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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Best stablecoin to use on: December 01, 2020, 09:53:56 PM
There are a few stablecoin in the market, out of them whole ch one is better one? I want to liquidate some of coins and keep them with stablecoin for few months. I know little about USDT.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / DeepOnion 69% changes within the last 24 hours. on: June 23, 2019, 01:01:12 PM
DeepOnion has been increased significantly, the volume too. The volume was $20k or so yesterday or two days ago but now it has turned into $70k with a price change of 70% almost. That's significant.
What do you think? A pump and dump or deserve to invest some more into it, I'm already holding some of it.

3  Other / Beginners & Help / [Explained] Importance of Custom Trust List on: January 12, 2019, 02:35:28 PM
Bitcointalk is bigger than we think. There are a lot of people from around the world. Among those, some are here to learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, some for having trading or exchanging goods, currency and some are here for earning money through bounty. Besides those, there are some people who are here for scam people's money. When we go for a trade, how will we judge a user whether we should trust that person or not? To help you sort out this, people are giving feedback based on their previous trades, experience. We may find some feedback valid while some are invalid, bogus. If someone gives a user positive feedback and you go first while trading, you may be scammed because you don't know whether the feedback was valid or invalid. Here is the necessity of having a custom trust list. While you surf bitcointalk, have trades, exchange goods or coins or currency, you need to save yourself from the possible scam or frauds and custom trust list will help you to do so.

For creating a custom trust list-
1. Go to trust setting.
2. Include username/userid of those persons who leave valid feedback in your opinion.
                  a. For including someone in your trust list, type the username or userid in the box. While you include someone to your trust list,
                     remember to use the correct username. There may have some persons with the almost same username. For avoiding this issue,
                     you may use the userid.
                  b. For excluding someone who doesn't provide valid feedback (you think), use a tilde(~) before his/her username.
3. Now update. You also can set the depth level which is also important because if you add someone to your custom trust list and if your
    depth level is set at 1, you are trusting that user's custom trust list. If you set depth level 2, you are trusting a lot of users. You may check this thread for better understanding the depth level.

What benefits are you getting if you use custom trust list-

1. Safe trade, safe surf, Happy ending
   If you create a custom trust list, you will see only those feedback on any users profile left by your custom trust list. You may check other
people's feedback by visiting untrusted feedback. When you want to have a trade or exchange goods or whatever, if you see negative feedback on that user's profile left by someone from your custom trust list, you will not definitely go for a deal and will not be scammed. And at the same time, if you see positive feedback left by your custom trust list, you may have a safe deal/exchange with that person. Beside this, you will also have safe browsing. For example, if someone uses an evil software/URL which may compromise your data if you click. But if you see the trust score (not possible sometimes because trust score isn't visible in all section) and find out someone from your trust list has already left negative feedback, you definitely will not click on that link. You are having a safe trade and safe surfing.

2. Judgment will be easier
   Assume that you have not built a custom trust list and your depth level is set to 2, that's mean you are trusting people's feedback who are in DT1 and you are also trusting feedback who are in the trust list of DT1. So, based on their feedback, you may find someone's score is 100 and you think that user as trusted which may be wrong at some point. Your judgment on that user will be wrong but when you are using custom trust list, you will only have almost accurate judgment.

3. Help the forum
   While you are having safe trade/browsing, it's your responsibilty to ensure safe trades for other persons too. If someone includes you in his trust list and his depth level is set to 2, he is also trusting feedback from people of your trust list. So, you should add only those persons to your trust list whom you trust with their feedback.

4. DT1 selection
   DT1 member selection requires people to be included in other people's trust list. That means we are responsible to select DT1 member. Therefore, we should include persons who leave valid trust to ensure we are not going to have a bad DT1 member.

5. Custom trust list is required for the inclusion in DT1
   With the new changes, the trust system of bitcointalk has become more decentralized. Before this, DT1 memeber was only included by theymos directly although based on their trust in forum. Now, whoever meets the criteria, will be incuded in DT1 except scammers or someone with bad reputation. Therefore, for being included in DT1, you should use custom trust list.

Some criteria you should maintain while choosing people to include in your trust list- by suchmoon.
1. People you've traded with are not necessarily good candidates. You have to trust person's judgement as well.
2. Review the feedback sent by people you're including/excluding. (You've mentioned this a little bit)
2. Never include people who ask to be included. Perhaps exclude them instead. Be skeptical about inclusions suggested by other users (possible shilling).
3. Don't include people merely based on their merits or if you like/agree with their posts.

Including wrong people in the list would negate any advantages and might make it far worse than just leaving the settings at DefaultTrust.

I think you have now a little awareness about creating a custom trust list. I highly encourage people to use a custom trust list.
Remember, there are a big differences between leaving a feedback and custom trust list.

Please, write if anything is misguided, what to include or exclude. I will appreciate that. I have tried my best to highlight custom trust list but there may be some errors since I am not a senior one.

And I am extremly sorry for my bad English. Trying to learn though.
4  Other / Meta / [Updated]--[Infographic] Leaving Feedback vs Custom Trust List on: January 11, 2019, 02:08:17 PM
I was totally unfamiliar with custom trust list till yesterday. After the new Default Trust changes, when I read that thread, I got what is custom trust list. Before that, I used to think-
In custom trust list, I should add people whom I can trust financially---> Not Correct.
Inspired by this, I thought to read a little about custom trust list from my understanding. I request everyone if there is anything I should include or exclude, please tell me, I will update the text.

Please note- It is highly encouraged to use custom trust list. If you don't know how to add members to your trust list, you may check this- [Explained] How DT system works

Thank you eddie13 for correction.
5  Other / Meta / [Report] Ban Evasion [Requesting Admin/mod to check those and ban] on: January 08, 2019, 03:07:33 PM
After watching this thread, I realized there are a lot of people who are already banned but still using the forum from their alt account.
25. Ban evasion (using or creating accounts while one of your accounts is banned) is not allowed.
25. If you get banned (temporary or permanently) and create a new account to continue posting / sending PMs, it's considered ban evasion. The only exception is creating a thread in Meta about your ban.

Some Ban Evasion accounts are actively participating in the forum while they are only allowed to create a thread in Meta. Therefore those accounts should also be banned. That's why I have created this thread. I believe it will help admin/moderators to ban those accounts. Hope everyone will report Ban Evasion accounts here.

Report Format:
Username: Name with link.
Link to the thread: Link to the thread where it has been proved that the user was once banned. Please, don't forget to include the archived link. Thanks to iasenko for this valueable suggestion.
Status: Active/Banned
          Active- When you report
          Banned- Check later to see if the account was banned or not. If banned, please edit "Banned"

Link to the thread with archived:

Username: Hypercrypt
Link to the thread:
Status: Banned

Username: saulzaents
Link to the thread:
Status: Banned (Not banned from this thread though)

Username: coiningz
Link to the thread:
Status: Active

***Will update the thread whenever I get time. I request everyone to report those accounts here.***[/b]
6  Economy / Reputation / Hacked Account Sending Merit on: January 07, 2019, 02:46:33 PM
manselr was hacked and now sharing merits. Here is a scenerio of his recent merit sharing. He has shared 49 merits between 2 accounts on December 01 within 40 minutes. Most probably those are alts.

Your thoughts on tagging those accounts? In my opinion, those accounts should be tagged.
7  Other / Politics & Society / National Election in Bangladesh on: January 01, 2019, 04:11:24 AM
On 30th December, Awami League won in the 11th National Election. In most of the seats, the closest contestant got 1/1000 or even less than this portion. For your info, the election was held under Awami League and there are a lots of complaint of vote rigging against them.

A little way back
Before 1986, JP was elected and tried to continue election under his govt. Awami League and BNP raised voice for caretaker govt and JP was forced to dismiss govt.
Later, in national election held in 1991, BNP won the majority seats and formed govt. In 1996, BNP held election under their govt and won, because there was no opposite party. However, the govt only lasted for 12 days and then, an election under a caretaker govt held and Awami League won and formed govt.
I will skip the history of 2001-2008 elections since those are not relevant/on-topic here.

In 2008, Awami League won and formed govt and make an amendment in parliament that there will be no more caretaker govt. 2014 election was held under Awami League and the main opposite party BNP boycott that election. Nothing happened, Awami League formed govt and again in 2018, Awami League held election. BNP have participated this time. But, through vote rigging, Awami League won the election and going to form govt for 3 consecutive time.

What do you think? Will there be any re-election same we had seen in 1996?
I have voted for Awami League but to be honest, I was hoping for a fair election where people can vote as they wish.
8  Other / Meta / Ban Message Changed | Can someone create an analysis on: December 25, 2018, 12:50:53 PM
Seems like the message for banned account has been changed recently. Did I miss the news somehow, I was not active for some days.
Recently I have seen this from a ban apeal.
Sorry okeanos, you are banned from posting or sending personal messages on this forum.
You have been permanently banned by a forum moderator, probably due to spam or plagiarism. You may appeal here, but your chances are not good: ban*********
Previously, I don't think the word "plagiarism" was included in the message. Also the part, "but your chances are not good."
I have noticed a few less threads on banned account from previous. Is it the reason? Can someone make an analysis how much this kinda thread have been posted in this month and previous?

Why an analysis on this should be done?
If this message has lessened the ratio of banned apeal-
1. We can add/change some message on different option like creating new thread, posting plagiarism, etc. which will lead us less spam.
9  Other / Meta / Can Service Section be free of Self Moderated Thread? on: November 24, 2018, 05:27:39 PM
It's more a discussion than a suggestion, I have created this thread in order to have some discussion with the community whether self-moderation is needed or not in Service section.

Yesterday, Privcy Foundation had started a signature campaign which was self-moderated. I had added a post regarding his fake campaign and he deleted the post.
As per the rule of self-moderated thread, he has the right to delete any post.
There are no rules to self-moderation. In self-moderated threads, replies belong to the OP. In other threads, replies belong to the respondents individually. Think carefully about whether you want to reply to a self-moderated topic, as your post may not be given due respect.

Why do we need self-moderated thread in Service Section?
Most probably avoiding posts increase by account farmers (assuming pre-merit time) and avoiding shitpost from signature campaign hunters.
Is there any other necessity of enabling self-moderated thread there?

Since account farming is almost impossible nowadays, people may create shitposts only for maintaining the requirements of signature campaigns. But those will not be too much. Currently, I don't think more than 5%(I assume, probably not more than 2%) users create self-moderated thread in Service Section. Are we having a lot of spam there now?

10  Other / Meta / [Explained] How DT system works on: November 20, 2018, 07:11:30 PM
New update by theymos-
It will be better if you check the update after understanding this thread.
Link to original- Marketplace trust

Earlier I made an explanation on how trust score is calculated. And requested LoyceV to add that one to his [GUIDES] on Bitcointalk. Index thread (until there is a dedicated subforum?).
A part of his reply-
This reminded me an explanation of the DT-system is also needed.
And I am inspired to explain how DT System Works.

Senior people know how it works while newbie always gets confused. Sometimes, some senior member is also confused although it's quite simple. A lot of time people had replied with an answer on how DT system works. I have searched for a dedicated thread where OP has easily explained the DT system but didn't get one which is really friendly for the newbie.

So, let me write it easily so that newbie can understand it easily.

Before going to the explanation, I would like to discuss a little about feedback. In the forum, everyone can give a feedback on other member's profile. But, if you check someone's profile, not all of his/her feedback is shown on the profile page.
Let me give an example.
I have given negative feedback on Danydee's profile. If you check his profile, you will not see my feedback. Because I am not in your trust list. Now, include me on your trust list (Just for checking the feedback, later you may exclude). For including someone to your trust list,
Go to- Trust settings
You will see a blank space where only DefaultTrust is written, it's by default. Anyway, put my username there and click on update. Now, again visit Danydee's profile, you will see the negative feedback now.
By the way, those can also be seen by clicking on untrusted feedback on user's profile.

What is DT?
DT stands for DefaultTrust. Well, in fact, DefaultTrust is an account of the forum managed by admin. In your trust list, DefaultTrust is trusted by default. You can include/exclude anyone from your trust list though.
So, we got what is DT 0, you can also say list of people whom you trust.

Now, if DefaultTrust includes you on his trust list, you will be DT-1 member. If any DT-1 member includes you in his trust list, you will be DT-2 member.
If theymos wants to include someone to DT-1 list, theymos includes that person in DefaultTrust’s trust list.
Now, if DT-1 members include someone in his/her trust list, that person becomes DT-2. I have already used an example. Again, for example, a DT-1 member has included user ‘X’ in his trust list, so he/she becomes DT-2 but if another two DT-1 members exclude ‘X’ from his trust list, ‘X’ will no longer be in DT-2.

Since you are trusting DefaultTrust by default, you are trusting all the DT-1 ad DT-2 members by default. It’s simple, if you trust your friend, and your friend trusts another guy, logically you are trusting that another guy.
But you can still exclude a member from your trust list. For example, you don’t trust DT-1 member ‘X’, go to your trust setting. In the box write tilde (~) and the DT-1 member name whom you don’t want to trust. It’s like {~X}. Or, if you don't want to trust anyone, simple put ~ before DefaultTrust.
Now if user DT-1 member 'X' gives someone a feedback, you will not see it by default.

In trust setting, all those are mentioned as below-
Depth 0, the list of people who are included in your trust list.
Depth 1, the list of people who are trusted by Depth 0.
Depth 2, the list of people are trusted by Depth 1.

It seems enough for understanding the DT system. If someone else is still missing, feel free to ask question.
Thank you.

I will add here some replies in which DT system have been explained. by subSTRATA by DarkStar_ by Vod

You might want to consider including the following link as well:

I made it so that'll update every Saturday at 02:52 UTC. -> is "trusts", and -/> is "excludes". Only people with at least 1 post are included. If someone has never touched their trust list, then their trust in DefaultTrust is not shown.


How to be DT1 member:

To illustrate, this is how the current DT1 was arrived at:

Static part: calculated only periodically
Each number includes the previous criteria.
- If rank was determined solely using earned merit, then you must be of at least Member rank.
 - You must have been online sometime within the last 3 days.
2431 members
- Your trust list must include at least 10 users, not including ~distrust entries.
100 members
- You must have posted sometime within the last 30 days.
90 members
- You must not be banned or manually blacklisted from selection.
90 members
- You must have at least 10 people directly trusting you each with an earned merit of at least 10, not including merit you sent yourself.
23 members
- You must have at least 1 person directly trusting you with an earned merit of at least 100, not including merit you sent yourself.
23 members, giving a final DT1 of:
The Pharmacist

Dynamic part: recalculated constantly
(Omitting lists for undisputed ones.)

theymos: Total votes 9 = included
HostFat: Trusted by theymos; distrusted by gmaxwell, TMAN, Lauda, achow101, owlcatz, The Pharmacist. Total votes -6 = excluded.
dooglus: Total votes 8 = included
gmaxwell: Trusted by theymos, OgNasty, Cyrus, TMAN, Lauda, achow101, The Pharmacist; distrusted by HostFat. Total votes 6 = included.
OgNasty: Trusted by theymos, SebastianJu, greenplastic, achow101, krogothmanhattan; distrusted by TMAN, Lauda, suchmoon, owlcatz, BitcoinPenny, The Pharmacist. Total votes -1 = excluded
SebastianJu: Total votes 4 = included.
qwk: Total votes 5 = included
Cyrus: Total votes 7 = included.
monkeynuts: Total votes 6 = included.
TMAN: Trusted by Lauda, greenplastic, owlcatz, BitcoinPenny, The Pharmacist, krogothmanhattan; distrusted by OgNasty. Total votes 5 = included.
Lauda: Trusted by gmaxwell, qwk, TMAN, Blazed, suchmoon, owlcatz, JohnUser, BitcoinPenny, The Pharmacist; distrusted by HostFat, OgNasty. Total votes 7 = included.
Mitchell: Total votes 9 = included.
Blazed: Trusted by Cyrus, monkeynuts, TMAN, Lauda, Mitchell, suchmoon, BitcoinPenny, The Pharmacist, krogothmanhattan; distrusted by zazarb. Total votes 8 = included.
greenplastic: Total votes 2 = included.
suchmoon: Trusted by dooglus, Lauda, Blazed, owlcatz, The Pharmacist; distrusted by OgNasty. Total votes 5 = included.
achow101: Total votes 2 = included.
owlcatz: Trusted by TMAN, greenplastic, suchmoon, BitcoinPenny, krogothmanhattan. Total votes 5 = included.
JohnUser: No trusts/distrusts on DT1. Total votes 0 = included.
BitcoinPenny: Total votes 4 = included.
zazarb: Total votes 2 = included.
actmyname: Trusted by TMAN, Lauda, Blazed, suchmoon, The Pharmacist; distrusted by theymos. Total votes 5 = included.
The Pharmacist: Trusted by qwk, TMAN, Lauda, Blazed, suchmoon, owlcatz; distrusted by OgNasty, zazarb. Total votes 6 = included.
krogothmanhattan: Trusted by monkeynuts, TMAN, greenplastic, BitcoinPenny; distrusted by owlcatz. Total votes 4 = included.

So the final result is:
The Pharmacist

Special Thanks:
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Why day trading may help you to end up everything | Must Watch for beginners on: November 19, 2018, 07:42:49 AM
I am still a newbie and trying to learn trading and more stuff related to cryptocurrency.
Recently I have watched a video from a youtube channel which was really informative and a must watch video for beginners. That's why I am writing here.
In that video, the guy has shared 3 reasons why day trading should be avoided, specially for beginners. I will sum up the main 3 reasons here so that you can understand the video easily.

1. Insider trading
We usually see that some coins get pumped when it is listed on a new exchange, of course on a big one. I will use the same example given by the youtuber which has happened with me too.
I bought BCH after hearing the news of listing it in coinbase. I bought at $4k which was too late. The pump was started before the announcement. So, definitely someone from the insider team of coinbase had bought at lower price and sold to people like us. It was really a bad experience for me. Although, I didn't have to face huge loss. It was around $500.

2. Whales
Whales are generally persons who have a huge amount of money and they can manipulate the market easily.
Although this was not happened with me. Generally they put a big order with a lower price which gives investor a wrong message of bullish moment. When some order filled, they withdraw their order. Before that they put order of selling coins with a higher price. Simple, they sell their coin with a higher price by putting fake order. They same also goes for buying too.

3. Pump and Dump group leader
Those person usually targets a low cap coin and buys huge gradually. After filling all his orders, he start to shill and give signal to his group members to invest in that coin. Everyone invests, leader sells, asks his group member to sells. But who is facing the loss? People like us who doesn't realize the system and get into the boat at a wrong time.

Those are the majo reasons why day trading is very much risky for beginners.
Learn more here-
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Don't use bitcointalkapp!!! on: November 17, 2018, 06:17:49 AM
I just have read that someone has developed an app where you can read all the threads from bitcointalk. You don't have to enter the password though.
But it can steal your password by malicious code while you will enter password from other browser. Owner may have control over your phone. So, it's better not to use the app.
Link to the announcement thread-
13  Other / Meta / [Explained] How Trust Score is calculated on: November 15, 2018, 09:57:32 AM
Although the calculation of trust score is clearly mentioned by theymos, it is still complicated for some users. I was also confused till yesterday. After spending some times, I was able to understand how trust score is calculated.

Here I will try to present the calculation in an easy way so that everyone can get it easily.

Before going to the calculation, let's understand what are elements shown in trust. Have a look at the below image and it will be clear for you.

In trust score, there are 3 score-
1. Positive Scores
2. Negative Score
3. Undefined Score
Skipped the neutral.

Now I will show how those scores are calculated by using some users data.

This calculation is applied when a user never received a negative feedback from DT.
1. When a user receives a positive feedback, he gets +1 in total positive feedback but the score remains 0. It starts changing after approximately 2 weeks, theymos uses "round_up" for months (Special thanks to LoyceV). User gets 1 point after each round_up month upto 10.

Since I already have calculated Vod's trust score, I will use Vod as en example here.
Total Unique Positive Feedback- 15
Total Unique Negative Feedback- 0

Out of his 15 positive feedbacks, he receives 13 feedbacks which have a weight of 10 months.
a. The output= 13*10=130
b. Received positive feedback from MadZ 8 months ago, output=8
c. Received positive feedback from ibminer 4 months ago, output= 4

Total positive score(a+b+c)= 130+8+4= 142

A positive score can also be gained if the user receives negative feedback. However, I will show here all the other negative and undefined too since those are calculated and related one with another algo.
The following is applied when user receive both negative and positive feedback-

score = unique_positive - 2^(unique_negative)
   if score >= 0
      start_time = time of first negative
      score = unique_positive since start_time - unique_negative since start_time
      if(score < 0)
         return Huh (orange)
Information needed-
a. Total Unique Positive Feedback
b. Total Unique Negative Feedback
c. total Unique Positive Feedback after the first negative feedback

User- koshgel
Score= -2

a. Total Unique Positive Feedback= 6
b. Total Unique Negative Feedback= 3
c. total Unique Positive Feedback after the first negative feedback= 0

Score= a - 2^b (2 to the power unique negative)
        =6 - 2^3
        =6 - 8= -2

Now, if the score was greater than or is equal to 0; score>=0, we would apply the following method which has been applied for user Anduck

User- Anduck
Score= 1

a. Total Unique Positive Feedback= 9
b. Total Unique Negative Feedback= 1
c. total Unique Positive Feedback after the first negative feedback= 2

Score= a - 2^b (2 to the power unique negative)
        =2 - 2^1
        =2 - 2=0
Since the score is greater than or is equal to 0,
score = unique_positive since start_time - unique_negative since start_time
where start_time= First Negative Feedback
Score= c - b
        =2 - 1= 1

Now, if the output would smaller than 0 or negative, the trust score would be undefined. Here is the trust score calculation of user zeeshanblc

User- zeeshanblc
Score= Huh

a. Total Unique Positive Feedback= 2
b. Total Unique Negative Feedback= 1
c. total Unique Positive Feedback after the first negative feedback= 0

Score= a - 2^b (2 to the power unique negative)
        = 2 - 1 = 1
Since the score is greater than or is equal to 0,
score = unique_positive since start_time - unique_negative since start_time
where start_time= First Negative Feedback
Score= c - b
        = 0 - 1
        = -1
Since the score is smaller than 0, the trust score is undefined.

Color of Trust Scores
1. Negative Score- Red
2. Undefined Score- Orange
3. Positive Score-
                        a. Initial Score- Black
                        b. When trust score reaches at 5, it turns into Light Green and remains same till 14.
                        c. When trust score reaches at 15, it turns into Dark Green

Special Thanks to-
asche for fixing the errors.
LoyceV for explaining the color of trust scores.
14  Economy / Reputation / Caution! User Singertime637 has changed both email and password on: November 09, 2018, 07:22:47 AM
This thread basically a kind of precaution.
User Singertime637 has recently changed both email and password. Be aware enough any kind of dealing with this user.
I have created this thread because he already has a positive feedback from The Pharmacist. If the account has been changed hand, it may scam. That's why I have created this thread.

I have never dealt with this user. Also, I don't think he is a scammer. Since he has changed his email and password, it looks quite fishy to me and that's why I have shared this for giving a precaution.
Thank you.

It looks like he put his account as collateral to a loan here: (, so that's why the change in both password and email. Anyways, thanks for the fair warning though.
thank you and sorry for my bad.
15  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Add Warning Message ---> Please, search before starting a new topic on: November 06, 2018, 08:35:13 AM
Every day, we face some repetitive threads, especially in Help and Beginners. The same is also happening in meta and other sections too.
What if there is a warning message while someone starts to create a new topic. I have attached an edited image with a warning message. I think it will encourage people to use the search. By doing so, repetitive threads may be reduced(exception- altcoins board  Grin).

Some more suggestions from below discussion

At most I think a simple warning that says something along the lines of "Ensure your post does not break the rules", with a link to mprep's thread.

but before that it will be better to add some guidelines as well about how to search the required content because sometimes I do search I can't find the required thread but it is available at some sections.
We do have.
[Tips] Guide for forum search
[How-to] the Search button

I am suggesting to use the blue font color keep a cool look of the message.

I agree with S_Therapist there should be a warning/note with a link included to the search page. Just displaying a warning won't do much.
16  Other / Meta / Continuous Bumping for Long Time | Report to mod? on: November 01, 2018, 05:18:10 AM
In Indian local board, coinliker had posted an ANN thread in local Language for Mercatox.
He is continuously bumping the thread at a row with some news, for example, X coin added, Y coin added, bla bla bla. Sometimes, s/he even posted twice in a day.

Is it against the rules? Should I report?
17  Other / Meta / Fee for advertising in bitcointalk on: October 31, 2018, 03:28:33 PM
I have checked threads in auction. I am still quite confused about the fees.
Can anyone please tell me the approx. fee for 1 spot/week?
Thanks in advance.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Merit Giveaway for not hoarding sMerits on: October 22, 2018, 08:28:31 PM
Inspired by- Stop searching for merits and you will received them.- see Smerit as liabilities
I didn't think about it previously. I didn't had too much intention to send sMerits to others. Lately, by visiting that thread, I have realized that it's not really a good practice to hoard sMerits. That's why I am thinking of sending all of my sMerits to others.

The requirements-
1. You have to spend 2 merits at least on good quality posts. I will not send you merit if you spend on this thread. Sending merit on this thread will disqualify you.
2. Link of the posts on which you send sMerits.

I will reward you with 1 sMerits.
Thank you.

Special credit goes to- CryptopreneurBrainboss
19  Other / Meta / A Possible way to find your desired thread/post instantly on: October 21, 2018, 06:59:52 AM
Very often we need some threads/posts for cooperating others. Sometimes, we find those threads/posts easily. Sometimes, we have to spend a couple of minutes or even hours.

Regarding a plagiarism issue-
Someone posted this earlier today and it seemed to me that I have seen such issue previously but I can't remember and I had to spend almost 20 minutes to find out where I have seen.
We may add those to our watchlist, which can be a solution but if we list those in a form, I think it will be easier for us to find out. Kind of keyword search. For example, I have listed 2, one is a thread from theymos and another is a reply from LoyceV.
First one is the "Merit & new rank requirements" and the 2nd one is a reply where LoyceV has listed the first 200 users of this forum. So, if I add all my necessary links here and someone else does so, how easy it will be to find out everything we need. We can get access instantly.

I don't know someone else already shared the idea or there is a better idea than it. If any, please let me know. From now, I will keep updating this spreadsheet with some important links (And I am requesting everyone else) which are needed time to time. You can search with a common keyword or with the name of the thread creator. If you have listed and provided your username, you can search with that too.

Submit here-
20  Economy / Reputation / Using Alt in Different Bounty on: October 20, 2018, 03:23:27 PM
If someone participates in a bounty from more than 1 account, it's counted as abusing. But what if someone uses 2 accounts and participate in 2 different bounty? Will it be counted as abusing?

If two (or more) alts are participating in different bounties, it's not abuse.  Lots of members do this.  What isn't acceptable is when alt accounts participate in the same bounty.  That's when they get tagged for cheating bounties with alt accounts.
Therefore, Thread locked.
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