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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] AMP - The Currency That Powers Your Attention On Synereo on: March 19, 2015, 01:39:49 AM
Creativity Amplified

The Attention Economy Company

Synereo is a company developing software tools and solutions for the Attention Economy based on decentralized organizational principles, set to create a fairer, freer Internet.

Synereo’s primary mission is placing the value generated by Internet denizens in their own hands.
We achieve this by assigning them full ownership and control of their networks and information, providing them with the tools to interface with others directly and without intermediaries.

Synereo's first product, WildSpark, is now in open Beta.

On the Road Towards the Decentralized Future of Social Networking

Synereo is developing a series of tools designed to merge into a fully decentralized social network, further generalized into a universal, distributed computation platform.

While the road is long, it is paved with applications offering functioning, real-world solutions that utilize AMPs, Synereo’s cryptocurrency, and provide them with backing.

Own Your Content, Identity and Network Connections
Reap the Fair Share of What You Create Online

Stage 01 – Attention Economy Layer & API
Building up towards the decentralized social environment Synereo envisions, our first mission is to establish basic Attention Economy tools, ready to be implemented on top of existing social platforms and content distribution hubs. First of these tools is WildSpark,  serving as a distributed meta layer on top of existing media hubs and social networks. Providing an entirely new way for original content to be monetized, it creates a freer and fairer Attention Economy.

WildSpark users are incentivized to reward both creators and curators directly with AMP, without the hub, social network or Synereo taking a cut.

In Februrary 2018, WildSpark will become a fully functional web-app, supporting various platforms in addition to YouTube, to include all genres of content, such as text, music, images, and GIFs. A threaded commenting system will be available for each piece of content, with in-browser notifications facilitating an ongoing discussion. Users will be able to create personal profiles and build their unique WildSpark identity and will have the opportunity to earn rewards for referring their friends to sign up and use WildSpark.

Reaching maturation, WildSpark, along with future products in development, will form an Attention Economy Layer and API, interfacing with a variety of existing social media platforms and content hubs, which will gradually be decentralized to be independent of both those and Synereo’s centralized DB and logic.

Stage 02 – Decentralized Social App & CDN
The user base and networks established during the first stage will then underlie and enhance a decentralized social network application, employing a decentralized Content Delivery Network which will gradually evolve into a full content delivery solution of its own.

With information gathered through the Attention Economy toolkit and a network effect bootstrapped while relying on existing networks, Synereo will be able to hit the ground running with its decentralized social networking app – already populated with users, their social graphs, their identities and histories – all securely stored on the blockchain, privately owned, accessible and controlled by them only.

Stage 03 – Generic dApp Platform and Ecosystem
With a fully decentralized social network with distributed CDN capabilities running, the next and final step on our roadmap is the generalization of this solution into a dApp platform and ecosystem. This final step brings us to our extended vision, of creating a full suite of tools allowing the easy creation of fully decentralized and distributed applications; scalable, reliable, and secure.

Instead of designing and building a whole chariot before having first invented the wheel(-axle), we learn from best industry practices, only attempting to provide this full, generalized solution after proving the merits of our more specific implementation.

Learn more about Synereo’s Roadmap, our upcoming products and long-term development plan. To stay up to date with the action at, Synereo follow our Blog and Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Synereo’s Cryptocurrency, the AMP, lies at the foundation of Synereo’s Attention Economy.
It is used to Amplify content, compensating creators and curators for the value they create for their networks.

Synereo is committed to full transparency with regards to all uses of AMPs.

All transactions originating from Synereo wallets are logged here
, tracing back to their very issuance.

Synereo’s asset policies doc details the policies and mechanisms put in place for all issued AMPs.

Synereo will only ever release and use AMPs as a means of acquiring more users for its platform, incentivize them to use it, driving growth, and facilitating networks effects. Distributed into specific wallets detailed in the policies doc, AMPs are given out as part of Referral Programs, rewarded for skilled use of the platform, and as part of Creator and Curator Programs encouraging high-value users to migrate to the platform and use it as their main venue.

The success of Synereo is predicated on the entire content ecosystem getting used to and adopting the ideas we espouse, of putting the value created throughout the entire value-creation chain of the Attention Economy in the hands of those responsible for it -- via the flow of AMPs.

For this to happen, a replacement of the exploitative models prevalent today, nearly every Internet user will need access to AMPs.

The AMPs Synereo holds are used to seed the new marketplace and forming economy. AMPs are being and will continue being distributed responsibly, in ever-increasing amounts as the network matures and grows, facilitating the creation of a Liberated Attention Economy -- until they become a new fact of life.

AMPs are currently being traded on major exchanges:

Bittrex | Poloniex | HitBTC | alcurEX

Cryptopia | Upbit | ChangeNOW | Changelly

For more information, please visit our site, follow us and join us Discord.

Thank you for your attention,
-- The Synereo Team

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [PRE-ANN] Synereo: A fully decentralized social network owned by you on: October 18, 2014, 10:27:57 PM

    With current social networks, you are not the client. You are the product being sold.
    The value you create by being a part of the network flows upwards immediately, reaching only a select few: those in control of the network. With Synereo, a completely decentralized and distributed network, you are in control. The value you create stays in your hands.

    Synereo is a next-gen social network that puts security, identity, and community management directly under your purview, respecting your attention and rewarding you for your activity on the network.

    Synereo: Syn=Together; Rheo=Flow


    The beauty of recent developments based on the innovative Bitcoin blockchain technology is that they allow the public to claim control over previously centralized endeavours. By creating automated, trustless interactions over the network, we can now build systems that do not require concentrated power to maintain order. Rather, the power is spread throughout the network and is left in our hands, the active participants in it.

    The Bitcoin revolution has brought us control over our money. In this position of control, we are its owners and we decide what to do with it, uninhibited by the interests of those in positions of great influence. Synereo is attempting to do the same, only with the fundamental social tool of the Information Age - the social network.

    With current social networks, you are not the client. You are the product being sold - and for huge sums of money that you will never see. These massive corporations maintain extensive databases characterizing your behavior in an attempt to exploit the content that you create and the networks that you build with your friends and family. They’ve tapped into your deeply human need to socialize, with no respect for your privacy or psychological well-being, to turn your life into an endless marketing opportunity.  

    Your Identity is valuable. Your

    • Curiosity
    • Hobbies
    • Habits
    • Sexuality
    • Aspirations
    • Relationships

    All carry monetary value. Everything you do online is being tracked and monetized for someone else’s financial gain. And while these corporations tap into our most basic of needs, they demonstrate the ability - and, as a publicly traded company, a reason - to adjust their algorithms in a way that affects human behavior on a large scale.

    We’re now in a unique position to take this power back from our social networks, to keep the value we create for ourselves, and put it to work for us. By disconnecting the application from its current axiom of generating revenue for its corporate owner, we can move development in the direction of supporting the network and its users. It becomes an ever-evolving social product, shaped to facilitate our need and desire to communicate.

    Meet Synereo.

    Synereo is a next-gen social network. It is:

    • Unconstrained by the financial desires of its operators
    • Impossible to take down
    • Rewarding for content creators
    • As private and as unmonitored as you want it to be
    • Devoid of any center of control
    • Designed to value your attention through direct compensation
    • A better system for social organization online

    What is unique about the Synereo network?

    Your attention is worth money

    No more will your time and attention on social networks be monetized by centralized powers. You are the direct beneficiary of the value of your attention. If someone wants it - a politician, a corporation, or your favorite party producer - they pay you directly.

    A token with an inherent value

    AMPs, Synereo’s content flow currency, serve as a way to Amplify the flow of information in the network. AMPing content increases its ability to propagate to peers and the chances of it being seen by more users. This gives them an inherent market value, as any business or individual wishing to bring information to your attention non-organically has to pay you with AMPs for it.

    A next-gen social network

    Synereo is built from the bottom-up to maximize the efficiency of the Attention Economy, an approach to the management of information that treats human attention as the scarce commodity, and the flow of attention as critical for organizing and managing a social network. Treating your attention as having an inherent power to influence your reputation and communities is critical for putting our social networks back in their users' control.

    The network model is based on physical principles of electrical current flow and implements insights from the function of the neural networks of the brain to create a unique ecosystem where information is directed to where it will be appreciated and utilized well. This creates a stream of information that is most relevant to the user and their communities, and that will promote the generation, curation, and engagement with content on the network.

    Completely decentralized and distributed

    The core of Synereo is fully decentralized and distributed, relying on modern peer-to-peer technologies. These are used for all of the important functions of the network:

    • Conveying encrypted communications
    • Storing these communications and all other data created on Synereo
    • Executing application logic functions

    There is never any single point of failure. The system cannot be taken down.

    You own your information

    Synereo is completely proofed against spying. Using asymmetric encryption, you are free to decide who may or may not view your profile and the content you create. Even the creators of the network have no power to overrule your choice.

    Your speech is protected. Your account may never be blocked or restricted: you are free to express yourself to whomever wishes to hear what you have to say.

    Does not rely on the centralized Internet

    Synereo is Mesh-Network compatible, and does not rely on the centralized Internet.

    The system cannot be blocked or restricted by centralized powers such as governments or Internet service providers. The network can never be shut down. Synereo is innately compatible with distributed, peer-to-peer wireless network technologies, assuring that as long as smart devices are in range, no central Internet service provider is required for smooth functioning.

    You own your identity. You own your communities

    You are free to construct and present your identity as you see fit, including both plural identities and complete anonymity. You may even post anonymously to your established network of friends. Synereo understands how your identities vary across the many networks you participate in, and is built to minimize the constraints on your expression, and to maximize the diversity of the communities you can form and the interactions you may have.

    Unique interaction types

    Beyond traditional social networking tools and supercharging content with AMPs, Synereo gives the user a variety of tools for managing their networks. Think consensus checks within a community to determine the collective attitude towards some event or cause, or built-in fundraising tools and collaborative scheduling apps for putting that community to work.

    The electrical flow analogy lets us imagine the user as a gatekeeper to their communities of engagement, controlling how information flows into an out of a Synereo. Imagine business offering discounts and bonuses for passing their messages along to your friends. Imagine putting your social networks to work for the causes that matter most to you.

    Every interaction on Synereo is handled by a smart contract. These contracts are infinitely expandable, allowing our community of users to invent new and interesting ways to interact.

    Who benefits from Synereo?

    • You, the user. By contributing to the strength and health of the network and participating in the Attention Economy, you receive tokens that you can use to Amplify your voice or to sell on the market. These tokens have an inherent value, as they can be used to increase the chances of a message getting a user’s attention. The more you do for the network, the more your attention is worth.

    • You, the content producer. Through direct compensation for user-generated content, Synereo puts users back in control of their content, to rise and fall directly on the support and passion of its community. Synereo makes it easy to find your communities and grow your project on your terms.

    • Advertisers. Advertisers allocate significant resources in an attempt to optimize the reach of their campaigns and outsmart content delivery algorithms. An entire ecosystem of advertising middlemen profit from programmatic advertising; buying and selling ad spaces, bidding for your attention in real time, using retargeting mechanism and attribution models, and generally adding nothing to the quality of the content.
      Based on our novel attention model, Synereo will provide advertisers with the full gamut of tools necessary to reach their natural audiences, decimating the costs otherwise lost to both these advertising middlemen and to the centralized platform.

    • People living in communication-restricted countries that cannot access non-decentralized social networks. Due to the underlying technological nature of the protocol, it is impossible to restrict access to it or take it down, just like with Bitcoin.

    • People who do not wish for the NSA and other such entities to be aware of every detail of their lives. Using the same cryptographic principles underlying the Bitcoin technology, each user of the system may choose his level of privacy, which will be impenetrable to everyone, including the developers of the system.

    Synereo AMPs: A Voice Amplifier

    AMPs, Synereo’s tokens, serve as a way to Amplify the flow of information in the network, increasing its ability to propagate to peers. They work in two ways:

    1) A user may Amplify his own posts: status messages, pictures, created events, etc. Depending on the amount of AMPs used, the post will gain greater visibility in the feed of his Synereo friends - and in adjacent, connected Synereos through them. A user may also Amplify his friends’ posts in such a manner, helping to propagate the friends’ messages. Thus, a group of friends may band around a common interest and Amplify it together, making sure it is heard as it reaches more of their collective Synereo.

    The originator of Amplified content will receive a portion of the AMPs invested by his peers. Another small portion will be used for the maintenance of the platform and as rewards for “mining”. The majority of AMPs will go to those who are exposed to the content, compensating them for their time and attention.

    2) Advertisers may use AMPs to created sponsored messages, reaching target audiences based on their interests and activity on the network. NOTE: A user of the system may always opt-out of receiving messages from specific advertisers, about specific topics, or altogether.

    Most of the AMPs used to advertise to you will be paid to you directly. This is a way to gain from your participation in the network and from the value you generate for it. The more you participate, the more the network is familiar with you and your interests, and the more influence you have on the network, the more your attention is worth!

    How are AMPs allocated initially?

    1) AMPs can be bought during an initial crowdfunding phase which will fund the development of Synereo and its deployment. We are in touch with various escrow service providers to provide our backers with a smooth and secure solution. Sign up on to receive updates!

    2) Registering for Synereo and migrating your information from an existing social network account.

    3) Expanding Synereo by inviting users who register on the network and migrate to it.

    4) Bounties. People working to contribute to the development, deployment, and expansion of the network will receive AMP rewards for their efforts. More information coming soon!

    The Attention Model

    Attention Model Presentations:
    Chapter 1

    Synereo is built from the ground-up using a novel model that is based on Attention Economy principles. This is an approach to the management of information that treats human attention as the scarce commodity. Treating your attention as having an inherent power to influence your reputation and communities is critical for putting our social networks back in their users’ control.

    The model is based on physical principles of electrical current flow and implements insights from the function of the neural networks of the brain to create a unique ecosystem where information is directed to where it will be appreciated and utilized well. For the user, this creates a stream of information that is most relevant to him and that promises to lead to the sort of engagement that complements his Synereo best.

    As content has grown increasingly abundant and immediately available on the Internet, attention has become the limiting factor in the consumption of information. Attention economics applies insights from cognitive science and artificial intelligence to enable content consumers, producers, and intermediaries to better manage the flow of information.

    In a sense, Synereo is an organic collaborative filtering system. One where information flows to you not because a machine learned a rule for analyzing your behavior on the net, but because your networks have been shaped in a particular manner based how and your peers allocate your attention. This allows communities to self-organize and develop on their own terms.  

    In our model, each user - a node on the network - connects with other users around it in two different ways:

    1) By forming “superconductive” connections with other users, creating a “Home Synereo” for himself
    2) By joining topical Synereos - a cross between a group and a hashtag - and forming looser connections with others interested in specific ideas and subjects


    Every user in Synereo has a “Reo” score in his Home Synereo and for each of the other Synereos he joins. This is an indication of his ability to produce and facilitate content worthy of attention. By posting high-quality content that is appreciated by others, a user’s Reo increases. By engaging with the content of others, a user’s Reo can influence the way that content flows across the network.

    Users with high Reo in a Synereo enjoy many benefits:

    • Their content gets more organic exposure
    • They receive more AMPs for their attention
    • The content they see has a higher chance of being relevant to them

    The more Reo a user has, the more his attention is worth, and the more it costs to attract. To reach a user with a high Reo score, content must either be posted by someone with high Reo, receive attention from others first, or be from a close friend within a Synereo.

    On top of these options, content may be AMPed, ensuring that more people of higher Reo are reached. Amping content increases its exposure in the Synereos it’s posted to, making your voice heard over others’.

    This Amplification system is what gives Synereo’s token, the AMP, its inherent value. And while your friends and interest groups will not necessary use AMPs in day to day activities, advertisers wishing to send unsolicited information your way will have to use it to pay you for your attention.

    Note: a person of any Reo score going over a stream will eventually be able to view all content posted to any Synereo they are in.

    With these tools, Synereo allows an individual’s reputation to develop as a consequence of their social activity and through feedback from a community of peers. Human culture has always been the emergent product of this dynamic interplay between individual and community identity. Making this dynamic explicit by quantifying social influence will bring the project of social networking to the next level.

    Synereo will let you see how your actions influence those around you.
    Synereo will help you learn who you are and how well you fit in your vast social network.
    Synereo will help teach you what your networks need, and will reward you for your help.  
    Our Synereos will help us all work together a little bit better than we could before.

    The above describes only the essence of the model and puts it in words. For the full picture, see our Attention Model White Paper - coming soon, as we are getting a defensive patent.

    Advertising on Synereo

    Facebook’s advertising revenue for Q2 2014 was $2.68 Billion. This is the sum of money that was spent for Facebook content visibility alone, and does not account for resources invested in the creation of the content being advertized or the middlemen optimizing this process.

    This grand economy relies on us - the users of the social network - in its entirety, but we do not share in its gains. Advertisers on these networks are not happy campers, either. The advertising platforms, along with the service providers, are profiteering middlemen that take a major cut for supplying your attention to them.

    How is advertising on Synereo different?

    • Synereo users are a real part of the advertising ecosystem rather than merely existing as pawns on someone else’s playing board. The advertisers’ funds do not remain in the hands of major corporations, but are delivered straight to potential customers around the globe as a form of compensation for their attention.

    • Synereo enables a two-way relationship between advertisers and prospects. Advertisers can target specific Synereos, contributing AMPs to causes, communities, organizations or projects - and the people that enable them. On the other hand, an advertising campaign initiated by a popular charity or cause can maintain minimal advertising spend while relying completely on "crowdsourced" AMPing by its supporters.

    • Synereo’s information flow logic greatly benefits advertisers who have committed to content excellence, increasing the spread of content engaged with by users recognized for their curation abilities and positive influence on the network; their ability to contribute to the attention economy underlying Synereo.

    • Similar to real-world viral campaigns, a well planned advertising effort would target influencers of the relevant topics and audiences to the campaign with excellent content that, if appreciated, will be distributed on Synereo organically rather than by “brute forcing” it with AMPs.
      The lesser the quality of the content you see, the more you will be compensated for it!

    • Brands may create “smart contracts” (see below) with influential “brand ambassadors” to distribute content to their Synereos. These ambassadors will aim to bring high quality content that may be appreciated by their peers, or their ability to influence their Synereo further will suffer.

    The technology

    The core of Synereo is fully decentralized and distributed, relying on modern peer-to-peer technologies. These are used for all of the important functions of the network: conveying encrypted communications, storing these communications and other data created on Synereo, and executing application logic functions in a consensual, peer-approved manner.

    This ensures that:

    • There is never any single point of failure. The system cannot be taken down as long as there are users interested in its operation.

    • The system is completely proofed against spying. Using asymmetric encryption, you are free to decide who may or may not view your profile and the content you create. Even the creators of the system have no power to overrule your choice.

    • Your speech is protected. Your account may never be blocked or restricted: you are free to express yourself to whomever wishes to hear what you have to say.

    • The system cannot be blocked or restricted by centralized powers such as governments or Internet service providers. Unless the Internet is shut down, Synereo remains accessible!

    • But the network can never be shut down! Synereo technology is innately compatible with mesh networks, assuring that as long as smart devices are in range, no central Internet service provider is required for smooth functioning.

    Utilizing the same concepts and framework brought on by the Bitcoin blockchain, each user will acquire a private key that provides him with access to his identity on the network. This will allow users to send and receive all forms of communications with as much privacy as they wish to have and form networks with friends using their unique identifiers.

    To accomplish our goals, we will have to innovate technologically. However, there exists working proof of concepts for all of the tools which will underlie the platform we aim to create, and so we believe that the technological risk involved is small. We also have many fallback plans allowing us to build Synereo using less complex technologies while slowly implementing the full feature set required for the complete realization of this project.

    We are currently in talks with representatives from major next-gen crypto-protocols to determine whether we can collaborate on creating our system. We are reviewing the state of the technologies and will decide whether any of these platforms are mature enough to reliably base our project on or if it will be simpler and faster to build something directly serving our needs, which are more focused.

    The application

    We aim to provide an experience that is in line with the cutting edge of modern social networks - at the minimum. Users will be able to form communities, create events and pages, privately message each other, post status updates, pictures and videos, and so on.
    The open-source and extensible nature of the technologies used will allow constant improvement to the functionality and user experience at all levels, and those will take into account our actual needs rather than rely on the capitalistic drive to increase the money-raking potential of the system.

    At its core, Synereo is about allowing you to maximize your use of time and attention. You will be able to customize the default layout such that you’re exposed to your preferred information stream - arranged based on the design our attention model has prepared just for you - or sorted in any other way you like.


    At Synereo, we are well aware that there is a barrier to the creation and successful operation of a new social network - even if it’s a next-generation one.

    We are all heavily invested in current social networks. They have our entire social network activity history, interests, group affiliations, and so on - along with the huge user base already there to play with it. They have our information - we gave it to them willingly - and they know what our networks’ topologies are.

    Fortunately for us, this information has been ruled to be our property - and we are free to take it and go elsewhere!

    To facilitate this operation and make it seamless for you, we are going to create the tools required for you to enjoy a simple and automatic migration process, allowing you to carry over ALL of your social activity history and network information over to Synereo - or any portion of it that you desire. (Some of us would be happy to get a fresh start!)

    Not only that, but we will also highly reward those of you who choose to migrate and seed the network with their information, now under their direct and unwavering control.

    The team

    Dor Konforty

    Dor started mining Bitcoin on May 2011, and has been living and breathing crypto since.
    An expert on collaboration on the net and the wisdom of crowds, he is the architect of Uru, a novel online deliberation system. Has a master’s degree in neurobiology from an interdisciplinary brain research program in Tel-Aviv University. A graduate of the Israeli Air Force computer unit. A child of the Internet.

    If you want to discuss Synereo with me, Come to the Inside Bitcoin TLV conference, held in Tel-Aviv on 19-20 of October, where I will be hosting the Bitcoin 2.0 technologies panel.

    Anderson McCutcheon

    Andy comes from a diverse programming background, having served in IDF's 8200 unit and developed real-time climate control & management systems before turning his love for gaming into a Poker related career. Having built several successful communities, he has spent the last few years managing marketing for the world’s biggest real money gaming brands.
    Loves lamp.

    Yuval Adam

    Yuval is a full-stack technologist, with experience ranging from building distributed web services through deploying wireless mesh networks and to embedded systems development. Yuval founded the Tel-Aviv chapter of CryptoParty, advocating for privacy and digital liberties. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Sciences from Ben-Gurion University.
    Yuval can usually be found lurking in the dark corners of the Tel-Aviv Makers hackerspace.

    Greg Meredith

    Greg Meredith has supported his math habit by working in computing. He was the principal architect of Microsoft's BizTalk's Process Orchestration offering and took on the burden of contributing to the early WSDL spec to keep it from being more of a train wreck than it is. He also worked on Microsoft's super secret BigTop project, working on an OS and Programming Language pair, based on process calculi. Prior to that he was one of the core members of the Carnot Team at the first industrial research consortium, the now defunct MCC. There he worked with Christine Tomlinson on Rosette/ESS, a fully reflective actor-based programming language with a high performance execution engine.

    Daniel Estrada

    Daniel teaches Engineering Ethics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has been writing about digital politics and network theory online for about a decade, and is currently the only person in the world that uses G+.


    Think you can contribute to Synereo? Don’t hesitate to send an email to dor at synereo dot com.

    We’re looking for developers as well as experts in the various fields related to the project. You know who you are.

    What do I do now?

    Watch this thread, sign up for updates on, follow us on our blog, and help us spread the message!

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    • You pay within 24 hours of winning.

    Auction starts at 140BTC per unit. The highest two bids win.
    If you want to bid for both units, please indicate so in your post.

    I reserve the right to sell to a private bidder, though I encourage all participants to post their bids publicly.

    Pictures will follow in the next post.
    7  Bitcoin / Hardware / President of Walletbit confirms Avalon does not ship fairly on: May 26, 2013, 10:09:13 AM
    (Apologies for the sensational newspaper title, though it's not an inaccurate one)

    In a newsletter update last month, Yifu announced that they'd ship Batch #2 orders by payment time. That sounded fair to the community, especially as the first customers to orders were those who woke up in the middle of the night to mash F5 on the Avalon store site, when they started the sale, until the buying process made any sense.

    I was particularly happy, as I was the first one to get a payment through.

    At this point, I still have no relevant communication to show from Avalon. No purchase confirmation, no answer to support tickets, no information listed on their site (my order does not exist there at all). Nothing.

    I approached Walletbit by email again to see if they could offer any help (they, at least, verified my order, a month and a half after sending them 225BTC), and this is what Adam Herding, President, had to say:

    Quote from: Walletbit

    I apologize for the delay in confirming your order. I have sent a walletbit confirmation email for your records. Should you have any problems with Avalon this is what you can use to prove that you have paid. Unfortunately it appears Avalon is not shipping in the same order they were placed which is beyond our control. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


    I know it's not news that the Avalon crew does not particularly care for its customers, but that they're also (apparently) completely ignoring Walletbit and reneging on such a simple promise given to us is infuriating.
    8  Economy / Economics / What's the number of people who trade Bitcoin? on: April 17, 2013, 08:32:08 PM
    The numbers on MtGox and the entire exchange ecosystem are growing rapidly.
    I'm wondering how many people are actually involved in active trade, e.g. sell or buy Bitcoin daily, weekly or monthly. How many are new users? How many are returning speculators, just trying to make a buck? What's the average trade size and what's the average fee? Is much of it just the "same" money moving back-and-forth?

    I welcome all information as well as guesstimation and speculation. Smiley

    9  Economy / Service Discussion / My cancelled Mt.Gox order was fulfilled anyhow on: April 09, 2013, 01:03:55 PM
    I was trading yesterday during the short price decrease (from the 194.9 high to 170+), placing various orders and cancelling them over the course of an hour.
    At one point I had a specific sell order placed that I later cancelled to continue trading at other prices.
    After finishing trading, making sure there is no more trading lag (when things calmed down), making sure all of my sell orders are closed (I had purely BTC at the point), I closed the tab and left the computer.

    I received an email about a transaction taking place about 10 minutes afterwards with a ridiculous sum that was irrelevant at that point, from an order that I had cancelled and that did not appear in my order book.

    Now I woke up to find that I have dollars instead of BTC and they're worth much less compared to when they were sold.

    Has this happened to anyone before on Mt.Gox? Cancelled orders that disappeared from the book being fulfilled?

    I am a long time user and I know the issues it has with engine lag, which is why I make absolutely sure that all my orders are actually closed before leaving my computer.

    10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Why does no exchange allow credit card financing? on: April 08, 2013, 07:34:00 PM
    I understand the risk of chargeback, but why would it be so hard to just ask for a higher rate that is based on the percentage of fraud?
    I am sure many people would pay the higher fee, even if it's 10%(?), to get funded instantly and avoid going to a bank.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What happened to my Namecoin? on: April 02, 2013, 09:19:12 PM
    I used to have two Namecoin wallets. One on Bitparking -
    And the other on BTCGuild when they did the double mining thing.

    I logged in to bitparking today after a loooong time and I can't find the 250NMC I mined there.
    I've been GPU mining happily with BTCGuild and have't bothered logging in for a while. I don't know what happened to all the NMC I mined concurrently with BTC there.

    Did something weird happen to NMC? Were my funds just taken? I am not sure what's going on with this.
    12  Bitcoin / Hardware / Hey BitSyncom, I'm about to visit China. Can I come by on: March 23, 2013, 07:10:10 PM
    and pick up my Batch #2 order? Smiley

    As luck would have it, I'm going on a trip to China some time the week after the following. I'd love to drop by your lab, say hello and thank you, shake your hand and pick up my order.
    (I was the first one to place an order when Batch 2# opened, for 3 devices, so I hope they should be ready by then.)

    I'm posting this here in case, if this is possible, other members would like to use this opportunity for a visit! Though, mind you, a ticket's quite expensive for anyone traveling from the Western world.

    13  Economy / Service Discussion / Walletbit, please refund my Avalon asic order on: February 12, 2013, 07:19:33 PM
    I'm posting this in the main forum because I believe the behavior of this service provider in this case is in the interest of the entire community.


    Short description of the situation (further details can be found in this thread and others in the Custom Hardware mining forum):

    Avalon began their batch 2# ASIC sale 10 days ago and used Walletbit as the payment processor. At the checkout and payment stage, Walletbit displayed an incorrect amount to be paid (~0.05BTC).
    Some of us chose to submit this payment at this stage as "proof" that they were there for the sale and for the chance of being allowed to complete the payment at a later time. This arrangement was later approved by both Avalon and Walletbit (see linked thread).

    I have sent 225BTC for 3 devices to the address provided at the checkout stage as instructed

    Since then, I have not received any confirmation, either from Avalon or Walletbit. It's been many days since initiating this transaction and there has been no direct communication with me from either party.

    A lot has happened since that time and I find myself in urgent need of that money. I would not ask for it if there was any sign of life from either party as I would stand behind this transaction, but since there has not been any communication what so ever and since you have committed to refunding everyone who's been involved in the Avalon sale fiasco, I ask that you send the amount of BTC I sent to you in return.

    Hoping for a quick resolution of this.

    Thanks for reading.
    14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Why use Bitcoin? on: July 05, 2011, 08:53:32 PM
    Hi all,

    During my time with the community and while visiting other forums discussing Bitcoin, I've found that this question pops up quite often. The information is certainly out there, but I believe it's time to create a good resource summarizing all the answers to this important question. Why use Bitcoin?

    I'm going to make a bullet list with concise points that I've written. Please contribute in any way you wish: correct the text, add your ideas, discuss the format, etc. I am going to maintain the first post and update it constantly with the goal of having it included in the Introduction thread. The second post in this thread will be reserved for "testimonials": short write-ups about why YOU want to use Bitcoin. Post these in the thread or PM them to me to be included.

    Remember: this isn't the place for complicated talk about the underlying technology. This is a resource meant to be used by everyone, regardless of technical knowledge.

    Why use Bitcoin?

    • Ownership: Bitcoin is YOURS. Unlike government-mandated fiat money, your Bitcoins belong to you and no one else. You can use them in any way you want or even destroy them if you so wish. Your account will never be frozen or otherwise appropriated.

    • Privacy: Bitcoin can be used anonymously. Your Bitcoin wallet can generate a new address for each transaction you wish to carry out, and these are abstracted from your identity. Using further means, one can become completely anonymous and untraceable when sending or receiving Bitcoin. See thread by Satoshi for more details.

    • Security: Bitcoin is more secure than ANY monetary system in existence. The mathematical technology used in the network for creating Bitcoins and validating transactions guarantees that no entity can manipulate the Bitcoin system. See the wiki for more details.

    • Trust: With Bitcoin, the need to trust anyone beyond yourself and the recipient of your money disappears. No intermediaries or third-parties are required! Neither king nor bank will stand in the way of your transaction. See the "What problem Bitcoin solves" in the the introduction thread for more details.

    • Mitigation of Risk to User: If an entity you've sent Bitcoin to has its security breached, you are 100% safe! The merchant doesn't store any extra information related to your payment beyond what is immediately relevant to the transaction. No more will your identity, credit card and contact details be stolen because of the negligence of others.

    • Transaction Speed and Cost: Bitcoin's digital nature allows you to send and receive money to and from anyone, anywhere – and almost immediately! Since transactions are handled by a network of Bitcoin users rather than maintained and logged by the banks of old, they happen with the Speed of Internet. Fees are completely eliminated or reduced to a fraction of what one may pay for a dollar-based transaction today. See the wiki for more details.

    • Divisibility: Bitcoins are divisible up to the 8th decimal. Along with the lack of transaction fees, this opens up a whole new world of micro- and nano-transctions.

    • Decentralization and Lack of Authority: Bitcoin has NO central authority. We ALL use the same basic software and have the exact same privileges. There are no single points of failure, no federal banks to inflate the currency at their will, and no authorities to lay down new rules and regulations. It is likely impossible to shut down Bitcoin without shutting down the Internet as long as its users wish to use it. Bitcoin does not answer to any single political entity and is not subject to the whims of any politician or politics system. There is no consideration to race, religion, social status or gender.

    • Limited Quantity: The amount of Bitcoins in existence and the amount that will be created over time is known at any point and is unchangeable. There is no possibility for further inflation or for the manipulation of the money supply.

    • Transparency : While Bitcoin can be completely anonymous, it also allows complete transparency. Since all transactions are logged by the network, it is easy to publicize them if one so wishes and allow everyone to examine them with the utmost confidence in their authenticity.

    In essence, Bitcoin is the perfect form of digitized cash. It is anonymous, easy to use, secure, fast, and can be accepted anywhere at any time.
    15  Other / Beginners & Help / Are Newbie restrictions still needed? on: July 04, 2011, 12:33:37 AM
    Seems to me like the great influx has died down and that the situation is more or less stable.
    The Newbie posting rules are quite harsh. Is it time to make them less so if not eliminate them altogether?
    16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is there a way to track how many people use Bitcoin? on: June 28, 2011, 02:45:37 PM
    I am wondering how many people use Bitcoin (i.e. have a wallet with at least 0.01 BTC in it) and how this has changed (and will change) with time.
    I know that there were only ~3k users on MtGox 3 months ago and when the DB was leaked there were 60,000, but that's just one statistic.

    Is there anything more accurate?
    17  Economy / Marketplace / Is this what this forum has become? on: June 23, 2011, 09:54:36 PM
    A place for pyramid games and other lotteries?
    18  Other / Beginners & Help / Maintaining sub-600Mhz clock on a 5870 after a restart on: June 14, 2011, 12:49:10 AM

    I am using my 5870 to mine and am having a hard time keeping the memory clock around the 300 level (or anywhere below 600). Using MSI Afterburner, I go through the motion to allow the slider to get below 600Mhz and then everything is fine - until the next reset, when I have to convince the program to let me slide it down to 300Mhz again.

    Is there a way to circumvent this annoyance?

    Cheers and hello forum!

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