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1  Economy / Service Discussion / Is Binance still around? on: October 04, 2019, 08:17:14 PM
Just remembering that old exchange from long ago.  Are they still in business or did they get shut down already?  One would think they'd be Shut Down by now.  Yeah they had their share of problems...  Lips sealed
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Rant: I am thinking of Quitting my Interest in Crypto Currency on: October 03, 2019, 09:17:45 PM
This stuff is getting boring.

Coinbase Pro recently raised it's fees so high as to block out ordinary traders.  Binance kicked out USA traders.  Bakkt is not going to be too much different as they just keep raising the bar and implementing more rules and regulations, making crypto boring.  Gemini is just a greed machine too, while the people who own Gemini are already ultra ultra wealthy, and they just want to keep becoming more and more greedy.

It is just one thing after another everyday and it is all really boring news too.  Bitcoin is all just a bunch of greediness and politics now a days.  This is not a fun environment anymore.  It is taken over by greedy exchanges that are already rich, and they do not have to be greedy either, but the people who run the shows just sorta stuck on creating this stuff I guess.  It is taken over by people who's entire focus is just being greedy.

The actual cryptocurrency businesses out there that employ people are starting to get overloaded with pointless HR style jobs and soon half the industry will just be grouchy HR people, or grouchy bank people.  Also the crypto businesses all require college degrees, which basically guarantees that less creative people will be in there doing anything interesting.  It will be similar to how college administration departments became over run by tons of interns who are paid to just push paper and it makes college diplomas too expensive for anybody to obtain without going broke and into debt.

I also do not like all of the female-only cryptocurrency conventions and meet ups.  Why are they female-only?  Those are like giant planning committees that are planning to just take over and then add more and more worthless HR jobs into cryptocurrency company structure.  It really sucks.  It is like the whole industry is being taken over by lamo's who really do not have much interest in crypto but they can get jobs related to this stuff, and they can get in on some greedy level making everything unsustainable for everyone else.

Interesting.  There is negativity in the whole community too.  Try talking to anybody about your entrepreneurship concepts and everybody just throws mud on it like a bunch of Negative Ninnys.

End of rant.  I am thinking of taking up a new hobby.
3  Economy / Exchanges / Coinbase Pro increases the Fee's, BIG TIME on: October 03, 2019, 07:44:07 PM
For people trading $10,000 or less of transactions per month, the fees just went up.  In a few days, they will be more than twice the price.  So long Coinbase Pro!!!

My orders are still up too.  That may very well force me to take loses on my exhisting trades since this only a few days notice.  Coinbase is not an ally anymore.

4  Economy / Economics / How did the Bakkt launch go? Quick recap on: October 03, 2019, 07:01:34 PM
Alright so Bakkt launched this thing and then the price of Bitcoin sank faster than whale shit.   What happened?

How do I sign up and get an account at Bakkt?  Did Bakkt get rekkt?  Or did Bakkt do the rekkting?
5  Economy / Speculation / $5,000 is the number - so get used to it. on: September 29, 2019, 02:19:31 PM
$5,000 will be the next support range and $8,500 will be the resistance, and no higher.
Welcome to the new Winter Time kiddies.  Better bundle up!!  Wink

6  Economy / Trading Discussion / A quicky analysis of BTC's RSI dip down over the past few days... on: September 27, 2019, 05:39:47 PM
Over the past few days Bitcoins RSI dipped down on multiple time windows and it went down pretty deep.  Dip dip dip!  Any thoughts on this dip?

Is this a healthy dip down?  Will there be a slow dip, a medium dip, or a fast bounce back?  Are you spotting any contradictory signals to this that I am missing here?
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Is trading crypto independently considered a business? on: September 24, 2019, 12:59:57 AM
Is trading crypto on your own with no employees and no storefront categorized as a real business?

If you profit $300 per year from this stuff, is that considered a business?

How about profiting $3,000 per year?

Or profiting $30,000 per year?

Where does trading online take on all of the aspects of being a legitimate and identifiable business?
8  Other / Off-topic / Business Idea: Nyc service, Grocery Line Hosts on: September 23, 2019, 08:44:28 PM
Anybody ever been to Whole Foods in Manhattan?  I pretty much have grown to hate this store.  They basically abuse their customers and many of them are very loyal customers, but Whole Foods just continues downright abusing them all with greed. It's time we The People draw the line on their lousy customer service agendas, and take a stand together.

The lines at check out, especially during the lunch rush, are stupid long.  It's like 20 minutes wait and you stand there Waiting to Pay them, for overpriced goods too.  It really pisses me off.

So this is the service pitch:

We get a team of 5-6 individuals, our employees, their job is to stand in line for people.  They will wear T-shirts or hold signs letting our clients know we stood in line for them, and line hosting is our service.  So our team will expedite the process for a fee.

Honestly who the hell does Whole Foods think they are?  A mega grocery who forces you to stand in line next to a bunch of overpriced impulse buys like a $5 chocolate bar or a $6 bag of popcorn?  Then you have to stand there and Wait, just to pay them?  So Whole Foods exploits your time, AND your money? Forget that.

We will have a team member at the back of the line grabbing clients and begin working the process, and then a series of our "hosts" will have been standing in line waiting, in advance.  We already did the waiting for you!

The groceries will move, expedited, to the front of the line.  A lot of people will become our clients just seeing how fast others get checked out and on their way.  Basically expediting past Whole Foods' abusive check out lines.

We will pay in advance and then outside the person will pay us the reimbursement, outside the door, plus we charge a $5 service charge for our expedited hosting services.

People are so busy. Im on my lunch break and I make $80 per hour, so why not pay somebody to shave 20 minutes off my day?  Its as easy as that.

With 5-10 team members per store, working 5-7 stores in Manhattan, with 2 rush hour services every day.  Business will flourish.  Many people will have light bulbs go on in their heads about how WF is stealing time and money from their own clients.

Who wants to stand in line waiting to pay, with a bunch of grouchy sheep who don't want to talk with anybody in line with them. It's a total waste of your day.  Everybody in line is too sheepish to complain about how Whole Foods abuses their clients time -- time and time again, and outlandishly overcharges their time and money.

WF must have such a huge HR and Corporate structure behind the scenes, and the lawyers, they almost have to abuse your paychecks in order to pay for all those unnecessary HR workers.  Really it's just a grocery store.  So my business is the solution for The People.

Its only logical.  If you disrupt enough peoples days enough times and eventually you get a disruptive service (like my line hosting service) that counters your cruddy customer service agendas.

So my employees, the Line Hosts, will make more than $15 per hour, which is more than WF employees make.  $15 is minimum wage in NYC.  My employees can get tips too.

I'd even pay WF employees a $500 new hire Bonus if they quit their job with WF and work for me.  Its a win-win.  No need to worry about if WF wins or not because everything they do is geared towards exploiting their own customers. Since WF has the game rigged so that The People always lose, WF has literally pushed themselves out of their own equation! Amazing.

So who needs a job?
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Tips for moving into margin and futures trading. on: September 23, 2019, 03:28:41 PM
What books do you recommend reading before starting?
How do you mentally prepare for switching over?
How do you financially prepare?
What techniques do you recommend?
Is it much different than trading with a normal account?
How long does it take to get used to?
What exchanges do you recommend?
Does it feel more risky than trading with a normal account?
Do your profitable trades give you a big buzz?
How much money do you start with?
How does your risk managment plan change?
What other tips can you recommend?
10  Other / Off-topic / Super loud cars on: September 22, 2019, 12:58:08 AM
Why do people convert their little cars into being extremely loud?
11  Economy / Exchanges / Crypto Sanctuary Cities, is this a possibility? on: September 21, 2019, 10:08:58 PM
Next thing you know, the exchanges are regulating "crypto-sanctuary cities".  Examples: we will not allow residents of California, but we will allow people from San Diego!  Or we will not allow residents of New York, but we will allow people from New York City!  Or we will not allow residents of Illinois, but we will allow people from Chicago!

Unfortunately this could begin appearing in the near future.  IP Sanctuaries will allow crypto businesses to draw new lines and new borders as they wish.  Similar to how Hunger Games declared it's own territories and boundaries.

Cities could fight the opposite direction too.  Examples: Silicon Valley can ban Coinbase.  New York City can ban Binance.  Chicagoans can fight to ban Gemini.

What a Godforsaken mess...
12  Economy / Exchanges / Using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to sneak around on exchanges on: September 21, 2019, 08:35:22 PM
How does this weigh on you?  I would feel like doing something wrong, like trying to cheat the house in a casino.  So the exchange says that they do not allow people trading from your geographic location, so you open up a VPN and sneak in there that way, undetected.

What ways do the exchanges have to identify people on VPN's?  If an exchange catches you on a VPN (or later when moving funds out of their exchange and they identify your location) what repercussions are fair?  Is freezing all your funds too harsh of a penalty?
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Bloomberg Terminals on: September 20, 2019, 09:40:29 PM
I had a chance to sit at a Bloomberg and was impressed and also overwhelmed. It is a vast system of gadgets to say the least, with charts and tons of business info and news. But I did not find anything for crypto. It's more for stocks?

How can crypto traders benefit by using these machines?
14  Economy / Exchanges / Binance.US on: September 20, 2019, 05:08:54 PM
So have you signed up?  How do you like the new site?
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / What's up with Gemini? on: September 16, 2019, 04:52:56 PM
Are they an exchange yet?  Today I saw an ad for Gemini at the World Trade Center. The ad said they are a regulated exchange. Hope their online exchange is more user friendly than Coinbase Pro. Hope they have their act together. Hope it's not "Facebook Pro".
16  Economy / Exchanges / The Coinbase Pro topic on: September 16, 2019, 03:35:54 PM
I have questions about using the Coinbase Pro exchange...

How do I expand the trading window?  The trading window is tiny.  Is this for real?

Where are the indicators at?  Is there an Advanced trading view window?

How do you select USDC?  Or at Coinbase is USD the same thing as USDC?
 I am confused trying to find USDC.

How do I move my funds from my Coinbase wallet into Coinbase Pro?

When funds are not in use do traders just leave their funds in Coinbase Pro or do they transfer them back to Coinbase wallets?

What online internet security or computer security do you use while trading at Coinbase Pro?

How do you feel about Coinbase Pro's trading fee structure?

Sheez.  Again, this is like dejavu like with Binance, it is like their company should be Paying Me to type all these questions out.  It's like I am reviewing their exchange for free.  I am not happy about that.  To be perfectly honest the Coinbase Pro trading view totally, completely, and utterly sucks compared to Binance...

I am logging out of Coinbase for the day after missing trading opportunities because their trading windows are so tiny and there are no features available for trading with any confidence.  I will not place any trades at Coinbase until comfortable with their exchange.  The time for learning their website and having to review it for them (for free) is costing me money.
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / A rule most traders should live by (another topic about Binance & USA clients) on: September 16, 2019, 02:30:52 PM
When you encounter an obstacle, don't dance with it.  Instead just move around the obstacle.

An example of this is with the recent fiasco with Binance kicking out all of it's USA clients.  I've danced tango with that fiasco.  I've danced salsa with that fiasco.  I've made arguments with it.  I've made an amends with it.  I've written about it.  I've talked about it.  I've had coffee with it.  I've drank beer over it.  I've wasted a lot of time over it.

I never should have done any of those things with that fiasco.  Now it is time to start using Coinbase Pro and get back to trading and making money...
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / What is everybodies thoughts about this website, ?? on: September 16, 2019, 02:20:22 PM  Undecided
19  Economy / Economics / I am Building a Crypto District in New York City on: September 16, 2019, 12:30:02 PM
And I believe it can be done!!

Japanese proverb: "The water of even a great ocean comes one drop at a time"
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / People are tired of talking about Binance.... on: September 14, 2019, 05:47:56 PM
Especially their former USA clients.  We all went to other exchanges like Coinbase Pro or Kucoin.. Let's just bury the hatchet already and move on.  Can we?  Undecided
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