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1  Economy / Currency exchange / european BTC to cash or cash to BTC exchange ~5K-25KEUR i come to your city. on: July 19, 2020, 08:47:51 AM
Hi fellow forum members I like to travel and for my business often need to buy or sell BTC im trading cars and one popular supplement where seller in Indonesia accept only BTC, so I need BTC when I sold my stuff, or Im selling BTC when I need cash to buy car.
I deal onluy cash-BTC BTC-cash no transfers paypal etc.
Only in person

Here are my fees because I have some risks :
If you buy BTC from me and give cash I charge around 5-8% above market depends from amount and your location.
If you sell your BTC and I give cash I charge around 1-3% below market price

You can come to my location in one beautiful mediterian island in EU or if you want that I come to your location you need to put down deposit 200-400EUR to cover my risk that you will not show up.
This can be done via forum escrow.
I think its pretty fair deal for your convenience. I travel quite often UK to Greece by car so if time and location match maybe I will not ask any deposits.
I think its fair rules for everyone if any suggestions Im ready to look at them.

I can trade USD GBP EUR

my whatsapp +44/753*790*6425
2  Economy / Currency exchange / buying bitcoin with cash up to 30K EUR in EUROPE on: November 26, 2019, 10:36:38 AM
Hi my fee is 6% above market rate, I will come to your place and give cash up to 30K EUR for your bitcoin.
Minimum 10000EUR  have localbitcoins account with previous trading proof
3  Economy / Digital goods / 75% from amazon with BTC I will create amazon account with balance for you on: November 11, 2019, 01:31:02 PM
Like shopping with discount look no further - from now everything you want from amazon is 25% off Smiley I will create amazon account for you and top up with any balance you need for 75%BTC
example 1000$ amazon balance is only 750$$$ BTC Smiley
I will create with your details name surname and anything else you like top up with gift card balance. Gift cards are obtained legit way with cash receipts.
Account created from a brand new virtual machine with residential USA private socks (socks IP will match with state from where is your shipping and billing address)  and new MAC address so no way to link to other accounts.
Then you add your billing address and card and enjoy shopping
All done within 24-48H payment via escrow if you want
Any amount possible.
minimum order $500 value of gift card balance.
Escrow available.
please only for US residents with valid US billing address.
I want evreyone happy.
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Lookman0 scammer dont trust even long term members always use escrow on: November 11, 2019, 01:12:42 PM
I somehow trusted him but shouldnt.
So I wanted sell amazon gift cards I wanted to start with low amount but he pushed me to send big amount over $400 because he needs big order ok somehow I understood it. I was worried but trusted his reputation saw feedback from other long term members and I really needed BTC that time.
Desperation not good. He told me he will send bitcoin within 10min he asked bitcoin wallet he was telling that bar code not very good I was thinking look how he care about paying - but its just advanced scam tactic...
after 10 min nothing then just replies wait wait next day promise pay and so like this forever.
For god sake never trust such people.
My mistake was that i didnt listen my instinct
Because i wanted to send first small gift card and he would send me bitcoin like 60$ but he pushed me to send all 525$ value huge mistake legitime buyer wouldnt worry about such sale conditions.
Lookman0 scammer!!
5  Economy / Invites & Accounts / WTS amazon account gift card balance with receipts physical cards for BTC on: November 04, 2019, 08:54:05 PM
im selling my amazon account - balance 1105$ let me know how much bitcoin you can give. Its gift card balance I have all receipts and cards pictures
if good rate can supply a lot constantly. Looking about 80% BTC so $885BTC
6  Economy / Computer hardware / selling mining rig farm 960mh/s can be improved little bit 4500EUR from EU Czech on: October 25, 2018, 07:59:16 PM
This mining rig farm consists total of 6 rigs 3 open frame (each rig 6X RX570 4GB cards) asus motherboard 4GB ram celeron cpu 1600W psu

other 3 closed 4U rack cases with total  11GTX 1060 6GB cards 5 X GTX 1050ti 4GB, 6X rx570, 1X RX 580 8GB, closed 4U rack cases have B250 motherboard 4GB ram celeron CPU, 2000w psu with total space for 12 cards so you can put another 4 cards in each system. (except one rig have 8GPU motherboard)
I really would like sell everything in one piece but can be sold separately
here is breakdown of prices and short description of each rig

3X Open frame rigs with rx570 4GB cards 800 eur each

1XClosed frame rig  7xgtx1060 6GB  830 eur can put another 1 card and theoretically up to 12 if you manage space somehow.
1X closed rig
5xGtx 1060 6GB and 3x rx570 4GB closed rig 920 EUR it can be improved because rx570 cards run only at 19mh/s stock  because with simple mining problematic overclock mixed card nvidia and amd rigs hashing now at 182mh can be easily clocked to 210mh/s just I would put on hive OS  this have 8GPU motherboard
price 920EUR

And last closed rig is 5xgtx 1050ti 4gb and one rx580 8GB card and one rx570 card can be put one more card or if manage space 4 more cards

So rigs are located at hosting farm in Czech republic Tabor. Would be perfect if you can pickup. Otherwise you need organize shipping. My friend in hosting farm may pack everything nicely and disassemble open frame rigs.
I can accept escrow, crypto bank transfer
I may deliver myself maybe because sometimes I travel by car from Czech republic direction down to Greece, but I will not bring across EU border I can bring until EU border.
Pictures more follow later.
I think it's more or less normal price I just saw ebay 130mh rig bidding at 510GBP so even auction not ended yet it is similar price to my. I mean bidding not just advert price. So someone is ready to buy for that price level.
7  Economy / Digital goods / get any bitmain anmtiner $125usd off with my coupons on: June 26, 2018, 09:11:49 AM
selling my coupons $5 each total 100X$125 bitmain coupons escrow welcome you pay fees
8  Economy / Digital goods / $450 coupons for sale 4 pieces @$199 each on: June 06, 2018, 06:55:00 AM
I hardly see these for sale. Get crazy deal now from bitmain with my coupons.
Dont worry I'm not giving them for $50 or other ridiculous price. If I don't sell I buy myself miners.
Here is proof
9  Economy / Computer hardware / NEW antminer S9 with PSU 14th/s cost you $470!!! if you buy my $450usd coupons S on: June 06, 2018, 06:51:14 AM
$750-$450(coupon) plus you pay me $170=$470 new S9!!!! who else on earth is selling for this price  Grin Grin Grin Grin
get crazy deal with my coupon from bitmain Antminer S9 brand new with PSU only $470 with my $450 coupon
You buy my 4 coupons @$170 each and get $750-$450 off so final price only $470 brand new not from seller here used and god know what condition but straight from manufacturer. I ave also $420 coupons @160USD each and $400 @150
Here is proof

here is proof of order process that you can apply this coupon

10  Economy / Digital goods / 100bitmain coupons $125 for sale @$10 suitable for antminer D3 and any other on: May 27, 2018, 06:40:04 AM
100 bitmain coupons $125 for sale 10usd each
take all $8 each
payment BTC or UK bank transfer.
Forum escrow welcome if you pay fees
Here is proof
11  Economy / Digital goods / 100bitmain coupons $125 for sale @$15-$20 suitable for antminer D3 and any other on: May 26, 2018, 08:40:06 AM
100 bitmain coupons $125 for sale
1-10 $20
20-50 $16
take all $14 each
payment BTC or UK bank transfer.
Forum escrow welcome if you pay fees
Here is proof
12  Economy / Digital goods / WTB bitmain coupons suitable for antminer D3 up to 100 on: April 25, 2018, 10:15:53 AM
as title says PM me, you send coupons first and I pay or we use escrow.
13  Economy / Digital goods / buy bitmain coupons $420 or $350 on: April 20, 2018, 05:28:33 PM
if you have bitmain coupons $420 or $350 let me know I buy for around 25% of their value using forum escrow.
14  Economy / Computer hardware / I buy bitmain coupons all and antminer S9 L3+ and others on: April 16, 2018, 07:18:34 AM
if you have asics for sale and closing your operations I will buy your stock preferably lot off units minimum 10+ asics
Don't offer used units for new prices  Grin Grin Grin or new more expensive than bitmain... Cheesy I can buy up to 50K eur value
if it's older model unit price accordingly like I will not give same ROI price for older model obviously it should be much cheaper since it's much bigger risk that soon it will not be profitable.
Only via escrow or local pickup if you are in EU. Not a single cent transferred upfront even for shipping.
Most preferable is L3+ S9 but anything else tell me
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / please help Im totally lost with my mining rig errors on: April 06, 2018, 07:44:17 PM
I cant resolve this it start to mine then immediatly throw this error also other mining programs dont work it immidiately goes offline
here is error lines:
=== Last 50 lines of /var/log/miner/claymore/lastrun_reboot.log ===
21:24:38:819   64bff700   GPU 0, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 73, an illegal instruction was encountered
21:24:38:819   64bff700   GPU 0, GpuMiner kx failed 1
21:24:38:819   64bff700   Set global fail flag, failed GPU0
21:24:38:820   64bff700   GPU 0 failed
21:24:38:879   5effd700   GPU 1, GpuMiner cu_kd failed 73 (31), an illegal instruction was encountered
21:24:38:879   5effd700   GPU 1, Calc DAG failed!
21:24:42:379   5effd700   Set global fail flag, failed GPU1
21:24:42:379   5effd700   GPU 1 failed
21:24:42:379   5f7fe700   Setting DAG epoch #179 for GPU1
21:24:42:379   5f7fe700   GPU 1, CUDA error 73 - cannot write buffer for DAG

21:24:45:329   597f2700   buf: {"id":0,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":["0x43850bb7fda14d56d2b47996c041dbb51380dcfd265f9676573facee674fe009","0xa74dd84414948aba4bfd6580908dbf9c32a494aa336609746d19a35bb4cccb24","0x0112e0be826d694b2e62d01511f12a6061fbaec8bc02357593e70e52ba"]}

21:24:45:329   597f2700   ETH: 04/06/18-21:24:45 - New job from
21:24:45:329   597f2700   target: 0x0000000112e0be82 (diff: 4000MH), epoch 179(2.40GB)
21:24:45:329   597f2700   ETH - Total Speed: 0.000 Mh/s, Total Shares: 0, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:00
21:24:45:329   597f2700   ETH: GPU0 0.000 Mh/s, GPU1 0.000 Mh/s, GPU2 0.000 Mh/s, GPU3 0.000 Mh/s, GPU4 0.000 Mh/s, GPU5 0.000 Mh/s, GPU6 0.000 Mh/s
21:24:45:379   5f7fe700   Set global fail flag, failed GPU1
21:24:45:379   5f7fe700   GPU 1 failed
21:24:46:632   597f2700   sent: {"id":6,"worker":"8_gtx_1060_6gb","jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_submitHashrate","params":["0x0", "0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001f94060f"]}

21:24:46:633   597f2700   ETH: checking pool connection...
21:24:46:633   597f2700   sent: {"worker": "", "jsonrpc": "2.0", "params": [], "id": 3, "method": "eth_getWork"}

21:24:46:678   597f2700   buf: {"id":6,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":true}

21:24:46:725   597f2700   buf: {"id":3,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":["0x43850bb7fda14d56d2b47996c041dbb51380dcfd265f9676573facee674fe009","0xa74dd84414948aba4bfd6580908dbf9c32a494aa336609746d19a35bb4cccb24","0x0112e0be826d694b2e62d01511f12a6061fbaec8bc02357593e70e52ba"]}

21:24:49:180   597f2700   buf: {"id":0,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":["0xfc67448f1927f874c0de7d773dbff5ec71065fb5c9d80123606a8b1b7c2c0542","0xa74dd84414948aba4bfd6580908dbf9c32a494aa336609746d19a35bb4cccb24","0x0112e0be826d694b2e62d01511f12a6061fbaec8bc02357593e70e52ba"]}

21:24:49:180   597f2700   ETH: 04/06/18-21:24:49 - New job from
21:24:49:180   597f2700   target: 0x0000000112e0be82 (diff: 4000MH), epoch 179(2.40GB)
21:24:49:180   597f2700   ETH - Total Speed: 0.000 Mh/s, Total Shares: 0, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:00
21:24:49:180   597f2700   ETH: GPU0 0.000 Mh/s, GPU1 0.000 Mh/s, GPU2 0.000 Mh/s, GPU3 0.000 Mh/s, GPU4 0.000 Mh/s, GPU5 0.000 Mh/s, GPU6 0.000 Mh/s
21:24:49:693   f5482700   em hbt: 1, fm hbt: 28,
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 0 (gpu0), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 1 (gpu0), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 2 (gpu1), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 3 (gpu1), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 4 (gpu2), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 5 (gpu2), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 6 (gpu3), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 7 (gpu3), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 8 (gpu4), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 9 (gpu4), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 10 (gpu5), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 11 (gpu5), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 12 (gpu6), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   watchdog - thread 13 (gpu6), hb time 7314
21:24:49:693   f5482700   WATCHDOG: GPU error, you need to restart miner Sad
21:24:49:693   f5482700   Rebooting
any ides?
And it never rebooted
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / miner thread hangs HIVE OS on: March 31, 2018, 07:12:59 PM
one my rig make me huge problems it's with 5 AMD RX570 cards 3GTX 1060 6GB
dont ask why mixed because January was very hard to buy GPUS and I put whatever I found...
now it every few hours gave this error miner thread hangs and it restarted many times but now finally it's off
it's in hosting company so I ask them reboot but they not best with mining GPU rigs they host mostly asics...
I dont know what can be done I tried to put back cards in stock settings but it's same here is error output
04:50:24:013   dd7f2700   ETH: checking pool connection...
04:50:24:013   dd7f2700   send: {"worker": "", "jsonrpc": "2.0", "params": [], "id": 3, "method": "eth_getWork"}

04:50:24:108   dd7f2700   got 237 bytes
04:50:24:108   dd7f2700   buf: {"id":3,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":["0xe1047527fe5fb91b90f5b2f3749fc09f1492bab52414848837c177902f412aa7","0x40910b6ac043b9a4c8a3a5100b00efcc1d90c39643cc754f24bf544c3e29c01c","0x0112e0be826d694b2e62d01511f12a6061fbaec8bc02357593e70e52ba"]}

04:50:24:108   dd7f2700   parse packet: 236
04:50:24:108   dd7f2700   ETH: job is the same
04:50:24:108   dd7f2700   new buf size: 0
04:50:24:694   d6ffd700   srv_thr cnt: 1, IP:
04:50:24:694   d6ffd700   recv: 51
04:50:24:694   d6ffd700   srv pck: 50
04:50:24:695   d6ffd700   srv bs: 0
04:50:24:695   d6ffd700   sent: 254
04:50:25:959   5e5e9700   watchdog - fminer thread hangs
04:50:25:959   5e5e9700   em hbt: 0, fm hbt: 127963,
04:50:25:959   5e5e9700   Miner thread hangs, need to restart miner!
04:50:25:959   5e5e9700   Rebooting
last one:
=== Last 50 lines of /var/log/miner/claymore/lastrun_reboot.log ===
06:18:12:750   803f5700   ETH round found 1 shares
06:18:12:750   7f3f3700   ETH: 03/31/18-06:18:12 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 7)
06:18:12:750   7f3f3700   send: {"worker":"gtx_1060_rx_570_8gpu","id":17,"method":"eth_submitWork","params":["0x4cb173d00393c3ac","0xf4ba8c8e47e5743bc6b0a263ce7a8be2432a5d9431718882b864187318b99b3b","0x75b28eb61bcb72a336e22faa6d577bdad5e0ef24569ae78ef0bc2671a0fb2138"]}

06:18:12:898   7f3f3700   got 40 bytes
06:18:12:898   7f3f3700   buf: {"id":17,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":true}

06:18:12:898   7f3f3700   parse packet: 39
06:18:12:898   7f3f3700   ETH: Share accepted (148 ms)!

06:18:12:898   7f3f3700   new buf size: 0
06:18:14:059   7f3f3700   ETH: checking pool connection...
06:18:14:059   7f3f3700   send: {"worker": "", "jsonrpc": "2.0", "params": [], "id": 3, "method": "eth_getWork"}

06:18:14:162   7f3f3700   got 237 bytes
06:18:14:162   7f3f3700   buf: {"id":3,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":["0xf4ba8c8e47e5743bc6b0a263ce7a8be2432a5d9431718882b864187318b99b3b","0x40910b6ac043b9a4c8a3a5100b00efcc1d90c39643cc754f24bf544c3e29c01c","0x0112e0be826d694b2e62d01511f12a6061fbaec8bc02357593e70e52ba"]}

06:18:14:162   7f3f3700   parse packet: 236
06:18:14:163   7f3f3700   ETH: job is the same
06:18:14:163   7f3f3700   new buf size: 0
06:18:14:496   ff832700   GPU 0 temp = 71, old fan speed = 24, new fan speed = 28

06:18:14:497   ff832700   GPU 1 temp = 61, old fan speed = 22, new fan speed = 25

06:18:14:497   ff832700   GPU 2 temp = 51, old fan speed = 22, new fan speed = 25

06:18:14:497   ff832700   GPU 3 temp = 66, old fan speed = 40, new fan speed = 40

06:18:14:497   ff832700   GPU 4 temp = 57, old fan speed = 22, new fan speed = 25

06:18:16:229   8e1ff700   checked ETH share on CPU, spent 9ms
06:18:16:229   8e1ff700   ETH: put share nonce aefe1494072445cf
06:18:16:229   8e1ff700   ETH round found 1 shares
06:18:16:230   7f3f3700   ETH: 03/31/18-06:18:16 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 0)
06:18:16:230   7f3f3700   send: {"worker":"gtx_1060_rx_570_8gpu","id":10,"method":"eth_submitWork","params":["0xaefe1494072445cf","0xf4ba8c8e47e5743bc6b0a263ce7a8be2432a5d9431718882b864187318b99b3b","0x5de7c4105ae65e6b6a2038f3abfa910c60b2e9ee79ec8cd15ddd355f35c1bc8a"]}

06:18:16:383   7f3f3700   got 40 bytes
06:18:16:383   7f3f3700   buf: {"id":10,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":true}

06:18:16:383   7f3f3700   parse packet: 39
06:18:16:383   7f3f3700   ETH: Share accepted (153 ms)!

06:18:16:383   7f3f3700   new buf size: 0
06:18:17:504   ff832700   GPU 0 temp = 71, old fan speed = 25, new fan speed = 29

06:18:17:504   ff832700   GPU 1 temp = 62, old fan speed = 22, new fan speed = 25

06:18:17:504   ff832700   GPU 2 temp = 51, old fan speed = 22, new fan speed = 25

06:18:17:505   ff832700   GPU 3 temp = 66, old fan speed = 40, new fan speed = 40

06:18:17:505   ff832700   GPU 4 temp = 57, old fan speed = 22, new fan speed = 25

06:18:20:103   7cfd6700   srv_thr cnt: 1, IP:
06:18:20:103   7cfd6700   recv: 51
06:18:20:103   7cfd6700   srv pck: 50
06:18:20:105   7cfd6700   srv bs: 0
06:18:20:105   7cfd6700   sent: 252
06:18:20:325   33700   watchdog - fminer thread hangs
06:18:20:326   33700   em hbt: 1, fm hbt: 144239,
06:18:20:326   33700   Miner thread hangs, need to restart miner!
06:18:20:326   33700   Rebooting
17  Economy / Scam Accusations / ziku 65 scammer tried to scam $35000 using fake escrow email on: March 12, 2018, 02:49:14 PM
So here is his topic
it was full of warning signs but I wanted to see where this scam ends and how
1) no pictures of full stock
2) local pickup not possible ok i may understand this somehow but still...
3) Very fast want to push everything, when I mentioned I send PM to escrow  he told no and asked to send email
4) I told him I sent email but I didn't I was testing him
5) few min later email arrive thank god gmail have this feature which warn it's phishing email
it looks real email with escrow address but this email is spoofed 100%
That's why this idiot agreed for any price I offered actually $35K would be very low for all this but he just immediately agree. It could happen if urgent sale but you know old saying if too good to be true it is.
He closed his thread so nobody can write his doubts every day bumping for sure if he was genuine he would sell long time ago at least one unit Lol

This bastard should be banned escrow should insist always send double messages via email and also via PM confirm. With other email provider user would not get warning and this scam could easy get through!!!!!
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / thinking to place order of 10 million blake2b antminers from halongmining on: March 07, 2018, 08:38:44 PM
 Grin Grin Grin Grin so is it good deal  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
seems this company have very deep pockets if they have stock for 55 billion Cheesy
So what do you guys think about halongmining
IN best case scenario it's stupid marketing but worst case scenario scam
yesterday they had blake 256 miner it was in stock like couple million miners today out of stock Cheesy
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Very low hash rate on some GTX 1050ti cards on: March 02, 2018, 05:48:10 PM
I bought BRAND new Same GTX 1050ti cards from very reputable vendor in UK ebauyer all cards are same Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050ti I put in my system and use hive OS 2 cards are 11mh/s other 3 15.5mh/s very strange I tried very different OC settings no luck I put now max 1800mhz memory clock +50 core power limit didnt touch so default. Makes no sense eny thoughts I made 2 other systems in Hive and OC was fine. but other cards GTX 1060 6GB got all to 24mh/s of course if I try to push more OC system restarts...
20  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB GPU's asic miners wholesale up to 40K EUR prefer in EU offer me good price on: February 25, 2018, 07:11:31 AM
As title says I want to buy GPU's RX570/470/580 GTX 1060 6GB 1070 1080 etc you know all good stuff for mining.
Also mining rigs even more better. Also ASIC miners whatever you have let me know. I will not deal for 1GPU etc lol
starting from around 10k eur. Please no scams Cheesy I will fly over and inspect your goods every single unit before payment. if you don't agree don't bother.
No preorders and other BS unless you are some big company very reputable etc. Dont offer ebay prices and higher lol. I buy wholesale plus you dont deal with ebay BS returns scams fees and other BS. I come and pay cash or bank transfer or BTC after I see goods. Before I come you will need to make video showing your stock with paper saying current date and your forum username.
if you know or run reputable hosting facility also let me know
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