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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / How would the switch to Proof of Stake work for Ethereum? on: April 13, 2019, 06:28:27 AM
I have always preferred the consensus protocol of Proof-of-Stake compared to Proof-of-Work because i believe that true decentralization is achieved on PoS. Just recently the Ethereum Network upgraded to PoS consensus mechanism yet i have not heard about the specific collateral coins that would be required by the network to host a node. I would like to know how they intend to use the PoS as its consensus protocol knowing that currently its supply is not capped yet.
2  Economy / Speculation / Do you think we have had the correction point in the dip of BTC? on: January 02, 2019, 05:23:27 AM
This sudden dump in the price of bitcoin is not something we have not seen before looking at the trend of bitcoin from history but at any point in time there is always a correction point where we hit the bottom finally and start to rise. Currently it seems the bottom settled at $3k do you think that is the correction point finally or we can still another dump in the price?
3  Local / Pilipinas / What will happen after all Bitcoins are fully mined? on: November 22, 2018, 11:18:54 AM
Satoshi programmed that the total supply of bitcoin that will ever be mined would be 21 Million and currently there are 17,388,387 BTC in circulating supply as at the time this post was being made. In no time the total supply of bitcoins will be mined and most people are making a whole lot of speculations that Bitcoin will collapse after that.
Well i beg to differ because with the increase acceptance of bitcoin as a payment method by marketplaces and online platforms the value of bitcoin will increased with time and the miners would also get funds from confirming transactions on the bitcoin network. Bitcoin is not dead folks, it is a cryptocurrency and it is very volatile hence can fluctuate every now and then.
4  Other / Meta / The importance of a board for forum staff. on: November 21, 2018, 08:59:01 AM
To every institution or organization there are some acknowledged members who have taken upon themselves certain tasks for the success of the organization. These staff members contribute immensely to the growth of this forum and their efforts sometimes depends on some suggestions and comments on other forum members. Currently, reports can be made to forum moderators and i know that is a very good step in the right direction but I believe that this forum has grown to the extent that it will be very prudent enough to have a board in my opinion or a hyperlink which can direct community members to a page where all members of forum staff are listed and their specific tasks in this forum so that members can contact them easily for any assistance or contribution.

A similar thing has been done in one forum and i think we can also do something similar or better still different but achieve the formentioned purpose.

5  Economy / Speculation / Would you miss out on bitcoin investment even at this dip? on: November 16, 2018, 09:13:48 PM
I heard about bitcoin in 2009 when i was in high school but i was a pessimist by then as to how you earn from bitcoin investment because i could just not believe the words "The Market will rise". This was one of the statement that my friend used to tell me but the problem was that he did not have much knowledge about cryptocurrency investment back then so he did not explain things better to me. The sudden rise in bitcoin last year made me took sometime to read about bitcoin investment. I have read from a whole lot of websites and i have learnt so many from this forum but the price of bitcoin from last year coming down to last three months was very expensive for a single young man like myself.
But with bitcoin price falling into $5600-$5700 US i am going in now. No time to waste guys, nature has granted us another opportunity to invest into bitcoin before the final lift off.
6  Other / Off-topic / Can i get the profile link of Satoshi? on: November 16, 2018, 07:27:53 PM
It's always a great pleasure and a sense of inspiration to learn from geniuses like Satoshi. Tried searching for his profile but could not find any link and i would always be proud of such an invention, Blockchain Technology.
7  Other / Meta / CAN WE HAVE AN ARCHIVE OF QUALITY INFORMATION IN THIS FORUM? on: November 15, 2018, 04:37:38 PM
There has been the general outcry of most forum members about the level of quality of posts that are made in this forum. This menace as I would like to describe it got so worst that certain restrictions had to be put within this forum by having a new ranking system. Most of us perceived that this measure by Theymos would help solve this problem but this has not been the case as some folks who sell merits have supplied some newbies with just a merit to allow them to continue spamming this forum. Letís not forget that Bitcointalk Forum is the mother of all crypto forums hence there is a huge responsibility to keep this forum cleaned as best as we can.

What are the tasks involved in this Mission?
Letís create a new Section of the forum that is viewable to almost everybody with only few users who can post into this section. The few selected users who can post in this newly created section of the forum would be Merit Sources and few trusted members of this forum. These group of people would surf through the forum on daily basis and collect all relevant posts and stuck them in the newly created section of this forum. I know perfectly this is a huge task but I believe that if we commit ourselves to doing this, Bitcointalk forum will be cleansed of the menace the huge number of low-quality posts.

The Possible Effects
With the efforts of the Merit Sources and other trusted forum members this newly created section of the forum will be stuffed with quality topics and posts where all forum members can visit and view information over there but only few are allowed to posts in that section. To avoid any accusation of segregation other forum members who are found of making high quality posts can be granted the access of contributing their quota to this section of the forum. Moderators can assist with this sort of recommendation.

I know this idea looks quite rusty but I am suggesting it here so that with your contributions we can further polish it up.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Speak against Bitcoin but still wants to accept payment in bitcoin on: October 13, 2018, 02:58:58 AM
It's very funny anytime i see people making references to the slow network of bitcoin and in terms of transactions on its network. Some even go to extent of saying that bitcoin network will collapse once all its blocks are fully mined but anytime these same people request payment from their dealers they want it in bitcoin. hahaha I guess even Vitalik Buterin accepts payments ONLY in BTC. Get it people! BTC is KING!  Cool
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / SHOULD WE GET ALL HATERS OF BITCOIN OUT OF HERE? on: July 26, 2018, 01:26:31 PM
This forum was created for people to learn more about bitcoin and not to hate it or spread false information about it. Guys, is it enough that these days we sit here Angry and here all sorts of FUD being spread about bitcoin saying all sorts of things which are not true???
Let's not forget that it is as a result of these these FUDs that brings all sorts of panic sells which brings the value of bitcoin down and what bores me is that at the end the come back here and say, "Finally bitcoin is dead" forgetting the very fact that they were the very ones that caused it. But they can't because bitcoin is still strong.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / WHY DO MOST PEOPLE FORGET BITCOIN SO SOON? on: July 25, 2018, 06:37:06 AM
Anytime i see some members of this forum asking "Is Bitcoin dead"?, or "Is this the fall of bitcoin" i just become speechless because it is so shocking to hear that within just six months when bitcoin improved the financial status of people last year without any hard sweating people have forgotten about it so soon. I now understand the saying that "Men forgets easily". Well i can't really blame them but I know the few Real Crypto Enthusiasts like myself still believe in BITCOIN and we are going to keep investing in it because we know that the its value will rise with time.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BITCOIN INVESTMENT IS BETTER THAN NETWORK MARKETING? on: July 23, 2018, 07:17:28 PM
These days all you hear in this modern world is Network Marketing and how some people claim it has really helped them. Well i don't disagree with them totally but i just want to educate some forum members about the fact that investing into bitcoin is a better form of enterpreneurship than engaging in Network Marketing.

Starting up in Networking Marketing is not an easy task at all so never be deceived by their sugar coating words about how good their lives are because some people fake it before they are able to make it Networking Marketing but may you might not be too lucky you can fake to the end. In Network Marketing you will need to stay in touch with your downlines making and ensuring that they keep up with certain tasks as this is the only way you can also move up some strict ranks to earn money. This is not the only pain people but trust me if you should skip any of these regular activities you come back to point Zero.
Yes, that is how painful it is in Network Marketing.
But it is so nice and quite fun that in bitcoin investment you do just two things:
1. Invest with what you can
2. Sit and watch your money grow

Now don't get me wrong house, I ain't a lazy dude but i don't see the reason why I should grind vegetables in an earthenware bowl when i can use a blender and still get it done nice and sweet.
What do you think fam, Is it going to be investment or network marketing?
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / IS IT BAD TO CHOOSE BITCOIN AND BITCOINTLAK FORUM OVER MY GRADUATION CEREMONY? on: July 19, 2018, 04:59:07 AM
Fellow commrades,
         It just happened that my graduation ceremony out of college was some few weeks ago but yet I did not attend this ceremony because i needed to watch over my investments in cryptocurrency and also engage in activities of this noble forum. My parents think i am a SCAMMER right now because i am always with my laptop and chatting online. I wish i could explain things to them further but it seems they have already taken side just like the haters of the crypto community out there. But come to think of it guys crypto is helping me a lot and this is where my investments are not some white collar job so was it wrong for me to have stayed home and watched over my investments in the crypto community? Please help because my conscience is really making me feel guilty now but I know i did the right thing.

Pictures of friends can be found here:
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