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1  Other / Off-topic / What if? on: May 06, 2020, 03:19:31 PM
Stupid question but what if:

All major cryptocurrency exchanges turn into "bad guys" and only allow people to buy bitcoin and not sell it
do you think that this will have a positive impact over Bitcoin's price?

Now the reverse scenario:
All major cryptocurrency exchanges only allow people to sell bitcoin and not buy it
do you think that this will have a positive impact over Bitcoin's price?

NOTICE: The bitcoins bought come from the cryptocurrency exchanges and not other users, so basically a massive "dumping" of crypto exchanges
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Tesla, Elon Musk and Twitter on: May 02, 2020, 12:04:30 AM
Elon Musk's tweet wipes $14bn of Tesla's value.

Many people think he will face issues with SEC again. I tell you this is not going to happen.
Zoom's CEO said that Zoom's stock was overpriced when Zoom went public and he is fine, never had a problem.

Chances are that if you have tesla stock (no leverage) you will still recover and make a profit.
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / is a scam on: April 30, 2020, 12:35:17 AM

I was investigating etherscan and just found an erc20 token recently released (24 days ago):

The founder is preparing to release it because he secured the website

This is a guaranteed scam:

Around 12 million or more of the 18 million total BTC worth of HEX claims will be given to the stakers on day 353! And! It gets multiplied by the Viral and CriticalMass adoption bonus multipliers which can increase it up to 3x!

It's asking users to buy their tokens through MetaMask using their credit card

An erc20 is better than bitcoin apparently:

Founder has 47.7k youtube subscribers at the moment:
and 100% it's him since one of the featured channels is "HEXcrypto"
which leads users to

I created their here:

Please report all videos and social media. Also can someone report reddit? I don't know
how to do that and if it's something you can do. Those guys will be scamming people
out of bitcointalk, naive people that don't know much about crypto.

Also they have a meme section which is so sexist

Unverified / Neutral:

Is this claim on his website real? It doesn't make much sense
The largest Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer used the money it made selling BTC mining hardware to Bitcoiners to try and kill Bitcoin and replace it with its own version.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Investors buy the wrong zoom on: April 29, 2020, 10:17:35 PM
Investors backed the wrong zoom lol
SEC pauses Zoom Technologies (despite trading longer than zoom video platform)
Whoever has the most money has the most power. Can zoom technologies take SEC to court since all their
stock profits vanished? Probably not.

5  Local / Offtopic / Ce faci cand primesti -rep? on: April 28, 2020, 11:21:27 AM
Fratilor, am avut un serviciu pe un website pe care l-am discutat cu cativa moderatori si nu intelesesem ca
acel serviciu era "dangerous" pentru users. Evident am schimbat tot (am anulat acel serviciu) si ma trezesc
cu -rep de la un Legendary;u=2423580

I-am trimis omului e-mail personal si i-am zis "Again, I apologies for my over-confidence in a topic where I thought I was right" + alte cateva chestii.
Chiar am inchis topic-ul si am pus anunt ca ce a zis el era corect.

Desi nu sunt asa disperat, ma deranjeaza ca report-ul baiatului asta destul de cunoscut (ex detinator )
nu reflecta situatia reala. Sa mentionez si ca acest baiat a avut si crowdsale care nu prea i-a mers si a trebuit sa dea
refund la toti ( ) deci si el a facut greseli si nu a primit -rep asa aiurea.
6  Economy / Economics / How RRR works!? on: April 27, 2020, 12:29:25 AM
There are two ways to increase the money supply:
  • the central bank prints money
  • normal banks issue loans

From my understandings there is a concept called RRR or Required Reserve Ratio which is set by the government, say 10%.
If a customer deposits $100 to their bank, the bank is required to keep in reserves 10% or $100 x 0.10 = $10

This means that the other $90 can be loaned out (excess reserves = deposits - RRR)
(issuing loan = making new money but not as in printing new money, more like increasing the total supply)

Assuming that I've got this concept right and that the customer did not withdraw their money, the bank can earn interest on that $90.
In a perfect scenario the borrower returns the $90 + the interest for the bank and now the guy who deposited money can now withdraw them.

Correct me if I'm wrong, the money supply in the world increased by the amount the bank loaned ( $90 ). Why? How?

I find this concept very confusing. What happens if the customer who deposited money takes their money back when part of their money
is loaned!? Does that make the banks non-compliant?
7  Other / Off-topic / Why would anyone stake Ethereum/crypto? on: April 26, 2020, 10:59:45 PM
Just found this staking calculator:
which allows you to calculate how much "money" you will make staking ethereum.

Let's say you stake 100 ETH, each year you get 14.26% (compound interest) so 114.26 in first year

The ROI is good (just like real estate) but why would someone stake cryptocurrencies in a
volatile market? The price of Ethereum will move so much that it can send any investment
to bananas
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Explain this trade, earn my respect on: April 25, 2020, 09:08:31 PM
Can someone explain Binance Futures and why its graph is different from Binance Classic, Bitfinex, Kraken, etc?

I just noticed that on Binance Futures, pair ETH/USDT on 1D candles, on 13th March 2020 there is one candle  between
with low $84.23 and high $323.0

This massive price gap does not appear anywhere else, not on Bitfinex, Kraken, not even on Binance's Spot Classic Trading

I looked on (binance futures competitor) and their chart is the same as in Binance Classic, Bitfinex, Kraken, etc.
Can someone explain if I'm missing something!?
9  Economy / Economics / Inflation, printing money and Bitcoin on: April 25, 2020, 12:05:06 AM
During this period of pandemic me and many other people expected cryptocurrency prices to go up by a lot,
especially since the governments around the world started printing billions.

In this topic I explain why this did not happen, but first let's get an idea of inflation related to printing money.
We will use basic numbers in millions rather than trillions.

Let's say that we are in a country where the entire economy output can be represented by 10 million pens.
The average price / product is $1 and therefore the economy produces $10M worth of pens.
The money supply printed is $10 million.

The bank prints another $10 million (double the money supply to $20M) however the number of pens
stays the same. Because of this, people may have more money and firms may push the price to an average of $2/pen. The economy is
now worth $20M rather than $10M but the number of goods is the same. The price increased shows us that we had an inflation of 100%
In this condition the GDP of the country is an illusion.
Number of Pens           Money Supply               Price/pen           
10 million                             $10 million                     $1                     
                                          scrr print money
10 million                             $20 million                     $2                     
If you were a "wealthy" of this system and had $1million in savings, that would be worth just $500k after money is printed.

A historical fact worth mentioning that seems like everybody is leaving out is a Germany of 1920s where the german currency
became worthless. Germany had to carry world  war 1 reparations
to allied civilians. They just decided to print more money
On a logarithmic scale it looks like this:

Recession periods don't cause inflation as long as printing is regulated
In other words, countries have "free to print" but they should not abuse this system otherwise it will turn into a 1920s-1930s germany scenario.

Bank of England is an example as during the liquidity trap between 2008-2012 it printed a lot of money however this did not create
Liquidity trap = "inability of a central bank to stimulate economic growth through interest rate cuts. The goal is to stimulate spending by making borrowing cheaper and saving less attractive. The trap opens up when the publicís demand for goods and services is so weak that even an interest rate of zero fails to juice activity. "

With Covid-19 happening, we've seen people spending lots of money on supplies, etc. This was good as it helps us avoid a scenario in which prices fall,
causing people to delay spending, which makes prices fall even more, and so on down while the bank prints money (BANG!)

In other words, it is estimated that inflation has slightly increased since 2019 (less than 0.2%) however not enough to create a big crypto movement that
would have sent Bitcoin to the moon and beyond. The money printed were retained "adequate" to the situation.

What are your thoughts? Anything meaningful you can add?

10  Other / Serious discussion / Politicians exempt from being spied on on: April 22, 2020, 01:14:02 PM
In UK the government approved "Investigatory Powers Act" which gives them
power of mass surveillance of citizens. Since 2016 ISPs must now hold your data for a long
time and GDPR rules ("pls delete my data", "can I see what data you hold about me?") do not apply  Grin

In case you use a VPN and the ISP doesn't know what you searched on the internet,
they will ask you to decrypt your data. If you can't, you face up to few years in jail
or a heavy fine (unlimited fine so it can go in millions if you're a suspect drug dealer, etc).

THE BEST PART? Politicians exempt themselves from this law (Is this country really a democracy? This was not voted by the people lol)
11  Other / Off-topic / Do you store funds on your computer? on: April 21, 2020, 11:45:46 AM
Where do most people  (other than institutional investors) store their crypto?
I am so curious and I can bet it's on exchanges as most institutional
investors keep funds there as well ( )
12  Other / Off-topic / Change my mind on: April 15, 2020, 11:42:17 PM
I'm a cryptocurrency fan and I use it almost weekly. I don't hodl and when the opportunity arises I use it,
however I want to ask one question on this most "extremist" (in good sense of the word) cryptocurrency
forum with the risk of getting hate

One of the biggest and most "worshipped" claims in the crypto world is that "banks print money out of air"
and a poor monetary policy can result in the fall of the currency.
Bitcoin maintains supply based on mathematics so "crypto is king".

Since banks can print money out of air and transfer that wealth created out of air to crypto therefore partially
corrupting the system, why do you still believe in crypto?

13  Economy / Service Announcements / [METASAFE] Closed / Ignore on: April 08, 2020, 05:49:58 PM
After discussing with different cryptographers and few members of the ethereum foundation I realized
I was following the wrong direction.

Soon MetaSafe will change for the better. I will close this topic as for now.

Massive thanks and my apologies to LoyceV and Rhavar who were right.
14  Other / Off-topic / Anyone purchased Aliexpress laptops? on: March 26, 2020, 04:12:43 PM
I found some nice laptops for £1,200 on aliexpress:

Xiaomi 2019 Gaming Laptop Windows 10 OS Intel Core I7 - 9750H Hexa Core 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 

It also has nvidia geforce rtx 2060 6gb. The only drawback
is the chinese operating system which I can change anyway.
Has anyone ever purchased
such laptops on aliexpress and what was your experience?
15  Other / Off-topic / Doing a scheme with a lawyer on: March 25, 2020, 11:16:27 PM
The UK approved to pay 80% of employees' salaries. My accountant recommended me doing this scheme with this lawyer.
he seems legit enough for me + there is money back thing which is appealing to my eyes.

I'm ready to send him my money. Any recommendations, am I the only one doing it or you are also doing that guys?

edit you guys may be right. This could be a scam.
I requested a call and I am being avoided. I recalled my
accountant and I was told it's not. I am confused now
16  Economy / Economics / Net worths if Bitcoin reaches $100,000 on: March 22, 2020, 02:38:17 PM
The richest bitcoin holders (excluding companies so just individuals) if bitcoin reaches $100,000

Name                        Bitcoin Holding                       Net worth          Rank on the world's richest list (22 March 2020)
_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________

Satoshi Nakamoto       980,000                                $98 Billion           #2
Winklevoss Twins        176,000                                $17.6 Billion         #49

Roger Ver                    50,000                                 $5 Billion              #333 - 348

Barry Silbert                48,000                                 $4.8 Billion           #357 - 370

Anthony Gallippi           34,000                                 $3.4 Billion           #568 - 595

Tim Draper                  30,000                                 $3 Billion              #674 - 706

Charlie Shrem              20,000                                 $2 Billion              #1051 - 1121

The biggest owner holds just 4.9% of the total supply. Compared to company shares where the
founder owns 10-20+ %, Bitcoin is very decentralised in wealth distribution.

What would be your net worth if bitcoin reaches $100,000?
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [MetaSafe] An actual seed phrase service on: March 20, 2020, 07:51:42 PM
Dear community,
Today I want to announce a new industry standard for generating seed phrases / mnemonics.

MetaSafe allows you to generate SECURE seed phrases for
yourself or your users if you are a wallet/exchange/company.

The chances for mnemonic-attacks are low (= the hacker guesses you mnemonic) but this does
not mean we should just rely on chance. Instead, we must implement adequate security measures for
mnemonics which protect us: dAPP users, MetaMask users, decentralized and
centralized exchanges
& literally everyone who uses a mnemonic for accessing their wallet.

Inspired from one of my favorite services, myEtherwallet I decided to make MetaSafe
a client-side application. This means that your mnemonic generated or analysed will be just on
your computer and never  sent to our server.

You would be surprised to find out that your mnemonic is not the most secure. 1/5 are not and you may be that one.
There is an analyser free to use on any mnemonic

Companies that use MetaSafe wallets will receive a badge from us with their ID
which will be stored on the blockchain.

Users will be able to verify the identity of those companies on

  • Creation of node package to support companies generating mnemonics (entirely client side, easy to integrate, coming very soon)  Done
  • Integration of mnemonic/seed phrase analysis and generation for 24 words mnemonics  Done
  • With everyone's support, hopefully we can make top wallet generation services (e.g Metamask, myEtherwallet,etc.) to
    implement MetaSafe. They can generate trillions of secure wallets for no running costs  
  • Bitcointalk Bounty Campaign to reach more users POSTPONED FOR NOW
  • Documentation + some sort of paper describing MetaSafe in more details  Done
  • Expansion to create & analyse seed phrases on other blockchains and not just Ethereum
  • Seed phrase brute-force service in case you forgot one or two words  

Company Application (OPEN)
There will be one fee to place your company on the blockchain and give you a badge. If you apply now you can
get it down for a small fee because you are between the first. The badge is useful to let users know that you
are taking care of their safety/security and implement MetaSafe services. The ID will point to your company details.
If interested, please leave a comment with the following

Company name:
Company website:
Have you contacted us already? Yes/No:  

Access MetaSafe now:  WEBSITE
18  Other / Serious discussion / We are still being targeted on: March 14, 2020, 03:31:30 PM
We are still being targeted by ads, no matter the GDPR regulations and everything to "control what you see".

Today I opened my incognito Chrome tab (without being logged in on google, gmail or anything), searched for a leasing
deal for a new car. I just looked at those deals and nothing more, closed the tab.

Later today I see my instagram full of leasing ads, 2 in a row from two different companies  Angry Angry Angry

I am an ethical hacking & cyber-security guy so perhaps I know how take care of my security. Have we moved from cookies-based
targeted ads to NAT/PAT IP targetting? (

Screw this, I am starting my own VPN. Features it will have:

Possibility to change the encryption method:
  • For important things like transactions etc it will be a good security encryption method but it will be slower
  • For normal things that need speed like watching youtube, netflix etc it will have a normal encryption method like nord vpn but it will be faster

100% open source and free, you will be able to host it yourself for max $5/month and don't pay those VPN scam companies. You will have full access to your
own information that is held on the VPN, no logs, no stupid things.

(for your knowledge, even VPNs are not secure so that's why hosting it yourself is better because you have CONTROL )

Will post and update as soon as the solution is ready.
19  Other / Off-topic / Fake Exchange Volume??????? on: March 14, 2020, 01:11:27 AM
Just randomly navigated to and what do I see?

Top exchanges: Etherflyer, MXC, LBANK, ZB.COM

Are those exchanges a scam / faking their volume a lot or is EtherFlyer, MXC, etc "the new binance"?  Sad

Never heard of them
20  Other / Off-topic / Your opinion on ASMR? on: March 11, 2020, 06:38:50 PM
ASMR or Autonomous sensory meridian response is an euphoric feeling you get when you listen to certain sounds. It gives you "tingles"
and makes you relax. Some people get tingles, some people don't.

It's a new phenomenon and it's still taboo. People who watch ASMR are seen as weird and I will give you examples why.
ASMR videos are usually watched before going to sleep.

NOTICE: To experience ASMR you must use earphones / headphones

Examples One

ASMR videos without voice, usually following one pattern repeated all over the video. This ice cream ASMR for example

Examples Two

ASMR videos without voice, using multiple objects and may include tapping, scratching, etc.

Example Three

ASMR videos with voice, usually giving you personal attention or make sounds with the mouth, whispering, etc.

Example four

Weird ASMR videos that make everyone feel shame for watching ASMR. Include stupid stuff such as sucking microphones with passion, etc.
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