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1  Economy / Economics / Understand before stepping (Forex Investment) on: August 01, 2018, 10:58:00 AM
With a high interest in investing in FOREX one of them is influenced because the profits derived from FOREX per day and per month (examples of profit calculations) are obtained. Every month traders have different monthly income. Some produce several percent, some double. One of the causes is the difference in strategy. Merchants have their own strategies. Each strategy is influenced by how traders can read or understand in every situation, from the latest news to graph development. The exact moment at which the decision can take effect.

The profit in the FOREX business is unlimited, the average profit earned in a month is 20-40% of the issued capital. Some also generate up to 100% in a month or even a day. But only on a few occasions. Not all traders experience it. Naturally if you want to get up to 100%. But keep in mind that the more benefits you want to get, the higher the risks you may face. In addition, there are many rumors circulating in the FOREX trading. As the largest market in the world, do not be surprised if there are many rumors circulating related to FOREX business. That is why, if you want to succeed with FOREX investment then you should be able to distinguish which facts and myths.

Myths in the FOREX business
Rumors in circulation should not be easy for you to believe when you want to hear about FOREX, if you want to run it then immediately find out the truth. Rumors are often worrying and even failing for you to plan to invest, or even make you fall asleep and carelessly invest. Though it can be a mystical news. Do not easily believe the news. Provide yourself with a higher quality of knowledge. A successful opportunity in FOREX investment will be wide open for you.

One of the myths that circulate that FOREX is a quick way to get rich. Though there is no business that can be obtained by INSTAN. Similarly in the FOREX business, to be able to gain many benefits, then you must understand and have good analytical skills. In addition traders need to improve the trading techniques that run.

Profit and loss are inseparable
Before you actually run a FOREX business you may be wondering. What are the disadvantages of FOREX? Whereas profit and loss as well as two sides of the currency that can not be separated. The higher the opportunity earned in a business the higher the risk that can happen. You can have huge profits in a month or even a day, but you can also experience losses in just one night.

It should be understood first before stepping into the investment. Forex is also not a short-term investment. You can feel the profit and also the loss when it's been long run. Moreover, the longer the business is run usually the risks that may occur decreases. The decision to choose FOREX as a source of investment certainly depends on you. Are you ready to risk or not. If you are ready to risk and not hesitate to learn then FOREX can be a source of investment for you. You must also be willing to learn to manage the risks encountered.

Learn from experience
When you hear a bitter experience about trading FOREX do not immediately lift the foot, but learn what has been experienced. Find out why it can happen ?. If you need to make a list of what has been passed, what has been done on the trading process, then find a solution. Is not that already happening? Why to search? That's the most important thing. studying every failure means learning to prevent the same failure. If you need to open a senior trader's discussion on the issue, find feedback on how to solve it.

Always learn about FOREX stuff. Utilize investment books or information from the internet on how to trade consistent FOREX profits. It can also join a FOREX forum. The forum can use facebook or other groups. Always upgrade head content with meaningful information.

Pros and Cons of FOREX
When learning about FOREX trading there may have heard of trading robots. Not that this is a transaction of buying and selling robots. It is a term for a computer program that allows automatic transactions with certain algorithms. Another term of this trading robot is automated trading or expert advisors (AE). The automatic workings of the program occur when the algorithm was previously entered into a computer program.

The use of auto trading robot allows you to save time in trading FOREX. This means you can still trade without having to monitor directly your computer screen. You can still do other activities, you can still play FOREX according to the algorithm entered. You also do not need to apply deeper analysis. Because the analysis is based on the performance of traders or individuals or systems that run. In addition, using the robot trading will also make overtrading rare.

Nevertheless there are some trading weaknesses using robots that need to be known. You will incur more costs, meaning you will spend capital in addition to FOREX investment. The money is issued as a commission to the system or signal provider used.

In addition, because it is automatic then you must follow every process that happens. You can not open trade in the middle of the process. Although there are several systems from brokers that allow you to stop in the middle of the process. But you have to be really selective to choose. Weakness of using a robot trading makes you unable to improvise during trading, especially when there is high impac news. Have you decided to use this software?

About manual trading
Trading robots using software to run the system, while manual trading allows you to give full attention to the ongoing trading process. You also have to prepare all the information including strategy and others. Of course there are some advantages of manual trading that may be a consideration. You can take full control. You can follow the movement of the FOREX market that takes place, because the movement is very flexible.

When the position is taken incorrectly, you can prevent greater losses with risk managers. While you are in the right position then most likely you will gain greater profits. You can also improvise when in a position that is less profitable. Trading manuals require psychology or emotions that tend to be stable. In addition traders should also think quietly every time doing analysis and when reading the situation. This is to prevent mistakes in decision making. High flying hours will affect how traders perform.

In the end the decision to trade manually or automatically in your hands. The easiest possibility is to do both. Not that you can do it simultaneously, but you can do it in turn.

Trading manually trains your sensitivity to the situation. In addition it is a challenge for you how to react with the development of the exchange rate that occurred. While the automatic way allows you to make transactions while busy though.

How to avoid FOREX fraud
The high interest of FOREX is also proportional to the high intensity of fraud that occurs. Most of the victims of fraud are misuse of investment funds. The number of testimonials that have experienced FOREX fraud, not infrequently many people hesitate to invest in FOREX. Losses and frauds are a frightening moment for prospective traders, but not all brokers are scams. Only a few brokers are abusing the trust given. Losses are a natural occurrence especially for beginner traders. But do not be a reason not to try FOREX investment.

To prevent the occurrence of cheating it must choose the right broker. The brokers really provide the best service and do not disappoint. But to choose the right broker and trust is also difficult and easy, because it takes kecermatam to look for it. Several ways of doing things to minimize the chances of having a broker fraud. Select the old broker. Find out testimonials about brokers. Next you must make sure that the broker has a legal permit or condition.

Do not choose a broker because the lure is seductive. For example the amount of profits earned or the awarding of certain bonuses or prizes. You also need to share the FOREX group to get feedback that will help you.

Brokers for FOREX business are easily found on the internet. The numbers are numerous and offer a wide range of advantages. Find out which broker is most trusted by users. For example using the internet through forums online akusi. These ways are not the best and unsuccessful way to succeed. But prevention efforts need to be done in order to fraud efforts FOREX (brokers who cheat) is not much happening.
2  Economy / Economics / Fear of failure in crypto investment? here are tips for you. on: July 31, 2018, 01:52:33 PM
Crypto Investment. Entering the world of cryptocurrency can be like visiting Oz Land - once you step through that door, everything is different. If you are a beginner of crypto trading, you will learn too quickly that you are not in Kansas anymore, so here is a way to avoid the top 5 mistakes that new traders often make.

Do not Diversify Too Fast
You may have been told never to put your eggs in one basket when it comes to your investment portfolio, but in the world of digital currency trading, it is possible to have too much diversification, and too soon.

The reason you need to slow down your roll in these circumstances is that the current digital currency landscape is that it's kind of similar to the Wild West - there are so many altcoins out there now so it's almost impossible to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are not.

The trick is to research and select widely distributed coins with high market capitalization and trading volumes that have shown their longevity. Start with Bitcoin, of course, but then choose one or two altcoins at first until you have the experience under your belt.

Do not Spend Too Much Trading Time
This sounds contrary to intuition, but it is possible to end up making a profit less by trading constantly. New crypto traders often become very passionate about the digital currency market they spend every moment while watching price fluctuations and trying to find the perfect trade, but it can be really exhausting in a hurry.

You need to muffle that passion with wisdom. The crypto market is so active that even if you lose what looks like an amazing opportunity to make a profit, they will be the next five or ten who are just waiting for you. Trading when you're tired can cause stupid mistakes because you think emotionally and not logically.

Do not panic
The altcoin scene is very unstable. This can create a lot of uncertainty in the hearts of a novice trader, and it can easily arouse panic and fear in your stomach - which is the worst emotional state while in the trade.

Just like trading when you're tired from spending too much time watching the market can be a disaster, making trading decisions because you feel panicked about your investment can be a bad choice. Although there is nothing wrong with believing your courage, never make a decision based on panic and fear.

Do not Fall For Fraud
The natural tendency for crypto investors is to identify new altcoins with growth potential, invest heavily while still cheap to do so, and then reap the rewards as their value increases. That said, the altcoin market is growing so fast that many new digital currencies that hit the market may not be a good long-term investment.

It may be painful to be cautious when it comes to investing in new altcoins as they enter the market, but doing so protects you from engaging in fraud in the making. Littered by a pump-and-waste scheme - something that often happens in the world of cryptocurrency - can make you not see your investment lost overnight.

Worse is the exclusive altcoin that is only available through a closed system. These coins - usually pre-mined by the company that created them - can only be traded in the company's closed system, and are particularly vulnerable to value manipulation. Be cautious before investing in any of these altcoin types.

Do not Choose The Wrong Exchange
Just as the amount of altcoins entering the market grows exponentially, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges you can trade in this currency also increases.

The problem is that not every new exchange is created equal; new and untested exchanges can turn into nightmares if they do not honor the withdrawal or become inaccessible at the wrong time.

Begin your crypto trading career with a long and respected exchange, which supports a large number of established digital currencies. Although you seem to miss the opportunity by doing this, keep in mind that the ability to recover cryptocurrency from unknown, unreliable companies can be impossible.

Watch Your Steps & You Will Not Fall
The world of cryptocurrency trade is alternately interesting, exhilarating, and frightening. You do not want to end your crypto trading career before it even begins, so make sure you take conservative risks until you get more experience.

Students can easily fall through this very complicated world gap, especially when it comes to altcoin - and skipping this trap is even more likely if you're inexperienced. However, these five tips will help you navigate this cloudy water and get out of the other side without losing your shirt.
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / A little bit of enlightenment about how to trade bitcoin to make a profit on: July 30, 2018, 03:21:19 PM
How to buy bitcoin for beginners to always get a profit is much sought after by people. That's because a lot of beginners feel confused with how to trade bitcoin in order to gain profit. The name of playing bitcoin there is certainly a period where we will feel the profit and loss, this is the time must be known by the beginner between the right and least to sell bitcoin. Bitcoin is a business that has two favorable and disadvantageous sides. If you already know how, then bitcoin will benefit you, but if otherwise, then bitcoin will bring harm to you. Here I will give you a way how to buy bitcoin to always get profit.

Avoid storing too many bitcoins
Some people think that playing bitcoin is the same as playing forex, but I think that is a big mistake. Playing bitcoin is very different from playing bitcoin. So, who is used to playing fore, I just recommend that do not equate how to play forex by playing bitcoin. The idealist bitcoin players are also often misguided. They do not directly sell the bitcoin but like to keep it. When trading bitcoins, profits and security are not collected. Benefits can be obtained by finding the difference between selling and buying. What players should remember if they want to trade bitcoins, while holding a bitcoin currency is a sign you have a merchandise that is ready to sell for profit, and vice versa if you have the capital it's a sign you are looking for the best opportunity to buy bitcoin.

Monitor bitcoin prices
It is important for bitcoin players to always monitor the price of this bitcoin, because every minute the bitcoin price is always changing. If you want to be able to always monitor the bitcoin price can be a manual or can also use the application. This time there are several applications offered in the app store to analyze the rise and fall of bitcoin prices, such as: Bitcoin Checker, Bitcoin Ticker Widget.

I suggest you also have to download Google Authenticator, The function of this application is as a protective shield from the hackers. Although claimed to be safe there is no harm in you just in case using this application. This application from Google will give you additional passwords other than the standard password you have. Hackers will have trouble hacking your account because the password will change every 30 seconds and also the password is random.

Bitcoin spot market
Actually you can see the movement of bitcoin currency manually through bitcoin sport market. There you can see some bitcoin values today, whether it is low or medium high. Through the sports market you can trade bitcoin when the value is showing a high price. The movement of bitcoin values can you see through the balance in the bitcoin sports market.

Using the limit
This limit is a method that can be used to limit the value of bitcoin that will be sold mauoun purchased in a certain value. Of course if using a limit request your bitcoin purchase can not be directly approved because it must wait until bitcoin value in accordance with the value you fill. For example, you want to buy bitcoin. Purchasing bitcoin will be advantageous if the price is low allowing you to fill the limit with a low value. Purchasing your new bitcoin can be approved if the bitcoin value at that time matches the limit you specify so you have to be patient for it. Similarly, the sale of bitcoin, you can fill with a value that tends to high limit. The trick is you see the current bitcoin price, when the price is higher than the time of purchase, you can fill it below that number is important you get profit from the difference betel by the difference selling.

Market stability
The bitcoin market tends to rise, fall and also stable. Indeed this could happen because no one knows the bitcoin market share. How to buy bitcoin for beginners that can be done is to buy at a low price and sell it with a limit above the purchase price. Although the benefits are few, it is better for you than you do not get any profit at all.

Although it looks easy, but bitcoin trading takes precision and accuracy. Being able to take advantage of every market condition will make you profit. Especially for beginners to cover profit rather than loss.

There are still many ways how to profit from playing bitcoin trading, so far that's all I know about trading things for beginners, if there is a misunderstanding I apologize, and I am grateful for your time.
4  Other / Meta / How do you feel about multiple accounts? on: July 30, 2018, 04:16:50 AM
Who does not want to make a profit ?, Anyone also wants to find himself benefited in many ways, which should be with business and not in a way that is not allowed.

In fact, each gift has rules to follow to obey, but most of them use unacceptable ways, like multiple accounts, 1 person uses more than 1 account, so they can include more benefits from the gift, I feel sorry for others who want gifts in a clean way even if the income they generate is not very good for those who do dirty ways.

I am always wondering, is it allowed to use more than 1 account ?, Until now I only heard answers that still can not be ascertained. But there is one more thing I want to ask in this forum, especially for BLOG / ARTICLES BOUNTY, it has been confirmed that COPY / PASTE is not allowed by others because it needs to create articles from his own hands, but there are still things like that, AND GETTING they also get shares, but there are also other issues I found on bounty blogs, THEY with a dirty way of registering or entering someone ARTICLES LINK / BLOG, not from their own BLOG, and that I myself have been victimized by them, BLOG I created and I signed up for a gift that was re-registered on behalf of Eth and name, did they have no eyes to see that there were already rules set out in the prize thread.

If you find something like this ?, What do you feel ?, I think it's unfair, I feel sorry for those who play cleanly, sorry if there are misunderstandings and words that might make you a bit uncomfortable, but this is an experience when I follow the bounty, once again I apologize profusely for what I write this and thank you.
5  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin and the Function of a Currency on: July 30, 2018, 02:30:46 AM
In its purest form, cryptocurrency or crypto currency is a kind of electronic money that can be sent directly from person to person (peer-to-peer) without going through a financial institution, or a bank. Generally if one party is currently sending funds or other parties, of course, must be processed through the bank. In this case, the bank serves as an intermediary. Well in this crypto technology, the payment is made directly without an intermediary.

Transactions conducted between two parties in a network are then verified through a specific encoding or cryptographic process. Well, Bitcoin is one of the existing cryptocurrency types, and is very popular. In addition to Bitcoin, there is also a crypto currency similar to various names, such as ethereum, litecoin, etc. Many of these crypto currencies are short in demand until they die one by one. In Bitcoin, if there is a two-person transaction, the other party in the network can decode or verify the occurrence of the transaction, will be rewarded with bitcoin. This step is known as bitcoin mining (mining).

In response to the emergence of bitcoin, regulators in various countries have diverse attitudes. Starting from the open, half control, control, to prohibit. But of all the regulators in the world, there is a similar attitude, that is, not recognizing bitcoin as a legal means of payment. So in any country no one considers bitcoin as the official currency. Authorities in various countries are also paying attention to the use of bitcoin as a tool of corruption, money laundering, and financing of terrorism. Therefore, the International Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has issued numerous warning signs and warnings for financial actors associated with bitcoin use. Associated with its function as a speculative investment, the Financial Services Authority has also reminded the public to be wary of speculative investments, in particular confirming that bitcoins do not have an investment license. This means the risk of investing in bitcoin is the responsibility of the bitcoin owner.

Regulators in many countries are used by bitcoin, Blockchain. This is different from bitcoin. If it's like a bitcoin locomotive, then the blockchain is a rail. Above the blockchain can be placed a variety of cryptocurrency, such as for trade, agriculture, import export, health, to various contracts of sale and purchase. The future of technology, many say, is Blockchain. Chris Skinner (2015), a fintech observer, says that the world will shift from "internet things" to "value internet". Anything that has value, can be entered and developed into the Blockchain network.

The Canadian Central Bank has tested the blockchain for interbank payment settlement. They named the Jasper pilot project. The Central Bank of Singapore (MAS) has a UBIN project for similar trials. There are also Bank of Japan and several other central banks that try blockchain technology.

In the future, the development of technology can not be avoided and can not be dammed, including in the field of finance. The growth of bitcoin, or cryprocurrency, in the future, is unpredictable. Some see it as a digital asset, or commodity, or money. It is slippery (elusive). But as a regulator, wherever, the role of stewards of stability and consumer protection takes precedence. So, as in many countries, banning bitcoins is one step to maintain stability. But that does not mean that sandboxes are regulatory, regulators are trying to balance risk factors with innovation.
6  Economy / Economics / Not only bitcoin, blockchain can also be a business on: July 27, 2018, 02:13:08 AM
Today, blockchain technology is more known as the technology behind virtual currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, and so on. However, actually blockchain technology can be widely utilized to advance businesses and companies.

For example, Singapore is utilizing blockchain technology to assist in terms of business activities at the port. This technology can be utilized to shorten the waiting period of the ship or dwell time, also to verify transactions related to export and import.

blockchain technology can also be utilized by the banking industry and financial technology (financial technology / fintech). With this technology, the two financial industries can easily perform verification and payment transactions.

Nevertheless, not many parties who have not been able to ensure blockchain technology is commonly used by the banking industry. However, some of them also believe that the fintech company that uses the technology. Perhaps because this technology is closely related to virtual currency alias cryptocurrency, so many parties are doubtful with blockchain technology.

In addition, blockchain technology is also often questionable validity. In fact, blockchain technology is actually quite valid and secure. Just for information, blockchain technology serves to record transaction data. Transaction records are incorporated in many interconnected and secure blocks.

Blockchain technology is claimed to be potentially and suitable for recording multiple data, not just virtual currency. Business activities, transaction processing, documentation, to voting are assessed to be benefited when utilizing this technology.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / There are many negative issues about bitcoin, what's the matter? on: July 25, 2018, 05:27:52 AM
I'm not sure if in the future Bitcoin will be the digital currency that helps everyone in the world, but hopefully Bitcoin can be said that way in the future, a lot of negative issues that lead to bitcoin now, and not many people think that these issues are related to falling Bitcoin prices. Bitcoin alone in my opinion can be said to be not safe to be chosen as your investment instrument. Apart from uncontrolled price fluctuations and only relying on speculation, bitcoin is also not protected by legal institutions, therefore there are not many crimes found in Bitcoin itself.

The existence of phishing, scammers and others, one of the reasons why fraud and closing of fake companies often take on the name of bitcoin investments is because of its decentralized nature. That is, bitcoin systems that do not have central authority to regulate their circulation. This also causes the value of bitcoin to be very volatile.

What really happened? Is it true that the price of Bitcoin is down because of these things? how to handle it? while Bitcoin itself is not protected by legal institutions?
8  Other / Beginners & Help / Warning For Beginners on: July 21, 2018, 04:28:20 AM
Hello all friends.

A little explanation of the Bitcointalk Account you use, be careful if you want to post a topic if you do not want to get BANNED, this has been explained by many other friends, a lot of friends affected by BANNED without their knowledge and why the account Bitcointalk they get BANNED, because they do not get used to read the rules set by Bitcoin Forum, and never ever use MULTIACCOUNT because it is also very dangerous your account.

If you want to avoid your account from BANNED, then you are required to ...

- Avoid making unreasonable post or off topic, get used to read OP title first.
- Stay away from negative / abusive words, because such things are potentially to be removed.
- Forbidden to paste inappropriate images in the post.
- Prohibited for SPAMMING with any link referral code.
- It is forbidden to make a discussion about creating, searching, starting an illegal trading website.
- Do not create quote pyramid posts, do not always quote the entire conversation if your post responds only to the last quote.
- Threads should be informative. In other words, a thread should not be about something 'useless' or uninteresting.
- Do not create a thread that would be disturbing. It is not allowed to create a thread about the same thing in the same time period, and each individual should not create too many threads. "Too much" depends on the quality of the thread itself.
- Do not ask / share anything about carding, phishing, and. Example: posting another person's credit card number, or asking how to phishing. When violated: BANNED.

From the above, there are many more rules that you must obey, my suggestion to stay away from negative things if you want your account to be safe, and use polite words against other friends if you want to post forum, thanks.
9  Economy / Economics / Is Bitcoin Worth To Be Currency? on: July 14, 2018, 04:19:51 AM
Discuss about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. For me, this is an interesting topic because bitcoin issues are often the talk, including confusion in many quarters. What is cryptocurrency? What is bitcoin? How does the regulator respond to the development of the current crypto currency? And how is the bitcoin phenomenon going forward?

In its purest form, cryptocurrency or crypto currency is a kind of electronic cash that can be sent directly from person to person (peer-to-peer) without going through financial institutions, or banks. Generally if we are currently sending funds or money to other parties, of course, must be processed through the bank. In this case, the bank serves as an intermediary. Well in this crypto technology, the payment is made directly without an intermediary. Transactions conducted between two parties in a network are then verified through a specific encoding process or cryptography. Well, Bitcoin is one of the existing cryptocurrency types, and is popular. In addition to Bitcoin there are more than a few crypto currencies similar to various names, such as ethereum, litecoin, etc. Many of these crypto currencies are short of devotees until they die one by one. In Bitcoin, if there are transactions of two persons, the other party in the network that can decode or verify the occurrence of the transaction, will be rewarded with bitcoin. This step is known as mining bitcoin (mining).

From what I've learned before, that David Yermack, researcher at the Bureau of Economic Research, New York University (2016) that bitcoin still fails to meet the criteria as a currency. It cites the basic functions of a currency, the medium of exchange, the a store of value, and the unit of account. Of the three criteria, bitcoin does not qualify as money. Yermack doubts that bitcoin can be a currency or means of payment acceptable to today's audiences. I agree with the analysis. If we look at bitcoin volatility in recent years is very high, much higher than the existing currency. This has an impact on the difficulty of calculating the short-term risks of bitcoin. In addition, the exchange rate of bitcoin in the day to day does not correlate at all with any currency in the world, nor with commodities such as gold for example. This makes bitcoin useless in risk management and difficult for the owner to hedge.

Let's look at one by one the money function on bitcoin for more details. First, as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, so its value will depend largely on its usefulness in the economy or consumption. But in reality, today is still very small parties who use bitcoin in everyday life to make various payments. Few traders (merchants) are willing to accept bitcoin. Some countries such as Japan, for example, allow bitcoin to be used as a means of payment (not as legal tender or legal currency). But if we go to Japan, just a few, not to say very little, the store is willing to accept payment with bitcoin. Especially in other countries, including Indonesia. In other words, payments using bitcoins are currently very rare.

Second, as a unit of account. For users or buyers, we certainly look for ease in buying goods. For example, a bowl of chicken noodles cost Rp 25 thousand, a cup of coffee costs Rp 15 thousand. This will make it easy to calculate. But in the use of bitcoin, various problems arise, mainly due to its extreme volatility. The value of bitcoin can vary drastically from minute to minute. This makes it difficult for the seller to determine the price of an item. In addition, there is no uniform or fixed market price associated with bitcoin. I also tried to check on some bitcoin markets around the world, and the prices vary. This disparity, in the theory of market value, violates the law of one price for a currency. Why breaking? Because it is open most likely people to do arbitrage in the same market (buy cheap and sell high in commodities and the same time).

Third, as a store of value. When a currency serves as a store of value, the owner certainly has the expectation that the currency he holds can be obtained easily and can be redeemed for future goods or services as needed. The economic value of goods or services purchased in the future is expected to be equal to the money used or stored now.

From the above analysis it can be seen that Bitcoin, according to Yarmeck (2016), still can not meet the criteria as money because it has the deficiencies as above. Generally people currently hold bitcoin instead of being used as a means of payment, but rather to speculative investment. Bitcoin is also increasingly difficult to accept because it is disconnected with the payment system and banking in many countries, because most authorities in the world forbid it to be used as a means of payment.
10  Economy / Speculation / Be careful using cryptocurrency on: July 13, 2018, 11:45:12 AM
Bitcoin is currently one of the popular currencies used by people. Even merchants who use Bitcoin as a means of payment also exist in some countries. Bitcoin itself becomes a warm conversation. At its all time high, the Bitcoin price was once equivalent to one troy ounce of gold. With its success, today many emerging similar currencies. Because the price is fantastic, Bitcoin is very popular among the public at this time. With the success of Bitcoin, many currencies are now emerging. Other cryptocurrency examples are Ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, mrai, dashcoin, and many more.

Cryptocurrency does not have any monetary policy restrictions from any country, so it is simpler to travel abroad. Using bitcoin does not require physical transactions, making it easier for customers to transact. Compared to currency where you have to change your rupiah currency in money changer first, then cryptocurrency is more reliable

There are many conveniences and benefits provided by cryptocurrency, ranging from ease of payment, slowing of bitcoin growth, increasing global acceptance and very easy opening of accounts, but with all the convenience, you have to be careful of using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. There are some shortcomings that you should be aware of like ...

Not all cryptocurrencies can be used as currency
Currently, the most easily accepted as a means of payment is bitcoin. If you 'mine' or use other cryptocurrencies, then you have to be very careful. Do not be fooled by an offer to buy another cryptocurrency.

Not worth investing
It is true that the value of cryptocurrency capitalization increases over time. But the fluctuation is very unpredictable because no one country controls this digital currency. Do not let your inexpensive offer to invest in cryptocurrency. Use it for easy payment or as your side income.

Easy to use for unclear investments
In the absence of a regulator that controls this digital currency, there are also many unclear investments by using cryptocurrency. Ponzi schemes and money games thrive thanks to this digital currency. Beware of investment offers using cryptocurrency. No money is easy to get.

There are many benefits to cryptocurrency, but it's also true if you have to be careful if you want to do something on cryptocurrency, so little knowledge of me, if there is a misunderstanding I apologize as much as possible.
11  Other / Beginners & Help / BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! on: July 13, 2018, 03:18:59 AM
If you are a BITCOIN user, of course you should know the negative and positive impacts of BITCOIN, not only that, you also have to be careful as a BITCOIN holder, a lot of scammer ways to get your BITCOIN, including PHISING, EXCHANGE FAKE, WALLET FAKE, PONZI, CLOUD MINING and so forth. The fantastic price is one of BITCOIN's traits which is what BITCOIN is so popular for, and public interest in Bitcoin continues to grow rapidly into a fertile ground for many con artists. Generally, they take advantage of the ignorance of interested people but do not really know Bitcoin. A little explanation of their ways to get your BITCOIN in my opinion is ...

1. PHISHING, one they often use is phishing, Be careful when you click on links from email inbox or ad sentence on various sites on the internet. A scammer who runs a phishing method will direct you to a fake page that looks like an official site belonging to a trusted company. If you have been deceived, you can be hooked to register on the fake website, malware, or even loss of Bitcoin.

2. FAKE EXCHANGE, If you find ad phrases like "Buy Bitcoin 5% lower than market price. Achieve Big Profits ", then feel free to move away from him immediately. It is one of the scammer marketing strategies that want to deceive prospective clients with the lure of unrealistic big profits. As far as I know if you log into Bitcoin Exchange look at the domain to make sure it is fake or original, If it only starts with "http: //" instead of "https: //, then Bitcoin Exchange does not have a reliable security protocol. To take safe steps, immediately leave Bitcoin Exchange so know the quality of the domain.

3. WALLET FALSE, Recognizing Bitcoin wallet scam is harder than unpacking Bitcoin Exchange scam mode as I understand it. This is because the wallet does not deal directly with the sale and purchase of Bitcoin, but the storage system only. However, users can lose a lot if the Bitcoin that has been collected suddenly stolen or diverted by a wallet providers who turned out to be a scam.

4. PONZI, Ponzi Scheme is a form of scam in the form of fake investment. Scammers who run this business model claim to be able to double the money in an instant, without any conditions, just by sending your money to them. In the case of Bitcoin, which is promised to be multiplied of course is the amount of Bitcoin itself. Another characteristic that is always embedded in Ponzi-shaped scams is the affiliate or referral feature with the downline system. If you understand the risks of money games or have followed the various cases of MLM fraud, it will be easier for you to decipher the depravity of the Ponzi scheme promising additional money just by multiplying affiliates, without selling any products.

5. CLOUD MINING, Cloud mining is a gathering place for Bitcoin miners who share hashpower. Here, those who do not have enough resources can raise funds to hire the super tech devices required in the Bitcoin mining process. Not all cloud mining is a scam, because there are some that proved valid and indeed bring profit to its users. However, there is also a cloud mining scam that if used only give very little results, or even not share profit at all.

I warn again to be careful if you are the owner of BITCOIN, so far I only know a little about the scammers, I apologize if there is a misunderstanding in this thread, and say thank you for your time.
12  Economy / Speculation / FACTORS AFFECTING BITCOIN PRICE. on: July 12, 2018, 11:14:16 AM
From what I've heard about bitcoin, as well as currency values, such as Dollar / USD, Bitcoin prices are fluctuating or up and down. Importantly, the price of Bitcoin is more fluctuating than the fluctuation of the US Dollar. Thus, if we want to buy Bitcoin, it is important to understand what things can cause the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices. If we want to invest Bitcoin, it is also important to understand these things. By understanding these things, we can buy Bitcoin at a low price. And also, can sell Bitcoin with high price. And the factors that influence the rise and fall of bitcoin prices that I know are.

1. Bitcoin Security Factor
related security factors, in the year 2014 ago, there was a massive robbery in one of the Bitcoin buying and selling place in Asia. The event made the world's public doubt the security of Bitcoin. If the world's public doubts the security of Bitcoin, Bitcoin's demand will decline. The decrease in Bitcoin demand will be followed by the decline in Bitcoin prices.

2. Community Perception Factor
Perceptive factors also affect the price of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin gets a better perception, Bitcoin's demand will increase. Followed by the increasing price of Bitcoin. Conversely, if Bitcoin get a bad perception, Bitcoin prices will go down. These perceptions include how perceptions of the ease of using Bitcoin, the perception of how future Bitcoin prices are and the perception of how much profit Bitcoin invests. For information, several years ago, Bitcoin was so synonymous as a means of exchange for buying illegal goods. Over time, these perceptions begin to disappear.

3. Official Bank Recognition Factor
Some countries do not recognize Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. If the central bank recognizes Bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment, Bitcoin's demand will surely increase. Bitcoin's increased demand is followed by higher Bitcoin prices.

So few things that affect the bitcoin price according to what I know so far, if you have any other reason, what's wrong with explaining it, I'm sorry if there's a mistake, and thank you.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Overview of investment in Altcoin on: July 11, 2018, 08:41:40 AM
many Cryptocurrency has been created and the market landscape is changing rapidly, all investments in Cryptocurrency can be high risk. Even Bitcoin which is by far the most stable crypto also shows fluctuating prices.

For comparison, though, altcoin prices are more stable due to low market capitalization, altcoin markets are particularly vulnerable to price manipulation. Investors who have large capital called "whales" - often inject large sums of money into low-value coins to build up sensations and cause coin prices to skyrocket. Once the price goes up, he sells their coins on the exchange with huge profits, making many other investors deceived in the process. This method is known as "pump & dump." This can not only hurt greedy traders who do not take the time to analyze their investments, but are often shown to cause altcoins to have short lifespan.

To avoid losing all your investments due to pumping & disposing, the focus of long-term investment on coins that you believe has great potential and shows good health. Generally, healthy altcoin has a strong community, shows high liquidity, and has a team of developers who proactively improve the source code of the coin. Comprehensive statistical metric analysis of CoinGecko statistics analyzes three important factors and coin ratings according to the overall strength of the coin.

If you choose to invest in altcoin, it is important to remember some basic principles of investment. Avoid the hype from being distributed by the coin community. Every investor has an agenda, so it's best not to take their word round. Invest only on the coins you previously worked on. It is not wise to invest in something you do not understand. Making an investment based on the wrong information is a sign that you will lose your hard-earned money. Take the time to research the coins you'll consider as a long-term investment, and research the market situation before you try to become a high-volume, short-term trader. Most importantly, never invest more than your ability to take losses. Too many people lose their life savings by focusing them on a volatile investment.
14  Economy / Speculation / Why Bitcoin Prices Down? on: July 10, 2018, 10:28:17 AM
Maybe you've all seen the price of BITCOIN that dropped dramatically now, I myself am observing some news / articles explaining bitcoin prices, there are a lot of articles explaining the bitcoin price reduction and also different explanation of the cause of bitcoin reduction, some say that the embezzlement, which explains that the sale of digital currencies by various trustees in the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Mt.Gox, is declared bankrupt and closes its business in 2014 after losing about 850,000 Bitcoin. Its founder, Mark Karpeles, who pleaded not guilty to accusations of embezzlement, and also because the big mafia who said that there is a big mafia that is playing, by selling all the bitcoin that has been obtained from the bitcoin scam website they had made last year, and also the price The falling XPY is now also the cause of bitcoin down, maybe what I hear is true, all the causes it may indeed affect the bitcoin price, if you have other explanation about bitcoin price ?, you can share your knowledge so that all know what really happened so bitcoin slumped.
15  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / NUMPANG NANYA MASTAH! on: June 24, 2018, 03:42:28 PM
Apakah boleh posting 1 hari lebih dari 10 kali mungkin?
Semisal nih gan, kan ada tuh! di profil POST dan ACTIVITY, nah contohnya saya pergi ke forum nyari topik, lalu saya jawab tuh topik, otomatis akan nambah kan POSTnya, nah saya pergi nyari topik lagi, saya jawab lagi dan lagi, belum juga tuh laporan buat FACEBOOK BOUNTY, bagaimana kalo saya ikutan 10 project dan harus laporan sampai 10 post, apa itu boleh gan?, saran dong gan kasih pencerahan gitu!
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