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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Holiday season arrives, consider the security of your assets on: December 20, 2021, 07:17:18 PM
The end of the year is the peak of the holidays for everyone and I'm sure every forum member here is eager to do so too. But I want to remind you a little that don't let you go anywhere if you don't really secure your assets and wallet.

Some important tips may have your thought of to secure it, but I think you really need to check it one more time for better security. Maybe it would be good for you to share some good tips here for more people to know although I'm sure we already have tons of thread on asset and wallet security. But there is nothing wrong when we want to remind each other.

I wish you all a happy and take care of your health and safety. Make sure you always maintain health protocols because covid can't really be prevented by vaccines.

The best of BITCOIN4X
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / About Unsolicited Message... on: November 17, 2021, 03:24:08 PM
I just got a message from a user that I have never contacted with and have never even had any discussion with previously. I'm having a hard time understanding the content of the message, but it's definitely a message I never asked for. Can someone of you explain to me what this message mean? I haven't been able to publish the sender of this message, but will act quickly for the sender in case this is a scam attempt.

Приветствую, вас беспокоит менеджер обменного сервиса .
Есть отличное предложение для многоуважаемых пользователей и старожил форума.

Хотел бы вам предоставить возможность произвести обмен с помощью нашего сервиса с нулевой комиссией, за ваш отзыв о нашей работе.
Сумма обмена минимально вплоть от 300руб/100грн в зависимости от направления обмена.

Можем произвести сделку как через личку форума так и через телеграм.
Выбор валют велик, обменяем удобную для вас.
Мы комиссию не возьмем, то есть курс будет официальный как на

После обмена от вас я хотел бы попросить оставить отзыв  на форуме, и на паре мониторингов обменников.

Как вы смотрите на это предложение?

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin circulation increases on: November 10, 2021, 05:05:42 PM
At least in the last almost 8 months I have been monitoring the increase in bitcoin circulation, which is currently almost 19 million bitcoin out of a total supply of 21 million. As of March 19, 2021, there were 18,658,093 bitcoin in circulation, but today I see that it continues to increase to 18,869,337 bitcoin. There are a total of 211,244 bitcoin in circulation as of March 19, 2021.
Circulating Supply BTC= 18.658.093

I think this increase tells us that many holders have either issued their old bitcoin for sale or that there is an increase in the number of old wallet being recovered. In your opinion, does this increase in circulation have a positive impact on bitcoin or is this a sign that many holders will sell their bitcoin? at 10-11-2021
18.869.337 btc

4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is double spending a threat to bitcoin adoption growth? on: September 18, 2021, 07:26:53 PM
Most of you have probably heard the term double spending quite often and even discussed it quite often, so maybe I won't explain in detail anymore or you can read more here. So far, the RBF feature shared by several bitcoin wallet, both bitcoin core and electrum as well as many other wallet allows senders to double-spending transaction. This can trigger fraud if the recipient of the transaction does not have sufficient understanding of how to prevent it.

So now that bitcoin has been legalized in several countries as legal tender, do you think this double spending can prevent bitcoin from being used by many as a secure mean of payment so that adoption rates slow down?

I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on this.

5  Economy / Gambling discussion / The most profitable gambling strategies, what are they? on: July 08, 2021, 06:30:31 PM
I know that strategy will only help us have a better chance of winning something from gambling. But in the end I dare say that no strategy will benefit us in the long term.

Of the many strategies I have used, I have never managed to win more than $200 during a playing session. I'm sure you all have different experiences with me because maybe you have a different gambling style than me. In the short term, can you tell me what strategy managed to make you win over $200 over the course of the game?
6  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / [Saran Keamanan] Tingkatkan Kesadaran Anda Selama Pasar Bullish on: February 10, 2021, 03:58:06 PM
Harga bitcoin terus tumbuh dan mendominasi pasar (61,8% pada saat ane menulis), kapitalisasi pasar juga meningkat ( $1,341,241,437,327 pada saat ane menulis), itu hal yang sangat hebat bagi komunitas bitcoin di seluruh dunia. Anda berhak bersenang-senang karena investasi anda sudah sukses bahkan ada yang profit melebihi 100% baik itu pada bitcoin atau juga pada altcoin.

Tapi jangan lupa bahwa kami telah menjadi target potensial bagi para scammer, peretas, dan penjahat dunia maya (cybercrime) selama lebih dari satu dekade sejak bitcoin menjadi aset yang berharga. Banyak orang telah menjadi korban dalam periode ini dan bahkan platform pertukaran telah menjadi korbannya. Jadi berhati-hatilah dan jangan jadikan diri anda sebagai korban mereka berikutnya. Pada kesempatan ini ane menyarankan siapapun disini terutama pemula untuk berhati-hati dan selalu memperhatikan langkah-langkah keamanan yang disarankan. Ini adalah pelajaran yang tidak boleh dilupakan dan harus dipraktekkan untuk menjaga aset Anda tetap aman.

Selama bitcoin memasuki ATH baru, ane yakin ada banyak Pemula yang mulai masuk di forum untuk berbagai tujuan. Banyak pengguna lama kembali ke forum dan beberapa di antaranya bahkan terdeteksi sebagai pengguna yang baru bangun dari tidur panjang, email diubah, sandi diubah. Kami tidak tahu apakah akun ini masih digunakan oleh pengguna asli atau telah diretas sampai mereka membuktikan kepemilikan akun tersebut dengan menandatangani pesan. Ane tahu mungkin ini adalah salah satu fenomena ketika harga bitcoin meningkat pesat, namun apapun itu anda harus mewaspadai potensi yang ada.

Beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan adalah:
  • Amankan akun Anda dan lakukan langkah-langkahnya dengan benar.
  • Amankan dompet Anda.
  • Pertimbangkan untuk tidak menyimpan semua aset anda di bursa.
  • Pertimbangkan untuk tidak menyimpannya di satu tempat atau wallet, karena jika terjadi sesuatu maka tidak semua aset anda akan hilang walaupun hal tersebut sangat langka saat ini.
  • Jangan pernah percaya pada iming-iming investasi yang tidak jelas.
  • Jangan mudah mempercayai siapa pun yang tidak anda kenal baik secara online atau di dunia nyata.
  • Jangan terlalu bersemangat memberi tahu orang-orang di sekitar anda tentang nilai investasi anda saat ini karena akan meningkatkan risiko seperti perampokan dan sebagainya.

Ane tahu semua yang tersebut di atas mungkin sudah masuk dalam kategori umum sebagai pengingat bagi komunitas bitcoin secara luas tentang keamanan. Tapi tidak ada salahnya jika ane terus berusaha memberitahu semua pengguna di sini dan mengingatkan mereka untuk selalu aman. Satu upaya kecil mungkin bermanfaat untuk dipraktikkan terutama yang berkaitan dengan keselamatan dan keamanan. Jadi tetap waspada dan hati-hati karena kita selalu menjadi sasaran potensial para scammer. Ingatlah bahwa jika anda memiliki bitcoin atau aset crypto lainnya maka semuanya akan menjadi tanggung jawab anda sendiri untuk mengamankannya.

*Thread ini sebelumnya sudah pernah ane buat di bagian Begginer & Help, tapi tidak ada salahnya jika ane juga meneruskannya di Lokal Board. Semoga ada gunanya.

Dibawah ini ane telah menyediakan beberapa bahan bacaan tentang keamanan akun, aset dan perlindungan privasi. Dibaca dan dipahami serta di praktekan untuk melindungi akun, aset, dompet dan juga diri anda sendiri. Hanya kesadaran yang dapat menjadikan diri kita menjadi lebih baik.

1. Keamanan Akun

2. Keamanan Dompet & Aset

3. Privasi
7  Other / Beginners & Help / Increase Your Alertness Everytime on: January 07, 2021, 06:20:38 PM
The price of bitcoin continues to grow and dominate the market, the market cap is also increasing, that's a really great thing for the bitcoin community around the world. You deserve to have fun because your investment have been successful and some of us even have profit exceeding 100%.

But don't forget that we've been a potential target for scammers, hackers and cybercriminals for the more than a decade since bitcoin became a valuable asset. Many people have been victims in this period and even exchange platform have fallen victim to it. So be careful and don't make you the next victim. At this point I advise anyone here, especially beginners, to be careful and always pay attention to the recommended security measures. This is a lesson not to be forgotten and must be practiced to keep your assets safe.

As long as bitcoin entered the new ATH, I was sure there were lots of Begginers to the forum for various purposes. Many old users returned to the forum and some of them were even detected as users who just woke up from a long sleep, email was changed, password was changed. We don't know if this account is still being used by real users or has been hacked until they prove ownership of the account by signing message. I know maybe this is one of the phenomena when the price of bitcoin has increased rapidly, but whatever it is, you have to be aware of the potential that exists.

Some things to note are:
1. Keep your account safe and do the steps properly.
2. Secure your wallet.
3. Consider not keeping your assets on an exchange.
4. Consider not keeping it in one place, because if something happens then not all of your assets will be lost even though it is very rare today.
5. Never believe in the lure of an unclear investment.
6. Don't easily trust anyone you don't know either online or in the real world.
7. Don't be too excited to tell the people around you about the current value of your investment as it will increase the risks such as robbery and so on.

I know the points above may already fall into the general category as a reminder to the wider community regarding security. But it doesn't hurt if I keep trying to tell everyone here and remind them to always be safe. One small effort may be worth putting into practice especially with regard to safety. So stay alert and be careful because we are always potential targets of criminals. Remember that our bitcoin are entirely our responsibility to secure them.
8  Other / Beginners & Help / Help Me Understand About the Bitcoin Transaction method. on: October 11, 2020, 05:48:05 PM
Previously, I had never used wallet that started with "bc1q" because I was too comfortable with previous wallet from the wallet app with the "3" prefix. But lately the transaction fees set by the wallet are so high that I have to pay $1 more for each transaction and that is the minimal amount.

Now i have downloaded one of the other famous wallet android version "Electrum" via playstore. I've got the wallet and I'm a little confused by the transaction method this app offers. There are three methods offered.
1. Mempool
2. Static
3. ETA.

Can anyone help me understand about this method ?
9  Other / Meta / Deletion of topic and all user post. on: September 20, 2020, 05:35:00 PM
During this time I often find that the number of my post has decreased without me knowing it and I am sure some of you also feel the same way. I have no problem deleting a topic categorized as not feasible and it is a mod task.

I just want to ask why every post deleted along with its topic is not notified and can we apply the setting so we know that our post has been deleted ?

Have you ever tried checking point 4 and what does it do ?

10  Other / Beginners & Help / BITCOIN4X advice for all beginners on: April 20, 2020, 07:44:40 PM
I am well aware that most of the members of the forum already know what phishing is but I dont think that all beginners know it and I want to advise them to always be careful and stay safe.
A little explanation about phishing based on wikipedia that you must know.

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.[1][2] Typically carried out by email spoofing[3] or instant messaging,[4] it often directs users to enter personal information at a fake website which matches the look and feel of the legitimate site.[5]

Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques being used to deceive users. Users are often lured by communications purporting to be from trusted parties such as social web sites, auction sites, banks, online payment processors or IT administrators.[6]

Attempts to deal with phishing incidents include legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures (the latter being due to phishing attacks frequently exploiting weaknesses in current web security).[7]

From the explanation above about phishing, I think all beginners should have an effort to recognize and avoid it so as not to become a victim of cyber criminals. I hope all beginners can read the thread below because I think it has included several steps to identify phishing sites and some prevention efforts.

Because this thread has been locked by the OP since last year, I think I have to increase it again because within 1 year there are many new users who register to Bitcointalk. And I think having to make a thread can always be read as a preventive measure for all beginners so as not to become victims of cyber crime through phishing sites.

I hope all of you stay safe.
11  Economy / Scam Accusations / Cheater bounty hunters found on: April 12, 2020, 02:39:25 PM
What do you think about this bounty: 🔥[BOUNTY] - HOT BOUNTY UP TO $750K TO SHARE 🔥
I found proof that my account details were used by other user to participate in the campaign. I dont think this is the first time a case like this has happened. This will obviously harm many other users who dont participate in any bounty campaign because their account details are used to cheat.

What action should be taken for cases like this and who should we blame? I hope all of us users must be careful about the activities of other users who cheat with our account details.

My account details are used on the "Twitter Campaign" with spreadsheet number 67.

Please check the spreadsheet.

For all users who read this thread, please check the spreadsheet. Your account details may also be used by other user to participate in bounty.

Thanks to Davian144 for letting me know about cheater bounty hunter involving my account details via PM.

12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Why is Wright and BSV a Scam? (split from dev tech) on: March 02, 2020, 11:15:39 AM
This thread is a question in my post on another  thread that is considered irrelevant by the mod so that it is changed to thread. Thank you for making this post become a thread and I hope that it can moderate the thread well and then lets have a little discussion about the case I am asking about.

Let me know more why wright / BSV is said to be a scam. So far I am still very stupid about this fraud case and I want to know more about this fraud case. When you say there is no reason for a scammer promoter like wright / BSV to be on this board then I just think this case has become a very large case so all posts from users associated with it should be deleted. I am therefore curious so I can avoid and be able to report it to the moderator for removal when I find it.
13  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / [TUTORIAL] Mengubah Gambar Menjadi Avatar on: February 13, 2020, 08:25:58 AM


Membagi sedikit ilmu tentang tutorial mengubah gambar yang diinginkan menjadi avatar yang dapat digunakan pada profil masing-masing khusus bagi mereka yang belum mengetahui bagaimana caranya.


  • Pernahkah anda ingin menggunakan suatu gambar yang biasa disebut sebagai avatar pada profil akun sesuai dengan keinginan sendiri ?
    Jika jawaban TIDAK, maka skip saja dan jika Jawaban Pernah, maka Lanjutkan membaca.
  • Tahukah anda bagaimana caranya untuk mengubah gambar yang anda inginkan menjadi sebuah avatar ?
    Jika jawaban anda TAHU atau IYA, maka silahkan Skip dan Jika Tidak Tahu atau Tidak Pernah, maka sekali lagi anda harus lanjut membaca.

Langsung saja pada inti dari segala inti yaitu intisari atau isi yang menjadi tujuan dari topik.

Alat dan bahan yang harus anda siapkan adalah:
1. Gambar yang akan anda ubah menjadi avatar
2. Paint

Langkah-langkah yang harus anda lakukan adalah:
1. Buka paint pada PC anda untuk mengubah ukuran gambar menjadi sesuai dengan ukuran maksimum untuk dapat ditampilkan sebagai avatar pada profil anda.

2. Arahkan tanda panah pada pojok kiri atas dan tekan File dan seterusnya Open dan silahkan pilih gambar yang akan dijadikan sebagai avatar.

3. Setelah gambar berhasil ditampilkan maka sekarang anda harus mengubah ukuran menjadi Wide 120 px dan tall 80 px atau width 120px dan height 80px
4. Simpan dan gambar sudah siap untuk dijadikan sebagai avatar pada profil akun anda.

Avatar yang sudah siap digunakan.

Beberapa hal yang harus menjadi bahan pertimbangan anda.
1. Jangan menggunakan gambar NWSF
2. Format gambar harus sebagai PNG, GIF atau JPEG dan yang tidak dianimasikan.
3. Jangan gunakan gambar istri orang lain jika tidak ingin bermasalah dengan istri anda sendiri. Cheesy

Sekian tutorial singkat tentang mengubah gambar yang diinginkan menjadi avatar. Semoga ada manfaatnya dan Selamat Mencoba.

Update log:
roycilik: Format .gif dan .apng sudah tidak bisa di gunakan lagi
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / [GUIDE] How to use Forkdelta or Etherdelta on: January 16, 2020, 03:56:47 PM

This thread was previously a thread guide on how to use the forkdelta complete with the steps. However, because the content and tutorials published were not my own work, I decided to delete them.

I dont think that all users understand how to use forkdelta exchange, so I found the steps quite easy to use for beginners. You can follow the steps using the forkdelta exchange and implement it as created here.

[GUIDE]How to use Forkdelta or Etherdelta.

Note: If you do not really understand how to use it, then you are also permitted to ask the steps here.
15  Other / Meta / This is my story in 2019, what is your story ? on: December 28, 2019, 05:44:17 PM
We have now reached the end of 2019 and we will welcome the turn of the year in the next few days until 2020.
Many things we achieved in the forum in 2019 and it will be impressive when 2020 arrives. I think everyone has the right to express what has been achieved in 2019 in any form.

For me, success is something to be proud of and failure is delayed success. I just want to say that, throughout 2019 I have succeeded in changing myself and my bad habits such as:
  • Improve the quality of posts from low quality posts to slightly higher quality and useful. See some of my posting history.
  • Successfully earned 250+ merit
  • Successful rank-up from newbie to senior member
  • The opportunity to join several signature campaign with Top and trusted manager (Hhampuz, Coolcryptovator)

I think those are some of the successes I have achieved in 2019, although I know there are some targets that have not been achieved and now do you all also want to share the success you have achieved in 2019 with me and everyone here ?
I hope this is the right time to know something good from all of you.

I have a little sMerit to share with anyone who contributes to this thread and this is a good end of the year moment for me to do good to fellow community member and 1 sMerit for 1 account.
You dont need to praise me and my achievements so far. You only tell us a little about your achievements and successes that we deserve to know in whatever form I have mentioned.
I think everyone has the right to express what has been achieved in 2019 in any form.

Additional criteria, will not give anything to users whose posts and activities are solely for bounty report. This is based on my own judgment and I apologize when I ignore you.

I will lock this thread and save it when 2020 arrives.
16  Economy / Reputation / BITCOIN4X - From Beginner to Legendary in 1411 days [Achieved] on: December 20, 2019, 08:03:33 PM
When I joined on March 3, 2018, there wasnt much I knew except joining the bounty campaign.

Trying to join 1-2 bounty campaign at that time is what I do without caring whether the bounty is legit or not. Without my knowledge I joined the bounty scam and nothing that I managed to get that far. Sad, but that is the truth.

Exactly a few months before I joined this forum, theymos had implemented an merit system in the forum. Although at that time I could still be promoted to become a junior member, but if I did not get 10 merit when the activities and posts were enough, I would not be promoted to the rank of member.

A few months later, new rules were re-applied. In order to be promoted to a junior member, I must get 1 merit. And at that time I was vacumm from activities because my rank had dropped back to newbi like before because there wasnt a 1 merit that I got even though my activities and posts had passed the member rank limit.

But I began to realize that, without efforts to improve my quality, expand knowledge that could be implemented in the post, I would never be promoted to the next rank.

Therefore, I decided to start concentrating and contributing mainly to the local board Indonesian by making constructive, informative and quality posts. My desire to improve quality has made me more diligent in reading and quite close to various rules.

It is time for me to be promoted to a junior member again after getting my first merit, so that my motivation and enthusiasm grow back to be better again and again. Nothing is impossible to achieve higher rankings when we can contribute to the forum, and I am again promoted to the ranking of members after successfully collecting 10 merit.

My journey still continues, precisely in May 2019 I was again successfully promoted to be a full member because 100 merit that I got through my contribution. And now I am on the way to senior member after so long trying, struggling, and continuing to improve quality so that at the moment I only need 12 more merit to reach my new rank (achieved). And now i am on the way to Hero Member and must collect 201 merit and activities accordingly.

I would like to thank everyone, especially dbshck and other merit sources who have helped me so far, motivated me, directed me in a better direction so I feel very confident to be promoted back to senior member in the near future.
Hopefully I can maintain quality and integrity until I reach 1000 merit and can be promoted to Legendary.

I want this story to trigger the motivation of other users who want to be promoted to the next rank so they can change, improve, and show their quality so they will also get the chance to move up to the next rank. I am very sure that nothing is impossible to achieve your goal ranking when you can contribute well in the forum.

Some of the threads that I made so far and get some merit as a bonus from the efforts I made.


17  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / [DISKUSI] Beberapa Teknik & Kunci Sukses Trading Yang Layak Dicoba !!! on: November 06, 2019, 07:01:13 PM
Saya tahu bahwa internet saat ini sudah cukup baik untuk menjadi guru dan menjadi sebagai sumber pengetahuan bagi semua orang yang mau membaca dan mencoba. Tetapi pada kesempatan ini saya ingin membagikan beberapa teknik dan kunci sukses dalam kegiatan trading cryptocurrency dengan harapan dapat memberikan manfaat bagi saya secara khusus dan untuk pemula serta semua anggota forum lokal Indonesia.


Perdagangan atau perniagaan adalah kegiatan tukar menukar barang atau jasa atau keduanya yang berdasarkan kesepakatan bersama bukan pemaksaan. Pada masa awal sebelum uang ditemukan, tukar menukar barang dinamakan barter yaitu menukar barang dengan barang. Pada masa modern perdagangan dilakukan dengan penukaran uang. Setiap barang dinilai dengan sejumlah uang. Pembeli akan menukar barang atau jasa dengan sejumlah uang yang diinginkan penjual. Dalam perdagangan ada orang yang membuat yang disebut produsen. Kegiatannya bernama produksi. Jadi, produksi adalah kegiatan membuat suatu barang. Ada juga yang disebut distribusi. Distribusi adalah kegiatan mengantar barang dari produsen ke konsumen. Konsumen adalah orang yang membeli barang. Konsumsi adalah kegiatan menggunakan barang dari hasil produksi. Sumber bacaan.

Perdagangan cryptocurrency adalah aktivitas atau kegiatan tukar menukar koin, token, altcoin dan sejenisnya dengan kesepakatan dua belah pihak baik secara langsung ataupun dilakukan pada suatu bursa pertukaran. Cryptocurrency merupakan mata uang digital yang mempunyai nilai, dapat diperdagangkan dan juga sebagai media penyimpanan nilai. Proses tukar menukar ini biasanya dilakukan pada satu tempat "exchange" dimana kedua belah pihak setuju untuk membeli dan menjual dengan tujuan mendapatkan keuntungan atau lainnya.

Keuntungan adalah hasil yang didapatkan dari aktivitas jual beli. Besar kecilnya keuntungan yang didapat akan dipengaruhi oleh beberapa faktor dan salah satunya adalah strategi atau trik dan teknik yang digunakan.
Pada kesempatan ini saya ingin memaparkan dan membagikan beberapa teknik perdagangan yang sering digunakan oleh pedagang untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dari beberapa sumber. Semoga bermanfaat !!!

Teknik Trading

Kunci Sukses Trading Cryptocurrency
1. Manajemen Resiko
- Jangan overtrading
- Tentukan Tingkat Resiko Anda
- Gunakan Stop lose dan Limit Order Sesuai Kebutuhan
- Hitung Rasio Resiko dan Keuntungan
2. Emosi Trading
- Jangan Serakah
- Kendalikan Rasa Takut
- Sabar dan Jangan Gegabah

Trading cryptocurrency adalah usaha untuk mendapatkan keuntungan, cukup banyak teknik yang telah dibagikan oleh mereka di internet baik itu teknik secara umum ataupun teknik individual. Semua teknik trading layak untuk dicoba dan tetap ingat bahwa trading adalah aktivitas yang beresiko semua aktivitas yang dilakukan harus dipikirkan dengan matang dan selalu waspada terhadap keamanan aset anda.
Saya hanya membagikan beberapa teknik yang menurut saya sangat layak untuk dicoba tetapi saya tidak merekomendasikannya. Melakukannya sama artinya anda menerima resiko.
Satu kata bijak dari orang tersukses di dunia, "Jadi gilalah dan jangan banyak mencari saran untuk melakukan tujuan Anda" (Michael Dell).

Berbagai Macam Strategi Trading
Pengertian Perdagangan
Cara Trading Bitcoin dan Beberapa Hal yang Wajib Diketahui
Sudahkah anda-mencoba taktik trading cryptocurrency berikut
Belajar cara trade bitcoin bagi pemula memilih strategi dan management risiko
Apa saja kunci sukses trading kripto

18  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / [MOTIVASI] Beberapa Kata Motivasi Dari Mereka Yang Sudah Sukses !!! on: November 03, 2019, 04:50:43 PM
Tujuan Thread
Memberikan sedikit dorongan bagi siapapun untuk mencapai potensi yang ada pada dirinya lewat kata dan motivasi dari mereka orang-orang sukses dunia.
Kita semua tahu bahwa untuk mencapai sebuah kesuksesan maka kita harus melalui cukup banyak proses yang harus dilalui dan mungkin didalamnya terdapat hambatan dan kesulitan tersendiri, susah senang dan sebagainya hingga sukses itu tercapai.

Terkadang kita juga merasa lelah, ingin berhenti, pasrah akan keadaan dan sebagainya. Oleh karena itu ane pikir kita harus menemukan motivasi sehingga kita mampu melakukan dan berjuang sehingga nanti orang akan mengatakan "Itu Saudara Saya, teman saya, dll". Bukan bermaksud pamer, tapi itulah kenyataan dunia.

Motivasi adalah suatu dorongan kehendak yang menyebabkan seseorang melakukan suatu tujuan untuk mencapai tujuan tertentu. Motivasi dari kata motif yang berarti “mendorong” atau rangsangan atau “daya penggerak” yang ada dalam diri seseorang. Sumber.
Banyak juga ahli yang menafsirkan pengertian motivasi dan anda juga bisa mencarinya langsung dari sumber-sumber.

Berikut beberapa motivasi dari mereka pengusaha sukses dunia, yang sudah ane coba rangkum dalam thread ini. Semoga bermanfaat.

1. Bill Gates

"Kesuksesan adalah guru yang jelek, dia menggoda orang cerdas pada pikiran yang mereka tak bisa lepaskan''

2. Steve Jobs

"Anda tidak bisa menghubungkan titik ke depan. Anda hanya bisa menghubungkannya ke belakang. Jadi Anda harus percaya bahwa titik-titik itu akan terhubung di kemudian hari"

3. Jack Ma

"Alibaba bukan hanya sebuah pekerjaan. Itu adalah mimpi. Itu adalah akibat. Biar Wall Street mengutuk kita jika mereka mau"

4. Marc Cuban

"Jalankan pekerjaan. Bekerja lebih kuat. Berpikir lebih keras. Jual lebih banyak harapan prediksi Anda. Tak ada jalan pintas"

5. Barbara Corcoran

"Orang ingin mengerjakan bisnis dengan orang lain yang disukai, Jika orang suka dengan Anda, mereka akan berbisnis dengan Anda"

6. Peter Thiel

"Ini saya pikir adalah masalah besar dalam sebuah persaingan: Adalah fokus kita pada orang di antara kita, dan saat kita menjadi lebih baik pada sesuatu yang sedang kita lombakan, kita kehilangan pandangan dari semua hal yang penting, atau benar-benar berarti di dunia kita"

7. Marissa Mayer

"Saya selalu melakukan sesuatu yang belum siap saya lakukan. Saya pikir itu adalah cara bagaimana Anda tumbuh. Saat ada momen yang mengatakan "Wow, saya tidak yakin bisa melakukan ini" dan Anda memaksa untuk melewati momen tersebut, itu adalah saat di mana Anda punya terobosan"

8. Jeff Bezoz

"Jika Anda adalah seorang yang fokus pada pesaing, Anda harus menunggu sampai waktu di mana pesaing Anda melakukan sesuatu. Tapi jadi orang yang fokus pada konsumen, maka Anda akan menjadi pionir"

9. Steve Wozniak

"Jika Anda mencintai apa yang Anda lakukan dan ingin melakukan apa saja, maka itu ada dalam jangkauan Anda. Dan itu akan sepadan dengan waktu yang Anda habiskan, berpikir dan berpikir mengenai apa yang Anda ingin ciptakan dan disain"

10. Katia Beauchamp

"Keseimbangan adalah permainan jangka panjang. Itu sangat menarik. Lebih hebat dari sebelumnya. Saya tidak tahu bagaimana orang melakukan itu tanpa partner"

11. Jack Dorsey

"Membuat setiap detil menjadi sempurna dan batasi jumlah detil menjadi sempurna"

12. Eric Schmidt

"Cari jalan untuk mengatakan Ya pada sesuatu. Katakan Ya pada undangan ke negara baru, katakan Ya pada teman baru, katakan Ya untuk belajar sesuatu yang baru. Mengatakan Ya adalah cara Anda mendapatkan pekerjaan pertama, dan selanjutnya, pasangan Anda, dan bahkan anak Anda"

13. Tony Hsieh

"Jangan bermain permainan yang Anda tak mengerti, bahkan jika Anda melihat banyak orang yang menghasilkan uang dari permainan itu"

14. Marc Andressen

"Baca buku Steve Martin yang berjudul "Born Standing Up". Sungguh, 'Jadilah baik yang orang-orang tak akan abaikan"

15. Angela Ahrendts

"Ingat, bahasa universal bukan berupa teks, email atau yang dikatakan. Tapi itu dirasakan"

16. Aaron Levie

"Produk berkembang berdasarkan asumsi yang pada akhirnya menjadi kadaluarsa. Ini adalah kelemahan setiap pengusaha yang sudah berjalan dan menjadi peluang pengusaha pemula"

17. Richard Branson

"Ibu sering mengajarkan Saya untuk tidak melihat ke belakang menyesali sesuatu tapi maju terus ke depan untuk hal yang selanjutnya. Jumlah waktu yang orang habiskan menangisi kesalahan ketimbang menempatkan tenaga itu untuk mengerjakan hal yang lain, selalu buat saya takjub"

18. Warren Buffet

"Butuh 20 tahun untuk membangun reputasi dan hanya 5 menit untuk menghancurkannya. Jika Anda berpikir demikian, Anda akan melakukan sesuatu dengan beda"

19. Mark Zuckerberg

"Resiko terbesar adalah bukan mengambil sebuah resiko. Di Dunia yang berubah sangat cepat ini, satu-satunya strategi yang menjamin untuk gagal adalah tidak mengambil resiko sama sekali"

20. Michael Dell

"Jadi gilalah dan jangan banyak mencari saran untuk melakukan tujuan Anda"

Sumber bacaan ane.
2. Pengertianahli

Terimaksih dan Semoga Bermanfaat
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Am I the Only One Who Forget The Innovation of Bitcoin ? on: October 29, 2019, 08:22:36 PM


Welcome all the community.

I deliberately published this thread to be known and always remembered by everyone, especially me as one of the forum users who is still very far from the perfect word for knowledge and insight about bitcoin.

Innovation is be interpreted as a process and/ or result of developing the utilization/ mobilization of knowledge, skills (including technological skills) and experience to create or enhance new products (goods and/ or services), processes, and/ or systems, which provide meaningful value or significant (especially economic and social). [1]

Innovation in Payment Systems
Bitcoin isnt just about sending money. It has many features and opens many possibilities that the community is still exploring. Here are some of the technologies currently being researched, and in some cases, being turned into real products and services. The most interesting uses of Bitcoin are probably still to be discovered.


Control against fraud
An unprecedented level of security is possible with Bitcoin. The network provides users with protection against most prevalent types of fraud like chargebacks or unwanted charges, and bitcoins are impossible to counterfeit. Users can backup or encrypt their wallets. Hardware wallets make it very difficult to steal or lose money. Bitcoin is designed to allow its users to have complete control over their money.

Global accessibility
With Bitcoin, all payments in the world can be fully interoperable. Bitcoin allows any bank, business or individual to securely send and receive payments anywhere at any time, with or without a bank account. Bitcoin is available in a large number of countries that still remain out of reach for most payment systems due to their own limitations. Bitcoin increases global access to commerce and it can help international trades to flourish.

Cost efficiency
With the use of cryptography, secure payments are possible without slow and costly middlemen. A Bitcoin transaction can be much cheaper than its alternatives and be completed in a short time. This means Bitcoin holds some potential to become a common way to transfer any currency in the future. Bitcoin could also play a role in reducing poverty in many countries by cutting high transaction fees on workers salary.

Tips and donations
Bitcoin has been a particularly efficient solution for tips and donations. Sending a payment only requires one click and receiving donations can be as simple as displaying a QR code. Donations can be visible for the public, giving increased transparency for non-profit organizations. In cases of emergencies such as natural disasters, Bitcoin donations could contribute to a faster international response.

Bitcoin can be used to run Kickstarter-like crowdfunding campaigns, in which individuals pledge money to a project that is taken from them only if enough pledges are received to meet the target. Such assurance contracts are processed by the Bitcoin protocol, which prevents a transaction from taking place until all conditions have been met. Learn more about the technology behind crowdfunding.

Micro payments
Imagine listening to Internet radio paid by the second, viewing web pages with a small tip for each ad not shown, or buying bandwidth from a WiFi hotspot by the kilobyte. Bitcoin is efficient enough to make all of these ideas possible. Learn more about the technology behind Bitcoin micropayments or about future upgrades currently being designed and implemented to make micropayments more accessible.

Dispute mediation
Bitcoin can be used to develop innovative dispute mediation services using multiple signatures. Such services could make it possible for a third party to approve or reject a transaction in case of disagreement between the other parties without having control of their money. Since these services would be compatible with any user and merchant using Bitcoin, this would likely lead to free competition and higher quality standards.

Multi-signature accounts
Multiple signatures allow a transaction to be accepted by the network only if a certain number of a defined group of persons agree to sign the transaction. This could be used by a board of directors to prevent any member to spend parts of their treasury without other members' consent. This can also be used by banks to prevent theft by blocking payments above a threshold if the user does not provide additional credentials.

Trust and integrity
Bitcoin offers solutions to many of the trust problems that plague banks. With selective accounting transparency, digital contracts, and irreversible transactions, Bitcoin can be used as a ground to restore trust and agreement. Crooked banks cannot cheat the system to make a profit at the expense of other banks or the public. A future in which major banks would support Bitcoin could help to reinstate integrity and trust in financial institutions.

Resilience and decentralization
By way of decentralization, Bitcoin created a different type of payment network with an increased level of resilience and redundancy. Bitcoin can handle millions of dollars in trades without requiring military protection. With no central point of failure such as a data center, attacking the network is difficult. Bitcoin could represent an interesting step forward in securing local and global financial systems.

Flexible transparency
All Bitcoin transactions are public and transparent and the identity of the people behind transactions are private by default. This allows individuals and organizations to work with flexible transparency rules. For instance, a business can choose to reveal certain transactions and balances only to certain employees just like a non-profit organization is free to allow the public to see how much they receive in daily and monthly donations.

Automated solutions
Automated services usually have to deal with costs and limitations of cash, or credit card payments. This includes all kinds of vending machines, from train tickets to soda machines. Bitcoin is suited to be used in a new generation of automated services to cut their operating costs. Imagine self-driving taxis or a store where you can pay for your purchases without waiting in line. Many ideas are possible.


Without diminishing my respect for the community, the article above is not the OP is ideas and thoughts and that is the result of my reading from the reading source. We must know and always remember that the existence of bitcoin in the world today is very useful and I think people should always know that there is innovation in bitcoin.



Thank you to all
20  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Wallet Bitcoin Mobile Untuk Android dan IOS on: May 22, 2019, 10:33:05 PM

Tujuan Pembuatan Thread
Thread ini sengaja ane buat untuk menyebar sedikit informasi yang mungkin ada sebagian member masih belum mengetahui apa saja macam jenis mobile wallet yang didukung oleh Android dan IOS.

Pengertian Wallet Bitcoin
Wallet Bitcoin adalah dompet bitcoin yang digunakan untuk menyimpan bitcoin bagi penggunanya.

Jenis-Jenis Wallet Bitcoin Untuk Android dan IOS
a. Android Wallet
1. Bitcoin Wallet
2. Bither
3. BitPay
4. BRD
6. Coin.Space
7. Eclair Mobile
8. Edge
9. Electrum
10. Mycelium
b. IOS Wallet
1. Bither
2. BitPay
3. BRD
5. Coin.Space
6. Edge

Spesifikasi Mobile Wallet Untuk Android dan IOS

1. Bitcoin Wallet
    Dompet Bitcoin mudah digunakan dan dapat diandalkan, serta aman dan cepat. Visinya adalah desentralisasi dan nol kepercayaan: tidak perlu
    layanan sentral untuk segala operasi yang berhubungan dengan Bitcoin. Aplikasi ini adalah pilihan yang bagus untuk pengguna awam.

a. Fitur dan Keunggulan
- Kendali atas uang anda
- Validasi yang disederhanakan
- Transparansi lengkap
- Lingkungan yang aman
- Privasi dasar
- Kendali atas biaya
Link untuk meng install Bitcoin Wallet
Kode Sumber Kode Sumber

2. Bither
    Bither adalah wallet yang simpel dan aman di berbagai platform. Didesain secara khusus dengan mode Cold/Hot, pengguna bisa mendapat keamanan
    dan kemudahan sekaligus. Fitur XRANDOM menggunakan berbagai sumber entropi yang berbeda untuk menghasilkan angka yang benar-benar acak
    bagi pengguna. Juga dengan HDM, pengguna bisa mendapatkan keunggulan HD dan keamanan Multisig.

a. Fitur dan Keunggulan
- Kendali atas uang Anda
- Validasi yang disederhanakan
- Transparansi dasar
- Lingkungan yang aman
- Privasi lemah
- Rekomendasi biaya statis
Link untuk meng install Bither Wallet
Kode sumber Kode Sumber

3. BitPay
    BitPay Wallet adalah dompet multisignature HD yang awalnya dibuat untuk mengamankan dana BitPay. BitPay mendukung beberapa dompet pribadi
    dan bersama, testnet, dan Protokol Pembayaran lengkap. Node BWS pribadi dapat digunakan untuk meningkatkan keamanan dan privasi.

a. Fitur dan Keunggulan
- Kendali atas uang anda
- Validasi terpusat
- Transparansi dasar
- Lingkungan yang aman
- Privasi dasar
- Biaya secara dinamis dapat diubah
Link untuk meng install BitPay Wallet
Kode sumber Kode Sumber

4. BRD
    BRD adalah salah satu wallet termudah untuk digunakan pengguna Bitcoin baru. Namun juga cukup aman. BRD menghubungkan secara langsung
    kepada jaringan Bitcoin, dan menggunakan enkripsi bawaan dari perangkat keras agar uang anda tetap aman.

a. Fitur dan Keunggulan
- Kendali atas uang anda
- Validasi yang disederhanakan
- Transaparansi dasar
- Lingkungan yang aman
- Privasi dasar
- Kendali penuh atas biaya
Link untuk meng install BRD Wallet
Kode sumber Kode Sumber

5. adalah dompet bitcoin

a. Fitur dan keunggulan
- Berbagi kendali atas uang anda
- Validasi terpusat
- Transparansi dasar
- Otentifikasi dua factor
- Privasi dasar
- Rekomendasi biaya secara dinamis
Link untuk meng install Wallet
Kode sumber Kode Sumber
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