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1  Other / Serious discussion / EU finance ministers will discuss cryptos this Friday on: September 05, 2018, 07:25:40 AM
Maybe you have already heard about it, but during an informal meeting this Friday in Vienna, EU finance ministers will discuss “the opportunities and the risks involved, and also a possible regulation” regarding cryptos.

You can check out the agenda here:

Since it is an informal meeting I wouldn’t expect any substantial outcome but it is still something to keep an eye on.

I will keep my eyes open for on any news on the results of the meeting.
2  Local / Deutsch (German) / Neuigkeiten zur Regulierung von Kryptos in Österreich on: April 05, 2018, 01:29:59 PM
Laut einem gestern in der Presse veröffentlichten Artikel hat Finanzminister Löger einen Fintech-Beirat eingesetzt, der bis Ende des Jahres Vorschläge für die Regulierung von (unter anderem) Kryptowährungen ausarbeiten soll:

Auch wenn eine mögliche Regulierung  in Österreich lediglich einem Sturm im Wasserglas gleichkommen würde, ist es doch interessant, dass sich auch Österreich nun mit dem Thema befassen möchte. Positiv finde ich, dass hier ein bottom-up Zugang gewählt wird und Industrievertreter eingebunden werden. Es wird sicher spannend zu sehen, wie sich Bankeninteressen mit jenen von Fintech-Startups in Einklang bringen lassen und wie die Haltung der Aufsichtsbehörden sein wird.

Ich werte es auch als ein positives Signal, dass nicht unbedingt neue Regulierung am Ende des Prozesses stehen muss, sondern dass auch mit Richtlinien das Auslangen gefunden werden könnte. Im Steuerbereich soll es offensichtlich auch keine neuen Regeln geben. Es wäre ja etwa möglich, dass man dazu übergeht die einjährige Haltefrist aufzugeben, wie dies vor einigen Jahren bei Aktien geschehen ist. Problematisch könnte eine Prospektpflicht für ICOs sein, da dies hohe Kosten verursachen würde und ich mir vorstellen könnte, dass dann ins Ausland ausgewichen wird.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Did you recently join any ICOs that gave you a profit? on: April 04, 2018, 02:40:55 PM
With the recent drop in altcoins I was wondering if any of you have recently participated in ICOs that actually gave you a profit. All ICOs that I have invested in have dropped quite severly if compared to the initial price once they were distributed to investors. I am not at all worried about that since I believe that they are solid projects and that the loss is only due to the general market situation.

It would be interesting to see if there are any projects that actually developped against the current bull trend. So is there anyone who was lucky enough to make a profit?
4  Other / Meta / I was just offered a merit trade-off on: April 04, 2018, 02:34:51 PM
A member of this forum just approached me via personal message and suggested to me to "trade" merits. So for giving him merit he would give me the same amount back.
While I was at first inclined to accept this offer, I have decided to do the right thing and raise awareness for this issue, since I am quite sure that things like these happen all the time.

Any suggestions on what would be the appropriate steps to take? I am not a fan of naming and shaming but maybe this would be the right thing to do.

I am also not very enthusiastic about the merit system but still think that we should all play by the rules and earn our merit.
5  Other / Meta / Any advice on how I can earn merit? on: March 26, 2018, 02:51:09 PM
Dear all,

I know, this is yet another thread about merit, but I’ve been really asking myself if I am doing anything wrong, which is why I had to write this post.

I’ve been quite active on this forum for some time and have struggled to rank up since the new merit system was introduced.

When merit was introduced, I read many threads in which people said that the system would be beneficial for those who would write quality threads and display a decent command of English. I would argue that my posts generally meet these criteria. Of course I sometimes also write short posts (like everyone else on here), but I have also created some quality and helpful content, which sometimes took me up to an hour to write and research. The result is zero to hardly any merit. I sometimes have the feeling that there is simply too much content on this forum in order to get noticed by people who would be able to give you merit or people who could give you merit simply can’t appreciate the content due to their own lack of language skills. While quality seems to remain unnoticed, there are tons of shitposts that receive merit for reasons that are beyond my imagination.

I was therefore wondering if I am doing anything wrong. Is there anything else I can do beyond putting time in my threads and trying to use correct language to get merit?

I would appreciate if you had any advice for me.
6  Economy / Economics / Do “penny coins” really have more potential? – a brief analysis on: March 23, 2018, 10:30:43 AM
First of all, I hope that I have chosen the right section of the forum. If not I would kindly ask a moderator to move the thread.

Since I joined this forum I came across quite a few threads in which users asked for advice on which “cheap” coins they should buy. Most of the time people recommended coins that were trading below 1 USD.

I like to call these coins penny coins, by analogy with the penny stocks that enjoy some popularity on the stock market. When I read these recommendations, I started to wonder if these coins really have more potential than normal ones. It somehow didn’t seem logical to me that this would be the case as the low price of penny coins simply reflects the overall supply. After all the market for cryptos works according to the principle of supply and demand and where there is large supply the price will be low. Hence, a coin with a low price is not necessarily undervalued. However, on the demand side a psychological factor could come into play. People could be attracted by the low price of the coins and believe that it could grow up to the value of a coin that has a large supply. This would cause a disproportionate price increase.

In order to test these hypotheses I had a look at six of the top ten coins on CMC and grouped them into coins with large supply on the one hand and coins with a small supply on the other. In order to establish how much the price of these coins had risen I took a price when the coin was pretty “flat” and compared it to the peak price before it went down with the rest of the market. I know this is not exact science, but it should at least provide a sufficient indication.

Coins with small supply

LTC (circulating supply 55.75 M)
Starting price (March 2nd 2017): 3.80 USD
Peak price (December 19th 2017): 353 USD
Increase: + 9289%

NEO (circulating supply 65 M)
Starting price (June 15th 2017): 1.61 USD
Peak price (January 15th 2018): 161 USD
Increase: +9757

ETH (circulating supply 98,36 M)
Starting price (January 22nd 2017): 1.51 USD
Peak price (January 15th 2018): 1389 USD
Increase: +91986%

Coins with large supply

XRP (circulating supply 39.09 B)
Starting price (March 3rd 2017): 0.006 USD
Peak price (January 4th 2018): 3.65 USD
Increase: +60833%

XLM (circulating supply 18,55 B)
Starting price (March 2nd 2017): 0.0017 USD
Peak price (January 4th 2018): 0.08 USD
Increase: +47058%

IOTA (circulating supply 2.78 B)
Starting price (June 14th 2017): 0.59 USD
Peak price (December 6th 2017): 5.34 USD
Increase: +905%

As you can see, two coins (XRP and XLM) with a large supply are amongst the top three performers. However, ETH, which has a small supply, performed even better. So we can’t draw any clear conclusions. It would probably be necessary to gather a greater sample of coins. I nevertheless believe that it is a save recommendation to say that one should always choose a project according to the idea behind it since a low price does not mean it’s undervalued. Don’t buy a coin simply because it has a price below 1 USD. Always factor in the overall supply and even more importantly what the prospects of the project are.

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Recommended: Pantos (PAN) ICO by Bitpanda on: March 22, 2018, 08:59:53 AM
I came across a great ICO, which is called Pantos (PAN). It is planning to implement the first Multi-Blockchain Token system and will allow users to transfer their PAN from one blockchainto to another for any reason, without any additional charges beyond any transaction fees paid to miners. One of the use cases for Pantos will be the possibility for traders to identify and exploit emerging price differences between arbitrary digital currency pairs, without the need to change one currency to another.

The ICO started yesterday and they already sold around 18% of their hardcap!

The team:
What makes this project outstanding is the team behind it. It was launched by the guys behind Bitpanda, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the EU. I personally had the pleasure to talk to the two founding partners in the margins of an event in Vienna and I must say that they are both great guys. Not only are they enthusiastic about blockchain but they also know how to proactively deal with regulatory compliance, which will be a big issue in the near future. Bitpanda also is a well-established exchange, which (as I heard) will soon have around 100 employees in Vienna. For Pantos they will partner with researchers at the Technical University of Vienna, the Research Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics (RIAT) and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. So this is a project, which has a serious team behind it.

PAN will also be airdropped to all users of Bitpanda (EU only). All you need to do is to create an account and accept the terms and conditions of the ICO. You can follow this link to do so:

I would be interested to hear your thoughts about this project.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ICOs in the field of security tokens on: February 17, 2018, 07:51:56 AM
I recently invested in Polymath (POLY) and Bnk to the Future (BFT). POLY didn't even organise an ICO but only an airdrop, which was very successfull. BFT sold out within 150 seconds during their public sale. While both of them are utility tokens, they are designed to power platforms that are in the security tokens business.

Polymath (

They are building a platform on which companies will be able to launch their own security tokens. Here is what they are planning to do on their platform according to their white paper:

1. Provide a decentralized protocol for trading security tokens.

2. Enable individuals and institutions to authenticate their identity, residency,
and accreditation status to participate in a wide range of security
token offerings (STOs).

3. Allow legal delegates to bid on new issuances to represent issuers on
offerings to be done in a regulatory compliant manner.

4. Match issuers with developers who can translate issuers’ Security Offering
parameters into secure code that generates ERC20 compatible tokens.

POLY will be the token to power all these activites, e.g. whenever a company offers a KYC service on the platform or provides legal advice.


They will launch a platform on which investors will be able to trade their equity in the form of security tokens.  The BTF token will be used to power community based activites on the platform such as reviewing companies and providing timely updates on them. This should allow them to scale their existing procedures, which are now centralized and thus very time consuming. BTF is already a very well established actor in the crypto space.

BTF and POLY have also partnered. Here is an interesting article that describes their partnership and the differences between them:

I personally believe that securitiy tokens hand in hand with regulatory compliance are the way forward for cryptos. I would thus be interested to hear what you think about those two projects and if you are aware of any other similar projects that work with security tokens that may be interesting to have a closer look at.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Why Jesus Coin will be Nr 1 by the end of the year on: February 08, 2018, 02:26:42 PM
Those of you who don’t know it yet, I would like to make aware of a rather new project that I have really fallen for - Jesus Coin (JC). It will decentralise Jesus on the blockchain.

I suppose you guys are now wondering if I have gone completely mad, but let me explain to you why I love this project:

- JC is currently trading at an incredibly low price and is only available on Etherdelta and Stocks.Exchange. However, it will soon be listed on bigger exchanges and has a similar potential like DODGE

- The goal of JC is to reach the market capitalisation of DOGE by Easter and of BTC by the end of the year. The also have a very strong argument why this will happen: If you don’t believe in it, consider that Jesus was resurrected. How unlikely is this?

- They have a committed and growing community behind the coin. People even dress up as Jesus and record songs to spread the gospel and they do regular airdrops to reward their disciples.

- No other coin offers ultra fast p2p (pilgrim to pilgrim) transactions and will save you from hell.

- The developers are a really cool bunch of guys with a great sense of humour.  No other crypto has a donkey that takes care of the airdrops and deals with stupid requests in such an elegantly sarcastic way.

I also highly recommend to read their white paper, which really made my day.

Check out their website and their Telegram channel for further details.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Participation in airdrops and Ledger Nano - safe? on: February 01, 2018, 10:28:14 AM
I have participated in a number of airdrops in the past and provided my MEW public address to receive the tokens. I have now started to wonder if there is anything that could happen to me in case I end up falling victim to a scam.

Is there anything that can be done with my public address to steal my coins? I use a Ledger Nano with my wallet, so technically no one should be able to access it without holding my Ledger Nano in their hands, right? I therefore also don’t have a private key, which could somehow get stolen.

Am I safe, or did I miss something here?
11  Bitcoin / Legal / KYC/AML requirements and (EU) data protection on: January 31, 2018, 03:33:09 PM

I realized that recently many ICOs and even some airdrops require participants/investors to submit personal data and documents such as passports or IDs to the organizer of the ICO/airdrop for reasons of KYC/AML. Now many people are wondering if their data is protected and what will happen with it. I would thus like to make you aware of the EU data protection regulation that will enter into force in May 2018 and that was designed to protect (EU) consumers in cases where their personal data is processes. Processing means any operation, which is performed on personal data such as sharing, disseminating, structuring etc.
So what are a few of the basic rights and obligations contained in the regulation:
- data may only be processed if the consumer has given consent and in case it is really required. This consent may be withdrawn at any time.
- data may only be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes
- the company has to be able to prove that the consumer has given consent to the processing
-you may request infomation about your data being processed at any time
- you have a right "to be forgotten" so you can always request that the company deletes your personal data
-a personal data breach (e.g. hack) has to be reported to the supervisory authorities and in case of a high risk directly to the individual
- fines of up to 20.000.000 € in case of breaches of the regulation
You may now wonder why should e.g. companies based in the US or Asia worry about respecting the rights guaranteed by the EU data protection regulation. After all their legal seat is outside the territory of the EU. Well, the data protection regulation also applies in cases where data of an EU citizen is processed even if the company is not located within the EU and goods or services are offered to EU citizens. Of course a company running an ICO may always argue that a token is not a good. So this is a question that would need further clarification by the European Court of Justice.
So we see that at least EU citizens have a strong set of rules that protects them. However enforcing these rights is always a bit tricky in particular in case of "digital" companies.
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Why not have a referral link section? on: January 28, 2018, 08:45:10 AM
Hello everybody!

I am quite new to this forum and therefore hope that this thread is both in the right section of the forum and doesn't raise an issue that is either not relevant or has already been discussed.

As far as I understand referral links are not welcome in this forum. So I thought why not have a dedicated section where everybody can post their referral links? I am also on and they have such a section. It is really great, since everybody can post in there and those who get annoyed by the links can simply ignore the dedicated section. However, people are also "uping" their threads there, so this would mean that users can increase their number of posts quite fast. With the new merit system this wouldn't be a problem, right?
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