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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / DJ Hardwell to start using blockchain for music rights on: October 18, 2016, 06:35:52 AM
A mainstream performer start using blockchain to easily track the distribution and rights of his songs, which can now take years.

Translation of the Dutch article on reddit:

Blockchain is growing!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / btc-e adds new trading pairs: eth and dash on: April 27, 2016, 12:18:25 PM
Btc-e had added their first new trading pairs in years.

Today they announced adding eth and dash paired to btc.

Seems like they want to be in on the volume.
3  Economy / Gambling / Bankroll management - Don't go bust all the time on: February 07, 2016, 08:50:20 AM
When browsing the threads around here I very often see people losing their entire stash of hard earned bitcoin on bets that were possibly not the best ones to make. In the past I used to play poker, and when studying strategies, the first thing that is basically hammered into you is bankroll management . After a little browsing I figured the same goes for sports betting and probably any type of gambling games.

Bankroll management:

The thing about bankroll manegement is that when you adhere to it, the risk of losing your entire stash becomes very small. It helps you choose the size of your bets and can help to keep your emotions in check on a winning or losing streak. In short, you have a playing strategy.

The first thing you have to do is determine the amount of bitcoin your can afford to lose. Let's say you have 1 bitcoin laying around for gambling. You don't want to lose that bitcoin in one sitting and preferably make some extra bitcoin from it right? So be smart about it!

To prevent you from making emotional bets you determine a strategy and stick to it! For most games it is advisable to never bet more than 1-2% of your bankroll. In this case it means to never bet more than 0.01-0.02 bitcoin on any single bet. After winning or losing 20% of your initial stack (1.2 or 0.8 bitcoin), you readjust the bet size to 1-2% of that value. This way, you are in control of your bankroll without needing to adjust the bet size every game you play.

The second important thing is not to vary your bet size in a single session . This can turn any winning session into a losing one VERY quickly. Imagine you would bet 0.1 bitcoin on the first bet and 0.01 bitcoin on the second and third bet. If you win the second and third on, but lose the first one, you are still behind even though you won more games than you lost. If you had bet the same 0.01 on all three bets, you would have been ahead!

Thirdly, make a plan for withdrawing and depositing into your gambling bankroll . Since the bitcoin on this bankroll are not needed and you can miss it (the principle of a gambling bankroll!), you should never HAVE to withdraw for any expenses. Since you don't want to risk bigger and bigger amounts endlessly if you are on a winning streak, it may be smart to withdraw an amount every once in a while. The amount and when to do this is up to you, but remember, the bigger your bankroll, the bigger your bets can be while keeping a strict strategy. As for deposits, only deposit what you can miss and set a maximum to it! If you are on a sig campaign, you could use your earnings for this. If you have leftover money that you don't have any use for now or in the future, you could use this to fund the bankroll. It is also smart to deposit (as long as you can miss it!) when your bankroll gets too small to make decently sized bets. If you lost 90% of your initial bankroll, your bets will be tiny. You may want to fill up in that case.

I hope some stricter bankroll management can help some of you and prevent you from going bust all the time. In the long run you will enjoy the gambling more as you have more control over what you do.

On a final note, remember to stick to your strategy.
4  Bitcoin / Electrum / Question about change addresses on: January 22, 2016, 08:49:07 AM
Lets say i'm using electrum wallet and did a couple of transactions. Some change get send to new addresses.

I then lose access to the wallet.dat file and I need to recover the bitcoins using the seed from setting up the wallet.

Is the change also available through this seed? Or are they on new private keys that are only accessible through the wallet.dat file?
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / DGEX still operating? on: July 22, 2015, 12:55:36 PM
Hi all,

It seems that DGEX is currently totally unaccessible. Does anybody know what is going on there? I still have some FIMK there that I'd like to get out, but i'm not able to get in touch with support (links not working) and get no reply in the thread that hovers around here.

I hope they did not run..

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / alt coin rise? on: June 11, 2015, 07:34:03 AM
Is it me or are a lot of the "old" altcoins starting to rise? A lot of coins have risen 400% in the past month.

What is the reason? Speculators expecting a pump coming to their coin?

Or are we going to see a repeat of January 2014? The rise of altcoins v2?
7  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Wallets for Windows Phone? on: May 17, 2015, 11:46:59 AM
Hi all,

I've been using Windows Phone for over a year now and unfortunately some apps are still lacking. (Lets hope windows 10 finally solves this problem!)

Are there any good and thrustworthy windows phone wallet apps available? I don't want to risk losing my coins when I use a crappy app.

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / 16% discount! #increasing 1%daily# Including amazon, newegg and steam gift cards on: May 26, 2014, 09:50:03 PM

Just wanted to remind all of you who missed this great deal!

Noblecoin now offers daily increasing discounts on all stuff in the marketplace (except bullion) when using noblecoin as payment method!

Check out the available stuff here!

How does this work?

Normal discounts are 12% when using noblecoin. A new promotion has recently started, where the discount increases by 1% each day. Current discount is 16% (27-5) and will increase to 17% tomorrow!

How can I join and buy cheap stuff?

Buy some noblecoins from an exchange (mintpal, vault of satoshi, poloniex, and many more!) and use them to buy a product in the marketplace

Be fast!

Discounts increase daily, but the total amount of sales with this discount is capped. The marketplace is being stress tested to find a sustainable discount level. You can hold out till the discount reaches 30%+, but you might miss out when others rush in to get their discount before you!

Enjoy your cheap products!
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [NOBL] Vote for your favorite video / paper wallet design on: April 17, 2014, 07:59:11 PM
Bitcointalk | Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

The video and paper wallet design contest has finished, thanks everybody for your contributions, we had some nice input!

First I would like to thank the following people for donating noble to make this contest possible:

1Kb, james6546, Polobyxa, a3tje, Tweek, GBattaglia, hellscabane, Charloz24, TN5, ShakinHandz,, philsmock, luckycoin1, Grrizz, whylieaboutcake, Hueristic, NorrisK, and other anonymous donators!
I would also like to recognize Rofo and the NobleCoin team for doubling the raised amount

Since we had only 1 video submission, there will be no vote for the video, MysticalPotato wins the video prize!
You can vote for up to 2 of your favourite paper wallet designs! Voting will run until Tuesday April 22, after which the prizes are paid out!

1st: 400,000 Noble
runner up: 50,000 Noble

Video - MysticalPotato - 400,000 Noble reward!
Watch video!

Design 1 - Murkster

Design 2 - Murkster

Design 3 - Murkster

Design 4 - Tweek

Design 5 - Tweek

Design 6 - k4mebit

Design 7 - k4mebit

Not contending, shows how to fold the wallet - Murkster

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [NOBL] Community meme contest - Vote for your favourite meme! on: April 03, 2014, 09:21:38 AM
Bitcointalk | Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

The meme contest has finished, thanks everybody for your contributions! I and many others have had a lot of laughs from the memes Smiley

First I would like to thank the following people for donating noble to make this contest possible:

1Kb, james6546, Polobyxa, a3tje, Tweek, GBattaglia, hellscabane, Charloz24, TN5, ShakinHandz,, philsmock, luckycoin1, Grrizz, whylieaboutcake, Hueristic, NorrisK, and other anonymous donators!
I would also like to recognize Rofo and the NobleCoin team for doubling the raised amount

You can vote for up to 3 of your favourite memes! Voting will run until Tuesday April 8, after which the prizes are paid out!

1st: 50,000 Noble
2nd: 25,000 Noble
3rd: 10,000 Noble
4th-10th: 5,000 Noble

It wasn't easy to pick these, all contributions were great! I tried to pick only one from each person to give as many people as possible a fair shot. I'm sorry if you didn't make it to the list. If you beleive i really missed a great one, post it in the thread and I might add it Wink (I'll turn on vote changing if I add one)

1. Chicks watch out! - a3tje

2. Water project success! - Hueristic

3. It's amazing! - voephilis

4. A noble crypto? - james6546

5. Noble prize - philsmock

6. Can't afford a noblecar? - mymenace

7. Not all are shitcoins - decivox

8. Reservoir alts - murkster

9. You don't need brains - Cyber_Punk

10. Disregard crapcoins! - whylieaboutcake

12. Noblecoin reimburses - decivox

13. Cryptsy forgets $#%^#$% - magalhanze
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [NOBL] NobleCoin - Bounties up grabs! *TipBots, P2Pool, Wallets & More!* on: March 17, 2014, 09:18:39 PM
Bitcointalk | Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

Hi All!

NobleCoin is on the verge of going big! We do need your help to provide us with some much needed stuff.

NobleCoin is offering official bounties for the development of several stuff, including:

Reddit TipBot - We need a new one or two. We offer a reasonable bounty. There is also the opportunity to make 1% to 2% off transactions as a ‘service fee’ to keep the TipBot running this time.

P2Pool – We’re looking for P2P capability. Using transaction messages makes the work slightly more complicated for setting up P2P for NOBLE. Solid bounty offered for someone who can set this up.

Infographics related to NobleCoin - We love infographics, but we suck at them. If you have experience doing these and can come up with some great ones – get in touch with Rofo!

Android Wallet – we can provide development details/source nuances & requirements. We have had a number of interested parties and some work starting behind the scenes, but rather than have competition/reduced interest we would rather keep ourselves open to rewarding two or three providers so we have some variety/don’t put all our eggs in one basket.

And much more! Please see for more information and more bounties just waiting to be scooped up!

Please contact Rofo if you are interested in one of the projects to discuss the details.

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [HUGE NEW REWARD!] NobleCoin Video and Paper Wallet/Design contest! on: March 09, 2014, 07:34:50 PM
Bitcointalk | Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

We are looking for the best promotional videos and designs (Paperwallet, flags, etc) for NobleCoin!

Video contest:

1st: 400,000 Noble

Design contest:

Best paper wallet: 400,000 Noble

Other designs: Reward based on contribution (fair rewards to be expected!)

This thread is a follow up on our current community sponsored contest The contest entry time has been extended to give everybody plenty of time to make and entry! and will now run until Wednesday April 16 .

In addition ALL serious entries will receive a NobleCoin reward. To claim your reward, please post your NobleCoin address below your entry. The better your entry, the bigger your reward!

After April 13, the best 10 entries will be picked and a public poll will decide the winner!
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [NOBL] NobleCoin Meme and Slogan contest! *Rewarding all entries!**2 days left!* on: March 06, 2014, 08:53:52 PM

Made by a3tje
Bitcointalk | Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

We are looking for the best Memes or Slogans regarding NobleCoin!

1st: 50,000 Noble
2nd: 25,000 Noble
3rd: 10,000 Noble
4th-10th: 5,000 Noble

Having trouble designing your meme? Use!

This thread is a follow up on our current community sponsored contest The contest entry time has been extended and will now run through March .

In addition ALL serious entries will receive a NobleCoin reward. To claim your reward, please post your NobleCoin address below your entry.

At the end of the month, the best 10 entries will be picked and a public poll will decide the winner!
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [NOBL] NobleCoin community contest! *2k Noble for the first 10 entries* on: February 27, 2014, 09:27:43 PM
Bitcointalk | Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

UPDATE: First 10 (serious) entries will receive a 2,000 Noble bonus for their work!

Hi everybody! On behalf of the NobleCoin community I'm hosting a community contribution contest with more than 500,000 Noble up for grabs! We have held a fundraiser to gather the required Noble and we would like to use this fund to provide an incentive to everybody to build on the NobleCoin image and reputation.

There will be 3 main contest categories!

Video | Memes | Social Media

The first round of this contest will run for 1 week and will end on Friday March 7 at 18.00 (6 PM) GMT+1 . All entries need to be in before this time. Late entries can be resubmitted in future contests.
Please note that judging and deciding on rewards can take a while. All prizes will be announced and paid before Friday March 14.

Video contest

The NobleCoin community would like to see a promotional video about NobleCoin. How would you promote NobleCoin? What do you think is great about NobleCoin? Use your imagination, the NobleCoin website and any other means to get inspiration for a great video!

Please upload this video to youtube and post it in this thread.

As we recognize the amount of effort required to build a video, we will be awarding several great prizes!

1st prize: 150,000 Noble
Runner up: 100,000 Noble
Other: Other (ALL!) serious entries will be rewarded based on content of the movie and effort put in!

Meme contest

The NobleCoin community recognizes the importance of good memes in the current internet age. It provides a good method of spreading the word around the internet in a fun way. This contest will reward anyone that makes any of the following: 1. Memes 2. Slogans 3. Flag designs 4. Paper wallet designs 5. Any other creative things you come up with!

We would like to see you post your meme, slogan, flag designs, paper wallet designs or other stuff in this thread. Also, we would like to ask you to share your meme or slogan in a public place (social media or this forum is preferred!) with decent traffic and link to this.

All serious contributions will be rewarded with varying amounts of NobleCoins! Amounts can very from a a couple 100 to thousands or even tens of thousands Noble depending on the quality and where it is spread.

The best memes, slogans, designs and others will be featured below:

Meme category

1st: 25,000 Noble
2nd: 15,000 Noble
3rd: 10,000 Noble

Slogan category

1st: 25,000 Noble
2nd: 15,000 Noble
3rd: 10,000 Noble

Design category

1st: 50,000 Noble
2nd: 30,000 Noble
3rd: 20,000 Noble


Social Media

We recognize the importance of social media in the promotion of cryptocurrency. We would like to motivate everybody to start talking about NobleCoin on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Please post proof of any promotion you do for NobleCoin and refrain from senseless spamming .

Top promotor: 50,000 Noble
Runner up promotor: 30,000 Noble
Regular promotor: depends on promotion done

Please note that rewards for individual promotions are small, but increase with number of promotions, quality of the promotion and traffic on the location of promotion. Getting retweeted or otherwise recognized by high profile people will yield great rewards!

To make this workable for the organization, please gather all promotion you do and pm this in one go to me, NorrisK.

Special thanks go to the following NobleCoin community members for making this contest possible!

1Kb, james6546, Polobyxa, a3tje, Tweek, GBattaglia, hellscabane, Charloz24, TN5, ShakinHandz,, philsmock, luckycoin1, Grrizz, whylieaboutcake, Hueristic, NorrisK, and other anonymous donators!
I would also like to recognize Rofo and the NobleCoin team for doubling the raised amount.

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Boost interprocess folder - Malicious? on: February 24, 2014, 08:28:05 PM
Hi all,

I recently noticed that whenever I open a wallet on my pc, a file called bitcoinurl in the folder boost interprocess is created. Is this supposed to happen or could this be virus/trojan related?

I've always scanned doubtful wallets using virustotal, so I have a hard time believing this is malicious.

Could anyone please check there C:\ProgramData for a folder called boost interprocess? The file bitcoinurl is created whenever I open any wallet and is removed as soon as I close it.

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [NEWS] NobleCoin [NOBL] - Marketplace released, donation target approaching! on: February 17, 2014, 10:49:24 PM

Issue #2 of the NobleCoin newsletter has been released! Find out all about the marketplace and the end of the first round of donations to the water project!
Merchant, pool and exchange support for NobleCoin is growing by the day.
Please enjoy!
Bitcointalk | Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

Disclaimer: This news letter is published by an active NobleCoin enthousiast, on behalf of the NobleCoin team.

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [NEWS] NobleCoin [NOBL] - Marketplace beta incoming! - on: February 03, 2014, 10:49:31 PM

From now on, NobleCoin will release updates regarding their progress with merchants / charities / exchanges and
any other noteworthy news on a regular basis.
Please enjoy!
Bitcointalk | Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

Disclaimer: This news letter is published by an active NobleCoin enthousiast, on behalf of the NobleCoin team.

18  Local / Alt Coins (Nederlands) / NobleCoin[NOBL] - E-SPORTS/WATER PROJECT*BULLION/AMAZON*9 EXCHANGES*40 WINKELS on: January 08, 2014, 10:59:49 PM
Dit topic is vertaald voor user Rofo. Ik ben niet de ontwikkelaar van deze coin. Het originele topic is hier te vinden:
Twitter | Facebook | Freenode IRC (#NobleCoin) | Reddit

Transparent Publiek Grootboek | NOBLE Movement | Interview Met De Ontwikkelaars | NobleCoin & Het Water Project

Exchanges: (NOBL/BTC)
Poloniex (NOBL/BTC)
Coin-Swap (NOBL/#)

Huidig Giveaway Topic: NobleCoin OFFICIELE Giveaway

Betalings Gateways:
NobleCoin wordt nu ondersteund door

31/1:50% en $3000 donatie mijlpaal bereikt voor Het Water Project
31/1: NobleCoin in Crypto Monthly Uitgave #1
28/1: CoinPayments voegt NobleCoin, 42 en anderen toe
26/1: $1000 Donatie mijlpaal bereikt voor Het Water Project
24/1: WorldCoin is Noble, NobleCoin helpt de wereld
24/1: NobleCoin & Het Water Project
22/1: Kom & ontmoet de NobleCoin Ambassadeurs
20/1: Poloniex Voegt Meer Coins toe, onder andere NobleCoin & LTC/NXT Pair
19/1: NobleCoin op de eerste exchange:
19/1: NobleCoin Haalt Zijn Eerste Exchange!
18/1: NobleCoin: Bounties voor Iedereen!
15/1: NobleCoin - Vrijheid, Welvaart & Veiligheid
14/1: Interview met de makers van NobleCoin

Over NobleCoin:

- Gebaseerd op scrypt
- 60 seconde blok doel.
- Moeilijkheidsgraad stelt zich elk blok bij. (multipool bestendig)
- Totaal 15 miljard coins.
- NobleCoin ondersteund transactie berichten.
- 5,000 coins per blok.
- 50 bevestigingen nodig voor een gemined blok.
- 5 bevestigingen nodig voor transacties.
- Transactie tijd minder dan 30 seconden (vaak sneller).

- Open Grootboek, Block explorer & Openbaar (pre-mine) adresboek
- Lange termijn planning, transparante ideeen en doelen
- Toegewijde, actieve ontwikkelaars en gemeenschap

NobleCoin Official:
(Geeft elke 12 uur NOBLE aan iedereen - we
zorgen dat er altijd NOBLE in voorraad is)
*Kans op 2014 NOBLEs*

(Handmatig onbeperkt)
(Coins worden elke twee uur uitbetaald)

1) Ondernemers - mensen die NobleCoin als
betaalmiddel willen ontvangen.

Note: Er komt ook een tweede onafhankelijke marktplaats
aan - details komen er aan.

2) Meer vertalingen van onze [ANN] pagina
en movement pagina:

Winkel Pagina Hier

NobleCoin Reddit Markt:

We verwerlkomen graag Black+Blanco (YUM!)

1. Glivet (Kleding winkel)
2. LotWin (Lotterij software)
3. CryptoTycoon's Store (Craigslist achtige marktplaats)
4. AdFountain (Web Solutions, Design Services & Internet Marketing)
5. Iquidus (Open Source Solutions)
6. OEMConcept (Qualiteits Wielen)
7. CryptoGameKeys (PC/PlayStation/Xbox Game Keys)
8. CryptoCoinStuff (Crypto Stickers & Stuff)
9. Black+Blanco (Echt eten voor de ontwakende geest)
10. 2EuroInks (Inkt Cartridges & Laser Toners)
11. BitStickers (Bitcoin & Alt-coin Stickers)
12. CryptoDirectory (Cryptocurrency Directory Listings)
13. Le Cupcakerie (Montreal Cupcakes - Wachtend op order bevestiging?)

*Pas op met winkelen. Zoals met alles in de crypto wereld moet je oppassen
met wie je handelt!.

Resources Link Hier:

NOBLE Goede doelen & Bewegingen

1. Het Water Project - Het menselijke potentieel ontdekken door toegang te
geven tot schoon en veilig water en sanitair.
2. SPICES - Hulp voor ouders, jongeren en kinderen door vroege service.  
3. Lifeboat Foundation - De mensheid beschermen
4. Wij De Mensen Opleiding garanderen
5. FarmBot Automatische boerderij machines
6. CryptoArticles - Crypto-enthousiastelingen die ons up to date houden!
7. PeaceGeeks - Wereldwijde, non-profit, vrijwilligers organisatie
8. Save the Greyhounds - Hulp en onderdak voor lijdende Greyhounds

Ja, we hebben een windows wallet bij de release.

NobleCoin Source (Github) | Windows Wallet
Linux (Github-Master) | OSX (Feedback gezocht)

*Android Wallet App. in ontwikkeling & bijna klaar

Sample .conf file - noblecoin.conf

(Denk aub aan de 51% regel bij het kiezen van een pool. Bedankt.)

Kijk welke pool het beste bij jou past: klik.

1. Poolerino (Germany, 0% Fee)
2. SevenPool (China, 1% Fee)
3. Cryptominer (EU, Amsterdam. 2% Fee)
4. CryptoTycoons (NA. Fees dropped to 0.5%) (Thanks to ctenc001)
5. Idcray (1% Fee) (Thanks to saymissme)
6. Pool-Mining (1% Fee)
7. Plingeling (1% Fee) (Thanks to Primera)
8. (0% Fees! Multiple Coins, SSD,
Xeon Server, DDOS Protection, Optimized Daemons & Protocol)
9. YourMine (Currently 0% Fees! - Advanced Security,
1Gbp European Servers, DDOS Protection,
SSD HDDs, Mobile/Tablet Friendly) (Thanks to Kyle)
10. Validation Error (1% Fee) (Special thanks to HearNoMore)
11. Badass Miners (France, 1.5% Fee, DDOS Protection (ARBOR SysteM),
Fast server from (Thanks reda)

Tip voor pool eigenaars: Zorg dat je COINDEAMON_TX = 'yes'
insteld - Dit is de stratum-server van de pool en zorgt er voor dat de block rates/rewards
accurater worden weergegeven voor iedereen op het netwerk. (NOBL/BTC)
Poloniex (NOBL/BTC)
Coin-Swap (NOBL/#)

Bitcointalk Trading Thread:

*Er zullen nooit ontwikkelaars/'officiele' vertegenwoordigers van NOBLE zijn die
NOBLE op een willekeurige marktplaats verkopen. Pas op met wie je ruilt en contact hebt.

IRC: ( (#NobleCoin) (Official channel)
OFTC: ( (#NobleCoin)*
IRC2P: (#NobleCoin)*
*Voor gebruikers die privacy en beveiliging belangrijk vinden. Onze
gemeenschap (met de pool eigenaren) zitten op Freenode. Dit maakt het makkelijk
om up to date te blijven met
de laatse ontwikkelingen.

LinkedIn NOBLE Movement Page: (Thanks eboard10!)

Frans: (Thanks Jiyome)
Russisch: (Thanks CoinMine)
Chinees: (Thanks Mike & Nai)
Nederlands (Dutch) (Thanks NorrisK)
Portugees: (Thanks T7UNDER)
Skandinavisch (Thanks WhyS)
Spaans (Thanks MoNxO)


Block Explorers:
Deze raden we aan (je kan onze 'reserve'/pre-mine addressen bekijken):
1. CryptExplorer


Het Plan:

Het idee achter de Noble Movement is dat er zo veel meer
bereikt kan worden als er een pro-actieve en gezonde relatie is
tussen de voorstanders van de cryptocurrency en de algemene
samenleving. Door gebruik te maken van sociale media, aggressief
te bloggen, artikelen, nieuwsberichten en constante face-to-face
met de gemeenschap in gesprek te gaan kan het gebruik en de
invloed van de cryptocurrencies vergroot worden. In plaats van de
grote hoeveelheid willekeurige gratis coin uitgifte topics op de
gebruikelijke crypto fora, zullen NobleCoins verspreid worden als
beloning van constructieve handelingen. Mensen die geinteresseerd
zijn in NOBLE kunnen zich aanmelden om NOBLE ambassadeur te worden,
waardoor je nu en later beloond wordt, terwijl je actief met de
gemeenschap in gesprek gaat. Meer informatie over dit programma zal
de komende weken beschikbaar worden.

Het Noble Network is een web en mobiele applicatie die ontwikkeld
wordt met het doel om winkels, huidige en toekomstige klanten van
NobleCoin met elkaar te verbinden. Retailers die Noblecoin accepteren
kunnen rekenen op een significante reclame door middel van de NobleCoin
website en zoekacties van NobleCoin gebruikers terwijl ze aan het winkelen
zijn. De lancering is gepland in het in het midden van 2014.

De Noble Marktplaats zal een online winkel worden die vergelijkbaar
is met Amazon. Hier kun je goederen en diensten kopen met NobleCoin.
De lancering staat gepland voor midden-laat 2014, nadat de eerste periode
van mining en speculeren voorbij is. De prijzen zullen gekoppeld worden
aan de huidige gemiddelde wisselkoersen van Noblecoins en/of specifieke
prijzen die door de verkopers en leveranciers worden bepaald. Het is de
bedoeling dat er een automatische wissel plaats kan vinden van NOBLE
naar USD en andersom, zodat het makkelijker wordt voor de verkopers en
kopers om hun coins te wisselen.

Waarom NOBLE? Wie zijn we & onze belofte

Woorden zijn goedkoop op het internet – maar hier komt het. De opkomst van de cryptocoins (waarvan we geloven dat het pas net is begonnen) heeft ons gefascineerd zodra we er van hoorden. Zoals vele andere betrokkenen in deze beweging hebben we onze twijfels over het huidige economische systeem, de grote spelers die betrokken zijn, waar de samenleving heen gaat (zowel socio-economisch en technologisch) in de 21e eeuw en hoe we om gaan met de gigantische veranderingen en uitdagingen die er aan komen. We geloven dat een duidelijk, verdeeld, gedecentraliseerd en veilige manier voor het ruilen van digitale valute op een wereldwijde schaal een nobel streven is.

We worden niet opgewonden van het dumpen van coins om een snelle boterham te verdienen. Daarnaast is het niet belonend genoeg, persoonlijk en professioneel. Het bedenken, bouwen en verbeteren van een digitaal systeem, een gemeenschap en economie doet dit wel. Alleen het idee van het effect van een dergelijk systeem op de algemene bevolking is mind-blowing. We zullen ons vele jaren volledig inzetten op de ontwikkeling en verbetering van NOBLE, zijn gemeenschap, marktplaats en het belonen van de beweging. Alleen het hebben van de mogelijkheid, vandaag, op deze leeftijd, is al briljant op zichzelf. Om deze redenen zijn wij van plan om er voor de lange termijn bij te zijn.

Wij hebben veel ervaring in de ontwikkeling van web & mobiele applicaties, business planning en management, software ontwikkeling, online marketing en het gebruiken van sociale media. We zijn een team van jonge, succesvolle dromers, die de luxe hebben dat ze NOBLE full-time kunnen ontwikkelen en vertegenwoordigen. We hebben de passie, de drive en het ego dat waarschijnlijk nodig is om (misschien wat arrogant) aan te nemen dat we een cryptocoin economie kunnen ontwikkelen die naast de besten komt te staan.

We hopen dat je je bij ons aansluit en blijf op de hoogte.

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / So many coins, wallets and network syncs.. on: January 07, 2014, 09:32:50 PM
So how do you all deal with the increasing amount of coins, the resulting wallets and the networks that need syncing?

Do you sync them on a regular basis?
Do you sync them when you need the coins? (which can then take up hours if you didn't sync for a month)
Do you refuse to use all the shit that is released?

Please enlighten me as all the syncing is starting to annoy me..
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