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21  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Karmacoin KARM Buy/Sell Thread on: February 04, 2014, 12:37:27 PM
Because no one has made this until now, I am going to start a Karmacoin (KARM) buy/sell thread.

Original thread for this coin is:
So far everything looks fine with the coin, fair lunch, hashrate is increasing. All systems looks OK. Smiley

Whenever you make a sell/buy transaction think twice about the price you are asking. Usually these altcoins are never less than 20 satoshi when they hit a market...

Trade on your own responsibility, try to avoid being scammed. If you are unsure of a transaction or there is a new user who wants to sell/buy KARM, probably you are better of using an escrow service (I am offering one also).

If you are scammed then please send me a PM with details, and I will update the SCAM LIST so people knows who they should NOT deal with.


So far this one is empty... hopefully will remain like that Smiley

AllForAltCoin - I have got information from ptman that he sent 0.078 BTC yesterday and still haven't received his KARM. Bad Karma. USE ESCROW!
22  Other / Meta / Why my activity doesn't increase? on: January 17, 2014, 10:55:23 AM
Maybe someone can help me out with this: if activity = min(post, twoweeks*14), and my post count is near 100, then how can my activity is showing up 42? I think that I even spent more than 3 times twoweeks around here, so anyway should be higher.

Any help would be very welcome.
23  Other / Meta / Question about trust on: January 10, 2014, 02:28:08 PM
I have a problem. When I look at my own trust then I see that I haven't received any. But I know for sure that I have received already a trust message.

The person sent me a screenshot with my profile, and it seems that others can see my trust. So why can't I? Don't really understand this, I am a bit confused.

Could anyone help me out?
24  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANN] - we can help you get back your lost wallets on: January 09, 2014, 08:18:54 PM
This service is intended to help people who have problems accessing their wallet (doesn't matter if it's a Bitcoin wallet, or other cryptocurrency).

In case you lost your password, or your computer got corrupted, don't hesitate to contact us: probably we can help you.

Feel free to PM me any time.
25  Economy / Services / Escrow service - simple and safe for almost any crypto currency on: January 09, 2014, 01:39:19 PM
Don't gamble with your coins: use escrow every time you are making a direct exchange with someone!

Unfortunately there are a large number of scammers on this forum, who are after your coins. They often change usernames, have multiple accounts, having the best prices for your coins no matter what coins you have, and so on...

After some negative personal experience I decided that this has to stop. Therefor I am launching this simple escrow service, so noone gets cheated anymore by some unscrupulous scammers.

For safe transactions, just follow the steps below:

1. Buyer and seller will agree on price and terms. (I have nothing to do with this step)

2. Once they agree, one of the parties has to send me the following details via PM:
- Buyer's Bitcointalk username, amount and currency the buyer pays with; receiving address
- Seller's Bitcointalk username, amount and currency the seller gives away; receiving address

         An example will look like below:
          Buyer: 10Ycoins; receiving address: Hg7457dahdfh...
          Seller: 100Xcoins; receiving address Xyggg845hhg7...

3. I will contact both buyer, and seller sending them both an address where they each have to send the coins.
         Disclaimer: I will not discuss at all neither with the buyer, neither with the seller the agreed price and terms and will not give advise regarding that.
          For each escrow I will use different addresses for security reasons so nothing can go wrong or mixed up (or use older escrow addresses where the deal was already completed).

4. Buyer and seller has to send the coins to the specified addresses.

5. Once I received the coins from both parties, I will immediately send the coins to both parties to the receiving address they have specified.

6. (Optional): you can leave a feedback/comment about how satisfied you were with the way the transaction went.

In case one of the parties doesn't keep it's word, I will send back to the other party the coins, deducting my symbolic fee AND post other's party Bitcointalk username in this thread.

Thee fee I am taking is really really symbolic: 1% of the transaction from the seller and buyer as well, or minimum $1 or equivalent when 1% is below that.

Example: If you are selling 100 Xcoins and the buyer pays with 10Ycoins (really hope by the way that by tomorrow will not appear on the market these two new coins:)), then the buyer will receive 99Xcoins (1 is deducted), and the seller 9.9 Ycoins (0.1 deducted).

That's all. Simple and safe.
26  Economy / Auctions / - FOR SALE on: January 01, 2014, 06:48:00 PM
Hello everyone,

I have THE domain name I consider this to be a premium domain name and a very good one to achieve possibly good rankings. If one builds a website accordingly to the domain name can make lots of money.

Auction will start from 10BTC, and will end on 31 January (or sooner if anyone offers 100BTC).
27  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / CGMiner - how to stop difficulty increasing? on: December 30, 2013, 08:55:34 PM
Hello everyone,

I want to make an experiment. I want to keep my cgminer to mine with difficulty level 16, as it is when it starts... It quickly goes up after that ( I have a 3 x 7950 Sapphire mining rig).
Is there any way that I can tell cgminer to keep the difficulty level at 16 even if the pool wants to adjust to a higher number?

Any help will be greatly appreciated...  Smiley
28  Other / Beginners & Help / Mastercoins - want to buy on: November 14, 2013, 09:25:41 AM
Hello everyone,

I would like to buy Mastercoins. For this the best thing would be to be able to post on topic, but since I just registered this is not possible. Sad
I am not sure if I can PM Pouncer neither for escrow help.

Is there any way around it? So I can start posting there trade offers, PM Pouncer, etc.?

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