or twenty pages long must not be alive and happening since if it was really all so good it would have five hundred pages.  There are alt coins running for years that have quite short threads here in this forum. Those projects are quite legit and doing well.  There are also coins that I watched as recently as last week when the forum came back online in which the thread went from 1 page to over 60 pages inside of a few hours. This is not natural. I suspect shills or people recruited on purpose for the new coin launch. (that particular coins page count is still growing rapidly !!) 

Be cautious of coins that 'change' the distribution of the supply after launch.  I know a a few coins that I consider 100% legit and done by talented teams that have changed things after launch.  Maybe they changed the algorithm or the dificulty retargeting. There may be very good reasons for this. Some coins may have changed the number of coins a block or the block time but if it is a major change ( lets say something that cuts the total supply to 25% of the original or less) or cuts the amout of time of mining the entire supply (lets say from 20 years to 2 years) I would take a pass.

Please run alt coin wallets in a virtual machine or at least not on your regular computer. Always do a check of the client on virus total.  I realize some coins have false positives but if it comes up with a virus total of more than a handful and they are showing up as trojans, keyloggers ect.... run screaming.  It has happened more than once and it will happen in the future.  (I am referencing item 'd' above) where someone releases a coin and the source compiles clean so if someone who always builds their own wallets like me uses it they won't have any problems but if someone downloads the initial client it has an unwanted payload. Some of these had a virus total of zero since the crooks wrote their own custom payload.

Remember that some long term members of this forum have sold their accounts so just because a coin was launched by someone who is 'legendary' does not mean it is as it appears.  Actually you are more likely to see sr. or hero member accounts that were 'purchased' . 

How do you know that the developer did not hide a premine of a million coins (like in section 'e' above) from everyone ?  These hidden premines cannot hide from a full abe block crawler or someone examining the blockchain.  When I want to check something out I build my own full abe block crawler in private to look over a network. (The one provided by a development team can in theory be coded to display what it wants you to see although I am not aware of this ever actaully happening.)  Yes you can examine a network from  the classic 'satoshi' client itself but not as easily as with the abe style interface. 

Don't waste your time on things that seem too good to be true. 
Don't buy or pay for a coin that promises something before it is actually released and proves it can do what it promises it will.  Honest and competent developers will always release the source code to the public and welcome critics. 

Premined coins obviously should be avoided with very rare exception.
I see some coins that are premined and it says 5% of the supply is premined .... but the number of coins in the five percent is large vs. what will be mined out in the next year... obviously that premine of 5% means much more if it represents 25% or 50% of the total supply that is available after 6 months or one year.  I have no personal problem with 'ninja' or quick launches if the other dynamics of the coin is fair. This gives people who happen to be lucky enough at launch to start mining to get a few coins but no so many that they end up owning 20% of all the mined coins !! 

Watch out for the instamine !  If 20% of a coins supply is mined in the first day take a pass. 
Consider any coin that has a short time frame for anything: like a short time frame for proof of work or all coins are mined in a week , ect.... an automatic throw away.  Think of a salesperson saying to you 'hey you have to buy now since they will all be gone tomorrow' .....

Proof of work is best. Proof of stake??  Sorry I cannot support it because of security issues.  At one time I was a true believer in proof of stake and even personally launched an alt coin that was proof of stake.  I can tell you it took a while for me to realize that without centralized checkpointing and control (like ppc has) proof of stake has some security issues in particular since many alt coins use an older codebase of bitcoin to start from.  I don't want to go technical in this post but I personally know several ways that can really produce 'unusual' or 'undesired' results with a proof of stake coin.  Some of these you need to be able to change code around and compile your own attack client or node and some of these flaws are exploitable by someone with some coins in a regular wallet just by changing the clock on a windows computer.   Even with the centralized checkpointing system that ppc was using proof of stake fails to solve /resolve what is called the byzantine generals problem.  (you can google that with or without bitcoin if you want to learn about it and why it is important).  Finally I will say I think proof of stake has potential for the future but there is no substitute for proof of work. 

Regarding the 'centralized' concept of checkpointing I realize some proof of work coins use this to a lesser or greater extent to secure the block chain from attack.  I don't think anything centralized is good. If an individual like me or you can compile the code, run a node and it will work with everything that is my personal test.

Other important things to remember with alt coins or any coin. 

Unless you are mining solo, hopefully the pool you are a member of is being run honest and with updated software by experienced people.  Recently there was a 'bug' (some called it a 'backdoor') or vulnerability discussed in these forums for strantum mining that allowed upper and lower case letters in hex. numbers to not be properly checked.  While most bitcoin pools I know of have updated something like this allows someone who exploits it to steal (not from a coin network) from the other miners in a pool by submitting false shares they did not mine. Most pools regularly get 'attacked' in various forms.  In fact I would extend that to say that pretty much any type of large or even partially successful project tends to get attacked to some degree over time. Stick with pool operators who are known and reliable that have the experience to handle things if you expect to be paid. 

There are no guarantees in cryptocurrency.  It is a gamble.  I sometimes have mined a few coins that are not even traded on an exchange or ones that are but are 'unpopular' or 'unprofitable' .... 
I like to check out different technology and learn things.  I am not suggesting you be like me but I am suggesting that the technology is often overlooked or misunderstood by many who frequent this forum.

An example of this is that many believe that alt coins with multiple algorithms like x13, x23 , x77 , ect.... are more secure than a single algorithm.  Sorry that is not true in fact the opposite is true.  There has been a lot of scientific research done on this and experts in cryptography agree and have published verified studies that adding more algorithms not make encryption more secure than using a single algorithm. That does not mean these multiple algorithm coins have no security only they are as secure as the weakest of the algorithms used.   

Any coin network or blockchain is only as safe as the difficulty.  The lower the difficulty the easier it is to attack.  The higher the difficulty the more difficult it is to attack.   If a coin is launched and the development team does not have resources to secure the blockchain or if not enough people are mining to secure the blockchain you should be careful.  Some projects grow over time and become more secure as more people mine.  Just don't think that a blockchain that is using scrypt 1024 is secure at a difficulty of 2. 

In closing I do want to say we should all be greatful to 'Satoshi' and many other brilliant developers who have improved the codebase over the years on which almost all alt coins are built.  There are also some fantastic teams of alt coins out there who are very talented and are running very honest coins.  Some alt coins actually have some features that are in some ways 'ahead' of bitcoin in technology or security in concept although certainly not in difficulty (which is the main measure of how much trust you can place in a blockchain). 

The purpose of this was just to encourage the 'real' people out there to seek out the right things and stay away from the wrong things when making choices so you won't get burned. All great successful things generally take time to develop and grow.  Look how many years bitcoin has been running ?

Don't expect a coin running two days on a self moderated thread with a rating of five stars from some 'free service' where the person who gave that rating and the person who is called the 'developer' cannot even write or compile hello world to be the bitcoin killer.  It won't be.   



5  Economy / Service Discussion / Empeopled: A Social Content-sharing Community That Pays Bitcoin To Members on: March 03, 2015, 05:17:15 AM
I recently found out about on Twitter and since I found no references anywhere an the forums here about it I thought someone should mention it.  (Hopefully I selected the proper topic to do so)  Thiis website is like a social network that pays bitcoin to people using the site for different things and the topics and other aspects of the site are actaually open to community input

I got permission from @zaibatsu on twitter who is involved with the project to post this information which if from the site

Full posting here

What is Empeopled?

Empeopled is a content-sharing community that:

    Pays you a dividend when people up-vote your posts and comments.
    Gives you more influence based on the amount of up-votes you've received.
    Empowers you to decide the site's future with the influence you amass.

How does Empeopled work?

When someone up-votes your post or comment you instantly get credited a small amount of Bitcoin.

On top of that, as you accumulate up-votes, your vote carries an increasingly greater weight.

Since trending content is determined by the amount of votes content gets, a greater voting weight means you have more say on who and what people pay attention to.

Lastly, since Empeopled is managed by its members, a greater voting weight also gives you more say on its future features, how its money is managed, its rules, and who its moderators are.

Why does Empeopled have users vote on rules and elect moderators?

From a practical perspective, we want to harness the power of 'the crowd' to maintain the quality of content and conversation.

From a philosophical perspective, we want to build a tool that empowers people to govern themselves on the Internet, starting with content and conversation, but hopefully more ambitious things in the future.

What's the number next to my name mean?

The number next to your name indicates your 'Decibel Level'.

What are 'Decibel Levels'? How do they work?

The higher your Decibel Level, the more your vote counts for.

If your Decibel Level in a topic is 10, then every time you vote on a post or comment that's related to that topic, the vote total for that post will change by 10.

That means your vote is worth 10 votes for that topic!

The more up-votes your posts get in a topic, the higher your Decibel Level becomes. The idea is to give people that have contributed more to a topic a louder voice.

What happens when I gain a Decibel Level?"

Decibel Level    Gained
1    Post, comment, vote on content
2    2x voting weight
3    Report content for moderator review, 3x voting weight
4    Vote in elections and on rules, 4x voting weight
5    Propose a new rule, 5x voting weight
6    Register as a candidate, 6x voting weight
7    7x voting weight
8    8x voting weight
9    9x voting weight
10    10x voting weight
50    50x voting weight

Why these topics?

Early-on we covered any and all topics, but some were more popular than others. To prevent dead topics and improve the typical member experience we decided to focus on those.

In the future, topics can be added based on demand. If you have a topic suggestion, tell us here:

How can new topics be added?

You can suggest new topics to add here. If other members agree and your suggestion gets enough votes it'll be created automatically.

Why was a topic deleted?

Some topics are deleted because of inactivity.

How much is each up-vote worth?

The amount each up-vote is worth is determined by the size of Empeopled's Treasury and how big the site is. At any given time you can see what an up-vote is worth by looking at the exchange rate at the top of your screen.

Note that while it's starting as a very small amount of money, growth of both the Treasury and membership will make it grow in the future. Specifically, the exchange rate grows 1:1 with the Treasury, and at 10x jumps based on the number of commenters (at 1,000,10,000, 100,000 weekly unique commenter thresholds).

This structure opens the possibility for some unique arrangements. For example if/when the community votes to have advertising on the site 50% of the earnings will go directly into the Treasury, which could make it grow quite rapidly.

How do commissions work?

You get 30% of the up-votes and thus money the people you've invited receive. You also get 20% of the up-votes their invitees receive, and 10% of their invitees invitees. You don't get commissions if you up-vote their content though.

Ok so to show this is a legit effort to just get the word out about what I think is a cool site I am not posting my reference code to 'earn' comissions from anyone who signs up.  Check it out You may like it.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / arch the profitability network unmoderated thread -- funny no source code avail on: November 10, 2014, 04:22:02 AM
I find when a coin is realeased with a self moderating topic it hampers truth.

Second I find it funny when the souce code to a coin vanishes and is no longer on github.

Third , naming a coin 'the profitability network' sounds a little over the top to me

I don't know who the people are that are running it, i don't care but i wanted to post these items since I am unable to post to thier thread.

If anyone feels the same as I do , post here to this thread , unmoderated,  i am sure there will be many sockpuppet accounts here to defend their wonderful closed source project. 

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / <<UNMODERATED>> THE FALSE BLIEF THAT LITECOIN IS DEAD -- on: June 21, 2014, 05:24:51 PM
5 minutes ago I posted to a thread stating litecoin is dead and found my post was deleted since it was a self moderated thread.

I guess self moderation is one way to make sure every post is slanted the way you want.

---- Feel free to add your reply to the status of litecoin ---- To me a coin is dead when you fire up the wallet get no connections, nodes or there is no one mining the coin (except you) , even then it is still slightly alive.  Litecoin has been around quite a while and is pretty far from that stage of death I described. 

Here "was" my reply to the people who think it is 'dead' :

If you feel litecoin is 'dead' or 'dying' just mine and support coins you think are alive.
There are so many coins released every week now you have no shortage to choose from.
The last time I checked the network hash rate and difficulty of litecoin was quite high.
It is probably the only scrypt 1024 coin really safe from 51% attack.
I also tend to respect the development team.
People in this thread have commented the developers have come up with no new features.
What features are you thinking about ?
Since it is an open source project you have the ability to 'design' new features and submit them to become part of the project if they are useful.
Give them some lessons !!

I think the foundation of any coin , certainly what makes bitcoin valuable is the security and trust of the blockchain.

If you compare litecoin to other scrypt 1024 coins or the mixed algorithms it has a more secure blockchain than all of them due to its network hash rate and the mathematics of how these things work. Nothing is close to the security of bitcoin yet but as the years go on the only alternatives to bitcoin will be coins with the most miners and hashpower.
8  Local / Altcoins (Français) / Blake Coin - Photon minière fusionnée --- 2 pièces à la fois on: May 12, 2014, 01:49:17 AM
En raison des grands efforts de Bluedragon747 Blake Coin Dev deux pièces peuvent désormais être exploités fusion

Si vous n'êtes pas familier avec Blake Coin fil est ici

Photon un clone de Blake pièce en utilisant le blake 256 algo est disponible ici;all

Vous pouvez vous inscrire à la piscine ici, n'oubliez pas que vous devez construit la spéciale de cgminer pour le blake 256 algo qui sont disponibles sur les principaux postes de fois la médaille de blake et pages Photon ann, ce peut être exploité CPU, GPU ou FPGA tous les informations dont vous avez besoin est dans le début des discussions de pièces de monnaie
Blake pièce est sur ​​plus d'échanges que je peux compter et Photon est sur ​​deux
Vous n'en croirez pas la vitesse que vous pouvez obtenir auprès de votre GPU et ils chauffent moins que de courir scrypt 1024

La piscine est ici

Une deuxième piscine est disponible ici 

Plus blake 256 pièces sont prévues à l'avenir et peuvent être fusionnées extrait comme bitcoin et namecoin (autres) sont maintenant ..... rejoindre la révolution   

Je suis le développeur de Photon. Plus d'informations sur les autres pièces prévues est disponible ici ......

9  Local / 山寨币 / 布雷克硬币 合并后的采矿池 矿两个硬币在同一时间 布雷克硬币 + 光子 & on: May 10, 2014, 08:20:23 AM









10  Local / Altcoins (criptomonedas alternativas) / ANN Blake Coin + Photon Merged Mining Now Live - Fusionada Minería! Live on: May 07, 2014, 12:06:21 AM

Debido a los grandes esfuerzos Bluedragon747 Blake Coin ahora se puede fusionar con minada Photon En una piscina de conseguir el doble de la rentabilidad de su poder hash. También nuevos blake 256 monedas se encuentran en desarrollo para ser lanzado en un par de días, y también estará disponible para la minería resultante de la fusión !

Si usted no está familiarizado con Blake Coin ver hilo aquí

Photon es una moneda Blake un clon utilizando el algoritmo blake 256 y se puede encontrar aquí;all

Photon se comercializa actualmente en 2 intercambios y Blake la moneda se negocia en muchos muchos intercambios.

Las monedas pueden ser extraídos con la FPGA o gpu y producen mucho

Piscina está aquí!

una segunda piscina disponible con la minería combinado , la mía te gustan dos monedas al mismo tiempo, y el nombre para ser transferido puede extraer bitcoin

blake 256 monedas noté mucha más información se liberó pronto se unirán dos minadas aquí

En caso de que usted no sabe cómo ver donde la operación minera combinado

La publicación original Este pool ' s Inglés en el foro aquí

Proporciona la mía!

English thread for this information is here -- sorry for poor translation

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / ANN merge mine 4 coins at the same time -- blake 256 -- 3 pools -- the future on: May 03, 2014, 02:35:57 AM
Due to the great efforts of Bluedragon the Blake Coin Dev both coins can now be merge mined

If you are not familiar with Blake Coin the thread is here

Photon a clone of Blake coin using the blake 256 algo is available here;all  

You can sign up for the pool here , remember you need the special builds of cgminer for the blake 256 algo which are available on the main posts of both the blake coin and Photon ann pages , this can be mined cpu, gpu or fpga   all the info you need is in the start of the coin threads

Blake coin is on more exchanges than I can count and Photon is on two  

You won't believe the speeds you can get with your gpu's and they will run cooler than running scrypt 1024

The pool is here !!

Lets mine !!
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / COINS-E under new management added Cinnamon Coin (CIN) & Unobtanium(UNO) + on: December 01, 2013, 02:41:39 AM
In case you have not heard Coins-E is now under new management and the interface looks great.
My sincere thanks to them for adding Cinnamon Coin to the trading floor !
The cool thing about Coins-E is that they also have some coins that ARE NOT traded at other major exchanges!!
Coins-E is taking the lead in adding new coins including the hot new rare SHA 256 Coin Unobtanium(UNO) and others !!
I asked a few friends to try out the new interface and the feedback I got from both was everything worked fast and the withdrawals were very fast after the confirmation e mail. The coins my friends test withdrew were PPC (peer coin) and XPM (Prime Coin) both purchased with bitcoin.
Two factor authentication is available for that added layer of security.
There is an affiliate program available for those who want to get reduced trading fees by sending friends along !
We all have our favorite exchanges and with the growth of not just bitcoin but many alt coins we need many places to trade.
The benefit of having multiple exchanges is to keep prices in tune with the market.
I once heard someone say Mt. Gox will never add litecoin since it may force them to be more in line with the other world exchanges prices on bitcoin and this may be true.
The same applies to alt coins.  I am a big supporter of cryptocurrency as the technology of tomorrow and based on the trends I see many others agree !  
By the numbers there are 31 coins at Coins-E you can buy or sell for Bitcoin
and 9 Litecoin trading pairs.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ANN >> New Pool For Cinnamon Coin (CIN) Is Open + Extras Plus Coin Giveaway on: November 22, 2013, 09:14:23 AM
Less than 2 months old now a second pool is now available for Cinnamon Coin
Find it here

The updated English Language QT Wallet 1.2 with checkpoints added is also available

Cinnamon Coin is a Scrypt POW/POS Coin That Awards 64 Coins per Block

Block Target Time 5 Minutes

Anyone posting their wallet address here will be sent
a random amount of CIN from 8 coins to 32 coins (up to 1/2 a block) >>>>>

There is also another pool available, block explorer + more.

See the original thread here for more information
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The Fair Weather Friends Of Alternative Coins And The Big Bad BTC ! on: October 24, 2013, 01:44:47 AM
Let's take a look at the world of alternative cryptocurrency as of today. Some feel it is 'dying' out. The price of bitcoin is on a roll humping it over $200 USD and instead of the other coins gaining in value almost every alt coin is down in value. In months past there were many new coins being launched and this has slowed down quite a bit.

I named the thread 'fair weather friends' of alt coins since I see this as the primary reason that things are playing out as they are.

To see how we got where we are let's look back in time and retrace the events that led us here.

For a long time a majority of people who both mine and speculate in alt coins were able to 'turn a profit'. Same was once true of bitcoin.

When bitcoin was being mined by gpu's there were tens of thousands of nodes hitting the network with blocks. I read a few days ago that has dropped to
around 2000 nodes currently finding new blocks of bitcoin. The explosion of difficulty with the introduction of ASIC mining has taken away the ability of most to mine bitcoin. Now don't tell me that ASIC did not increase the difficulty less than the introduction of GPU mining did a while back. The only difference is almost anyone can get access to a gpu and almost no one can get access to the lastest ASIC's. If you could buy ASIC's at best buy,microcenter, or new egg for a few hundred bucks the leap in difficulty would have been just as large going from GPU to ASIC as it was going from CPU to GPU.

Now all the people who built these massive rigs or even people with just one or two gpu's were unable to mine bitcoin for a profit or even at all.

Earlier this year alternative coins started coming out at times a few a day. Each week saw new coins being released. Many are still running , some died out. Since so many people out there had equipment to mine with they mostly switched over to mining scrypt coins with their gpu's. I believe a majority of these people were not really mining litecoin, or any other coin to mine that coin but just to convert it /sell it/ exchange it to bitcoin. Nothing wrong with that
if mining one coin is more 'profitable' than another and you are mining for money this is elementary.

Now bitcoin is doing well and it is actually possible to spend it and use it for many things. I think this is great.

Litecoin and other alternative currencies have not been as fortunate in getting support for real world services , yet.

So what remains.

We have one group of people that (probably own ASIC's) who claim bitcoin is the only viable game in town and all alternatives are a waste of time and will never amount to anything.

We have another group of people who had a high level of interest in mining alt coins as long as they were able to turn around and sell them for bitcoin. Now that the market is changing a little bit and they are getting less than they were they are not as excited. They do not see big dollar signs in their immediate sights and are giving up.

The last group of people is the smallest group. The true believers. I like to put myself in this group. I support bitoin and cryptocurrencies including alts because I think over time they are a way to make a better future for the world. I am happy for the mainstream success bitcoin has had but I do not think it wise to just bet the farm that bitcoin is going to be the final and only answer. Over the long haul I anticipate many cryptocurrencies , perhaps many many more than exist now to be around and have real world applications. Even if I am wrong and they all fail I support cryptocurrency because of it's concepts of putting control of things back in the hands of individual people.

I was fooling around with bitcoin a long time ago when it seemed like a game and almost no one knew what it was. I saw the potential for something back then just as I see the potential for other things now. No sure things though.

I just wonder how many true supporters of cryptocurrency there are when you remove the idea that it is a way to make easy money.

Is it ? Even early on electricity costs and equipment costs made it a long haul before you earned enough back to break even.

Also I find living in the United States makes it hard to convert BTC back into cash. Trying to convert other alt coins to cash is next to impossible.

My final point here is that with BTC headed up in world markets and getting a foothold I think it insanity that people are not all over other alt coins right now. This is a time to shine.

How can so many people be so short sighted that the prices of alts vs. bitcoin is down the last few weeks so lets pack it in ?

If anything this is a time for cryptocurrency to expand and grow worldwide. Instead of riding on the wave of success and the buzz created by bitcoin I get the impression people are locking up alt coins up in the closet. To me this is insanity but I am trying to look at the long term big picture. There are so many people (at least in America) who have no idea at all what bitcoin or any of this stuff means. There were just as many people in 1995 who knew there was something called the internet but did not really know what it was or how it worked.

Think of the early days of the web. Excite was the big search engine and Google tried to sell thier company to Excite for 1 million dollars and the CEO of Excite kicked them out of his office not even giving them a counter offer. Did just one search engine survive ? Was it the one people expected to ? What search engines were popular early ? Which are popular now ? Even today with the concerns for privacy you see duck duck go skyrocketing in popularity because of changes to a landscape that a year ago google had a strong foothold on.

My search engine analogy is only one I could argue about the early days of the web and how it's technology changed the world in ways that some people imagined but no one ever knew exactly what was going to happen. The same is true with cryptocurrency.

So my final word here: Please don't be a fair weather friend to alternative coins just because bitcoin is doing well in the markets now.

I hope to hear some replies on this thread. Agree , disagree, lets at least talk it up and BLOW IT UP : not sweep things out of sight.
15  Local / 山寨币 / [ANN]肉桂投币启动1.1.1版(CIN)无矿前 UPDATE on: September 22, 2013, 05:44:29 AM
肉桂硬币推出1.1版(第2次发射,对不起,我搞砸了第一个)  ENGLISH THREAD HERE  
无premine - 第一个300块的奖




scrypt的数值算法/ POS
硬币年龄在60天之后的股份1 %以上的证明



P2PPORT 19126
听= 1
守护= 1
服务器= 1
rpcuser = **您的用户名**
rpcpassword = ** Yourpassword **
rpcport = 19125

1。启动-QT upCinnamonCoin ,等待它加载,然后退出。
2。 (见上面的示例文件)在c :/用户/ **您计算机的** / APPDATA /漫游/ cinnamoncoin将cinnamoncoin.conf
3。重新启动与cinnamoncoin - qt ,你应该连接和同步。
4 。独奏开采,推出cgminer或你喜欢的任何开采计划,并开始挖掘。
例如: cgminer.exe cgminer - scrypt的邻本地: ****- U **您的用户名** -P **密码** (不含**)
5 。不要将文件命名为cinnamoncoin.conf.txt或将无法正常工作。

是独家推出在cryptocointalk.com非常感谢吉米一切。有几个人谁我不能这样做没有,但他们不想公开感谢他们知道他们是谁。在twitter上我可以达到: @cinnamon_carter  感到自由的鸣叫我! 。
它安装在您的Windows漫游文件删除' CinnamonCoin '的文件夹中。
16  Local / Новички / [ANN] Корица монет Запуск версии 1.1.1 (CIN) Нет Предвар on: September 22, 2013, 05:36:46 AM
Updated Client Links

Корица монета запускается версии 1.1 (2-й запуск жаль, что я облажался первый)

NOTE ENGLISH RELEASE THREAD IS HERE , sorry for poor translation
Нет premine - первая премия 300 блокирует только
Одна монета , чтобы дать всем равные возможности .

Обратите внимание на официальный форум и домашней страницы
размещенных на

Вот ссылка для поддержки
Почему еще одну монету ? Я хотел бы иметьмонета имени меня.
Я также надеюсь, учиться на опыте .

Будет , будет запущен в будущем.
Блок проводника

5 минут времени целевого блока
Scrypt алгоритм Pow / POS
3 блок подтверждение сделки
40 чеканились блок зрелости
Линейный сложности Retarging
Горно награду половинки каждые два года
Всего 25228800 монет из доказательств горных работ
64 монет на блоке (первые 300 блоков награду только 1 монета )
POW добычи в течение 14 лет
1% доказательство доли после 60 дней монету возраста
Qt для Windows Составитель 1.1.1

Linux QT
Вам не нужно скомпилированный код использования Soure ниже.
Windows, Qt русского языка 1.1.1

Qt для Windows 1.1.1

Полный источника на GitHub
Нет Availalbe бассейнов в это время, к сожалению , я не могу платить щедрот .
Если кто-то хочет бассейны , не стесняйтесь , чтобы настроить их , что зависит от вас и тех, кто
будет добывать с вами. Я не поддерживаю никого.
Информация Соло Горно
RPC порт 19125
P2PPORT 19126
Пример cinnamoncoin.conf
слушать = 1
Демон = 1
Server = 1
rpcuser = ** YourUserName **
rpcpassword = ВАШ ПАРОЛЬ ** **
rpcport = 19125
AddNode =
AddNode =

1. Начать upCinnamonCoin - Qt , ждать его загрузки , затем выйти.
2 . Положите cinnamoncoin.conf (см. файл примера выше) в вашем C :/ Users / ** ИмяВашегоКомпьютера ** / APPDATA / Роуминг / cinnamoncoin
3 . перезапустить cinnamoncoin - Qt , и необходимо подключить и синхронизировать .
4 . Соло горнодобывающей промышленности, запуска cgminer или любой другой программы разминирования вам нравится, и начать добычу .
cgminer Ex: cgminer.exe - Scrypt -O локальный: **** -U имя_пользователя ** ** ** -P пароль ** (без ** )
5 . Не называйте файл cinnamoncoin.conf.txt или она не будет работать .

Это былэксклюзивный запуск на Большое спасибо за все, Джимми . Есть несколько других, которые я не смог бы сделать этого без , но они не хотят быть в общественных поблагодарил они знают , кто они. Я могу быть достигнуто на Твиттере @ cinnamon_carter стесняйтесь Tweet меня! .
Я буду проверять Форума на регулярной CryptoCoinTalk.Com для любых вопросов .
Я извиняюсь за то, чтобы возобновить монеты , но когда вы не делаете
premine монет ошибки могут случиться . Убедитесь, что удалили1.0 Клиент для тех немногих, кто
установил его и удалите ' CinnamonCoin " папку в окне роуминговых файлов .
Давайте посмотрим, что происходит ! ура

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Cinnamon Coin 1.4.1 (CIN) No PreMine (POW )& POS TRADE ON COINS-E on: September 22, 2013, 03:51:40 AM
Cinnamon Coin has been updated with checkpoints to version 1.4

A recommended but non mandatory update.
No premine - The first 300 Blocks Award Only
One Coin To Give Everyone A Fair Shot.

Note the official forum and homepage is
hosted at

Here is the link for support
Why another coin ?  
Most Alt Coins are not launched fairly and either by premining or
the design of the coin are made to give an unfair advantage to developers
or others. I did give in to vanity naming the coin after myself.
I also hope to learn from the experience.
You will not hear me begging to be listed on an exchange, paying to set up pools ect.
I hope with good support and a stable distribution to get #CIN recognized on exchanges in upcoming months.
I will not measure success of this project if these things happen or not over time.


Exchanges: NONE

Pools :

        ALL CLOSED

5 minute block target time
Scrypt algorithm Pow/Pos
3 block transaction confirmation
40 minted block maturity
Linear Difficulty Retarging
Mining award halves every two years
Total 25,228,800 coins from proof of work mining
64 Coins per block (The first 300 blocks award only 1 coin)
POW mining for 14 years
1% proof of stake after 60 days of coin age
Wallet currently not available

Full Source On GitHub

Solo Mining Information
RPC PORT 19125
P2PPORT 19126
Sample cinnamoncoin.conf


1. Start upCinnamonCoin-qt, wait for it to load, then exit.
2. Put cinnamoncoin.conf (see sample file above) in your c:/users/**yourcomputername**/appdata/roaming/cinnamoncoin
3. restart cinnamoncoin-qt, and you should connect and sync.
4. For solo mining, launch cgminer or whatever mining program you like and begin mining.
cgminer ex: cgminer.exe --scrypt -o localhost:**** -u **yourusername** -p **password** (without **)
5. Do not name the file cinnamoncoin.conf.txt or it will not work.

This was an exclusive launch on Big thanks to some others who I could not have done this without. They did not want to be thanked in public they know who they are. I can be reached on twitter at @cinnamon_carter feel free to tweet me!!  .
I will be checking the forum at CryptoCoinTalk.Com regularly for any questions.

Let's see what happens!! Cheers  

update 1 year later --- nodes remain active but due to involvment in other projects and future projects in early stages of development support is discontinued at this time ---- contact me on twitter for any questions --
18  Other / Beginners & Help / After years of lurking / I finally signed up .... on: September 20, 2013, 07:19:35 AM
I have learned many things reading in these forums and seen a lot of bad jokes and insulting remarks.
I finally joined. For selfish reasons.
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