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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Announce: Bitcoin Donation Trust ( on: March 03, 2014, 12:27:17 PM
Would you like to spread the use and acceptance of Bitcoin?
Would you like to donate Bitcoins instead of fiat money to your favourite charities and projects?

Then Bitcoin Donation Trust is for you!
We will accumulate donated coins for organisations in a secure and transparent way until they officially start accepting bitcoins!

We know many of you have asked charities and non-profits, “I’d like to donate bitcoins, where can i send them?”. Be it WHO, wikipedia, UNICEF, the World Land Trust or many many others, the answer is the same. “Sorry, we don’t accept bitcoin, please send me your fiat money here!”.

Well, its rather easy to say “No thanks!” to a handful of satoshis when you are a large organisation that collects millions every year. This is where the Bitcoin Donation Trust comes into the picture. We´d like  round up those handfuls to piles of bitcoins until saying no thanks is not an option anymore.

On you will be able to:
1. Donate anonymously to different organisations, whether they accept Bitcoins or not.
2. Donate publicly so that you can show off your donations.
3. Suggest donation targets.
4. Track your donations through our secure transaction system.
5. See how much money that has accumulated from all donations to every target.
6. Track how bitcoins is payed out to the targets.
7. Write emails to the organisations telling them how much money they will receive as soon as they start to officially accept bitcoins.
8. Follow links to the blockchain for all the transactions on the site.

We are developing the site right now and you can’t donate real bitcoins to charities or organisations right now.

However, the Bitcoin Donation Trust prototype site is now live. You can now donate mock-up (testnet3) bitcoins to mock-up charities at

/Patrik Roos & Yann Vernier
2  Economy / Goods / Av very special Nikon D7000 for sale on: December 27, 2012, 02:19:27 PM
I'm a bitcoin fan and user, a photographer and sometimes a bit of a computer wiz. For the bitcoin community im propobly more known as Photo Hour, the bitcoin art project i am running. I have gotten myself a new camera (or actually a few) and was going to put my D7000 up for grabs on ebay. However I think ill give you guys a chance to get it first, i would like it to stay in the bitcoin community if possible.

The story about the camera:
There are two thinks that make this camera unique.
  • I have used it to shoot the very first 5 missions of Photo Hour - a bitcoin art project. Thus its been used to dokument the interests and ideas of people from the bitcoin community
  • It was the very first nikon D7000 (and any Nikon DSLR since the D70, i think) to have a hacked firmware installed in it. After Simeon Pilgrim cracked Nikons crypto, me and and friend at Kungsholmens Kameraklubb solved the riddle of the checksums and managed to modify and insert a hacked firmware into the camera. It doesnt do much different from the original firmware, but can show a text that sais its hacked as a proof of concept should do.

If it was an ordinary well used D7000 it would sell for Bc45-50 on the second had Swedish market. On ebay it would probably fetch more since it's the first hacked ever, how much is however impossible to say. If someone here want's to give me a nice bid, ill be happy to let it stay in the bitcoin community.

The camera itself is working well but its also well used. One can see this by some colour being worn off and that the rubber on the grip is getting worne. Nothing that hampers the usability of it though.

If you are interested give me a bid in this thread or send me an email to If no one here wants it it will go to ebay as the year turns.
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Photo Hour goes on - be part of the bitcoin art project, Now with lomo promo! on: November 04, 2012, 11:20:36 PM
Grab the chance of directing a photo shoot of a bitcoin art project!

Photo Hour strive to create a mirror of the interests, dreams and daily life of bitcoin users by letting them direct one hour of shooting anything of their choice.
I started this project a year ago with four regular missions and a few special missions. Sadly enough the partner site I used for auctioning off the directorships went down. It was supposed to be back up months ago, but sadly it didnt happen, so now I will move on.

The goals are the same as before
  • To create a living, ever developing view of the interests, dreams and daily life of bitcoin users
  • To promote the use of bitcoins
  • To open up the art field in the bitcoin domain

How to participate?
About once a week, there is a directorship up for grabs. Come up with an idea on what you want to shoot. The important thing is that it is something you decide. Lets say your friend that doesn't use bitcoin asks you to get a directorship of photo hour to shoot studio picture of her boyfriend. Then its not really within the limits of Photo Hour since your contribution is the idea.

Hower, if you want pictures taken of yourself, a shop that sells stuff you like, a place you would like to visit (or wouldnt) a wedding of a friend you cant attend or whatever. Then you are the person to be part of Photo Hour.

Every time a new directorship is up for graps I will post a link to the auction of the mission. Whomever bids the highest bid wins the chance!
After the mission is done, you gain the right to use the pictures for whatever you like (you can even sell them if you like), the right will not be exclusive though. I will retain the same right and a few of the pictures will be published on the Photo Hour flickr page along with the mission statement and the directors name (anonymous is ok too).

You can read more on the flickr page and even see pictures from former missions.

The next auction is here:

Now remeber!
Don't bid a lot. I'm not in it for your precious bitcoins, the auction is for making the use of bitcoins and a bitcoin site a part of each mission. What i'm after is a glimpse into your mind, and there will always be another auction in a week or so for you to provide me with that.
4  Bitcoin / Project Development / The bitcoin art project - Photo Hour - is starting up again. on: November 04, 2012, 09:56:23 PM
More information in an hour or so, stay tuned.
5  Economy / Speculation / Parallel demand and supply buildup - explenation? on: February 04, 2012, 10:27:51 PM
Is there an obvious explenation for the continuous parallel buildup of both demand and supply over the last couple of days.

Bitcoinca hedging?
Simple demand/supply?
Leveraged position defences?
Preparation for a manipulation move?
Nothing, sooner or later they will agree on a price at the current level?

Other suggestions?

6  Economy / Speculation / How big a share of bitcoins should a person keep for hedging purposes? on: January 02, 2012, 09:33:49 AM
I think that sooner or later we will start seeing an influx of fiat into the bitcoin community from people whom wants to protect the value of their savings/fortune/investments by hedging. How big a share invested in bitcoins is fair to keep from that point of view?

For now, i would consider bitcoin both volatile and speculative. Keeping only a small share of the high risk/high profit part, which usually is rather small in itself, as BTC would make sense. There is also another part of a complex hedge ment to protect the fortune from total fiat/finacial/stock collapse. Would it make sense keeping BTC in that part too?

If you will, please make a suggestion of how big a share of bitcoins one should hold and make an argument for it. Please dont  spam this thread with suggestions without reasoning.
7  Economy / Speculation / Did buying bitcoins jus become harder? on: November 15, 2011, 10:26:42 AM
There has been lots of talk in these forums about the walls. They have been interpreted as market manipulation and efforts to stop the decline in bitcoin value. I think you people should have a look att the market history. The walls dont come up when the value starts to decline. For the last couple of months, they have been the start of most of the steps downwards. Every time a wall of demand have come up, people with thousands of bitcoins have seen the oportunity to sell off some of their coins without totally crashing the market, they have done so even if the price has been a bit lower than the going market value. This has pushed the price back to the level of the wall and it has stayed there until a new wall of demand a bit further down has appeared. To me this demonstrates that the holders of large amount of coins have been thinking that it has been hard to get the coins of their hands at the current market value.

This is also exactly what happened this last drop from 3 to about 2.3. First a huge demand appeared at 2.5 and the price was pushed down to that level as thousands of bitcoins were sold. But this time something else happened, there were new walls built up at about the same price, there were also a lot of trade at first but then it slowed down. The wall 50000 demand at 2.2 has been mostly left alone. What happened?

For the first time in months a huge demand slightly below the current market value has not gained the interest of the sellers. Even if it will find sellers today or tomorrow this is a change of behaviour from the big holders.

Yes, it has become harder to buy cheap coins, once again.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Photo hour special forum auction - Richard Stallman on: November 08, 2011, 04:18:56 PM
Photo Hour is holding a special forum auction. (project flickr and info page is here:
This auction ends in 6h from posting this message. This auction is for a session on an FOSS Stockholm even with Richard Stallman, founder of GNU Foundation.

I am going to the event now and I will start shooting as soon as there is a reply in this thread with a bid. This will be Photo Hours first special mission. Winner gets rights to all the pictures as usual. A few will also be chosen for the art project as like in the standard missions.

9  Economy / Marketplace / Photo hour - photography services in stockholm - 25% off for bitcoin users on: October 20, 2011, 12:54:13 AM
This thread was the home of Photo Hour - a bitcoin art project. For now, the temporary home is the flickr page. Here in the marketplace bitcoiners can buy my regular services at 25% off.  (see last post)

Im a bitcoin fan and user. But im also a photographer and i have decided to contribute to the bitcoin society as best as i can, by shooting photos. I will try to document the interests and maybe even the lives of bitcoin users and publish it as an art project on the flickr. To make this a bitcoin art project, however, i need your directions to get a connection to the community. Every week i will auction off one or more hours of my time at biddingpond for whatever fraction of a bitcoin people think it is worth to decide what and where i will shoot next. You may ask me to come to you, send me stuff to shoot or send me off on a wierd mission. You can even use me as a very cheap regular photo service, shooting your wedding or car or mining rigg or whatever and the pictures will be yours to use freely, as long as they can be part of the project too. You can even sell them if you like as long as you dont try to sell the exclusive rights.

I hope to capture and relay glimpses of the interests or lives of bitcoin adapters as the community develops. The current auction, for mission #4 is

Pictures from former missions are here on the Photo Hour flickr page.

Bidder for mission #3 kindly payed full amount so I will let the boon pass forward to mission #4.
First time bidders get a 1.01 bitcoin discoint, if the bidding stops before reaching 1.01 bitcoin, i will pay you the difference between the 1.01 coin discount and your winning bid after you win the auction and post a usefull mission here in this thread.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Im roos on: June 30, 2011, 10:27:25 AM
Im mining at, not very much more to say.
11  Other / Beginners & Help / mtgox priorities on: June 22, 2011, 11:13:53 PM
I read a lot posts here about whether mtgox rollback is right or wrong. No one seam to have thought through what the goals of mtgox should be with whatever they do after their security breach.

Here is the priority list i would have used myself if I had been in charge.

Case one: Responsibility for the breach is on MTGOX

1. Those who lost money or coins in the event should be protected.
2. MTGOX should be protected from having to fold
3  Those who benefited from the big sell off should be protected
4  MTGOX should be protected from major losses

Case two: Responsibility for the breach is on the owner of the big sale account

1. MTGOX should be protected from having to fold
2. Those who lost money or coins in the event should be protected if possible, except for the owner of the big sale account
3. MTGOX should be protected from major losses
4. Those who benefited from the big sell off should be protected
5. The owner of the big sale account should be protected

I guess case one seams to be the most likely one. If that was the case I would have made the rollback to ensure 1 and 2. Then I would have approached the ones who had gotten to buy coins for low prices from a very humble position to negotiate a deal. I suspect that MTGOX has actually made quite a lot of money during the last couple of months and that they can afford to keep most of the users happy. Most users however do realize that MTGOX cannot afford to let everybody keep all the coins that they aquired for a few dollars or even less without forcing MTGOX into bankrupcy, from which nobody involved would benefit.
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