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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / TradeHill to OKPAY withdrawals in USD? When!? on: January 13, 2012, 06:22:21 PM
I sure seem to be having problems getting my money out of TradeHill into OKPAY.  Sure seemed easier getting it in to TradeHill than getting it out.  Once I sold a portion of my btc for USD, I read elsewhere I can get a check sent me, but that doesn't come up on TradeHill, just Paxum or OKPAY. 

So I opened an account on OKPAY, and tried to get my money sent there--around $1,000--and it just doesn't seem to be happening.  After 24 hours had passed, I sent them both emails asking what was up.  Haven't heard anything.   And once my money is in OKPAY--assuming, of course, that eventually it will get there--what kind of hoops do I need to jump through to get my US dollars out of there?  Do I have to verify my identity which seems a serious pain? 

It's nice that I finally was able to make a few bucks with bitcoins, but for them to be viable, it shouldn't be so difficult to obtain my own money in dollars back into my possession. 
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Blocks stuck at 133950, going on 3 days now. No confirmations. on: October 08, 2011, 08:18:46 AM
Windows XP, SP3
Microsoft Security Essentials

I downloaded and installed bitcoin to my Dell Latitude 2100 netbook, 3 days ago.  I've used bitcoins before with no problems, on other computer, linux and windows.  It seemed to be going alright.  I sent myself 25 btc from Trade Hill.  Started slowing down around 120000 blocks.  AFter 48 hrs I came on here, and started reading past threads.  Tried following suggestions: I went to and put in my address, and it showed that the transaction had completed. I turned off MSE, then put bitcoin.exe in the exceptions in the settings, as instructed.  I also checked, to see if port 8333 was was.  Right now have 19 connections.

Have another computer using same router, linux, and it's going along fine, in just 3 hours already at 143000 blocks.

Anything else I should do, at this point.  It started getting really slow around 24 hrs, but I still waited until it hit 48 hrs to start getting concerned.  My computer itself several times ran as slow as molasses, had to cntrl/alt/delete and I finally rebooted into Safe Mode and tried it there, but that wasn't the problem.

Computer is running o.k., and I'm sort of a malware fighter on other forums, so it's clean...I'm just kind of stupid about these bitcoins, apparently.  Thankyou in advance for any help.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Installed debian then put on linux bitcoin 24 hrs ago. Still no transactions on: July 05, 2011, 10:41:06 PM
Still nothing...about 12 hrs ago I tried to put some bitcoins on it, and it keeps adding blocks but no's at 133,000 blocks, 8 connections, no transactions--balance 0 (zero) there any point at which you can safely say 'something's wrong?'

4  Other / Beginners & Help / Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson on: June 15, 2011, 06:59:37 AM
Cryptonomicon (and the baroque cycle) sure seems to be coming into mind all day to day: I'm new to bitcoin, but it seemed all those books mentioned were about the nature of money, and he seemed to predict and talk about digital havens, and anybody else who plowed through the Baroque Cycle knows it was all about the nature of money, how it's created...along with a whole lotta other stuff, of course Smiley
5  Other / Beginners & Help / bitcoin time on: June 15, 2011, 06:02:14 AM
I've been reading up, and I bought one bitcoin, and it took an hr or so to download...and the next batch I bought, is taking just as long...does it ever get faster?
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Same bitcoin address twice? on: June 15, 2011, 03:09:58 AM
I just did that: got two coins from different sources...first one came through fine, and without realizing my wallet had changed addresses, I sent seller *first* address.  I know you should always changed addresses...but will it get through if I don't?  TIA
7  Other / Beginners & Help / Next Silk Road? on: June 14, 2011, 06:22:51 AM
Even the site names will probably stay mobile, in the long run...stay one step ahead of the Big Bad Wolf that way?

Need a listing site.
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