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1  Economy / Marketplace / Would you pay for AI courses / software ? on: May 20, 2021, 10:27:58 AM
Hello everyone,

I finished my PhD in neural networks (particularly auto-encoders) 2 years ago and have a steady and nice paying jobs.
However, I'm thinking about doing some extra work on the side to get a little bit more btc.

Would you consider paying for course, models/software, or just me thinking about a solution for a problem you want to solve ?
If yes, how much ?

I do have a PhD and several paper online (which I can explain if you want) but I'd rather keep them secret, so as my identity.

EDIT : I'm familiar with neural networks for classification, regression and anomaly detection. I also practiced various machine learning "simpler" models and ways to pre-process data.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / ICObench precision on: February 18, 2018, 10:18:41 PM
Hello everyone,

I was wandering around the interwebz, looking for something to invest a few satoshis into, and I found
Apparently is provide some indicators. It lists ICO and link them to their websites, shows how an ICO issued token succeeded to provide ROI to investers, etc... And gives a note to ICOs based on few criterias and "expert" comments.

Can anyone tell if note given on this website to an ICO actually correspond to the ROI ?
Thanks !
3  Other / Meta / The merit system, as laudable as its purpose is, is flawed. on: February 13, 2018, 01:16:59 AM
Hello everyone,

I'll start with a small disclaimer :
I have lurked a long time on this forum. I opened this account since 2013 and observed a lot.
Being a top notch high ranked user was never one of my priority and I was there when the big merit update arrived.
I don't make this post to whine about merit, I'm just trying to share my point of view to increase the quality of this forum (maybe it won't, but I do what I can :p )

I take into account that there were diverse users with diverse profiles and diverse rank during the merit update.
According to theymos' post , that gives us a initial amount of X sMerit. X = (total merit granted by every ranks) / 2
If we consider "one big cycle" as "every user here during the update gave all the smerit he could", then the remaining smerit coming out of this cycle is now X/2.
Everyone who did a bit of math in their live see me coming.
Any number X, divided by 2 a large number of times, will come really close to 0. In a few cycles (I know, I know in the reality there is no 'cycle' like that, everything is continuous; that doesn't change the math), there will be almost no smerit left.

I know that there is other way to earn smerit (list interesting posts, etc...), but come on. From my point of view : if I use a forum, it is become the subject interest me, and I want to grow and learn about it. I think you will never see me doing some compilation of interesting post compilation just because I want to earn smerit and I think there is a lot of people in the same state of mind.
I think there is a lot of post worth reading that are not "rewarded" enough. That's too bad because the ranks of the users who made it does not give them the credit they deserve. You will say "well, they'll earn credit by earning merit". Yes, but I stated earlier that smerit is a finite "ressource". In 2-6 monthes there will remain only a few people who earned the hero member or legendary member rank before the update that will be in condition to give smerit, and also some people spaming meta to earn it.

Plus, there is a lot of discussion and child boards. Some of them are frequented by a lot of people, and others are not. Some of them are frequented by people who have a lot of smerit to give, and others are not. Some people were here since a long time and posted uninteresting posts & ranked up, some people came later and struggle or will struggle to rank up, even if they deserve to.

As I totally understand the will of highlithing profiles and posts, I think this system is flawed and is somehow unfair to any good-willed newcomers.

Again, I'm not whining about it. I'm just trying to make a constructive statement. If I'm wrong or if there is something that I didn't understand, please I'll enjoy talking about it with you (and will update this post if needed).

PS: I did not review every post of the meta discussion before posting it. If there is a similar topic, please let me know and I'll delete this one.
4  Economy / Speculation / Why the last dip makes me optimistic. on: February 12, 2018, 04:38:47 PM
It is well known that btc have already faced similar dip to the one, as we can see on this (more or less accurate) figure :

The main difference between the last dip and the other dips is that it has been way more mediatized (you can see it on the following figure from google trend)

The main argument of the fudsters, banskters, etc... is that btc is a bubble. During the last dip, I couldn't count how many news about "the bitcoin bubble bursting" or so.
The bitcoin, as we could see for every other dip, started its recovery but this time before the eyes of a much wider population. This recovery followed dip discredits the fudsters in the eyes of everybody. A bubble burst doesn't recover. Fudsters were wrong.

I think the recent dip somehow pushed the bitcoin further in the curve of adoption. I don't think we will see the price skyrocket soon, but when the bitcoin will touch 15k or 18kusd, the news will surely mention it. At this point, media will talk about it again. The average joes will think "oh, last time I heard about it, it was like 6000usd / btc. It is back to that price again". Some of them will join, and they would be right. Why secure some USD on a bank account and maybe miss infinite benefits ? And that's what everybody should remember on this forum.

5  Economy / Speculation / What is your accumulation strategy ? on: February 11, 2018, 08:01:21 PM
Hello bitcoinland,

My personnal case is the following :
I mined really few bitcoins back in 2013 when it was possible to do it with a classical GPU.
Then I martingaled it until 1200% benefit (I crapped myself a few times).
I stopped martin galing when btc reached 800 because I wasn't really confortable gambling that kind of money.
So I hodled since.

The consequence of all that is I never accumulated via trading.

So now I'm kind of stuck with a fairly decent amount, for someone who never really put money into it.

I've tried to trade but, despite a few good calls, I'm quite awful at it.

Eventhough I totally get the very simple (or simplist) "Sell high buy low" paradigm, I find it really subjective to designate what is high and what is low (what time frame ? what % ? etc etc...).
I figured out that when there is any spike in the price (like the 2 high spikes in december, the recent low spike ...) there will be almost systematically a correction in its close future, but that's all I can really afirm with a decent amount of confidence.
Thus, if I rely only on that, I do nothing 95% of the time and my btc stash doesn't grow (what it did is lose some % because as I said, I'm not a very good trader).

That's why I would be glad if some of you experienced btc traders (even crypto traders in general) shared your accumulation strategy with some good-willed noob of this forum, such as myself Smiley.

Thanks Smiley
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Which exchange to manipulate the largest number of alts ? on: January 18, 2018, 03:54:48 PM
Hello everyone,

I currently have an account on kraken but I want to manipulate more alts (trendy ones, untrendy, etc...).

Which exchange would you recommand ?
Bittrex and binance have disabled new user registrations.

So I am looking for the best legitimacy/nb_of_alts ratio possible.

Thanks !
7  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin bounce, the revenge of the vengeance. 5 digits again on: January 17, 2018, 04:31:12 PM
Congrats to every bottom buyers, we've just bounced on the bottom.
Lesson taught to panic sellers (so freaking glad I didn't).

I expect a small resistance and then either dip again or recovery.
If there is a sky rocket, it will happen this summer.
8  Economy / Speculation / The big picture which may have been missed. on: January 17, 2018, 01:30:06 PM
You all have to understand one thing :
As many on this forum have pointed out (reminder :, every goddamn crypto is red.
You have to see the big picture here and take into account that it isn't about bitcoin legitimacy but about the very principle of crypto currency.

FUD about china ban comes back every year, korea and every government will of regulation is just part of the adoption. This is NORMAL and expected.

I'm getting kind of tired about the big BULL VS BEAR battle on this forum, it is just irrelevant. Every January there is a correction and then btc goes up again. We all know it.
The true debate is elsewhere :

Do you believe in the principle of our current (flawed) banking system ? Fine, do as you want and sell, try to profit the wave of cryptos, extend your fiat and forget about it. If you're right, every cryptos will go down eventually.
Do you believe in cryptos ? Buy more, hodl. If you're right, value will increase.

Anyway, I'm not trying to convince you of anything, just trying to point out what matters for long term investors.

(Eventhough I personnallly think that crypto are the future  Grin )
9  Economy / Speculation / Screw that, I'm hodling on: January 17, 2018, 10:06:17 AM
I currently am in the same state of mind as last January. BTC went up and then straight down. I have learn my lesson, next November / December I'll probably sell a few to take profit.
Plus, I am trying to be realistic here :
-There was an unprecedented bullrun to 20k. Odds are veeeery very thin that, in the life of btc, we don't see another similar bullrun again.
-Goldman Sachs exchange !
-Lightning network (dunno really if this will help btc to recover, but hey, still looks bullish to me)
-Maybe some future nice fork annoucements ?
-No more weak hands since the 'crash'

I am hodling at least until mid summer of this year. And if the price stays down, then that would mean to me that I definitely missed the big opportunity at the 20K USD ATH.

10  Economy / Exchanges / Will kraken fix its goddam platform one day ? on: December 14, 2017, 08:44:50 PM
It becomes more and more difficult to use it.
It worked fine when I joined the site a year ago.
But I have more and more server side errors as I browse / login / trade...
It takes me an hour to place an order and actually I can't even login.

Eventhough, they doesn't seem to feel like there is a problem on their site :

I am currently considering moving everything I own to bitfinex or else as soon as their goddam site will let me.
11  Economy / Economics / Why bitcoin indeed "looks" like a Ponzi scheme on: December 05, 2017, 02:50:34 PM
First thing to admit in the bitcoin world nowaday is that bitcoin isn't what it was created to be.
Bitcoin was originally created to be an anonymous currency, with immutable transactions, freeing people from the dictatorship of the banks.
Amongst bitcoin enthusiasts, you can find original bitcoin users, aiming to spend it and use it like a genuine currency. But the majority use bitcoin as a pure speculative product.

The more we hear about bitcoin rising price, the more people want their piece of the cake "ok I want to invest it that too, I want to make a money and it looks like a nice increasing value", adding to the demand. I don't think the price of bitcoin will decrease anytime soon because we are still at the beginning of the curve of adoption, as we can see on, for example, google trend :

My guess is : at each peak, bitcoin earns new users, making the price rise. When they have used all their "potential of speculation", price decrease. We can see on the chart that we have had a huge peak of attention, and coinbase and other trading platforms confirms it, bitcoin has a lot of new users.

It looks like a Ponzi scheme because, when every potential bitcoin users of the population will have exhausted all of their "potential of speculation", there will be nothing left to sustain the price of the bitcoin.

Our "only" chance is that, in the ~2 comings years, huge actors like amazon, facebook, even governments, doesn't obstruct to bitcoin (like china did) but instead start to give bitcoin credits as a proper currency and not as a stock product (like it is happening now).

TL;DR : I really do hope that amazon will one day start to accept bitcoin  Grin
12  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Is your rig mining as expected ? on: October 26, 2017, 09:12:20 PM
I'm sure everybody tried at least once a mining estimator, especially miners.
Does your mining rig mine as expected ? Does it produce the same amount of crypto as predicted on, say, cryptocompare ?

Looking forward to know if those sites are reliable.
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