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1  Other / Off-topic / Happy Motherís Day on: May 12, 2019, 01:26:18 PM

Are you looking for Mother's Day images, Mother's Day quotes, Mother's Day wishes or simply text messages in Hindi and English to pen down in your Mother's Day greeting card, we have got you covered. Yes, it's time to celebrate Mother's Day 2019. Every year International Motherís Day is observed on the second Sunday of May, the fifth month in the Gregorian Calendar and this year, we celebrated this great day on May 12. The day is celebrated in honour of mothers and motherhood. If you too are looking for Motherís Day quotes, greetings, messages, Motherís Day images, HD wallpapers and SMS to wish a very Happy Motherís Day 2019, look no further. You will find an amazing collection of latest Motherís Day wishes, Motherís Day images, Motherís Day greetings, Motherís Day WhatsApp Stickers, GIF videos and more. Mother's Day 2019 Messages in Hindi: WhatsApp Stickers, Mom Quotes, Wishes, GIF Images, SMS to Send Happy Mother's Day Greetings.

We all know that one day is not enough to thank our mothers for their love, care, kindness, the sacrifices she made to raise us. In fact, one can never repay that love. But one can always, always acknowledge this influencing figure in our lives who have been a constant source of inspiration, support and doses of pep talks. You can bare your heart out in front of your mom, very well knowing she is the last person on the face of the earth to judge you. Motherís Day is very, very small yet beautiful effort to thank them. Happy Motherís Day 2019: Not Just Expensive Gifts, Here Are Other Special Ways to Bring a Big Smile on Your Momís Face!

Motherís Day celebrations means making their day memorable. We want to gift her present, take her out for a lovely lunch/dinner to her favourite place, or celebrate it anyway her heart desires. The whole idea behind this day is to bring that big smile on her face (and ALWAYS retain it). Wishes and greetings also play an integral role, however, clichť they might sound to you. One can never underestimate the power of beautiful lines, heart touching lines. Despite in recent times, some people criticising the wishes, greetings, images and messages posted online on the Motherís Day, one cannot (should not) attach someone elseís idea of celebration. Mother's Day 2019: Mary Kom, Serena Williams, Indra Nooyi, Jacinda Arden and Other Inspiring Moms Around the World.

Probably, this is why there is a massive search for latest Motherís Day wishes and greetings. Some of the search terms floating are - Mother's Day, Mother's Day date, Mother's Day quotes, Mother's Day cards, Mother's Day images, Mothers Day quotes, Mothers Day wishes, Mothers Day wishes images, Mothers Day wishes from son, Mothers Day wishes quotes for mom, Mothers Day wishes in Hindi, Mothers Day wishes post, Mothers Day greetings, Mothers Day greetings 2019, Mothers Day greetings images, Mothers Day greetings to all mothers, Mothers Day greetings for wife, Mothers Day greetings for sister, Mothers Day messages in English, Mothers Day message to mom, Mothers Day messages to grandma, and more.

2  Other / Beginners & Help / Someone inbox and offer me is it scamme? on: May 05, 2019, 12:53:03 PM
Someone inbox and offering  me  many time.

Inbox SMS
 Don't depend only on your Salary. Secure a better future of luxury and unlimited wealth. Take a step and inbox me.
I am an expert Miner and the company I work with, mines BITCOIN directly into your BITCOIN wallet. You watch your funds increase directly in your BITCOIN wallet. You can earn 100% to 998% profit of your initial startup within 24hours.
 You startup and earn mined profits as below:
0.07BTC = 0.14BTC after 24hours.
0.15BTC = 0.45BTC after 24hours.
0.25BTC = 1.00BTC after 24hours.
 All mining are done directly into your BITCOIN wallet.

Someone help and confirmed  me it is trying scamm and he/she is a scammer or not. 

3  Other / Off-topic / Boeing airliner plunges into US river with 136 aboard on: May 04, 2019, 06:36:22 AM

MIAMI: A Boeing 737 slid off a runway into a river after crash-landing at a Florida naval air station Friday, officials said, with no fatalities reported.

The plane carrying 143 people including crew from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba ended in shallow water next to the air station in Jacksonville, with all passengers safely evacuated, naval authorities said.

"There were 136 passengers and seven aircrew on board and all have been accounted for," Naval Air Station Jacksonville said in a statement.

Twenty-one adults were taken to local hospitals, but none were critically injured, Jacksonville sheriff's office said on Twitter.

Others were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Navy security and emergency response personnel including some 90 firefighters attended the scene.

Images showed the plane lying partially submerged in water after the crash-landing.

"All alive and accounted for. Our Fire and Rescue teams are family to all," Mayor of Jacksonville Lenny Curry tweeted.

Teams were working to control jet fuel spilling into the St Johns River, he added.

The "Rotator" flight from the US base in Cuba carries military personnel and family members.

Boeing said it was aware of the incident and gathering information.-AFP

Will it never end?

4  Bitcoin / Electrum / Electrum 3.3.4 wrong version? on: May 01, 2019, 04:15:17 AM
Uses  Electrum 3.3.4 version But today I'm unable to use my antivirus problem detect the unwanted file when I click 'Clean' Electrum automatically removed. how to solved it?

5  Economy / Reputation / Do not use PAXFUL it is a Scammer site. on: April 11, 2019, 03:36:53 AM
 PAXFUL automatically login but I set a strong password and I do not share this password but received Successful login to Paxful my mail. it is not one-time much time Successful login mail.

I think if deposit  PAXFUL your money it is totally lost.
Bitcointalk Scammer profile:;u=2578868

6  Economy / Trading Discussion / 2 Easy way calculated % for crypto trader on: April 10, 2019, 11:46:02 AM
Maximum time crypto trader facing some problem calculated % basically problem Satoshi and USD I have known 2 way very easy and shortcut but need you to have a Google spreadsheet or Microsoft exell just copy format submit buy and sell price or you need that % and just past Google spreadsheet or Microsoft exell any box.

1. First, suppose you buy a token or coin buy price 986 Satoshi and you decide that sell 1040 Satoshi now easy calculated

=(Sell price-buy price)/buy price*100
=(1040-986)/986*100 open notepad set buy and sell price  this format copy and past exell or spreadsheet and show 5.476673428%

2. When you went open trade but you need 5% profit current price 635 Satoshi how to find them your sell price? it is an easy same way set and copy past.

=buy price+buy price*5%
=635+635*5% just copy and past this format exell or spreadsheet and show 666.75

Note: If something missing or need added feel free advise me by 'Quote' so I added this.
7  Other / Off-topic / Japan lost an F-35 in the Pacific, and the US is in trouble if Russia or China on: April 10, 2019, 03:09:50 AM
Current air disasters in the world are on the rise Most of the airplanes can not be found anymore, What kind of technology is there any misunderstanding? Or is it going on in natural law?

Japan lost an F-35 in the Pacific, and the US is in trouble if Russia or China find it first.

Japan's military reported on Tuesday that it lost contact with an F-35 stealth jet some 84 miles off the east coast of Aomori prefecture, Japan, in the Pacific and that the hunt was on for the pilot and the downed plane.

But if Russia or China ó which both maintain a heavy naval presence in the region ó find the plane first, the future of US airpower could be over before it started.

"Bottom line is that it would not be good" for the future of US airpower if Japan or the US don't quickly recover the jet, retired US Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula told Business Insider.

"There is no price too high in this world for China and Russia to pay to get Japan's missing F-35, if they can. Big deal," Tom Moore, an expert on Russia and weapons proliferation, tweeted.


8  Other / Beginners & Help / 3 FREE tools you need to make money with Crypto (trading) on: April 06, 2019, 07:24:15 AM
It is not right to think about making profits at first to make trading before it should be mastered well, If you can be experienced here you will get the benefit of you.

3 FREE tools you need to make money with Crypto

I did not write it, I just shared it. linked image with full news.
9  Other / Beginners & Help / CRYPTOCURRENCY SCAM LIST COIN/TOKEN on: April 06, 2019, 02:05:35 AM
2017-2018 last a lot of token coin was scams it is a very sad time for all but this time market trying to recovery something I'm not sure but I think BTCBTC when hit $6000 so maximum market try to recovery it is just my opinion.

Click image to see SCAM LIST COIN/TOKEN
10  Other / Off-topic / English is Compulsory for all "Learn English" on: April 05, 2019, 06:37:22 AM
I don't know that this thinking good or bad but i follow 3books for say and write good English. I collect 3 books. You can buy this or others some book and practice every day.

It is very bad and the hardest time for me because I have not good communication skill But I do not stop because I want to be good English. I have been trying it is my new challenge in my life, I do not mean that I can not do it There is no obstacle to trying. I want those who are very bad like me, if they try every day, after a few months, they can speak a bit better English. I do not know very well but I want to help others.

I have 500+ vocabulary(Verb) anyone agrees with me so I share '5' vocabulary(Verb) everyday, but need to translate your wone language.

"Collection of verbs for practical use"
Update evryday


Feel free practice  "Fit to talk English" project

Note: Anyone feel free to advise me if correction something.
11  Other / Archival / Road- Give Merit for help others (Closed) on: April 01, 2019, 05:10:34 AM
PS: Topic is self-moderated, Road- Give sMerit for help others Newbie,Jr Member,Member rank people can apply only.

I have 9 sendable merits (sMerit)

I want to try to help other some people increase his/her rank but it only for helpful post/topic.
I checked manually all post/topic than I decide that give merit or not.

I follow some Merit Giveaways threads And I'll follow their rules.

*You have a unique post/topic.
*Must be helpful post.
*Helpful post and not with merit.
*If you have 1Merit this post/topic so Rejected it.
*Writing must be "English"
*You have must 42-day activity.

Also, I follow these all Giveaways threads rules everything read carefully List of Active Merit Giveaways threads.
(RULES any time change or add).

I inspired this threads
Let keep up your good dedication, amazing works, grow up and use your sMerits to make others happy.

Apply format:

Registration Date:
Tottal post:
Topic/post link:

Need any Update or mistake to feel free advise me. Correction Soon.
12  Economy / Exchanges / the hack of popular South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb on: March 30, 2019, 04:18:06 PM
I think this news is sad news for crypto world Many investors are facing a hesitant conflict, If such incidents happen, many will lose their confidence  Cry
What is your opinion? Do you think it would have an impact on the crypto market?

Click image for full mews.

We deeply apologize to our members for delaying the cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal service, we would like to inform you of the circumstances of the grounds and confirm that your assets are safe.
For more details >>

ó Bithumb (@BithumbOfficial) March 30, 2019

13  Economy / Scam Accusations / How to Earn Bitcoins on Android: The Mining Scam on: March 30, 2019, 06:04:55 AM
I think  Bitcoin mining app for android it is possible? I think it is impossible it may be fake or scam, I don't about old full history, this is good without installing any such kind of up Because there is a fear of losing many personal information.

How to Earn Bitcoins on Android: The Mining Scam

Fake mining app click image for datails

ďAt this point, you probably wonít be surprised that this withdrawal will not succeed.Ē
14  Economy / Service Discussion / I think "Fit to talk English" help for everyone. on: March 22, 2019, 06:28:40 AM
I think Not all people but A big part of people agreed with that "Fit to talk English" project is one of the best project for Improved the English, you can share your opinion and discussed any topic no limits your talking, I want to that everyone join  "Fit to talk English" project for share your knowledge, It is not right to be seen here either small or big rank member or people I think everyone should work as a partner for everyone(Not fact higher or lower rang member in this forum bitcointalk). English is an international language, so I think almost most of the sheep are in trouble here. But I hope those who are good at English can help other people. If others who like English can help others, then one day they can write and write good English. If those who like English can help others So, they will be able to read and write English fluently today or tomorrow.

Who Manage this project "Fit to talk English"?

Ans: This project manages some reputed bitcointalk member.

  • Baronets
  • Fedora
  • iasenko
  • jackg
  • Jet Cash
  • khatarnak
  • Talk Merit
  • The Pharmacist

I went through a period when I was being hit by ( primarily Russian ) aspiring spammers, and they had no associations with Bitcoin Talk. It was because of this that I changed all the permissions and registrations. The simplest solution seems to be a switch to manual registrations following an application, and to restore the old permission structure ( which I think I managed to break ). The project has been fairly inactive recently, and I suspect that this may be my fault. I'd welcome the chance to help any existing members with their English posting skills, and I hope that some members will return to give me the chance to do this.

I've installed OSticket on a general support domain for me, and if any new members would like to join the Fit to Talk project, then please open a ticket there, and provide your Bitcoin Talk forum account name. The site is - The Jet Cash support site I have had to introduce this ticket system because I have a multitude of projects on the go at the moment, and I am finding it difficult to keep track of everything.

Regardless of whether you join the project, I hope that all Bitcoin Talk members will build international friendships here, and that we can work together to make a more secure future, and that we can help each other to get through the difficult economic times that are being created at the moment.


I've just been reminded that I created a free image hosting site for Bitcoin Talk members, and it allows you to build your own portfolio of pictures about your countrty. I'd be particularly interested in seeing some images from countries that are currently in political turmoil. It's pretty small at the moment, but you can view the galleries here - Images grabbed by members using their mobile phones

Note: I am sorry for my poor English. I request everyone to help others. Everyone should donate some time for other's learning.
15  Other / Politics & Society / All human should be vanished.This place is only for animal ! on: March 19, 2019, 08:59:22 AM
The world is in big problem, I'm shocked when I read this news, I do not really understand what these are actually going on, Has man forgotten his humanity?

Click all image and read about the full news.

Dutch shooting: Utrecht police arrest suspect after three killed


PHOTOS: Possible terror attack on tram in Netherlands leaves 3 dead


Note: Advise or suggest that, If moved the specific topic/board.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Another helpful Software (Advanced SystemCare) Speed-up your Windows PC/Laptop on: March 18, 2019, 01:00:19 PM
Now I think that Advanced SystemCare is the best helpful Software for Speed-up your Windows PC/Laptop, I used it last few days and manage easily.   

What benefit do I get if I use it?

  • Clean Junk file
  • Boost Internet
  • System Optimization
  • Disk Optimization
and many more...

1. You can download and installed it, then select "Clean & Optimize" on the top bar and select option if your need, i'm select (3)three option.

2. Go to next step Select "Speed up" on the top, Select "Turbo Boost" and select "on" and sign the "Auto start" box.

3. Go to next step Select "Clean & Optimize" on the top bar and "SCAN" now.

4. Go to next step Select "Finish" and Exit. Now enjoy best performance.

Thank you
17  Other / Meta / The merit queen Suchmoon, lucky number is ď4Ē on: March 10, 2019, 04:29:42 AM
I think Suchmoon is the merit Queen. I am not sure she is a Queen or King but I am sure that her lucky number is ď4Ē. Because when she/he sends or give any merit, minimum number is ď4Ē.  It is maximum time, I like this person because many people send or give merit but starting ď1Ē but she/he (Suchmoon) start minimum ď4Ē I think it is a magical person.


Note That: I just wanted to know why always give ď4Ē.
18  Other / Off-topic / Three (3) useful addons for Google Chrome web browser on: March 01, 2019, 01:56:52 AM
If you use a computer, then these 3 things (add-ons) will be useful for you, I just want to share my opinion about some add-ons which perfectly work for Chrome Web browser.

1. Grammarly You are using Grammarly so solved some mistake.
Many times we make a lot of mistakes, in that case, we all make mistakes in one or the other matter of grammar that may be deliberate or unwilling to do so.
If you can use Grammarly add on(Grammarly add on perfectly use for Chrome) many things will be solved.

2. uBlock Origin
When you use it uBlock Origin, some unneeded ads will block it, and get the best performance on internet browsing and something is fast(Ex. download, fast page load and blocked ads).

3. Break Timer
I think Break Timer best other add-ons for safe your eye, This will work when you forget to break into work Here you can find the time you want(Ex. your break time set 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, You can fix as you want)
19  Other / Beginners & Help / Why would you use an antivirus? Safe PC and Safe working. on: February 22, 2019, 04:05:01 PM
If you are using an antivirus you can get many benefits, We all should use a premium antivirus, Through this, we can get rid of many hackers.

What are the Advantages of Using Antivirus Software?

You can read many benefits By using an antivirus, click the image and read more.
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Candlestick Patterns Trading Guide Book With download link on: January 22, 2019, 09:13:32 AM
I always try to learn or teach/share something but it does not always happen for various reasons. But if I try to tell others what I know about, I'm talking about a book (Candlestick_Patterns_Trading_Guide) that you can master very well, so many of your ideas about trading will be cleared, and I hope you can learn a lot more from now on, Like how candles work, how to make them move, much more.
I got a lot of ideas after this book, and now a lot has been cleared from me, I hope you can get a fairly good idea from now on.

You can download the book (Candlestick_Patterns_Trading_Guide) by download link you can download it and read it:
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