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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] A1 coincraft/dragon/lketc (miner/parts) on: March 23, 2016, 05:04:35 PM
As the title states looking for the a1 miner or at least parts from it. I need the board that connects the hash boards to the raspberry pi and the cables would be a bonus. If you have a full miner minus the psu that woud be ok too because I can use spare parts. I would be fine with just getting the miner stripped to the boards and cables (no heat sinks/fans/psu/case)

I have paypal or can get coin from coinbase but that takes a little bit so if neither of that is good I can trade an s3 or 2. Maybe an s5 if the deal is right.
2  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB Neptune Cube(s) or board(s) I have controllers on: February 21, 2016, 10:13:00 PM
I bought a lot off ebay and I ended up with 3 KNC controllers. I have no idea if they even work so I am looking to purchase a cube/board that is known to hash (or maybe more than 1 if the deal is right). I don't care if it/they are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 100% working. I have heat sinks off a Jupiter if all you have is a bare board. I have only have paypal at the moment or could make a deal with some of my s3s or s5s. Possibly if all 3 controllers work we can work a trade for 1 of them. I know talking about paypal here is like talking about Voldemort but take a look at my trust.

I know these things are hit or miss but I don't want good controllers collecting dust and it would be nice to know if I could potentially buy a titan cube down the road.
3  Economy / Computer hardware / Looking for gridseed pods (buy or trade) on: December 06, 2015, 07:04:45 AM
Looking for gridseed pods to play with since I cant seem to find any older BTC usb miners. I have BTC, PP or if you have a bit you want to unload possibly work a trade for some s3s or s5 with a board down.
4  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB s5 blade on: September 23, 2015, 01:04:37 AM
as title says, looking for a bare s5 hashing blade inside the U.S. My s5 dropped a board way back and I'm looking to spend ~$100 via BTC. Not looking to pay top buck, I will just run an s3 under volted to compensate if needed. Just seeing whats out there. pm me with your offers......
5  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [WTT/S] Antminer s3/s3+/s5(pics added) on: July 27, 2015, 04:59:22 PM
I have an antminer s3/s3+ and an antminer s3 that has been upgraded from an s1 but don't have the adapter board for the s1 controller. I have swapped an s3 controller onto the upgraded s1 miner and it hashes fine. I run them slightly underclocked so I can run them next to my s5 but they will run at stock speeds. Slimming down my electric bill due to running a/c in my house.

I am looking to trade for some usb miners. I will accept block erupters, antminer u1/u2, or any nanofury/red fury variant. Bi Fury and Hex fury is welcome as well.  I'm looking to deal in the USA only and trade includes shipping (no charge) so keep that in mind with your offers.

6  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] s1 adapter board or s3 controller on: July 12, 2015, 09:23:58 PM
As the title states I'm looking for the s1 to s3 adapter board or just the s3 controller. I don't need the s1 controller or s1 cables for the upgrade board, just need a the s3 controller part and the s3 cables. I'd prefer US due to shipping cost.

Can pay with BTC or PP and payemt options depends on your trust. pm me your offer.
7  Bitcoin / Hardware / Antminer s5 board issue on: May 15, 2015, 11:58:20 PM
i bought an s5 off ebay and the seller said in the listing that only one board hashes (which is fine because it was a decent package deal). Supposedly it over heated and shut down and only one board works now. Shut down over 80c was selected but who knows if that was the case before hand. I have tried all the reset buttons and swapping the control board around as well as the cables. i have poked around in the log and it seems to see the chips but they wont accept work or set clock? Bitmain also has the chip count set to 32 on the s5's (lol?). So maybe there is a burnt out component? I am willing to use this board to test and poke around so we can get as much info like the s1's. Anyone know what the D1-D4 leds are for? If its dead its dead but it wont hurt to poke around.

Little info:

1. With the board plugged in it draws about 25-35 extra watts
2. All the chips will show up as "----"
3. If I leave it on enough one will come online "O"  after a little while it will error out "X"
4. I tried setting clock pretty low, 2 had an error "XX" right away while the others were "---" (different than the one that will come online and x out after)
5. The red light "RF" never turns on or blinks

pastebin of bad board:
8  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS/WTT] Zeus Thunder X6 (20MHS) on: November 18, 2014, 02:00:07 AM
As title states i have a zeus thunder x6 that averages 20mhs on 210-220 clk. this is under clocked technically and its pulling 490 @ the wall on a rosewill 80+ rated psu so it can get better mhs/watt with a better power supply. I have had it for a month or 2. Currently it makes about .5 LTC a day which equals .005 BTC a day. (I have made a good amount mining other coins shortly after launch like BTM) Im looking to get $10/mhs shipped (which seems the going average) within the US, so at the current rate I'm asking .5BTC I will also consider some sha256 hardware swaps, or partial BTC and some hardware. Escrow is fine if you find a trusted member here and cover fees if any. Regarding HW swaps please check my trust, i have done a HW swap and a few Paypal transactions. Thanks!

Edit: The 2 of the stock loud fans were replaced with coolermasters and the 3rd unhooked. Let me know if you want the stockers in and hooked up or the coolermasters.

9  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB][WTT] - Looking for USB miners on: October 11, 2014, 05:29:33 AM
as title states looking for the small usb miners to mess around with. i have btc/paypal/some script hardware, let me know what you have lets figure out a deal. looking for US deals only right now.
ex. antminer u1/2, any bitfury based (red/ice/nano/twin/bi), original be's ect
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / zeus thunder x6 help on: September 24, 2014, 03:02:21 PM
I have purchased a zeusminer thunder x6 18-20 mhash off ebay and I have worked in it for 8 hours last night to get it to hash. First on pc then laptop and lastly r pi. Tried different drivers, cg/bf miner and configs. I would just start cg miner and the psu would turn off. I took it apart and replace the fans while I was in there checking the cables as per some threads. Everything was connected right. Tried just one set of blades and it worked at about 10 mhash and switches were at (all 4 off)/(only 4 on). I tried the same setup (switches) on the other 2 set of blades and it mine at about 10 mhash. Tried setting switches for all 4 and it crashed. I tried 2 psus both 80+, 1000 watt rosewill bronze and 750 watt seasonic gold. At the moment I'm running 3 blades at about 15 mhash pulling 380 watts at the wall. I believe the switches are set to (all 4 off)/(only 4 on)/(only 3 on). I'm at work atm but I'd love to have something to try for when I get home. I do believe I tried (all 4 off)/(only 4 on)/(only 3 on)/(3 and 4 on) also (all 4 off)/(only 4 on)/(3 and 4 on)/(only 3 on). I did set chip counts to 64, 96 and 128 respectivly. Clock was tried 220, 230, 240. Thanks in advance.

If interested I can send you $20 via paypal for the person who gets it fully hashing.
11  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] BTC via PP/Skrill from trusted members only on: September 21, 2014, 04:42:18 AM
I am done playing games.... I have done various deals here which included me getting half btc up front/ship/then the other half of payment, shipping first, me sending payment first (btc, pp and me shipping) in a hardware swap. check my trust info.

this person accepts pp and never gets back to me
this person accepts pp and skrill..... told me skrill only later so i made an account, did a skype screen share and said he didn't like my card was a visa for what ever reason thank god i didnt put the money in there first otherwise I'd have useless money sitting in there right now.

I have a good standing on here, my ebay (the-fence-man-1960) is 100% positive, paypal is verified and connected to that ebay..... please someone for the love of god let me buy some btc with out jumping through a flaming hoop while using crutches on a pogo stick while catching a football and tell me its not good enough. I don't have time for bs and games, this is what i can offer if you dont like it dont bother. i have put myself out there to gain a trust status and its like it still don't matter at all. which I can understand to a certain extent.......but damn all i want is a little more btc to buy some alts and im paying for it plain and simple. i get what i want,you get what you ask for and we move on happily. well other than me completing another transaction with you from time to time (im not rich Tongue )

Edit: I am fine with you sending btc to a trusted escrow. I have used Tomatocage multiple times upon others.
12  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTT] Ant S1 on: April 13, 2014, 06:37:18 PM
i bought this from bitmain and received it on march 7th. i installed a second fan on it asap with zip ties, it had been running on 375 for about a week now and i really dont see too much of a diff on average so im lowering it back down, oc'd it pulls 366 watts from the wall. also dont mind the dips on the graph. in march it couldnt connect or something, my rpi antminer was down as well. i moved into a house april 1st and was with out internet for a few days. when ever im outta town for the night i shut it off.

im looking to trade for something more energy efficient and will take a loss on the gh/s (usb miners or not) or a few gridseeds. i have a little btc so i can offset on the trade if need be. unless you have pretty good trust, you'd ship first and once i get a tracking number i will point the ant s1 to your pool (and clock it where you want) till your hardware shows up and is tested and i will ship it to ya.

13  Economy / Computer hardware / 2x 7970's (1.3 mh/s) on: March 27, 2014, 10:54:11 AM
bought these late dec, mined on them for about 2 months. upon reciving the cards i replaced the thermal paste and aligned the thermal pads correctly. cards at worst saw 80c but were on average between 65-73c. these each get ~650 each and i never tried to push them, i was happy with setup and go. i will update to current pictures when i get home from work later. this picture was from when i sold the 2 7950s in the picture. looking to get 1BTC for them and i can include 2 1x-16x unpowered risers for free or 2 16x-16x powered risers for a small fee. i have a total of 3 1x-16x and 2 16x-16x risers if any one is interested in the lot. price is shipped if your in the US other wise pm me. i bought an ant s1 and cant afford to run both 24/7. escrow accepted, have used TomatoCage for past transactions. thanks for looking.  Cool

they ran at the seen 590 till slight core/memory clock change. its crazy how +5 or -5 can change speeds at certain levels.

14  Bitcoin / Hardware / DIY Custom BitFury on: March 18, 2014, 04:55:17 AM
been studying, reading, looking at pdfs and boards (for prolly too long) and figured i will try and build/assemble a miner. im thinking of linking 4 chips but doing 1 may be easier at first then 4. im aware i can just buy one for the same amount of $$ invested give or take but thats not what im going for. im doing this for a hobby/something to do and not looking to mass produce what so ever. i have an ant s1 and a few u1s that i have invested into already. this is basically built by me for me type deal, any help and pointers would be appreciated. i am following the nano fury open source as of right now but dont care if its a usb dongle or something that sits on my desk. the bi-fury looks like it uses a beefier INDUCTOR @ 15A compared to the nano fury 4.2A other than that i dont see much of a difference (other than the dual chips, duh).

15  Economy / Computer hardware / (WTB) BFL Jally on: March 10, 2014, 12:50:32 AM
looking for a cheap bfl jally to just have and possibly mess around with. would also take/pay small fee/pay shipping on older tech to have as kind of a keepsake of the evolution. (usb asics as well)

not looking to make money on these. 3 months of u1's got me ~.15 and gpu mining alts got old fast for me, so i bought an ant s1 and prolly going to have some gpu mining gear up for sale very soon.
16  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Bitcoin miners on: February 10, 2014, 01:26:27 AM
i am looking for older hardware that you may not want around anymore. im gonna set it and forget it (like the foreman grille). i will take lots of be's, or some  jallys, chili's , block cubes, ect. i prefer escrow. im currently mining with 7 antminer u1's and want mo powa!!!! just looking to get as much power as possible. i prefer usb type miners but will consider. please do not pm me about some miner you have thats is over 500gh/s and want 4+ btc for. i dont have much and im jut looking to increase my speed on a budget/bargain. thanks again.
17  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Pokemon Card Collection on: January 31, 2014, 03:48:08 AM
i know im prolly gonna get some laughs here but i have been collecting since the start.... i was in like 3rd grade iirc. most of these cards have been opened and put into the binders/sleeves right away, some were bought from a local card shop going out of business sale in protective cases. some have been used but in good condition (i dont keep heavy scratched or creased cards). most i will say are very good to mint. there are misprints, shadowless, errors, 1st editions (japanese rare holos) ect. just for reference the binder had 45 pages of rare holographics (405 cards) not including other pages in that binder. if there are serious offers or interest i can post pics of all the pages, i have a few boxes full of energies/trainers/common/uncommon if interested ill include those too, but most do not care about those. i know most rare holo cards range from ~$1-$80+, im looking to get some litecoin asics so im open to offers on the whole lot or just certain cards i guess. LMK.

18  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] radeon 7970 & pcie risers on: January 23, 2014, 05:04:54 AM
hey guys im a new member here, but i have been browsing for a while. i am looking at getting back into mining since donating my coins in the very early days. i have been mining alts to convert to btc to get a miner and i need a little more i have 0.25btc lol. i have for sale my xfx 1gb 6950 thats unlocked to a 6970 and a asus gtx460 768mb. i have herd of escrow which people use for safety is fine if u set it up and pay the cost. im just getting back into the scene and have alot more to learn. these were used for casual gaming. 460 looks dusty as hell but ill clean it up some. feel free to pm me for any issues or questions.

xfx 1gb unlocked 6970  [SOLD]

asus 768mb gtx460 [SOLD]

i may consider offing my 2 7950s if the price is right, i have had these hashing away for about a month and temps have been 75c and under all the time. i pull about 480-550kh/s each at about an average 65c and 0 hw errors and accepted to rejected is very very small. SOLD

logged in ebay picture:

crazy ebay listing as required. thanks.

I am interested in selling the 7970's as well. im am looking for .8 btc shipped in the US Please do not waste my time on BS offers of .04 .05 ect. your obviously a lowballer and no one would sell them at that price. even if it was broken id rather have spare parts instead of selling them that low. Hell the shipping is going to be ~$20-$30. Just so you know if i get pm'd offers like that you may have a nasty reply from me.
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