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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bowhead Health Review - Bounty Scam on: July 23, 2018, 09:44:02 PM
“Bounty tokens for AHT club members will be unlocked on March 20th 2018”  - Posted on Sep 19, 2017 here:

I am very late to the party, but they are a bunch of bounty scammers looking for free exposure.  Today is July 23rd, 2018. Bounty hunters belonging to the so called “AHT Club” have received zero tokens for work done nor any other benefit - only more broken promises. This while being ignored for most part. I have been warned by others, but gave Bowhead Health the benefit of the doubt. No more.

My advice: Boycott this project as far as possible. Tell your friends and family to stay away!
2  Other / Serious discussion / Sleep vs Cryptos (or vice versa) on: May 19, 2018, 08:52:35 PM
Are you getting less sleep since your involvement in cryptos started? Has it pushed you into insomnia? Has it changed your sleeping patterns? What do you do to stay afloat?

I am certainly getting less sleep since my involvement in cryptos started. It is affecting my sleeping patterns in the sense that I no longer have fixed hours I go to bed every night (or in the mornings I should say). I do try to catch up on sleep - even during odd hours, but it is easier said than done with unscheduled emergencies and what not. That being said, it is certainly not a healthy situation - and will impact my health negatively if left unchecked. I can't help to wonder how many of you are experiencing the same challenge and what you're doing to address it - if anything at all. Tips and suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.
3  Other / Serious discussion / Price Volatility alone is not a Measure of Risk. on: April 03, 2018, 04:11:09 PM
I cannot help to notice how many automatically make the mistake to assume that volatility in price, especially wild price swings, is standalone a measure of risk. Many also make the mistake to assume the higher the volatility and/or price swings, the higher the risk. Nothing could be further away from the truth. To understand risk and the level of risk, you should always ask yourself: Do I get rewarded for hodling through that volatility or accepting that volatility as the status quo? If yes, then consider the size of the reward (and it is not always expressed in terms of the monetary alone). E.g. Bitcoin went up over 8,000,000% since July 2010 despite all of the wild price swings. Those who hodled Bitcoin throughout all the price volatility got amply rewarded for their loyalty, while holding up a middle finger to the establishment in the process (the non-monetary part of the reward).

This is not to say that high price volatility carries no risk. It is only to say that high price volatility is not automatically a sign of high risk. E.g. a $100 kept in a savings account at a bank since July 2010 has seen very little volatility in terms of wild changes in the balance. However, given the fact that the cost of living for one went up considerably since that time and interest earned on savings accounts are extremly low (and in some cases even negative), one can safely say that keeping a $100 in a savings account since 2010, carried way more risk than buying a $100's worth of Bitcoin way back.

Is the same still true today? Nobody knows for sure, but given the proven history of fiat currency failures, is it really that hard to believe that Bitcoin and cryptos will not continue to award us generously for accepting volatility (regardless of the source of the volatility)? Will the 'savings and investment' options offered by the establishment all of a sudden richly reward us - enable us to break free from a centralized, fiat-based monetary system designed to fully enslave us? I think not.

So don't let the media or anyone scare you away from Bitcoin and cryptos in general on the back of wild price swings alone. Wild price swings can be your friends, especially when you stay loyal.

In addition, monetary award and/or losses, especially as expressed in fiat profits and losses, should not be the only factor to consider when getting into Bitcoin and altcoins - or when measuring the risk of getting involved with cryptos. There is a much bigger, better and more noble reason to get and stay involved, namely a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a non-violent revolution that aims to free us from the shackles of governments and centralized banking. Those who are primarily responsible for all the wars, pain, poverty and chaos we've seen and experienced for millennia now.

Make no mistake, the embracement and mass adoption of cryptos, especially of what I deem to be true cryptos, can put an end to their shenanigans in no time. With true cryptos, I mean cryptos that for one enable private, peer-to-peer, trustless (bankless) transactions within peer-to-peer economies driven by decentralized blockchains. True cryptos are not competing to see which can cater the best to the demands of the establishment as expressed in regulations (centralization) and what not. True cryptos don't care what you had for lunch, but it does level the playing field to the point where you have a realistic chance to have food on the table in order to feed yourself and your loved ones. The type and kind of cryptos that are built, maintained, expanded and supported by teams, players and supporters who refuse to accept failure as an answer - those who truly care where we came from and where we're heading.

4  Other / Meta / Poll: Should the April Fools' Day Ranking System be permanently implemented? on: April 03, 2018, 09:06:29 AM
On April 1st - April Fools' Day in the West, many of us were pleasantly surprised by new additions to the ranking system to our left. On the other hand, it worried others. It was removed after April 1st, but it would be nice to see something similar implemented for real. Yes, it would be nice to see a April Fools' Day joke implemented for real. It took the attention away from merit alone. It gave hope where the existing ranking system is casting a dark shadow in crypto land, especially given a sea of red. Grin

I saw the following to my left:

Activity: 504
Merit: 259
Politeness: 250
fMerit: 128
Imagination: 42
Virtue: 7
Coins: 170
Karma: 0
Posts: 872

Cast your vote now - and perhaps tell us why you chose to vote Yay or Nay. Perhaps the gods will hear our plight and grant us favor. Or hear that we're well-pleased with the existing ranking system - and no changes are needed. Wink

5  Other / Meta / New Ranking System? on: April 01, 2018, 04:50:07 PM
I am seeing the following to my left:

Activity: 504
Merit: 259
Politeness: 250
fMerit: 128
Imagination: 42
Virtue: 7
Coins: 170
Karma: 0
Posts: 872

Is this a new ranking system? Could someone shed more light on this? Thanks. Cool
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Price Growth: At current price level, 9 000 000%+ since July 2010 on: March 30, 2018, 10:59:53 AM
It is not surprising to see an army of trolls with relatively new accounts posting FUD about Bitcoin and in many instances outright fake news and lies. While this might be entertaining and accepted as normal by some, it is important to set the record straight as many people who are new to this market might be scared away for all the wrong reasons. We want the adoption rate of cryptos to grow, not to slow down to a crawl or risk halting it altogether. In addition, the current reality is that many people in this space are dependent on higher prices in order to run projects successfully. Yes, this space has development to a point where many people are dependent on cryptos for income.

Thus, for some perspective based on reality, given the current Bitcoin price level of around $7085 (at the time of creating this thread), the price of Bitcoin has increased with more than 9 000 000% since July 2010 ($0.08)) and with about 700% since the start of the bull market last year (2017).

Now I get the fact that more than one of us absolutely hate Bitcoin (segwit + lightning) on the back of what has and is happening behind the scenes in terms of the push for centralization and control - perceived and real. However, we have to consider the fact that when we spread FUD about Bitcoin based on outright lies, we do not only hurt those who hold Bitcoin and the Bitcoin ecosystem. By such actions, we hurt the holders of all cryptos and the crypto ecosystem as a whole. This is exactly what the enemy of us all wants, regardless of whether we are pro-Bitcoin or not.

In addition, we don't need to entertain lies in order to advance better alternatives to Bitcoin. We can do it based on facts and in an honest manner. There is no need for shenanigans that harm the space as a whole.

With the above being said, I am hoping that in terms of cryptos - our love for cryptos as a whole will reign supreme above our love/hate for any individual crypto. We must keep the Grande prize in mind, a world fuelled and driven by peer-to-peer decentralized applications, networks and ecosystems that enable peace, comfort, wealth, order and other positive things that are required for the advancement of humanity (and our survival).

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help create a world that is better for all of us. We must not mess it up, especially not on the back of selfishness, greed and a lack of knowledge.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Crypto Fomo Day as a counter to April Fools' Day FUD on: March 29, 2018, 03:39:34 PM
It is no secret that it is tradition in many countries to commemorate April Fools' Day (April 1st) by spreading hoaxes and playing practical jokes. Given the current state of the crypto market in terms of price movements, I can't help to wonder how big the impact of April Fools' Day FUD are going to be on the crypto market. Will the establishment use it as an opportunity to rub the current pain in good and scare more crypto holders into selling on the back of hoaxes and practical jokes? Personally I dislike and have little time for the silliness of April Fools' Day, but given the realities in hand, it might not be a bad idea to jump the gun by spreading hoaxes that are positive for the crypto market, starting today. They say practice makes perfect. Now might be a good time to start practicing by posting your best pro-Crypto April Fools' Day FOMO here. In fact, it would be great to have our very own Crypto FOMO Day on April 1st (or Crypto FOMO Weekend for that matter) - and those who get upset about it can be called "foamies," because they foam around the mouth.

E.g. it is alleged that CNBC recently reported that the price of Bitcoin declined with 40% from $9000 to $8000.  Roll Eyes

We could counter it by saying that the price of Bitcoin increased with well over 9,000,000% from July 2010 ($0.08) to the current price of around $7400 - how is that for perspective? And we haven't even used any FOMO! Grin

P.S. Just imagine the positive effect this might have on both Bitcoin and Altcoins - and might help to create a general feeling of solidarity that we need in this market. Cool
8  Other / Serious discussion / Talking the Market Down on: March 14, 2018, 11:35:06 PM
It is shocking to see the number of market commentators who are normally pro-crypto, including well-known Youtubers (and I am not going to name them here), who are currently talking the crypto market down. Instead of choosing to place the current dip in prices in perspective, they choose to be extremely negative and create the idea that it is happening because of overvaluations of cryptos (based on what?), etc. This while many of them welcome regulations and other anti-crypto BS with open arms.

I feel they play right into the hands of the governments, corporations and bankers who are hell-bent to keep us under their control. In my analysis, what we've been seeing in recent months and are currently seeing are nothing short of a highly organized, coordinated attack on cryptos (facebook ban crypto ads, blatant market manipulation by Mt. Gox trustee, Visa 'glitch' in charges at Coinbase, IRS crackdown on cryptos, YouTube and google ban crypto ads, Poloniex sellout to Goldman Sachs backed entity, Coinbase capitulation to IRS, Visa and MasterCard making it difficult to buy cryptos, phishing attack on Binance, etc.).

I feel we have to place all in perspective, stay positive, understand what is at stake and take the steps required to move forward.

Why cryptos? Cryptos provide us with the means and opportunity to support a non-violent revolution that aims to free people from the shackles of centralized banking and governments – the primary enablers of wars, pain, poverty and chaos.

How is this possible? Through peer-to-peer trustless (bankless) transactions within peer-to-peer economies driven by decentralized blockchains.

In essence, regardless of our political, religious and other affiliations, cryptos are a way to level the playing field so that everyone gets a fair chance to participate and/or contribute. Peer-to-peer makes us equal partners when it comes to trustless, peer-to-peer transactions and peer-to-peer economies means that are no single asshole who gets to call the shots. For once, we get to contribute to something that can set all of us free - across the globe.

We need to stick to the original and/or core aim of cryptos. This for one means that we need to support decentralization.

We need to support decentralized exchanges and help to finance and build new ones. This is why I have welcomed Binance's decision to turn their exchange into a community centered, decentralized exchange and to take the fight to those who are out to discredit this space (bounty on scammers).

We need to support crypto friendly ad networks such as CoinTraffic, A-ADS, Coinzilla, CoinAd, Mellow Ads and AdBit. And the various decentralized ones in development.

We need to support decentralized video sharing platforms such as DTube.

We need to support private or anonymous cryptos.

Anyway, I could add more, but I am sure you get the idea. We either fight in a non-violent way with the tools in hand (or create better ones) or we walk into the traps set by the slave masters - where we get to suffer and slaughter each other to their benefit again. I know there are many good people out there who are not taking any of the shenanigans sitting down, but I know there are also many people who are falling for the bankster shenigans.

It is not going to be easy, but we have to stay positive and push forward with our eyes wide open. We must swing public opinion in our favor and push for mass adoption - the sooner, the better.
9  Economy / Service Discussion / ZeusHash – Bait and Switch Scheme on: March 24, 2015, 08:42:09 AM
Cloud mining service, ZeusHash, which is operated by mining hardware company ZeusMiner, should be avoided like the plague itself. It is facing the strong possibility of a class action lawsuit and an investigation by INTERPOL after its latest stunt.

In the latest stunt ZeusHash has outright cancelled the mining contracts of a portion of their clients (with non-life time Batch I/II GHS contracts) and is now forcing many of their other clients (with life time Batch I and Batch II GHS contracts) into new contracts, where all three options or plans offered, equate to huge losses for the affected ZeusHash clients.

Be sure to read more here:
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